Friday, October 28, 2022

"For The Grand Denouement... The Sun Will Shine... and Zipitty-Do-Dah Will Dance with Bluebirds on His Shoulder."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Surely the reader has noted the curious nature of these times? All manner of seemingly disassociated events are weaving themselves into patterns... in... search... of... a... trend. Was Paul Pelosi attacked or did he fall down the stairs drunk? They're saying he was attacked by someone who broke in and beat him with a hammer. One of the SNL cast members got socked with brass knuckles in NY... and there are a number of other... related happenings to... celebrities.

Remote-controlled Climate Crazies are acting up. Life is not imitating art. Life is going after art, but... it's the wrong art. All of the shit art, which is promoted and purchased by the same people causing most of The World's problems is the art that needs to become a burnt offering.

Brawls at sporting events are now commonplace. The crazy sidewalk violence is orchestrated. Everything going on is being orchestrated by brutal minds in search of The Purpose of Demonstration, AND... they are going to be finding it.

Dark forces are loose in the human mind at the carnal level. They have been driven out of the invisible into the manifest. They WILL be attended to by the same force that drove them out of their hidey-holes.

Twitter has changed hands and The Communist Insurgency has been dealt a grievous blow. Kanye West is now a poster boy for everything he said being true. I am much astonished by this, given the level of his fame and the paucity of his talent... his superficial interests are strangely juxtaposed by the right instincts. It's an odd combination. God is working in mysterious ways again, and anyone who doubts the power of those Kanye has called out, is witnessing... that... power... at... work, FOR... The Purpose of Demonstration.

I'm pretty sure he went to Skechers to make a point, given... who... owns... Skechers.

It behooves one to pay attention to the multi-pronged and widespread performances presently GOING DOWN... and exposing the manipulators of The Hive Mind. A great struggle is taking place below AND above The Radar. This struggle is also happening within the minds of those so engaged in it. The stress!!! The tension!!! The drama!!! The exposition of exposures... is now before the eyes of an awakening world.

There are light-workers hidden in the warrens of darkness. They await the call to go incandescent. Not everyone is who they seem to be... oh no, my precious! Now... in this apocalypse... the masks are coming off. whether they will... or not. Those not graciously removed will... be... removed... by... whatever... force... is... necessary.

I realize that all of this is happening on so many fronts that it may be very difficult to grasp the thing entire. In all the cities... and states... and countries... from the tiniest example of a single soul... to a cast of millions... in concentrated flow... those in shared karma have gathered for The Grand Denouement. The Sun will shine and zipitty-do-dah will dance with bluebirds on his shoulder, as... the... years... fall... away. In other climes, there will be heavy weather indeed.

Were it in my hands, perhaps I would save everyone, BUT... what do you make of those who... will... not... be... saved, and have devoted their life (lives) to harming others? I am not wise enough to know who to save and who to destroy, BUT... I do know the one who does. He will keep me in my department, and I will do what is apportioned to me. He WILL... TAKE... CARE... OF... EVERYTHING... ELSE!

I have a process that I SEEK to employ whenever the tempering fire is pressing down upon my head... when confusion appears... when fear jumps out of a closet... just as I have turned away, AND... that is to let go completely... to surrender utterly... to rely on The Ineffable at every turn, regardless. Then... what do you know? It passes me by as if it were a brief overflight to see if I would engage. No! I will not engage.

Do you not know that God has absolute control, right down to the trembling of every single leaf of grass in the passing wind... to the precise placement of every grain of sand, sculpted and tossed by invisible hands... to every particle of SEEMING matter... animate or still? I... assure... you... that... this... is... so!!!

Where the doubt... and confusion come from is... The Separated Mind. The Mind separates when The Persona departs from The Higher Self... or operates in SEEMING conflict with it. This is an illusion, of course, because there... is... only... one... mind. Depending on the errors and willful malice... performed by ANYONE... in their resistance to The Divine, on that depends the degree of your SEEMING separation from The Loving Unity of The Almighty.

Some may hate God, BUT... God does not hate them. When one commits what is sometimes called sin... or missing the mark, that sin is committed upon themselves, appearing to be someone else. There... is... no... someone... else. Is that hard to compute? It happens to be true. It is our separated minds that sees difference in one another. What seems to be difference... is only yourself at another stage of your being... further back... further ahead... all are on the same spiral staircase. Don't... piss... over... the... railing.

Massive change is pressing to the surface of The Hive Mind. Change is forcing its way through the weakest links... through breaks in the fence... and wall... that surrounds it all... in... your... head.

Actus... non... facit... reum... nisi... mens... sit... rea... is a remarkable statement. It also happens to be true, in the relative sense, even if ignorance is no excuse of the law. I don't wish to be pretentious... so I try to keep The Latin low-key and on a shelf somewhere, BUT... sometimes it is the most appropriate thing one can say... and comes from a time when there was a greater intelligence AND courage to be found. We're just coming out of a protracted dark age, and some will not go gentle into that dark night, and some won't have to as they have chosen instead to dance in The Light.

The human imagination is not capable of visualizing the power and majesty of The Avatar. I can assure you of this. Imagine some storybook character come to life and walking among us... who has only to point or gesture and whatever it is... is transformed into living... conscious... light... or anything he pleases. Imagine one who is simultaneously in every mind and is present in every movement... of every kind.

We exist... for the most part... with an invisibly present authority that cannot be apprehended by the senses. Every couple of thousand years, this authority becomes visible for a short period of time. Usually... the case is... that most people miss it, and it is only over the course of long periods of time that the message of that authority pervades all life, the way the ripples from a stone encompass the surface of a lake, and humanity is raised a few more steps up the staircase.

This time... it could be that this authority appears in every mind in a palpable fashion... and each of us is caused to experience according to what we are... in reflection. What do you see when you look into the mirror? Who is it that is looking into the mirror? You can't hide from the thoughts inside your mind, and people often go mad trying to. The Avatar is the Higher Self of all life. How does one handle the unexpected visitor? I suggest being warm and gracious. (grin)

The critical hours of these difficult days go by. Legendary monsters brood at the bottom of the sea. Titans chained beneath the Earth... rattle their shackles... and roar against the force that restrains them. Wraiths howl upon the winds... shapeshifting and clawing at the barriers that protect the surface mind. Fortunate are they who are anchored in The Light. They will survive this darkest night... out of which is born the dawning of the age to come.

It's all some new form of chattering about what cannot be put into words. It will be followed by yet more ages out of mind... age after age has come and gone, and... where do we find ourselves now? Results will surely vary.

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

"If You Lack The Shraddha or Faith to Possess The Necessary Certitude, You WILL Reside at Some Level of Doubt."

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“If you want to know who rules over you, just look for who you are not allowed to criticize.” Kanye just got a life lesson, though it appears he already knows. I am 'feeling” that this has all been set up ahead of time by people in the background. We shall see how this develops. Will The Yeester knuckle under and grovel before the Stool Sculpture Deity OR... will he confront The Central Banker stranglehold on the appearances of material life? Stay tuned, and... spatially aware of your surroundings.

Yes... the panorama of the sensory bandwidth is humming with confusion... apprehension... and justified paranoia. One of the contenders for the role of Anti-Christ just got appointed Prime Minister of The UK. ZATO is planning a nuclear winter in Ukraine. The Howling Sodomites are assailing The Culture... and demanding the imprimatur of Normalcy. It is a twisted sexuality that is at the core of all the injuries presently being visited upon Humanity.

A greater understanding of the pervasive nature of The Sexual Force is needed... in order to comprehend its impact on Life... near and far. EVERYTHING is the result of some form of sexual intercourse, whether it takes place in your mind... your emotions... your body... OR ANYWHERE at every level outside of The Divine Singularity of God. God contains the possibilities of all things within the being of God... and exists in a state of absolute unity. God divides in order to facilitate creation, and... all things are brought into being by the process of ADAPTATION.

As I was saying... The Hive Mind is like a Mexican jumping bean on a trampoline... concerning the advance of inharmonious conditions into the day-to-day. Poland gave Russia the finger and refused to buy any more of their righteous coal. So... they cast their nets upon the wider world and wound up with many... many... many tons of coal dust... pieces of metal and old tires. It seems whatever this is, will... not... burn. So... they are cutting down the forests.

The catamite EU elite sold out their nations to The Globalist Agenda. Everywhere you look, revolution is simmering beneath the surface. The pressure of holding it together is causing people to fall apart under the force of it. The Dying Empire is clamping down on all sides to squeeze the population in order to cover their malfeasance; mere anarchy, indeed, is loosed upon The World.

What a time to be an atheist... eh? Atheism is one of the main byproducts of Materialism, along with Insanity, and an ever more inflamed hungering for things... and sensations. Meanwhile... people go about their business every day. Some are aware and some are not aware of what is happening around them... or at a distance. It's all going to sort itself out... right? Yes! You are correct, BUT... by what means and to whose advantage?

Desire is a primary force. It originates with The Divine. It is the Agent of God's Will. Those who can narrow their focus and employ concentration can materialize anything. There are two timeless fraternities that engage in this for different objectives. In Times of Material Darkness, The Fraternity of Darkness SEEMS to have the upper hand. There is NEVER a time when God is not in ABSOLUTE control of everything. If you lack the Shraddha or Faith to possess the necessary Certitude... you WILL reside at some level of Doubt; “According to your faith let it be to you.”

The Mind goes crazy searching for answers, BUT... The Mind is resistant to The Truth. The Mind is a schemer. The Mind is an unprincipled monkey. It is the master of snatch-and-grab... until it winds up with a mango or an avocado in its fist, inside a container, and... is too stupid to let go of it. Then it winds up as a monkey on a stick. Not everyone uses scarecrows. This happens all the time in more complex scenarios.

“You're nothing but a pack of cards!” People do not realize how literally true that statement is. So it is with temporal force. It is ALWAYS subservient to Supernal Force. However... one must remember to render unto Caesar... in order to exist outside the sphere of temporal influence.

You CANNOT eradicate Evil. This is a fact. "And he seized the dragon, that ancient serpent, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years, and threw him into the pit, and shut it and sealed it over him, so that he might not deceive the nations any longer, until the thousand years were ended. After that he must be released for a little while.” All wise administrators of social order KNOW this... about Evil, so... they confine it to a particular section of town. You must learn to do this in your own situation... whatever that may be.

Learn to work with Evil, but ONLY after you have learned to work with yourself. A study of Electro-Magnetism, and Magnetism on... all... levels... would be a useful inquiry.

We are told by scripture to work out our destinies and our salvation through Fear and Trembling, BUT... what does that mean? We have advisors, and those advisors are determined by our intentions, which lead us into a harmony with them. Help is ALWAYS available... but The Personality... through the agency of The Monkey Mind... insists on its own sovereignty. That IMMEDIATELY triggers The Purpose of Demonstration. It's not rocket surgery, my friends. The Truth exists in elegant simplicity. We... just... don't... want... to... hear... it. It gets in the way of what we want.

Stevie Wonder is singing, ♫ I Just Called to Say I Love You ♫ That pretty much says it as far as I know, OR... expect to know. The same message has been given over and over. We hear it, and then we just go our way, looking out for ourselves... as if we were capable of doing so. We don't know who we are. We don't know how we got here. We don't know where we came from, and we don't know where we're going, BUT... we are certain we know how to look out for ourselves... UNTIL life intrudes.

You want a simple schematic for looking out for yourself? LOOK... OUT... FOR... OTHERS!!! I'm not talking about photo ops... going out of your way to attract attention to yourself... or any of the shenanigans that the rich and famous engage in, to show The World how compassionate they are. I'm talking about what comes before you every day. It's a maintained perspective. It's how you cultivate your garden.

I'm not talking about running around and looking for opportunities. That isn't necessary. The Sun doesn't look for places to shine. It... just... shines! Prayer is one of the greatest ACTIONS that anyone can engage in. Sincere and heartfelt prayer will cause the angels to bend low. They ceaselessly search The World for such behavior.

When extremity comes, self-interest becomes preeminent. Extremity will... not... come... to those who serve as they go. Anyone who chooses to serve Heaven, WILL BE given all the work they can handle. That is one reason so many people are averse to it. Another reason is that it often seems pointless to help certain people. I don't know what to tell you about that, except to say that The Recording Angel misses NOTHING. Wisdom knows when and what to give; cultivate Wisdom. As Bawa said... “get wisdom by any means necessary. Steal it if you have to.” Interesting statement... is it not?

It's getting to be interesting times. When it comes in force, it is good to remember what the real personal currency is... Integrity. It is what you trust that has value. When a population agrees on what has value it becomes a currency. The stock market couldn't exist without trust, and it is one of the slimiest places on Earth. It's easy to call anything Evil when... you... don't... understand... it. Often enough... that is just what Evil is; something you don't understand.

If you want to transform Evil into Good, you must first be transformed by a higher love.

REMEMBER this... when darkness comes to one place, The Light is always present somewhere elsewhere. If there are enough people to draw a deeper darkness, it... will... come. If there are enough people to generate a collective faith, it... will... draw... The... Light... that... confirms... it.

May God illuminate you, and bring you Peace.

Here is a fascinating story about things not being what they appear to be.

Khiḍr in the Encyclopedia of Islam

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Thursday, October 20, 2022

"It's a More Strident Alarm for The Ears Attuned to The Sound of The Birds Going Silent, and The Wind Holding Still."

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Life has its hard candy sides, sometimes it has a hard center too. When you know the... general... why... most... things... happen...if you are of a philosophical bent... and not just bent because your plumbing went... bad, and the wiring set the house on fire inside your head... then you can appreciate the hard side of things... BECAUSE... YOU KNOW... what happens when you go soft. Some things should be soft and some should be hard and the problem arrives when you confuse them. That kinda changes the message of... “hard cheese, old man.”

The little warning signs of a coming tilt; malfunctioning world weather of The Hive Mind... ratcheting tension... general disorder coming soon... to a sidewalk near you... is sounding a more strident alarm for the ears attuned to the sound of the birds going silent, and The Wind holding still. That moment of awesome cessation... of the inhalation... is upon us, almost like a gasping for breath on the periphery of a panic attack; right... when... you... could... have... caught... it... BEFORE it caught you.

It changes the whole dynamic... when you are able to wave the cape and step aside... rather than ride the horns of the bull into a gored selfie. All drama queens get their moments of real drama, just like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Gaining control over yourself is a gift that just keeps giving; no more into the fray, you live to fight another day. The spirits of conflict and contention are looking for easier meat.

“Yes... I knoh... I knoh”; you wish you could do something, BUT... you will only make it worse or... it turns on you in a fury of rage. Empathy is a grinding irritation. Perhaps you will create a pearl? Meanwhile... The World goes on, no... matter... what... you... do. Every single day, those without conscience, collect money for people in need, AND... they are the people they are collecting it for.

They do... not... want... to... cure...Cancer. There's too much money in it. They don't want to cure any of those diseases. Those diseases are their livelihood. Cockroaches do not want to clean your kitchen. Rats are not babysitters. Evil is an abandoned construction zone, like the road to Marbella. Evil is all the leftover building supplies and refuse that were generated in the construction of something good. Everything has its purpose. Using a hammer to pound a screw is similar to not following your own dharma.

Something is coming. It's big... but it's stepping quiet. The Emergency Broadcasting System is engaged in radio silence. Something is creeping, BUT... everyone is sleeping, AND... even if you are looking directly at it, you can't tell what it is. No one's ever seen Change up close. Oh... they see the results of it all the time, BUT... Change itself? That's very much like seeing The Wind.

Some will be running wild. They do... not... want... it... to... touch... them! Otherwise... THEY'LL BE CHANGED!!! Some... of course... will embrace the change. They've been waiting for it their whole life, and... probably before that too. It will warm some and it will burn some. It will cool... even chill... others. It's going to be EXACTLY what you need, whether... you... like... it... or... not.

Everyone has called it up in their rituals of thought and feeling. It is a kind of invocation. Everyone has been building it in... invisible space. If you were to talk to The Wider World, their eyes would glaze over soon enough. It's the Krispy Kreme one-stop-shop for the cotton candy minds. These are the people who took LSD and all they saw were the groovy colors. You could hit them on the head all day long and still... all they would see are the colors.

Humanity exists in sectors of awareness. If it weren't for Mr. Apocalypse and The Great Awakening, they'd all just ride the see-saw Biorhythms... and call it Good and Bad by turns, depending on what they like and what they don't like. Go around the corner and the reasoning is reversed. That's because most people confuse Logic with Reason. With Logic, you can prove and justify ANYTHING. It's not supposed to work like that with Reason, BUT... you know... it's part of the times we are living in.

Boys and girls in arrested flight are frozen on Grecian funeral urns. They will never catch each other. They will only think that they have. It's like the legendary lovers who call to one another over impassable space or an angry ocean. Longing... never... ends. The World is a product of desire, and it is not The World that is seen by those whose desires are woven into a single cable. What you are chasing is not what it appears to be. What you are chasing is your own imaginary tail.

One day you will grow still. All that is cycling by you will also pause. You can then step in and out of it at will. The whole of Nature is filled with remarkable sources of wisdom and fulfillment. There are spirits who live in trees. There are others in the air, the water, and the Earth. All of them would gladly share what they know, if... you... knew... how... to... ask. Angels circle out of The Sun through the endless day, as The World turns through its seasons.

Now... Change... such as we have not seen in many thousands of moons is coming upon us. It is almost as if Truth were raindrops falling and... the contact resulted in every sentient being... suddenly seeing themselves as they are. For some, this would be a priceless blessing. For others, it would be torment itself, as if it were personalized, which... indeed... it... is. That from which there is no escape... is that which is revealed to you in your own mind through an irresistible awakening to it.

It is The Prodigal Son amongst the swine. Those of the rakshasa mindset, have no desire to return to their far home. They like it just fine where they are, BUT... some events cause the sense of pleasure to depart. Some events change the way of things. Change is coming.

buddha... buddha... buddha... snarls the machine-gun scream;

...the ironic
vacuous banalities
and fecundities of redundancy
like the be-ata-tat-tat-tat-titudes
of... scripture... looking... to... score/
blessing the cannon fodder meek...
with the prospects of war.

Unknown and forgotten they bloomed on their own
like Kudzu growing up through a broken cell phone.
"Yeah... she might be buried around here, we'd never know."
said the fat detective with the crime scene clipboard

"They'll be wanting authenticity, which is why they're filming here.
This is the last place anyone saw her disappear.
Apparently... she liked to do that sort of thing.
Made her feel like people loved her, but...this time we don't know;
usually... within the week... she would show...
been gone two months now... or so."

and so it goes. Change is coming. This is one of those times when you REALLY want to BE... THE... CHANGE, by not... disturbing the waters. They'll be plenty roiled without your oar intruding. We are not referring to that fatuous canard by the feckless... former... leader, which actually meant, “Be the same old same old.” Martha's Vineyard will now be producing basilisk vinegar.

Here... on the precipice, my friends... it is wiser to reach up and in... than it is to jump out and down. The Dark Splendor is shining with a million winking lights... welcoming you to Babylon and beyond. It is there that every appetite is satiated and then leaves you a junkie in search of the elusive facsimile fix... ♫ ain't nothing like the real thing baby ♫ Wow!!! Look at all the colors!

End Transmission.......

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Monday, October 17, 2022

"All Those Bubbles are The Brief Appearances of Temporary Celebrity, and The Devas Drink It Down and Laugh."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... as an explanation for the title, let's say The Devas are already lit up like a Christmas tree so... they don't need material intoxicants. Now... where was I yet to be?

J.R.R. Tolkien... was brilliant, inspired... and now dead. Or... he was dead or... gone... if you prefer. I don't know what he's up to now. I didn't know the larger part of what he was up to... while he was here. I am a simple appreciator of his work. This does not seem to be true about the people involved in this latest, whatever it is... that should have been labeled, “The Rings of Impotence and Incoherence.” Perhaps Incontinence would also apply... and... since larger titles are my provenance, well... you had to be there.

Money isn't talking here, it swears at you and laughs in your face. Daddy Warbucks paid about a billion dollars to ruin the backstory of The Lord of the Rings. I don't know how many transgenders it has, but there has to be more than a six-pack of wannabees, and a cast of many alternative perversions. This... is what... happens... to fame and the works of man. People without brains and culture piss on your legacy, so... why be famous?

I KNOW the truth about fame and fortune, power and influence. I KNOW what they really get you. It's sad isn't it? It makes it not worth trying if you know better, but most people don't know better. They always think it's going to be different, and that they won't die on a toilet seat or go down on a planeload of ignominy, into a sea of temporary notoriety. Above the waves, there are all those voices singing that anonymity is king. Anonymity is also a good repository for Wisdom. I've seen his name attached to many things.

I have a dream. It is not the dream I remember starting out with, but I was pretty good at fooling myself when I was younger, and... didn't... know... any... better. Life schooled me... and I can sincerely say that there is no positive payoff for fame and fortune... or power and influence. Friends in high places beyond the bandwidth of the physical senses, ARE... worth... the... time... and... trouble. Otherwise, it is a bubble, and bubbles inevitably burst.

Bursting bubbles is the enduring evidence of The Personality coming up against reality... and not the one The Personality invented for its own elevation. The Cosmos is a glass of carbonated water masquerading as champagne. All those bubbles are the brief appearance of temporary celebrity, and The Devas drink it down and laugh.

So... I have this dream that has been developing over time. It comes out of the evidence that life has given me about fame, fortune, power... and influence. It is the dream of beautiful anonymity, which I saw most profoundly in the face of The Man on The Beach. One of the things I asked him was if he was Chinese. “No...” is what he said. I asked because he looked Asian, and his features were like those I have seen in Asian figurines. However... the force of his focused concentration is what shaped his features. His body was a sculpture of perfect dimensions. He was brilliantly clean, yet he had dirty, broken fingernails.

I think of myself in this dream as being a version of The Mysterious Stranger, who travels in a cape of anonymity... and blesses and assists as opportunity provides. He has the power to heal. He seeks no reward for his efforts... which are effortless. The reward is in the doing. More and more, I can think of no better industry than to be one of the nameless servants of True Celebrity, most tellingly evidenced in The Shining Sun.

When Heaven speaks, One should become like The Moon and hold their Mercury as a perfect mirror to The Love of God radiating from The Sun. The Dog Poet seeks to be like Nipper, The RCA Dog, his ear attuned to and waiting upon... his master's voice.

I have seen only four episodes in the doing of Far-Left-Earth. That puts me at halfway through this awful season one. Chances are I won't see anymore, but then... I would not be able to give an informed opinion. Believe me... I don't need to see the whole thing. I'm not going to go into my reasons.

Anyone who sees it, and has a brain... any taste... and hopefully read the trilogy... or at least saw Peter Jackson's adaptation, WILL KNOW what I am talking about without my having to add it, BUT... I will give brief overlooking snapshots; terribly Woke in all the worst possible ways... incredibly badly cast. Written by utterly uninspired prostitutes... impossible to follow with no narrative sense present. It's like a fantasy dress-up party from one of those comic book conventions. The direction AND the acting are at the level of a local renaissance fair.

I don't want to talk about it anymore. Let's go back to this dream I have. It's not a dream. It's already a reality among a small band of travelers who move through this vale of tears as kindly meta-physicians. I once wanted to be a major league baseball player and an archaeologist. Then... I wanted to be successful as a songwriter, a writer... a performer. I was around that whole circus act, where you have to juggle your integrity with two or three other balls that look like it, but... only the one of them is real.

So... what if you could do the right thing all the time and be gone before someone comes and bothers you about how wonderful you are or... seethes with resentment over your being present at all? What if you could do this simply by setting your heart AND your mind on it? What if the only thing keeping you from it were attachments to other things or... a lack of Faith... Certitude... and Determination?

Sometime in the next 22 days or so, something very bad is going to happen or... something very bad is not going to happen. This is an apocalypse. This is a time of revealing and revelation. This is a time when... center-stage is The Purpose of Demonstration. Some very ugly agendas are competing with The Will of Heaven for supremacy on this plane.

Periodically... conditions get very hot here. The specter of Global Warming is one of the ways that degenerates fan the flames. Suppression causes heat. It's a form of pressure. It's right in there with one of those closed thermodynamics systems but you need a metaphysical mind's eye to register it.

Is he joking? God knows. Some criminals who play with numbers have gotten themselves into a terrible fix that they can only repair through war. War is their traditional recourse when they've flim-flammed all they can flim-flam. They seem to be in charge of appearances, but this is because they hold The Collective Carnal Mind captive through material agency. Their grip is being loosened. They are in a state of ever-intensifying panic. They are forced to do something because the game is up. The notes have come due, IN... EVERY... SENSE... OF... THE... WORDS.

What's any of this got to do with Tolkien or this dream you keep coming back to? They are significators of Patterns and Trends. Everything fine and noble is being canceled or perverted these days. Meanwhile... some of us are seeing through the misdirection.

It is going to take an internal mass awakening to turn the tide or save the day; depending on whatever your particular perspective is. (grin) Let me give something of an example. There is a wave of sexual dysfunction circling The World of the moment. How is this being processed and promoted? It's happening with The Young, which is how they get their teeth into the adults to come. (if they ever arrive at that) The whole field of treating mental and emotional disorders is in the hands of Crazy People.

These crazy people assure their crazy clients that they are not crazy and that their focus should be on living their best life... their own truth... and they are free to create that, no...matter... what... that... turns... out... to... be; greater society be damned and crucified on The Cross of Diversity. It is suicide to Trust the Science when The Science is wrong. The Science is not only wrong, it is INTENTIONALLY wrong. The Science is ACTIVELY engaged in killing off a significant number of those who go along with the program.

The reins of power are about to be transferred to The Other Party that lost out previously, due to a rigged election two years ago. The ones who... think... they... are... in... power are terrified of payback and the crippling of their agenda of Planetary Enslavement. They are not going to step away until they have tried every trick in their playbook. God help anyone who gets in the way.

I don't know what's coming BUT... nothing would surprise me... even something really good. Then again... from my perspective, EVERYTHING works to the good, regardless of ANY intentions and efforts otherwise.

End Transmission.......

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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

"People Argue Because They Think They Know. People Who Know That They Do Not Know, Do... Not... Argue. "

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

People argue because they think they know. People who know that they do not know... do not argue. Stress is the major killer. It is at the root of most maladies. It is not often linked with Frustration, but... Frustration is one of the main causes of Stress. Ah... the Hells of unrequited desire. We want what we cannot have and scheme to get it, only to find it was not what we thought it was. Everything is a front for what is concealed within. So... what you got in this wasteland of runaway desires and mind fevers is... a Hollywood house. If you go through the door there is nothing but two-by-fours propping up the false front.

All of us have a false front. Most of us are a Hollywood house. Very few of us shine with the incandescence of The Indwelling Light. Guru Bawa was one of those. He glowed like a lightning bug all over. You could see it. It was palpable and real. I have had a few Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women. He was one of them. I got Wisdom from him that continues to this day. It was he who told me about The Dog of Desire and The Monkey Mind.

I like to think of my monkey mind as Hanuman. Was he not The Monkey Mind of Rama? It seems so to me. How many other meanings of that force could there be? Hanuman is The Realized Mind. You can ALSO have a realized heart. It seems to me that the male aspect personifies The Realized Mind, and the female aspect personifies The Realized Heart. Man or Woman can have both when you become them both. When The Heart swallows The Mind.

All this gender confusion-stupidity is about a misunderstanding of this due to the force of Materialism. It is the same thing with Back Door Sex and The Gay Perspective. Instead of seeking a union with one's inner man or woman... and having them merge in a divine unity, Materialism causes us to act out on The Carnal Level. That leads to great delusion concerning what is... and is not... real.

It is true that at... a... certain... level... you come into the possession of both genders and can act through them where the situation applies. Men cannot give birth. Science can implant a womb that will do that, BUT... Man does not give birth to physical children as do women. It... is... not... their... department. HOWEVER... he does give birth EVERY DAY to children that appear as persistent thoughts and feelings. The thoughts and feelings that you have given the majority of your time to... follow you everywhere you go.

Passions that you take upon yourself as you would a lover, ALSO follow you around. The way you think about sex personifies in your thoughts. Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, give birth to monkeys that grow into gorillas. All addictions... appetites... desires... will LITERALLY consume you if you let them. In Times of Material Darkness, this includes a large number of people. The number of stupid people increases exponentially in Times of Material Darkness.

I'm not using Stupid as a pejorative. (what would be the point? (grin)) It's a condition one gravitates toward at the speed of their pedestrian attractions.

Yoga, and any legitimate disciplines that trend toward union with God, neutralize Stress. Ceasing to want... neutralizes Frustration. There is something that many people do not realize and that is, you... can't... have... what... is... not... yours. You might wrest possession of it for a time, BUT... you won't keep it. What is yours is yours. Even if you lose track of it, it will find its way back to you. Ergo... there is no point in striving/stressing to get anything. Your reason for being here... accounts for everything that comes into your life. I should point out that you can change your life at any time.

Yeah... you have to want to, and you have to CONTEND with all the false things you created... calling your name; “Yoo Hoo!” The calls can get increasingly strident and fearful. After all, you are their life source. So... change can be difficult if you continue to hear the Sirens. Change is NOT difficult if you are 100% convinced in your mind. You encounter no resistance to Change when you are fully in accord with yourself. This is why Lao Tzu (or one of his disciples) said, “a wise man has his Yes, and he has his No.”

I remember having to make drastic changes several times, and because there was no regret in me over it, and because I was 100% into it, I did not notice any difficulty at all. I was thrilled to be at it. When you are not 100% convinced in your mind, you will have a degree of difficulty commensurate with your own internal conflict and opposition. Your war... your struggle... is with yourself. You must find that thing you are 100% in agreement with and do it with... your... whole... heart.

If you are at war with yourself, you will be at war with The World, in whatever shape your internal conflict takes when it actualizes outside of you, in... your... body, or in... your... world. You must make peace with yourself. It is MUCH easier if you have someone to show you how to do this. Fortunately... help is at hand. Help is close by. You must ask for it, in sincere fashion.

For some reason... I suppose there are many of them... people have a great difficulty in comprehending God's presence in their lives. Since most lives are a collection of triumphs and disappointments, they don't know who to praise or blame for what happens. God is there to blame when things go wrong, BUT... when things go well why... they did it all themselves.

If you know that God is your constant companion, you can agree with the singer that

♫ I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on roses
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,
The son of God discloses
And... he walks with me and he talks with me ♫

Why would you insist on going your own way in this world, when... you... don't... know... where... you... are... going?

People raise their fists to Heaven to scream at God, while patting themselves on the back with the other hand for whatever it is they think they deserve it for. I would MUCH RATHER come to God in The Good Times... than to have to suddenly turn to him when everything goes to shit. That smacks of something unattractive, no... matter... what... it... is. As Yogananda said; “If you don't seek God in The Springtime of your life, he won't be there in The Winter.”

Make God your friend BEFORE he forces you to your knees, AND... BELIEVE... ME... ON... THIS, HE WILL, through loss of fortune... sudden circumstance... whatever the cause of it; maybe you succeeded at getting his attention in ways that brought the bad weather. People are perpetually confused about what God is... where God is... who God is. When it does occur to them that God is their own self, they behave like despicable despots, awash in the vanities of their temporary form. God is your Higher Self.

There are 3 distinct levels of consciousness that are involved in our lives, every... single... day. We, individually, pay more attention to one than another. The only level we think we have any control over is the Self Conscious aspect. If we did have any real control over that, Serendipity would be our boon companion and we would be inseparable. Yes... it is possible to dance in the sunlight forever and ever, and... one day you will. How long that takes is up to you.

Inspired dancers are Graceful. They have great spatial awareness even with their eyes closed. They are in harmony with The Divine Mother. It is NOT good to be out of harmony with her. That is the source of Stress, which is the source of Dis-ease.

In Times of Material Darkness... when we have built big cities... seething with human discontent... Nature has become the prisoner of artifice. A healthy balance is NOT being maintained, so... things go out of balance, AND... the further you go from being in harmony with The Divine Mother, the closer you come to Catastrophe; no... that is not a city in Kazakhstan.

When things go sideways between Humanity and Lady Nature, you get pandemic sexual dysfunction. You get a population with psychological problems. You get epidemic suicide, and... a prevailing climate of fear. There also... then come... those who profiteer from them and who worked to create them in the first place. Whenever Humanity becomes too tightly concentrated in limited space... you get predictable problems, and ever more increasingly bizarre lifestyles. Eventually, the scavengers take The City, and The City becomes a desolation.

What is the solution to Stress? Legitimate spiritual practices of course, BUT... the best approach is the internalized certainty that... EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL, no matter what appearances might indicate. Now... this does not mean that everything will be okay everywhere all the time. That, of course, is... not... so... except in The Blessed Spheres. HOWEVER... everything WILL be okay for you, once the difficulties at the beginning are sorted, AND... you have established a sufficient grove to slide on through.

We made bad ruts. We can certainly make good ruts. Most especially we can have them made. We call The Sculptor that hews the form. Thusly do we groove our lives when The Divine Life makes inroads.

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Wednesday, October 05, 2022

"One Works in Concert with Her to Improve You Both. The Other Turns Her Into a Neurotic Harlot Doing Time."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Mind that you don't miss The Good taking place underneath the disturbing appearances being generated by The Dark Side, which is on... its... way... to reductio ad absurdum. This is not to say that it won't have a continuing influence, BUT... it will soon be constrained within the previous borders of its own dimension, rather than in free-range forage mode, as has been the case in recent centuries. This means you will have to seek it out, AND... there will be those who do.

Most of the people caught up in bad shit got there by following others, and The Dark Side has a regiment of tour guides that try to take Humanity over to The Dark Side. These tour guides operate in every area of enterprise via a Punch and Judy simulacrum... giving the appearance of something that it is not. Hmm... I don't know, maybe Punch and Judy are The Real Deal. It's like taking bad acid; what you see isn't there, BUT... it's still going to be as scary as you let it be.

People... most of the time... as a group... do not have a spiritually disciplined mind or... a leashed and directed heart. They have purpose in the direction of what they want, BUT... little insight into why they really want it... what it really is, or... what the destiny of that temporary affair ends up as.

The World is, LITERALLY, a distraction. A simple dwelling in the forest by running stream, that involves an intimate relationship with the living, breathing Divine Mother, is of much... much greater value that the finest dwelling in The City. Both of these locations involve a permutation of the feminine force. One works in concert with her to improve them both. The other turns her into a neurotic harlot doing time. Do you want The Demented Bitch Goddess or... do you want The Radiant Mirror of God?

All the strife in The World takes place in The World. This is why we are admonished to “be in The World but not of it.” Retreating into the mountains makes perfect sense for a time, and even better sense in times when The World has lost its senses, BUT... you can't hide out forever. The duties of those under contract... is to serve God while helping others. Of course... one can accomplish this from the mountains also. The Power of God is Limitless, BUT... for... some... reason, those in service have to put in an appearance now and then.

I think the key is, not to overstay your welcome... while leaving the smallest footprint. A welcoming smile is actual food. The Heart... in times like these, is often empty while The Mind is confused. When you can provide the mystery ingredient which is Unity, you have manifested Peace on Earth. It is folly to think of accomplishing it everywhere on Earth. That is not the purpose of Earth. That is the purpose of Heaven, which is filled with light... where there are no dark corners.

Earth is a perpetual playground of light and dark... seeming good and seeming evil... in seeming contention. The Bhagavad Gita... AND The Way of Life are instruction manuals of tactics and techniques that have proven out again, and again, and again, by those acting in accordance with them. If you think you can do better... heh heh... that's why we don't have Peace on Earth, BUT... BUT!!! We do have The Kingdom of God within... wherever it is present... in whomever it is present in.

The thing is not to change The World. When you change your perspective... you change your relationship... this changes The World you inhabit and carry where you go, as the tortoise does its shell. You are an actual structure, like a house with wheels. This house has some form of lighting system or little light at all. This accounts for the shadows that compose The World you see... in shapes you believe to be real. It is a dream no more substantial than what you encounter when you sleep.

There is a reality, and there is The Universe of Forms. Some are closer to this reality, and... we call them archetypes. These archetypes set the stage for the dramas being performed. As ages change, the archetypes change their appearance. They are still... the... same... archetypes. As ages change, certain archetypes are more prominent than others, based on the intention of the dramas being performed. It works according to cycles that endlessly repeat themselves to provide an environment for the dramas being performed.

Every form of comedy and tragedy... farce and fantasy... is playing out simultaneously here. They only change the costumes and settings to reflect the times. The characters are always the same. We learn if... we... pay... attention. We learn if... we... want... to... learn.

Heaven says... let them go after their own pursuits. The folly of their courses will eventually dawn on them and we will be there to help and guide them back... and to open their cells in The Penitentiary of the Mind. Not everyone seeks this liberation. It's not what they signed up for on this planet with so many things to have and to hold, BUT... the toys and hearts are soon broken or abandoned. Sooner or later... comes sooner or later.

One has to be very careful when one seeks to be useful. Often, the effort to help is not rewarding for either side of the equation. The Recording Angel is taking it all down, and before you know it... you need help yourself. Until you have The Imprimatur of Heaven, it is hard to see the end from the beginning sometimes. It's the forest getting in the way of the trees. It's something hiding in plain sight. Don't overstep your boundaries if you don't know what you're doing.

Life provides opportunities for service all the time. Sometimes that means leaving well enough alone but blessing it in its passage. Sometimes... it means letting the other guy have the gold and the girl, and... the heartache to follow. Sometimes it means living vicariously through others, as a silent patron of their best intentions, and... not seeming to be present at all, BUT being more present than any other thing. The aether penetrates everything. Everything comes out of it by the drumming hand that powers the vibrations that give specific shape to the object.

Not everyone is up for this sort of thing. People love their dramas just as they love to tell you about their problems, AND... when you offer a workable solution they are horrified. They don't want anyone taking their problems away from them. Their problems are what defines them. In order to follow this route, you have to let go of your problems. It's kind of like, “no shirt, no shoes, no service.” Everywhere has rules, even the places that claim to have no rules.

So... it is altogether possible that you might have to head for the mountains, at least for a time. Still... even if you are in The Midst, only that which can identify you can harm you. Otherwise, it won't even see you. It's like carrying a gun and not having to use one. It's like a shield that acts as a mirror and sends a true reflection. This can have a wide range of effects on life, and on the clumsy dancers.

Consider the dancing bear or the tiger with his head in your lap. There is an unspoken understanding in place. There are still rules and if you violate them... yikes! Why... violate... them? Given the possible outcome that... is... a... mystery. There is this force that trends toward chaos... confusion... fear and uncertainty. It's always looking to cause trouble. You have to do what Shiva does and put it under your foot, so... that... you... can... dance. Apasmāra takes away your elegance and style and makes you a clumsy dancer.

Fabricated and pretentious elegance and style are not what we are talking about here. The best dancers can be near invisible because harmony, and blending in is their intention. Lao Tzu talks about the elegance of simplicity, and how it might appear rough-hewn to those putting on a show. Simple is not stupid, but it might look that way. Sometimes it is a wonderful disguise.

We are coming into a time of trial for entire countries. Everything affects everything. You don't live in a bubble or a vacuum unless you are in showbiz, and you can be sure that something is going to pierce that bubble or fill that vacuum when the meter runs out on the power to drive the illusion. It takes force to power and maintain illusion, and... all power is borrowed power.

You are watching The Fall of Empire(s) and the rise of what is to follow, DEPENDING on where it is taking place, and... why it is taking place, and... who is present for them both.

End Transmission.......

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