Monday, October 17, 2022

"All Those Bubbles are The Brief Appearances of Temporary Celebrity, and The Devas Drink It Down and Laugh."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

So... as an explanation for the title, let's say The Devas are already lit up like a Christmas tree so... they don't need material intoxicants. Now... where was I yet to be?

J.R.R. Tolkien... was brilliant, inspired... and now dead. Or... he was dead or... gone... if you prefer. I don't know what he's up to now. I didn't know the larger part of what he was up to... while he was here. I am a simple appreciator of his work. This does not seem to be true about the people involved in this latest, whatever it is... that should have been labeled, “The Rings of Impotence and Incoherence.” Perhaps Incontinence would also apply... and... since larger titles are my provenance, well... you had to be there.

Money isn't talking here, it swears at you and laughs in your face. Daddy Warbucks paid about a billion dollars to ruin the backstory of The Lord of the Rings. I don't know how many transgenders it has, but there has to be more than a six-pack of wannabees, and a cast of many alternative perversions. This... is what... happens... to fame and the works of man. People without brains and culture piss on your legacy, so... why be famous?

I KNOW the truth about fame and fortune, power and influence. I KNOW what they really get you. It's sad isn't it? It makes it not worth trying if you know better, but most people don't know better. They always think it's going to be different, and that they won't die on a toilet seat or go down on a planeload of ignominy, into a sea of temporary notoriety. Above the waves, there are all those voices singing that anonymity is king. Anonymity is also a good repository for Wisdom. I've seen his name attached to many things.

I have a dream. It is not the dream I remember starting out with, but I was pretty good at fooling myself when I was younger, and... didn't... know... any... better. Life schooled me... and I can sincerely say that there is no positive payoff for fame and fortune... or power and influence. Friends in high places beyond the bandwidth of the physical senses, ARE... worth... the... time... and... trouble. Otherwise, it is a bubble, and bubbles inevitably burst.

Bursting bubbles is the enduring evidence of The Personality coming up against reality... and not the one The Personality invented for its own elevation. The Cosmos is a glass of carbonated water masquerading as champagne. All those bubbles are the brief appearance of temporary celebrity, and The Devas drink it down and laugh.

So... I have this dream that has been developing over time. It comes out of the evidence that life has given me about fame, fortune, power... and influence. It is the dream of beautiful anonymity, which I saw most profoundly in the face of The Man on The Beach. One of the things I asked him was if he was Chinese. “No...” is what he said. I asked because he looked Asian, and his features were like those I have seen in Asian figurines. However... the force of his focused concentration is what shaped his features. His body was a sculpture of perfect dimensions. He was brilliantly clean, yet he had dirty, broken fingernails.

I think of myself in this dream as being a version of The Mysterious Stranger, who travels in a cape of anonymity... and blesses and assists as opportunity provides. He has the power to heal. He seeks no reward for his efforts... which are effortless. The reward is in the doing. More and more, I can think of no better industry than to be one of the nameless servants of True Celebrity, most tellingly evidenced in The Shining Sun.

When Heaven speaks, One should become like The Moon and hold their Mercury as a perfect mirror to The Love of God radiating from The Sun. The Dog Poet seeks to be like Nipper, The RCA Dog, his ear attuned to and waiting upon... his master's voice.

I have seen only four episodes in the doing of Far-Left-Earth. That puts me at halfway through this awful season one. Chances are I won't see anymore, but then... I would not be able to give an informed opinion. Believe me... I don't need to see the whole thing. I'm not going to go into my reasons.

Anyone who sees it, and has a brain... any taste... and hopefully read the trilogy... or at least saw Peter Jackson's adaptation, WILL KNOW what I am talking about without my having to add it, BUT... I will give brief overlooking snapshots; terribly Woke in all the worst possible ways... incredibly badly cast. Written by utterly uninspired prostitutes... impossible to follow with no narrative sense present. It's like a fantasy dress-up party from one of those comic book conventions. The direction AND the acting are at the level of a local renaissance fair.

I don't want to talk about it anymore. Let's go back to this dream I have. It's not a dream. It's already a reality among a small band of travelers who move through this vale of tears as kindly meta-physicians. I once wanted to be a major league baseball player and an archaeologist. Then... I wanted to be successful as a songwriter, a writer... a performer. I was around that whole circus act, where you have to juggle your integrity with two or three other balls that look like it, but... only the one of them is real.

So... what if you could do the right thing all the time and be gone before someone comes and bothers you about how wonderful you are or... seethes with resentment over your being present at all? What if you could do this simply by setting your heart AND your mind on it? What if the only thing keeping you from it were attachments to other things or... a lack of Faith... Certitude... and Determination?

Sometime in the next 22 days or so, something very bad is going to happen or... something very bad is not going to happen. This is an apocalypse. This is a time of revealing and revelation. This is a time when... center-stage is The Purpose of Demonstration. Some very ugly agendas are competing with The Will of Heaven for supremacy on this plane.

Periodically... conditions get very hot here. The specter of Global Warming is one of the ways that degenerates fan the flames. Suppression causes heat. It's a form of pressure. It's right in there with one of those closed thermodynamics systems but you need a metaphysical mind's eye to register it.

Is he joking? God knows. Some criminals who play with numbers have gotten themselves into a terrible fix that they can only repair through war. War is their traditional recourse when they've flim-flammed all they can flim-flam. They seem to be in charge of appearances, but this is because they hold The Collective Carnal Mind captive through material agency. Their grip is being loosened. They are in a state of ever-intensifying panic. They are forced to do something because the game is up. The notes have come due, IN... EVERY... SENSE... OF... THE... WORDS.

What's any of this got to do with Tolkien or this dream you keep coming back to? They are significators of Patterns and Trends. Everything fine and noble is being canceled or perverted these days. Meanwhile... some of us are seeing through the misdirection.

It is going to take an internal mass awakening to turn the tide or save the day; depending on whatever your particular perspective is. (grin) Let me give something of an example. There is a wave of sexual dysfunction circling The World of the moment. How is this being processed and promoted? It's happening with The Young, which is how they get their teeth into the adults to come. (if they ever arrive at that) The whole field of treating mental and emotional disorders is in the hands of Crazy People.

These crazy people assure their crazy clients that they are not crazy and that their focus should be on living their best life... their own truth... and they are free to create that, no...matter... what... that... turns... out... to... be; greater society be damned and crucified on The Cross of Diversity. It is suicide to Trust the Science when The Science is wrong. The Science is not only wrong, it is INTENTIONALLY wrong. The Science is ACTIVELY engaged in killing off a significant number of those who go along with the program.

The reins of power are about to be transferred to The Other Party that lost out previously, due to a rigged election two years ago. The ones who... think... they... are... in... power are terrified of payback and the crippling of their agenda of Planetary Enslavement. They are not going to step away until they have tried every trick in their playbook. God help anyone who gets in the way.

I don't know what's coming BUT... nothing would surprise me... even something really good. Then again... from my perspective, EVERYTHING works to the good, regardless of ANY intentions and efforts otherwise.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Nostrils to the sky. Just wish things would happen faster.

robert said...

Shining back like Mercury, Visible!

When Heaven speaks, One should become like The Moon and hold their Mercury as a perfect mirror to The Love of God radiating from The Sun. The Dog Poet seeks to be like Nipper, The RCA Dog, his ear attuned to and waiting upon... his master's voice.

Poetic truth.

OUr response must be to:
Clean our mirror and KEEP IT CLEAN, with the aid of the angelic tear wiping brigades

The endarkened have few cards left to play but to attempt to pull off a FF nukey poo, blamed on the slavics who refuse to be slaves, before the election.

This is a no-go for the angelic hierarchy so there will be blowback!

Time will tell dearly and we shall see clearly

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is now up=

"The World Wants The Refined Sugar ... Bad Alchemy... Potato-Chip Facsimile of The Philosopher's Stone."



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