Thursday, May 12, 2022

"The Robot Mind of Zombie Allegiance, to The Glitter and Glow of The World, is a Timeless Affliction."

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Last night, I was watching a series called “Tokyo Vice.” I started thinking about life in other countries. How regimented it is in some eastern zones; especially China and North Korea. Even rich playgrounds like Singapore are tightly controlled. Not so, in the gloriously decomposing West; that place where the whole object is to get your Yaya's out.

You can say what you like... but each race, be it White... Red... Yellow... Black... Brown... or Alien Overlord, has specific and fixed differences between them. Consider The World at large, and what life is like in those places with the greatest concentration of a single color. Ethnic jokes are based on real characteristics. India has a caste system that was instituted around 3500 years ago. Progressive minds point to such separations by class and occupation as inherently unfair. Perhaps it would be... if there were no Karma, BUT... Karma is pervasive everywhere. It just looks different in different places, and in some places... it is much harder to see, due to cultural programming.

There is a reason they took Karma, Reincarnation, and The Divine Mother out of the teachings of Christ. Christianity is left without a logical doctrine. It is a lot easier to deceive people if you can convince them that some things just cannot be known... except by The Checkout Aisle Priests.

There is just as rigid a caste system everywhere. It is simply disguised as something else. You get a caste system no matter what. According to those possessed of refinement, it is intolerable to be around people who are not refined. That caste system is a devised economic one, but you still take your chances with the refinement. All of them are caste systems. They just look different. They are not different. The caste system in Europe is concealed. England has a very rigid caste system. In most western European countries, the old aristocratic families still own most of the land.

I'm not going to delve into the differences between the races. It is one of those things most people know about but have the good sense to keep to themselves, (MOST ESPECIALLY because of all the exceptions to the rule...) unless they are in trusted company, BUT... what is trusted company? Don't tell people anything you don't want them to think they know about you. In Times of Material Darkness, it is second nature for people to lie without thinking about it. It is also second nature for people to roll over on you if you fall out.

The most evil collection of people on this Earth is The Social Reformers. They want to fix everything that does not measure up to their impossible standards. Some of them want to MAKE everyone equal. This is absolutely impossible. In a world where its composition is made up of warring elements, certain conditions will come around like clockwork.

God help you if you are the right age at the wrong time. These days... if you are older, and you have any kind of a brain left, you know The State wants to kill you; is trying to kill you. They want to decrease the costs of retired people collecting pensions so that they can send more money to Ukraine, which The Usual Suspects want to turn into the new Promised Land.

The old Promised Land hasn't worked out that well. The hostility that surrounds them, which is based on their psychopathic treatment of the original inhabitants, and every one of their neighbors, continues to intensify. Have you noticed? The whole world is going haywire. Yes... some of this is a sign of the times, and some of it is being enforced by The Great Reset Commies and their affiliates worldwide.

As The World wakes up... and it WILL wake up, there are going to be a number of collective reactions. A good number of people are going to be VERY ANGRY at specific other groups of people, as the evidence of what they got up to dawns on them. Mr. Apocalypse is going to make sure that those waking up comprehend what he is revealing to them. Certain elite groups of vampires are becoming very nervous at what the signs indicate. They want to get ahead of the curve, but this will only result in them heading themselves off at The Pass.

Meanwhile... as Insanity becomes more and more pervasive, people will go nuts according to the nature of their obsessions, attractions, and fears. Some groups are much more sexually repressed than others, and alienation is presently our greatest growth industry. As Material Culture gets more and more powerful, there is a pandemic of decadence and depravity on all sides. The forced movement of immigrants from primitive cultures, into what were previously more civilized spaces, is creating near and present dangers in all urban and suburban locations worldwide. Rape is a commonplace event. Crime of all other kinds is also on the rise. This has been intentionally caused by Little Georgie Sorrows and his banker handlers and associates.

If you call attention to The Obvious, they set a hue and cry after you. Why... you are demeaning people who don't have white privilege. This was created by the same people that came up with Antisemitism against people who are not Semitic. The Awakening is going to take care of all former uncertainties, and the hunters will become the hunted. You are going to be seeing Cosmic Irony in real-time.

Right at this moment, The World teeters on the brink of a 3rd World War. It would be a grim picture indeed, were it not that EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL... even when it seems completely out of control, it is still surgically, and precisely under control; to the last jot and tittle... every falling sparrow and leaf. This is, probably, the most important truth anyone can become aware of. Then, it becomes one's sole objective... in this endless war of elements... to find out who or what to surrender to.

The robot mind of zombie allegiance, to the glitter and glow of The World, is an eternal struggle to acquire and consume. It ALL... on this plane... comes down to Materialism. All the other ills come out of it. We are here to learn to cooperate with each other, “as it is in Heaven”, not to contend with each other for a plunder of congealed dust... composed of frozen sunlight... in extension.

It is looking pretty dark and troubling at this time, in the collective of separated, human minds. You can see the extent of the pandemic madness worldwide. The ruling classes are losing control of what they were never in control of, which means they will seek to enforce an even greater control upon the rest of us. This isn't going to work. They are just going to agitate and awaken a sleeping beast that is going to turn on them.

Here is what you do, IF... you were... say... me? Although you see the scatter-brained, and appetite driven masses, looking like someone stepped on an anthill, who is also in a torment of apprehensions and atavistic fears, that are being drummed up in their minds... you observe that they are herded by those seeking to drive them through the paddocks, and on to the killing floor. You... draw... back. You internalize. You realize that the true and absolute control is WITHIN YOU... and that your communicating with it is dependent on your level of self-control. Self-mastery masters all else.

Instead of being a mindless consumer, seeking to protect your worthless goods, even if your garage is already full of the overflow... you just let go, with the sure and certain conviction that none of these things matter... unless we make them matter. When I say that The Divine is resident within you this very moment... conscious and aware... I am not selling you another line of goods. I am telling you what IS SO; what is ALWAYS so. Somehow, to your misfortune, you detached yourself from the awareness of The Indwelling... BECAUSE... of The Lures of The World.

When you get sucked out into the maelstrom of material conditions, you can forget that there is sanctuary and safe harbor within. You forget that within is... in fact... in control of what is without. Every difficulty you have can be resolved by your recognition of what IS, and what IS NOT in your hands. Some items are not in your hands. They never were, and the folly of your trying to control these things and conditions leads to all the problems you think you have.

I know there will be people who will say, “Well, that's easy for you to say. It just worked out for you. My situation is different.” That may be, BUT... the answer to your situation is NOT different than mine. The solution to your problems is not different than mine. You might call that solution by a different name, that involves different rituals, and routines... that you got the impression were somehow necessary to the relationship that exists between you and that which you cannot see, but... it is the same.

One school of thought says you can see it in everything and everyone around you, AND... that all of it... collectively and individually... is susceptible to that LOVE before which every knee must bow. It soothes the savage breast. It calms the animal nature. It overcomes The World. It does all of this, and this I KNOW to be true. There is nothing further to discover that I know about because it... that love commands all else, and compels all else to give up its secrets to you. Love has a way of doing that. Love... real love... is very hard to say no to.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm not interested in what's here anymore, but I'm still stuck here. As for a huge population drop, so what? We are! Somewhere! If not here, somewhere else. Why is it important to be here in this realm of illusion, limitations, and perpetual inconveniences where we are oft victims of circumstance, and moreso victims of our own stupidity? I also think ya gotta be a masochist to breed. I mean if you like no discretionary time, a lower standard of living, lots of extra work, tons more stress, perpetual inconveniences not to mention if you got your liability vaccinated you might end up with a total financial black hole from the side effects of the vax, fine. That's your problem, not mine; and I refuse to make it mine in any way shape or form.

I personally am beyond fed up with everything here. Kind of weird, I guess. I'm 59, only 5 odd years of my existence here was absolute Hell, and I can't stop bitchin'. Oh, life's always a roller coaster; but I've never had to deal with the worst. Always been housed, fed, etc. . . . Had some scary moments, but always got rescued; divinely on several occasions, no doubt. We're poor now, but we have ENOUGH, and that's all you need. I also have a bit more of something I really value than I had when I made a lot. TIME! I swear, it's like you have money or time; but never both in this society if you're a typical workin' nose.

Having an NDE did NOTHING to improve my 'tude about here. Hence I am now as dead to the world as I can be in retaliation. The only way I can be deader (whilst still waiting fer de body to catch up) is by not posting anywhere anymore. But one of my simple pleasures is to spread my obnoxioousness, so I won't stop doing that.


Nostrils up!

M - said...

Re: The most evil collection of people on this Earth is The Social Reformers.

"The most mediocre in society became its most eager auditors of correct behavior." - Unknown
"The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it." - Henry Louis (HL) Mencken
"If people can't control their own emotions, then they have to start trying to control other people's behavior." - John Cleese

and re: They are just going to agitate and awaken a sleeping beast that is going to turn on them.

Indeed. Bwahahahaha...

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"There are All These Hidden Laws in Life that See To The Outworking of Destiny According to Character, in You."

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Patti Lupone?

I am one of the relative few who watched her debut the role of 'Norma Desmond'in the London West End previews of Andrew Lloyd-Webber's Musicale take on 'Sunset Boulevard' way back around 1990.

So this was already 32 years,ago, and she was precisely the right age back then to play a
Has-Been Silent-Film Star with a younger sexually ambivalent possible male-lover.

Patti does not appear to have aged a day since then- although that is not a testament to permanent youthfulness so much as a testament to a permanent Aging Dragon-status t



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