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The Howler Monkeys of the Moment in the Land of Perpetual Ooohs and Ahs.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Note; things come and go in our comments section but I want to call attention to recent intrusions by the less than sane and the intentionally trouble-making. As long as we note what they are, their impact is negligible. Expect this sort of thing for the duration, or until their system goes belly up, sooner or later.

I'd like to open today's posting with an acknowledgement of that brilliant writer and impeccable researcher, Lasha Darkmoon. She is immaculately aware of what is going on in the cultures of the west and who is behind the efforts at destroying them. There's no argument otherwise to be made here. There's no, "maybe it's someone else". It isn't. You can close your eyes to it because it damages your chances for self advancement, or you can see what there is to see because living a lie is ever so much more painful (definitely sooner or later, at some point) than the limitations imposed by seeing things as they are.

What do you do? What can you do? What can you do when most of your fellows and fellees (grin) have been brainwashed into being supporters of the ones riding roughshod over them? The greatest danger to these predators is that the people might wake up. In an apocalypse, it is unlikely that they won't wake up, like it or not. Generally when people refuse to wake up, the conditions of their material existence are worsened and worsened until that objective is achieved. Everyone is playing a part in this drama; good guys, bad guys, indifferent wanders, in a pinball's fascination with bumpers and flashing lights; The Land of Perpetual Ooohs and Ahs. Maybe you would prefer Ooze and Oz?

Really disturbing things are going on. It would be interesting to pinpoint who the individual was who slipped that rider into the defense bill. It would be most interesting to locate with an attendant mug shot, those responsible for these sick antics. It's not just in the US. It's in Europe as well. How can it be possible that something like this is promoted when there are laws in place against this very behavior? Consider the sheer size of this list. Look at these names, positions and association; the people killed. It is near impossible for me to imagine that any of this can end well and more and more I begin to wonder, "Where is the furthest away that I can get in order to avoid the worst of it?" I'm not a coward. I've faced down Bad Leroy in the cellblocks and gone toe to toe any number of times with some who meant me harm but... I have no part in this affair. I am neither into these things, nor indifferent to them. I am not wandering in a world of delusion, in a near unconscious state and taken in by every roadside attraction. These things have naught to do with me, so I've no need to be around them while they play out; however that is going to be.

I admit that it fascinates me to see people dancing around a huge bonfire, while behind them waves a field of dry grass and copses of trees. They seem unaware of what might happen when the wind shifts, nor are they aware of the potential speed of a brush fire. I may be speaking in metaphor and analogy here but it should suffice to illustrate just what the situation is. People don't realize that just because things may appear normal, despite so much of what is going on elsewhere or around the corner, that does not mean it can't change in a heartsbeat. Barring divine intervention, at some point it will. We are in a grace period and that means a period of time for self inquiry and consideration of what looms in the event horizon.

This is utter insanity. Here they say that "Nicole is a biological male who identified as a girl beginning at age 2." How is that even remotely possible? Here we are informed about a six year old, "Colorado officials said last year that a suburban Colorado Springs school district discriminated against a 6-year-old transgender girl by preventing her from using the girls' bathroom." There are efforts afoot in nearly every state to push through toxic legislation that guarantees cultural destruction. There are legal efforts afoot at the Federal level to usurp the rights of states in these matters and in both State and Federal courts there will soon be, if there are not already, concerted legal efforts to lower the age of consent to 8 and below and even remove it altogether.

What happens when you get more and more sick? What is the end result of that? You die. It is no different for cultures and institutions than it is for life forms. What signifies a terminal stage in cultures or institutions? That is when they reject and react against the very tenets upon which they were originally based. This is how cancer works. It attacks the host organism. Ergo, in the present society, there are those who are cancer cells. These will destroy themselves, due to the very nature of their composition, but should they be able to destroy you too? That is a good question.

Now we need to speak about zones of influence. Are you in a targeted zone? Are you exempt from targeting due to being a member among those who do the targeting, or a wealthy or powerful individual, for whose preference the laws and mores have been persistently adjusted over time? Are you quiet and retreating, possibly one who might be overlooked, or are your positions known? Are individual human rights respected where you are at present? You do need to think about these things and you need to consider what the availability of heating fuel, along with food and water are and who decides who gets what?

Very little is said about what took place in the football stadium where thousands of people were relocated after Katrina.

Trolls are coming at the author of this site for not agreeing to their premise that ALL weather is now artificially generated. It is not enough for me to say, "I don't know", which is the case. Their intent is to throw me off center. Good luck with that.

I just got an email this morning from a lady named Carol, who went on about how my being at odds with Michael Rivero was just giving into the forces that seek to divide us. She was preaching togetherness and solidarity. She told me Michael is presently in the hospital for pneumonia. This occurred right after our parting of the ways. I told this lady that I wasn't at odds with Michael and how I had gone out of my way to make this clear; that I bore him no ill will and actually wish him the best. It was a simple policy decision on my part, not to send him my links anymore because I would have to tailor my writing to his specifications and that would be fundamentally dishonest. I didn't yell at this lady, call her names or anything else. I just stated my position on the matter. Immediately, I got this terse and snippy response, something along the lines of "Thank you for your transparent response." WTF?

This is how thin the veneer of her Kumbaya persona was. Here she was preaching coming together and sundry and all I did was say, more or less, that I had to part ways for reasons of personal honesty. Boom! That was unacceptable to her. Far too many people these days have a Formica thin personality, a surface face, which, if you scratch it at all, reveals beneath, a snarling beast. Manners and one's personal right to have an opinion or declared perspective has gone out the window. I wasn't rude, apart from some initial frustration about how people have failed to see my multiple disclaimers and continue to proceed as if something were other than it actually is because... if it were them they probably would be angry and so they project that on me but... I am not angry. I do not carry such things with me. They are far too burdensome.

In this business, one of the first things a person has to do is accept that there is going to be opposition and that it is going to be impossible to explain yourself to everyone. You just have to keep your head down and go about your business and... let the chips fall where they may. In the end, time and the river will summate whether or no there was value in what you did. Time and the river and the ineffable will judge you, according to some mysterious template that the cosmos has in one of its file cabinets at a particular location in the invisible. The world will not judge you, not with any appreciable force, unless you are, 'of the world'.

The howler monkeys of the moment, may fill the air with meaningless critiques, birthed from agendas and vested interests but their chatter will meet with the same enduring presence as the dead leaves in the gutter at the passing of Fall. It is no different than the disturbances among the birds in the forest, who are set off by your passage beneath the trees, or the barking dogs in some nameless town. Neither are going where you are going. Your interests and their interest are not the same. It is to be expected that you might seem alarming to them. Beware of the common folk who become outraged by what they don't understand. Truth is an outcast and an enemy in these lands. Truth must be concealed and revealed depending on the circumstances.

We are the sum total of what we think and say and do. I'm okay with that. That suits me fine. Often, the biggest disappointments and oppositions come from people who identify themselves as compassionate and understanding but whose actions belie that altogether. It's just a front and you have to be prepared for this and not take it personally. It seems that unless you completely kowtow and genuflect before them and celebrate their august wisdom, that they ever so kindly saw fit to bestow upon you, they immediately turn upon you, proving their wisdom and compassion to be nothing but a sham. You have to expect this. Anything short of bending yourself into torturous positions and watching your every word- avoiding plain speaking at any cost- will lead to brutal enmity because there are all kinds of people who have never done anything but dispense advice, while refusing to follow it themselves. You're alone in certain ways. You need to get that. Should you be so fortunate as to possess real friendships, you are fortunate indeed. One must learn the difference between friends and acquaintances, or you will learn in unfortunate circumstances.

This is why I love my invisible friends. They sustain and protect me and are not bound by time nor distance. All that they ask is that I try my hardest and no matter how many times I lose it or fall short of the mark, they forgive me. They love me and more than that I do not need and whatever I might need will surely appear. The same goes for anyone of similar mindset and aspect.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Yeah Vis,
Heaven forbid you burst anyone's precious, delicate 'reality bubbles'.



Anonymous said...

it feels as though what will come will come and our main requirement is to 'rise above it'......this is the WORLD....the 3D materialistic zone of whatever shit can be imagined can be done. you name it you eat it. horrific. true. but we are just passing through -- this world is 'not our own'... from reading your blogs for several years i sense -- not saying i am correct -- but i sense a lowering of the energy of the posters -- there are some dark clouds floating around that write badly and say stupid things -- it's not you. it's them. they have attracted to you and are playing in your yard. don't indulge or argue with 'anyone' you sense is purposely being a dick.....for the sake of dickdom. it's their version of forcing you into politically correct behavior -- 'you must allow US equal time to say what we believe.' no you really don't. fly higher little bird. they are playing you with some dark shit dressed up as human venting and points of view. i can smell it. all the way over here in los angeles. don't post this -- keep it between the sheets. i sense too many eyes. after all -- there is a war on.


Anonymous said...

Been there. Done that. Got the T-Shirt.
I Love You, Les.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

OK. First e-mail lost. Let me try that again, though I will not recover some of the more superfluous stuff.

The bestiality thang is not only cruel to the animals, it's also stupid. I guess the gubment thinks we don't have enough disease vectors, so we need more. (I read the flu mortality rate is only not quit 9%, so. . .it's not efficient enough. And with my colloidal silver, zinc, echinacea, vitamin C, oil of oregano, garlic, linden flower tea, it barely touched me. Elderberry extract is supposed to be good too, but we don't have any, so. . . However, it wiped my flat mate for 3 weeks. He took the same stuff as me, but I guess I'm a bit tougher.)

As for the satanic/illuminati crotch dropping/food product/burrito filling on the hoof/what ever abuse, I'm gonna repost the Jay Parker links I put up a couple of days ago, since I posted them so late most regular readers who are not 'comment addicts' may have missed them. I'm not gonna hotlink this time, since it's time consuming, and I don't feel like going through all that again to potentially have any zionist/illuminati 'fewmet' delete it again. (Thanks. I learnt that term from you.)

Basic explanation from Jay Parker, victim of satanic abuse-under 13 minutes:

In depth interview #17:

And the only way to fight it is total non-compliance, which ain't gonna happen.

Also makes me wonder what's a worse insult to the most corrupt street gang on the planet. Ya know. The biggest drug dealers, dog shooters, pepper sprayers of squirrels, unprovoked assaulters, and murderers who get away with it 99% of the time due to 'qualifried immunity'? Alleged so called 'law enforcement?' Caged gerbil shooters, or illuminati mutts?

Well, what ever. Didn't know the illuminati called 'em that, but it's a nice additional bit of trivia.

Now let me copy this bugger and e-mail it if it doesn't pan out again.

Anonymous said...

We're being trolled back into the dark ages. This "modern" (as if those laws change) science is trolling us into ignorance too, in fact a major role. These trolls wouldn't have a leg to stand on, without our own ignorance. I'm disgusted when I see them get patronized with an argument. We're not as smart as we think we are. Ignorance is consent.

I noticed Lasha Darkmoon appealing for a charismatic leader. Um, wouldn't that be the ultimate Hegelian dialectic false flag?

It's going down by the book. That grace period you talked about is the 5th trump. It's been extended.

For God's sakes, get your nose in a discipline that challenges how smart you think you are, dumbass haughty americans.

The lies are everywhere.

Anonymous said...

And to the haarpie, go look up that monster raging river the Chinese dammed up. The Chinese know what caused that earthquake. And tell your god Haarp to make it rain in the Sahara desert for a week.

You work the grey areas of ignorance, liar.

Anonymous said...

Here's the kind of logic you see from them when you look closely:

"There are no absolutes"

If this is true, it's a lie, because that would be an absolute. That dog ain't gonna hunt. How many people embrace such stupidity? They do it because it makes them right and smart TOO! Vanity vanity, all is vanity.

David Fiske said...

Good article Vis. I don't know if you know Stuart Wilde died. He had in the beginning a puckish sense of humour but became darker. Thisd article seems to explain why:
In case you haven't come scross it.

barbarossa58 said...

Good posting, as always.

L.L.O. said...

I wish I had invisible friends...

Ginnie said...

Love to push those buttons.

Yeah, Jay Parker! This was what I was up against in my marriage. Had to run away and am still in hiding. MKUltra and Satanic Ritual Abuse are so real, but no one wants to believe it. The ugliest things you can do to a mind...going on since the 40's. Programmed multiple personalities unaware of the other personalities actions. Why do you think things "just happen"? I couldn't get anyone to believe me! Psychopaths are made every day!

Thanks for posting that!

BCii said...

I haven't yet read your piece today, have been extremely busy of late. I just wanted to come in here and say it's been quite an adventure with the new energies awakening within, causing immediate and radical changes for the better on all levels, down to the physical manifest plane. The golden age appears to be dawning for us here... Surprised, even shocked, doesn't cover it. The import and reality of it hasn't even hit me yet, I'm still at the wide-eyed wonder stage.

Godspeed to all, and may you share blessedly, abundantly, and speedily in the cosmic payoff due to come.


BCii said...

Great post, and great comments.

David Fiske, I like that article. Some good insights there.

David Widner said...

'the qi of all things changes and thus becomes life'; 'when qi goes to the ground, grain grows; when it goes into the heavens, there emerge constellations; when it floats in the air, it becomes ghosts and spirits; when it goes into man’s chest, the man becomes a sage,' and … 'therefore when there is qi, there is life; when there is no qi, there is death.' (quoted in Tang, 1991:21)" - See more at:

Hi Vis / All,
The qi is in my chest now so I suppose I AM a sage...The kingdom is inside and so are the battles.

If more people would do what Vis's has suggested many moons ago about going into a room with just some water for three days, 'magic'will happen...In my case I had a sort of 'court' case between my lower self(ego) and your higher self(God inside).
At the time is went down it was not pretty by any stretch of the imagination. I was put into the hospital for a spell...

We each blaze our own path and when this baptism by fire comes; let it...

Love to All!

David Widner

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

#12--So I'm good for something at least, huh? ;^)

galen said...

For me this brings up a lot on what the swamis, gurus, and ashrams did to us starting back in the late 60's. The youth of the west were intoxicated by these teachers, by their exotic approach to spirituality. I know many were genuinely good teachers and communities, wanting to help with the healing to the world. But so damn many were not, and did much damage. I had a teacher who (for years) preached celibacy and required that of his advanced students. Luckily I was only with him a couple of years and was not one of his victims. See:

I had a friend who attended a retreat in San Francisco. After yoga exercises the teacher (don't remember his name) asked the women to go sit on one side of the room and the males on the other. Then he said that he'd like the girls to pretend they are chickens in heat and the men to behave like horny roosters. My friend said that people actually started doing that and that she became so uncomfortable she had to leave. Don't know how far it went, but the point is that so many of those we turned to, trusted, had an agenda, and one that betrayed us. There is story after story about this all the way to Sai Baba. They can't all be lies.

What a wonderful teaching it is that one's body is one's own, and that no coercion or false hierarchy should ever trample on it. Yet, the tribe has been trampling on it for decades, selling us debauchery and decadence. And confusion is a real pitfall (especially for young people). It can make us doubt our individual sovereignty and thus be swayed by the herd. We have so much healing to do. But how can we regain decency without falling into a false morality of someone else's ideal? I guess it is to be one's self in every moment, no matter how much it is going against the grain.

Visible said...

We've got a couple of nasty trolls working the room. I just deleted an already posted comment when the newest one matched up with it; twisted little freaks making sexual innuendo and I'm getting emails from
probably the same people wanting me to hook them up with commentators. I'll be more watchful. Obviously they come and go and tactics change.

If there's any kind of a gray area in your comment or I don't know you and it's suspect, you're not getting posted. HOw it is.

Visible said...

'Some' of the tales are lies but unfortunately in Kali Yuga it is very difficult for those set up as teachers to resist the temptations.

I don't know what it is about these people. For some of them, being Indian, they come from a repressed culture. They get some charisma and some cute young things come around, one thing leads to another.

One of the most difficult things is to be able to SEE. To really SEE, the state of your mind after the act, before the act takes place. It's like what often one's state of mind can be in casual couplings of frenzied groping and poor breath control and then the post orgasmic state of mind following. They can be very different.

Very few people can see around the corner in respect of this.

Meanwhile, the devil is loose as well so the temptations can be more powerful than they might otherwise be, depending on who you are.

There is this waiting zone between the decision to reach for a higher love and the weeks and months and possibly years that pass between the two states.

In the right company and under the right circumstances it can all get done in a few months but that's with ideal circumstances. otherwise it can be a grind that many are simply not equipped for.

This is the time of false teachers too, so they are the ones made prominent. Legitimate sources are pushed aside and marginalized because they don't serve the temporal zone.

This is all designed to break people'e faith and I can see that testing going on in your comment. It will change. In the meantime, become that which you desire to see in others. In the end it comes down to how deeply you value the eternal verities and how well that makes it possible for you to resonate with the archetypes. It's no place for half measures and wimps.

galen said...

Sorry, I'm not clear on what you're saying in these two points. Would you mind say them more simply?

"It's like what often one's state of mind can be in casual couplings of frenzied groping and poor breath control and then the post orgasmic state of mind following. They can be very different."

"In the right company and under the right circumstances it can all get done in a few months but that's with ideal circumstances."

Ty said...

Great article Visible. You bring up some very good points here. I am curious Visible. Who are your invisible friends? What are they? Is it like what little kids talk about when they say they have invisible friends?

Are they dis-incarnate entities posing as good guys, are they telepathic resonant relationships with other living human beings? Are they Deva's? Are they spiritual beings from a particular religion or belief system? Are they Ghosts? I do not consent nor seek to find out by personal experience on your behalf, I am asking what are they and what do they mean to you.

So far, I've seen a few angels and a variety of entities and spirits; I've got an entity that is constantly knocking on my walls and appliances and everything. Now, I don't consider this an invisible friend... I do not interact with it because I don't know its origin or intent and by consenting to interact with such entities, you form contracts with them, and it often doesn't end up very good. I hold no judgment, I realize the divine uses entities for the purpose of teaching one how to and not to behave.

If anything, I consider my friends my friends, and seeing that their spirit is on the invisible plane, in essence they are my invisible friends as well... beyond the normal 5 sense verbal paradigm.

I've always been curious.

Thanks Visible.

Keep up the great work


Ray B. said...

L.L.O., February 01, 2014 7:55:00 PM

"I wish I had invisible friends..."

I can feel for you. I was 'in the dark' about all-of-that for the first thirty-some years of my life. It was only when I started to do different 'stretchings' of my consciousness (classes, meditation, etc.) that I started to be aware of them. They may already be there; it's just that either you can't perceive them yet, or there's some reason they haven't made themselves perceptible to you. I remember feeling 'way behind the game' when I ran into people who had "invisible friends" from way early in their lives. If you are persistent, it will happen...
BCii (William), February 01, 2014 8:22:00 PM

I am truly glad that life/awakening is going well for you. I wish you continued 'success'...
David Fiske, February 01, 2014 6:40:00 PM

Thank you for the link to the Stuart Wilde R.I.P. article. I read it completely, including the comments. I was never drawn to Wilde, so have no sense of him as a person.

What the article's author, Marcus, says has many truths. It is sooo important to clear out old pain (present and past lives, familial, cultural, etc.) and stay grounded into the body. My body-self has saved me more times than I can count. And like Marcus said, it is vitally important to clear/clean the lower three chakras (and below them).

On Wilde's alleged 'descent': One good and bad thing about opening up is that you 'open up'. That includes to any audience. You tend to 'interlink'. If you interlink with a group of more-enlightened beings, the experience can be wonderful. If you interlink with folks less-clear than yourself, it can be dreadful and harmful. I have had this happen, on both sides, many times. You can do much good with this interlinking. However, if you do not take the time and effort to recover from the less-clear interlinking, it can induce a descent for even the best.

A second issue, which Marcus does not seem to address, has to do with 'dark' influences well beyond the astral. Believe me, it continues well-up. (Presently 'continued'; past tense.) When you start to 'rock the boat' with mass-enlightening other folk, you earn the attention of 'manager-material' on the other side. If Wilde was as many proclaim, he was probably referred 'up the chain'. I have no doubt many 'battles' were fought around him. This does take its toll...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr Visible.

The trolls are my fault. It's part of the chase. Cutting hecklers down to size is part of the training too.

I'm looking at you HAARP boy. How are your math skills? Ready to look really stupid? Run sucker, here I come, or take me on and get trounced.

I'm looking at you pie hole threatener. What makes you think that your opinion is worthy enough to be backed by force?

Advice to all: Measure twice, cut once. (Slow learner translation: speak not hastily)

Or as my brother says: "Better two weeks extra planning than one week extra work."

He's goofy like that.

Mr. Nah

Visible said...

Ty... sometimes I wonder at your state of mind when you say things like this, "Are they dis-incarnate entities posing as good guys" I have a holy guardian angel, everyone does but I am in contact with mine. I have a master and I have a relationship with certain masters from the past now resident in other locales and Lord Ganesha, Lady Nature, Green Tara and the Amitabha Buddha are entities that have interacted with and which I hold in high esteem.

There are no ghosts or astral riffraff and I don't know where you get that from. People seem to be unaware that these entities exist to serve and are always open to sincere souls, who seek their company and inspiration. Anyone who is persistent can eventually gain some degree of intimacy with them. THAT IS WHAT THEY ARE HERE FOR. It's also a matter of belief in the possible, regardless of its appearance otherwise to those who find the material to be more engrossing than the immaterial.

I am well aware that there are those who have varied opinions on me and I could care less what those are, since they have zero contact and association with me but... I have a track record of being in possession of supernatural relationships, indeed, it is how I can do what I do.

I had been inconsistent in various areas of life but I HAVE NOT been inconsistent about forcefully and persistently pushing for contact with those I consider friends and I have been at it for decades. It has taken up the greater part of my life. I put in the hours it took.

Now people may not like my general attitude, personality, or personalized manner of presentation but no one can find any flies on me when it comes to hewing the line and conducting myself just as I say I do. There are no scandals, no big money mills, no blizzard of ads on my sites except for free space given to good and helpful products. Try as they like, my detractors can find little, except personality conflicts and occasionally erratic behavior (now a thing of the past) on my part, purposely engaged in for effect.

I don't know how necessary it is for me to get into this but I will say there is a substantial collection of people who have already experienced the reality of my having unseen friends and there is little question about the power they possess or some of the things they have done to make a point now and again. People paying attention could quickly find some number of curious coincidences and examples of interesting timing

Certainly this little screed will annoy some too. Good. I'm too busy to worry about any of this. God will determine if I am valid or not. I am completely accepting of that.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Great work. The more honest your words - the more trolls manifest.


Brian Crossland said...

Good to see the Christopher Spivey link, He names, names and has done for a while, compare that to lamestream. I guess though most of us have to cross that strange boundary of denial that these abuses on this scale can actually be happening. Once you realise what true psychopaths are in positions of temporal power, it is obvious.
For my money Iam glad to see Peter Mandelson named, my skin has crawled from the first time I heard him speak, the kingmaker, Rothschilds gofer.
Re: Stuart Wilde, I felt Stuart became more authentic towards the end, the fact that he called Wayne Dwyer a Charlatan egoist, and he himself was dropped by Hay House would support this

David Fiske said...

We are all it seems a little trapped by our backgrounds and often unaware of this.
It is too bad MMY could never have openly discussed sexuality. I would love to know what conclusions he came to. I know from Conny Larson he felt he had polluted the Rishikesh ashram and got Tatwalla Baba to do cleansing pujas. That he was also worried about his energy going downwards instead of up, but none of that stopped him. We are also probably trapped by our physical natures, and need to find how we can balance these energies.
The world is often 'too much with us'. And we forget that Total Silence that wraps us every moment with such love. That finally is the only truth. All the rest is mere noise in the emptiness.
Enjoy That.

Visible said...


It is already put simply. What you are asking for, in fact, is further clarification.

"It's like what often one's state of mind can be in casual couplings of frenzied groping and poor breath control and then the post orgasmic state of mind following. They can be very different."

This is just about people caught up in the thralls of passion, acting and thinking one way prior to the event and another way after. It's about people being repeatedly seduced into things and then regretting them afterwards. It's lacking future sight and lacking awareness of one's state following a previous state.

"In the right company and under the right circumstances it can all get done in a few months but that's with ideal circumstances."

This part is about opening the channel to higher love and that requires a period of focused celibacy of mind and body so that the charge can be built up to the point that the door will open. Once it's open, it's open. One can return to certain practices. Many high end yogis were householders, like Lahiri Mahasaya. Prior to, one is operating in a circle of recycling fire, magnetized by the interactive sexual forces that interpenetrate all space within a particular bandwidth.

This period of celibacy must be mental as well. It's pointless otherwise. It really depends on a person's level of intensity and whatever good graces one has Karmically, working on their behalf. Tremendous strides can be made in a short time. Strides that would literally astonish most people.

Invisible friends are much more likely to be acquired once one has that door open. Certainly one is in much more of a position to communicate AND to be able to hear.

One of the reasons so many people doubt the capacity of some to accomplish certain things is that, quite simply their perceptions are closed off in respect of other planes. Transmuted sexual force actives the senses that operate there.

Visible said...

I am not unaware that you may be behind several of the personalities. I am paying attention.

Ty said...

"Ty... sometimes I wonder at your state of mind when you say things like this, "Are they dis-incarnate entities posing as good guys"

Me too Visible, no hard feelings. If you are absolutely 100% certain they are Lord Ganesha, Lady Nature, Green Tara, Amitabha Buddha, and others, then I respect that. I said that because I'm going through a phase where I am learning to discern between entities that are posing as the divine and the divine itself. One thing that triggered that question was in relation to an experience you once mentioned about spirits. I cannot remember the details, but if I remember correctly, which I might not, you said you were on acid in a desert and were surrounded by dark entities, and you basically said to them, "hello, my friends!," and engage with them rather than fearing them, or trying to escape their presence. So I was curious if you often had encounters with lower astral entity types like that (if that was in fact what they were), and if you ever have confused them for something or someone else. If they ever tried to mess with you and trick you.

Thank you Visible, when you say 'invisible friend's' it can mean so many things to different people, I just wanted that clarified. Now it makes perfect sense to me and I believe all of those spiritual forces are as real as the sun and air we breathe, and depending on ones karmic predisposition and divine template one certainly can commune with these or other divine personages. At this current phase on my path, my divine template tends to lead me towards divine corporeality. Teachers in the flesh who have the divine spark alive with them, though I've had a few experiences with other forces as well.

Thanks Visible!

Visible said...

Yeah, of course, as a result of one event in the desert where a real invisible friend showed me how to handle a very difficult and dangerous situation, nowadays I hang out with demons and dark entities all the time. We party down!!! And I do a little casual serial murder on the side, nothing too dramatic but after long enough, not a shabby boy count.

You know, "by their works ye shall know them" so, I'm guessing, just speculating, that one's invisible friends are pretty much reflective of where one is coming from. I'm thinking you can probably judge a person's invisible friends by the things they say and get up to.

Of course, if I was charging people money to communicate with my friends, or setting up some kind of a financial personality cult empire around myself and my associates... or any number of questionable enterprises I suppose there might be reason to wonder. And... I suppose they would kick my ass too.

It is human nature to project outward one's own experiences on to other people; "If this is happening to me then it must be happening the same way to everyone else." Well, everyone of us are different and CAN BE very, very different. Meanwhile, there are more entities and life forms in the invisible realm than we even see on this planet at this time. There are impossibly vast landscapes out there and in there. There are punishment planets and pleasure planets and places of unimaginable beauty and stunning ugliness. YOU FIND WHAT YOU BRING. YOU FIND WHAT YOU BRING WITH YOU. You attract what you are and you are attracted to where you wind ip.

bullpasture said...

Regarding the "straightjacket" imposed by the opinions of others, I often follow the wisdom contained in this statement attributed to mother Teresa:
“People are often unreasonable and self-centered. Forgive them anyway.
If you are kind, people may accuse you of ulterior motives. Be kind anyway.
If you are honest, people may cheat you. Be honest anyway.
If you find happiness, people may be jealous. Be happy anyway.
The good you do today may be forgotten tomorrow. Do good anyway.
Give the world the best you have and it may never be enough. Give your best anyway.
For you see, in the end, it is between you and God. It was never between you and them anyway.”

Mother Teresa

Visible said...

That is one hundred percent true and words to live by. I've mostly that in mind. People can think what they like. I know how I am inside and what my intentions are. What others think, should it be otherwise, is of no importance.

Everyone sees life though the lens of their own imperfections and that is why I try to imagine God living in and acting through me at all times. I'm not always successful but I never stop trying.

I've pretty much decided to move back to Maui now. That puts a whole new shine on things.

Anonymous said...

How will you be able to recognise the new Fed head responsible (Janet Yellen)?
She'll be the one wearing the kneepads.

Anonymous said...

Welp, it looks like it's definitely time to 'sage smudge'the comments and throw some sea salt in the trolls' game.

Social media is crawling with the troll-bots, and the troll-bots keep turning up like bad pennies as of late.
Out, demons, OUT! My invisible friend St. Michael i
more than happy to assist with taking out the trash, if need be.

So peace to the peaceful and peace of the grave to the rest.

(One very apt vword: "careful"....)

Ray B. said...

Vis: "I've pretty much decided to move back to Maui now. That puts a whole new shine on things."

Vis, I understand your 'I'm backed by God' fearlessness (paraphrased). However, I am worried that by returning to US jurisdiction, which Maui is under, you might leave yourself open to all kinds of unfortunate happenings. While I personally would enjoy having you closer, I worry about your vulnerability. Even with 'other side' help. I know you understand all of this...

Any comments?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

missingarib said...

Vis, if I may,your efforts illuminate that love is first principle of our origination .The fierce protective awareness of a mother for her child is the first principle of love.The extinguishing of that force is .."What happens when you get more and more sick? What is the end result of that? You die. It is no different for cultures and institutions than it is for life forms. What signifies a terminal stage in cultures or institutions? That is when they reject and react against the very tenets upon which they were originally based."

participants in all the vectors of living regardless of location realize-at some point that gentle and productive efforts are a reward in themselves as much as greed and avarice alienates from the first principle .
"The Hourglass"
Standing alone by the edge of a river
He's traded his life for a glass full of tears
The bargain was quick for one's life is less dearer
When the sand's running out and the ending is near

The ending is near
The ending is near
The ending is

The man climbed aboard and set sail for the ocean
He put on the mast all the canvas she'd take
Then laid himself down on the deck neath the tiller
The ship was his coffin this moment his wake

Runaway reasons
Runaway seasons
Time is a treason
That I give back to you now

The wind touched the sail and the ship moved the ocean
The wind from the storm set the course she would take
From a journey to nowhere towards a soul on the ocean
From the wake of Magellan to Magellan's wake

Runaway reasons
Runaway seasons
Everything in it
Hours and minutes
You take tomorrow
Because it means nothing
To me, to me, to

In the dark he heard a whisper
Asking him to understand
In the desert look for water
On the ocean look for land

In the dark he heard a whisper
Asking him to understand
In the desert look for water
On the ocean look for land

written by Oliva, John / O'neill, Paul / Pitrelli, Al.

live long

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Everyday people can achieve priceless accomplishments.
A person doesn't have to be a high yogi or a mystic master to attain a level of goodness, to jump immediately upon the path of ultimate successes.

You don't even have to believe in God.. You do though, have to be a decent human being.


"Bhishma Instructs Yudhisthira Maharaja"

Maharaja Yudhisthira next asked, "Grandsire, what is the supreme religious principle?"

Bhishma replied, "Just as an elephant's hoof print encompasses the hoof prints of all other animals, the principle of nonviolence encompasses all other religious principles. The complete abstention from meat eating is one of the pillars of nonviolence. Therefore, I will now describe to you the greatly sinful nature of eating animal flesh."

"Even when a person eats the meat from an animal that has been offered in sacrifice, he must accept some sinful reaction. Considering this, it is not astonishing that one who eats unsanctified meat has to suffer in hell. On the other hand, when a former meat eater gives up the abominable practice, he acquires very great merit. And, if such a person preaches to others that they should also give up meat eating, even if he is sinful in other areas, he will be saved from having to enter the hellish planets after death."

Curtis Matthew Ellsworth said...

These are the best of philosophical times for certain types, these are the worst of philosophical times for certain types. We'll all find out through experience whether we were right or wrong about. Find your own, honest, well-intended notions of wisdom while others will hold onto types of not so timeless wisdoms that are scheduled for demolition insofar as I strongly intuit. Such is the way of a crumbling paradigm. It's a lot like a popularity contest, how info gets handled. If "everybody else is doing it", then that's the standard and as long as crappy consequences are held at bay for group think dynamics, and it's just a crazy train waiting to derail. Rome was neither built nor destroyed in a day, yet america's headed for permanent mothballing, I sadly believe, and those dynamics were set up by elite idiots for "patriotic" dupe idiots, and it's been just a little over a decade since the american Reichstag fire went down, and "look at how well america's doing" on account of the beyond-worthless "patriotism" that the elites engendered in their faithful flock. It took at least two centuries of internal decadence and external neglect for Rome to collapse at least. That being said, there may be ultimate salvation of the US and, more importantly, the whole Earth, but it's going to be some pretty heady stuff to experience. I also must note that I'm no imperial fan; that I've been nowhere near supporting anything we've done overseas because of 911. On another note, it is pretty telling that people will suggest that you do something precisely as they want you to do it, then if you politely decline in utilization of your own free will, they blow up on you because you didn't notice that said suggestions were actually orders. Then you get to hear what an asshole you are. Freaking control freaks überalles. Now, about invisible friends; it's rather ineffable unless you're the one being tested and getting the message, but they do send pretty direct signals to the individual receiver receiving certain info, and it won't be very equivocal about them being in existence THE WHOLE TIME. Thus, it's a set up; an inside job of sorts. Why are they invisible if they're anything other than figments of "crazy people's" imaginations?: They're not here…yet. Other people wouldn't know about them on account of an already frayed, then "purposefully" shattered trust by closed-minded types, seen and heard from offworld/interplaner types, thus connections don't get made very easily for such types. These people are, obviously, in the vast majority and they love to laugh at the notion, "successfully" locking out any such capacity to ever be taken too seriously by such types I'm referencing while always being on "candid, akashic camera", so to speak. I wonder as of yet, why me? Well, it's a part of the test about seeing who's serious and about what in trying to render good and unequivocal results as per the mission of being good stewards in bad times. That being said and in closing, I'd like to give a shout out to organized, satanic pedophiles of Great Britain and Deutschland who may be trolling around on here, being a part their ever-schismatic, respective "intellimigence Cahmoonitees". To the "great" Brits: time is short, idiots! You'll never being able to control the unleashing of your shit karma and its hardcore, perhaps permanent consequences, but hey, you dumb dumbs figured fiddling little kids and doing worse to kids was a good idea AT THE TIME. Time is short! Und jetzt den Deutschen, die vielleicht hier beobachten: Solche ekelhaften Massnahmen in gesetzlichen Formen, die beabsichtigt sind, die Kindheit der unschuldigen Kinder zu rauben, werden schwere FOLGEN für euch letztenlich verursachen. Zeit verläuft, ihr Narren! Alrighty then. Good luck to all here who have good intent and honest purposes therewith!

Unknown said...

I sense a certain frustration in your trying to repeatedly explain concepts to us. (Well, them...obviously I have never caused any) :)

I grant you, they seem simple enough. Unfortunately, some of our lenses of imperfection are more acid stained and scratched than merely a bit grimy. We understand we have worked long bad hard to cause this damage, but are a bit overwhelmed with the day to day work involved in fixing this mess.

Please be patient with us, for our invisible friends are really good at the invisible part. (Aided, no doubt, by our eagle-eyed spiritual vision) This leaves us with a bit of hesitancy to believe they stay in good contact with you. Perhaps not doubt, so much as hope that we aren't THAT far behind the curve.

I get frustrated explaining things I find simple to others who find them hard. It is not fun. I hope you are rewarded for efforts.

Now, please don't pierce my thin skin any more than necessary in your reply, unless you believe it to be for the highest and best good of all. Or, just feel free to ignore me and carry on with your day. It seems to work for several people I know:)

galen said...

Thank you, Vis, that certainly is a lot more understandable and clears it up for me. One other thing about extended periods of celibacy... Sometimes one is gifted with a wet-dream, the fullness of which is head to toe and out to aura. You wake with a big smile 'cause it was wonderful and yet you know you kept your vow. Very restorative and invigorating.

insiam said...

Even before i go on to read the full post - while it is fresh on my mind. With reference to the pamphlet refered to by Lasha Darkmoon in your frst link:

I believe i posted a link to that exact document right here several years back - or so. I guess not many people linked to it cos i can't hotlink (couldn't back then and can't now cos im on a mac).

Anyhow i also sent the same link to a few people i know and i either got no response at all or when i mentioned it i got the impression that i was a suspect pedo for simply broaching the subject.

I found that all a bit strange and still havent figured it out why people reacted as such.

Back to the post ...

insiam said...

I think most people that have an inkling will know that Thailand is very much associated with transgender males - commonly know and world renown as 'ladyboys'.

A lot less known is the fact that there are as many transgender females - know as 'toms'

(*the term transgender does not necessarilly - and more often not - refer to any actuall physical surgery. why? because it is not necessary - as you will see)

So has it ever occured to you why this may be? No/yes?

Ok, since you ask i will give you my own personal view. Well since ive been here (more than 20 years) it has been very common to have all street food and drinks (including coke. sprite etc) served in plastic bags - that includes all hot food). Food is simply taken directly from the vendors pan and put straight in to a plastic bag which is then secured with an elsatic band. For soft drink a straw is simply slotted through the band. Very affective and secure and cheap method of carrying all takeawy food and drink.

Now we all know that plastic is an excellent vehicle for the transmission of BPA. Now add a lot of heat to the bag for an hour or so and bingo - ladyboys and toms galore.

Of course it pays to know that the vast majority of Thais eat every single day from street vendors. Even when they eat at home they buy the food from local vendors and carry it home in these bags. And this has been the norm since plastic bags first showed up - when ever that was.

BPA nicely heated and taken several times per day from birth seems to work very well . The proof of the pudding is indeed in the eating!

Visible said...

Well Andy since your comment was in line with what you usually have to say, lacking only the occasional snarkiness... oh wait, yes, there was some off that too, I mistook it for condescension, sorry. In any case, as a result, I have no comment.

Visible said...

Ray, any action on my part that smacks of uncertainty and hesitation in the face of the unknown and is not generated by an actual sense of peril would be disadvantageous.

The truth is, were it allowed to them, they could hassle me at most any remove, should that be in the cards. What I KNOW is that nothing happens that is not permitted and that their power is minuscule and insignificant compared to that of the ineffable.

My decision is based on a number of factors; Everyone speaks English, I will have actual friends around me again, meaning I can see old and proven friends and visit with new friends like Nina and others. I will have my band again. I will have the benefits of that climate and environment, for so long as it remains. I will be able to generate a better income.

My economic needs will be greater but I look to providence for that. And... the possibility of community will be much greater.

There's still two months before D Day and the whole world could change in that time and render my decision irrelevant.

One of the ways that I work with my unseen associates is to make decisions knowing full well that they might be countermanded but that that is always an affirmation of something else.

My other option is in a small town, in a far away place where I know very few people, albeit good people, two of them and some children and I have state of the art health care but... there are many more limitations than I would have on Maui.

I get the distinct sense that my financial situation is in for a massive upgrade. Time will tell.

If I'm not supposed to do this I won't be able to and that is what the intent of my decision is, to have that brought to my attention if that is the case. Whatever the ineffable decides is fine with me

Anonymous said...

Is that Super Bowl post done yet? Sure smells good...can't wait.

Visible said...

Yeah, except it's got nothing to do with the super bowl.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Dance of the Scorpion and the Flight of the Eagle.

Visible said...

Hey Vis...

this is what is happening all around the planet.....the exposure of who is who spiritually....those who are fakes cannot fake for long...sooner or later and sometimes very quickly they expose themselves for just who they are deep inside....those of the dark trying to mix with the enlightened can't.....they are not the same....and easy to spot...

these creatures of the dark are going Terminally MAD and those that are easily programmed will go MAD along with them...simple deduction speaks for itself...

we are in the midst of the great divide of the energies...those awakened are actually repulsed by them as our inner abilities expand we can spot them a mile is seeking like and these creatures can no longer feed off our energy and they are starving for we enlightened are filled with energies that will sustain us if we don’t fall prey to the dark side…

Lots of LOVE

KimSpirit said...

I'm not worthy!;) This piece is brilliant. I thank you for your nobility and your courage. Just like "magic", you are able to pull together an essay, about all that I ponder, but could never put into words. And, you do so with such ease. Namaste. Don't stop. Promise?

Ray B. said...

Vis, thanks for the extended reply. That lays it out nicely.

I haven't used the 'strike out in one direction, and see if the ineffable agrees' manner of decision-making very much. I tend to be more of the 'put out the need, and see what manifests' type. I will add your 'arrow' to my quiver. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Stupor Bowl; dancing in the Hallucination Zone.

Ty said...

Well said Visible. I know there are different stages that each of us must pass through, so we are tested by various non-corporeal forces for the purpose of refining ourselves and learning by experience. I am new on the path so its been a bit of a crash course for the first bit. I know spiritual creation beyond the 5 sense paradigm is like that of an endless ocean, everything imaginable and unimaginable all shapes and sizes, not too different than what we see in nature itself.

Thanks you for the advice Visible.

Much love



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