Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Love in The Devic Realm.

Life means something different for a variety of classes of people. According to a particular ancient tradition there are seven rays, or soul paths that proceed out of the white light of spirit and find their way back again to the source which would mean, I think, that life is just a journey of discovery, or, possibly, nothing more than a process of remembrance.

I intuit from this that some colors blend with other colors more harmoniously but that could be subjective according to the predispositions of anyone on any ray. I intuit that on each ray there are levels of apprehension and cluelessness. One could argue that presuming cluelessness is a form of chauvinism and that everyone has the right to be an idiot or a savant and that it can be hard to tell which is which depending on what is considered important.

It never fails to amaze me that people, who are here only temporarily, would value material concerns above spiritual concerns... that they would rather, “bind to themselves a joy” rather than to “live in eternities sunrise”; that they would kill the thing they love by suppressing the magic of wonder in favor of reshaping the beloved according to their own tastes... as if that were some sort of an improvement and as if they knew what was best. This isn’t to say that we can’t and don’t positively influence each other but the presumption that we know how someone should be, is the source of a great deal of the world’s injuries. The world itself, according to traditions and cultures and customs does this all the time and those who won’t submit are considered outlaws. Sometime they actually are.

It’s a hard call to possess the delicacy of true detachment and not have it come across as indifference. For me, I’ve chosen to bear a certain amount of life’s sorrow on purpose because otherwise it robs me of the poetry of being alive. Feeling loss and grief are natural things... knowing when to let them pass is a matter of wisdom. I always remember what Gibran said “The deeper that sorrow carves into your being, the more joy you can contain.” Sorrow and loss have real beauty for me but only to the degree that they are useful colors on the palette of existence.

Susanne never had a dog until one day she took off on a plane to rescue Silky Lily Nelson from a shelter in Spain. She was about to be destroyed (Lily, not Susanne). During her time with us she has become a remarkable companion and still is. A year or two later (I can’t remember), two new dogs came in on a plane from Andalusia; Chloe and Bessie Hoover, the Love Sponge AKA Bessie the Magic Dog. As time went by I watched Susanne transform into someone who really loved dogs and began to show an involved interest in doing what she could for them in whatever way that was possible.

She’s not an obsessive, thank god and probably has as little tolerance for PETA as I do. I’ve got zero tolerance for political correctness and no appreciation for it. I’ve got very little use for anything that doesn’t operate with an understanding of what the world is and what our limits are. There’s some irony there because I often act like there aren’t any but that would be a misapprehension that doesn’t bear out over the long run. I’m still here aren’t I?

As I could see the potential for well-intentioned and understandable abuse, I told Susanne that we shouldn’t ever have more than five dogs. You lose a certain sense of the individual after that... or at some number not far beyond five and... I knew that there was always a little wiggle room which is why I said, ‘five’.

Recently I came down to our place in Italy and it wasn’t too long before Susanne called to tell me about some dog a hundred miles or so from here that people were talking about on some forum and I offered to go get that dog (I’m not sure why.). There was the idea that Poncho Moonlight (so named because he glows when the moon is larger) would be relocated. However, Poncho soon became my dog, although I had no intention of it. I’d been content to share out my affections all round; not forgetting to include Susanne in the equation. Then Susanne came down and a couple of weeks later she came home with a one-eyed dog that is now known as Alfie. A month went by and I went to Rome and then came home to find little black Nomi had joined us too.

There has been and is some tension between Poncho and Alfie and there won’t be any more male dogs coming in. Alfie and Nomi are going north with Susanne when she returns to the main home toward the holidays. We aren’t looking to have a menagerie and Susanne is good about staying in the lines with this... though it grieves her every time she has to let one go. I’ve left out some dogs and some interesting events but... where would I put them within the limitations of this piece?

Susanne has one of the kindest hearts I’ve ever known. She’s as rare as a banker’s tears. Just about everyone in this house has a strong empathy for living things which includes the unfortunate insect who can’t get out of a sink or anything but flies and mosquitoes and certain deadly things that are either... not welcome, or require more deft handling.

Before Susanne got Lily there was another small dog named Bonnie who had been her mother’s pet for a dozen years. Bonnie died in Portugal, largely because she was a bit more combative than she should have been but also because the vet didn’t know what she was doing. Bessie died for the same reason. She had a heart condition and a change in medication brought some bad side effects. They seemed to be passing. She wasn’t an old dog. She’d been with us about two and a half years and was around seven years old.

I wasn’t that close to Bessie over the time I knew her until the last six weeks. It was always Lily that I bonded with and Chloe well... she doesn’t get on so good with men. Of course, I attended to and cared for them all but you’re just closer to some creatures than others. Back to Bessie;

Because of the new medication Bessie began to wheeze and cough and it was alarming. I was always saying we had to get the vet over soon. The vet came by and said, “Well, this and that and she should be alright.” The symptoms backed off and I was truly relieved. Somehow, in the process of this, I came to love Bessie’s quiet patience and awesome and available love. Why I didn’t see what a beautiful creature she was in the times before I cannot say. Of course I stroked her and spoke to her and liked her a great deal but it was only in the last six weeks that I came to seek her out and love her for her modest and accommodating ways. She began to come into my room at night and look to lay on the bed with me but since Poncho had commandeered that; even when I would call to her to come she, instead, would find a place under my work table and lay there. As her symptoms eased, I was truly grateful that I had been able to see more clearly as a result of having been moved by her condition and attitude concerning it. I thought, “Isn’t that how life is... my life anyway... so many wonderful things that I don’t see until I see them.”

Yesterday, Susanne asked, “Where’s Bessie? I haven’t seen her in awhile?” I’d taken a nap but I had seen Bessie and a couple of other dogs out among the olive trees and walking around together in a way I’d never observed before. It was almost as if they were having a conversation. I went out to call for her. It was dark night. I called for a few minutes and I knew it was strange but not inconceivable that she hadn’t come.

It took us a few minutes to find a flashlight and then we went out. I went on one side of the driveway and Susanne on the other. Then I heard Susanne say, “Oh, there she is.” It gladdened my heart. I thought she had just seen her coming through the gates. Alas... when I went across the driveway, there she was... laying on the ground at a place I wasn’t accustomed to see her at any time. Susanne was kneeling by her and said, “Oh. She’s dead.” Then she said, “Wait... she’s alive... no, she’s dead.” She was still warm. All I could think was that she knew and she went to find a soft place to leave from- some kind of “Watership Down” thing and being the class act that she was, she went off on her own and then she was gone.

I’ll spare you the personal details in the aftermath. I think you know anyway. We buried her this morning under an olive tree and made a cairn. I was a little surprised when I could see the size of it from the back terrace. It didn’t seem that it took much work.

The night before, Susanne had wrapped her in a sheet and I placed my poster of Venus Rising that I had bought in Firenze two summers ago beneath her. I’d brought Susanne this beautiful scarf from Rome that I had purchased from a Columbian lady by The Coliseum and Susanne covered Bessie with the scarf and laid a rose from the garden on the bier. She lay there on the kitchen table overnight. I don’t have my sequencing right, nor have I done justice to the feeling and the history of things but I don’t want to go on about things which most of us understand but never seem able to convey.

This isn’t really about Bessie. Bessie is a catalyst for an eternal condition that goes on as long as there is the human element to experience it. This isn’t about our losing a friend; everyone does... those that have them. This is about understanding the continuous separation of our being from everyone we meet; everything we have and everywhere we are... sooner or later. It is uncanny to me that we can we be in a position to note; those of us that will make the effort to see... how it is that we arrive naked in this world and leave with nothing but some tokens and whatever they dress our envelope in... before it is laid in the grave or consumed in the furnace.

It amazes me and it always has that we can be so fucking blind to the important things and so clever about getting our way about things that we will take for granted soon after we acquire them. it amazes me how we identify ourselves as a man or a woman of one color or another; of one race or another, of one creed, political party or occupation as if that summed us up; as if what we were was merely the labels we embraced. It stuns me that we can abuse the ones we love and persist in selfish efforts to have and consume so many temporary entertainments of which we will remember so few at the end of our course. It stuns me even more that so many of us are left with these unfulfilled longings after what we wished we had had and done and been when we could have had and done and been far greater things if we had only been a little less self-absorbed... a little less vain... a little less deluded about our importance among so many people and events in this world that cared far less about us... or perhaps exactly as much as we cared about everyone else.

I’ve just got this to say and I will have to say that at the moment I can think of nothing more important than what I am about to say. Make sure that you take every opportunity to let those you love... or might have learned to love or admire know exactly how you feel while you still have the time to do it. You don’t get timed alarms that tell you something you cared about more than you ever admitted to was about to go away.

I’m not sad about my dog so much. Last night I walked out on the terrace and for a moment I saw Bessie fifty feet high and standing among the olive trees with a big smile on her face and saying to me that she hadn’t gone anywhere and that she would be looking out for us and though I know it was some powerful demand from within me that called this forth... maybe it’s all as real as you want it to be.

Mark my words... everyone comes to see that they should have done more to let those they loved know how they felt. Everyone comes to see the shortcuts they took and where they fell short in achieving the finer possibilities of their potential across so many opportunities in their brief time in this particular suit of clothes they call their life.

I hope I never forget that it’s always the right time to do the right thing... to curb my tongue, to look for some way to do a little more for those who made my life worth living because without them I had no life at all. I think I’m beginning to understand that I am defined by what I cared about and judged by the degree to which I made that clear... in the midst of whatever trials or sacrifices it demanded of me. I’m flawed and weak and I know that but I suspect we redeem ourselves by making it our sole concern to love and serve to the best of our ability once we come to understand... and we surely will, that there is nothing more... absolutely nothing more.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Talking about the False Light and the True Light.

Relatively speaking, it doesn’t take long for the truth to get lost once a new religion has come out of the showroom, or off the runway at the cosmic fashion show. Of course, relatively speaking the truth doesn’t generally get seen at all even when it’s there in person speaking to you.

In the Bible there is indication at several points that Jesus (The Christ) spoke in two ‘fashions’, one to the multitudes and one to the disciples. It appears that there are at least two sorts of people on the planet, those who will not be able to penetrate into the deeper mysteries and those who will. “Many are called but few are chosen.” One might immediately begin to argue over who gets to decide something like this. Let’s get this out of the way right now... it won’t be me.

For some it will have to be enough to follow the rules set down for behavior in hope that this will lead to a falling away of the veils... over time. For others, the presence of the truth will effect a more immediate falling away. It’s to be assumed that they had already done the ground work at an earlier time. Life’s a spiral staircase and we are all ahead of someone and behind someone else which is why I’ve often said that one shouldn’t piss over the railing.

For those unable to see the truth, no amount of talking and pointing ...or charades is going to work. Most likely it will make them angry or confused. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that truth can be, and is, relative and absolute at the same time. This is why there’s no end to the arguments over whether the truth is relative or absolute. This is why contradictions bound. They aren’t contradictions really but... in the realm of the mind, which assigns itself the task of analyzing these things and which... operates in duality, there’s no chance of useful comprehension. Only when the mind is stilled can comprehension dawn. We’ve heard this said so many ways but it doesn’t really take because it’s the mind which is engaged in the process of hearing about the mind needing to be stilled.

Dogmatic and fundamentalist types are not going to subscribe to anything but the letter of the law. Mystics are not going to be satisfied with anything but the spirit of the law. Dogmatic types will often burn mystics at the stake if mystics are not careful about casting their pearls. In these times and in all times similar, when confusion and material flash is preeminent ...there is a hardening at the same time that the ground is breaking for a new presentation of the light. For those who understand the meaning of alchemical states such a thing is to be expected.

The stages of alchemical transformation transliterate easily into the Yogic methodology just as it does into every legitimate process whether it be Stations of the Cross or the sephiroths on the Tree of Life. Mercury, sulfur and salt are also sattva, rajas and tamas. It’s sort of like saying, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” People who are open to understanding understand this, even if they don’t get how and why. By the same token; God by any other name is still God. Vishnu and Allah and Yahweh are the same in essence. The personality and operation of that God as understood in any person’s anthropomorphic projection is actually the devil but... you probably don’t want to tell them that.

“Onward Christian Soldiers” and whatever is at the Top’s of the Pop's for the Wahhabis... whatever tune the Israeli settlers are singing when they are beating old Palestinian women to death, have nothing to do with the one in whose name they have chosen to act out their ignorance. It is things like this that convince the intellectuals that there is no God. There is indeed no God like that.

This is not to say that God will not kick your ass as he is generally engaged in at the moment; actually just warming up for, now. But this effect is only for the purpose of ‘awakening’. Wrath is a vibration that doesn’t necessarily apply itself to everyone in the same way. It’s more of a trying and a testing... a tempering, if you will. The more easily one is tempered the less stress is involved. I’ve quoted Mikhael Aivanhov before. “When God first comes to wake you he gently shakes your shoulder. If that does not work he shakes you harder. If that does not work, he picks up a two by four.”

No one should assume that the people who screwed everything up with the help of the masses ...who were chasing the crumbs from the table of their supposed betters are going to fix the situation. Don’t be fooled into thinking that everything is going to go back to the way it was because... things never go back to the way they were and they never were the way they were imagined to have been in the first place.

There is something breaking through the hard ground of collective denial and it will not be denied. The false light that has lit the ghostland of Dreamville is soon to be revealed as darkness and the true light will for many be an unwelcome guest... just as it has always been. The ordinary mind seeks comfort above all else. It‘s how civilization reacts to pain. The comfort of the flesh is a suffocation upon the spirit and the spirit is infinitely stronger so you figure it out.

Most people don’t get that the soul decides when it’s had enough in a particular envelope and wants to move on. The ordinary mind fears death without realizing that the enduring portion of themselves chooses it. It doesn’t matter if you think this all comes about through the magic of numbers or what appears to be random fate or if you think divine agency orchestrates every detail because... like the point about relative and absolute truth, they all apply at a certain point except for the random part which only looks random when you don’t have all the information.

People playing mind games in the false light with chaos theory and all the other intellectual circle jerks that they use to amplify their ego in the ongoing dance of the false self where billions of dancers think the spotlight is shining on them are never going to understand what’s really happening because there is always more... far, far more than the mind can comprehend. But you can’t tell them anything and that is why things are happening as they are and why God is picking up a two by four.

It’s fine to ask where I get off saying these things but it would be a false presumption for anyone to assume that I think I know anything. I don’t. Everyone will just have to wait and see how their personal view of the cosmos works out for them. As Lao Tzu said, “What is, is ‘the was’ of what will be.”

You are in the time that was always projected in the mind as arriving some time and some time is now. You’ve got a front row seat to the show of people showing what’s real to them, what’s important to them, what they think has value. Destiny is on the doorstep and people will grab on to the cell bars and scream as the liberator pries their fingers from the bars. Some will crawl under rocks and look to hide in caves but there is no hiding place where this light will not enter. Embracing it would seem to be the wiser choice but it’s not to be expected in any collective sense; ergo, the two by four.

This window doesn’t open very often, not like it is opening now. By some calculations this only happens every twenty five thousand years. Take the leap or be prepared to head for the wardrobe department for a whole lot of costumes for the next series of lives.

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Friday, October 10, 2008

Are You Driving or are You being Driven?

When you study religious and metaphysical texts you will find after awhile that you will never read more than a portion of them. You will find that they confirm and contradict with equal measure. You will find that they clarify and obscure with equal measure. You will find that they promise both Paradise and Hell in equal measure. You will find that you haven’t found anything because what you may wish to find is beyond mere texts and the mind that contemplates them.

In my limited fashion I am going to make it easier for you. I’m going to give you a key. This key may not be all that useful if you can’t find the keyhole it goes into. DNA isn’t of much use unless you have something to match it to. But I think you can find that the key has a sort of magnetic attraction to the lock it is meant to open.

There are two positions you can be in in the kinetic universe and there is another position you can be in when neither of these positions apply. Take no mind of the third position because we won’t be treating with that today. Let’s just focus on the former. You are either driving or you are driven. That’s all there is to it. I’m going to rummage around here for a bit and offer examples and do some of the other things I do while trying to reveal something without getting tangled in the curtains but... it won’t amount to any more than I just told you.

I want you to think of the devil’s pitchfork and I want you to think of an ox goad. I want you to think of reins and spurs and steering wheels, accelerators and brakes. I want you to think and then stop thinking.

All of us have seen the people on the highway who are racing to some destination where they can now focus their attention on feeling antsy about something else. All of us know what a pushing crowd is. All of us have watched people in supermarket lines or any lines where they are waiting for the number one consideration to be serviced and that would be them. These people are driven. Something is driving them. Something drives them when they are pounding into someone else sexually or arguing about something they don’t understand. Something is driving them when they seek to bend others to their will; their children, their spouses, their associates and even those unfortunate enough to be considered their friends.

Most of the world is driven... by appetites and desires... by hopes and dreams... by some mysterious urgency that they identify with their own will but they don’t have any will. There is only one will no matter in what circumstance it is applied. This will ...can be perverted as in the application of so-called free will but it’s all part and parcel of one will. There’s only one divine agency and everything lives and moves because of their reliance upon it.

The devil and God are the same thing. They appear to be different depending on the perceptions of those miss-interpreting it. As I have said before, the devil is the way that evil people see God. The very word ‘sin’ translates in the original to “missing the mark”. That’s all it is.

The sole driver never misses the mark. The multitude of imagined drivers consistently steer the vehicle off the road. The horses are your senses. The reins are your mind. Until you can unify with the driver you will consistently be driven off the road by yourself; that which you imagine yourself to be and which has no real existence.

Now might be the time to think about that comment by Jesus where he said, “Get thee behind me Satan.” Think about it. The serpent in the Garden of Eden was God. God is a serpent as you can see by looking at any number of Hindu posters. In the Western tradition they like to use a corona and they like images such as the serpent crushed beneath the heel. Well, there are good serpents and bad serpents and there are those who are wise as serpents and harmless as doves and serpents eat doves so there are things to ponder and... we’ll see about that.

‘Adam’ defined in the original, translates as ‘namer of things.’ What you call something becomes to you.

We’re all living in a personal fantasy and we are all being driven through the landscape until exhaustion or calamity demands that we consider what we have refused to consider during our self-gratifying ignorance.

We’re all God in the becoming but there’s a lot of playing the “Sorcerers Apprentice” on the way. It doesn’t matter what religion you fancy. It doesn’t matter what name you give to the unknown. It doesn’t matter how much you think you know or how little you do know. What matters is if you make real contact with the thing itself. No other industry has the same importance. Nothing else matters. So why do people spend so much of their time on everything else? They’re driven. You’re all stolen cars.

Nothing you think is true is true. Everything you think is false is true to someone else and none of these matters either. What matters is whether you find the door and whether you have the key... if you know where the door is and what the key is and why there is a lock in the first place.

It can be very revealing if you watch the world in relation to ‘driving’ and ‘being driven’. Watch people. Watch what is going on. You’ll see it soon enough if you allow yourself to. Watch the posturing and jockeying for position. Watch what it gets them... every single one.

If you watch yourself you can see when the heat comes up and you feel compelled to move. You can feel yourself being driven. It won’t be many people who will consider this but everyone who does will recognize it. It’s part desire and part anxiety. It’ part fear and part crazy need. It’s mindlessness toward a place where you can hurry up and wait. No one gets there, wherever ‘there’ is and no one finds peace at the end of it because it doesn’t end, it just loops and that’s why it’s called a wheel of fire.

Driving can be pictured as sitting in someone’s lap with your hands on the steering wheel. You get the impression that you are driving but you are not and that’s a good thing. Driving is like trusting and trusting comes with surrender and seeing that all of a sudden you are very much on the road without any urgency at all. Someone is driving and that is what needs to be comprehended. All personal efforts at this will fail miserably for the purpose of just that lesson. Some people get there with due diligence and some through trauma and utter loss. Some get there through a purity of heart or clarity of mind but most of us get there because there’s nothing else left in the end.

If I could give anyone any advice and if there were any advice I thought to be more important for me to take than any other, it is to watch and see when I am being driven and to cease and desist so I could see who is driving. I haven’t said this very well but that’s about par for the course.

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Friday, October 03, 2008

The World is a Rumor, Formed from the Daydreams of God

World events have lately overshadowed the inner life and it is regretful that I haven’t been to this site which is more in line with what I am about than commenting on the world which is, after all, the world and is always presenting the same challenges and tests. There is a tradition of understanding that weaves its way through most of the world’s religions and metaphysical traditions that says you have to be in a physical body to make progress on the path. I’d rather it wasn’t so. There can be some real enjoyment and delight in a physical envelope but I am not sure that the pros outweigh the cons. As Buddha said, “All life is pain caused by ignorant desire.”

One of the readers at Smoking Mirrors (and here) made mention of not commenting due to the negative appearance of the last several posts over there. Truth be told, I’m fiercely optimistic about things but... for those who are captured in the web of materialism I am not optimistic. That particular state of being always comes to a bad end because it is the nature of spirit to free itself from the material realm. It is the nature of the soul to collect experience and move on once the work is done in a particular vehicle. Oh... you can argue that it’s all spirit and that God composes everything. I won’t argue about that but... saying something and being in a living state of awareness in relation to saying these things are two different things. Sometimes readers drop in and give me some routine about being and nothingness; about perfect balance and detachment, about the perspective of the eternal witness... as if I hadn’t come across these things in my inquiries. My position is not about pontificating from some snowy heights, speaking in pure math as the snow melts and turns into all the audible colors of the valley below.

There is no question that the state of being that Ramana Maharshi and Ramakrishna spoke of is valid. I’ve been in those states on occasion but I was not allowed to remain. You can’t storm the gates of Heaven. You can’t be where you aren’t allowed to be until you have earned that right. So I don’t like to present things that encourage a remote and detached space. I don’t feel that it helps people to tell them that everything is meaningless and nothing matters. At a certain level this is true but within the bandwidth where most of the readers and I reside... a wall is a wall and if you hit it it’s going to hurt. No amount of telling yourself that the space between the atoms is relatively as large as that between the planets... or however that actually works out affects your contact with the wall.

This is why I stress Love. For me, love answers all and serves every need. Love contains Wisdom and Understanding and all the qualities- the armor of God. Some people are naturally disposed toward the mental end and some toward the emotional. Sure... the emotions operate from a certain location in the brain but no one can tell me the heart is not the seat of a number of states and, in the end, I believe the heart should swallow the mind. We can argue till doomsdays break about minutiae and get all Thomas Aquinas and Aristotelian on each other but that’s late night dorm room stuff regardless of where it’s taking place.

Not without reason do the greatest teachers we have encountered; in person or in books, speak with such enduring humility about their status in respect of the all. I have personally met realized beings and they are inflexibly consistent in denying special status to themselves. They know something. We know it too if we would only be open to the magnitude of that which penetrates and contains us. Pride and vanity are dangerous companions. You don’t want to encourage their presence at all. One of my ongoing prayers and requests is to have my shortcomings and weaknesses removed and replaced by the qualities of God. Paramahansa Yogananda said that you should go to God and ask him for a loan from his spiritual bank. It’s like any other loan. You have to pay it back. Of course, this sort of a loan is repaid by giving it all away to whomever may need it. It made me laugh when I thought this out for myself. If anyone ever needs an example of how to be they have only to consider The Sun. You don’t really need to know more than that and eventually you may not. Sure... there are different yogas for different soul types. Jnana Yoga and Bhakti Yoga are definitely across the spectrum from one another; so... some of us may know a great deal at some point but...

It’s my belief that no matter how much you come to know... you have to come back and become a Bhakti Yogi afterwards. Total surrender is the final word in realization. One of the reasons that I am so attracted to Ganesha/Ganapati is that he is the remover of obstacles to Self Realization. It’s said that he is the one that introduces you to your teacher and that you have to get that from him. Of course, what Ganesha represents is differently personified in other fates but that same force is active in them all. It is Ganesha who gave us The Bhagavad-Gita and he is also the Lord of the Devic Realm, the Lord of Categories and the patron deity of the arts... especially writers. I’ve been working on an album about him and the lines to one of the tunes goes, “If your God can walk on water and rise from the dead, my God can have an elephants head.”

In India, Ganesha is the household God and most every house will have a Ganesha statue around the front door. He’s also the patron God of businessmen and the one you go to, to ask for material things. So, many people would reasonably think that he was less than he is and not so diversified as he is. He’s the most easily approachable of the Gods because he is nearest to us in the way these things are understood and he contains the material world in his belly. Well... although I have framed posters of him around the house they are just reminders to me. I engage in no rituals besides meditation- which comes and goes ...and psychedelic periods where God can be interacted with in a very intense way. Sure... this sort of thing is proscribed by many but this is the Kali Yoga and a time of intense material darkness and I need to burn through the carbon for necessary reminders. That’s me.

Recently I’ve been having experiences with a variety of divine personas from various faiths. For a long time I was very involved in considering the Amitabha Buddha. You can go to his Western Pure Land and reincarnate there as long as needed and not have to come back here. I find that very attractive and I expect to see more of him at some point. For now it’s been a lot of Ganesha and certain realized yogis who have had my attention in a very direct way. I never imagined that I would consider the divine with the head of an elephant but I don’t question this sort of a thing because these things change just as things change down here. It’s a stage I’m going through. We move through different stations and different teachers until ‘the one’ is revealed to us in the most appropriate form for us... after that... awareness of the formless may follow. I don’t think it’s such a good idea (for me) to go after the formless first. It always gets a little too impersonal for my present state and I like God as a friend and a companion and he’s more than willing to give me that. He also turns into the mother at times depending on the need of the moment.

Yes the world is at a critical state presently and I apologize if I’ve been a little intense about it but you will see that that was not inappropriate to the situation. However, I am very, very optimistic about the potential for anyone to come out of this and into a brand new world. I’m extremely optimistic about my own situation, even though not much of what I wanted initially has come to pass... I’ve been surprised to find that I am delighted with what has. God has been very good to me but not so much in the ways so many look for. What is possible within is so far beyond anything the world can offer that to me, what the world offers and the intense competition for it is the very definition of insanity.

Those blessed with so much of the worlds riches are actually mostly cursed and will endure real suffering over it. Those with so much celebrity and power are also in an unfortunate state. It is a truly rare individual who can possess these things and not be possessed by them and these are not just words.

Yes... the world is what it is and points need to be made about that but... there’s another world, unaffected by this world and the door is open if you can find it. You can ask for help and help will come. The more intensely and comprehensively you ask, the quicker it will arrive. How bad do you want it? Don’t think God isn’t aware of that. The real reason you lose everything you have and suffer so much in the process of living is so that you can learn what is enduring and what is not and be capable of asking for the right things. There isn’t much more to it than that.

Visible sings: The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible♫ The World is a Rumor ♫
'The World is a Rumor' is track no. 8 of 13 on Visible's 2007 album
'The Sacred and The Profane'

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible