Saturday, April 16, 2011

Love in Disguise in a World of Lies.

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

I’m not inclined to sell anyone on the idea of Astrology. The science is a pristine and marvelous thing but then you add an astrologer to the mix and you can get problems. This isn’t a knock on the practitioner; it’s just that human limitation and error are a constant in all mediums. We’re a trial and error experiment, where failure is the rule and success is the exception. Once again, that’s mostly due to the age we are in. There’s more deception and dishonesty and that creates an atmosphere of uncertainty about yourself and your fellows. After all, once you’ve made the decision to lie, the first person you lie to is yourself. It has to begin there. That’s also where it ends so... the cure is more immediate and available than people might initially anticipate.

The thing about lying is that it’s habitual. The problem with lying is that it alters your existence to fit the lies and eventually you are surrounded by them. This is what happens in insulated realities like Wall Street; the military, religion, entertainment. In both Wall Street and the military, the end justifies the means. This is how you get a certain kind of amoral psychopath, a flesh pressing gladhander; much like a politician. The stock market is a lie to begin with and relies upon a mysterious sort of trust. You see that when the trust is challenged or fails at its purpose that the system has a crash. Politicians are the indirect liars. They’re all about money too but they’re feathering the nests of their future; a nest they foul upon arrival.

Religion and entertainment are very similar. In the one there’s a convenient god whose will dovetails with the needs of the people running the show. In entertainment, the actor is god playing a role that goes contrary to every tenet that supports the tent of the mysterious traveler, which is why they never see him. People think you can look somewhere that what you seek can’t be found and have it appear by demanding it. What you get is a construct that fits the needs of self interest. God’s the pit boss in life’s casino. Luck and Love are similar in a certain regard. Luck is fickle. She’ll walk into the room on one man’s arm and walk out on someone else’s. Love will do that too because... you are fickle.

Due to what I said earlier, it’s easy for military personnel to start killing civilians; anyone who happens to be around. Because the whole thing is based on a lie, you’re in a rage builder mode. Lies make us angry because we refuse to admit their presence and so the truth, whose job is to liberate, becomes a tormenter. You can’t get away from your conscience, even if you don’t know what it’s trying to tell you. This is why the world enrages us, why manners have disappeared and why confrontation on so many levels is simmering beneath the surface. It’s all a lie and some part of us knows that. Lies are the origin of bondage and freedom is our natural state so... that’s why everyone is angry or indifferent. Of course, indifference is just another mask that gets worn to hide the anger.

One thing about lies is that they increase your vulnerability in undesirable ways. The fruit of this is fear. Knowing that you are vulnerable makes the boogeyman real. A part of you knows that you are in trouble because you’ve sacrificed your protections for something that has little or no value. Now you’ve got fear, anger and contempt. As I’ve said many times, alcohol is the perfect fuel for these emotional states and that’s why it’s a state sanctioned remedy. It certainly doesn’t work. It certainly makes things worse and that is the source of a multitude of economies from the Medical Industrial Complex to the private prison industry.

One of the things that depart (and there are several of them) when you inevitably give in to the gravitational pull of self interest is gratitude, after that compassion is by the side of the road with its thumb out. We cease to care about our fellows because we are in survival mode and the conditions worsen or temporarily improve according to the actions of those pulling the strings. You had a lot of people with 401K’s and pension plans that were connected to the economy and what happened was... Aloha. Some of these people worked their whole life; only to see the predators that had already made their life so fearful and uncertain, walk away with their future.

About fifteen years ago I was doing dinner theatre. It was an upscale operation in the Kaanapali area of Maui, where the money goes to vacation. We had our own restaurant. I worked for a real operator named Wolfgang. He was a German and a unique character; a P.T. Barnum sort. I still hear from him occasionally. He’s back in Germany, near Hamburg, with his first wife. When I met Wolfgang he told me he’d been a mortgage broker in San Francisco. He hired me as an extra/understudy and flew in professional actors from LA and SF to play the two leads. That got a little expensive and it wasn’t very long before I was playing the detective, to the chagrin of everyone else who wanted the job. That’s because there are only two stars and they get paid ten times what the other players got. So I was making a good living and so was the host but the rest of the crew was at subsistence level. I didn’t realize the under current of jealousy and backstabbing that was going on. Back in the day I seldom saw these things. They were there though, as I found out, but... that’s another story.

As I said, it was an upscale operation and we would get congress members and all sorts of high flyers. About ten percent of the show was scripted and the rest was improv because the audience became part of the show. I used to annoy Wolfgang no end by interjecting political commentary and whatever I felt like. I’m talking loose canon territory in suit and tie land. Still, it was entertainment and I must have been worth it because I kept that job until I quit.

At one point, Wolfgang came to me and said, “Look, Visible, you’re not getting any younger. You need to think about how you’re going to take care of yourself later on”. I told Wolfgang that I was always taken care of and it wasn’t something I had to worry about. He couldn’t get his head around that but he didn’t register or believe in what I do, so it didn’t make any practical sense. The fact is though, that was fifteen years ago and things have only improved since. Whatever happens, I’m covered on basic subsistence for as far as I can see and that’s fine with me. I don’t actually need more and when you can get your head clear on that you are in much better shape than those being hounded by anger, fear and contempt; not to mention the absence of gratitude and compassion.

I believe I understand the real value of these qualities; compassion, gratitude, integrity etc. They are a kind of protective armor which is much more effective than Dragon-Skin. Most people do not see how incredibly valuable these things are. They might have some idea that these are components of good character but the magical efficacy of it escapes them. These are powerful forces. As Lao Tzu once said, “Compassion is a weapon from the sky against being dead.

This is the worst thing about the disposable culture in which we live. Meaning has been lost. Nothing means anything and why go through so much trouble to obtain these qualities, when you can just pretend to possess them? There is trouble and sacrifice involved in getting these items, make no mistake about that. It will cost you but... not having them will cost you a great deal more.

If you are going in a certain direction; the opposite of the people swimming in the other direction around you, you encounter these qualities as a matter of course. They present themselves along the highway and its challenges. In the one direction you earn money, position, power, fame etc. In the other direction you earn the qualities and then get the rest of that stuff gratis AND you understand their dangers and uses because ‘the qualities’ give you the ability to see into another world. They’re like magic glasses, the cape of invisibility, wings. You get the Sword of Truth. It’s an actual sword and it cuts through lies like a sharp knife through hot butter. You may think this is all allegorical and to some degree it is but, not entirely. That’s what all those myths are about and the gods are polymorphous expressions of these qualities. Their character and job description, as indicated in the myths and legends, are expressions of the different qualities. If you’ve read about Theseus, Jason and Odysseus, you know what I’m talking about. A great deal of truth is hidden in those myths and the fables and nursery rhymes, which conceal any number of profound verities.

What happens, if you follow the highway I’m talking about; “walking in all things contrary to the world” is that you wind up in a magical landscape, where all sorts of things are possible. If this world has its sad magics then every world has corresponding forces and conditions, which are unique to the zone you are in. Simple lines from ancient books often contain much more than the surface or intellectual meaning, “in the world but not of it”. You’re here but you’re not here. The world looks a lot different to you and sign posts talk. Trees can speak out loud. Everything is alive. In the other world everything is either hiding or sleeping because it’s a dangerous place for everyone, not just us.

Danger is relative to the degree of your fear. Fear is magnetic. It attracts. So does Love. One displaces the other. Lose those shortcomings and gain those qualities and see what kind of an investment that is, as opposed to the usual bank account. Remember, you can’t miss them on this highway I’m talking about. They’re the point of the highway and the origin of the powers of increased vision that make it possible to see through what is not there to what actually happens to be.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Visible. That was truely beautiful. I hope this highway I'm on somehow leads me to your neighbourhood because I have a burning wish to spend at least 5 minutes in your company. Of course 5 minutes wouldn't be enough, but you know what I mean. I'm intending to get to the summer solstice, but any time will do for me. Obviously I'll check your availability first. *double grin* and Lots of Love, from my heart -Melanie Stone

kikz said...

thanks so much, for the link to 'the master key'...

Suzanne said...

Just finished reading the latest Petri Dish blog and comments - a word comes to mind; confusion.

I think you were actually talking about the middle way, balance as a path which works well in any age. All excesses/extremes are destructive (poverty or wealth). I read between the lines/words, hence no confusion for me.

This blog is clear and three cheers for it, as it winds up saying that the only flags we should be saluting and working for are "Compassion, gratitude and integrity".

Neko Kinoshita said...

Sometimes Vis you can seem downright cruel.

Nah, it’s not you, it’s the truth that hurts.
I know how I fall down, and I’m aware of the effect of being in the world.
Like everyone I have my rationalizations (perhaps I should just say “The lies I tell to myself”) and within them lie my sense of responsibility.

As a parent, and therefore a guide, can I just discard all of this illusion and forsake the semblance of security that I maintain to presumably provide protection for the kitten whose wings are not yet grown?

Perhaps this sense of responsibility is just a delusion that I enjoy too much to discard. After all, who am I to think I have the right to decide what is best for those in my care?

This will require a bit of thought and as you know, it is difficult to discard the influence of the ego.

Deep thoughts, while watching the polluted rain fall in the cul-de-sac,

Just a Murrrt?

Anonymous said...

I also think that most of the media perpetuates and encourages the lies to be disseminated and adopted by many. New reports, political pundits and advertisers all condition us to accept the lies around us as reality.

DumbGoyNot said...

Hi Les,

Back in the 70's a friend of mine told me a story about Jesus' friend John who became known as John the Apostle. According to the story John was exiled to the island of Patmos where he started a school for young prophets. He was supposedly an old man by the time he started the school.

During one of his classroom sessions one of his students impatiently asked him:"John, why is it that all you ever talk about is love?", to which John replied: "Because that's all there is."

Anonymous said...

All this is fine and dandy; if you have no children to feed, clothe, and house. I would be perfectly content to live on bread and olives in a hut, if I was on my own. Can't see how I would do this when I have a wife and children who depend on me for putting food on the table, keeping them clothed, and providing a decent roof over their heads.

Anonymous said...

Dishonesty benefits no one. Not me, or the person I am lying to. Nothing good is ever created through deception. And worst of all, tainted money is tainted money. I would rather live simply from the honest gains from my hard labor, than live lavishly from ill gotten gains. I've done both, and the wisdom was harshly earned.

Turtle Pond Farmer

Anonymous said...

Les thank you so very much for these words.

"We’re a trial and error experiment, where failure is the rule and success is the exception. Once again, that’s mostly due to the age we are in. There’s more deception and dishonesty and that creates an atmosphere of uncertainty about yourself and your fellows. After all, once you’ve made the decision to lie, the first person you lie to is yourself. It has to begin there. That’s also where it ends so... the cure is more immediate and available than people might initially anticipate."

Myself and one of my daughters are just now having some real trials in our lives and these words felt like ointment balm on inflamed skin.


Visible said...

Neko; I've been upsetting you lately, don't know why but I've felt the cut. IF what I say is untrue then maybe that's the problem. If what I say is true then maybe that's the problem. I just go from day to day and say what comes to mind, In the end, they are only words or they are something more.

Visible said...

I know it's surrounded by commercials and it's on Fox but this fellow is pretty amazing to me. When he was asked where he got his ability, he pointed to the heavens and said nothing.

Jacob Lusk.

Anonymous said...

love of all living
king of all hearts
old grand upliftance
wandering stars
glisten magnificent
versing in feathers
on wingtips of paradise
dynamic essence
dance of a rainbow
grace of the oceans
containing allways
of constant in motions
potency lifting
stirring profound
transcending waves
reach through crown


Anonymous said...

a cold cold world
the world of lies
a time of winter
confused advice
harsh delusion
constant strain
self illusion
dark dark cold
inner shadows
nightime greif
always shallow
no questions asked
so no answers
just ill advice
and false advances


Miriam said...

As the Bard said~
"To Thine Own Self be True".
Not true to Visable who inspires us to look within and clean it up; true to Ourselves; our own Heart.

If you know you are not perfect and make mistakes, that is honest. Do your best to clean it up.

But if you know you make mistakes and say, 'well, that is good enough', or 'I can get away with that', that is where the slide starts. Some call it 'Moral Hazzard' where everyone does it, seems to be legal(or NOT), you know it is wrong, yet it is ok with you.
Woe unto you....

If you say those things and then acknowledge that you are telling yourself lies but are not willing to do anything about it, that is at least a start, but it is not going to get you very far for very long.
The torment of the Higher Self/Heart/Power will begin to ache and something will have to give. What that is will be up to you.

Be true to your Higher Heart and Follow your Higher Heart. Love thru the struggle and most anything will work out.

This can be accomplished no matter what your familial or economic status.
That would be the first lie to dissolve.

Anonymous said...

dynamic lift
love in race
charging constant
truth embraced
all around
cycle circle
lifting crown
pounding heart
instant fusion
oceans turn
cosmic union
in solutions
driving heart
weaving lotions
dynamic sparks


Debt Jubilee Etc. said...

We need world wide debt jubilee, day of global debt forgiveness.

From the day it is accepted no more more money may be lent or borrowed at interest.

After the day of jubilee only full reserve banking without usury will function.

All private central banks will be abolished on the day of jubilee. Governments will issue their own currencies. Each country will have its own currency. Exchange rates betwen currencies will be decided by normal supply and demand market forces.

The petro dollar will cease. If Brazil and Russia wish to trade oil they will no longer need to buy and sell in American dollars.

All corporations will transform into companies where the actual CEO and board of directors will have personal responsibity for the products and services the company provides. Multinational corporations will cease to exist.

All companies will pay taxes in the country of their physical head office. Businesses with their head office in a given country will avoid tariffs placed by the government on the good and services coming from foreign countries.

All companies will pay income tax according to their gross income in the same way as private citizens do.

neal said...

The tree said to me, "you can't stay here but you don't have to go home".

I said "I am a wanderer, I have no home, and have no place else to go".

The tree said "whether you stay or go, you can't stay you, and we have always been here". That was preaching to the choir, the rest of the wilderness knows more about Krishna, Kali, Christ, Odin, and Prometheus than you would believe.

You can see the Southern Cross from the Northern Hemisphere, when the trees show you that you can look right through it, or any lie you will tell yourself, or have ever told.

I don't think it is magic; it's only natural, if being haunted is really just being connected, and choosing to listen; and responding in kind when Heaven gives breathing room.

Anonymous said...

up and lift
full and whole
flower scented
sun light gold
river chasing
star tip braced
waves of union
wise and graced
versing mountains
tuning summer
lifting springtime
turning wander
mighty lover
loving earth
stirring truths
quenching thirst


DaveR said...

One fine morning, years ago, I was in Joshua Tree. I happened to ask a nearby creosote bush,"What are you going to do Monday?" It answered.

A couple years later (or earlier) I was on top of a high hill west of Topanga. There's an abandoned fire lookout station up there and I was sitting with my feet off the edge next to a large pine tree. I asked the tree. "Aren't you lonely up here?" It said, with a wave of its bough, "No. Not at all. See all my children?" There, at its feet were at least a dozen little pine trees.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these beautiful and helpful musings.

"I believe I understand the real value of these qualities; compassion, gratitude, integrity etc. They are a kind of protective armor which is much more effective than Dragon-Skin."

What grows in you when you have these, is Acceptance. Not Resignation. That then seeds Cheerfulness and Contentment.

Thank you, thank you.

Best to you and to all who come here.

Neko Kinoshita said...


It is not you, what you say is true and from the heart.

I am still reeling from impacts with the mechanisms of control, and my disquiest comes from the echo of your words within me.

Sometimes it hurts when you find you're off the right path, and you should not take it personally when I express my frustration with myself.

Of course, the thing yesterday was about perspective and words.

This today is about truth and illusion, and I'm in a similar place to Anon @ 5:56.

Sometimes you provoke deep thought, and I don't always get the peace to think it through (at least before I say something).

I do like to talk, Kitten and I both have that trait.

I have no closer friend than you, please do not think you CAN upset me.

It is just the divine using you to point out my faults. And that occurs within.

If the divine was not using you for this purpose, the l;esson would probably arrive in a more direct fashion, as I'm sure you've had you share of those too.

The Lid rattles on the dumpster in the wind, but the sun is shining in the cul-de-sac,


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Much love.

Anonymous said...

Debt Jubilee Etc. 9:59 PM

Will not happen.

The only way to cure the mess we are in is to bring out the guillotine and use it.
After that, leave it in the square as a reminder.

Excellent article Les.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5:56 pm,

Adpot one more, foster parent, mentor, unteach religious dogma through a blog, find someone in your town on a corner hungry and give them what you got, elderly center near your home could use a visit from you and your family, adopt a hiway or stretch of street in your neighborhood... the means justifies you at your end.

With Love and Respect,


bruce said...

It's about time the masses fell in line and reacquaint themselves with the truth.
The unequivocal facts of unblemished truth

Anonymous said...

Debt Ju Ju Bee,

Until the illusion of money is erased the hand of crime, greed, and lust cannot be abolished. When a child or woman can roam anywhere on this planet and find no human predator; we will have arrived.


Anonymous said...


It is in Origami that I find peace to the cuts from the world of SM and PD. I have fewer scabs these days from learning to realize that I see the big picture and that my watercolor stroke on the oil and skin canvas of the shit dealers is a unique detail by the Master of Renaissance at a really profound epoch. Enlightenment is “quickening” and you might generous brother are a magnifying-lightning-rod. I am blessed by your blessings and appreciate the candor and curtain yanking.

Let the paint fly and may the Divine splash us all with the colors we invited to the dance!


Anonymous said...

my generous brother, my bad vis.

ghana the dork

Anonymous said...

Debt Jubilee, you know of course all debt could be erased by the simple delete key on the computer. Think about it...that's where all the money is, on a database because we all know it is fiat, backed by nothing. It truly boggles the mind to ponder that. And I want to thank Anonymous for their timely and beautiful poems posted on Vis' blogs.

Hugs Peaches

Nate said...

"Thinking alone does not lead to the satisfaction of understanding, and doing any work mindlessly and isolated from the whole of things drains even the best men of spirit. The problem-solving monkey must engage must engage the world with both mind and spirit to feel the spark of his best nature"

Joe Bageant, Rainbow Pie - page 248

There seems to be a multitude of wisdom coming from the ethers if we would all just take the time to listen.

Anonymous said...

beautiful post.

not for nothing was Jung's biography called "A meaningful life"

I hope I get the getting of wisdom even approximating yours by the time I get to your age (another 20 years), though I know 99% of traits are inherent at birth or the early years.

why though must it be difficult, could it be easy and handed on a platter to us in a perfect world? is it in our genes or our material roots?
are children in Utopia smacked?

on truth and lies... comes to mind, Simon and Garfunkel "The Boxer" lie lie lie....
hate is a can of worms, feigned apathy a barrel full of monkeys, lies are a nest of vipers. apoligies to all gods animals who are maligned alligorically and anthropomorphically.


Anonymous said...

"God’s the pit boss in life’s casino. Luck and Love are similar in a certain regard."

This comment holds so much truth, it's truly mind-boggling.
Keep it coming, my most eloquent friend.

I walked from the casino construction industry (bye bye beaucoup bucks) back in '08 & quickly found you. You helped me to sojourn through the extrication process & shun the system to this day. When I quickly discovered my employer lived in the devil's den - YOWZA! total clarity & I was out.

I love you, Les. Glad there was this week to enjoy your writings.
May we shine the light brighter everyday to the new paradigm.

I love you all, my brothers & sisters.


Unknown said...

beautiful words, spot on. keep it up. you have lifted my spirits.

Rats Leaving The Sinking Ship said...

TOKYO (Reuters) – A Morgan Stanley property fund failed to make $3.3 billion in debt payments by a deadline on Friday, handing over the keys to a central Tokyo office building to Blackstone (BX.N)

The $4.2 billion MSREF V real estate fund missed its April 15 deadline to repay 278 billion yen($3.3 billion) vestors, the largest repayment failure of its kind in Japan.

Tokyo is getting a major amount of radiation from the Fukushima melt down. They have decided to walk away from their investments there.

planes have been chartered with the elite getting out of Japan in a more hurried fashion than before.

how many of the banks have left Tokyo along with other major corporations and evacuated their top personnel.

the latest news of Morgan Stanley walking away from an office building

Foreign firms are evacuating staff from Japan, after fears of radiation leaks at the Fukushima Daiichi plant escalated further.

German car maker BMW and car part maker Continental are among companies moving employees out

Workers have suspended operations at the nuclear plant after a rise in radiation levels.

Radiation levels in Tokyo were higher than normal, officials said

The expatriate staff of international banks, including Morgan Stanley, BNP Paribas and Standard Chartered, have reportedly left the capital city.

WV: scressi
There is a stressed secrecy as the money junkie (Rothschildean) rats leaving the irradiated ship of Japan

Yea, they know something. They know the world's f*cked, it's their fault and it's getting worse. Have a nice weekend.

In Search Of A Saviour said...

This is the new plague. The last one was by Yersinia Pestis and killed about half of the people living in Europe at the time.

This one is by radioactive plutonium and his brothers. The radiation is leaching into the Pacific ocean. The radiation will become manifest in the fish which will be eaten by other fish and over time will spread around the world.

Radiation in the air will manifest in rain then fresh water. Already fresh vegetables and fruit and milk are showing elevated radioactive particles.

The radiation will cause birth deformities and a rise in cancer. These will begin to mannifest already in nine months.

Those who survive this plague will go on just as those who survived the black one of old did.

The teratogenic effect will be heart rendering to the parents, the cancers will cause early and painful death in those afflicted.

Maybe nuclear power and nuclear weapons weren't such a good idea after all. Their final result seems to be death in every case. Yet the Rothschild allies continue to use DU in their bullets and bombs.

So we have radiation killing us physically, private fractional central banking with usury killing us with debt, corrupt and clueless governments passing laws to invoke a global Orwellian police state, and a zeitgeist moral compass which is spinning around unable to find the magnetic truth.

Anyone have any ideas about fixing the big picture?

All About Rothschild said...

Iran says Siemens is responsible for stuxnet getting into the managing systems of the nuclear power plants.

I'll wager the CEO and the internal security subcontracter at the German company Siemens are zionist.

The CEO at the American company GE is zionist - Jeffry Immelt.

Rothschild wants Iran to accept a fractional reserve central bank owned by him and his khazarian zionist central bankers. The zionist allies have been ordered to take over Libya. They will next be ordered to take over Iran.

I hope they fail. People around the world in the millions protested peacefully against the zionist allies invasion of Iraq, but Rothschild went ahead anyway.

This time I sincerely hope the Rothschild allies lose in their attack of Iran. I am not muslim but Iran has become the only large country in the world free of zionist Rothschild control. And what has Rothschild done to the countries he controls (193 of 197)? Well 50% of the people in these countries live on <$2 per day. In the 'affluent' western countries Rothschild is arranging for >99% of the people to live in a zionist fascist police state. Look what he and his zionist minions have done to the U.S.A., England, Germany, France, Canada, Australia and so on.

A friend of mind said if Rothschild could have caused the 9.0 earthquake in Japan on tghe 11th March he would have. But there is evidence that in fact Haarp can cause earthquakes. So why is it so hard to believe Rothschild controlled Haarp was in fact the cause. The stuxnet was just for good measure - to make absolutely certain the radiactive meltdown occurred. Other nuclear power plants in Japan, where the tsunami did not wreck havoc have also begun to meltdown. Stuxnet was confirmed to have infected Japan's Siemens controlled power plants already in October 2010.

The plan is to reduce the human population down to 500 million from 7.5 billion. Why is it so far fetched to believe this whole Fukushima event was indeed planned and carried out by agents working for Rothschild? We already know he did it before on 9/11.

By controlling the creation of money in 193 of 197 countries, Rothschild actually controls almost all of the world. And if his/their agenda is to reduce the world's total population by 7 billion, would he not create Fukushima and a whole bunch more events that kill vast numbers of people around the world?

And like a serial killer, once he has begun with 9/11 will he not continue to orchestrate exterminations at an increasing frequence until he is caught and stopped?

Oh avatar, good avatar, where are you now?

Dying in the alley, nose wet and radioactive, tail twitching spasmodically. Fuck.

Anonymous said...

old loving virtue
lift of a king
mothered the bees
brushed the four winds
whispered in golden
dynamic light
crashing through winter
charging through night
flying an eagle
heavens above
arising forces
a feather of dove
touch of the mountain
stirring inside
swirling sensations
lift and then climb


All About Rothschild said...

WV. fausion
Contraction of "false illusion".
The MSM propagates the fausion we are livig in. The maximum allowable daily dose of radiation is being raised concommitant with the increase in radiation occuring in our air, water and food.

Anonymous said...

Reading the blog lifted me up. Yes, yes... the enemy is not out there. (S)He's in here. It might be easier (maybe not) if (s)he didn't have the same name as me.

As I write this, my wife is off to church and I plan how I will fix the storm door that was broken by yesterday's wind. It's still too windy to do it today, so I will elect to work on the bike and enjoy the day.

Church has a great purpose. It provides a means for quelling a lot of mischief by folks who could be doing a lot worse.


amarynth said...

In Search Of A Saviour

"Anyone have any ideas about fixing the big picture?"

People disagree with me, but I have one and only one. And that is to collect together in enclaves and start again. Not in a sense of removal from the world, but in a sense of a parallel life, a dimensional shift. As with everything, the answers are within and the power from a higher source. These two need to find one another.

Adrian Salbuchi has a very good structural base that one can follow. His 'joining of the inner answers and the higher source' is called 'return to traditional values'. His other points make good sense, called the 2nd Republic.

Anonymous said...

living death
ruptured scream
squeal of pig
crack in fiend
falsehood falling
winter crys
shadow creature's
run and hide
divide of heart
devoid of crown
symptoms show
fear falls down
the pounding virtues
lift vibrate
wake in all
light in shakes


DaveR said...

@ Debt Jubilee, Etc.
Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh this morning.

@Anon at 4:34
... "you know of course all debt could be erased by the simple delete key on the computer. Think about it...that's where all the money is, on a database because we all know it is fiat, backed by nothing."

No. People just use computers to keep track of the money. The money (whatever "money" is) is not in a computer. The only thing in a computer, aside from the hardware, is a long string of miniscule magnetic domains containing sets of code which ultimately yield up an array of light and dark areas either on a screen or on paper.

The money is backed by something: the value we perceive it to have.

Anonymous said...

a 5.2 eathquake near Townsville, Queensland, Australia. Australia is not particularly earthquake prone. Severe and unprecedented Tropical Cyclone hit between Townsville and Cairns a few months ago. Coincidence? HAARP site is down, so I cant see if there is a link.

did Jesus 'have to' spend half his day on the internet looking up the bad kids on the block and what they might be up to?

CorvidKnows said...

"Meaning has been lost. Nothing means anything."
I read a remarkable book some years ago: "The Boomer Bible." I'll give away the take-away: humanity is capable of dastardly, cowardly, ignorant deeds, but whatever brought us to rise to whatever heights of civilization you could name as our pinnacle is still in our blood, somewhere, and it will manifest in time. It looks like the website has the full text now. It's a delight to read, in part because it skewers political correctness so offhandedly. Life is busy, but you could do worse with a few minutes.

Anonymous said...

In Search

On the count of three; turn the lights out and walk off. If we all did like it has been suggested the vampires would be starved to death in as little as a year. Since we won't in mass until it is created for us, do it yourself now and learn to live by your own means and you will be better off AND APPRECIATE IT. Yes, I'm ready for anything Gaia has for us and if it is to meet my Lord face to face then I hope I have clean underware on. Arrrgh!

Love and Respect,


Anonymous said...

Vis, Amarynth, etc;

There is a well established structure and culture that has stood BOLD faced in the storm, per say, and have remained as stoic as the Japanese and as humble as the Tibetan monks, the Amish. Tweak a few gender inequality issues and religious dogma to expressions and searches for nirvana and not to shabby. At least in the US of I. Of course they could be on the "list". Anyone know if the Amish are under threat for land ownership rights, etc. I could be full of shit you know. Jus sayin.


Mo visible said...

Yes indeedy.
mo visable

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les

The highways and byways to change and growth hurt and can create fear if one isnt willing to keep moving.
Been missin ya but always move with your words. Its all under control!

Love Your Life

Robert Bonomo said...

Les, this was one of the best pieces I have ever read from are one of lifes small pleasures, all the best.



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