Thursday, February 27, 2014

To Track the Footsteps of the Master.

I am going to be giving a metaphysical talk with some demonstration of techniques and a short musical performance in the next few weeks in Zurich at a hall. Please email me or comment if you are coming so we have an idea of scale. Thank you to those of you who have already responded.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

In keeping with practical technique for making contact with the ineffable, I'd like to give you this meditation from The Way to the Kingdom. I'm going to put the following meditation and a prayer up as well because I know that even though the reader has had the opportunity to read the book, most have not done so. This could be for any number of reasons but... those who consider themselves Christians would be much assisted by these teachings.

So... here's number one.


Do you truly want to come speedily and eternally into your
own—that which you came here into manifestation to

Then meditate earnestly and persistently day after day on
the below—ten minutes or more on the first part, until you
realize its Truth:

In the ONE MIND there is the consciousness only of
wholeness, completion, and perfection. In it there are no
ideas of lack or limitation of supply of any kind.

To every center of that Mind—and every human mind is
such a center—there flows naturally every needed idea,
even as air rushes into a vacuum, or as the blood carries to
every cell of the body everything needed for their growth
and sustenance.

Remember, that One Mind is in You—Is YOUR MIND—
as there is only One Mind.

Also remember, by your realization of this great Truth, and
making it the dominant fact in your consciousness, are you
and your Father truly One. For it unites your consciousness
with His Consciousness, He who is your REAL SELF,and Whose Mind is the ONLY Mind (of course it does for you are then in His Consciousness); and therefore You. ARE all that He is, and ALL THAT HE HAS IS YOURS. Once believe this—once KNOW it, and you will be free from ALL lack and limitation FOREVER.
Then after trying to realize intensely the Truth of the above
by thus meditating and letting it soak into your
subconsciousness, let the following flood your conscious-
ness for ten minutes more:

Be still, my child, and know I am your Life, your Health,
your Strength, your Understanding, your Supply, your
Power, your Love.

I am all these things—all these ideals you are seeking to be
and to have.

Oh, my child, can you not see you can have none of these
apart from Me—can get none without getting Me,—can get
them nowhere else but from Me, your Real, your ONLY
Self, who am all these things Now—and therefore You also
are these things Now, AND FOREVER MORE.
SEE this, beloved, and know the Truth of your Self.

Come unto Me all ye who are weary and heavy laden, and I
will give you rest.

Can you not realize that this life in you, any portion of
health or strength or power or love or understanding that
you have, is not of yourself, but is of ME, who am all these
things IN you.

Then why not have done with your foolish, anxious striving
to be that which you are now, always were, and always will
be, in supreme fullness and perfection? Why not then let go
completely and let Me, your Real and Perfect Self, have
full sway in your consciousness, letting no thoughts therein
you know are not My thoughts?

That is all YOU need to do—I will do the rest.

Beloved, if you abide thus in Me, and let this My Word
abide in you, everything your heart seeketh will surely
come to pass, in blessed richness and abundance.


The following exercises are given for the development of
mental power within yourself.

Seat yourself in a chair, in your own room if possible, or in
one in which you will be undisturbed. Take a positive
position, sitting upright, but comfortably, so that you will
be as unconscious of your body as possible.

Now close your eyes and try to visualize the room as a
mental room, or one within your mind in which you are
going to fill full of and confine the mental qualities of
Discrimination, Strength, the Power to Concentrate, and
Truth, for your future and continuous use.

Then try to realize that you are actually a center of God's
consciousness, for in His consciousness we all live, move
and have our being; and that this mind which you call your
mind is a center or focal point of His Mind—just as the
consciousness of each cell of your body is a center or focal
point of your mind—and that therefore deep within your
mind there must be always present and ever available God's
Love, Intelligence and Power; in fact, all that God Is in His

Now try to "see" this Consciousness—the Holy Love or
Spirit of God—pouring forth from deep within and flowing
through and radiating from you to all other centers of His
Consciousness as a brilliant White Light; which Light in
very truth is the Spiritual Self to one who has the inner
sight, for It is the Light which lighteth every man that
cometh into the world. Therefore realize that you are that
Light, and that your mind being a part of God's Mind, you
can consciously and actually call forth from within that
Mind—if motivated and accompanied only by unselfish
Love—any needed quality, for in It of course exist all God

Therefore "see" your Light ever shining and going thus
before you, lighting fully your path and making everything
so clear that no possible shadow can intrude to deceive or
hinder your perfect spiritual sight and hence your fullest
understanding. This gives true Discrimination.

Likewise, to your right see this Light radiating and pouring
forth from you into the mental atmosphere of that part of
your room as the Strength of Divine Mind, ever ready to
support and sustain you in any need, and to enable you to
do anything you wish to do.

While on your left see the great Light of Truth likewise
flowing forth to fill that part of your mentality, so that
whenever you need to know anything, no matter what, it is
ever ready to flood your consciousness and to make all
clear to you.

And then back of you, see this great Light from within
pouring forth and filling that part of your mentality with the
Power to concentrate and focus it, whenever you want to
direct your mind upon any given idea or to any desired end.
Just see this Light as a mighty Power ever back of you,
waiting to pour through your consciousness (as through a
funnel) in which is held the idea you wish clearly to
understand or the picture that you wish to outmanifest—
whenever you call upon this Power to direct the Light of
Divine Mind upon it. See your intellect or visioning faculty
(located in the front of your mind back of center of
forehead) serving as a lens to focus the Light and reflect the
perfect picture in the outer realms of consciousness or of
physical manifestation.

Just as the light pours through the small lens of a magic
lantern, when you turn on the electric power, and throws
the picture on the" plate upon the screen, so will this
Power, when you thus consciously direct it with intense
purpose, cause the Light, Life and Substance of Divine
Mind to pour into and through the idea or picture you are
holding in your mind and will outmanifest it either as a
perfect knowing or as the fulfillment of your desire.

Study this last carefully and prove it, for it can be used to
acquire any needed wisdom, power or ability, or to create
and make manifest any righteous thing or condition. But be
very sure you have the approval of your Higher Self of that
which you wish manifested; for it should never be
attempted unless inspired by a loving desire to help
someone or to fit yourself for the Father's use.

This rounds out your mentality, filling it full of those
qualities that you want ever available for use. Any other
qualities can be similarly brought forth and made available.

The practice of actually calling forth these qualities from
within you and "seeing" them surrounding you and filling
your mental room, thereby creates an aura that will always
surround and protect you. For it will be of such high
vibration, because of the brilliancy of its Light and the
Power of Love radiating from it, that none of the forces of
darkness can penetrate or even approach. The powers of
Discrimination and Truth thus built into your aura will
instantly detect any inimical or inharmonious vibrations
and enable you to know how to deal with them.

This practice also will gradually, if you do it faithfully day
after day, make you conscious of the mighty Power you are,
and of the wonderful instrument you have in this mind of
yours, as you learn to make it obey your slightest
command. This is what is meant above where it said that
these exercises are for the development of mental power
within yourself; they are that you may not only develop
power, but that you may become Power, may learn to know
Who you are and of What you are a part. But always
remember that Power and Knowledge avail nothing unless
Love inspires and directs their use.

And here is the prayer;


BELOVED Father; Thou, Oh blessed Christ Jesus; and
Thou, our dear Brothers of the Kingdom,—hear this our
earnest prayer.

Draw us in Consciousness deep within where Thou art,
where self exists not, and where we may be one with and
abide with Thee in Christ.

Help us to open wide our hearts and let out the Great Love,
that It may possess us utterly, may rule, motivate and
inspire our every thought, word and act, merging us
completely into Love, thereby enabling us to love as Thou
lovest, to see as Thou seest, to hear as Thou hearest; lifting
the consciousness of our human minds into complete
oneness with our Christ Consciousness—Thy Conscious-
ness; so that henceforth we can consciously, at will, be with
Thee, work with Thee, commune with Thee, face to face, at
all times and on all planes, when the need is in the Father's
service; and may know with Thy Understanding all things
we seek and need to know.

Cleanse us of all consciousness of self and of separation
from Thee, so that our Lord Christ henceforth may live His
Life in us, do His Will in us, be His Self in us, without let
or hindrance of any kind, for evermore. BELOVED Father, make us to abide always in Thy Consciousness, and Thy Word to abide in us, giving us ever of Thy Wisdom to light and direct our way; Thy Will to strengthen and sustain us; and Thy Love to surround, protect and fill us; so that we may see Thee, dear Christ, may feel Thee, may know Thee, may be truly One with Thee, everywhere, in everything, and in every one of our brothers.

We thank and glorify Thee, Beloved Father, for Thy many
blessings. Take us wholly unto Thyself, so that we may be
selfless and perfect instruments for Thy use.

In Christ Jesus' Name, we ask it, AMEN.

I used to practice these sometimes twice a day but at least once; the prayer always at night before retiring. This along with The Pattern on the Trestleboard and The Emerald Tablet used to take me all the way from Haiku to Lahaina each morning. Yeah... you can even do this driving if everything is properly memorized.

We are the living product of what we let into our heads each day; the thoughts we allow to form us. Much of this is social conditioning and we submit to it because we want something out of it. It is always our option to be in charge of which sugar plums dance in our minds. This is accomplished by an unremitting persistence in doing it. Like any discipline there may be 'difficulty at the beginning' but once it takes, it does itself. It's no longer work when it becomes part of you AND... IF character is fate, it certainly serves that one should do as much as possible to build a good character out of themselves. Marcus Aurelius was very big on this. He considered it to be the most worthwhile of tasks, above all others. Of course, he was not alone in these beliefs.

We are all about what we allow to shape us. If we just flow along with the flotsam and jetsam; the detritus, we'll eventually wind up in the Sargasso Sea (metaphorically speaking). If you are directional then... you wind up wherever that direction leads. Rudderless, you are at the mercy of the prevailing winds and the constantly changing moods of the sea. It's mathematical is what it is. This is the good news and the bad news.

What you imprint on your mind takes residence in the subconscious and it then resonates up into the conscious mind. It sets the tone and frequency of your being. It's in your hands, whose hands you put yourself in. Whatever crimes you may be guilty of is unimportant if you put yourself in the right hands. That will all get worked out as expeditiously as your intensity, Love and surrender make possible. The trick of it is to cut the past loose completely, insofar as it has any operational jurisdiction in your heart and mind. This is a very important thing; regret, recrimination and whatever amount of a lack of self worth ...are a heavy drag on progress. You got to cut everything loose. What is supposed to stay with you, will...

End Transmission.......

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Antony said...

Thanks for the nudge Mr Visible, Yes I bought the book and The Impersonal life book and a few others. All gathering dust. As I was reading this I was thinking (poor little me) I cannot do all of this and BOTA. Then got to the end bit and yes much more effort required, only managing to do the pattern on the trestle board and then not consistently, as you say I have all the time in the world to think of shitty things all day long. Needed a kick up the backside, aahh synchronicity. Once again thanks for all the advice that is coming thick and fast at the moment.
Ants in a bog in the north of England. PS enjoyed the Ash and Whine book, not what I was expecting, well written and kept me going right to the end.

Anonymous said...

A little joke to start off the day -

Q) How does a person know for sure, that they are in the presence of a master?

A) He carries a MasterCard.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Hmmmm. I generally refer to Source as IT, as opposed to giving it a masculine (or feminine) gender. Then on the other hand, the FSM does have balls.

Never mind.


Anonymous said...

Very lovely. Have known for some time that the next step is in order and had no idea of how to proceed, until this. Thank you.

skilpad said...

I was surprised, Les, to find you ending your prayer by invoking Amen(hotep). What's that about? (serious question)

Unknown said...

Thanks Visible- I'm on my way with some help from my friends. What a grand adventure.


Visible said...

Careful reading, even cursory reading would have proven that's not my prayer but I guess that goes hand in hand with not knowing anything about ancient religions either.

Anonymous said...

Hey Visible,

surely you must enjoy the music of Sun Ra?


Peter of Lone Tree said...

"Every child comes with the message that God is not yet discouraged of man." -- Rabindranath Tagore

Visible said...

I was on the bill with him once at the Fulton Fish Market in NYC.

Anonymous said...

iam (Latin for already) thanked you for the link. and here it is.

it is amazing, the amount of words it takes in English to describe a simple term in Aramaic. shbg

should i go into the whole divisible light within this language and pretty much most all modern dialects of all languages.. as tones work like prisms. prisms separate light into color (or colour if you prefer) frequency's. and no matter the power of your intention, the language you are using is not of "Whole Light". English its a hexidecemal system based off 6 primary tones... nah... that should be enough..

Jesus spoke Aramaic. The Aramaic term for forgiveness is shbg later to become shbag. Shbag simply means to unlock or unhinge your mind. Not what the modern concept (a perversion of its meaning)as commonly accepted "mercy granted from a seat of authority in judgement." Christ came for shbg.

although i have not read the book as of yet, i will. most of this i with consistency for many movements/moments.

you do know the Aramaic term of abracadabra loosely means as "i speak i create" among other things that became mockery's to delineate the power within the mind.

good read, thank you for the review and the prayer. don't sell yourself short. -)

i wont be back here to your blog or any of them. i'm looking for a different teacher.. one like the dandelions. who taught me about the language of the sun.

a gentle reminder,

1 Corinthians 4:20


p.s. in the 'meeting of our minds' the pleasure was mutual.

Anonymous said...

wow! that is awesome - I wish I could have been there for that!


Anonymous said...

yes, that IS correct. hexadecimal. if you do the math. it works out to the same as 'hexadecimal.'

think of how an inch is broken into 1/16's.

apparently the Divine wants you to know that. and i was given to pass along, "stop chasing your tail."

....mmmmmmm ......mmmmmm........ ok, thats all i got for ya. i am off to find "that" teacher. no, not for me. for him.


Anonymous said...

a blissful Mahashivaratri to you and all.

Om Namah Shivaya

est said...

ha [sun ra]
one of his disciple/acolytes
michael ray [trumpet] was in my home, one evening

he was happy to look at my books and
commented that it was a lot better than the hotel room, after a gig

and he played some tunes > improv, with me and a couple of talented friends > sweet man, great time...

Ray B. said...


I just left you a long comment at the end of the last Petri Dish, in case you have moved on to here...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Hitching on the Wrong Side of the Road down Humiliation Road.

skilpad said...

Way to avoid the question!
When you say "not knowing anything about ancient religions" are you referring to me - or is it a justification of not answering the question?
Yes, I did get that it's an ancient prayer but! if you used it on a daily basis then it becomes YOUR prayer and that was the sense in which I meant "your prayer".
How can you say a prayer without it becoming your prayer? Only if you do it in the rote-learning parrot fashion which I'm sure you'd decry.
You've probably got your back up now but if I've still got your attention, and as an admitted novice when it comes to ancient religions, I sincerely DO wish to know your take on the significance of ending prayers with "Amen".

Visible said...

Why do you have to assume I have my back up? How often have I said that I bear no resentments following anything. I just don't. It's bad policy. Nor was I upset at all when I responded as I did. It's my matter of factness, unattended by emotion, all though people seem to attribute it.

I don't think about Amen one way or the other. I don't remember seeing your name attached to the comment I was responding to.

I always thought Amon referred to Amon Ra and that is the worship of the sun god. So is Christianity so I see no problem inherent.

I'm not hung up on this shit. Amen to me si just Amen as it is understood in the common parlance. I don't see a bunch of marching sarcophagus zombies attending every mention of it.

People attribute bad juju to ancient Egypt which is wrong. There were some very illuminated people there.

I don't give a Tinker's Damn about Annunkai, Urantia Book's, UFO's, secret government programs, or faux scholastic runarounds about cultures long gone. that's for other people who have the interest. My interests are pretty exclusive to Lady Nature, the Devi Realm and the Ineffable but not in that order (grin).

Seriously, people need to get over associating my being direct with being antagonized, I'm not. I'm actually past that kind of shit for the most part.

Peaches said...

Visible, I can't be grateful enough to the Creator for the energy that is bestowed upon you to post Her insight here for the rest of us to read and gather.

I am however in full tilt boogie Kali Yuga. My spirit is inert from the material world I can't rise above. I can't meditate at all.



Visible said...

Those who can't meditate should chant. Those who can't meditate can practice walking meditation. Those who cannot meditate can practice focused concentration of brief duration, increasing as time passes. Those who cannot meditate can meditate in the corpse pose utilizing creative visualization as an alternative for crowded minds.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Meet the New Strange, not the Same as the Old Strange.

est said...

i would suggest you ask yourself,
are you serious ?
because if you are, you will
never find a 'teacher'

and you certainly will not
recognize a guru if he hit
you on the head
which is what it might take

seriously though, is it necessary to be rude ?
and yet this good man posts your words...

there is no
with a fool

i'll stop there

Visible said...

You know why I just summarily dismissed that comment and had nothing to say? It was obviously an attempt to tweak me some way but it was so pretentious and self involved I figured any intelligent reader would see through the clumsy artifice.



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