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Ironies, Epiphanies and Satya Sai Baba.

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Satya Sai Baba, the man who used to materialize a jade lingam out of his mouth, passed away on Easter Sunday. I don’t know if he continued with that in later years but it was certainly a feature earlier on. I never met him. There were people willing to take me to meet him and one recently, I should have gone but I didn’t. I was told I would be taken right to him because I am tall and from the west; whatever that means.

I liked Sai Baba and always thought well of him, despite things I heard, which I happen to understand what the underlying reality was, because I was not without confidants in regard of him. He once had to climb out of a window to escape assassins. He had an interesting life and that he was a man with powers that he used for good is beyond doubt. He healed people of all sorts of distress and he built hospitals and schools for the poor of India.

Claims have been made that Sai Baba was the Kalki avatar but he never made those claims himself. He said he was the reincarnation of another Sai Baba who had been around early in the last century. Sai Baba’s world was rocked by caustic allegations of child abuse. I tend to believe this version here.

Claims are made that Sai Baba was a trickster but, as has been seen in the legends and tales of all of the masters and actual deities, they all had some portion of that and I think trickster is less relevant than that he had a mastery of certain magics. Generally most of what we like to call bonafide holy men, shy away from this sort of thing but then you get all the miracles attributed to them too and how were those accomplished? Was it grace in every case or was it the result of the siddhis that all of them possess? I’m not concerned with these things. I’m not in the league with these other men and I’ve been accused of the same things; not the kiddie stuff but inexplicable happenings, sure. A lot of what I manage to do gets done under the Sub Rosa act of 1452 (grin). Yeah right, go look for it.

Everyone who is engaged in trying to help others, regardless of capacity or efficacy will find that the slanderer lurks and is usually, often, someone whose past behaviors throw a glaring and exposing light on their veracity. They don’t measure up to the ones they accuse. None of Sai Baba’s detractors did anything remotely as fine as he did and none of them drew hundreds of thousands of ecstatic chanting devotees, whenever it was allowed. The great Sri Prabhupada comes to mind. When you come across such a fellow, or occasionally a lady, for there are some of them too, you know you are in a presence.

It might be that not everything Sai Baba did was correct, according to formalized western understandings but formalized western understandings are now murdering the unknown and unnamed in more countries, including their own, than I care to itemize. Men like Barack Obama (rhymes with Osama), in a position to do more good that Sai Baba, simply due to their temporal reach, do little, if any good at all. They do significant harm; these Obama’s and Sarkozy’s, Blair’s and Bushes and all the rest. They are murdering thugs who could be everything brighter and more wonderful and they must, in any case, kill at the command of their Zionist masters.

A man little heard of in contemporary western media, loved by millions, passed on today and we are all poorer for it and more poor if we’d never known about him and the sincerely generous work he did. You can tell what someone is about by the legacy they leave. Money never got in the way of Sai Baba applying it to the greater good.

People less informed about the man than I am will have their moment to cast aspersions and parrot rumors, of which they have no informed connections to the provenance and intent of these things. Let them speak as they like, to their own diminishment. I will speak as I like too and say that I am much saddened that he didn’t linger longer that I might have had a chance to meet him. I believe it would have had a real impact on me. All the rest of them did.

I expect that I will have an email reach me shortly from my friend Roy in Cochin-Kerala. We’ll meet up at the solstice this year as we do every year and we will talk about Sai Baba. Many of the people there will talk about him because most of them are seekers and a seeker knows about Sai Baba as they do about others whose names are generally unknown. I live in a small micro-world that touches the worlds of others at a distance and seldom in a close space kind of a way. That’s just how it is. My world gets touched by others. My world touches others but they rarely overlap.

When someone like Sai Baba passes, a great light goes out of the world. It is to be hoped someone else gets promoted quickly, because we have so little light in these times. Most of the world may not think well of these men and women, consider them odd, freakish, off the beaten course, frauds and more. It’s easy to make vast generalizations at a distance and then check the football scores and head off on the hunt of whatever you have mistaken for love. Men and women like this give people hope where they had none before, bring light and meaning into their lives and I am pretty sad right now that I didn’t take the opportunity to meet Sai Baba when he was here. That’s my fault. I guess I thought he’d be around for the Kumbhamela but maybe not.

I had a chance to go and see Lennon at The Dakota and Muhammad Ali in LA and others of that stature along with Somerset Maugham and T.S. Eliot, all heroes of mine and I never did because I always reasoned they had enough people pestering them and it didn’t make the people offering to take me very happy with me either but I figured I did the right thing those times, except perhaps with Ali but with Sai Baba I feel like he wouldn’t have minded being pestered. He would have welcomed me and made me feel at home. I really believe this. Now he’s gone. Let that be a lesson to you. Don’t wait till someone is gone before you regret having missed the opportunity. Don’t fail to tell those you love how much you love them because one day it will be too late.

If you have a beef with someone and you can make it right, do it while you can. Don’t let it go too long, on into another life. Take the left hand side of the bargain if you can; whatever it takes. Do the right thing. It might cost you but you will not regret it in the long run though you might question your sanity in the short run (grin). Sometimes there isn’t anything you can do. Giving in can be a mistake in those cases because it just supports someone’s belief that they can do whatever they want and then lie about it. It’s a delicate balance.

Sai Baba was one of the great teachers to come around. It was less about his teaching than his presence, which seemed to be all that was needed. How fine is that? I’ve seen videos of him and I like him but that’s just me. You can see a lot more if you want to. There’s plenty of video including people exposing his tricks. I tend to believe that if all he was, was a trickster then how do you reconcile the highly intelligent people I know who would have none of that; who had personal experiences enough to make up their own mind and how do you reconcile all the good he did, all the tens of thousands and more that he helped, whose lives he changed, who gave them lives they would not have had?

So... I want to take this time to say good things about him. I want to be on that side of the argument. If I’m wrong, so be it. When I compare him to everyone else, he comes out smelling like a rose. He did a lot of good work; let’s just leave it at that. A great soul passed on today, wish him well in his continuing work because he hasn’t gone anywhere except out of the range of mortal eyes.

I am linking this here at the end so that you can see how completely it dovetails with what you've been hearing at these blogs and also as a reminder to recent naysayers who are annoyed that nothing is happening. Take it for what it is worth.

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A,Mouser said...

Thank you for this Les.

I had never heard of this man before now.

Peace unto you and Susanne today Easter Sunday.

With friendly greetings, Mouser

Anonymous said...

I suppose people dont like holy men,it makes them feel weird.but I suppose when that part of humanity is embraced that is where the true powers are found..

peace be on you sai baba

respects neil....

Visible said...

In case you have already read the blog entry but come back for the comments, I am putting this here too.

Anonymous said...

Hm, he has done some big things i suppose, its hard to know what is what in this world, here are some other views...

Visible said...

People can find those other views on their own. They are right there in the youtube sidebar. Leave your name or I remove the comment. Also please leave your direct experiences or include that it is hearsay.

Anonymous said...

One wonders if poor magic was performed for a greater purpose. One thing is that such (poor?) demonstrations puts the insincere and superficial folk out of the position of bothering you with things that won't help them (or anyone) anyway.

People will chase their dreams. But it never turns out good when the dream is nonsense. It might be good to encourage some dreamers to find a different neighborhood.

I am sometimes told of the dream of a return of Jesus who will (this time... that is, on the second try) cleanse the earth by wailing on a lot of bad people with fire and brimstone. Well, that description sounds like the government to me. And, it doesn't sound like someone who I would want as a neighbor.

How do things get so turned upside down? Well, maybe a little bit of bad magic at the right time keeps the neighborhood clean.

Please keep writing.


Visible said...

The exposure things I have seen don't actually expose anything; they suggest and I've never been interested in that kind of phenomena. I had the potential for it given to me in spades when the kundalini went off and I soon tired of it. Sai Baba's work with the poor exceeds anyone that comes to mind. His generosity was amazing. He really looked out for people, not just went around as a performer.

Visible said...


You might want to read a little from the dimensional shift channeling concerning Jesus Christ. It doesn't sound like how I would expect him to talk but I don't generally engage him in conversation do I? A lot of it rings authentic in a general way.

WaitingOntheWoo said...

Miracles are there to strengthen the faith of those who would not have any otherwise. I suppose if examined closely many of those miracles might have a logical explanation, but in the end did they serve their purpose? To strengthen faith and provide hope, or to deceive others for personal gain? If people give you a lot of money and you use that money to build hospitals and schools and improve the lives of people is it an evil deception? are all lies bad? white lies, big fat dirty there a difference? grey areas...Who are we to say what the truth behind Sai Baba's actions was?

God is the only force in the universe and God is love. Hell is our refusal to accept that love because of our disposition. It burns instead of heals.

I hope we can all experience the resurrection of the spirit of Christ today in our hearts...The battle has already been won!

Visible said...


Anonymous said...

Yes Les, my grandmother used to also tell me by their works you shall know them; I believed her.
I didn't know the person of whom you write but I would have used her anecdote as a measure.
Thanks for your articles.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hm, he has done some big things i suppose, its hard to know what is what in this world, here are some other views...
12:46 PM
Visible said...

People can find those other views on their own. They are right there in the youtube sidebar. Leave your name or I remove the comment. Also please leave your direct experiences or include that it is hearsay.
1:33 PM

Sorry for my blindness/scepticism, just expressing my honest opinion/doubt, once i thought everything is what it seems to be, im a little bit older now(?), not bitter or closeminded just maybe little bit more careful/prudent, please remove my post or link if you think is inappopriate. (Agreeing with WaitingOntheWoo).

Anonymous said...

so harmonys here now
resonating each moment
essential type vitamins
revitalising the focus
healing within
projecting around
realigning sanctity
sublime and profound
pounding the heart
intensifying peace
embracing love patterns
engage and release
weaving the motions
circulating earth
hum of ahumming bird
echo the universe


DaveS said...

Well, you're back :)

I've been a seeker all my life, but I never realized it until recently. One thing I've noticed about myself is that I rarely follow others down their particular path for very long, somehow knowing inside that I've my own path to find.

Of course that hasn't made for an easy emotional/spiritual journey. I've often left one person's path, only to find a cliff or other dead end facing me where I turned. As challenging as those moments are, they're also where I've grown the most.

I feel learning to listen to your inner guide is what these lessons are about. Once you realize the big moments are just lil' pop quiz's in the larger scheme of things, it helps.

Thanks for the positive vibe today.

wv:angstere... there was so much love in the air, the dark forces were facing angstere measures to keep what anger they could alive.

Anonymous said...

loving beings
aligning forces
medicine makers
union sources
calming waters
touch the sea
sign the winds
brush the tree's
weaving butterflys
gracing colors
scenting flowers
rising lovers
reaching through
drawn within
humming bird flight
sunlights wing


Visible said...

Not at all. You cleared up the matter fine in that fashion. I think careful and cautious should extend to both sides of the fence however and generally the people on the other side of the fence in this case (and many others) are sharpening the axes of agenda or much worse than those they are disparaging as is also the case in this situation on several occasions.

Visible said...

Here is the actual link to the Dimensional Shift PDF.

DaveS said...

Here is a link to a video that made me shed many tears. The young man in the video (wait a minute, he shows) gives a talk that will rip your insides out. Worth watching and passing on.


wv:cartfu... cartfu, a martial art useful when shopping in Walmarts and other big box stores.

Mark said...

Satya Sai Baba has passed away on Easter. Many things are passing with him. Is this an accident? I don't know. I do know that all the people I once knew and admired have all passed away. I no longer get to be in their presence or hear their voices. I do my best to conjure them from memory, but you know how that goes. So I do my best to carry on in their absence, wondering if they would approve, and wondering where they are right now. It's a lonely business, and it's a daily thing.

You might have noticed the cliff the dollar fell off of last week; that is, if you could see through all the smoke. Most don't. Can't. Won't. You also might have noticed (though probably not) the three huge successive days silver enjoyed. Not that mighty powers did not make an attempt to thwart its advance; it is possible that a greater power is behind its momentum. There are rumors that China, India, and a few other large economic powers just gave ol' Buck the kick which sent it tumbling, twitching, and screaming into the void. Or the cornfield. This week, starting this evening, stop, look, and listen. Say little or nothing.

The rain is falling once more up on the hill where I live. Nothing new there. It contains strontium and plutonium, I understand, which will soak into the topsoil and the skin of anyone standing outside.

Happy Easter

Terrance said...

Hello Les, One of the teachings,from Sai Baba, that has always stuck with me comes from a conversation he had with some western visitors. He asked the question, How do you get to god? one he said.............................Love All Serve All

Robert Bonomo said...

Hi Les, how are things going, interesting post... I just read the Dimensional Shift PDF, definetly worth the time..some of it rang true, though the end seemed a bit fantastic (but boy, wouldn't it be nice if it were true). I have been on a path, left the grind about three years a long way from Madison Ave..had a dream as a teenager, a big apocalyptic dream, that finally became my third novel.. got it cleaned up, published, made a website, can see all on my profile here.. anyway..seems like we are all coming together in strange ways..what rung really true for me on the Dimensional PDF was the is so is almost like hate..but what can we do...thanks again for the post and the links,,, you got me thinking, as usual..

amarynth said...

Thanks! I have so much to say but have no words (grins). Guess just time to sit and meditate and let others say it.

Things are changing.

Visible said...

I'm going to be talking about that Dimensional Shift PDF on the radio tonight. As you say, the ending seems fantastic but wouldn't it be nice; the very words I told myself. Yet I have been hearing very similar things from my invisible friends; not in that kind of detail but definitely in general.

I told someone close to me to take all their money and buy silver. They've made close to 20,000 euro now. They would have made closer to a 100,000 if they had done what I advised. I don't personally concern myself with that end of things but I notice and the common sense of a falling dollar and rising value of precious metals seems obvious. They've been propping up against that for awhile now and their props are about to break.

Cartfu heh heh...

Yeah, wouldn't it be nice... but all that stuff about resonance and frequencies, those parts are spot on.

Erik said...

Heh Vis,

Three links already, One would surmise it's important...

I for one am grateful for your years of writing, instead of being in utter amazement, it now felt strangely familiar ...

Thank You

Anonymous said...

"To carry out the teachings of guru is more important than to worship the form.
Form is called vapu and teachings is called vani. Both should be worshiped. Vani is more important than vapu."

-Srila Prabhupada

“This body is but an instrument, a tool given by the Lord. And let it serve its purpose.”

"A real guru is the one who knows God and can lead people to Him."

“At a distance from the bazaar, one hears only a huge indistinct uproar. But, as we approach it and walk into it, one can clearly distinguish the separate bargainings.

So too, until the reality of the Supreme is known, you are overpowered and stunned by the uproar of the world, but once you enter deep into the realm of spiritual endeavour, everything becomes clear and the knowledge of the reality awakens within you. Until then you will be caught up in the meaningless noise of argumentation, disputation and exhibitionist flamboyance."

~ Sathya Sai Baba

I must admit and know I've barely entered the bazaar.
The smell of the cotton candy is very hard to resist..


Anonymous said...

Mark @5:32,

Robert Zimmerman once sang..

It's a hard rain's a-gonna fall...

M said...

A recent commenter at Petri Dish wrote:

"It is not possible to read/access the comments from 201 an onward - just so you know..."

If you're reading this, anon, try again - the comments are all there, but comments 1 - 200 are on one page, and comments 201+ are on another. Try the older / newer links at both the top and the foot of the comments area in that post.

Bill said...

Sathya Sai Baba came to visit me in San Marcos, Texas in 1976 after I finished reading a book about him. It was late at night and very dark. He told me mentally to pretend I was a lamb. So I started mentally chanting, "Bah-Bah." After a few seconds he filled my whole body with electrical white light, like a 10.000 volt current going through me. My whole body was convulsing. After a few seconds it was gone, and he was gone too. I'll never forget that as long as I live. He never materialized so I could see him, but I know it was him. Bill

abe said...

Happy Easter Les.

Sai Baba seemed like a good man. The most I got into as far as modern Indian saints goes is some of Yogananda's briefer works.

Reminds me of the hugging saint that came over from India a few years ago. I was younger then but remember thinking that all saints should be like that, giving hugs instead of orders. That might seem a bit naive, but are we not instructed by the one risen on this day to be as children? God keep you safe Mr. Visible.

Ouzel said...

Thank you, LV.

An Asian Indian my cousin knows, who is religious, went to a Sai Baba gathering, to see what it was like. Without speakeing toher, he materialised a gold cross for her, to buttress her faith. She happened to be a Christian.

Betty Shine, the British psychic healer whom David Icke went to, says in one of her books, that a woman who was a follower of Sai Baba, came to see her for a health problem. She told Betty Shine that Sai Baba told her that he would appear to Betty Shine in a dream. The woman had not told Sai Baba that she was going to see Betty Shine. Betty Shine says he did appear to her in her dream and gave her a message. She had never seen him in person.

May Sai Baba be blessed and continue his help to all.

May the Easter message of Faith and Hope bless all of us.

Denny said...

This much I can say about Sai Baba..
A trusted friend of mine from Germany was teaching as a charity worker in a school close to the Sai baba ashram, and had met him personally on a number of occasions. She discovered that the jewellery manifestations were faked, with the artifacts in question being hidden in the arm-rest of his chair and up his sleeve.
She had also spoken to one of the young boys who spent time in his quarters, and he told her that he was not allowed to say anything to anyone, and that whatever happened between them was for his own "spiritual progress".
Later when she revealed these things to some of his disciples at the ashram, they turned on her and began threatening her.
She was then arrested by the police and held at the local police station, where she remained until one of the policemen there recognised her as the teacher of his own son. She was then released with a warning never to return to the ashram again. She was also told that at least one person disappeared permanently for having tried to reveal the same information.
The police also raided the local home of a another German friend of hers for again spreading the same information, and she was told to pack up and leave permanently.

Apparently it was a multi-million dollar turnover, with portions of the cake being distributed right up to the level of various Indian politicians.
My friend told me all this in confidence when I met her at Findhorn some years back. I was asked when she was there if I'd like to give a talk on what so-called "dentists" are getting away with regarding mercury, but she whispered in my ear that I should decline the invitation and remember what had happened to her earlier in India. She told me that certain things we discover in life should be kept to ourselves and not broadcast to the masses.
However, I couldn't keep this to myself.
Whether Sai Baba was a "nice guy" or not makes no difference to me. But one thing I do know is that money and sex do appear to rule supreme on this planet (and quite understandably so).

Visible said...

I know of many stories like these which is why I believe him authentic. As for those who think his materializations are fake they obviously don't know anything about siddhis or precipitation because this sort of thing is not uncommon in India. Even people who are not spiritually illumined can do these things if they only practice the austerities that make it possible.

I don't know what spiritual value these abilities possess, probably not much but it does depend on who is doing it and what their reasons are.

Ouzel said...

This film gives some more details about Sai Baba. It does not purport to expose or denigrate him, but says the film records what happened.

M. Rocknest (Em) said...

It's rather fitting that the wv today is "prolov". I believe all of us here are pro love, as was Sai Baba, according to what I've learned about him so far. Enough said. I've got a pdf to read and wonder about now. Not having a mystic leaning type of mind I must constantly try to keep myself open for different concepts.

Anonymous said...

Hi, Vis.

I have been lurking on your blogs for some months now, getting some sense of you. The clarity of your writings and your sense of humor have been a light to my day. Thank you. (Besides, who knows what 'to Grok' means in these dumbed-down days?)

I decided to write based on your sadness about having not personally met Satya Sai Baba. I can share a bit.

I met Sai Baba on a trip through India in 1982, while trying to get a sense of various enlightened beings of the day. My lady-friend and I spent a few days at his ashram, with me trying to get a psychic/spiritual sense of him.

As I 'scanned' him, I got both a sense of groundedness and very open higher chakras. Definitely a Master.

As he walked among the visitors in the gathering grounds, a long line would form of those seeking healing. He would, supposedly randomly, choose a few to work on. I found out that he would only work on those whose disease-manifested karma had been completed (and only the physical body was waiting to 'catch up'). If he healed the uncompleted, they would just re-manifest something in order to 'work through' the karma. I still remember that wisdom and apply it in my life.

A number of us from Seattle had happened to converge at his ashram. After a few days waiting for individual meetings, we decided to request a group meeting. A young man who had been there before delivered the petition.

When our group was called in the next day, I was way out in the gathering area, meditating. Sai Baba turned to one of his aides and gestured out toward me to have them come and get me. I take this as woo-woo (and kindness), because there were many hundreds of people there.

Inside, Sai Baba met with each of us in turn. He had an intense 'light' kind of draping over him. He was very focused, while being kind and loving. He spoke in perfect English, as others have documented him speaking in the tongue of their group.

Unprompted, he told my lady-friend not to worry about a relative that she knew had a serious illness; that it would turn out to be nothing. And so it did.

For me, he directly manifested some vibhuti (sacred ash) in his palm, and had me swallow it. I was deliberately in as high an altered state as I could manage at that time, in order to catch every detail that I could. I clearly 'heard' a psychic pop as the vibhuti manifested. No fakery.

As an aside, I had read a book on the way to the ashram that painted Sai Baba in a dark manner. Right on cue, another book showed up that explained the motivations of the first writer. I love it when the universe manifests that way.

Since that time, I have been astounded (not really) at how a manifesting Master has been so ignored by the world media, while there are countless shows either debunking psychic/spiritual phenomena or focusing on the tiniest evidence. Thank you, Satya Sai Baba, for coming down.

Be well...


Visible said...

hearsay doesn't qualify as any kind of proof because there could be many reasons for people to tell their tales and I know this from personal experience.

I know someone who posts on these blogs on occasion who I met when I was 19. He was around for a few years at that time but not always, just occasionally. Since that time, over the course of 40 years I have been in his company a total of less than a month and over a 30 year period less than 3 evenings. Yet he purports to know all kinds of dark secrets about me which he never lets on about on hints at but he has actually tried to defame me to other readers here who knew something was wrong with him when he said these things.

Back where we came from he is persona non grata and disliked by all of our mutual associates who remain some of my closest friends. There isn't anything he can say because he wasn't even in my life at all but he's got an attachment of the negative sort where he believes it should be him doing what I do and not me. I'm perfectly fine with him doing whatever he wants but apparently he's not able to so he resents me for it while playing my friend all the time. Of course, he immediately hooked up with the psychopath that came to visit me last summer. There are no mysteries if you're not mystified.

I've heard a very few negative things about Sai Baba in all the years I've been around. On the other hand I have heard a great many wonderful things and those by people close to him who are not easily fooled because most of them were what we used to call guru whores, meaning they prided themselves on the most detailed stories about the ones they had been with.

I don't truly know either way of course but I'll err on the side of admiration for all his good work and not concern myself with he said she said, especially considering what has come out about his main detractors and the Christian fundie element also involved.

Josey said...

Les, Sorry to hear about your friend and co-traveler. His passing on the day of resurrection is important.

He will most assuredly be helping the good here, and maybe in a way that will help us even more than on the physical plane. i am most hopeful

Lukiftian said...

I used to materialize a jade lingam out of my yoni the day after every St. Patrick's Day

I think it had to do with the beer.

Happy Easter, Les. No comment on the sanctity of SSB, perhaps I'll examine his chart some day and get back to you on it.

Rob in WI said...

Thanks much for the Dimensional Shift link. The first 3/4 or so was great. Still trying to digest the rest. Probably should just leave it alone for awhile. Sai Baba's organization did much good for many. His followers are very devoted. Why do some focus on rumors that discredit him? Think its mostly envy. They've done the same with the legacies of Ghandi, Mother Thresa, many others. Sad.

Denny said...

Okay.. So now I've come to the conclusion that there is obviously more than one Sai Baba.
I have no reason to question either Les's or any subsequent commentors' convictions regarding the guy in question, and I have no reason to doubt my German friend's direct experiences either. And furthermore, I certainly don't doubt what another friend of mine told me in Scotland regarding his own personal meeting with Sai Baba. I've known this guy for many years and I can state without hesitation that he's as sharp as a samurai blade. He told me that when he met the Dalai Lama and various other spiritual celebrities over the years, he actually did notice something of a spark in their eyes, but however, when he met Sai Baba, he laughed out loud in his face. He told me that, similar to many politicians, there was not an iota of love/light/truth in his eyes to be found. My friend told me that what he saw was a complete and utter sham (his words).
So, this can only lead me to believe that there must be more than one Sai Baba.

Anonymous said...

Lukiftian said...

I used to materialize a jade lingam out of my yoni the day after every St. Patrick's Day

HA! luck of the Irish... XP

Visible said...

Yes there is more than one Sai Baba. There are any number of them, only a few of them are famous. In that same line of thought, when I see the Dalai Lama, I get nothing but what seems to be rehearsed patronization. He leaves me completely cold but I always figured it was simply being in a different framework than him. Then I heard something I won't repeat but it made a lot of sense in terms of explaining all of that.

Still, my core feeling is that not everyone has business together. I knew a man who was an absolute saint, even other well known holy men in his presence would acknowledge that. He was like a little child and I was around him for some time. I never saw him commit a single wrong act. However, I have encountered people who say horrible things about him. In nearly every case that I knew of it was because he frustrated their ambitions concerning something. I watched these things happen.

I wasn't very well liked there, except by this teacher who said things to me and told me to go and do things that he never told anyone else. This made me even more disliked. On one occasion he told me to go ahead and do my music and then come back. He discouraged music generally. After he told me that a bunch of people went running to him because there were a lot of musicians there but he wouldn't say it to anyone else. He even gave an extended talk about it on the night of the occurrence.

At one point, one of the translators who was involved with a guy who liked to smoke pot, went and told this man that I was providing the pot. I didn't even smoke pot. It happened to be a fellow named Larry Schwartz that was providing the pot, so I was hauled in front of the guru and told how wrong I was to do this while this smirking chimp was standing there translating. I looked right at her and said I didn't do it but- not being a rat I did not say who was doing it. I was not as humble and abasing as I probably should have been and it just tapered off somehow and I walked away. I couldn't figure out how this guru didn't know that I hadn't done it. He did say some interesting things about me though and they have mostly come true in a number of respects. I had a rough time there except for the joy of being around the man. I learned a lot about ashrams. I don't much like them. Some of the most insidious and back stabbing individuals I have ever seen hang out in those places and my kind of a guru doesn't have that many followers. You get a lot of followers and you get a lot of problems. Most of the people in these places are looking for someone to fix them.

So I haven't been to many ashrams. I don't like all the competition and games. I'd say that's the case with every religion I've encountered and I've encountered them all. There's no place for me in any of them so I'm probably the problem. I guess I'll just have to work that out someday.

Spiritual masters are not like everyone else. If you can focus on them and tune out the circus you can get something, otherwise you might as well just learn to juggle or wield a seltzer bottle.

Visible said...

Seems that every Sunday on radio show day this guy shows up howling a stream of invective homoerotic ad hominem at me. He holds me responsible for his sexual confusion as if I were the one who makes him do what he does and then hate himself for it. I've never run into that before but I think it's some kind of a compliment. At least that's how I take it. Overall though, we average at least 100 comments for every negative which I think is pretty good considering what's out there.

Anonymous said...

The link Les presented is a pro-Sai Baba website, and for the other side of the story one should watch the "Secret Swami" documentary and visit some of the websites which are critical of Sai Baba. Funny how some people are eager to accuse the so-called Illuminati of pedophilia and perversions, but when it comes to putative "Holy Men" with a reputation for sexual misbehavior, a deviant reputation is ignored. Maybe Sai Baba is actually one of the Illuminati, and his followers have been duped and hypnotized by him.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know what spiritual value these abilities possess, probably not much but it does depend on who is doing it and what their reasons are."

You are an intelligent man, les.
You are also honest and fearless in your convictions.
Sattva guna qualities so very hard to accomplish in Kali yuga.

These are known to be far more valuable than magic or gold, these realizations.

There have been and are now very many so-called holy people, gurus and the like, but do they prepare edible pudding, ultimately.

Pretty pudding, yes.
Copious pudding, yes.
Promising pudding, yes.
Edible pudding, no.

I am cultivating, more and more, a very excellent feeling for you.

Not that this means much to you or affects your life.. nor should it, but still I am.

I'm grateful to you for your seva.


Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 17.3

sattvānurūpā sarvasya

śraddhā bhavati bhārata

śraddhā-mayo 'yaḿ puruṣo

yo yac-chraddhaḥ sa eva saḥ


O son of Bharata, according to one's existence under the various modes of nature, one evolves a particular kind of faith. The living being is said to be of a particular faith according to the modes he has acquired.

Anonymous said...

I suppose a lot of the problems may have to do with the competative nature that seems to have woven itself into humankind.
on the sports feild it maybe a good thing but everywhere else I would say its a hinderance and stands in the way of the higher learnings,
I suspect in a few of these ashrams people try to spiritualy compete with each other looking for special favours from the master which I would reckons is vanity ..I suppose the master is not working from a competative nature and is providing information on the moment how ever he feels fit...
I have never lived in an ashram,so I dont really know...

anyway respects...neil

brygivrob said...

Paramahansa Yogananda is a real avatar. The Sai Baba guy is a joke, sorry. The trinkets he "materialized" were purchased at a gift shop; that has been found out. You can view some of his "materializations" on Youtube, and a little kid could have done a better job at sleight of hand.

Sorry, but "Sigh.....Baba" is so very fake.

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis.

I am probably over-thinking this, so sorry for the intrusion. In your 10:24 PM post immediately after my 10:14 PM post, were you:

A) Not responding directly to my post,
B) Responding to my entire post as hearsay,
C) Responding to the paragraph starting with "As an aside..", and/or
D) None of the above.

Thanks for the clarification.

Be well...

John O. said...

Hey Les,

I just heard the news on your blog. How strange I would hear of Baba's passing from you. My friend, we seem to be non-identical twins. So much in common in this lifetime.

I knew Baba from dreams in the beginning. I would go to him or he would come to me but always I would bow before him and he would lay his hand on my back and I would be transported via a kind of whirlwind into a blissed out state.

I spent two of the strangest weeks of my life at Prashanti Nilayam. Personally I can not even find the words to explain what happened there so I won't try.

What I will say is that "the Abode of Perfect Peace" was always a kind of inside joke to his devotees because it was anything but. The energy there was so intense because all the people were, in pop parlance, "bringin it". It was a human cauldron of emotion and energy.

Twice a day there was darshan in front of the Mandir. One sits patiently awaiting Baba's appearance. The grounds of the old mandir is ringed with trees inhabited by a huge population of crows. It was said they were lost souls seeking Baba's blessing. The cacophony is deafening. The moment Baba stepped into the mandir grounds you could hear a pin drop. While baba was giving darshan it remained quiet and there was indeed peace and love and longing and devotion.

That particular trip to "see" Baba was an atomic bomb going off in my life. I was blown to smithereens, atomized.

As to who Baba was, is or will be I cannot answer. Nor can I answer for any other.

Of this I am certain. He may have left his body but he didn't go anywhere. If I am blessed, maybe I will once again bow before him and he will lay his hand upon me.

Jai Bolo Bhagavan Satya Sai,
John O.

Rob in WI said...

Having a rough Easter, with relatives, friends, neighbors, not understanding where I'm at. So will post another comment here, since there are fellow seekers. Jesus said,
"love your enemies, bless them, etc.". In my 60's, think I'm beginning to understand. I love and bless all the supremecists, hatemongers, militarists, esoterics, etc; that have demonstrated what NOT to aspire toward. Your lives must have been as/or rougher than mine. Thanks.
LV; The dimensional shift link helped, Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

I used to be a believer of Sai Baba, and ignored all the claims of sexual abuse of young men and boys.
Finally I set out to prove Sai Baba innocent of these charges, which were growing more numerous.
To my shock, I discovered that Sai Baba WAS sexually abusing young men and boys during private interviews.
I interviewed many victims, and asked the Sai Baba HQ in Australia for comment.
They did NOT deny the allegations at all! Instead, they told me it was the victim's karma, and besides, all the good he did outweighed any bad.

Sai Baba was an evil sexual predator and a conman with a small army of willing helpers. Combine this with a corrupt Indian judicial system, and you have immunity from prosecution for your actions.

I am sad that Sai Baba died before being brought to account for his many evil deeds.

Duncan Roads
Nexus Magazine

Strum said...

Anyone heard the expression -

If you see the buddha on the road kill him.

Only you can find enlightenment for yourself no-one can give it to you and you can't get it by following someone else that may or may not have it.

I don't care whether Sai Baba is the real deal or not because the whole concept of guru and devotees is messed up. As Les often says , look inside for the divine, it's there within us all and can only be found by looking within not by falling at the feet of some freak in a robe throwing dust around.

I ask myself, if he was who he said he was why did he allow and encourage the cult of attachments to the material to grow around him.
The ability to perform circus tricks like manifesting dust ( if they were real ) are in the end just more attachments that bind us to the material, the truly enlightened have no interest in these sorts of base level manifestations of divine power as it inhibits their progress to the higher planes.

So It doesn't matter if he was or wasn't who he said he was because nothing changes the fact that it's all there for you within whenever you care to take the time to find it.

Peace, Love, and Respect


Dennis said...

He wasn't the only one, by the way.

Anonymous said...

you can do alot of good and still have bad parts operating within you. where there's smoke there's fire. too many accusations against him to ignore. the guy liked young boys.

i've never read of any improper behavior from ramana or nisargadatta. and they were never into the big money circus either. that speaks volumes.

people are so easily impressed by siddhis. you can have them and not be enlightened. adi da was another very abusive guy with powers.

we should stop putting anyone up on pedastals and find our own divinity.

23 said...

I never knew much about Sai Baba. I did, many years ago, meet him during my meditations and he would often visit me in my dreams.

Sometimes he would come to me as I was preparing to give a massage to a client. Those massages were always spiritually intense and emotional healing's would take place. Karmic dissolving's of old injuries replaced with tears and peace.

Last night Sai Baba came to me by grabbing my attention one last time to say goodbye.

I didn't feel sad for him like others I've lost along the way. I only feel the deep sadness for a world without him.

Many things have been said about the man, but, how many can claim to have dedicated their lives to equal his accomplishments?

Thanks Vis, for the post and the reflection.

The Gaytri Mantra
"May the divine light emerge from deep within me and illumine every part of my being so as to make it translucent with its radiance"

abe said...

If Les won't say it I will - The dali Lama was a CIA plant and even facilitated himalayan gun running, just like Ho Chi Minh did before turning commie in response to Eisenhower's betrayal. The man is no saint, I'll reserve judgement on Sai baba given my ignorance but of Tenzin Gyatso I am certain.

Anonymous said...

hhehe Dave S, your language/wv redefinitions/creations are liberating in the sense that Orwellian doublespeak was not.
Oh, those crimANALS and GAngsterer's losing conTROLL, what a nice thought.

Sai Baba RIP at 86? he looks 68 there (slightly strokish) which figures if he led a good life.

I skipped through the Hollywood 2012 movie last night for entertainment only. Fails the "Mr President" test as all too many do. Flag waving Moorans. Good for a laugh, but remember, Mr Pres. "that the last laugh is on you".

"Some people say they're ahead of their time, but that's ok by me, cause you and I will be around. So we'll just wait and see" - Skyhooks, Guilty Until Proven Insane, Point In The Distance.

wv revabed
what Dorothy's bed did when it was caught in the tornado.(ok it doesnt mean anything)

just me, Laurel A. said...

well. i read the dimensional shift channeling book. holy mcgillicuddy. quite the interesting read. i know, i know, there is always the teeny speck here and there that one will point out to me, but i also see that the act of channeling in itself means that you are serving merely as a poor imitation of an environmentally-challenged receiver. i like it. as for baba, how can i say one way or another, how can anyone say one way or another, whether he is "real" or "fake"? he did great works. he was a man of great interest to be around, it seems. is a bit of parlor majic any less majical than a great miracle? they are both miracles, and we are a race that really sets the standards for teeny tiny parlor tricks, aren't we. perhaps we only want to see that much. did he perform miracles? why not? he did great things, with little but his desire to do so. that is all by itself more miracle than most of us will ever accomplish. did he love his people? now that is one hell of a miracle. did he achieve great otherworldly miracles? if you can do the above, then i am certain you have the skills to do more. and i think he has done many. we can all do much more than we think we can. he just went on ahead and just did it.

Anonymous said...

my condolences for your loss les... I've experienced so many miracles of so many kinds... always have left myself open for them.

Never met or saw Sai Baba but did know several of his very connected members in CA... I always thought his manifestations of 'gold rolex watches' said more about his devotees than they did of him.

Growing up in the valley where Krishnamurti took his last breath on this planet naturally exposed me to many esoteric happenings and encounters to others... I happened upon the Dalai Lama on a hiking trail one morning. He was dressed in street clothes and was with several others and I can't remember now if they had some dogs or if we did but that is what caused the interactions I had with him.

Only because I looked him right in the eyes did it cause me to recognize him. His eyes had absolutely NO life force in them at all. It really startled me to see that and he saw that I saw and he averted his eyes right then and there.

I've known a lot of Dalai Lama devotees too and my sharing of that observation caused them to shut me out of their realms... so I get that with defending your beliefs of your beliefs... maybe it was only I who could not see the spiritual light or human life force in his eyes?

I see it and better yet FEEL it from others of all kinds all the time which has caused me to track down the source of that light... the homeless man next to the door of the beach McD's was the most startling recognition to me. His eyes shone with a very divine light. *shrugs*

Recognition, resonance, resurrection ... Wow-all these 'RE" words... with Mercury going direct Saturday/Sunday in Sai Baba's country after being REtrograde for the past three weeks... All I know is that seeing with your heart/soul versus your eyes/mind... all important factors that are even more important now.

I know that when Krishnamurti died a lot of extremely obvious power sites in our valley went away. Were either totally gone or heavily diminished. And that wasn't a good thing.

love to you all...

the gardener

Anonymous said...

To quote Saladin:

"Where are we going and why am I in this handbasket?"

Anaughty Mouser

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les for you kind and wise words on Sri Sathya Sai Baba... Im a white, western born dude and once visited India to meet this wonderful man... indeed I had a chance to talk to him, in the flesh and days prior in my dreams... and yes he mentioned EXACTLY the personal things we had discussed IN MY DREAM...AMAZING. And i was having an affair with a married woman whom i was madly in love with and he said to me subtley with a stern look "wife should be with husband!!!" so yes he had great powers... and for the record none of the allegations against him made it to even the first level of legal action due to ZERO actual evidence... once again the illuminati trying to discredit and therefore distance their tax-paying slaves from a miracle-working potentially Jesus type who had millions of truely devoted followers and practioners... he was a lovely man... a Divine man in the eastern tradition of religion and spirituality... a great loss for the world :( Im very sad but hope one day soon he will again visit me in my dreams... :) Thank you again for your lovely words... God bless you.

Mo visible said...

Whew, Just read the dimensional shift, Perfect reading for a Easter evening. Whether the last part happens or not, I'm ready, very exciting. Who nose ? that's the nasal angle.Light and love to you.
Mo Visible
WV squersi feeling I get when I think about things like a dimensional shift

Visible said...

Ray, that would be 'E'.

To another, of course it was a pro-Sai Baba web site. I don't believe I said it was impartial; context, context.

The feeling is mutual Homer.

I thank the rest of you for you comments.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have said all this as succinctly and eloquently as this video does.

9:37 minute video.

I only want to add one thing to all the truth in the above video:

"It is private fractional reserve banking, the ability to create money out of thin air by a small group of private individuals - the Rothschilds, Warburgs, Schiffs, Oppenheimers and a handfull of other oligarch banking families, THAT ARE THE CAUSE OF 99% OF THE PROBLEMS IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW. THESE FAMILIES ARE KHAZARIAN/ASHKENAZI AND/OR ZIONISTS.


Money is power and these people are printing whatever money they need to consolidate and expand their power around the world.

They are in fact gangsters with a printing press using zionism and israel to achieve their murderous, fascist goals."

Gypsy Scholar

Anonymous said...

Are you sure you can handle the truth?

Anonymous said...

Robert Fisk:

"It is an odd phenomenon of all the Middle East revolutions that security police gun down protesters – and then gun down mourners at the funerals, and then shoot dead mourners at the funerals of those mourners shot dead the previous day."

the BCth said...

Perhaps people saw in Sai Baba what they needed and were able to see, according to their soul path and frequency resonance vibration.

Thank you for the PDF, Mr. Visible. I'm 26 and a dreamer and I have no trouble seeing the things described in the last chapter as an accurate description, more or less, of the new world. :)

Love to all,

Visible said...

There is a new Profiles in Evil up-

Orders from Hell; the Western Zio-Ogre Judiciary.

DaveS said...

Anon@ 6:46 am–

Maybe the Revabed is the latest craze in bedding at Nevada casinos? The Revabed bumps, twist and revolves, turning your sex life around as it gives you and your lover the spin cycle.

About the argument regarding the sanctity of holy people... People tend to see what they want to.

I've a really close childhood friend that I've known for 35 years (wow!) She is a good pagan like me, but she recently sent me an email about joining the Catholic Church. You can only imagine my initial horror at the news... but I think I understand.

She says the church SHE ATTENDS (can only judge what you know) is full of nice people who are gathered as much in support of each other, as they are of any godhead. My friend enjoys the ceremonies and I think it all makes sense somehow. Besides who am I to judge her? I'm still not exactly sure what to think, but don't we tend to find what we look for?

Molesters of children are everywhere and it's often more the parent's fault that bad things happen to their children than the perps who do it. Actually, it's societies fault because it's our fault that we allow ourselves to live in such a world.

Modern humans are an amazingly complex social group; we're made-up of the queerest assortment of simians earth has seen for many a moon.

It was while feeding pieces of pork to my cat that I had the realization diversity is what will keep mankind moving 'ahead' for many years to come. The many unique personalities alive assures there will be the perfect mutation to exploit any environment we may face.

The pork made me think of cannibals and what an odd mutation that is... but then I thought what a useful trait if there were a catastrophe that killed all the insects and bacteria that breakdown flesh. Maybe cannibals would be held in high esteem for their ability to help deal with something that might become a mess... hell, right now cannibalism is so rare, such folks would be hired to eat the bodies of the rich first. Only successful people would be able to afford a cannibal funeral...

Ahem, a little too much coffee and I've gotten sidetracked from my original thought, which was supposed to be how important mutants (diversity) is... no that isn't it, I was going to explain how much better-off humans are living in small groups because it's easier to know the folks with the habits the rest of the group my find odd or dangerous.

The dangerously odd can still remain useful to the group – if for no other reason than as an example of how not to behave. And it's good to keep everyone around and productive in such a small group: one never knows when the odd man may suddenly become the savior.

Just my 1.5 cents...


WV:Bunct... the past tense of bunk?

Ray B. said...

Hi, Vis.

Thanks. Quite clever.

Be well...

Citizen Elle said...

I met a couple in 2005 as a result of discovering the healing benefits of breathwork. They told me of Sai Baba & their story went something like this:

They were somewhere in the mid-south west US in an office on a Sunday & no one else was there with them. As they were leaving, they ran into an Indain man they'd never seen before who told them they needed to go to India to see Sai Babba. I don't believe they'd ever heard of him before but, they knew they should go for some reason. They did & would return for a few visits.

On one visit they had a private meeting with him & were witness to the magic manifestations that he is reknowned for. Their experiences with him were clearly profound. They gave me a photo of him & a set of beads that they had received from him. One evening, they shared a video of his with me that showed evidence of his pure,Divine love essence. While watching, I was feeling true bliss.

A few years later, I saw the fraud stories (and worse accustaions). I threw the picture away. Now I ask, was I influenced by propaganda? Did I allow love to be tainted once again by something outside of me?

BTW, the video I mentioned was set to Pachelbel's Canon in D. Anyne not familiar with this music may find a melodic elixir for the times in listening to it

Mr. LV & friends, you are all worth your weight in love. Thank you once again!


Anonymous said...

Dear Les...

To deny the existence of evil and this war of essences is one of the greatest acts of self-delusion, deception and self-destruction True Beings can commit against themselves...

this is why the Message brought by True Divine Masters, who descended onto this plane, has always been one urging True Beings to "wake up and fight"...They all brought a sword...They all spoke of the Sword of Justice and a Time of Judgement...

Those who go about accepting all without wanting to see the Truth... to be totally informed...are in most cases, blinded sheep and then in their ignorance ask others to be the not be fooled...many of them are robots and demons chosen to play these roles in order to trap True Beings...what is happening is Evil is being exposed in all practices...institutions... police...etc...

people will spontaneously awaken more and more to their Truth within...regain their long lost powers of true perception...ESP... clairvoyance...etc that was stolen from by the evil takeover.

the True Beings will realize the traps they have fallen into and will smash the veils of Illusion which have held them prisoners...

All will be exposed in their metaphysical nakedness and their essence will be revealed for all to see...the evil ones and their evil institutions, including religions...will not be able to conceal their true nature...

all will become aware of the breakdown of inter-dimensional barriers...the existence of consciousness in many other dimensions...

Only when True Beings awaken will they see the traps...

Best Wishes Always

Emmanuel said...

For a few years several years ago I used to visit Sai Baba's website everyday to read the 'thought of the day.' In fact, I just remembered that I used to copy, paste, and save the thoughts in a folder on my computer. I'll need to revisit those thoughts again. I felt that what he said was worthwhile. At some point again I will revisit those daily thoughts that were a part of my spiritual signposts at that time. This may be the time to reflect back upon his words.

The message in the Dimensional Shift is propagated through many different sources. This is an interesting take because it is very specific about things. It's also interesting because it is from "Jesus Christ". I don't know if that's true. But, some people may really be moved because they believe it could be. And if so, then the purpose of the message succeeds because it finds its way to someone who resonates with it, and therefore, will facilitate whatever changes need to occur for the person to lift up their consciousness and vibration levels. Other sources of this subject are Mike Quinsey, Matthew's Messages, Kryon, and The Hathors to name just a few that I follow.

The Hathors just put out a recent message on Please check it out as an addendum to the Dimensional Shift pdf. It is a synchronistic message after reading the pdf. I highly recommend it. There is an archive of Hathor past messages, too. The Art of Jumping Timelines is a fascinating message. It's all related to everything that Visible says and has said here yesterday in regards to the much anticipated shift underway.

Good day to all seekers on their unique paths. For all life and this Earth, may the best possible outcome occur in a perfect way for the highest good of all concerned.

TheSparkle said...

"Shri Sathya Sai Baba

In the midst of our world, the madness we discuss every day, there are great and beautiful things. One such event happened yesterday. Shri Sathya Sai Baba transitioned from body yesterday.

The world is an infinitely better place since he visited here. Baba and his teachings to all faiths will be with us forever.

Dearest friend, friend to all men and spiritual preceptor; gone to the eyes but eternal in our hearts." Jim Sinclair

I was surprised to see this on my favorite 'gold' website, which I visit several times daily.

Anonymous said...

"I'd say that's the case with every religion I've encountered and I've encountered them all. There's no place for me in any of them so I'm probably the problem. I guess I'll just have to work that out someday."

I never really understood the guru thing. I've given up any desire to belong to one spiritual/religious group or another. I know everyone is at different levels of awareness, even so, I don't believe in falling down at anyone's feet or of worshiping someone else; we're all servants here. Though some of us may have more seniority than others (younger souls mind your elders) :-)

In God's sight we are all equal, one is not above the other. That being said, we're also called to honor the Divine Love inherent in one another and to act accordingly... indeed, the only truth is that which we see with the heart and the soul.

Though I will admit I've always liked Ammachi. She's supposed to be coming to DC in July. I'm never one to pass up a free hug! Woohoo!

She who sings to the Sea

Visible said...

I'm not going to post anonymous negative comments because they could all be from the same person. They sound like it. Please show enough conviction to name yourself. That's not too much to ask is it? And it is the only way to get it printed. Hope that's okay.

Anonymous said...

Carol in Chicago says: Les, thanks so much for the link to the dimensional shift PDF. I connected to it immediately. After reading it and thinking about it alot while trying to fall asleep I felt the most bizarre jolt, a quickening is the only way to describe it. Never felt anything like that before. Anyway, much love to you and thanks again for the Easter gift.

Terrance said...

Hello Les, Puttaparti....Puttaparti......Puttaparti..... I just like saying it, anyway....the dimensional shift, three hours to three days of dusk and then to awaken to a new dawn with two Suns in our sky.....

Visible said...

Dennis, as I said, I don't want to print hearsay, only direct experience. Have your friend comment and then we'll have direct say so which can be weighted on the merits.

Anonymous said...


"The Dimensional Shift" CHANNELED by Dorothy. Far out. Now THEY are channeling Jesus Christ. Gee.. I thought JZ Knight and her Ramtha were pretty far out along with her clones at Chateau Sott. This crap is being taken to an entirely new level. Both the Bible and Koran have strong admonitions about soothsayers, channelers and necromancers.

Meanwhile, back at the farm, I pray directly to my creator for forgiveness and redemption along with a few other things .. deliver us from evil, etc.

May you find the light!

Tom frum

PS: When the 300 pound young SOTT hog waved her greasy turkey leg at and said: "I can kick your ass Les" she may have meant it figuratively.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Extraordinary, Inter-Dimensional Ship is Landing.

Anonymous said...

Les Visible,

I can see that you did not publish my comments regarding Sathya Sai Baba.

Let me be clear that my point was not to engage in needless slander. There was no iota of accusation (of Sathya specifically) on my part - I was merely relaying my own observations.

My purpose is to share my experiences and increase the pool of information. I have no interest whatever in garnering any personal attention.

As we know, the more information one has on a subject the better one is able to form their own opinion of it. I believe in promoting an environment of civil discourse, which of course includes perspectives that I may not adhere to.

Everyone is free to decide for themselves what is true & what is not. I was not offering my personal observations as irrefutable truth, since no one can make that claim, really.

No one is always right, and as I said, who can claim to see into the heart of every man?

Either way, this 'place' is an extension of you and you set the rules so you do as you please.

As you're probably aware, 99 percent of what I write here is anonymous and thus it will remain. I have my own reasons which will remain with me.
You may think less of 'me' for that and see it as a lack of conviction on my part but this in no way alters my sense of conviction. :)

I've also seen that you are not always upfront about your intentions & motivations...

We obviously have different views on things and that is perfectly fine with me.


A fellow seeker

Anonymous said...

Les Visible,

It's your choice whether you publish this or not (I suppose it depends upon what's the most important to you), but my perspective on Sai Baba agrees with Osho:

Osho on Sathya Sai Baba

Satya Sai Baba is neither a mystic nor a philosopher, just an ordinary magician.

Source: from Osho Book "Yoga Vol 10"

There's more at the link, obviously...

One last thing about Sai Baba: Based on what I saw, I believe he started out with pure intentions but something went wrong somewhere along the way. We are all vulnerable to human faults and failings. I don't mean to disparage you in any way, but by your own admission you've not always been the best judge of character and you've suffered for that. I know you've a good heart and you must guard it always.

Dear one, may God bless you with better discernment and discrimination.

Visible said...

And what about all the things that are said about Osho? They are basically the same thing. Sai Baba at least did not need one hundred Rolls Royces and men with sub-machine guns running alongside his car when he drove. I'm afraid you can't use him as a source with me.

Anonymous said...

I apologize. I think you have a good heart, but you are dangerously misguided. And you are misguiding others who follow you like a cult figure. You should watch the following documentary on youtube with an open mind. Remember, we are in the great unveiling...


just me, Laurel A. said...

hey! anonymous who posted this....."I apologize. I think you have a good heart, but you are dangerously misguided. And you are misguiding others who follow you like a cult figure. ...."

i have like, my coffee and my dreams. you wanna' take my les visible reading away too? you know what....wasnt there some cat named judas said like, the same thing almost about his guru..... i'm just sayin'..... :))

P Naik said...

Since when did Youtube become the Touchstone for Truth, replacing our own authentic experience, intuition and understanding? Sai Baba never invited anyone to be his disciples or devotees, it is or was entirely upto the individual to accept Him or not. Youtube can never replace your own authenticity.

Sandy said...

My incident in PArthi at the age of 14 years: By then I had been at Sai Baba's ashram for 8 years. On a physical plane I was not very close to him unlike many other devotees and students with whom he used to interact often. My interactions with Baba in my school days was may be 3-4 times ni the entire 12 year period, there were my some classmates of course, with whom Baba used to interact more often, one of them even used to sleep in front of Baba's chambers. None of my classmates of 12 years every complained of anything, Baba only loved us a Father, as a spiritual nurturer and discoursed to us often on inculcating high ethics and moral values in life and serve our parents and the society. One of experience with Baba- One day I sat in earnest meditation with a simple prayer that Baba come and bless me if my prayers are reaching him. Baba had taken a big group of European devotees for personal interview and discourse as they call it and seemed very busy that day. However, I sat positively with faith and prayed for an hour and half. Just before the day seemed to be over (the devotional hymns or bhajans starts at 6pm those days and then Baba retires for the day), when the first Om chanting started, I opened my eyes and Baba came out of the interview room and send the devotees away hurriedly and started walking towards my block. My heart started beating fast in great happiness and bliss, I dont know what would happen, as I was surrounded by people sitting on all sides, there was no way to come there. Baba then paused at my block and gestured everyone to create a path for him to walk across, and immediately everyone shifted one feet back and created a path for him, I was stunned and jubilant as the I was now sitting on the path, He then walked fast ahead as the Bhajans was going to start and on the chanting of the third om, came to me and placed his hand on my head, blessing me with his divine omniscient love. I was in tears and that is enough for me to live my rest of my life that HE is there to listen to our prayers, he is there as our eternal companion, always guarding us. Surrender to Him and keep him in your heart always, no calamity can touch you.



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