Wednesday, October 12, 2022

"People Argue Because They Think They Know. People Who Know That They Do Not Know, Do... Not... Argue. "

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

People argue because they think they know. People who know that they do not know... do not argue. Stress is the major killer. It is at the root of most maladies. It is not often linked with Frustration, but... Frustration is one of the main causes of Stress. Ah... the Hells of unrequited desire. We want what we cannot have and scheme to get it, only to find it was not what we thought it was. Everything is a front for what is concealed within. So... what you got in this wasteland of runaway desires and mind fevers is... a Hollywood house. If you go through the door there is nothing but two-by-fours propping up the false front.

All of us have a false front. Most of us are a Hollywood house. Very few of us shine with the incandescence of The Indwelling Light. Guru Bawa was one of those. He glowed like a lightning bug all over. You could see it. It was palpable and real. I have had a few Meetings with Remarkable Men and Women. He was one of them. I got Wisdom from him that continues to this day. It was he who told me about The Dog of Desire and The Monkey Mind.

I like to think of my monkey mind as Hanuman. Was he not The Monkey Mind of Rama? It seems so to me. How many other meanings of that force could there be? Hanuman is The Realized Mind. You can ALSO have a realized heart. It seems to me that the male aspect personifies The Realized Mind, and the female aspect personifies The Realized Heart. Man or Woman can have both when you become them both. When The Heart swallows The Mind.

All this gender confusion-stupidity is about a misunderstanding of this due to the force of Materialism. It is the same thing with Back Door Sex and The Gay Perspective. Instead of seeking a union with one's inner man or woman... and having them merge in a divine unity, Materialism causes us to act out on The Carnal Level. That leads to great delusion concerning what is... and is not... real.

It is true that at... a... certain... level... you come into the possession of both genders and can act through them where the situation applies. Men cannot give birth. Science can implant a womb that will do that, BUT... Man does not give birth to physical children as do women. It... is... not... their... department. HOWEVER... he does give birth EVERY DAY to children that appear as persistent thoughts and feelings. The thoughts and feelings that you have given the majority of your time to... follow you everywhere you go.

Passions that you take upon yourself as you would a lover, ALSO follow you around. The way you think about sex personifies in your thoughts. Alcohol addiction, drug addiction, give birth to monkeys that grow into gorillas. All addictions... appetites... desires... will LITERALLY consume you if you let them. In Times of Material Darkness, this includes a large number of people. The number of stupid people increases exponentially in Times of Material Darkness.

I'm not using Stupid as a pejorative. (what would be the point? (grin)) It's a condition one gravitates toward at the speed of their pedestrian attractions.

Yoga, and any legitimate disciplines that trend toward union with God, neutralize Stress. Ceasing to want... neutralizes Frustration. There is something that many people do not realize and that is, you... can't... have... what... is... not... yours. You might wrest possession of it for a time, BUT... you won't keep it. What is yours is yours. Even if you lose track of it, it will find its way back to you. Ergo... there is no point in striving/stressing to get anything. Your reason for being here... accounts for everything that comes into your life. I should point out that you can change your life at any time.

Yeah... you have to want to, and you have to CONTEND with all the false things you created... calling your name; “Yoo Hoo!” The calls can get increasingly strident and fearful. After all, you are their life source. So... change can be difficult if you continue to hear the Sirens. Change is NOT difficult if you are 100% convinced in your mind. You encounter no resistance to Change when you are fully in accord with yourself. This is why Lao Tzu (or one of his disciples) said, “a wise man has his Yes, and he has his No.”

I remember having to make drastic changes several times, and because there was no regret in me over it, and because I was 100% into it, I did not notice any difficulty at all. I was thrilled to be at it. When you are not 100% convinced in your mind, you will have a degree of difficulty commensurate with your own internal conflict and opposition. Your war... your struggle... is with yourself. You must find that thing you are 100% in agreement with and do it with... your... whole... heart.

If you are at war with yourself, you will be at war with The World, in whatever shape your internal conflict takes when it actualizes outside of you, in... your... body, or in... your... world. You must make peace with yourself. It is MUCH easier if you have someone to show you how to do this. Fortunately... help is at hand. Help is close by. You must ask for it, in sincere fashion.

For some reason... I suppose there are many of them... people have a great difficulty in comprehending God's presence in their lives. Since most lives are a collection of triumphs and disappointments, they don't know who to praise or blame for what happens. God is there to blame when things go wrong, BUT... when things go well why... they did it all themselves.

If you know that God is your constant companion, you can agree with the singer that

♫ I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on roses
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear,
The son of God discloses
And... he walks with me and he talks with me ♫

Why would you insist on going your own way in this world, when... you... don't... know... where... you... are... going?

People raise their fists to Heaven to scream at God, while patting themselves on the back with the other hand for whatever it is they think they deserve it for. I would MUCH RATHER come to God in The Good Times... than to have to suddenly turn to him when everything goes to shit. That smacks of something unattractive, no... matter... what... it... is. As Yogananda said; “If you don't seek God in The Springtime of your life, he won't be there in The Winter.”

Make God your friend BEFORE he forces you to your knees, AND... BELIEVE... ME... ON... THIS, HE WILL, through loss of fortune... sudden circumstance... whatever the cause of it; maybe you succeeded at getting his attention in ways that brought the bad weather. People are perpetually confused about what God is... where God is... who God is. When it does occur to them that God is their own self, they behave like despicable despots, awash in the vanities of their temporary form. God is your Higher Self.

There are 3 distinct levels of consciousness that are involved in our lives, every... single... day. We, individually, pay more attention to one than another. The only level we think we have any control over is the Self Conscious aspect. If we did have any real control over that, Serendipity would be our boon companion and we would be inseparable. Yes... it is possible to dance in the sunlight forever and ever, and... one day you will. How long that takes is up to you.

Inspired dancers are Graceful. They have great spatial awareness even with their eyes closed. They are in harmony with The Divine Mother. It is NOT good to be out of harmony with her. That is the source of Stress, which is the source of Dis-ease.

In Times of Material Darkness... when we have built big cities... seething with human discontent... Nature has become the prisoner of artifice. A healthy balance is NOT being maintained, so... things go out of balance, AND... the further you go from being in harmony with The Divine Mother, the closer you come to Catastrophe; no... that is not a city in Kazakhstan.

When things go sideways between Humanity and Lady Nature, you get pandemic sexual dysfunction. You get a population with psychological problems. You get epidemic suicide, and... a prevailing climate of fear. There also... then come... those who profiteer from them and who worked to create them in the first place. Whenever Humanity becomes too tightly concentrated in limited space... you get predictable problems, and ever more increasingly bizarre lifestyles. Eventually, the scavengers take The City, and The City becomes a desolation.

What is the solution to Stress? Legitimate spiritual practices of course, BUT... the best approach is the internalized certainty that... EVERYTHING IS UNDER CONTROL, no matter what appearances might indicate. Now... this does not mean that everything will be okay everywhere all the time. That, of course, is... not... so... except in The Blessed Spheres. HOWEVER... everything WILL be okay for you, once the difficulties at the beginning are sorted, AND... you have established a sufficient grove to slide on through.

We made bad ruts. We can certainly make good ruts. Most especially we can have them made. We call The Sculptor that hews the form. Thusly do we groove our lives when The Divine Life makes inroads.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

All of us have a false front? Not sure about Diogenes Can't get much more real than him. Then again, in the u.s. and in much more of the world, you'll probably be arrested for that. Or the hardcore Aghori and those on the same wavelength, though not necessarily into their sanitary habits or diets?

I admit I put up a few false fronts. Sometimes it's the pragmatic thing to do, only I do it backward from the majority.

Nostrils to the sky!

Anonymous said...

Life is such a beautiful, magical, tragic experience.

Make of it what you want; one of these times you'll get it right.
But, you know it don't come easy. Any arguments?

God bless all who come here. God bless all who don't come here.

Love, Priscilla

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"Kinda Like a Dwarf Star, Sucking its Stomach in To Impress The Girls, Until... It... Turns... Into... One."

The Cosmic Player said...

The children that are to be sacraficed to Molack and eaten by saturn those children born from the material heart and mind.



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