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Free Will isn't What it Cracks up to Be

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

A certain percentage of the time, I am compelled to write about something that I don’t want to write about. It might be as much as 25%, though it is probably less. I include here the times I am compelled to write about something I’ve already written about and figure should be known to the reader by now. There’s no escaping it. If I don’t do it, the pressure becomes insistent and begins to act like a big gong going off in my head. My resistance is probably because I can’t see the wisdom or the point of it sometimes and… sometimes… I know it is going to make me look bad to some, chiefly because I have to leave out certain details that make whatever the event is, look too much like science fiction.

Sometimes I have to write about things that cause controversy or which the reader wishes I wouldn’t engage in because they don’t need to be convinced of anything but, the pressure tells me that a back story is necessary and… if it is told truthfully, acts as a neutralizing agent against lies without provenance. If I had my way, I would probably only write at Visible Origami but I have less say in what I do than the reader might suspect. I’m part of something that I only understand a little about but am riding with that something all the same. I am in the carriage of whatever it is, being ferried to wherever it is and doing whatever it is along the way.

Most lives, especially in these times, are like waves on the ocean; out in the ocean. Waves break continually on the ocean and they are moving, momentarily, in a certain direction, only to be redirected by contact with another wave and so on and so on. You can stay out on the ocean for a very long time. Some lives come near the shore line and every wave is then significant because it is headed ashore. Some numbers of us are here; one might say all of us from many lives and locations are here because of the significance of these times. It’s possible for waves on the ocean to suddenly find themselves, inexplicably near the shore. This can be misleading for the very reasons you see in the lives around you. You can see that even with the promise of the shore, most people are unaware of the proximity and carry on as if they were still far out to sea. They came in here intending to seek the shore. It was uppermost in their minds prior to but… birth in the manifest soon drove this intention from their minds.

Lives that are near the shore and aware of it are generally working in concert with the ocean’s impetus to reach the shore. The shore is that land that resides beyond the ocean of birth and death, upon which the unfortunate are being tossed for large periods of time. Usually there is a cause and effect law of operation that controls the movements of the waves on the ocean, in terms of the potential for liberation on the shore. Then there are those special times when the shore might make an appearance almost anywhere and where the swimming wave can cease its independent actions of strife with all of the competing waves and trust to the mercy and compassion of the ocean, which has entered a period of grace for those fortunate enough to behold and take advantage of it.

Last May and June I went through an extended period of trial and visioning that was epic by even my standards. There was an initial period where I didn’t sleep for two weeks and didn’t need it either, while doing hard physical labor every day. I wondered if I might never need to sleep again. It was fine with me. This led to periods where I didn’t sleep or eat for a week at a time, while engaging in strenuous physical, emotional and mental experiences that finally left me at the door of physical death. I didn’t even know I was there. I heard a voice crying out in the room I was in and couldn’t locate the source. By this point I was having experiences like this all the time. The voice was crying, “Help me” over and over. It sounded serious. I was surprised to find it was my own voice. My body was crying for assistance because it knew it was at that point. I was indifferent to it and that’s why I couldn’t make the connection. I made it through to the morning and later on I wrote about this period in a very broad and sketchy manner here, because I could not bring myself to get into the sequence of details that was possible. I said as little as I had to.

That led into the summer which included my bad visitor and any number of physical problems. I imagine a lot of this was brought about by the state I was left in following the spring of last year. I’d lost a great deal of weight and no doubt dehydration was an issue, so I had continuing complaints until recent days. I’m usually optimistic, so I don’t want to assume that what I am feeling is the whole truth but, from what I can see, a corner has been turned and I’m doing all sorts of rehabilitation exercises, from meditation to strength building and more. I’ve always been extremely youthful but I probably aged myself 20 years in the one just past. I can see my way to a significant return to former energies and states of being but, it will involve work and I’m up for that.

My point in mentioning this is that through the whole time period, I never stopped reaching out for the ineffable. That was what provoked it all in the first place. It didn’t matter what was hitting me with. I could have been very angry and any variety of other emotions might have settled in for more long term residency and I couldn’t see the why or wherefore of what was happening to me but I just kept going. This isn’t to say that I didn’t get angry once or twice because I did. Within the aftermath of my following apology, I was told that I was made to feel this way and that there wasn’t anything I could have done about it or that I could do about the things I’d been through.

I say very little about most of the things that happen to me and I often give no, or few reasons for things I might say or do. It could be that I know little enough about them and am not in a position to say much. I’m writing this today so that the readers might make comparisons with their own life and have, perhaps, less despair and some understanding that things do happen for a reason, no matter how unfair or cruel they may seem to be. I’ve come to understand that I get off light, probably, and that I am usually taken through the easiest available course, as opposed to the most punishing, which is a scary thought indeed (grin). You’ve heard it said that when you are loved by the ineffable, you are tested and tried, punished even. This all has to do with tempering. It’s the quality of the 14th Trump.

When you’re in those waves, in the surf, approaching the shore, you might expect to find rocks and coral everywhere. You can expect riptides and undertows and how are you to manage landing in a place you’ve never been? You wouldn’t be out on that ocean otherwise, unless you were a type of lifeguard or company employee of the ineffable but even then, you have to rely on the wisdom of the ocean to take you in. Of course, we’re playing with metaphor and analogy here and I could have said this better if I had the talent but this is what you get.

There are great storms at sea these days. These storms have a purpose. They drive the waves and they can make shorelines appear as well. They are not what you should be focusing on. Your best bet is to try to sense the oceans intention for you and you can’t do that when you are being motivated by intentions of your own, unless that is your intention.

Sometimes I do have to say things here or engage subject matter that some of the readers would wish I might bypass but those are the smaller number of readers and may not have the questions that others surely will or would. Those of us who work for the ocean have enemies and they are your enemies too. You can say that they also work for the cosmos and it is all part of that tempering thing, which it is, but it doesn’t change the conditions of the moment, nor the way that those conditions can affect the view of the shore line. Perhaps ‘enemies’ is not the right word. Let’s call it ‘forces of opposition’.

You know what you have to do and who to rely on. Undue attention given to firework displays and special effects can affect your contact with the rudder, not that you are managing that but, there is the appearance of it sometimes, especially when we attempt to seize control (grin). I wasn’t going to write this today and that means it would never have been written, certainly not in the present form, but this is one of those times where I didn’t have any choice and that happens a lot more often than you might think.

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Neko Kinoshita said...

I understand.

There are things I am being compelled to say, and do.

Resistance is futile, and conflict is all internal.

I find myself compelled to express the direct impression with no "suger-coating" at all. I wonder how many "frinds" I'm going to lose over this behavior, but considering the one I intend to keep, it matters not at all.

nyah, it must be your fault (*grin*). After all, you might just say anything, and if I don't understand it's my lack.

Isn't this just the way and the time?

No sense to be made of it since it's all about what we sense.

Pontificating from the cul-de-sac, as we have once again aquired another four-footed mouth to feed. His canine nose was cold and wet this morning too.


Suzanne said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. There have been many occasions when I have wanted things not to occur or to occur in a different way. In these scenarios, the whole event seems surreal - I am there but have no control over what happens. I see it all from an offset, disconnected way. It is as if another force is there driving the events to the conclusion I do not wish and there is nothing I can do about it. I want to speak or act but cannot. Time also goes funny - goes into slow motion, then there is a jerk or a jolt or twitch and I am back in real time ( or the one we are used to functioning in).

I had one recently when my cat died.

DaveS said...


I think I sense what you're trying to say. Yesterday I had one of those semi-mystical moments that makes me wake-up suddenly. My lady friend took me to her astrologer to have our charts read... honestly, I don't believe many 'seers' as I think they're mostly seeing the backs of their eyelids. But the lady yesterday was the real deal. Had our charts laid out, made some pretty damn astute insights about me that really surprised me, and I left there fearing for a good many humans.

This closing of a 26,000 year cycle is a big deal for everyone's soul. This is the last chance to shed the bullshit materialism that is at the heart of evil, and begin embracing and nurturing the 'true' self. Souls that don't make the cut... why'd would anyone want to take the chance? ;)

I sure do feel for those poor people who think they'll be spared because their thoughts were pure as they were facilitating empire's awfulness. The cosmos sees thru that sort of crap and evil is as evil does.

This might be a good time to think about helping your friends and family... establish a safe haven within yourself and learn compassion. I think that's the big one: COMPASSION. Love without bullshit. Go figure that's all one needs to get on the right side of the equation. But it ain't an easy thing to find. Especially for your enemas, um, enemies. Kind of the same thing ;)


wv: rumotos: a rumor that is spread very fast. The news of Paris Hilton joining a convent rumotos-ed around the internet quicker than the truth which was she had started a brothel outside of Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is all so true. The part that is important to remember, for me, anyway, is that we are all connected, we cannot separate ourselves from the rest of the ocean....we only have the illusion of separation. If that is so, then, what is our role? Surely, it must be to develop love for all beings in spite of the seeming differences. And, that is the crux of the whole point of being here.

Anonymous said...

Les, I can relate to being tossed about in the sea of life. I also like the comparison of lifes' journey to climbing a high mountain where the "ALMIGHTY" resides at the very top. At the base of the mountain and gentle/easy slopes is where the masses choose to intermingle with all similar beings and beasts and VIPERS. A few of us will learn that if we focus on the "Most High" and climb towards that "Goal", we will have fewer and fewer incidents of "SNAKEBITE". The closer we come to the top, we learn , there is a "SNAKELINE" and no VIPERS can live beyond this line. Our goal then is to stay above this line and realize the benefits of distancing our lives from all that is now below us. I don't believe it's Humanly possible to reach the very top in this life, but we can reach the safe/protected Zone and make the last step to the top upon leaving this lifes existance to join the "ALMIGHTY" on top. It's also easy to slip and slide back down at any time. "Keep looking UP", Jimmy

Anonymous said...

Someone asked me who I thought the dumbest person ever was. At first I was going to say Freud; in a flash it came to me that it was Jean-Paul Sartre. Dante explains why so many great pagans belong in Hell. They had the gift of true genius. They used it to empower tyrants, crush freedoms, and wage wars. Like our scientists today: a servant class who makes weapons the rulers are laughably too dumb to make themselves and then that idiot class of leaders purges themselves of anyone intelligent so they can decide who to use the weapon on. Sartre gave us – EACH OTHER. What an idiot he was who belongs in Hell. Most people I know want to agree with others and be agreed with. They insult others when they don’t agree. Who killed Kennedy? Well, you can’t know until OTHERS AGREE WITH YOU. No one can know anything without some other person agreeing. If you escape agreeing with people, then you lose YOUR AUDIENCE. Professor needs to be published. The prophet needs a church. Nearly all great minds that ever would have been never were because they got lost in the utter waste of time of agreeing with each other. Did we learn how to KILL our slave masters? No. Did we learn what day we would rise up and kill them? No. Was a battle plan struck, a hope to win prepared, or anything at all? No. Some people agreed with one another. Golly Gee pickaninny in the Narcissus! The more I hate being agreed with, the more I stop agreeing with anyone else, the more you have to LOSE your audience: the more obvious it is to me what a deathtrap working together all is. ONE LONE NUT will get more done than 10,000 agreeable people; they will agree to suck on it.

- Fastillion

fiona said...

Yes, right back at you, ditto. The inward push to live the truth and say the truth is immense now and increasing. Which has led in my own life to longterm friend fearful I am going to the devil! and someone online accusing me of being a CIA asset when putting the facts on a MSM site. But its water off a duck to me, my eye is on the shore, and my hand is firmly on the rudder whilst listening to the peace that defies understanding at the centre; living in the eye of a hurricane whilst the storm rages.

Josh in North Carolina said...

EYES WIDE...check,

EARS PEELED...check,

It takes effort to navigate through the darkness,

(here goes nothing)

Pond Owl

abe said...

Hey Les,
speaking of trump cards - do you think there a relation between #16 and 9-11, beyond just the imagery i mean.

wv: lince - a lance used on lice.

Visible said...

Abe; that came to my mind as soon as it happened.

Anonymous said...

You commute with appreciable depth.

Cheers, eh?


Anonymous said...

"The living entities are not without spiritual senses. Every living being in his original, spiritual form has all the senses, which are now material, being covered by the body and mind. Activities of the material senses are perverted reflections of spiritual pastimes." Sri Ishopanishad, Verse 11

"The souls are endowed with minute independence as part of their nature. And this minute independence may be utilized rightly or wrongly at any time, so there is always the chance of falling down by misuse of one’s independence."

Srila Prabhupada

Richard said...

Les ( and MORE ) Visible
Every day , as you flow in your eloquence, my gratitude grows for your flowing on the wave currents. Although some of my comments have been made 'tongue -firmly -planted- in my own cheek', your presence on the electronic currents has made me realize that this lonesome path has been not -so-lonesome after all.
Not only in dates, but in experience and purgatory events, the dog nation seems to be a nation. Not that it matters much in any case, I would do my thing no matter what ( as if I had a choice ), but as Reshad Field said to me 35 years ago, brother it is good to know someone else in this physical frame has the same perspective, otherwise I may believe that it is not Mevlana, but some djinn inside of me. (scent of roses amplified )

And now all these people in the comments section!!!!!

The home sure is more populous than previously perceived. THANK YOU ALL!!!!!!!

Keep smelling the roses of your garden , even on the high seas.
Woof, woof from the dog nation.

Anonymous said...


Learning to swim or float with currents is all about learning to let go of the fear of drowning.

Snake Sage

Nayon said...

"You’ve heard it said that when you are loved by the ineffable, you are tested and tried, punished even."

I am also going thru very rough times. One of my friends who's a fan of the Tao's Yi King book said; lets ask the oracle to see why all those things are happening to you.

The answer was; I have great fortune with the divine. He said; it doesn't make any sense, but on the contrary to me it made perfect sense.

Thank you Les vor very tru words once again.

Love you all.

Thomas said...

As far as I've understood (maybe nothing, hehe), the body will stay the temple for some time to come. The change will involve the ability to step out of the temple and smell the strange flowers that reside around it...

When you speak of reiterating yourself, I see it more as polishing different faces of a many-faced crystalline thingy. The truth/action is somewhere in there, I guess, and the more viewpoints one has, the clearer the inside gets. Like music, mathematics, symbols, words, gestures, pictures all communicate ABOUT the same thing, not OF it... Hope I'm making at least some sense.

besides that, you take the ocean analogy to a very fine place, IMHO. Cheers, mister Les :)

Love to All, you beautiful beings, you! ;)

Anonymous said...

turning and churning
in torrents and currents
and up over downs
of swirling occurrence
and backwards and forwards
through storms of particulars
commotions and motions
refining existances
insistence and practice
in simplified difficulty
clarified positions
of sanctified dignity
instantly clarify
calming in waves
paving persistence
with mind lifting rays


Anonymous said...

"They" are the following:

A zionist gangster family who own the creation of money in 193 of 197 countries in the world. This situation has been legalised in all 193 countries. It is the law that only the gangster family can create money. The money created out of thin air is loaned at interest to the government and to the citizens of each country. By controlling the creation of money the gangster family directly controls everthing which costs money which occurs in each of the 193 countries. Further the gangster family has created their own country which can carry out actions which a simple gangster family can not. The gangster family controls the politicians or 'rulers' in every country they create the money in. The gangster family directly control almost all of the media in the countries in which they create the money. The gangster family through the politicians and 'rulers' they control command the armies of those countries in which they create money to wage physical war against any people or country which opposes the gangster family.

Sir Evelyn de Rothschild is the chief gangster. B'nai Brith, Masons, Illuminati, IMF, WTO, BIS, World Bank, CFR, Trilateral Commission and many other groups and individuals are underlings to the primary gangster family - "they".

Mark said...

I feel at sea most of the time, and it’s been that way for a while. I came close to death in late January/early February; it surprised me to be in such a state, and something cried out for help. There was none, except for a reassuring presence that made it plain I would survive if that was really what I wanted. I decided it was, and began the struggle back to a semblance of health. During this period, I went without sleep for about a month, and clear thinking was not possible. Today, I still don’t sleep so well, and I wake each morning with a sense of impending doom which dissipates after a couple cups of coffee.

I had to talk to my children (13 and 15) about Fuk U Shima and the adjustments we needed to make. I am honest with them about current events, but at least they are well grounded in awareness of their higher spiritual selves and their immortal natures. They have handled it all very well, and they help me probably more than I help them. We talked about sugar-coating the truth and the problems with well-intended errors of omission, and how white lies infect the teller eventually with an inability to be honest about anything that matters. They thanked me for not doing this and said they would have felt great resentment if I had. The truth, no matter how painful, we decided, was preferable to the alternative, which so many others appear to have embraced.

Today it feels as though we are drifting within the eye of a hurricane, and we have found a calm center, but knowing full well rough seas await and are not avoidable. These two kids are braver than I am, and closer to their spirit selves. As we approach whatever awaits, I know we are gonna be alright so long as we remember who we really are.

Visible said...

this is pretty cool.

I got it in an email.

the other poet type person said...

i am the ocean
a tempest that sings at the drop of a breeze

fathoms deep
a wild blue span expanding

storm tossed
or flagging sail
under the horse latitudes

we're all raindrops
wrung from the sea

Anonymous said...

that goose story is brilliant ...neil

Anonymous said...

That vid is Definitely cool, Les... ;>

Speaking of ocean waves, it was in my awakening years ago now, that I began to see clearly that all the events in my life, especially the ones that made me suffer, which are considerable...in fact most of my memories from childhood into adulthood...
were me having decided to clear out as much Karma as possible in the time given to me. I want to be ready for the next leap.

So all these people who emotionally beat on me endlessly helped me to cleanse by fire(water?) all the past mistakes I have made. I must have been one Hell-Cat over time!

Whether these were the same people or Archetypes doesn't matter...

The raging ocean made more sense, and as I said before in the 'Friends Who Aren't Friends' blog, I am able to heal myself digging deeper and deeper into those nasty spots in my Soul.

I can get to the place(when I am in a place of Love and Gratitude more and more often) where I am thankful for these tsunamis of people, these "forces of opposition", crashing into me, and casting me against the rocks as it were.

For a long time I could not understand "why me?", but when you awaken, taking responsibility is a duty to oneself. Guides hold your head and say~ LOOK AT THIS~ and the victim game has to fall away at some point. Yes, these were cruel and unfair times(or were they?), but I am done with them and a better person for having pushed thru.

These people will have to examine themselves as to their actions; that is not my story.
To me they may not be people I ever want to hang around with again,
but they have been pushed by the same Ocean as me to take care of Business.

God Bless them...

There continue to be forces popping up to challenge me, but I handle them completely differently...

On the greater playing field, here we have Monsters assaulting our very lives and that of The Earth...that is a harder one to handle, and I think while we as Humans need to look at how we got to this point, The Monsters also have to be held publicly accountable in a manner that allows all of us to take responsibility and make sure we never create this again.

~ Miriam

Ben said...

Your words serve as comfort and confirmation for me. This, in particular, resonated: "You’ve heard it said that when you are loved by the ineffable, you are tested and tried, punished even. This all has to do with tempering."

Indeed. This was written of by Solomon, as follows: "My son, do not despise the LORD’s discipline and do not resent his rebuke, because the LORD disciplines those he loves, as a father the son he delights in."

I guess there is a whole of lot things that could be said about this and the first would be that if you are not a beloved son you would not be disciplined but would be allowed instead to act like a spoiled, petulant, greedy, egotistic and vengeful child.

A quick look at those that think they run the world portrays them as spoiled, petulant, greedy, egotistic and vengeful. And while I would not go so far as to say they are not His children, I would say that He does not delight in them.

Les, I believe you are one of the Lord's beloved; this love is evident in that you have been provided the grace to know when you're undergoing discipline as a beloved child. Discipline turns one into a disciple, a follower and servant of the Ineffable.

melinda said...

love you babe :o)
~melinda thwe earthboppin' dove

Anonymous said...

I have a muscovy duck that's a bit like that. hassles me out to no end, I think it's just for the food though.

movie alert: Open Reef, australian lost at sea film I just saw the other day.
analogy wise, there is the white pointers (endangered species actually), but like the duck, just doing their thang.

waiting for the perfect wave, to wash away the sins of the world and expose the reefs of bliss.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm. Watch the video clip at the end of this comment

What do you think?

Is it possible the zionists want all non-khazarians to be color marked for easier identification and elimination?
Can it be the zionists want the only white race in the world to be khazarian jews?
As support to this theory I point to the fact that Black jews in israel (from Ethiopia etc) are NOT accepted in israel as 'real' jews.
There are rumors that Black jews in israel even get their organs harvested.

I don't know.

The videos of the whitesavagechick and truthisahatecrime seem to have a valid point.

Color-code the zionist enemy - making elimination/subjugation easier based on color.

I do not consider myself a racist. I am not anti-black or anti-brown or anti-yellow or anti-red or pro-white or anti-muslim or anti-jewish.

But I am anti-zionist and anti-israel.

And if the zionist israeli plan is to integrate all gentiles into a 'grey' race while khazarian jews remain 100% white, then I naturally am against that plan.

I am not offended when my friend Charles from Nigeria says his family wants him to marry a black girl. I do not think that is wrong or negatively racist at all. So why is it wrong for me or you to want to marry with a person the same color as ourselves?

The political correctness of the times - imposed by the khazarian zionists - state my natural desire to have my children look like me is wrong.

Is it? At the same time the khazarian jews only marry other white jews.

Something is going on here. Something that feels like 'do as I say, not as I do'. Hypocracy.

One thing is certain. The white khazarian zionists are definitely "those who call themselves Jews but who are not, they are the synagogue of Satan".


Anonymous said...

luciferian agendas
psychopathic thinking
devastated streams
of slowly slowly sinking
systematic failure
blind that lead the blind
decimated harmony
of lies are too unkind
times of going nowhere
corrupted institutions
anxiety and mayhem
frustration and confusions
pollutions integrated
existance in turmoil
in luciferian agendas
deluded patterns boil


Anonymous said...

a lot of people caught up in the times trying to justify psychopathic behavior as karma of which I suppose it is,but if we have embraced our karmic misfortunes,we are fortunate enough to identify psychopathic behavior simply as
psychopathic behavior and try and have nothing to do with it other than to point it out as psychopathic behavior.

the point of karma is to teach us not to behave psychopathicly as this poisons the atmosphere and reduces the potency of the living force that is life..

the elites and those in positions serving the elite are trying to exploit our worst behavior as this is a drain of the living energys and a means to enslave us,I know that most of you know this,but for those who dont these are my thoughts on the subject....

anyway respects neil

Anonymous said...

Khazarians have a plan to create a grey servant race? Probably something like that, only much worse, and directed ultimately toward all ethnic groups of the Human Race. Talmudic/Zionist mind kind of works like that, if you can call it working.

But... Karma can be a bitch. Heh heh.

Also, in the interest of bringing Balance to all the anonymouses telling how "we" are all doomed to be slaves or something, and to Harmonize with what Les has perviously written, you might note that pretty much all the peoples the Usurpers (p in spelling usually optional) have tried to exterminate: Germans, Russians, Armenians and pretty much everyone are still around, even with all the victims.

Even the Palestinians - who are about as scary as Hobbits - haven't been succesfully eliminated as 'Amalekites'.

Even more, it is interesting to note that the unwilling victims haven't gotten nearly as big of a dose of the cultural, social, moral and spiritual Chernobyl/Fukushima effect than the willing victims: Those who have been seduced by ideas such as Christian Zionism or "The Anglo-Saxons are real descendants of Abraham" hoax designed to flatter to offer instant salvation and/or a chance of being on what seems at first to be the winning team.

That too is Karma, altough it sure ain't pretty.

Snake Sage

Anonymous said...

The goose story was touching & said much about who we are as a species.

Katie Couric? Strange! Comment-she is the tribe mouthpiece.

If a Gaza site were being bombed by Israel - she would see that as normal, not strange, but what to do to eliminate truth & human decency.

Where is our hero LV? What person can lead this world to a higher conscience?

At this point I believe it's the goose!

Hare Krsna!

Anonymous said...

To snake,

I hope you are not denying a zionist Rothschild economic and thereby defacto take over of the world (193 of 197 countries and counting) is taking place - with concommitent expunging of the Palestinians off their land since Nakba by the synagogue of Satan.


Visible said...

There is a new Les Visible posting up-

Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World; a Random Chapter.

Visible said...

Our hero is here and materializing by degrees. Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

hey est that looks like one of your poems,respects to you...

if its not and it is mrs life in creation respects to you aswell...

actually,all poets and people who love creative writing we really should think about starting a group over at eriks amarynths and covkids new les visible site which I dont have a link for because I am absolutely useless with a computer...

anyway peace to all you people...neil

Anonymous said...


You make a potent observation.

bholanath said...

Perhaps off-topic, but pertaining to mental and physical health of the 'body temple'-waves in the ocean, and the interconnectedness of all life, I note the latest revealing post at the 'crazy lady in the attic's' site:
"for breakfast, according to the dietary protocols we have researched, experimented, and consider to be optimal for human health...We eat a selection of meats - bacon, home-made pork and turkey sausage patties, hamburgers, fried ham, etc...and deep fried (in duck fat) sweet potatoes.

OK, I really can't add anything. Don't really even want to have that picture in my mind, but this could have something to do with resultant mental processes?
Back to more uplifting transmissions...

Visible said...


that is truly unbelievable for upward consciousness engagement. I communicated with her at length about diet and a variety of modalities. I was prepared to go back down there and provide some guidance in various ways along with the use of Shitsu and other things. I am so very glad I did not. She assured me that she was making big changes in her diet and lifestyle and I left it at that.

I still have no clue why after six years I suddenly surfaced on their radar as an enemy force but I'm not giving it any thought. My conscience is clear concerning anything on my part and so I can only take whatever this is as a compliment.

Anonymous said...

Re diet... I think Kurt Harris gets it right:



His ideas about diet are based on biochemistry, evolutionary theory, and newest findings about food and health.

est said...

well neil
thats not me

as i always
sign my name
here's one :

so here i sit
in the mountains again
i knew i'd be back
i just didn't know when

here i go now
to the valley below
like clouds to the ground
my life river flow

but that's all right
i'll soon reach the lake
and again to the sky
this circle i'll take

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

The Pending Judgment of the New World Disorder.

just me, Laurel A. said...

i have been unable to view the haarp graphs for several days now. just "error" messages. anyone here have a way to see them? i know i am no science expert, but i want to see the patterns. just curious, even though i know seeing the graphs changes nothing.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Looking for Dr. Pangloss in an Orwellian Nightmare.



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