Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Avatar is within You

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

“In Hindu lore, Bhairava, a door guardian, is a fearsome canine deity. One of the forms assumed by the god Siva, he is often portrayed either as a huge black dog, or as a human riding a black dog. Terrifying to behold, Bhairava has many arms, three eyes, long matted hair, and sometimes has a serpent entwined around his body, with a collar of skulls around his neck. Food sellers plying their ware outside Indian temples dedicated to Siva sell tiny dogs carved out of sugar, which can then be presented as an offering to Bhairava. In northern India, a canine deity was formerly worshipped by certain Dravidians. So too were dogs in Nepalese villages, during a special festival called Khicha Puja, in which a garland of flowers was deferentially placed around the neck of every dog in each village.”

Today is the birthday of Lord Rama who came into incarnation to dispense with a powerful demon called Ravana. I’ve heard it said that he was around in the fifth millennium B.C. and I’ve heard he arrived in Treta Yuga. Unless the yugas are shorter than I’ve heard, there’s something off about the timeline. There are so many legends about this avatar that you might as well read about them here, if you have the interest, because there’s no space here for that kind of thing.

Here is a short blurb about the coming avatar, which Swami Jyoti also calls a prophet; “WHEN THE PROPHETS COME, they trigger or accelerate karmas. Then whatever is inside a person will expose, either good or bad. That which was previously suppressed or hidden is exposed. In Krishna's days, He brought out both the virtuous and the evil, exposing people as they had never been known before. Krishna knew each soul already and so will Kalki. The Prophets create situations—time, place and opportunity—which bring forth both the angelic as well as the devilish.” I consider this significant and it dovetails with what I’ve been saying about the high exposure of the evil ones among us in their words and acts at this time. The rest of what the Swami has to say can be found here.

Second guessing the divine is a human industry that exists for the purpose of proving us wrong. If we knew how little we knew and how much of that was also wrong, we probably couldn’t function at all. We manage to function, according to the confidence of the ego, with the assistance of the mind and we have whatever degree of confidence we have, to orchestrate the height from which we are destined to fall. Confidence in the personal self is a recipe for disaster. It may not look like it and it may not come at any given time. Sometimes it takes several lives for a person to scale some puny mountain of individual achievement, or gain a particular degree of power but... it all eventuates in an Icarus situation, more or less, sooner or later, when the force of individual pride and arrogance meets the cosmic resolver.

Some say the avatar has been and gone. Some say it was Osho and others have their pet enthusiasms. That is an event unlikely to be overlooked by anyone present, during the occurrence. I seriously doubt that the avatar has been and gone, or that he was any of these other people. In consideration of the avatar, you have to keep in mind that what you hear is almost certainly metaphor and allegory. Saying that Kalki comes on a horse, means there is a conveyance associated with him. Saying he comes with a sword means that he comes with force. It also implies divine discrimination, which is imperative when separating the wheat from the chaff.

My feeling is that the avatar is here but not yet profoundly visible, except to a few. The state of conditions is dire, direr than most people might suspect. Keep in mind what was said above, which I will repeat because of its importance; they trigger or accelerate karmas. Then whatever is inside a person will expose, either good or bad. That which was previously suppressed or hidden is exposed. This all melds very tightly with the features of The Apocalypse, which gets mentioned around these blogs, often (grin) and to the same end.

An important feature of the avatar, which you can read about in the extended text about Lord Rama, is that he can appear to and in many people at the same time. I believe that Lord Krishna was being referenced in the example. There are no limits on the power of the divine; none whatsoever. There are limits upon your imagination but, as far as what can be accomplished by The One, upon appearance or from some point of seeming distance; there are no limits whatsoever, period. That’s something to convince yourself of and to keep in mind. The reason being that the power of planetary Maya is extremely great at this time; nothing at all by comparison with the divine but powerful, none the less. Of course, this power of Maya is made possible by The One, increased and decreased at will for the purpose of testing the metal of those exposed.

The avatar has advance agents, just like any president or world, religious figurehead, who show up ahead of time and take care of certain groundwork. The avatar has publicists and other flacks (grin), not to mention the most powerful army in the universe, all made out of himself. The stories and projections, concerning those things the avatar has come to accomplish are general and sketchy. One of the things not mentioned is that he will restore the feminine principle to her rightful station as co-equal. She’s always there in the better times but she’s the first thing to get dominated, manipulated and abused in worsening times. If any man understood what the consequences of the abuse of the feminine principle were, he would shake in his arrogant boots. Something I like to say, when the opportunity provides itself, like now, is that you had better be very careful about the way you treat women because your entry into this world, is always facilitated by one and there are some harsh gateways to be sure.

The truth is that diminishing and perverting the divine feminine doesn’t actually lessen its power. It simply makes that power an antagonist to your best interests. Nothing else on Earth can see your propensities and weak points like she can and as a protector you could want for no one better. She is a true Hell Bitch for those who trouble her acknowledged children and THE power itself, insofar as we experience it here. You can call that ‘shakti’. The potencies and powers of the feminine principle are measureless and there are any numbers of things you can ONLY get from her, without which you are in a canoe up Shit River, without a paddle.

Of course, we are talking only about projections here, because words are projections of thought and thought is a projection of something else and that is a projection too. We can’t transfer essence in this medium but we can indicate it. Some things can only become real through experience and experience can only be had through persistence and fearlessness. Otherwise you’re going to exit right off of the highway with a case of the trembles. That’s why having a true guru is of incalculable importance and that is a matter of karma and occasionally grace, which, for all I know, is also a matter of karma too.

The point I want to make is that present or not, the avatar is still present, certainly to those who have put themselves in the way or have been put in the way of that power. There is no difference between the divine and the avatar. The avatar is just a form taken by the divine for the purpose of demonstration. We get lost and submerged in material consciousness and... if this is not confronted and adjusted by the divine; we are toast, individually and collectively. Many of us may be toast anyway but there’s still something resurrectable, depending on the mercy and determination of the ineffable and your efforts in respect of it.

Act as if the avatar were already present and present within you. Greet the world as a manifestation of the will of the avatar for the purposes of the avatar. Look at every situation and condition as an expression of something the avatar has constructed for your edification. Go about your day as if the avatar accompanies you wherever you go and ask that all of the shortcomings and personal hindrances to the presence of the avatar be removed. When you eat, bless your food with assurance that it is the very being of the divine entering into you, which builds the presence into your being and also expels everything that is retardant, inimical or resistant to the presence. Look at your life as an expression of your relationship with the avatar, with all other possibilities of thought and perspective way off in the distance.

It’s all about imaging. You have to live it as if it were real, whether you believe it or not; doing it will make it so. You are the sum total of everything you have been and done that has brought you to this point. You can go anywhere from here and that is dependent on the degree of your intensity and commitment to whatever that goal is. As far as I’m concerned there is only one goal but we each have to sort that out for ourselves. Worst case scenario; pray that the avatar personally destroys you (grin). That’s actually a blessing,

Happy Birthday Lord Rama!

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Patrick Willis narrates:
Hare Krishna


Richard said...

Today's Origami inspires the dogs to say woof, woof once again.
Without the willingness to take the skeletons out of the closet, one cannot bury them.
So shall we start calling you 'More' rather than 'Les' ?
the dog trainers say the best guard dogs let everyone inside the home of their Master, without making a sound, only no one can leave until the Master comes back home and identifies the visistor as friend , family or intruder.
Woof, woof from the dog nation

Visible said...

The only people who call me Les are people I don't know, usually. Most of the time people call me 'visible' or 'vis'. That developed on it's own in Hawaii some time ago. So, you don't have to worry about the more or les equation, more or less.

Anonymous said...

Great advice, at the end. Thank you

django said...

You're on fire. And walking, or writing, your talk.
Reading here is of great value.

amarynth said...

Wow! You've done it again! That feminine power is so coming into its own right now. I just want for other feminine people to understand that power as well and to live it, and not cheapen it, because it is use it or loose it women!

After this period (which will feel like an age and we may make it physically or not) the nurturing spirit will rise up again. We are all battered and bruised and deeply traumatized generationally, men and women alike, and then the feminine will come into her own again. The signs are there.

When you start living it, finding and living the love, be quite prepared for strong opposition from the closest quarters around you.

Anonymous said...

Buddha's B'day is this week.

Buddha sez: "If you realize your own mind you will attain enlightenment. You should not seek enlightenment elsewhere."


Anonymous said...

Srila Prabhupada: (chants Mangalacarana prayers)

ramadi murtisu kala-niyamena tisthan
nanavataram akarod bhuvanesu kintu
krsnah svayam samabhavat paramah puman yo
govindam adi-purusam tam aham bhajami

"This is a verse from Brahma-samhita in which the incarnation of Lord Ramacandra is described. Ramadi. Not only Rama, but there are many other, innumerable incarnations. They are compared with the waves of a river. As the waves of the river or the waves of the ocean cannot be counted, similarly, how many incarnations are there of the Supreme Lord it is not possible to count. But out of them, the principal names are mentioned in the sastras. Therefore it is said ramadi. Ramadi means Rama and also other, many incarnations. And they are existing. Not that one incarnation appeared and it is finished. No. Not like that."

Jai Sri Rama!!!

abe said...

Rama rocks, rolls, and rules regardless our resistance.

I had thought, could be wrong, that Christ was the Kalki and Nichiren was the Mitrea. I know those with more knowledge than myself might differ - but it always seemed sensible to me.

I have a black dog named betty I got off my cousin. Greatest little thing on earth. Only thing is - i am literally the only one she barks at. A gang with guns and pork chops could invade my shit and she'd be off chewing on a toy.

PS: I always call you Les - would Vis be better?


Anonymous said...

FYI. According to Swami Sri Yukteswar's book, The Holy Science, the yuga lengths are as follows:

Satya: 4800 years
Treta: 3600 years
Dwapara: 2400 years
Kail: 1200 years

The book also explains the story of how the confusion regarding the lengths of the yugas began. Surprise, surprise, the miscalculations happened in Kali.

Visible said...

That's one individual making a claim that I've never seen corroborated by anyone else and if that were true then where are the records of brighter periods which would be much closer in time? That also implies from records still remaining that people were of a more advanced order when they were killing each other as relentlessly as today. I'm going to leave that 'unresolved' in my mind until am told authoritatively.

Visible said...

That also means The Dark Ages were in a part of Dwapara... not likely

abe said...

Since I've got a free day: I'll Leave a second comment:


What's interesting is that the Israeli creature actually uses the term "world-order" to describe what is slipping away from them in America's decline. Good stuff.

I wonder what the jail term would be for exposing elie weasel's untatted left forearm in public would be.

Les - bless ya brother.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff, Les !

juga said...

Jai Sri Rama! Rama! Rama! Rama! Rama! Rama!Ram! I am very happily impressed as always Vis, you visionary! Perfect topic,perfect timing! Actually one of the main Avatars present in this age is the Divine Holy Names of God! Krishna! Rama! Gaura! Nitai!Unlimited Names! When chanted purely,sincerely the Name is non different from the Named; and so has all of the Infinite Sweet Potencies of the Lord!The Lord will appear and dance on our tongue and in our heart! Chanting of these Divine Names is the process for self realization in this age of Kali. We are 5000 years into Kali Yuga; 427,000 left then Kalki Avatar comes.500 years ago Lord Chaitanya ,Gaura,came He introduced this Yuga Dharma of chanting of the Holy Names Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare! Lord Chaitanya was Radha ,the Supreme Goddess, and Krishna, the Supreme God , combined! He was a hidden Incarnation or Avatar appearing as a devotee. Then 5000 years ago at the end of Dwarpa Yuga , Radha and Krishna blessed the planet with their Divine presences. Then back around 2 million years ago in Treta Yuga, Lord Rama and His Divine Goddess Sita were here on Earth. Today is Rama's Birthday or appearance! Thanks infinitely for your vision Vis and for reminding us of such a Holy advent event today! Jai Sri Rama ! Your friend and ever well wisher,Jagadananda Das I wrote these lyrics to be sung to the tune of the classic Bob Marley song"Buffalo Soldier" " Sankirtan soldiers! Chanting Soldiers! Chanting and dancing! Chanting Hare Krishna! Singing Gaura Nitai! All through the three worlds ,spreading love of Godhead! All day and night! Giving out the mercy,of the Holy Names! The Names of Godhead! The God of the gods! Hare Krishna! Gaura Nitai! There is only one God,not your and my God! All the same, just a different Name, of the Absolute Infinity , oh so sweet Divinity ! Rescuing the fallen souls, freeing from the cycle ,of repeated birth and death! Simple living high thinking! Sankirtan Soldiers! Chanting Soldiers! Chanting and dancing.Spreading the Holy Names! It's the only way, out of this material world! Singing , Hare Krishna, Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare! Gaur Nitai! Gaur Nitai! Here is the ecstasy,in the Holy Names, that we're always wanting! All powerful! All sweet! All purifying! All harmonizing! Beyond all peace, spreading true bliss! The real peace formula. This will save the world! A wonderful solution, to mental pollution.Stay high forever! The only cure all! Feeding our consciousness! A spiritual revolution! Try it you'll like it! Your heart will melt! Dissolving the ego, by chanting the Holy Names! Ego is the enemy! I am not Jamaican! You are not American! I am not black! You are not white! Everything is all right! I am not Rastafarian! You are not Christian or Hindu! No caste or creed! Give up greed! Plant the seed ,of eternal Love! I am not a human! You are not an animal! We are all the same! Nothing to blame! Forget your false identity! We're all spirit souls! Death can never melt us! Die to live! Dancing in eternity! Forget the past that sleeps, in the future don't dream at all, live in times that are with thee, and progress you shall see! Light the eternal flame! Forget all Fame! If you don't try it, it will be a shame! This human life is very rare, it's for spiritual evolution! This is the real secret! Your heart's real treasure! The Song of the Heart! Uniting us all! As children of God! Lovers of the Lord! Serve Godhead ,so serving others! We are all sistas and brothers ,from different mothers! Chanting soldiers! Sankirtan soldiers! Adventures in Consciousness!A conscious revolution! Chant and taste the ecstacy! So get the chantin on! Stop the babblin on!Always remember, never forget,the Sweet Sound Incarnation !Singing Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare, Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Hare Hare! Gaur Nitai Gaur Nitai! ............. by Jagadananda Das

juga said...

Namaste Vis! In the Srimad Bhagavatam,the Spotless Purana,Veda Vyasa,the author of the Vedas,and literary Incarnation of the Supreme Lord says the lengths of the Yugas are
Satya:The Golden Age 1,728,000 years!
Treta:The Silver Age 1,296,000 years!
Dwapara The Bronze Age:864,000 years!
Kail:The Iron Age432,000 years! Each successive yuga diminishing by 432,000 years and losing one aspect of Dharma until in this Age of Kali ,the age of quarrel, only truth remains! These times are confirmed by Vedic Scholars and genuine bonafide disciplic successions. Thanks, Jagadananda Das http://www.stephen-knapp.com/timings_of_the_four_yugas.htm

traveller36 said...

Thank you again for the message that keeps on getting better with time. I am getting panicky as I am not sure what it is I am supposed to be doing. What if I have not done enough? I don't want my butt kicked. Aarrgggghhh!!!.
Anyway, on a different/out of topic subject, I was on the bus today from my 9to5 job and I was seated next to these 2 guys in their 40s who were discussing their past 'conquests' and current/potential 'conquests'. I started thinking of all the things happening in this world,you are talking about getting laid? Then it hit me - what am I thinking about most of the time? As Jesus said, where your treasure is, there your heart will be. I am just self-talking.
Much love from Sverige!!

WV:jiverew - This jive rew(s) man.I wanna show you some jiverews!

Anonymous said...

light of lights
lord of lords
heart of tongue
central chords
spark of living
sound of sounds
hum of earth
ground to crown
truth of truths
dynamic reach
life of life
love and peace
all of ever
evers pull
in every way
the way in all


Anonymous said...

Little Eve said: Let's see if this post appears..3rd time lucky? Happy birthday Lord Rama...A most excellent piece Visible, thank you. The same applies to women - beware how you treat women. So apologies if I called anyone a skank in the past :-( I really do love women and I'm not a lesbian. Some girls don't trust their sisters and there's always a competition on. I hate that. There are Adam-women who discriminate against other women. Just because I don't wear hijab and I'm divorced doesn't mean I'm after your man! ~MelanieStone

Anonymous said...

abe 6:55,

That can only mean one thing-- a false flag op in the U.S. The zionazis will pull out all the stops to rally the U.S. to attempt an Iranian takedown. It's their last chance.

Emmanuel said...

I have had the thought as of lately that the Apocalypse is not only a revealing of TPTB and exposure of their heinous deeds, but all individuals going through their own "mini-apocalypses". I am finding a separation with friends that I felt were kindred spirits only to realize that we are seeing the way things are quite differently. Perhaps this was the case all along. Perhaps I held my own illusions as to what I would like my friends to be. These days I find myself connecting less with my old friends. They're still friends mind you. I wouldn't foresake them and I would be their friend in need if they need me, and them to me. I am the one who is changing and not so much them. My point of view of the world right now does not resonate with the mainstream of people even my family. Anyone reading Les' blogs and resonating with him will be at odds with most people at the moment. I feel like there is a shaking out going on, and I am finding that I am more in solitude for the time being.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering this morning about evil and its functions, its like polarisation. And there you go to visible origami to see the it mentioned!
I must disagree on the duration of the Yugas here, by Anonymus, Kali-yuga started app. 50000 years ago. Kalki comes a the end of Kali Yuga. I certainly would not mind being killed by Him or Krishna. but I sure hope to get out of this place before that otherwise i have to stay here in Kali Yuga for a couple of 100.000 years.
E-bee The Neherlands

Anonymous said...


Can I call dibs on the bottom of the well of the New Shangri La?


Snake Sage

Miriam said...

If I may call you Visable, only knowing you from your writings and you know me from my few postings?
I feel a kinship with you from your incredible insights.
While listening to your radio show, my heart started singing, my eyes saw more light and I felt a beautiful glow all around me.

Once in the flow, I strive to stay in the continued awareness of the Grace I opened to; being my own Avatar. Always room for more God.

Thank you, Visable for being a part of my life.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the divine feminine and the chanting/praise of her wisdom energy...try chanting this one for Tara, the mother of all the Buddhas.

Om tare, tuttare tare svaha.

You can find many beautiful chants of the 21 manifestations of Tara

Peace, Kilaya
wv: tringo as in a triple bingo

Anonymous said...

so we are 5000 years into the kali yuga ,that would mean it is going to take 427,000 years for all of us to completely perfect ourselves to the very highest point of perfection in the most absolutist of harmony there ever could be....
that sounds like high adventure's to me...
so come on people we dont want to be late,the very absolute of all harmony between all beings everywhere is something we shouldnt really want to miss out on......

happy birthday Rama...

love and respects to all... neil

Anonymous said...

You are so right! I, too, feel this disconnect from people around me. Not that I don't love them as much but I have begun to realize that everyone's perception of what we are experiencing here on planet Earth is filtered through what we have brought to the table. As I develop this ability to be more accepting that not everyone will want to hear or see the truth it becomes easier to be at peace with myself. For a long time I was so angry that people would not even look at the lies and distortions that were being fed to us on a daily basis. Now, I am just grateful that I am not in denial any longer about it.

Visible said...

I've done that chant for years but I know it as Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha (soha). I think there are variations between the Chinese and Tibetan because I have also seen this- Om tare tare tutare ture soha.

Anonymous said...

also,I suppose that is why the physical presence of shangri-la should be made manifest now as this would be a point to grow outwardly from in the physical plane to unify all the planes perfectly into the physical plane....

the absolute perfection of all harmony of all beings living completely harmonized sounds pretty good to me...

respects.. neil

Steve said...

Hi Visible and all,

Can anybody recommend a good translation of the Ramayana? I have a copy from a many years ago but I am sure there are better ones out there. I cant remember the translation I have and it is on the other side of the world to me at present so I cant check either.

Happy Birthday Lord Rama

And blessings for all you do here Vis, I am convinced you have the blessings of Lord Rama as it comes through with such clarity in your writings.

Anonymous said...

old grand sky
mother earth
fathers reach
healing hurt
livings worth
mending temple
fixing eyes
attaching central
brushing moments
swirling sounds
connecting love
sky to ground
pounding truth
vibrate the ears
touch the heart
union hears


Anonymous said...

Hello Les,
For some time now I have been appreciating your insightful blogs. I was inspired to write today in response to your statement about the Yugas. I would like to respectfully offer that the true duration of the cycle of the Yugas is 24,000 years, 12,000 ascending from Kali Yuga to Satya Yuga, then 12,000 more on the way back down to the bottom. In this current cycle, the lowest point was arrived at in the year 498 AD. We are now in the year Dwapara 313. I know it is commonly understood that we are in Kali Yuga and that this will go on for some several hundred thousand years--a dire prospect, to say the least. The error in the astrological interpretation crept in after the war of Kurukshetra, during the reign of Parikshit. As the world was again descending into the materialistic dark ages, and most of the Kshatriya class had been wiped out in the war, those with a true understanding of the scriptures retired to the Himalayas.
Anyway, I could go on, it's such a fascinating subject. I don't mean to contradict others who may believe differently. But this interpretation, coming as it does directly from my pen of my paramguru, the great Swami Sri Yukteshwar Giri, in the introduction of his only book, The Holy Science, is not up for debate in my own mind.( an excellent dissertation on this can be found in Astological World Cycles by Lauri Pratt AKA Tara Mata). I would also suggest that it goes a long way to put events of our current era into perspective. One of the features of Dwapara Yuga is the conquering of time and the discovery( or rather the ability for the human mind to comprehend) of the subtle forces in nature such as electricity and the atom. You seem to suggest in your writings that we're at the culmination of something much bigger/longer, and that this era represents more than just the transition from one Yuga to another in the context of a 24,000-year cycle. I must say that I agree with that. Things couldn't get so far out of balance repeatedly every few thousand years. Even every 24,000 years would seem too short an interval. But who knows. When human consciousness gets through this period, it may (surely will) look back on this period with a newly acquired, expanded perspective, and say "My, that was entertaining."
Thank you, Les
and Bless you.
Look forward to your next blog.

Anonymous said...

all CRAP hindu propaganda, this is worst of all

bholanath said...

"Throughout all Ramachandra's realm a rod was never seen save in the hands of ascetics; the word 'difference' had ceased to exist except in relation to tune and measure in the dancers' troupes; and the word 'conquer' was heard only with reference to the mind."
-one verse from the Uttarakand chapter of Ramayana (Ramcharitamanasa)

I'm remembering the Bhairav holy day in Benares, with sadhus walking through the streets with baskets full of leaf-cups containing doggie-treats, and respectfully placing them at the feet of all the street dogs. Doesn't get any cooler than that!
Also, the guardian dog of Benares is called "Ruru". Poetic, eh?

Glad to be one of Her "acknowledged children", would be dead otherwise.

"You have to live it as though it were real..."

Anonymous said...

(blows kisses)

Of course, this power of Maya is made possible by The One, increased and decreased at will for the purpose of testing the metal of those exposed.

*Methinks The One is testing Oneself.

Thank you, Les. As always, TY. With love, MV

Anonymous said...

Well, that is what I get for posting before reading coments.

I call you Les because I do not, indeed, know you in person. At least I don't think so. Some of the late 80s is a bit blury so who knows but anywho.

I don't mean to presume, just know what I know and I know I'm thankful for this being I call "Les" who so often is grappling with the same sameys, et. al, infinity.

So, again, thank you, Les, and, happy days. With love, MV

Anonymous said...

Post like the following are why I read the comments here. Thankful for Les Visible's blogs and the insights and affirmations therein and this post said it so well. Thank you, Miriam.

Miriam said...
If I may call you Visable, only knowing you from your writings and you know me from my few postings?
I feel a kinship with you from your incredible insights.
While listening to your radio show, my heart started singing, my eyes saw more light and I felt a beautiful glow all around me.

Once in the flow, I strive to stay in the continued awareness of the Grace I opened to; being my own Avatar. Always room for more God.

Thank you, Visable for being a part of my life.

(reposted by MV)

Anonymous said...

Sophia begot Barbelo

Once upon a bygone time,
Before the time of nursery rhymes
When water flowed with finite brine
Epinoia spewed perfume’s divine
But there was no nose to smell her vine
No tongue to taste her fruits of wine
No ear to listen to music chimes
No eyes to see radiant beauty shine
No touch to caress in evening time.

And as the fountain of all radiance
She spewed star dust, The First aether Dance.
birthed daughter Sophia; Mother’s first romance
a mirror of magic in winds of enhance.
A mother’’s child full grown one day
And taught her love a virgin’’s way
Together breathing garden spray
In radiance of heaven’s play.

The power of virgins flew far away
Came down to earth and kissed the clay
And man appeared in break of day
As girls made boys to share and play.
And as earth crust twisted, spun and turned
Boiling hot lava within her burned
A ball of butter melted churned
Made cosmic fire explode her ferns.

The sun shone hot to bake her clay
As spinning mass made night and day
An atmosphere to soothe the blaze
As heavens called; her dead man raised
To rapture some to Mother’s womb above
All woman’s spirits flew like doves
Gave every life a taste of love
As new born's eyed their mom above.

Love was the essence of her connection
Robbers came; taught man insurrection
And made clay genders with sore infection
To mine for gold little god defections.
And stars on high cried heaving tears
As gasses flamed and terrors smeared
And gods fought earth as man stole gears
And soured the wine; binding woman in fear.

And earthquakes rocked; volcanoes blew
As boiling lava overflowed
And hurricanes made cleansing news
Tsunami tidal waves tore through.
And heavens pulled the earth apart
As ozone holes exposed hinder parts
When fiery oil spilled gusher starts
Made men to die from weak failed hearts.

And Mother's womb took back her chord
They didn't know that She was Lord
And all men died of one accord
Their breath cut off by the Elysium Sword

Anonymous said...

abe, reminding me of Midnight Oils song "Your Dream World Is Just About To End".

Mephistopheles. Not glad do I reveal a loftier mystery-
Enthroned sublime in solitude are goddesses;
Around them is no place, a time still less;
To speak of them embarrasses.
They are the Mothers!
Faust [terrified]. Mothers!
Mephistopheles. Do you fear?
Faust. The Mothers! Mothers! Strange the word I hear.
Mephistopheles. Strange is it. Goddesses, to men unknown,
Whom we are loath to name or own.
Deep must you dig to reach their dwelling ever;
You are to blame that now we need their favour.
Faust. Whither the way?


Anonymous said...

Thank you for passing on these lessons (and the latest radio program) Les Visible!

I'm learnin' but, get detoured and even halted in attempts to travel the correct path when it comes to things like innocent children, women, men, fellow animals being vaporized and obliterated by soul-less-psychopathic COWARDS (who dare call themselves "warriors and men" - bunch of war-porn gutless filth while the flesh-master-banksters load up their trains with stolen wealth). I try to see the cosmic meaning to such, but always fail, because, in my flawed, small-picture view, what is being done to people all over, particular innocents such as Palestinian children, women, men, the other animals, enclosed in human-history's largest and worst death-camp, with absolutely no excuse, no possible rationalization, none, zero, - is OUTFUCKINGRAGEOUS!!! a true, DOCUMENTED, ongoing, CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!!! So what does Obama today decided to do - increase $$$-aid to keep this REAL, TRUE, GENOCIDE going(?!) -whilst at same time increasing his sheeples' taxes to pay for this war-criminal-anti-gentile killing machine doing it(?!) Must be some holiday coming up soon - eh? (apologies for and thanks for allowing the rant on your blog here).

Any advice on this matter would be greatly appreciated.

and - let's have a "no-fly zone" over Gaza and Bahrain -now!

Visible said...

The Dutt translation of The Ramayana is the one I see most referred to but I'm no expert. I'm giving you this link because it has The Mahabharata too.

Ramayana and Mahabharata.

Sofia said...

Anon 9:46,

Maybe the statement of "Iran" by General Ham as the destination of the Africom forces was him getting mixed up. Maybe he meant "Iraq".

After all most amerikans do not even know where Iran or Iraq is! They don't know that Libya and Egypt are in Africa and many of them don't know which body of water Libya borders on.

General Ham, despite his high rank, may be one of the many amerikans who do not have a clue about the theatre of war they are presently in. Who knows?

I don't think that stray comment by Ham is a clear indication that a false flag blamed on Iran is inevitable.

It might be weeks or months until amerika finds a reason to declare war on Iran.

Neverheless, I concur that once the amerikans declare war on Iran that WW3 will ensue, that China will take the side of Iran and that the zionist allies will be defeated.

Yes, I believe the zionist allies are going to lose the third world war.

Thanks for your post Les.

fioan said...

Thank you. No-one is coming to save us, no-one ever was. What wayshowers have offered is a mirror to reflect back to those who where able to realize, their own true selves. Surely whatever length yugas are, is about semantics....yugas like everything else is mind trying to get a handle on what it can never grasp: one hand clapping.

Steve said...

Thanks Les, for the Dutt reference.
I will check it out, at a first glance it sounds good.



VW. hariciti

Visible said...

There's a new Profiles in Evil up-

The Rothschilds; the Dark Lord's Blood Bank.

Miriam said...

MV~ I am touched for having touched you...we are all one and move in one mind of the One...what a rush, lol.

Indeed, Thank YOU!

wv~vineure~ realizing we are all part of the Vine, lol.

Miriam said...

wrote a beautiful poem...beginning~
"old grand sky
mother earth
fathers reach
healing hurt
livings worth
mending temple..."

simply, thank you...

bholanath said...

Captain Spadgett-

There are two Ramayanas, one by Valmiki (older sankrit version) and the medieval Hindi language one called Ramcharitmanas composed by Tulsi Das, which is the predominantly used one in India (and the West) for cultural purposes.
Best translation of Ramcharitmanas, IMO, is by R. C. Prasad, published by Motilal Banarsidas.

There is also a modern English version, lavishly illustrated, of the Valmiki Ramayana by Ranchor Prime (Prabhupada disciple), published by Welcome Rain.
Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Just moves me to no end. Thanks, "Vis". You deserve a new Stratocaster for that one...


Steve said...

Thanks Bholanath, that helps a lot and I respect your opinion also.


Anonymous said...

thanks miriam....neil

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up-

If it isn't Israel then it must be Space Aliens or Monsters.

Anonymous said...

I'm of the mind that everything is under the control of the Benevolent, save for humanities own free will actions and choices... regardless of what we do, however, all things ultimately work towards one end. The ubiquitous hand of God operates unseen and in plain sight.

It seems these times are much easier to take for those who are of faith and belief; my beliefs were formed by my experiences. The enjoyment you experience during this time - or lack thereof - is determined by the choices you make; we must all acknowledge a certain level of personal responsibility. These times have brought me to a place of simplicity. My life becomes more and more simple by the day. A small example being my diet which is now almost exclusively macrobiotic with a few nuances here and there. I would encourage everyone, especially those of you who're fearful, to clear away all the unnecessary things from your life now before you are forced to do so. Simplify your life as much as possible. You'd be surprised to learn what you can live without.

I know many feel understandably uneasy, fearful and concerned in light of current events. Some of us want to make what we see as practical preparations; emergency kits, iodide, food storage, etc. - making whatever material adjustments we see as necessary to prepare for the inevitable. You do whatever puts your conscience at ease. But whatever you decide to do, know that you must put God first. If you don't put God first, if you don't make God your priority before all other things then be warned that all the preparations you make will surely return to you empty and useless.

Every time you catch yourself feeling fearful or discouraged, reach out to love. Be an expression of love, kindness and compassion for others. In Gandhi's words: "Become the change you wish to see in the world."

If you don't feel the love of God in your life then place yourself in a position where you're capable of receiving it. Divine love is always ready to receive all seekers (waiting in perfect stillness for you with an everlasting patience), the question you need to ask yourself is, are YOU ready to accept it? Facing that kind of sublimity can be (to put it mildly) uncomfortable for those who are unprepared - maybe that's one effect of the accelerando we're experiencing right now. Jesus instructed everyone to receive the kingdom of Heaven as a child. When we can embody the purity and sincerity of a child, we're able to fully embrace the love of the Divine in our hearts. Think back to the mind and the heart you had as a child (simplicity is a manifestation of this.) Think of the things you enjoyed as a child. And even if your childhood was less than idyllic there's still a place within you that remains uncorrupted; is of pristine awareness; is unaffected by the filters created by worldliness, by preconceived notions and bias. Try to get in touch with that place now. If you can nurture that place within and attain full awareness of it you will find yourself in a position to receive God's love and you will understand that there is nothing to fear. Therein my beloved, lies all the help and protection you'll ever need.

Two final contradictions: That 'someone' humanity has been waiting for is indeed here (whose presence advances as we speak), and at once, we are the One's we've been waiting for.


Anonymous said...

Hey Les!

Nice post. I love your take on symbolism and the importance of same. It's lost on modern man. Alvin Boyd Kuhn banged his head against the wall trying to convince those interested that symbolism is the KEY to understanding ancient religious writings.
But alas, here we are and the world is still believing in cannibalism to save itself.

Always green and growing!

Hare Krishna!

Anonymous said...

wow 5:10 anonymous! your link took me to a discourse on the Terri Schiavo television murder in plain site... and a person there was responding to the 15 year old boy really resonating with them killing her by starvation... her story about her siblings and their families killing their mom for profit is what was just getting started for me, culminating in the same thing happening to my husband four years later. Getting 'put to sleep' for everyone but your widow and son to profit off of your death.

2005 was a ramping up of the anti-life's blatancy if not in their actions. Now they're really getting hopping mad... I hope that ramps up and the spotlights just fry their hopping selves right into krispy kritters.

Duck... and cover... try not to be there as much as possible as the energies ramp up and exposures as to what others really are and do result in some really shocking experiences.

Erin Parsley said...

Okay, I've recovered ...

This post left me speechless.  What a beautiful way to explain the true path: to align ones life with the Divine, and become an expression of the avatar.  

Very inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, ...pierre, 4:32 AM

...never did like 'the oils' more so when Garrett entered parliament - what a farce.


Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Visible's Primer on Basic Economics and Prosperity.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Humanity collectively, and many of us individually, are at a threshold between worlds. The world we are entering is both a new world for us, and a long-forgotten realm. As we step into it, we can be each other's welcoming committee. We can do for each other what a guru does for a disciple: hold each other in the knowing of who we really are, and teach each other how to live there. Each of us, as we experience our own piece of the age of reunion, becomes a guide to a small part of that vast new territory."
MORE: Across the Threshold

Visible said...

Thank you Peter, that's a nice tease. I'll give it a look. Hope you're doing well.

Paul Birchard said...

"I have come not to teach but to awaken. Understand therefore that I lay down no precepts.

"Throughout eternity I have laid down principles and precepts, but mankind has ignored them. Man's inability to live God's words makes the Avatar's teaching a mockery. Instead of practising the compassion he taught, man has waged crusades in his name. Instead of living the humility, purity and truth of his words, man has given way to hatred, greed and violence.

"Because man has been deaf to the principles and precepts laid down by God in the past, in this present avataric form I observe Silence. You have asked for and been given enough words — it is now time to live them. To get nearer and nearer to God you have to get further and further away from "I", "My", and "Mine". You have not to renounce anything but your own self. It is as simple as that, though found to be almost impossible. It is possible for you to renounce your limited self by my Grace. I have come to release that Grace.

"I repeat, I lay down no precepts. When I release the tide of Truth which I have come to give, men's daily lives will be the living precept. The words I have not spoken will come to life in them.

"I veil myself from man by his own curtain of ignorance, and manifest my Glory to a few. My present avataric Form is the last Incarnation of this cycle of time, hence my Manifestation will be the greatest. When I break my Silence, the impact of my Love will be universal and all life in creation will know, feel and receive of it. It will help every individual to break himself free from his bondage in his own way. I am the Divine Beloved who loves you more than you can ever love yourself. The breaking of my Silence will help you to help yourself in knowing your real self.

"All this world confusion and chaos was inevitable and no one is to blame. What had to happen has happened; and what has to happen will happen. There was and is no way out except through my coming in your midst. I had to come, and I have come. I am the Ancient One."

- Meher Baba's Universal Message

Visible said...

Beautiful... Thank you! On that note I will now put up the next Origami (grin).



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