Thursday, February 27, 2014

To Track the Footsteps of the Master.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

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In keeping with practical technique for making contact with the ineffable, I'd like to give you this meditation from The Way to the Kingdom. I'm going to put the following meditation and a prayer up as well because I know that even though the reader has had the opportunity to read the book, most have not done so. This could be for any number of reasons but... those who consider themselves Christians would be much assisted by these teachings.

So... here's number one.


Do you truly want to come speedily and eternally into your
own—that which you came here into manifestation to

Then meditate earnestly and persistently day after day on
the below—ten minutes or more on the first part, until you
realize its Truth:

In the ONE MIND there is the consciousness only of
wholeness, completion, and perfection. In it there are no
ideas of lack or limitation of supply of any kind.

To every center of that Mind—and every human mind is
such a center—there flows naturally every needed idea,
even as air rushes into a vacuum, or as the blood carries to
every cell of the body everything needed for their growth
and sustenance.

Remember, that One Mind is in You—Is YOUR MIND—
as there is only One Mind.

Also remember, by your realization of this great Truth, and
making it the dominant fact in your consciousness, are you
and your Father truly One. For it unites your consciousness
with His Consciousness, He who is your REAL SELF,and Whose Mind is the ONLY Mind (of course it does for you are then in His Consciousness); and therefore You. ARE all that He is, and ALL THAT HE HAS IS YOURS. Once believe this—once KNOW it, and you will be free from ALL lack and limitation FOREVER.
Then after trying to realize intensely the Truth of the above
by thus meditating and letting it soak into your
subconsciousness, let the following flood your conscious-
ness for ten minutes more:

Be still, my child, and know I am your Life, your Health,
your Strength, your Understanding, your Supply, your
Power, your Love.

I am all these things—all these ideals you are seeking to be
and to have.

Oh, my child, can you not see you can have none of these
apart from Me—can get none without getting Me,—can get
them nowhere else but from Me, your Real, your ONLY
Self, who am all these things Now—and therefore You also
are these things Now, AND FOREVER MORE.
SEE this, beloved, and know the Truth of your Self.

Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I
will give you rest.

Can you not realize that this life in you, any portion of
health or strength or power or love or understanding that
you have, is not of yourself, but is of ME, who am all these
things IN you.

Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving
to be that which you are now, always were, and always will
be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go
completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have
full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all YOU need to do—I will do the rest.

Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word
abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely
come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance.


The following exercises are given for the development of
mental power within yourself.

Seat yourself in a chair, in your own room if possible, or in
one in which you will be undisturbed. Take a positive
position, sitting upright, but comfortably, so that you will
be as unconscious of your body as possible.

Now close your eyes and try to visualize the room as a
mental room, or one within your mind in which you are
going to fill full of and confine the mental qualities of
Discrimination, Strength, the Power to Concentrate, and
Truth, for your future and continuous use.

Then try to realize that you are actually a center of God's
consciousness, for in His consciousness we all live, move
and have our being; and that this mind which you call your
mind is a center or focal point of His Mind—just as the
consciousness of each cell of your body is a center or focal
point of your mind—and that therefore deep within your
mind there must be always present and ever available God's
Love, Intelligence and Power; in fact, all that God Is in His

Now try to "see" this Consciousness—the Holy Love or
Spirit of God—pouring forth from deep within and flowing
through and radiating from you to all other centers of His
Consciousness as a brilliant White Light; which Light in
very truth is the Spiritual Self to one who has the inner
sight, for It is the Light which lighteth every man that
cometh into the world. Therefore realize that you are that
Light, and that your mind being a part of God's Mind, you
can consciously and actually call forth from within that
Mind—if motivated and accompanied only by unselfish
Love—any needed quality, for in It of course exist all God

Therefore "see" your Light ever shining and going thus
before you, lighting fully your path and making everything
so clear that no possible shadow can intrude to deceive or
hinder your perfect spiritual sight and hence your fullest
understanding. This gives true Discrimination.

Likewise, to your right see this Light radiating and pouring
forth from you into the mental atmosphere of that part of
your room as the Strength of Divine Mind, ever ready to
support and sustain you in any need, and to enable you to
do anything you wish to do.

While on your left see the great Light of Truth likewise
flowing forth to fill that part of your mentality, so that
whenever you need to know anything, no matter what, it is
ever ready to flood your consciousness and to make all
clear to you.

And then back of you, see this great Light from within
pouring forth and filling that part of your mentality with the
Power to concentrate and focus it, whenever you want to
direct your mind upon any given idea or to any desired end.
Just see this Light as a mighty Power ever back of you,
waiting to pour through your consciousness (as through a
funnel) in which is held the idea you wish clearly to
understand or the picture that you wish to outmanifest—
whenever you call upon this Power to direct the Light of
Divine Mind upon it. See your intellect or visioning faculty
(located in the front of your mind back of center of
forehead) serving as a lens to focus the Light and reflect the
perfect picture in the outer realms of consciousness or of
physical manifestation.

Just as the light pours through the small lens of a magic
lantern, when you turn on the electric power, and throws
the picture on the" plate upon the screen, so will this
Power, when you thus consciously direct it with intense
purpose, cause the Light, Life and Substance of Divine
Mind to pour into and through the idea or picture you are
holding in your mind and will outmanifest it either as a
perfect knowing or as the fulfillment of your desire.

Study this last carefully and prove it, for it can be used to
acquire any needed wisdom, power or ability, or to create
and make manifest any righteous thing or condition. But be
very sure you have the approval of your Higher Self of that
which you wish manifested; for it should never be
attempted unless inspired by a loving desire to help
someone or to fit yourself for the Father's use.

This rounds out your mentality, filling it full of those
qualities that you want ever available for use. Any other
qualities can be similarly brought forth and made available.

The practice of actually calling forth these qualities from
within you and "seeing" them surrounding you and filling
your mental room, thereby creates an aura that will always
surround and protect you. For it will be of such high
vibration, because of the brilliancy of its Light and the
Power of Love radiating from it, that none of the forces of
darkness can penetrate or even approach. The powers of
Discrimination and Truth thus built into your aura will
instantly detect any inimical or inharmonious vibrations
and enable you to know how to deal with them.

This practice also will gradually, if you do it faithfully day
after day, make you conscious of the mighty Power you are,
and of the wonderful instrument you have in this mind of
yours, as you learn to make it obey your slightest
command. This is what is meant above where it said that
these exercises are for the development of mental power
within yourself; they are that you may not only develop
power, but that you may become Power, may learn to know
Who you are and of What you are a part. But always
remember that Power and Knowledge avail nothing unless
Love inspires and directs their use.

And here is the prayer;


BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus; and
Thou, our dear Brothers of the Kingdom,—hear this our
earnest prayer.

Draw us in Consciousness deep within where Thou art,
where self exists not, and where we may be one with and
abide with Thee in Christ.

Help us to open wide our hearts and let out the Great Love,
that It may possess us utterly, may rule, motivate and
inspire our every thought, word and act, merging us
completely into Love, thereby enabling us to love as Thou
lovest, to see as Thou seest, to hear as Thou hearest; lifting
the consciousness of our human minds into complete
oneness with our Christ Consciousness—Thy Conscious-
ness; so that henceforth we can consciously, at will, be with
Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee, face to face, at
all times and on all planes, when the need is in the Father's
service; and may know with Thy Understanding all things
we seek and need to know.

Cleanse us of all consciousness of self and of separation
from Thee, so that our Lord Christ henceforth may live His
Life in us, do His Will in us, be His Self in us, without let
or hindrance of any kind, for evermore. BELOVED Father, make us to abide always in Thy Consciousness, and Thy Word to abide in us, giving us ever of Thy Wisdom to light and direct our way; Thy Will to strengthen and sustain us; and Thy Love to surround, protect and fill us; so that we may see Thee, dear Christ, may feel Thee, may know Thee, may be truly One with Thee, everywhere, in everything, and in every one of our brothers.

We thank and glorify Thee, Beloved Father, for Thy many
blessings. Take us wholly unto Thyself, so that we may be
selfless and perfect instruments for Thy use.

In Christ Jesus' Name, we ask it, AMEN.

I used to practice these sometimes twice a day but at least once; the prayer always at night before retiring. This along with The Pattern on the Trestleboard and The Emerald Tablet used to take me all the way from Haiku to Lahaina each morning. Yeah... you can even do this driving if everything is properly memorized.

We are the living product of what we let into our heads each day; the thoughts we allow to form us. Much of this is social conditioning and we submit to it because we want something out of it. It is always our option to be in charge of which sugar plums dance in our minds. This is accomplished by an unremitting persistence in doing it. Like any discipline there may be 'difficulty at the beginning' but once it takes, it does itself. It's no longer work when it becomes part of you AND... IF character is fate, it certainly serves that one should do as much as possible to build a good character out of themselves. Marcus Aurelius was very big on this. He considered it to be the most worthwhile of tasks, above all others. Of course, he was not alone in these beliefs.

We are all about what we allow to shape us. If we just flow along with the flotsam and jetsam; the detritus, we'll eventually wind up in the Sargasso Sea (metaphorically speaking). If you are directional then... you wind up wherever that direction leads. Rudderless, you are at the mercy of the prevailing winds and the constantly changing moods of the sea. It's mathematical is what it is. This is the good news and the bad news.

What you imprint on your mind takes residence in the subconscious and it then resonates up into the conscious mind. It sets the tone and frequency of your being. It's in your hands, whose hands you put yourself in. Whatever crimes you may be guilty of is unimportant if you put yourself in the right hands. That will all get worked out as expeditiously as your intensity, Love and surrender make possible. The trick of it is to cut the past loose completely, insofar as it has any operational jurisdiction in your heart and mind. This is a very important thing; regret, recrimination and whatever amount of a lack of self worth ...are a heavy drag on progress. You got to cut everything loose. What is supposed to stay with you, will...

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Monday, February 24, 2014

Demodex Mites and the Power of Bhakti.

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♫Good morning! Good morning! Good morning! ♫ And… what a fine early Spring morning it is. Light is streaming through the window and one day it will be streaming through me and you. That’s something to think about. It’s a motivational standby for those times when you feel down. There is light up ahead for all of us, SHOULD WE WISH to take that route. This is what I mean when I talk about the reality that we don’t accomplish the great work on our own. We do play a part though. We align ourselves with the power that, through perpetuity, magnetically draws and attracts all seekers after light. It also walks toward the light at all times, along the course of history. It is like slipstreams. Sometimes, through fortunate Karma, you get drawn into the slipstream of a great soul. That’s something to seek after too. They’re around, often in disguise, or concealed in the shrubbery of appearances. Sometimes they are at a far remove, due to the pervasive materialism of the times.

If you go looking for them, interesting things can happen. You might travel all over the planet in search of a great souled one and find nothing but pretenders and charlatans for your trouble. Then you run across him or her in the most unexpected location and wonder at all the troubles and changes you went through that now seem to have been unnecessary but… things that happened and which prepared you for the later meeting were critical events, without which the encounter might not have occurred. Or it might have been predestined but then… likely, so were all the initial forays.

Here is the literal truth about this sort of thing. The majority of people are dabblers, day trippers and weekend warriors. They’re like part time hippies. They put on the outfit and they head off for The Haight (back in the day) and when Monday comes they are back to whatever Monday wants… ♫Monday, Monday, can’t trust that day♫ The difficulty of the search is to weed out the dabblers and the rest.. There’s no getting around the tests. If you wonder why there are so few legitimate organs of truth, this is why. You can always find a politician, a guitar player, a new age huckster or a whore.

The thing to keep in mind is that, although we are all tested differently, based on our own peculiar collection of shortcomings and strengths, vices and virtues, we are never tested beyond our capacity and we get to take the same tests over and over again, should we fail, up to a point. Sometimes the meter simply runs out and a test is no longer required. Yeah, that actually happens and sometimes through grace or for any number of inexplicable reasons, you get a fortunate bump. The ways of the ineffable are mysterious.

I like to say that there are many ways up a mountain but, when you get to the top you can see all the ways down. What that means is that you also get to see the way you came and all the points of interest that happened on the way. The things that are hidden from us are only hidden for so long. The concealment is necessary for our development. If we knew too much about ourselves, we might give up, despairing of success because we are likely to judge ourselves more severely than the ineffable does. On the other hand we might simply lay back a cruise when something more is expected of us.

Some of us are creatures of unusual destiny and other souls are tied to our progress. We might not, technically, deserve what happens to us but… what happens to us has to do with the redemption of others. There are all sorts of dynamics in play. Not knowing what it’s all about can be directly tied into that. As has been said here a number of times, the ineffable likes to play hide and seek. The ineffable has a brilliant sense of humor and that can be a fantastic thing and it can be a terrible thing. The ineffable cannot be understood in any ordinary sense and this is a huge stumbling block for those who think they know who the ineffable is and what he’s up to. Should you be so fortunate as to be in communication with an agent of the ineffable, you have to imagine that the difference between you is like that of a Demodex mite and Leonardo Da Vinci or Nicola Tesla. It’s much bigger than that of course but I thought some idea of scale might help.

One has to embrace the mindset that the ineffable is always right and always has your best interests at heart. This is one of the most difficult things to accomplish and it hinders our forward progress (when we don't) because we get into the analysis of everything and the best we are ever going to come up with is how things make sense according to our perceptions. The perceptions of the ineffable are far, far beyond our own and trying to understand or anticipate the plot is quite simply beyond your abilities, my abilities and the abilities of any man or woman who ever lived. Now, some have known some portion of the plot and the factors involved but that is only because we were told, for some reason or another.

It is true that our knowledge and capacity for wisdom is limited but… we have access to the vast storehouse of the wisdom and knowledge of the ages, if… we know how to access it or we have made the right connections. For some, the sort of connections they want to make are here and god help you. We have access to that which we have the capacity to understand and to the degree that we are surrendered into the assurance that the ineffable is directly involved in everything that happens to us, to that degree we are capable of realizing certain understandings. Think of it like closing your eyes and observing the darkness of the mind. Imagine a pinpoint of light, there in the darkness, directly in front of you or, above and behind you. Now imagine that every time you seek the divine, every ‘sincere’ spiritual discipline you perform and every good and selfless act you engage in, that you are making that pinpoint of light larger and larger. At some point it will flood your mind. It’s an irreversible mathematical process. You can’t fail if you don’t give up.

The reason that the agents of darkness set out to trap us through our passions and appetites is for the purpose of making us hate ourselves. We have to understand that our personal weaknesses are a part of the plot and that everything about us, everything that composes us, are only incidental to the fact that the ineffable loves us, unequivocally and without qualification. As we become more capable of loving others, our ability to appreciate that increases. Here is only one of the truly important things about the path of Bhakti, besides the fact that it is the most efficient and expeditious route in Kali Yuga and that is, you develop a personal relationship with the ineffable and to the extent that you love the ineffable, to that degree and a whole lot more, does the ineffable love you. All the other yogas are yogas of persistent industry which, in the end, will only lead you to Bhakti anyway… or should, unless you get trapped in siddhi magic, self importance or any of one of the pitfalls that wait along the route. Bhakti will save you from many of these because Love is involved. Do not under estimate the power of Love and its conscious and protective awareness of you, even though it is impossible not to (grin).

Practice the loving presence. Go about your every action in the atmosphere of the mental awareness of being in the divine presence. Act as if the ineffable is always with you because that is true, regardless of your inability to recognize it. Go about with this awareness and let Love flood your heart and in time, sooner or later, all this will be proven true. If you’re not a dabbler, a day tripper or a weekend warrior, my personal opinion is that you are good to go for as long as the going is good, insofar as intention is such.

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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Second Coming and the Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus.

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I'll probably catch it for my cavalier disregard for a particular, mysterious area of scientific apparati (further on), if certain apparatchiks see this (grin) but... my take on Alchemy is more out of the school of Hermes Trismegistus, from whom the word 'Hermetic' is derived. Here's what he had to say about it:

If one could understand the 'embedded' revelatory message in that cryptic statement, given the interior tap on the shoulder by 'The Guardian Angel', one would need to comprehend nothing more in the scheme of things. Transiting into one's light body (building one's light body) dissolves all Karma. Of course, Karma would affect one's capacity for intensity and surrender, or whether one ever got near the process in the first place but... these are exceptional times. So, I don't have much use for this sort of a setup, my own work goes on in The Adytum, under the aegis of The Holy Guardian Angel.

The symbolism in this card explains it all, for those willing to understand:

The Temperance Card, Case Deck
The Temperance Card, Case Deck

The aspirant actually does nothing themselves, they simply stay in a particular state of focus, while the work is done within them by the angel. Whatever work any of us might have done in the process, all goes on prior to the process going into action. In other words, we become the sort of person this sort of thing happens to. So... you could say that you played a part in getting to where you got but... since all power comes from one place and is on loan for whatever purpose it is that it is applied to well... we can't take credit for much, unless it is permitting action to take place and not interfering in it. That's how I exercise free will.

More than several years ago we were talking about these things. Every day we talk about these things, with rare off days. Every day we rise from our slumbers; though most of us continue to slumber, somnambulistically in dreams of appetite, lurching like Zombies or Frankensteinian constructs, from the lunch counters to the sexual hologram, virtual reality body socks, with all those Vaseline swabbed electrode connectors; "Clear! zzzzzzzzt! Clear, zzzzzzzzzzzzt!"

Anyone who thinks this culture isn't going down the toilet, hasn't seen the truly sinister implications of Twitter, which is why the elite and their government whores are so hot on it; hasn't seen the fifteen thousand dollar mechanical sex dolls, or is unaware of what's going on in all those research labs at the moment. We possess the technology, right now, to turn this planet into a paradise on Earth but all the research is focused on military uses, poisonous microbes and how to avoid curing terminal diseases and disorders by creating ever more toxic pharmaceuticals to shut down the symptomatic side of things. Just as was the case in Atlantis and Lemuria, the technological progress outstripped the general morality. The workers were on one side and the scientific elite were on the other and whoops!

Prior to this occurring, those in possession of the ancient wisdoms and... there's always those who are, retreated into sanctuary, in The Andes, in the Himalayas and other locations. Usually there are seven zones designated as areas of continuance and those also designated are usually in those zones when the time comes for rolling up the performance stage. In the Sufi teachings they say, 'When a particular demonstration is called for, the stage is set and all the actors (Karmically motivated to appear) show up and the interplay takes place. Once the drama is complete, the stage hands and grips, step in and break down the stage, as they have done many, many times before and they move on to the next location.' or something like that. That is all life is composed of here, a continuous series of demonstrations put on with the intent of awakening those who see them and those engaged in them.

This is The Combat Zone. It is The Romance Zone. It is the Suffering Zone. It is The Purification Zone. It is The Pleasure Zone. It is the Ignorance Zone. It is The Zone of Enlightenment. Once again I bring your attention to the difference between regenerated innocence and senility. This is the reason that the corrupt elite see to it that fluoride and aluminum are plentifully prominent in water, in the air, in cooking pots and pans so as to affect the pineal gland, which has all kinds of spiritual possibilities. Under the right disciplines, a yellow pyramid is constructed out of a kind of brain sand in the area of the pineal and this connects to the opening of The Third Eye and all kinds of tangential wonders. Of course, the details are unimportant to a Bhakti Yogi, though they are probably significant to the industries of The Raja and Jnana Yoga practitioners. The state of Jnana is added in automatically in the practice of Bhakti and so is everything else you would ever need or want.

It is said that one can walk the path of knowledge and scholastic inquiry, rising up on the paths of the tree all the way to the greatest states but... will still have to return to gain the wisdom of love that is the province of the heart. However, those who follow the path of the heart have all of the other given to them automatically. It's something to think about. The teaching and path of The Christ is all about this and he talks concerning it all through his teaching period. I wish to point out something very important at this juncture. Christ was the avatar of the Piscean Age and in that period the highest expression of Love was sacrifice. Now we are entering the Aquarian Age and the expression of Love in this period is, 'brotherhood'. Things change. Of course 'the' Christ spoke about that too. So let us consider the concept of the Second Coming, which has various meanings, depending on who you ask. My take... what I have been told by those who never lie, which does not mean that I always understand what I am told, is that the Second Coming will occur within the collective hearts of humanity. He's not scheduled to appear in the sky to the sound of trumpets, surrounded by angels and attended by all the Hollywood hoopla that certain fanciful minds are expecting. This is not to say that there will be no external manifestations, in counterpoint, to the internal appearance, only that any of that is incidental to the important dynamic.

This Second Coming is only going to occur in the hearts prepared for it. Something entirely different will be going on everywhere else. “According to your faith be it done to you.” is the operative phrase. So... what does all of this mean? It means that all you have to do is be in that mental and emotional state of preparedness required for the appearance of the one. This is the same requirement for the performance of the Operation of the Sun, of which Hermes Trismegistus speaks in The Emerald Tablet. All that is required of you is your willingness to engage and your continued efforts in that direction to that end. "Wherever your treasure is, there the desires of your heart will also be." and one might also say, "in whatever location your treasures are present, there you will eventually wind up." You can add to this the Chinese maxim, "character is fate." This is why those of us so disposed, work on ourselves. We don't actually accomplish anything by that because our shortcomings are time sensitive... but we do attract the attention of the ones who are responsible for bringing desired change about.

We're being observed all the time and every request, prayer and appeal is heard. They are all most fully answered when we are in that mindset where we just, by faith, automatically are assured that everything we ask for or about, was known to the one petitioned, before it was even asked and answered as soon as it was asked if not sooner. It might have to precipitate into manifestation and it might never happen but in that latter case, it would be because that is what we really wanted, whether we knew it or not. Or something else might show up in its place because that was what we really wanted; how it works.

If we knew, how it is and what it is, it would all be remarkably simple. It is complex because we have made ourselves complex and that... that is the beauty of Bhakti, or becoming a slave to Love and a devotee to the source of all Love. When this is true on your part, the source of all Love becomes a slave to you; how it works. It's simple and does away with all the complications we have collectively turned our existence into. "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." That's what the King James version says. Look at all the other variants available in all the different morphing into translation. What is that about 'dividing' the truth? Shouldn't that word be 'divining'. Possibly that is what it was but... I don't know, do I?

End Transmission.......

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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quarantine the Negative at a Far Remove

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

There is one feature of the mind that causes more havoc and is responsible for more mishaps and regrettable events than any other feature and that is the reactive mind. That is the part of your mind, which through programming, Karmic makeup and learned experience, causes one to respond to life situations a certain way and nearly exclusively without thinking about it first. Mastery is all but guaranteed through control of the reactive mind. An end to all personal conflicts is all but guaranteed through control of the reactive mind, with the exception of internal conflicts that is (grin), however, anyone who is capable of controlling the reactive mind is likely to have already resolved their internal conflicts (grin).

This is one of the valuable keys that goes hand in hand (in a platonic sense) with standing guard at the gateway of the mind. You have to think about the relationship as that of a stoic gentleman standing there holding the hand of a hyperactive child. The child keeps trying to pull away because every sensation requires a response but... the stoic gentleman keeps restraining the child and eventually the child has been 'groomed' but... in a good way and no longer darts into metaphorical traffic every time he (if you are a Republican), or she (if you are a Democrat) hears a car horn, or gets offered a piece of candy or a lap to sit on.

Now, of course, you could simply drill into the skull of the child and sever the connections between the frontal lobe and the rest of the brain. That is a quick and certain route, or you could take the long way round and sit them down in front of a television, or simply enroll them into the education system. I prefer to accomplish this sort of thing by internal means and avoid all the invasive quick fixes but... to each their own.

So... let's see where we are at this point. You have the self conscious awareness, on the one hand, personified as a Spartan Guard, like one of those cats at Thermopylae and that meme is using the flat of his sword to knock thoughts to one side or the other as they approach the entrance to the mind and then you also have the self consciousness in another personification, that of a stoical and inflexibly focused man who has a sure and unbreakable grip on the hand of a hypertensive child. This might parallel the (for some) very difficult act of chewing gum and patting one's head at the same time. With these two personifications activated, the mind becomes stilled like frozen quicksilver, or you could think of it as a silver mirror, reflecting any image that comes before it. With the mind in this suspended state, the heart can generate its heat and cook the silver of the mirror until it, with the addition of one or two things we won't go into at the moment, turns into gold (the heart swallows the mind and exalts Love in both locations which... are one) and then you are good to go without having to move in any direction at all. Broad Daylight Awareness is a natural byproduct to this process, as is the activation of the intuition, both of which come into play well before the final process, which is outlined here in my infantile characterization of it. I should mention that there are other byproducts but we won't go into them at this time either.

This is the exceptionally good news that attends proper attention, given to a sincere pursuit of the ineffable. The ineffable is quite a trickster. Many people don't want to hear that, especially the 'old white guy in the sky with a beard' group, actually fundies of any stripe from any faith. This is where it pays many dividends to accept that the ineffable is incomprehensible. The ineffable is playing hide and seek all the time. There was a time when the ineffable was a single unity, in the time preceding coming into manifestation. Then, out of a Love too deep and too vast and too great as to ever be possible to define, or explain, the ineffable broke itself up into millions and millions of pieces and scattered itself far and wide and it hid itself from itself, in all these glittering shards of ineffableness and what happens following that, is that then the ineffable engages in gathering all of those scattered pieces of itself back into itself again. I go into this process in my song, God in Country by Les Visible♫ The Love ♫.

I received an email this morning from a reader who hasn't shown up in the comments section. This is the case with many, or they only go to Facebook. He told me about a blogger whom all of you have heard of- and whom I am not going to name, who is now saying that Hope is a myth, there is no Hope and probably believes that Faith is a waste of time too. He was not this way before. He is now. We are being sorted, tried and tested and it results in things like this. Don't let it happen to you. Here's something brief to close out the subject with:

Snordster reads an excerpt from Visible's Origami:
Hothousing the Orchid of Love

Watch and comment on this video on YouTube

What I am trying to present, portray, delineate, deconstruct and hypothesize (maybe not all of those terms but the listing of them got away from me once I got started) on and which has been under discussion for much of the last two weeks, is that everything of any importance is going on inside you, or waiting to be going on inside you. You don't need books, you don't need religions, you don't need... uh... you don't need any of these things. If you are going in the other direction, what it's like, in a way, is the need for sexual aids, leading from the primary and basic selection of dildos and cock rings, Viagra etc., to bondage apparatuses, piercing and hanging rigs, tight rubber and neoprene clothing. This is the direction you move in once love has left the equation. Satiation becomes more and more difficult, bigger thrills are required. You start wondering what it might be like to have a threesome with Pinhead. You start putting plastic bags over your head or tying a noose around your neck, searching for David Caradine and sometimes you die, or sometimes someone else dies, if you are one of those Alpha Pervs who starts out as a rough sex aficionado and migrates to the darker ends, where satiation is only achieved through the termination of your willing or unwilling partner.

When you go wrong, when you stray, sometimes it's in a small way. Sometimes, initially, you don't know that you've strayed. That's the problem with moral relativism, the various interpretations of Humanism, Revisionist History. Sometimes you stray just by believing something that you were told which isn't true and that leads to another lie and another lie, until you are deep in the forest and you can't remember having gotten off the path. How did you even know you were lost? Perhaps someone told you but you don't remember actually hearing it.

Just about every one of us has lies in our larder and that is why all thought has to be cast out. First of all because we don't really know anything, we just think we do and second of all because there are concepts and beliefs that are lodged way off camera and we operate according to them, as if they were true and most of the time we're unaware that they are influencing our thought and we can't remember how it was that we came to believe these things that most of the time we don't even recall and we certainly can't remember when it was that we verified these things... if... we ever did.

A true Hermetic scientist questions everything. He/she probes and penetrates into the heart of everything and values an impartial, objective perspective above even their most cherished dreams, which they will sacrifice without thought if it means seeing more clearly into them. We need to know WHY we think as we do, why we believe what we believe and how we came to think and believe that way. Just exactly how did any of that happen to us? How did we come by these cherished dreams? How did we come by our faculties of cherishing and loathing what some, or many others have the exact opposite interpretation of?

These are all things having to do with self inquiry. These are all part and parcel of self discovery. These are all things that mask our true self and nothing masks us more than our personality. In most cases, what is shining through most people's personalities is more darkness than light. The personality is meant to be a stained glass window through which the inner light shines. The inner reactive and rebellious self must be subdued in order for this to happen. The shadow has to be pulled down from the lens where it is blocking the light. What is it that is keeping the light from pouring out of us? That is certainly a question that needs asking AND answering.

We only seem to want to proceed to a certain point and the moment our inquiries and our search gets in the way of basic desires, we back off. We back off the moment they put us at risk... because our thoughts start to become dangerous in this hostile climate, where truth is a hungry refugee in the darkness of material night. The moment there is any chance that we might lose our standing in the eyes of people we've been close to but who are unlikely to tolerate controversial or revolutionary ideas, we backpedal. Sometimes we tell them we were only joking, "Come on, you didn't think I actually meant that? I was just testing you." I do certain things sometimes in my awkward and hamhanded way to see if there's more going on behind the obvious than is showing itself.

We've been being assaulted of late by organized trolls who fit the profile for the new collectives of them, who are in the pay of vested interests. They are going after any sites that have any kind of readership above a certain level. I remind the reader to be aware of their coming and going and the obvious games being employed. They are more to be pitied than censured and their impotence is a reality.

Far too many people are trapped in a world of externalities. Everything they think they know is based on connections they draw between one thing and another and define... either in the pursuit of acceptance, or controversy ...and both of which are motivated by personal gain. Their whole life is on the outside of them and inside? Inside is a vast and unexplored land of mystery; a land of mystery where all of the real answers are. Too bad they can't be bothered to look there, because there's no financial gain to be had, or it's likely to cause waves inside whatever small wading pool of the status quo they happen to be cavorting in, with their water wings on. Is anyone really safe and if they are, who are they and why? First you have to define safe and that might just lead to another Biblical quote, "For whosoever will save his life shall lose it: and whosoever will lose his life for my sake shall find it." that doesn't sound very safe, depending on how you interpret it. At the same time, perhaps that is where real safety resides, especially given that the Sword of Damocles hangs over every head and given that mortality is the unavoidable inheritance of everyone who has not discovered how to avoid it.

I am less and less likely to migrate to Maui with each passing day and more and more likely to migrate to my original destination a few hundred K from here. As I pointed out, I said I was going there to force the hand of the cosmos. Unless something truly serendipitous opens up there, Maui is increasingly unlikely.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, February 15, 2014

The Intuition, the Mind and the Inevitability of White Water

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The air that we breathe... you often hear that you can go without food for so long and water for only a few days but you seldom hear about how long you can go without breath. Breathing and how we do it, reflects our state of being. When people are uptight, someone might say, "Take a deep breath". Breath control is one of the secrets of mind control. You hear about techniques and various yogic disciplines have various practices and those might be well and good, I wouldn't know. What I do know is that one night when I was in prison I laid down on my bunk and began breathing, just to breathe and the essential pattern found itself and became one of the most ecstatic experiences of my life. It was orgasmic, head to toe, interpenetrated by a high keening serenity. It was amazing. I've had that happen a few times. It makes me wonder, right this moment why I don't seek to do it and haven't sought to in some time. There are elements of the mind put in place to distract us. You pick them up the same way you get pop-up ads and spyware on your computer.

I've mentioned my feelings about "A Course in Miracles" several times and anyone who researches the origin of this book will come to the same conclusions I did, presuming that they are in possession of a rational mind. One of the biggest cheerleaders for this new age hokum is the Zionist, Marianne Williamson, who has finally come out of the closet in respect of her real intention, which is to go to congress, representing one of the richest enclaves in America, which is also a heavy Tribe demographic. I mention this only to point out that a serious disconnect in human consciousness is responsible for people listening to politicians and religious hucksters who make all kinds of promises and deliver none of them. This is how it goes and you would be hard pressed to find exceptions.

False spiritual teachers and 'on the make' political types are very good at talking in sweeping generalities, when they are not weaving an aura of mystery around themselves. Bonafide spiritual techniques are to be had from every venue and you will note that the cost is never prohibitive because if it were they could not be bonafide spiritual techniques. Real spiritual teachers never allow for more than a certain amount of profit in their efforts because they wouldn't be real spiritual teachers otherwise. No real spiritual teacher is obscenely wealthy and even if they do have some amount of wealth, for whatever the reason, they use it in the service of others because that is how things work when they work effectively. True practitioners of the faith know all about the magical law that governs casting your bread upon the waters. When you live in the natural ebb and flow of existence, all of the good you do returns upon you. When you restrict the natural ebb and flow, or divert the waters into a particular area, for the purpose of self interest, you create a spiritual swamp of entropy.

Most of us are familiar with rules of conduct that are in force down here, though there are fewer with each passing day. Most of us are aware that there are laws of Nature, though they may not be aware of what all of them are. What most people are not aware of is a goodly number of undiscovered laws of Nature and higher laws that impact on us daily. To be in possession of an awareness of these laws is to be in a very fortunate state. How does one come into possession of the knowledge of these laws? One comes into the possession of them through the intuition. How does one activate the intuition? The practice of spiritual disciplines accomplishes this. The snorting technique accomplishes this because it pushes all of the competition to the intuition out of that arena in which the intuition operates and that would be the mind.

Once the intuition is operational to where one can hear it speaking, or feel it speaking (the means varies depending on personal makeup); sometimes one does not hear actual words but rather receives impressions. You come to know that the real intuitive force is at work by the quality of the information received. If your behavior, your desires and your appetites go contrary to the values of the intuition, the intuition will depart. You might not know it has departed because something is still there talking to you, only it isn't the intuition. It is now a voice that tells you what you want to hear because that is the voice you would prefer to listen to.

I'm sure many of you have wondered why some measurable number of politicians and people of various stripes of relative importance, do not walk away from what they are daily engaged in because they can no longer, in good conscience, continue in the corruption of their ways. One has to understand that all of the theaters in which these people operate are like sealed envelopes or large bubbles of controlled reality. Perception of facts is controlled. Perspectives are controlled and there is esoteric software in place that disables the conscience. When what is required of you goes against any and every standard of humanity, the voices in opposition must be silenced, or else you become ineffective at that which you are employed to do.

There is a fallacy of judgment in the minds of both the public and the movers and shakers, that with their power and position there comes a great freedom of being and movement. The truth is that they are rigidly controlled within strict parameters and the only freedom they have is the illusion of freedom. For a time, the distractions of wealth and position keep one well occupied with their demands but the time comes when that feeling of emptiness and the taste of ashes arrives. The time comes when one awakens all too frequently in the early hours before dawn, which, ironically is when Broad Daylight Consciousness likes to come around when it hasn't been invited. The time comes when one can feel a weight upon the shoulders and a sense that they are not alone. All of these things are the result of those unknown rules and laws mentioned earlier.

People think if they live by the known rules and laws that they are within the acceptable bounds of human behavior. There is a deal more going on than that. For instance, a known rule out of the East is to engage in right livelihood. There's no principle like that in the west. Most people would think that a job in food service is perfectly acceptable. What if that food injures the health of the consumer? Most people might think being in health services; being a doctor, a nurse, a researcher, are not only acceptable pursuits but honorable as well. What if the medicine you practice is injurious to the health of those it is practiced upon? What if many, many people die every year at the hands of these people? What if an alarming amount of these people do no more than work as agents of pharmaceutical companies? You can extrapolate this out into professions of all kinds. You are what you do aren't you? "By their works ye shall know them?"

I try to stress the critical importance of how the mind operates and what it gets focused on. The reason is because everything that happens in your life, is caused by or affected by what goes on in your mind. When you stand guard at the gateway of the mind, you control the flow of events and the general climate of your being. The same way that daily meditation sets the complexion for your individual days, a continuous awareness of what is going on in your mind allows you to be proactive AND preemptive. The entrance zone for all that is good AND evil is at the gateway of the mind and the heart. We are talking about thought and desire. Desire, as one should know, 'inflames' the mind; "but it feels so good, I just have to do it!", or you just have to have it, or be it, or whatever 'it' amounts to.

The world has certain principle duties, one is to distract you, the other is to drain you and let us not forget... to lie to you and entrap you. Nothing of what it offers is what it cracks up to be. Disappointment is hardwired into the DNA of just about everything. One is far better off in renouncing all the heartache to begin with but the pull... ah, the pull is so strong. It's one thing to swim with the current. It is quite another to navigate the white water with the same approach. We've all heard 'go with the flow', often the result is... Boom! Right into the abyss. This is why I try to continuously remember, "In all things walk thou contrary to the world".

You can go only so far without control of the mind and without it, you are a sitting duck for those seeking to control your mind. Once you possess real self control, you not only have control over yourself but over everyone around you and this does not mean what one might initially believe. Everything is under control already and you only come into self control by a perfect alignment with the source of all control; as an agent of this force, naturally, everyone and everything else comes under the sway of the one who controls everything and, that is who you work for, 'whether everyone else knows this or not' and most often they don't. When you are in accord with that which authors or permits all things, all things are in accord with you. This is just one more of those generally unknown laws and rules that pay huge dividends when you know about them.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The Serenity Guarantee from the Guardian of the Mind.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

One day follows the next. Time marches on, often alongside us and occasionally and certainly eventually, right over the top of us. To achieve immortality is not difficult, for so long as nothing else gets in the way. Then it becomes extremely difficult and since things usually get in the way, I suppose it is difficult but... it's not difficult too. A spark of immortality resides within you at this very moment but you will be unaware of it, if your attention is on mortal things. This spark of immortality is your deepest essence and one of the only lasting and authentic portions of you. You would think, given this fact, people would be more focused on establishing a connection with this spark but most people aren't even in connection with the portion of themselves that connects with this spark and that is due to Kali Yuga and the preeminence of materialism.

It is exceedingly difficult not to be affected and influenced by the thoughts of those around you. Often our thoughts are not our own and that is why I stress the snorting technique and broad daylight awareness. If you live in a city, the impact of surrounding thought is far more concentrated than it would be in more rural locations. Also, there are invisible conning towers all about, that broadcast subliminal messaging to the detriment of those capable of being affected by it. You might compare these transmissions to the physical effect of Crass Media and the various entertainments, along with all of the advertisements and blandishments of the world at large.

I want to talk a little about 'accommodation'. Accommodation is a condition that sets in, when surrounding noise and distractions, no longer register at the self conscious level. Say you are in New York City and you have a window open and someone is using a jackhammer in the street below; not an uncommon occurrence. A time comes when you no longer hear it. Let's extrapolate out from that. All of us live in states of conditioning, which we have gone into a state of accommodation with. These things influence us at the subconscious level and affect our behavior and temperament. Unless we are able to tell ourselves that we are subject to conditioning that we may be unaware of, we will remain unaware of it.

Here is the core of my personal attraction to psychedelics. For me, when in that state, all of these things are exposed and can, under the right circumstances be discarded. For a short time, one can see deeper into themselves and other things than would be possible in their ordinary waking state. Certainly meditation and other spiritual disciplines can effect similar awarenesses. I have been the beneficiary of both. However, in times of great corruption and... these times qualify, the fruits of spiritual discipline can be harder to come by. Ah well, we do the best we can or... we don't. I also find it effortless to have luminous beings materialize and communicate with me, on nearly every occasion.

We are born into the temporary with the promise of everlasting, should we manage the challenges and attractions of the temporary. Unbeknownst to most of us, we are under observation all the time. Most people just go through their days as conditioned souls, or souls caught in the thrall of appetite and desire. Only a fool does not respect the power of these things and... no one gets to the higher states without help and you certainly don't stay there without the proper connections and credentials.

I live in a state of constant ironic observation. Sometimes it is redolent with humor (redolent? good grief, visible!) and sometimes it is fraught with tragedy because the cause of it is not seen. One of the enduring ironies I observe taking place around me, mostly at a significant reach of distance, is the lengths people go to, to make important connections here. They might be important here but only for so long as you, or they, are here and... life can be fickle to be sure. Meanwhile, simply because they can't see them, people reject the possibility that there are potential friends all around them, waiting to be communicated with and who possess their own connections to fonts of extraordinary wisdom and any number of desirable things; truly desirable things.

Yes, I know, there are all kinds of masquerading spirits, hungry ghosts, malefic entities, astral larvae and what have you and these can be a concern if... you are a concern. You will only develop a lasting relationship with that which resonates to what you are. Ergo it behooves one to pay attention to what they are. You only attract these negative entities when you are not in command of your appetites and desires. In fact, there is often nothing wrong with any number of appetites and desires, so long as you are in control of them.

I have tried to convey the most useful and effective techniques that I am in possession of. I don't know how many people have availed themselves of these things. The important understanding one should have is that it can be quite simple. Everything that affects you comes through the mind. Even if it's some kind of mishap you encounter, or people in your life that you wish weren't there. It all comes through the mind so... the critical posture to precede all postures is to STAND GUARD AT THE GATEWAY OF YOUR MIND. This means a state of attentive awareness that watches what seeks to come and go and which is trained, initially, to reject all thoughts, no matter what, until contact has been made with one's inner self. There are doors within us that can be opened. There are voices speaking that remain unheard and that is because of all the surface chatter.

When you feel uneasy, it is often because of the inner voice, which, though you may not hear it, is certainly heard by the subconscious. Alternatively, there are environmental vibrations that radiate outward and also approach one on the inner channels and these can comfort, rarely ...and be disturbing as well. We are at a disadvantage when we remain in ignorance of what is actually going on around us, not to mention what is going on inside us and what it means. The only way to get a handle on this is to throw everything else out and manifest an empty state, from which 'direction' will mystically and magically appear. You can't eject what is part of you and what is essential to you so... attempting to throw it out won't work but it will work on everything else that doesn't belong. It requires persistence and dedication but the rewards, the payoff, is immense. Wouldn't you like the idea of an ever approaching serenity, as opposed to an approaching senility? You get one or the other; especially if you use aluminum cookware (upside down grin).

Look! I know this may seem an outrageous claim but I can GUARANTEE you serenity, bliss and joy, if you religiously follow certain simple procedures. I cannot guarantee that you may not suffer sometimes, or even that you might not get cut short suddenly and out of the picture but... the road is long (and sometimes less long) and once upon it, not even death can separate you from your progress. The hard and cold truth is that we generally lack dedication. We're okay for a week or a month but then we get bored or frustrated and that is because we are always looking for the immediate payoff and that is because we are corrupted by that western Shake 'n Bake, instant appearance shit. If one is 'fully committed' there is no longer any frustration or boredom because you are in, unequivocally, for the long haul. 'half measures avail nothing'. You can't be vacillating and fluctuating.

Our attention and concentration abilities are under serious assault by the world around us. Most of us do not have some quiet sanctuary to repair to. Most of us do not live in a pristine environment but all of us have a mind we can empty and all of us have access to meditative disciplines and some place in Nature we can go to every day at the same time.

Here is a technique that I gave out once before some years earlier. Go into Nature, somewhere where there is foliage and either stand, if that is what you are more comfortable with, or seat yourself and compose your mind and once you feel that has been achieved, speak clearly and directly into the foliage, as if the archetypal entity were right there in the foliage. Tell this Devic emissary what it is that you want and express it with all the confidence that it will come to pass. It will come to pass. You may not notice much initially. It takes awhile for the power to come into residence and resonance with your daily appearance and practice. What is hard to get across to people, is that anything that can do you any good is not fond of dilettantes and insincere game players. At no time is Lady Nature not in contact with everything that has manifested from her. What you are doing is engaging in a ritual that is repeated at a specific time and in a specific place. It builds up force. You might think of it as similar to Don Juan's 'place of power'; a point in a room.

Prayer, meditation, concentrated focusing and mantra work, are all well known to bring results, depending on the attitude of the practitioner. You can define and describe this any way that suits you but... you should make use of it

You can't be an effective person with a cluttered mind, or a heart that can be hijacked by whimsy. You can hardly fail in being effective with an empty mind, that you furnish at will and a heart that is resolute and confident. There are many similar techniques going round and which have been around for centuries and they are around because they work and if they don't work for everyone that is because not everyone works them as they were meant to be worked.

It takes such a small part of one's day to meditate, or engage in creative visualization but for some reason, most people can't find the time. That is because there are energies about whose job it is to maintain you in the perspective of there not being enough time because they are some of the residents in a cluttered mind. Often they have been there awhile, exercising their squatter's rights. They also get larger the more that you feed them. Starving them is also effective and you are always stronger than they are.

End Transmission.......

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Sunday, February 09, 2014

To Be a Slender Reed Bending in the Wind.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

The books have all been written. The truths, inasmuch as that is possible, have all been spoken. We can be absolutely certain all the lies have been told and that more than one fool, on more than one occasion, has been taken in by one or many more of them. It can be assumed, without the likelihood of effective contradiction, that many of those taken in by lies have not only believed them but also adopted them to their own portfolios of deception. According the scripture, which is corroborated by most every other scripture, all lies have a single point of origin, a parentage ...and it follows logically that this parent would be called the father of lies. It also logically follows that he would be served by agents who prosper through the proliferation of lies and the fabrication of reality, whatever that may be in actuality, manifested through the entertainment media and the information media. To identify who that might be, one has only to study who it is that has ownership of these industries. This is easily discovered. One might wish the truth to be otherwise. One might conceal their knowledge of it because of the liability that attends the possession of truth. One might find the truth to be incredibly inconvenient. This is all consistent with the majority viewpoint best defined by the statements, "I don't want to hear about it" and "I don't want to know about it." Everyone must make their own accommodations concerning this. I have and you have or, you will.

Everything that could have happened, according to human possibility has happened, whether it has been observed or not. Every deed we might imagine has been committed. Every success and failure, no matter how horrible or wonderful, or how temporary its span may have been, has occurred. The ordinary human mind has little awareness of how truly evil a man or woman can be once they have turned their will over to the agency that sits in rulership over mortal passions and ambitions.

Every life flowers upon the particular ground it grows from and is a variation in expression of any one of countless possibilities. How any life came upon the fertile or less than fertile soil of its composition, is to be attributed to however it managed its previous incarnation of another compostion of soil, in which all of the components were precisely chosen for the complexity of their resonance in the field of assigned karma, without which one would not even be here, or if they were, they would not, ordinarily, be seen by mortal eyes.

Since everything that can happen, has happened and if no record of it presently exists, there are reasons for it and that information has been excised or suppressed, from or in ordinary history, for the purpose of controlling the present. Those who control past perception are able to control present perception. True records of past events do exist but it takes a special mind to access them. The record of everything is contained within us. It's knowing where to look that makes all the difference in whether one finds it. We are a universe in miniature, as well as the final synthesis of all life, potentially. Beyond what we presently are, lie stages of existence unknown to the common mind. It is safe to say that the difference between our present state and these further states, is as great and quite possibly greater than the distance between your present self and a household pet.

Many people belong to religious organizations. Many people study one form or another of religious and spiritual practices. There are people who call themselves Christians, or Muslims, Buddhists or Hindus. There are people who call themselves witches, pagans, Satanists, Scientologists and Atheists. The list is long. Some are casual practitioners of their faith and some are consumed by it, for better or worse but few... very, very few arrive at these higher states, previously mentioned. There's a reason for this. If effort alone could account for advancement, there would be far more so empowered than there are. It takes a special blend of qualities to attract the attention of the ones who make this advancement possible. Make no mistake about this, with only the very, very rare exception, you will not advance beyond a certain point without the assistance of those who are the guardians of these states.

It is a common event that people fool themselves about their level of advancement and their standing in whatever spiritual hierarchy they imagine themselves to be a member of. It is also common that many who think themselves agents of good are not agents of good at all. Until we have made a lasting connection with the positive emissaries of the hidden kingdom, some level of personal self deception is in operation. We might struggle each day to free ourselves of this but it shows right back up the following day because all of the corridors through which we access the information we operate off of, comes to us through the senses and the senses are functional only within restricted bandwidths. Above each physical sense sits a, usually dormant, metaphysical sense. Some few of us have these in operation as the result of certain disciplines or past life efforts and some of us have the temporary use of them through the ingestion of psychedelic substances. Sometimes extreme trauma can activate one or more of them.

Everything you are reading here can be more comprehensively verified in all corroborating scriptures of which there are many. The manner of presentation may vary and the importance conferred on various points may differ but what is, is and the only difference in all the different places, times and mediums is the clothing of words put upon it to describe it. All across the planet are important scholars, pundits and learned minds who are so very certain that only their particular suit of clothes sets off the truth to its best advantage, so what you wind up with is a competitive religious fashion show that sooner or later turns into a brawl, where dignified personages hurl insults across the waters and borders at each other, proving definitively that although they might possess the truth, they don't understand it and they don't know where it's located. We are all at fault in this regard to a point ...but our failings are small so long as we are willing to accept the limitations of our knowledge concerning the limited extent of the knowledge we possess.

At my most recent posting, an individual with an Eastern name showed up at the comments section frothing at the mouth and screaming at me that I had no right in saying that everything that happens on this Earth has the permission of the divine. I maintain that nothing happens without divine permission and that we only ever see no more than half of the whys and wherefores that bring about events. He was livid and outraged that I would suggest that children die because the divine permits it. Basically what he is saying is that the divine has limited power and is opposed by another force that makes things happen which the divine cannot prevent because the divine is not strong enough. I tried to point out that portion of scripture in The Lord's Prayer where the supplicant prays, "lead us not into temptation." Pray tell, who is it that is being asked not to lead one into temptation? Is it not the divine? Does not the prayer begin, "Our Father who art in Heaven"? Does it or does it not?

I would prefer that people were able to grasp certain uncomfortable truths because when one is unable to do this it makes their field of understanding incomplete and sets them at odds with the very thing that is their base of support in this life and in the next.

Everything of real and lasting value in this life comes to us from the invisible. Everything else is just a temporary passion or possession. These temporary things can have a very powerful influence upon us. People kill others and themselves over these things. Look at the ugly competitiveness and forceful self interest that flourishes everywhere in the dog eat dog climate of this Kali Yuga. This world is a paradise for those with hearts to envision it and eyes to see it but not when those eyes and hearts are consumed in attractive fires that burn them up as they move thru time. Most of us here know that the divine is a reality and that there is nothing more important than a relationship with the divine. Time goes by, life goes by and all that waiting joy and bliss are sacrificed on the altar of appetite. Time is passing. The cassette tape of each individual life is playing in the machine. Each tape has a given length and in some cases there are exceptions but generally, generally not.

People disagree about the fixity of things but they cannot argue effectively about disease, old age and death. They can't argue about the color of their skin and so much else that is specific to them. They can dye their hair and have surgeons attend to their appearance but it does not grant them extended youth. It only grants them the appearance of it and only for so long, until their appearance becomes grotesque. Look at the loops of existence most people get on and the repetitive cycling of one day following the next, along certain lines. There is an argument to be made for relatively locked existences. As this author maintains, all that there is of free will is the choice between submitting to the divine's vision for us or opposing it. We do not have time to explore that area today.

Our lives move through inescapable seasons of change. Just as our small lives experience this, nations, continents, even planets, go through seasons of change. We are in a period of dramatic transiting. Much is going to change. You may not want this. You might oppose it but... that is going to do no good whatsoever. It's going to happen anyway. Better to change according to the intentions of the cosmic forces at play than to be changed against one's will or to be destroyed by one's resistance and the irony of it all is that you are only resisting your own self; your real self.

People are free to believe what they like. They are free to come and go as they like, according to me anyway. I oppose no one, my comments about maldoers not withstanding... and hope I can be successful in not opposing myself as well. Possibly the cosmos will provide me with somewhere to go and that may lead to a coming together of kindred spirits who share a similar enthusiasm for greeting and cooperating with the great changes that are upon us. If not, I will find some simple location to exist in and continue with what I do until I am called to other things. May God grant all of you the vision, certitude, faith and determination to achieve the truly finer things in life and come to that secret portal and meet the welcoming warden, who stands their in anticipation of your arrival.

End Transmission.......

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