Sunday, April 24, 2011

Ironies, Epiphanies and Satya Sai Baba.

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Satya Sai Baba, the man who used to materialize a jade lingam out of his mouth, passed away on Easter Sunday. I don’t know if he continued with that in later years but it was certainly a feature earlier on. I never met him. There were people willing to take me to meet him and one recently, I should have gone but I didn’t. I was told I would be taken right to him because I am tall and from the west; whatever that means.

I liked Sai Baba and always thought well of him, despite things I heard, which I happen to understand what the underlying reality was, because I was not without confidants in regard of him. He once had to climb out of a window to escape assassins. He had an interesting life and that he was a man with powers that he used for good is beyond doubt. He healed people of all sorts of distress and he built hospitals and schools for the poor of India.

Claims have been made that Sai Baba was the Kalki avatar but he never made those claims himself. He said he was the reincarnation of another Sai Baba who had been around early in the last century. Sai Baba’s world was rocked by caustic allegations of child abuse. I tend to believe this version here.

Claims are made that Sai Baba was a trickster but, as has been seen in the legends and tales of all of the masters and actual deities, they all had some portion of that and I think trickster is less relevant than that he had a mastery of certain magics. Generally most of what we like to call bonafide holy men, shy away from this sort of thing but then you get all the miracles attributed to them too and how were those accomplished? Was it grace in every case or was it the result of the siddhis that all of them possess? I’m not concerned with these things. I’m not in the league with these other men and I’ve been accused of the same things; not the kiddie stuff but inexplicable happenings, sure. A lot of what I manage to do gets done under the Sub Rosa act of 1452 (grin). Yeah right, go look for it.

Everyone who is engaged in trying to help others, regardless of capacity or efficacy will find that the slanderer lurks and is usually, often, someone whose past behaviors throw a glaring and exposing light on their veracity. They don’t measure up to the ones they accuse. None of Sai Baba’s detractors did anything remotely as fine as he did and none of them drew hundreds of thousands of ecstatic chanting devotees, whenever it was allowed. The great Sri Prabhupada comes to mind. When you come across such a fellow, or occasionally a lady, for there are some of them too, you know you are in a presence.

It might be that not everything Sai Baba did was correct, according to formalized western understandings but formalized western understandings are now murdering the unknown and unnamed in more countries, including their own, than I care to itemize. Men like Barack Obama (rhymes with Osama), in a position to do more good that Sai Baba, simply due to their temporal reach, do little, if any good at all. They do significant harm; these Obama’s and Sarkozy’s, Blair’s and Bushes and all the rest. They are murdering thugs who could be everything brighter and more wonderful and they must, in any case, kill at the command of their Zionist masters.

A man little heard of in contemporary western media, loved by millions, passed on today and we are all poorer for it and more poor if we’d never known about him and the sincerely generous work he did. You can tell what someone is about by the legacy they leave. Money never got in the way of Sai Baba applying it to the greater good.

People less informed about the man than I am will have their moment to cast aspersions and parrot rumors, of which they have no informed connections to the provenance and intent of these things. Let them speak as they like, to their own diminishment. I will speak as I like too and say that I am much saddened that he didn’t linger longer that I might have had a chance to meet him. I believe it would have had a real impact on me. All the rest of them did.

I expect that I will have an email reach me shortly from my friend Roy in Cochin-Kerala. We’ll meet up at the solstice this year as we do every year and we will talk about Sai Baba. Many of the people there will talk about him because most of them are seekers and a seeker knows about Sai Baba as they do about others whose names are generally unknown. I live in a small micro-world that touches the worlds of others at a distance and seldom in a close space kind of a way. That’s just how it is. My world gets touched by others. My world touches others but they rarely overlap.

When someone like Sai Baba passes, a great light goes out of the world. It is to be hoped someone else gets promoted quickly, because we have so little light in these times. Most of the world may not think well of these men and women, consider them odd, freakish, off the beaten course, frauds and more. It’s easy to make vast generalizations at a distance and then check the football scores and head off on the hunt of whatever you have mistaken for love. Men and women like this give people hope where they had none before, bring light and meaning into their lives and I am pretty sad right now that I didn’t take the opportunity to meet Sai Baba when he was here. That’s my fault. I guess I thought he’d be around for the Kumbhamela but maybe not.

I had a chance to go and see Lennon at The Dakota and Muhammad Ali in LA and others of that stature along with Somerset Maugham and T.S. Eliot, all heroes of mine and I never did because I always reasoned they had enough people pestering them and it didn’t make the people offering to take me very happy with me either but I figured I did the right thing those times, except perhaps with Ali but with Sai Baba I feel like he wouldn’t have minded being pestered. He would have welcomed me and made me feel at home. I really believe this. Now he’s gone. Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t wait till someone is gone before you regret having missed the opportunity. Don’t fail to tell those you love how much you love them because one day it will be too late.

If you have a beef with someone and you can make it right, do it while you can. Don’t let it go too long, on into another life. Take the left hand side of the bargain if you can; whatever it takes. Do the right thing. It might cost you but you will not regret it in the long run though you might question your sanity in the short run (grin). Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do. Giving in can be a mistake in those cases because it just supports someone’s belief that they can do whatever they want and then lie about it. It’s a delicate balance.

Sai Baba was one of the great teachers to come around. It was less about his teaching than his presence, which seemed to be all that was needed. How fine is that? I’ve seen videos of him and I like him but that’s just me. You can see a lot more if you want to. There’s plenty of video including people exposing his tricks. I tend to believe that if all he was, was a trickster then how do you reconcile the highly intelligent people I know who would have none of that; who had personal experiences enough to make up their own mind and how do you reconcile all the good he did, all the tens of thousands and more that he helped, whose lives he changed, who gave them lives they would not have had?

So... I want to take this time to say good things about him. I want to be on that side of the argument. If I’m wrong, so be it. When I compare him to everyone else, he comes out smelling like a rose. He did a lot of good work; let’s just leave it at that. A great soul passed on today, wish him well in his continuing work because he hasn’t gone anywhere except out of the range of mortal eyes.

I am linking this here at the end so that you can see how completely it dovetails with what you've been hearing at these blogs and also as a reminder to recent naysayers who are annoyed that nothing is happening. Take it for what it is worth.

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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love in Disguise in a World of Lies.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I’m not inclined to sell anyone on the idea of Astrology. The science is a pristine and marvelous thing but then you add an astrologer to the mix and you can get problems. This isn’t a knock on the practitioner; it’s just that human limitation and error are a constant in all mediums. We’re a trial and error experiment, where failure is the rule and success is the exception. Once again, that’s mostly due to the age we are in. There’s more deception and dishonesty and that creates an atmosphere of uncertainty about yourself and your fellows. After all, once you’ve made the decision to lie, the first person you lie to is yourself. It has to begin there. That’s also where it ends so... the cure is more immediate and available than people might initially anticipate.

The thing about lying is that it’s habitual. The problem with lying is that it alters your existence to fit the lies and eventually you are surrounded by them. This is what happens in insulated realities like Wall Street; the military, religion, entertainment. In both Wall Street and the military, the end justifies the means. This is how you get a certain kind of amoral psychopath, a flesh pressing gladhander; much like a politician. The stock market is a lie to begin with and relies upon a mysterious sort of trust. You see that when the trust is challenged or fails at its purpose that the system has a crash. Politicians are the indirect liars. They’re all about money too but they’re feathering the nests of their future; a nest they foul upon arrival.

Religion and entertainment are very similar. In the one there’s a convenient god whose will dovetails with the needs of the people running the show. In entertainment, the actor is god playing a role that goes contrary to every tenet that supports the tent of the mysterious traveler, which is why they never see him. People think you can look somewhere that what you seek can’t be found and have it appear by demanding it. What you get is a construct that fits the needs of self interest. God’s the pit boss in life’s casino. Luck and Love are similar in a certain regard. Luck is fickle. She’ll walk into the room on one man’s arm and walk out on someone else’s. Love will do that too because... you are fickle.

Due to what I said earlier, it’s easy for military personnel to start killing civilians; anyone who happens to be around. Because the whole thing is based on a lie, you’re in a rage builder mode. Lies make us angry because we refuse to admit their presence and so the truth, whose job is to liberate, becomes a tormenter. You can’t get away from your conscience, even if you don’t know what it’s trying to tell you. This is why the world enrages us, why manners have disappeared and why confrontation on so many levels is simmering beneath the surface. It’s all a lie and some part of us knows that. Lies are the origin of bondage and freedom is our natural state so... that’s why everyone is angry or indifferent. Of course, indifference is just another mask that gets worn to hide the anger.

One thing about lies is that they increase your vulnerability in undesirable ways. The fruit of this is fear. Knowing that you are vulnerable makes the boogeyman real. A part of you knows that you are in trouble because you’ve sacrificed your protections for something that has little or no value. Now you’ve got fear, anger and contempt. As I’ve said many times, alcohol is the perfect fuel for these emotional states and that’s why it’s a state sanctioned remedy. It certainly doesn’t work. It certainly makes things worse and that is the source of a multitude of economies from the Medical Industrial Complex to the private prison industry.

One of the things that depart (and there are several of them) when you inevitably give in to the gravitational pull of self interest is gratitude, after that compassion is by the side of the road with its thumb out. We cease to care about our fellows because we are in survival mode and the conditions worsen or temporarily improve according to the actions of those pulling the strings. You had a lot of people with 401K’s and pension plans that were connected to the economy and what happened was... Aloha. Some of these people worked their whole life; only to see the predators that had already made their life so fearful and uncertain, walk away with their future.

About fifteen years ago I was doing dinner theatre. It was an upscale operation in the Kaanapali area of Maui, where the money goes to vacation. We had our own restaurant. I worked for a real operator named Wolfgang. He was a German and a unique character; a P.T. Barnum sort. I still hear from him occasionally. He’s back in Germany, near Hamburg, with his first wife. When I met Wolfgang he told me he’d been a mortgage broker in San Francisco. He hired me as an extra/understudy and flew in professional actors from LA and SF to play the two leads. That got a little expensive and it wasn’t very long before I was playing the detective, to the chagrin of everyone else who wanted the job. That’s because there are only two stars and they get paid ten times what the other players got. So I was making a good living and so was the host but the rest of the crew was at subsistence level. I didn’t realize the under current of jealousy and backstabbing that was going on. Back in the day I seldom saw these things. They were there though, as I found out, but... that’s another story.

As I said, it was an upscale operation and we would get congress members and all sorts of high flyers. About ten percent of the show was scripted and the rest was improv because the audience became part of the show. I used to annoy Wolfgang no end by interjecting political commentary and whatever I felt like. I’m talking loose canon territory in suit and tie land. Still, it was entertainment and I must have been worth it because I kept that job until I quit.

At one point, Wolfgang came to me and said, “Look, Visible, you’re not getting any younger. You need to think about how you’re going to take care of yourself later on”. I told Wolfgang that I was always taken care of and it wasn’t something I had to worry about. He couldn’t get his head around that but he didn’t register or believe in what I do, so it didn’t make any practical sense. The fact is though, that was fifteen years ago and things have only improved since. Whatever happens, I’m covered on basic subsistence for as far as I can see and that’s fine with me. I don’t actually need more and when you can get your head clear on that you are in much better shape than those being hounded by anger, fear and contempt; not to mention the absence of gratitude and compassion.

I believe I understand the real value of these qualities; compassion, gratitude, integrity etc. They are a kind of protective armor which is much more effective than Dragon-Skin. Most people do not see how incredibly valuable these things are. They might have some idea that these are components of good character but the magical efficacy of it escapes them. These are powerful forces. As Lao Tzu once said, “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.

This is the worst thing about the disposable culture in which we live. Meaning has been lost. Nothing means anything and why go through so much trouble to obtain these qualities, when you can just pretend to possess them? There is trouble and sacrifice involved in getting these items, make no mistake about that. It will cost you but... not having them will cost you a great deal more.

If you are going in a certain direction; the opposite of the people swimming in the other direction around you, you encounter these qualities as a matter of course. They present themselves along the highway and its challenges. In the one direction you earn money, position, power, fame etc. In the other direction you earn the qualities and then get the rest of that stuff gratis AND you understand their dangers and uses because ‘the qualities’ give you the ability to see into another world. They’re like magic glasses, the cape of invisibility, wings. You get the Sword of Truth. It’s an actual sword and it cuts through lies like a sharp knife through hot butter. You may think this is all allegorical and to some degree it is but, not entirely. That’s what all those myths are about and the gods are polymorphous expressions of these qualities. Their character and job description, as indicated in the myths and legends, are expressions of the different qualities. If you’ve read about Theseus, Jason and Odysseus, you know what I’m talking about. A great deal of truth is hidden in those myths and the fables and nursery rhymes, which conceal any number of profound verities.

What happens, if you follow the highway I’m talking about; “walking in all things contrary to the world” is that you wind up in a magical landscape, where all sorts of things are possible. If this world has its sad magics then every world has corresponding forces and conditions, which are unique to the zone you are in. Simple lines from ancient books often contain much more than the surface or intellectual meaning, “in the world but not of it”. You’re here but you’re not here. The world looks a lot different to you and sign posts talk. Trees can speak out loud. Everything is alive. In the other world everything is either hiding or sleeping because it’s a dangerous place for everyone, not just us.

Danger is relative to the degree of your fear. Fear is magnetic. It attracts. So does Love. One displaces the other. Lose those shortcomings and gain those qualities and see what kind of an investment that is, as opposed to the usual bank account. Remember, you can’t miss them on this highway I’m talking about. They’re the point of the highway and the origin of the powers of increased vision that make it possible to see through what is not there to what actually happens to be.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Avatar is within You

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“In Hindu lore, Bhairava, a door guardian, is a fearsome canine deity. One of the forms assumed by the god Siva, he is often portrayed either as a huge black dog, or as a human riding a black dog. Terrifying to behold, Bhairava has many arms, three eyes, long matted hair, and sometimes has a serpent entwined around his body, with a collar of skulls around his neck. Food sellers plying their ware outside Indian temples dedicated to Siva sell tiny dogs carved out of sugar, which can then be presented as an offering to Bhairava. In northern India, a canine deity was formerly worshipped by certain Dravidians. So too were dogs in Nepalese villages, during a special festival called Khicha Puja, in which a garland of flowers was deferentially placed around the neck of every dog in each village.”

Today is the birthday of Lord Rama who came into incarnation to dispense with a powerful demon called Ravana. I’ve heard it said that he was around in the fifth millennium B.C. and I’ve heard he arrived in Treta Yuga. Unless the yugas are shorter than I’ve heard, there’s something off about the timeline. There are so many legends about this avatar that you might as well read about them here, if you have the interest, because there’s no space here for that kind of thing.

Here is a short blurb about the coming avatar, which Swami Jyoti also calls a prophet; “WHEN THE PROPHETS COME, they trigger or accelerate karmas. Then whatever is inside a person will expose, either good or bad. That which was previously suppressed or hidden is exposed. In Krishna's days, He brought out both the virtuous and the evil, exposing people as they had never been known before. Krishna knew each soul already and so will Kalki. The Prophets create situations—time, place and opportunity—which bring forth both the angelic as well as the devilish.” I consider this significant and it dovetails with what I’ve been saying about the high exposure of the evil ones among us in their words and acts at this time. The rest of what the Swami has to say can be found here.

Second guessing the divine is a human industry that exists for the purpose of proving us wrong. If we knew how little we knew and how much of that was also wrong, we probably couldn’t function at all. We manage to function, according to the confidence of the ego, with the assistance of the mind and we have whatever degree of confidence we have, to orchestrate the height from which we are destined to fall. Confidence in the personal self is a recipe for disaster. It may not look like it and it may not come at any given time. Sometimes it takes several lives for a person to scale some puny mountain of individual achievement, or gain a particular degree of power but... it all eventuates in an Icarus situation, more or less, sooner or later, when the force of individual pride and arrogance meets the cosmic resolver.

Some say the avatar has been and gone. Some say it was Osho and others have their pet enthusiasms. That is an event unlikely to be overlooked by anyone present, during the occurrence. I seriously doubt that the avatar has been and gone, or that he was any of these other people. In consideration of the avatar, you have to keep in mind that what you hear is almost certainly metaphor and allegory. Saying that Kalki comes on a horse, means there is a conveyance associated with him. Saying he comes with a sword means that he comes with force. It also implies divine discrimination, which is imperative when separating the wheat from the chaff.

My feeling is that the avatar is here but not yet profoundly visible, except to a few. The state of conditions is dire, direr than most people might suspect. Keep in mind what was said above, which I will repeat because of its importance; they trigger or accelerate karmas. Then whatever is inside a person will expose, either good or bad. That which was previously suppressed or hidden is exposed. This all melds very tightly with the features of The Apocalypse, which gets mentioned around these blogs, often (grin) and to the same end.

An important feature of the avatar, which you can read about in the extended text about Lord Rama, is that he can appear to and in many people at the same time. I believe that Lord Krishna was being referenced in the example. There are no limits on the power of the divine; none whatsoever. There are limits upon your imagination but, as far as what can be accomplished by The One, upon appearance or from some point of seeming distance; there are no limits whatsoever, period. That’s something to convince yourself of and to keep in mind. The reason being that the power of planetary Maya is extremely great at this time; nothing at all by comparison with the divine but powerful, none the less. Of course, this power of Maya is made possible by The One, increased and decreased at will for the purpose of testing the metal of those exposed.

The avatar has advance agents, just like any president or world, religious figurehead, who show up ahead of time and take care of certain groundwork. The avatar has publicists and other flacks (grin), not to mention the most powerful army in the universe, all made out of himself. The stories and projections, concerning those things the avatar has come to accomplish are general and sketchy. One of the things not mentioned is that he will restore the feminine principle to her rightful station as co-equal. She’s always there in the better times but she’s the first thing to get dominated, manipulated and abused in worsening times. If any man understood what the consequences of the abuse of the feminine principle were, he would shake in his arrogant boots. Something I like to say, when the opportunity provides itself, like now, is that you had better be very careful about the way you treat women because your entry into this world, is always facilitated by one and there are some harsh gateways to be sure.

The truth is that diminishing and perverting the divine feminine doesn’t actually lessen its power. It simply makes that power an antagonist to your best interests. Nothing else on Earth can see your propensities and weak points like she can and as a protector you could want for no one better. She is a true Hell Bitch for those who trouble her acknowledged children and THE power itself, insofar as we experience it here. You can call that ‘shakti’. The potencies and powers of the feminine principle are measureless and there are any numbers of things you can ONLY get from her, without which you are in a canoe up Shit River, without a paddle.

Of course, we are talking only about projections here, because words are projections of thought and thought is a projection of something else and that is a projection too. We can’t transfer essence in this medium but we can indicate it. Some things can only become real through experience and experience can only be had through persistence and fearlessness. Otherwise you’re going to exit right off of the highway with a case of the trembles. That’s why having a true guru is of incalculable importance and that is a matter of karma and occasionally grace, which, for all I know, is also a matter of karma too.

The point I want to make is that present or not, the avatar is still present, certainly to those who have put themselves in the way or have been put in the way of that power. There is no difference between the divine and the avatar. The avatar is just a form taken by the divine for the purpose of demonstration. We get lost and submerged in material consciousness and... if this is not confronted and adjusted by the divine; we are toast, individually and collectively. Many of us may be toast anyway but there’s still something resurrectable, depending on the mercy and determination of the ineffable and your efforts in respect of it.

Act as if the avatar were already present and present within you. Greet the world as a manifestation of the will of the avatar for the purposes of the avatar. Look at every situation and condition as an expression of something the avatar has constructed for your edification. Go about your day as if the avatar accompanies you wherever you go and ask that all of the shortcomings and personal hindrances to the presence of the avatar be removed. When you eat, bless your food with assurance that it is the very being of the divine entering into you, which builds the presence into your being and also expels everything that is retardant, inimical or resistant to the presence. Look at your life as an expression of your relationship with the avatar, with all other possibilities of thought and perspective way off in the distance.

It’s all about imaging. You have to live it as if it were real, whether you believe it or not; doing it will make it so. You are the sum total of everything you have been and done that has brought you to this point. You can go anywhere from here and that is dependent on the degree of your intensity and commitment to whatever that goal is. As far as I’m concerned there is only one goal but we each have to sort that out for ourselves. Worst case scenario; pray that the avatar personally destroys you (grin). That’s actually a blessing,

Happy Birthday Lord Rama!

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Saturday, April 09, 2011

Glamour and the Ghost Cities of the Moon

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‘Dogs in the water are no match for a raccoon’.

I speak often about attractions and desires. I think the richest person in France is the lady who is the heir to the L’Oreal fortune. When you consider the commercial industry of glamour and all that it connects to, directly and indirectly, you’re looking at one of the biggest industries on the planet and it’s all about appearances. It’s all about altering and camouflaging appearances, actually.

Glamour is possibly one of the most insidious forces on Earth. Look at the things we glamorize. I don’t think I have to itemize. It’s one of the major hypnotics on the planet, along with money, power and fame. Glamour is intimately connected to all of them. The given purpose of cosmetics is to enhance beauty but its actual result is to obscure it.

I don’t know a great deal about Steven Gaskin. I’ve never heard anything bad about him but I can only anticipate someone will tell me something (grin). That’s beside the point. He once made a comment about women. I can’t remember the actual quote. He said something to the effect that it is one of the saddest things on Earth to see a woman coming into her full glory and beauty, only to cover it up with cosmetics. I can’t say too much about this because it is a product of the times in which we live. One can’t really be blamed too harshly for giving in to such a significant power to some degree.

I try to be mindful of this force in my own life. I have no jewelry. I don’t wear a watch either, because I don’t care what time it is. I don’t use any ointments or unguents for my skin or make concessions to suppress my smell, which I leave to diet to regulate. I wear common and generally used clothing that I buy from EBay; blue jeans, types of shirts and I’ve got some rock and roll outfits for that kind of thing, which is about as rare as hen’s teeth these days. The only new clothes I ever buy are sneakers and socks.

I note that there are people who can tell the brand label of clothing and measure people according to it. That amazes me. I note the near obsession that many people have with their appearance; the awful trauma of hair loss and the fear of aging, as if the currency of their being relied upon something that is going by the day. That’s by turns, tragic and amusing. I often think of Donald Trump’s hair. With all his money that was the best he could come up with?

I experience a keen sorrow when I see the things that women have to go through to make their way through the bombed out wasteland of contemporary culture. On psychedelics, it all looks like a cartoon. I watch the poses and postures and the mating games, cries for attention that go on all around me on a given day, as I make a brief trip to the store or into a larger town for one reason or another.

I was in Basel the other day. Basel is infamous for several reasons. The reader can find those out on their own, should they be curious. It’s been a glorious Spring here. I was walking along the Rhine into the main part of town and here and there I passed someone naked laying right out on the walkway. They could have positioned themselves better but maybe not, given what I intuit as their reasons for being there. You can find naked people for all sorts of reasons, once the weather permits it. A man walked by me with his shirt off, exposing his shaved and bronzed chest. He was in his fifties and extraordinarily attentive to any interest that might be shown.

I came into town and went to the library and afterwards I thought I would go to a Sushi restaurant that was on Barfusserplatz; the main drag for theaters, bars and sundry. I sat outside and then noticed a woman in her fifties, dressed up in a little girl’s party dress. She had a music box of some sort and was doing some of the worst, most awkward and comical ballet I’ve ever seen. You wanted to avert your eyes as if you were passing a roadside accident, unless you’re most people, with rubberneck syndrome.

On my way in I passed a 6 and a half foot transvestite, walking with a female companion. I’ve seen them done up to a T but this was another train wreck. Everything was surreal for me. I don’t go into large urban areas very often. What I noted was the concern for glamour everywhere and all of the shops that supported it. That was pretty much the majority of what there was, if you eliminate feeding zones. The urban Swiss can be a tad difficult in a lot of ways. Money rules the waters and the prices reflect that. Comfort and PC freedom are main areas of focus here. Should a few drops of rain fall, thousands of umbrellas go up and they DO NOT watch where they are going.

In Europe, sexual activity starts very early and they don’t make the hue and cry about it that they make in the US, where they’re also lowering the bar by the day, because of glamour. So, you tend to see a lot of teenagers with sullen faces. The force of glamour and the sexual attractive power that has generated it is possibly the most powerful force on Earth. It’s one of the perversions of this force that expresses itself in war and combat. Most things are some channeling, perversion or modification of this force. I can see that now more clearly than I’ve ever seen it in my life.

Something is happening to me, now that I’ve lost nearly all of my attractions. I’m beginning to see them for what they are. I can see the electronic nature of the male force and the magnetic attractive force of the female nature. I can also see the lies, busily at work, which are a ground zero essential to the interplay. Various forms of deception and seduction are at work all around. Sometimes you even see a form of love, in its present permutation of whatever passes for romance. I don’t mean to be cynical, because I’m not. What I see are a multitude of trapping devices; a certain relative ease going in and various degrees of difficulty getting out. When what is called Love, can be so quickly turned to anger and resentment, it’s not Love at all. It’s a glamorization of it.

Everyone is looking at themselves in the big store windows and that is their sole focus, except for the constant searching for interest in them. There’s such a controlling aspect to all of it, as if they were all contained within a limited field of programming. It fascinates me. With the falling away of attractions, I am noticing other things; the state of being for people of any particular age, the level of self obscuration. revealed in the attention of their eyes to given objects, the hunger and the way it keys on whatever is needed to satisfy it and all through the sequences and progressions is the glamour; the glamour of callow youth, the glamour of presentations in person and object and all of it taking place beneath the eternal skies, within a confined time zone that is the temporary reality, which is changing into something else as you are moving through it.

That’s not reality though. That’s what interposes itself between you and reality. It’s all serious business though. People believe in it and live their lives according to it. People lie and steal for it, die for it and kill for it. It’s possible, in a certain state of awareness, to see the whole spectacle as a progressive dance of death, among cob-webbing dreams. The princely settings at the tables of the privileged are filmed in dust. Corpses in rotting tuxedos and other ensembles sit there, engaged in animated conversation from some location on the moon. They think they’re here but they are on the moon.

The sum total of the manufactured world’s offerings is... colorful rubbish. They’ve found up to fifty pounds of waste and more in people’s colons, whose diet is predominantly meat. I’ve read where the average carnivore has seven pounds of putrefying waste in their colon by the time they are fifty. Well, it’s all a matter of personal choice here and... we’re all about personal choice and freedom. True freedom does not result in bondage. That’s what happens when freedom is seen as license. Most people don’t have to worry about being enslaved by others. They’ve already done the job on themselves which, is how the other happens anyway. You become a slave when you cease to be your own master.

Glamour is a predator that sits like a Moray eel at the mouth of a cave in the coral or wherever. It’s surrounded by color and the Moray eel I’m talking about; glamour, has all sorts of attractive features to lure you close enough to snatch. Informed divers know about the dangers of the deep; sticking your hands in dark places and so on and so forth. There's not much difference between the world you live in and the ocean. You can find parallels all day. One’s no less a dream world than the other and divers know what a dream world the ocean can be. Anyway, I’ve said enough for today. Good fortune to you all.

End Transmission.......

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Free Will isn't What it Cracks up to Be

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

A certain percentage of the time, I am compelled to write about something that I don’t want to write about. It might be as much as 25%, though it is probably less. I include here the times I am compelled to write about something I’ve already written about and figure should be known to the reader by now. There’s no escaping it. If I don’t do it, the pressure becomes insistent and begins to act like a big gong going off in my head. My resistance is probably because I can’t see the wisdom or the point of it sometimes and… sometimes… I know it is going to make me look bad to some, chiefly because I have to leave out certain details that make whatever the event is, look too much like science fiction.

Sometimes I have to write about things that cause controversy or which the reader wishes I wouldn’t engage in because they don’t need to be convinced of anything but, the pressure tells me that a back story is necessary and… if it is told truthfully, acts as a neutralizing agent against lies without provenance. If I had my way, I would probably only write at Visible Origami but I have less say in what I do than the reader might suspect. I’m part of something that I only understand a little about but am riding with that something all the same. I am in the carriage of whatever it is, being ferried to wherever it is and doing whatever it is along the way.

Most lives, especially in these times, are like waves on the ocean; out in the ocean. Waves break continually on the ocean and they are moving, momentarily, in a certain direction, only to be redirected by contact with another wave and so on and so on. You can stay out on the ocean for a very long time. Some lives come near the shore line and every wave is then significant because it is headed ashore. Some numbers of us are here; one might say all of us from many lives and locations are here because of the significance of these times. It’s possible for waves on the ocean to suddenly find themselves, inexplicably near the shore. This can be misleading for the very reasons you see in the lives around you. You can see that even with the promise of the shore, most people are unaware of the proximity and carry on as if they were still far out to sea. They came in here intending to seek the shore. It was uppermost in their minds prior to but… birth in the manifest soon drove this intention from their minds.

Lives that are near the shore and aware of it are generally working in concert with the ocean’s impetus to reach the shore. The shore is that land that resides beyond the ocean of birth and death, upon which the unfortunate are being tossed for large periods of time. Usually there is a cause and effect law of operation that controls the movements of the waves on the ocean, in terms of the potential for liberation on the shore. Then there are those special times when the shore might make an appearance almost anywhere and where the swimming wave can cease its independent actions of strife with all of the competing waves and trust to the mercy and compassion of the ocean, which has entered a period of grace for those fortunate enough to behold and take advantage of it.

Last May and June I went through an extended period of trial and visioning that was epic by even my standards. There was an initial period where I didn’t sleep for two weeks and didn’t need it either, while doing hard physical labor every day. I wondered if I might never need to sleep again. It was fine with me. This led to periods where I didn’t sleep or eat for a week at a time, while engaging in strenuous physical, emotional and mental experiences that finally left me at the door of physical death. I didn’t even know I was there. I heard a voice crying out in the room I was in and couldn’t locate the source. By this point I was having experiences like this all the time. The voice was crying, “Help me” over and over. It sounded serious. I was surprised to find it was my own voice. My body was crying for assistance because it knew it was at that point. I was indifferent to it and that’s why I couldn’t make the connection. I made it through to the morning and later on I wrote about this period in a very broad and sketchy manner here, because I could not bring myself to get into the sequence of details that was possible. I said as little as I had to.

That led into the summer which included my bad visitor and any number of physical problems. I imagine a lot of this was brought about by the state I was left in following the spring of last year. I’d lost a great deal of weight and no doubt dehydration was an issue, so I had continuing complaints until recent days. I’m usually optimistic, so I don’t want to assume that what I am feeling is the whole truth but, from what I can see, a corner has been turned and I’m doing all sorts of rehabilitation exercises, from meditation to strength building and more. I’ve always been extremely youthful but I probably aged myself 20 years in the one just past. I can see my way to a significant return to former energies and states of being but, it will involve work and I’m up for that.

My point in mentioning this is that through the whole time period, I never stopped reaching out for the ineffable. That was what provoked it all in the first place. It didn’t matter what was hitting me with. I could have been very angry and any variety of other emotions might have settled in for more long term residency and I couldn’t see the why or wherefore of what was happening to me but I just kept going. This isn’t to say that I didn’t get angry once or twice because I did. Within the aftermath of my following apology, I was told that I was made to feel this way and that there wasn’t anything I could have done about it or that I could do about the things I’d been through.

I say very little about most of the things that happen to me and I often give no, or few reasons for things I might say or do. It could be that I know little enough about them and am not in a position to say much. I’m writing this today so that the readers might make comparisons with their own life and have, perhaps, less despair and some understanding that things do happen for a reason, no matter how unfair or cruel they may seem to be. I’ve come to understand that I get off light, probably, and that I am usually taken through the easiest available course, as opposed to the most punishing, which is a scary thought indeed (grin). You’ve heard it said that when you are loved by the ineffable, you are tested and tried, punished even. This all has to do with tempering. It’s the quality of the 14th Trump.

When you’re in those waves, in the surf, approaching the shore, you might expect to find rocks and coral everywhere. You can expect riptides and undertows and how are you to manage landing in a place you’ve never been? You wouldn’t be out on that ocean otherwise, unless you were a type of lifeguard or company employee of the ineffable but even then, you have to rely on the wisdom of the ocean to take you in. Of course, we’re playing with metaphor and analogy here and I could have said this better if I had the talent but this is what you get.

There are great storms at sea these days. These storms have a purpose. They drive the waves and they can make shorelines appear as well. They are not what you should be focusing on. Your best bet is to try to sense the oceans intention for you and you can’t do that when you are being motivated by intentions of your own, unless that is your intention.

Sometimes I do have to say things here or engage subject matter that some of the readers would wish I might bypass but those are the smaller number of readers and may not have the questions that others surely will or would. Those of us who work for the ocean have enemies and they are your enemies too. You can say that they also work for the cosmos and it is all part of that tempering thing, which it is, but it doesn’t change the conditions of the moment, nor the way that those conditions can affect the view of the shore line. Perhaps ‘enemies’ is not the right word. Let’s call it ‘forces of opposition’.

You know what you have to do and who to rely on. Undue attention given to firework displays and special effects can affect your contact with the rudder, not that you are managing that but, there is the appearance of it sometimes, especially when we attempt to seize control (grin). I wasn’t going to write this today and that means it would never have been written, certainly not in the present form, but this is one of those times where I didn’t have any choice and that happens a lot more often than you might think.

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Friday, April 01, 2011

Here's Comes April. Don't be a Fool

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

We’ve had a time of it around here lately. I was informed that I am a high level CIA operative with all kinds of sneaky powers. I don’t know how all of this could have been going on right under my nose but… I do have a large nose (grin).

We took some steps at The Petri Dish to distance ourselves from the immediate contemplation of churning disinfo and I declare it a success. I’m not a fan of Aleister Crowley but I remember a particular tale about him that is in agreement with the way I understand certain things. Once he was under attack by another magician or collective of them. What he did was to go to a Charlie Chaplin double feature. As his mind was engaged on the comedy, the spell was unable to find him and had to return to its owner. Something like this is good to keep in mind.

We give things importance by making them important and often they are not. Humor is a valuable tool, with a great deal of defensive capacity. We should carry it with us at all times. Negative publicity can be a very good thing, especially if it is ridiculous to the degree that no one that counts is dumb enough to believe in it. Invariably, the performance of such things turns upon the wielder, especially if the wielder has a greater public profile than the target under attack. There are mysterious forces at work in the cosmos and certain things set them in motion. That’s happening right now.

There is a man in Japan that is asking the world to pray for the healing of the waters at Fukushima. Masaru Emoto wants you to pray at noon, your time, wherever you are. That seems like something I can do, have done; noon has come and gone here. Unfortunately, I wrote this yesterday but prayer is always good.

I’ve been thinking about Japan these past days and wondering why I wasn’t feeling more empathy. I tried to remind myself of all the things Japan has given to us. Some of us realize Japan’s contributions more than others because the contributions enter into our lives. I thought about Japanese food and that special, simple spirituality that is a part of the culture, martial arts, the honesty and natural humility of the Japanese people; their tea ceremonies and other things; how they revere honor. It is true that Japan, like India and other places has been corrupted to a degree by the suffocating materialism of the times. The whole world is swallowed up in the glut of useless things, which adds up to useless lives.

Life in more enlightened times has purpose. There is a reason and a meaning. In times like these we are living for the pursuit of things; temporary pleasures and prayers for convenience. We want it quicker, easier and cheaper. You learn the meaning of emptiness when you fill your life with things.

This situation in Japan is a disaster of epic scale. Perhaps millions will die from the fallout and contamination. The injury to the ocean and its inhabitants and the memory of what they did to the Gulf of Mexico, does not bode well for the human race. What hasn’t been mentioned much is that the tsunami wiped out a good portion of Japan’s fishing industry. Their agriculture has taken a serious hit as well. They’re in a lot of trouble and I want my heart to resonate with these people but there’s some kind of detachment in the air. Is it too big to get a grasp on? I don’t know but I’m trying to have my heart swallow my head and make me aware that these are human beings going through terrible trauma.

All around the world some permutation of war and want is in operation. Here we are in the 21st Century and we’re not even out of the Stone Age on some important levels. It’s only a matter of time before larger and more disturbing events come to pass. April looms ominous in potential and I keep thinking about that Ring of Fire, making its way to California. Our sensitivity is being deadened by these things; more so by the culture of conspicuous consumption itself.

All over the world, corporations are asking themselves, “How can I profit from this”? There are not too many things uglier than Disaster Capitalism.

I sit here and wait. Something’s coming; quite a few somethings are coming. We can’t go back and fix the past. We have to march forward in the fulfillment of it and the air is fraught with an eerie sensation of whatever is going to happen next. I shift in my seat. I search the atmosphere above my head. I’m looking but I don’t see.

Okay, it’s the next day. I don’t know why I didn’t get this up yesterday; fielding too many questions probably and this is going to be hodge podge here. Let me devote the last of this post to a few declarations. As the regular visitor knows, the discounters and anonymous flame throwers are rare here and that probably sums the whole thing up better than anything one can say about it, but some things can be said and then left for time and circumstance to credit or discredit. Sooner or later a person reveals what needs to be known about them one way or the other. Prior to that, everything is speculations, trimmed out by faith on the one hand and doubt on the other.

Claims are made about me, mostly good but there’s the occasional WTF that comes in out of the woodwork, as if it got caught between the centuries and arrived in the wrong time zone. Sometimes accusations are thrown around, with no more evidence than that someone got out of a trap being set for them. This is like the old test for witches. Throw her into the water, if she sinks, she’s innocent. If she floats, she’s a witch. In the meantime, I want to point out some glaring evidence that uses observation and objective reasoning to reach a conclusion that looks like it has some meat on its bones.

What do you call someone who is on a relentless hunt for psychopaths but who uses all of the characteristics of one in the effort? What do we make of someone who toys with people like they are lab rats in an experiment? Think about it. Read up on the definition of a psychopath and see if you come to the conclusion I have come to. It sure looks to me like Torquemada looking for the possessed.

Every life is going to be subject to questions. Name anyone from Torquemada to Jesus Christ and you will see that they had enemies and that their enemies usually reflected the opposite of the endeavors in which they were engaged. You definitely can tell someone by their enemies; by the lack of and the number of them as well.

If your heart tells you something and you’ve had ample time for experience and reflection, go with your heart. Your mind is the question machine and until that machine has been stilled, the heart can’t cook it into something golden. Most people know what the truth is because it leaves an impact on them. It affects them and stays with them. That’s a sure guide through the uncertainties that come by following the ever changing bends of the river of life.

The people who come here and have been coming here know what’s going on. They’ve tested it against themselves and it’s made the right sounds, the way coins ring when they hit the ground. Remember that everything that happens here, or anywhere, is for the purpose of demonstration. Certain people show up at certain times, for certain reasons. The thing to do is to look closely at it all and see what it tells you. Some may feel we’ve gone on a little long about this but it’s part of the moment we are in and it’s my duty to get people to look more closely at things, because they are not always about what they appear to be about. There are agendas at work and sometimes they are the agendas of the unseen.

Please remember that, for the most part here and earlier, in consideration of this subject I have used mostly generalities. In some cases I haven’t even mentioned names. It’s not about that. It’s about trends and everyone here is going to be rewarded according to their faith or lack of it. Many of you find that you’ve got a lot more faith than you did and that your optimism has begun to show itself where, before, you saw no reason for optimism at all. We’ve come, by degrees, to a certain place that seems to have happened all by itself.

The situations that have appeared recently are not going to go away. They’re here for a reason; a good reason. They are here for the purpose of demonstration, just as we are. Given the year we are in, you aren’t going to have to wait long for anything. It’s going to show up to such a degree you may well wonder where you are and who you are and that’s the point too. Be grateful for these adventures. They are here to show us something and you’re not going to be disappointed. You’re actually going to be surprised. It’s time to focus more on letting go so that what carries you can make it’s presence more known. I get weary sometimes and overwhelmed more and more of late, because of the increase of activities here, but I know it’s all just part of the general sorting out. Enjoy the ride.

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