Monday, February 28, 2011

Immortal Love, Hiding in Plain Sight

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

We can have a passion for justice but too often there is the desire to enforce it as well. We may have an impetus to being moral with the danger of self-righteousness. We might be concerned with fair play and the next thing we know we have been seduced by political correctness. We can be attracted to beauty and its proliferation and cause some things to be labeled as ugly, which it might take special eyes to see.

In this world of mass confusion; millions of labels and never ending hype, the actual meaning of the virtues and archetypes becomes relative to the value systems of the people defining them and most of the time this results in them being compromised, to serve a personal agenda, whose hidden and not so hidden drive, can be hypocrisy and which results in an obscene perversion of the power of whatever angel is hiding within and is the instrument of its delivery. Every archetype has an angel contained within it that regulates it in the wider world and dispenses it to the worthy, as well as removing access to it for those who have profaned its meaning. This is why Love remains the single most potent power of them all. Love can’t be mishandled. It slips away like a cat in the night at the merest touch of impure intent.

All of the archetypes abandon their false presenters; deny authenticity, force …and all of the nuances of those specializations of Love but Love itself is of an entirely different order. Not only does it deny access and make its absence known, it also punishes the presumptuous. Love guards its treasure house with the mightiest defenders in the kingdom. If we can’t see that kingdom then we do not possess the degree of Love necessary to grant us the vision. It surrounds us the way food is everywhere in abundance in the wild but cannot be identified by the untrained eye.

Perhaps it was Bradford Angier who commented on the amount of people who starve to death in the wilderness, while sustenance is everywhere to be found. The same can be said for love as well as the riches of the world and all of those items and states that we seek after but which are concealed from our view. In some cases ‘poverty mentality’ conceals these things, in other cases it is too great an intensity of desire with too little sustained focus, in all cases it is Karma; both the having and the lack of anything is Karma in action.

Nobody gets shortchanged in this world concerning anything that they think they want. They short change themselves by chasing after the wrong thing, or pursuing conditions and items before acquiring the understanding necessary to control and enjoy them. We’re a bunch of twelve year olds, who want to grow up to be a fireman but don’t bother to learn to control the hose prior to employment; or is that deployment (irony alert!) We want to be a policeman and protect the public from the bad guys and wind up abusing the ones we are sworn to protect. We want to be soldiers and protect the country we are ‘taught’ and ‘told’ to love and wind up defending the interests of bankers and other fat cats.

You want to be rich; powerful, handsome/beautiful, famous, talented, at home in elegant surroundings. You get all that. You’re not denied anything. Not seeing the missing half of the Mobius Strip, is what keeps us from being more fully aware of this ‘fact; that and the border of forgetfulness that demarcates our individual lives from each other. We get these things because we earned them and we get them because we want them and in all cases they are conferred as elements in a lesson visited upon us. Does anyone wish they were Tony Blair, George Bush or, God help us, Ehud Barak? We‘re going to be different of course but we’re not. We lack the Love. I don’t want to wear the word out but it has so many permutations and levels of operation and experience that no human mind can contain more than a portion of them. The rutting of beasts in the fields is a dynamic of Love, as is the sacrifice of an Avatar for all the lifetimes of an age. In each case you are dealing with a fire hose and you are also dealing with fire. We don’t want to mess it up and wind up worse than we were beforehand, but we do. This power cannot be successfully wielded by human agency. You have to become more than that to manifest it.

If there’s one thing we don’t get, universally speaking, it is the imperative to set the thing we love free. We want to contain it and as a result, it abandons us. Most of the marriages on Earth are some form of ‘pride of ownership’. Love has a new car smell and like they say, “You can’t get that back”. They’ve even got a spray that is sold as ‘new car smell’. This false, representative tactic of life is epidemic at every level. It permeates the practice of medicine, where the control of symptoms is more important than the treatment of cause. It’s full up and overflowing in the religious world where style dominates substance and we find ourselves practitioners of empty rituals based on dogma and cant. It’s everywhere in the political and business world where appearances are the full time substitution for essence. It’s de rigueur in the world of the arts where pretense and pose stand in for inspiration and true creative force. I don’t care where you go, or what world of endeavor comes under the lens, it’s a fabrication and a counterfeit of the real thing; just like our money, our traditions and all the works of our hands, our hearts and our minds.

In these times, brought about by our separation from Love on behalf of materialism, one of the last things we could count on was the love of a mother for her child. Now even that has been warped into acts of indulgence and acting out for the cameras. This is why I’ve been banging on about Love of late. The importance of this integral element of life cannot be over estimated. It transforms everything. Without it you have nothing. No matter what you may have, you have nothing.

Fear and suspicion have replaced Love, because these things displace each other and cannot occupy the same place at the same time. If there were any one cause for the state of the world as it presently appears, it is the absence of Love.

Consider, with so many having abandoned Love, as a risky investment, how much Love is available for use. The entire universe is permeated with it and it is building up the way water backs up from an obstruction. All the virtues and archetypes come out of Love, the way that white light turns into the varieties of colors passing through a prism. Love foments revolution in the hope that we will discover it in our extremity. Love orchestrates disaster in the hope that we might see what had gone missing. There is no greater and more all purpose power anywhere and there never will be. It is the universal solvent in solve et coagula. It is all things to all needs, to all people and everything else is second best. It is the indirect power behind what gives our currency value. It is what gives real value to anything and which exposes everything else as a sham and a disappointment.

You need only one thing to surf the changes of this transforming world and that is Love. All you have to do is ask for it. All you have to do is exercise it and go about your way as if it were your guide and guardian. All the powers of the yogis come out of modifications of this force and all of the forces of the dark splendor of the illusionary world are expressions of misusing, that which can only be effectively applied when it uses itself through you. All it takes to gain it is to give up everything else and everything else is just one more thorn on a cactus tree. How much suffering can you take? Time will tell.

With all of the solutions being offered and all of the legitimately targeted bad guys who need to be neutralized and quarantined, only one force has the answer to every problem and condition and it knows the answer to everything by merely touching it, because Love turns everything into itself. It is the grand harmonic and attractive force that holds it all together, vitalizes everything that lives and shows the way out of every situation when no escape seems possible and… all you have to do is ask for it. If you want to know what you should do, where you should go, how you should be and what you need in every condition, no matter how small or how great, Love is the key in every case. It is the skeleton key of all time for every lock and barrier that has ever been and all of these obstructions exist for the single reason of informing you of what you lack. ‘Love is all you need’.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Law of Return, Again and Again and Again

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

Money is a funny thing; not funny hah hah but certainly ironically funny, painfully funny, tragically funny, unintentionally funny, that’s not funny, funny …and unfortunately funny. It’s as funny as the money is, as in ‘funny money’.

I didn’t grow up with money but I never got the sense that we were poor, although we certainly were, with six kids on a military salary. There was always plenty of food and there were sports and books, which didn’t cost anything, if you lived on a military base and near a library. For a kid who was into sports, living on a military base is a dream come true. Sports and books were my escape from a life of relentless pain and fear; both contained some amount of them too but it was differently abled or vicariously experienced.

When I got away from home, my first social circle of any note were the children of the diplomatic, political and legal culture of Washington D.C. That’s the first time I saw what it was like to be surrounded by money. I’d find myself being taken on a tour of Virginia Graham’s house, when she wasn’t home; sixty or seventy rooms of furniture with plastic on them like nobody lived there and nobody did. The Gore’s of Senator the Elder’s fame were next door to my best friend. The junkie son and nymphomaniac daughter of the Kraft food fortune and assorted wastrels were all around, being jaded and junked like it was an avocation. The heir to an MGM fortune got his hands tied behind his back with a coat hanger and shot in the head for thinking that certain privileges extended into social circles where, in fact, they did not.

Later I was in the Catskills; the Jewish Rockies and I saw yet more money. I became a friend, if you can call it that, of one Steven Landsman, who came into about 50 million dollars and who used me to his advantage in all sorts of ways. Friends of mine would give me grief about hanging out with him but I felt like he was part of my job to wake people up to things besides money and all the heartbreak and disappointment that came along with it. Well, my friends were right but the juries still out on whether I made a difference. I was able to get close to him in certain ways because I didn’t want anything from him but even that failed in the end.

I didn’t see people as they really were most of the time. I saw them as I wanted to believe them to be and in all those more private moments, when their humanity had a chance to sneak out of its confinements for a little fun. Looking back now, I realize I was about as clueless as they come. Money never had that big an attraction for me, so I never saw it in the full bloom of its depravity. It was just something you used along the way to wherever you were going. I never had the illusion that it would be instrumental in taking me there. That might have worked for others because a lot of people were going places because money was there already.

My relationship with money transferred into the way I looked at cocaine. It was something to use and be generous with, precisely because the cost of it was so great. A lot of people locked themselves inside their hearts and houses with it because of what the expense of sharing it did to your right to the alternative to do it all yourself, unless you were looking to get someone to do the horizontal hula with you, when cocaine was coin of the realm for that kind of transaction.

Along the way of my life, I ran into any number of misunderstandings about the difference between ‘your money’ and ‘my money’. I saw ample examples of people who had it proven to them that they were not as generous as advertised, in the same way that they weren’t as spiritually driven as they thought they were, because money and the spiritual quest both come up against generic tests and are often related in the process.

Truth be told, I’ve had some severe disappointments with people, mostly because they didn’t walk the talk or found it much easier to dress for the occasion than to deliver upon the demands of it. It’s like that old saying, “it’s the thought that counts’. We all know people who have shamefully abused that little platitude, “Oh yeah, I was going to get that for you”, “I wanted to get this or that (fill in the blanks) but this or that happened and through no fault of my own, I was unable to carry out my good intentions but you should file my comments on the matter and hang on to them, as if they were evidence that I actually had done any of it.

Having been clueless coming out, I have turned into a careful observer of people in order to protect them from themselves in my company and to protect me from accidentally calling them on any number of invitations that felt good to say but caused a muscle strain to perform. I honestly don’t judge people for things like this because I know the nature of the magnetic power they are up against. It’s been running this number since people first began to barter one thing for another. If you can whip that particular shortcoming that has to do with money, you get a taste of freedom that most people don’t know anything about.

I have watched, up close and personal, what happens to people when a whole lot of money suddenly jumps into their lap and starts running its hand up their leg. I recall the promises and ambitions that got tossed around before money picked up the strap on and started to buckle it to its waist. People who used to have a certain amount of money most of the time, all of a sudden, had no money at all. The tales I would hear about why and how hard it was to get to the money would cause me to crack up. I assure you that it was rare for the other person to join me in the merriment. The ones who did are still friends of mine to this day.

I’ll tell you something else I’ve noticed; life has a magical ability to create situations where one realizes the actual power of friendship and faith in another. Life can take a person with too much money and actually put their life in the hands of someone with none. I’ve also seen these people forget what happened in a remarkably short period of time. One of my favorite things (not) is when you get to watch a person squirm and wriggle like a fish on a hook, as they are forced to calculate the value of a person’s acquaintance and whatever may have passed between you until that point. I’ve gotten good at heading them off at the pass and often they never know that I spared them from having to learn something they didn’t want to know about themselves.

Why am I writing about this? Well, there are a lot of things I can’t do for myself which involve making it easy for money to jump through the necessary hoops. I haven’t done a lot of things precisely because of these stumbling blocks and have always been reluctant about asking people to help me; even though whatever the project is, has a built in repayment understanding. I just know how people are, ‘most’ of the time.

I knew the time would arrive when my work was going to find a wider audience in formats seldom used previously. I knew it would begin to materialize and then other people would somehow be involved but I didn’t know the details. It’s like when I started announcing on stage at my gigs that I was going to Europe, probably Germany, to perform my music ...and then life set it up and a few months later I was there and in a position to maintain as well.

This same thing happened again, starting about a month ago or so. People (that I already knew in most cases… but only virtually) started offering to do the things I could not do and turned out to be damn good at it too. About seven books are being readied for publication and a whole commercial website is being put together to facilitate the sales of books, music, audio books, old TV shows; all kind of things. These people are professional, devoted, hard working and believe in what’s happening and it is happening… just like that, just like that. The new blog looks are part of it and now a fellow who designs games and does 3D modeling has shown up to put his oar in. It’s simply amazing.

A long time ago I told myself that when money came and, of course, money does come at some point, once life has refined you to the point that you can handle it, or is about to give you a lesson in respect of it (grin), I said, well, I get 30% and my friends get 30% and 30% goes for projects and the other ten percent should be anonymous giving. That seemed fair to me. The idea now is to make enough money to fund The New Shangri La in a house on The Bodensee; maybe something like this. I suspect that someone will come along and just donate the money, the same way I wound up in Europe but you have to work toward an intention and not be concerned about the manner in which it will materialize. You just have to know that it’s going to happen and I do.

The reason I know its going to happen is because of one of those laws of the universe that can be proven. I have already done so more than once and so have many other people. That law says, “If you don’t want something for yourself- or even if you do- and it doesn’t harm another or take from another, then you may have it if you possess the requisite faith, trust and some amount of creative visualizing capacity.

I’m shocked and astonished at the support. Back when I was starting all of this online effort I expected more resistance and argument than I got. That still surprises me on a constant basis. I suppose it works if you somehow manage to get in ‘the Tao of your now’.

The secret of managing money successfully, so that it doesn’t cost more than it’s worth or destroy you from self interest, is to always be willing to take the left hand side of the bargain. People who understand the essential nature of generosity also understand something of The Law of Return and that applies not only in real time every day life but from life to life. I like to think of myself as an investment banker who works for a secret stock exchange. I suppose it’s an irrefutable truth, if you don’t push the river, it will get there all the same.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Love in the Time of the Hadron Collider

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'May your noses always be cold and wet'.

I’m fond of saying that physicist have proven that the universe is thought born and that everything we see, touch, hear, taste and smell is composed of mindstuff. I’ve long had an image in my mind of science, cyclopean and with its one eye turned toward whatever corporate profit and physical comfort demand, lurching up the highway of discovery and comprehension and forever ignoring the basic principle of what all of its venal, marketplace oriented discoveries reveal, It moves relentlessly toward an unbridgeable gulf, where eventually it stands on the ledge and looks across to the other side where it sees the poet, the mystic, the philosopher and itself, waving and smiling back at it from the other side.

Here is yet more unneeded proof of something, those of us so inclined can accept, but which those of us not disposed toward will argue away, because it interferes with their insistence on being the only determinant of what is real and what is not. The irony of this is that the ones arguing are not real but only temporary personality projections upon a permanent screen. I hate to say that it amuses me to hear people discount what they can’t see but it does. In dark ages, science acquires a certain comical swagger for making things you can squeeze out of tubes, in order to process the contents through other tubes that process the contents into waste products. They’re also inordinately fond of their ability to develop things that can kill large numbers of people very quickly.

When science and industry get together you eventually wind up with a perfect shit storm of catastrophes and the periodic end of civilizations. Like the arrow on the map says, “You are here”. There’s no good result when money and science get into bed together because all of their offspring turn out to be bloodthirsty troglodytes that eat their makers, which is certainly fitting but... they also eat everyone else too.

So people are making much about the Hadron Collider and how it seems to imply that the universe is permeated with an attractive force much like what we call love but generally define as anything or anyone we want, until the novelty wears off. It shouldn’t be such a big surprise that Love is the supreme engine of life and the most valuable possession in the world. The difficulty with love as an object of desire is that it requires sacrifice to reach the places of greatest power and mystery. You definitely have to pay for it. Of course, if you didn’t pay for it you wouldn’t have the capacity to contain and operate it in any case; not on the most desirable levels. The thing is, you pay for everything, no matter what it is.

Most children possess magical Love until puberty sets in and replaces it with pedestrian love. Once it’s been replaced you can’t remember what was there before it, most of the time. I should point out that Love is conscious. The Love you feel, when love it is, is conscious of itself and of you, even though you may think it is just one of a variety of emotions that you experience in the process of being alive. Love is different than anything else. It is also a science and a power of unimaginable force. We’ve got no concept of its real nature. It’s like the forces of nature. We can marvel at the power of a thunderbolt but we have no real concept of how much power is contained there. We see some small part of the ocean and we think we’ve got some idea of its magnitude. Scientists observe a law of Nature here and there and think they have some grasp of what is available. They think they’re pretty smart but mostly they are dumber than a bag of rocks because not only do they miss the best part of everything, they pervert whatever they do discover for the interests of those who want to sell you something that either hurts you or you don’t need.

Cosmic love sends us emissaries every now and then so that we can get a little insight into some small corner of love and it doesn’t take very long for the moneychangers to crucify them or grant them some other similarly suitable attention. This is why, most times, those favored by Love keep their abilities under wraps and work on the quiet. These aren’t most times and I suspect we’re going to be seeing a few things shortly. After all, if Love is the be all and end all and it is, well then, it’s bound to be in the thick of it somewhere.

Love is the integral essence and mindset of the consciousness that holds it all together. It enjoys experiencing itself so much that it divides into millions of reflections so that it can rediscover itself in a new mirror without end. Everyone wants to know, “How come if there’s a God he’s so hard to find or how come he hides all the time”. He/she is not the one who is hiding. The divine is everywhere in plain sight, here in the kingdom of the blind.

Civilization and all the things that pass for it, are the camouflage that conceals what we really are from each other. We spend our lives jumping through hoops for temporal authorities who have supplanted the indwelling authority with an external monster that feeds on fear. Fear and Love displace each other and cannot occupy the same space at the same time. I suspect this is a cosmic principle and a scientific fact and I suspect the reason that we aren’t all fully aware of it is because someone is making money off of the concealment of this truth.

It is the possession of Love which makes us divine and the lack of which that makes us something a great deal less. Of course, the whole thing is set up the way it is; is designed the way it is in order to create endless opportunities for Love to demonstrate its power. The world takes Love and attempts to turn it into a commercial item that can be sold as an unending conveyor belt load of unreasonable facsimiles, which disappoint without end. It’s new and improved and the same thing only different and it’s all potato chips and soft drinks, light and crispy and frothy with carbonation. It is love enhanced and made available as a disposable commodity, for all the disposable entities, whose value is constantly reduced by the drive to raise up the temporary as a God of desirable mortality for everyone who has lost their way and intends to keep on going for as long as it takes. Since it can’t be found there it can literally go on forever.

A great deal has been said about Love over time. Most of the great art in every field has been motivated and inspired by it. The most important thing about love to be aware of is that it is conscious. It is aware of itself. It contains the universe within it and is the sole reason that it exists at all. Of course it holds it all together and is attracted to itself in uncountable ways.

The world of the moment is what happens when Love is preempted by dreams of material splendor and control. For the world to be what it is there must always be some portion of this present. It is up to the individual soul to choose what it favors as a goal for its existence. You can have anything you want but you should expect it to turn into something else as soon as you possess it.

So, it doesn’t surprise me about the Hadron Collider and I don’t expect any of the other things we find out to surprise me much either. That’s because I’ve never had any problem believing that Love is all the things the poets have attributed to it and ever so much more. It’s not just conscious, it’s nutritive and it has a memory as well. It’s also omniscient so it knows everything everyone has thought and said and done in public and in private and it has a way of rewarding its friends and punishing its enemies. Yes, Love has enemies and most of them have to do with money and power, both of which seek to possess a value equal to love. That’s another thing that makes me laugh.

People ask me what I expect to happen in the near future. Basically I expect Love to awaken from its dream of life and become conscious within the hearts and minds suitable for the occurrence. I expect what’s been hidden to be revealed and I expect those lording it over the rest of us to flee in all directions and try to pull the Earth up over them so they can hide from the sudden appearance of a light that was not in their calculations the day before. I expect things of a rather fantastic order and I expect them fairly soon but maybe not that soon in human terms but soon enough to be soon.

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Sunday, February 13, 2011

There's no Easy Way around the Stones in your Path.

Note- I wanted to write about something that happened to me but then decided against it. Then I found that I couldn't write about anything else so, it seems I am compelled to write about this or I can write about nothing at all. Getting this sorted should free me up for something else next time it comes around; funny how that happens.  It is odd enough to qualify for a blog posting and maybe there’s something in there we can profit from. We’re all about profit here as long as there’s no interest charged. Wait a minute, we do charge interest. Interest is the price of admission (grin)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet.'

After a little interplay between myself and the subject of this post, the subject agreed to look at my chart and provide me with transits for the coming year. The subject originally approached me, although I broached the following actions first, though the person admitted they had been waiting for that. I learned that the subject lived alone and on very little and was making do with a cellphone; operating the thumbs to type the text to publish to the web.

The subject had a unique way of gleaning specific information that was of great interest to me (there’s that interest again). The subject missed a great many things, most especially all of the physical things that were wacking me during this period and other things that I also felt were important but... astrologers tend to zone in on those things which they find important and the issues this person raised were also important to me. I was curious enough, given that I was well aware that powerful changes were taking place in my life.

I listen to what people tell me about myself, whether it is out of the blue or connected to some kind of system, which this information was. I hadn’t had much to do with astrologers or astrology for decades, preferring intuitional reads on my situation and internal adaptations to the impact of forces on the interior and exterior. The pressure has been relentless over the last several years and ‘out of the blue’, around half a dozen astrologers just showed up and gave me their reads on the why and wherefore. This latest was focused on esoteric aspects and seemed to grove right in to what I was experiencing.

I sent this person some money, about double what this kind of an effort would usually cost but I always believe that generosity is a good policy most of the time. I was also struck by the rudimentary technology available to this person and I offered to send them a laptop, which was a good one but not getting any use around here anymore due to the presence of a higher end laptop. At first this person was thrilled at the idea and I was glad to have the laptop looked at to insure it was serviceable.

Then something happened and the person said that they could not accept the laptop because they didn’t take payment for spiritual services. I said that it wasn’t payment as much as it was a desire to see them able to perform at a much more rapid rate of speed, which would also provide for the possibility of a wider reach in their work. Something was off though. The person had turned cold and I was aware of it, though it was not immediately apparent what the reason was.

The person had sent me the transits for January, seeing as the month was nearly up and this person wanted me to have the advantage of the advice before it was moot. Then I heard nothing from this person and February was a third finished. I could feel this person’s displeasure with me and thought I would write and ask if they wanted to send me February’s projections before they became history too.

The person replied and said that there was no reason to send me any further information because I was just tossing the advice into the dustbin and was generally rude and insulting in a way that surprised me. It turns out that this was allegedly based on the recent Visible Origami posting about spirit guides. It wasn’t about this though, because the negative vibrations were happening prior to the publication of that posting. I thought about it and realized that it had to be connected to my having sent the link for events that happened to me the past Spring. It was after that when I noticed the change in vibrations.

The person told me that they had warned me about illusions and had been speaking specifically about two entities that asked if they could be seated in my mind and assist me in my travels as I went through my days. This person wanted to give me the impression that I had been warned ahead of time concerning this event. This turned out not to be true as I read back over our communications and there weren’t two of them anyway.

What I realized is that the person doing the transits actually wanted to be in the position that I had given over to the so called ‘adepts’ who wanted to provide me with advice. The astrologer said they wanted to push me out of my body and take over etc. Nothing could be further from the truth and it’s a real stretch for someone not intimately involved with the whole exchange, to make sweeping assumptions that my own experience shows to be otherwise. I see now that the person is a control freak and wanted to be able to be in charge of my actions, even to the point of retroactively constructing dangers and events that weren’t actually what happened, nor did they occur at the time or in the way that was retroactively presented.

In other words, I wasn’t supposed to be in communication with entities from the inner planes and I wasn’t supposed to write about it either. How I could have known all of this is beyond me. This person said that I didn’t want their advice. I said that that was unlikely since I was soliciting it and paying close attention to it, however limited it was, in terms of covering the gamut of what was happening to me. I said, “You told me that I was going to be having supernatural experiences the way other people have Cheerios for breakfast, I’m having those experiences but now you are telling me not to have them.” It was all very confusing and I didn’t feel like going on any further with it. I figured I needed to get in touch with a jyotish astrologer, especially someone who would be able to accurately read the effects of the kundalini on my situation; someone who is anchored in the tradition from which a particular understanding of this force proceeds.

What happened is that this person freaked out after reading what happened to me and made a whole lot of assumptions, which were based on nothing real. It is highly unlikely that I could be pushed out of my body or co-opted in any way for long, except as an instructional exercise; primarily because my master has residence within me and nothing happens to me without permission. I am in someone else’s hands at all times and I’ve had more proof of that than writing here, nonstop for the next two weeks, could provide. It is interesting to me how all of the motives and intentions of this person, revealed themselves with such clarity, when I simply sat and studied the series of events. There wasn’t much I could say to the person. I tried to explain a little, knowing it would have little effect. The person sees themselves as an enlightened seer and any diversion from recommended behavior is met with a sharp stick; even when the recommended behavior has not been offered, but merely retroactively inserted, even when the recommended guidelines are fuzzy and imprecise. The best thing in these situations is to walk away.

I could go into the dichotomy about the laptop being an impure gift and the money being gladly accepted but that leads nowhere useful. I don’t want to give the reader the idea that I have astrology on my mind because I don’t. The people who engaged me in it just sort of showed up and what followed, followed. I did have an interest in what was happening to me. I knew it was shaking my world and intended to continue and it always helps to have impartial reads into the matter. The only reason I would look up a jyotish astrologer now is because the previous effort was left incomplete and I’m the kind of person who likes to at least study the loose ends for a bit before I go back to what I was always doing which was to “stop, look and listen”.

I don’t bear this person any ill will. I’m a little disappointed that so many people turn out to be flakes but that is the nature of the times. It’s a weird sensation to accept information from someone and then have them come back and start hammering on you because you didn’t follow all of the directions they didn’t give you exactly as you didn’t get them. Meanwhile, I’m not possessed or between bodies at the moment and my whole talk about the spirit guides and visitors from the inner planes was all about the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel but I didn’t want to mention that. I prefer that these things be intuited by the reader so that they only get what they are supposed to get and so that they are involved in the process; getting the meaning, sorting out the ideas and making subtractions and additions of their own.

What this is all about is to say that there are some strange people out there and a lot more experts than we can really use and it can be confusing, especially when you mean well and then you want to say, “Hey, wait a minute, it’s not like that”. No matter what you say or do though, it doesn’t matter. People set things up a certain way to create certain scenarios to begin with and it’s no surprise that so many people are alone and marooned on the Planet My Way, surrounded by on ramps to The Highway. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that they are in orbit too. I tend to agree with Shakespeare, “A wise man rules the stars”.

I enjoy varied perspectives, courtesy of ancient sciences and I enjoy sifting and comparing information, mostly while I sleep (grin). I have a curious nature and I’m always learning something. However, everything I contact or encounter gets held up to the mirror of the self, or handed over to the one who arranges the circumstances and events of my life. I get the most important things from an interior well and I would have to say that anything useful or valuable that I ever say here comes from there too.

Now, if any of the intrepid readers out there have some contact with a jyotish astrologer or want to fill in the gaps of what I didn’t get because of petulance ruling the day in certain quarters then, I’m all ears, which does make my face look funny at the moment. I’ve got another anonymous reader who is pissed at me and keeps showing up at the blogs to attempt to insert digs ( while pretending to be different people) and I’m not publishing that nonsense because it’s not about clearing anything up or understanding anything. It’s just an effort to injure and I’m not in the business of being on the receiving end of that. The Buddha was once asked what to do about abuse conferred on one by others. The Buddha replied, “If someone brings you a gift and you do not accept it, to whom does the gift belong”?

I try to be easy going, especially since I don’t have all the answers. I try to be accepting of alternative perspectives. I can’t learn anything if I am not but… some people don’t have the truth as their objective or they wouldn’t be at such pains to alter the record. Some people just want to injure because they got injured somewhere previously or they’re annoyed if someone listens to you when they should be listening to them. It’s complicated. Every case is different. We can only do our best and adjust ourselves as we go. Shortly I expect to go through some thing that will make it a great deal easier for me to understand what’s going on. At the moment I am between here and there and simply have to span the distance in the meantime. It would be a real improvement in this world if people were as ready to share their love as they are to share the misery of their imagined slights.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show tonight at 7:30 Central time.

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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

The Love and how to Reach it

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

A lot of people are having a tough time. I’m having a tough time but it’s a different kind of tough time than I am hearing about. My tough time, is being assailed by physical problems, over the last however many years and months, with what I hope is, ‘the grand finale’ of the present. The rest of you seem to be troubled by difficulties having to do with connecting to the source of your own best interest. I’ve got your solution but you need to apply it. What I’m going to talk about is an extension of this week’s radio show.

For many years, I was confused and lacking integration with the will and intentions of the force that controls the whole of everything. There’s a concept that has to be absorbed before you are going to make any real headway, in your quest for synchronization and access to the internal ticker tape of what is ‘coming down’.

Everything in the universe is made out of the same thing. One’s ability to tune into the vibration of anything and a knowledge of the means by which to alter that vibration, confers the power to change it into anything. In a certain way we already do this, when we fell a tree and it appears as a chair in a furniture store. We also do it when we refocus our attention on something new, which requires a change within us to bring it into manifestation. You actually become a different person. When you drink all the time, or snort cocaine every day, chase after money, fortune and sex, your consciousness takes on certain ubiquitous characteristics. Heroin junkies all over the world behave a certain way and even talk a certain way, no matter what the language may be. The state of your intention and focus, along with your behavior, defines the whole of your understanding and experiences.

One consciousness holds the universe together and streams it through time to a specific objective, which has all the other objectives woven into the whole. This ‘being’, or consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, composes everything, rules everything, is aware of everything, both within and apart from it, forever and ever, amen. If you are one of those people whose metaphorical butt hurts, your relationship is being defined in a way other than the original intent; unless you like that sort of thing. I don’t mean to imply there isn’t a certain amount of pleasure in the act because millions of people wouldn’t do it otherwise; would they? Well, all ordinary death is suicide, so that bears thinking about too.

No ‘human mind’ can comprehend the nature or measurements of the interpenetrating consciousness. Anything you have ever read or been told is just a perspective and falls far short of the actual truth. No matter what, there is always more power in reserve than there is in manifestation. This consciousness knows itself as whatever it is existent in, while also knowing itself apart from it. The purpose of existence, short and long term, is the fruit of the lessons of experience. The fruit of all experience is the awareness of the awareness within and once begun, it deepens without end. The point of creation is for creation to know itself as an expression of the creator.

Therefore, this interpenetrating consciousness composes everything (makes everything out of itself), is conscious in everything, according to its state of being and apart from it, while intimately aware of it and also, outside of it. To say that life is created for the entertainment of the creator, motivated by a love incomprehensible, is not inaccurate.

Our present timescape is in a period known as The Kali Yuga. This is a time when darkness and ignorance have the upper hand in terms of appearances and also within the ‘general mind’ of the inhabitants. From one perspective, this is not a good time to be here. From another perspective, this is one of the best times to be here ‘if’ you are seeking to make progress in respect of union with your higher self. The fulfillment of this can only happen on this plane. It does not happen in Heaven or other places. This is a critical point to consider and understand.

The whole universe is held together and functions as a result of the ‘attractive force’. This force is love and it has its degrees of awareness, according to whoever is employing it. What we call evil, are all the less than perfect applications of thought, speech and action, which fall short of the mark. In fact, sin is defined as, ‘missing the mark’. It is not possible for a human being to hit the mark with any consistency and that is why it has to be accomplished by the interpenetrating consciousness ‘through you’.

There is no possibility of acquiring the knowledge needed to perform or comprehend in any complete way. Those who have walked the path of knowledge must, no matter what they achieve, return to walk the path of love. Those walking the path of Love do not need to return for the knowledge. That is automatically conferred in the fulfillment of love.

The Hare Krishna people are not wrong in their understanding that the maha-mantra is the most expedient and safest course in (no, I am not a member of the Krishna consciousness movement in any exoteric way) The Kali Yuga. This maha-mantra recognizes all of the permutations of the divine, as it has expressed itself over time. Krishna is Christ and the similarity in the words should be a telling clue. Alternatively, constant practice of the presence or any sincere modality, that seeks union in utter surrender to the divine, will succeed.

In AA (no, I am not in AA) they tell you that you have to have a higher power. It can be a book, your dog, a person, place or thing but... you must have one. This gives you a medium in which to grow into an understanding of the interpenetrating consciousness. It adapts itself to your particular needs. Dogma, cant, scripture, traditions, rituals and practices, all have their place in an elementary period of learning. Once contact has been made, that contact provides all the things that these others cannot and which is why so many wars and conflicts come out of all the interpretations of them. The greatest enemies of incarnate truth are the religions that came after it.

Now we come to the means of the quickest and most definite route in the search for union with the interpenetrating consciousness. Love exerts a power over everything manifest and unmanifest, including the divine. The divine is a slave to love, which is the truest expression of its own inner nature and whose depths and reaches have never been fathomed, nor ever will be. If you employ love; a keen burning desire for the interpenetrating consciousness, it will be compelled to come to you. You cannot fail and you will succeed in the shortest possible time.

Here is a motivation that might greatly assist in your desire to accomplish what presently confuses and often bores you as well. You cannot enjoy anything without the presence of the divine. You cannot understand anything; you cannot appreciate anything, you cannot master anything, you cannot be free of anything, or have any position or perspective where enjoyment can occur, sans the presence of the divine. The divine is the supreme enjoyer and must be present for you to get any of it at all; despite all hallucinations to the contrary. This is the curse of temporal riches and power, along with all of the things people seek in this world. It is a bitter pill but it is an inflexible thing. You are not going to get around it. Therefore, your supreme ambition should be to connect with the supreme personality, because everything you think you want can only be enjoyed or appreciated via the agency of the interpenetrating consciousness.

Possessing a connection to the source transforms the meanest jungle hut into a palace and a pleasure dome of infinite possibilities. Possessing this transforms every sense experience into the highest expression available. Possessing this grants you a friend and companion whose intention is to put you on equal footing with the grandest being of them all. Possessing this you need nothing else and anything you do need is on the way and will be experienced and understood in the right way and that includes the gamut of possible human experiences and everything past that as well. Fall in love, because everything and everyone you have ever loved is an expression of the interpenetrating consciousness. Everything you long for, or ever will long for, is an expression of the interpenetrating consciousness.

There is nothing you have known, or ever will know, that is not contained in the interpenetrating consciousness and that includes the deepest and most perfect appreciation of it. Fall in love. That’s all you have to do. Fall in love and let it take over your thoughts and possess your heart until there is nothing else on your mind at any time. Fall in love and see what happens.

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Saturday, February 05, 2011

The Revolutions of the Outer and Inner Worlds

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’

I can speak with some small authority, only on those things I have experienced. I can speak with some intuitive reach, concerning individuals, forces and conditions that I have not experienced and... I can speculate to my hearts content. This is one of the reasons I use my own life and experiences in order to communicate something I might find important, given that we’ve heard, by now, more times than need be researched, that I have some kind of a Zeitgeist thing; by example, all the times people say they were just thinking about that in a ‘you read my mind’ kind of a way. I’m not trying to claim any special significance for myself, because God will inform my mind concerning that, post haste, should I be so foolish.

I’m a person. The position I occupy is a state. States of consciousness exist very much like the levels in a video game and are also attended by degrees of difficulty, which is why perseverance is one of the most valuable qualities you can acquire. Possessing faith makes it much easier to do so and you don’t get faith without trials. I’m going through some right now and will continue to for at least a certain period longer. Next time someone flies over to visit me I’m going to make sure they bring a good amount of herbs with them. They’re trying to make Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda impossible to perform.

Revolution is an imperative. There is no way around it. There are two states of revolution and those are the inner and the outer states. If one focuses on the inner revolution, the outer revolution will take care of itself. That is a critical thing to remember. Every time you feel the need to revolt externally, try driving within with the same intensity. I’m not saying you shouldn’t print up hundreds of stickers and paste them in public toilets and on any available wall; the windows of restaurants in the booths where you are sitting, official cars, especially Homeland Insecurity vehicles, buses and wherever you can manage. (I am a little disappointed that this very powerful medium is being so routinely overlooked. If you don’t know what to say, we can put dozens of comments in the comments section.)

In respect of the things I’ve just mentioned, I want to talk about some recent events in my life because I suspect similar things are happening to some numbers of the readers. I also want to mention it because there are some things you can do, to greatly assist in the process. My talking about this may also stir some recognition which is presently subliminal.

Two nights ago, I retired to my bed. I spent the rest of the night shifting from one position to another until dawn arrived. After a time following, I finally did sleep for a couple of hours. What caused this to happen to me (and this kind of thing has been happening off and on for awhile now) was the entrance of another intelligence into my mind. I’m going to have to paraphrase and simply sketch out the general idea because the actual details are not with me. You won’t miss anything important by just accepting the substitution.

This voice said to me that, if I would allow it, several adepts were interested in taking up residence within me. One of them was an exempt adept and there might even have been someone from the final two higher ranks. In any case, my visitors would be in contact with such personages anyway. I didn’t think about it, I just said “Yes’. I was informed that that was unusual for someone in my position to just automatically put aside any questions or concerns.

I was told that the presence of other minds within my own would subtly and possibly not so subtly, change me. I said, “Isn't that the point? Isn’t that a good thing?” I was told that it was and that it was of considerable benefit all around but that I might lose some parts of myself I would rather hang on to, since they were me and mine and I don’t really have to let them go. I said, there’s nothing in me or of me that has any value if it can be replaced by something of a higher order. He/She seemed to like hearing that (grin)

All through that night I was pondering what was taking place and traveling within to communicate with these new invisible friends. When I got closer to a couple of them, as happened through that night, I noticed that they still seemed far off but according to a different kind of distance. There was so much more space within them and I could feel my personal discomfort at yawning distances; the kind you find walking on narrow paths on a cliff side. It wasn’t dangerous, it was just an awareness. I realized I would have to grow into this and when I did, then it wouldn’t seem so empty and devoid of presence. I suspected that this space was full of presence but beyond my present capacity to appreciate it or... I would have to grow to fill that space as the greater presence of my deepest inner self expanded into the dimensions of its theater of expression. At the same time I realized that, in fact, I had to grow smaller and smaller until I was no more than a pinprick of light.

I welcomed this, even though I knew that a tedium was going to attend it as it made many things that formerly had my attention, unimportant and suddenly no longer desirable by comparison with what lay ahead, even if I had no clear idea of what that was. That has proven to be the case. This morning I got in the car to drive Susanne to the train station and at one point, my attention was drawn upwards and I saw one of the adepts there, stationary in his holding position and I entered it automatically because that was what he was there for. I realized then that the purpose of their presence was to remind me of a state of consciousness that I could come into, until that state of consciousness was my own. I was going to lose a lot of things that had previously entertained me and gotten my attention but... am I serious about this or not? That’s the question you have to ask yourself.

Every one of us has a guide or guides, standing by and waiting to see if we acknowledge their presence and wish to invite them in. Just like vampires, they can’t come in unless you invite them. There are all kinds of rules of engagement that apply to this area of activity. Take some time when you can and see if this is not true of you. You may not get anything at first but you will if you persevere and they speak through the intuition and this quality becomes more and more palpable, as it is exercised. Because of the nature of the times, this opportunity is presenting itself to the willing and aware. It is an extremely valuable relationship that you really do want to take advantage of, even though it will change you. Consider how much your world is going to be changed in any case.

I now understand the attraction for the arctic emptiness of the wild and vast space that is so often identified with yogis and mystics. It takes some getting used to. It’s not oppressive it’s just the Big Empty. It’s not empty but it seems that way at first. The consciousness needs to adjust so that it can identify what it presently isn’t in a position to perceive.

As I have said in the past, an aperture is opening into another dimension. Those indifferent to or unwilling to enter in are going to be routed to Wardrobe for the coming cycle, 'here'. Those perceptive and wise enough to avail themselves are going to get an undeserved gifting from the largesse of the universe. Think of it like this, “I know it’s not your birthday but I just wanted to get you something special”.

It’s not like you won’t earn it or provide a return on the investment. This naturally follows out of your new inclinations and awarenesses. Take advantage of this unique opportunity and invite your guide(s) in for the good it will do you. The good will be considerable because many things unknown to you are visually apparent to your guide(s). Practice in association will result in regular updates and bursts of information concerning actions and directions you might take. Remember, Shambhala is going to appear out of the mists of concealment. To fully see it as it is requires you to fully be what you are.

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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Wild Forces and Wild Times

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'May your noses always be cold and wet.'

Australia has been getting hammered. The scenes from Queensland are shocking and the devastation is immense. Now there comes a cyclone with winds over 200 kph and the promise of as much as 3 feet of water along the tourist coast. It is of such a power and fury that they say it may travel as much as 600 miles inland. As I’ve been saying, Mother Nature is on the move and soon to appear in locations around the world. My heart goes out to the people of Australia; a big and wild land, hosting the biggest and wildest force known on the planet. Meanwhile, storms march across the continental U.S.

We’ve yet to get one of the big volcano outbursts that are coming so, things remain relatively sane, which is not sane at all but consistent in its madness enough to be predictable and therefore, seemingly rational, when things are not. Things are not at all sane or rational.

These last days I’ve been reflecting on the madness of those in power. History tells the distorted and revised tales of what has gone before. Though history has been altered to serve the needs of those manipulating it for present and future gain, there is still more than enough to serve as lessons for the endless lines of fools who want to follow in their footsteps. What is it that endures to this present day that makes it so easy for people to lie, steal, cheat and murder for personal gain and position?

It’s not so different from a thousand years ago. This predatory scheming and jockeying for position just goes on and on and on. The population rises up against its leaders and the leaders go through the same disingenuous motions of shuffling their cabinet and stonewalling the public. Their relatives slip off to the country, whose meddlesome ways kept the dictator in power and offers of asylum come in from the biggest enemy of that country; the country their leader was in office to protect them from. Israel is offering asylum to Mubarak? The Palestinian leadership is revealed as traitors, working for the psychopaths who are genociding them? There’s no rhyme or reason to any of it.

We had the Magna Carta in 1215 and that was supposed to usher in a whole new understanding between royalty and those below them. Now the bankers have placed the crown on their own heads and the corporations have become the system that institutes the rules and regulations of behavior. They told the Supreme Court that they were running things now and the Supreme Court said. “Sure, go right ahead.” The insidious neo-Pharisees have taken near total control of the United States and all the rest of the Crown Colonies. It’s right there to be seen but it is officially not true and some portion of the people who can see it are saying that this group and these individuals, are being manipulated and operated by people and forces we can’t see but who represent the real power. Does it matter? If you eliminate the medium, then the darkness has no mechanism for delivery. All evil proceeds from one source, through millions of delivery systems.

It seems to me that certain people are blinded, by themselves or some force, so that they can carry on as they do with no hesitation or remorse. We’ve heard of an internet kill switch. I’m thinking there is also a humanity kill switch that is thrown internally and which cuts off access to the human qualities. I’m not sure at what point the switch gets thrown. Sometimes it seems that it might be thrown in the womb or early childhood. Maybe it occurs at a later day, during that first semester at Wharton or in the first year at the bank. At a certain point, the decision has to be made. I will treat others as I wish to be treated or, I will do what is expedient and have no concern about the human cost. It’s a simple matter, you fail as a human being or you fail at the needs of business and self interest for profit.

This is the hallmark of materialism, in this age of materialism. The choice is upon us all, each and every day. Do we aspire to the dictates of our higher nature, knowing that it entails continuous sacrifice in the process or, do we do what they tell us to do on TV and in the movies, where no mention of the invisible is ever given out, except when it happens to be a horror movie or some cobbled together, unintentional satire on the occult and metaphysical; where the world is only what is seen, unless it’s some absurd mockery of somewhere they’re never been, dolled up like an outer space, Burger King.

That’s all going to change now. Longstanding notes are coming due. The foreclosures on the physical level are going to start to result in spiritual foreclosures, where you get aced out of future possibilities, because you closed yourself off inside from the higher end of your potential. This all comes about because of the corporate mindset. Corporations are the poster boy for mindless materialism, to the exclusion of any and all other motivations.

A corporation is a cabal of conspirators, whose motivation is maximum profit for the shareholders. The excuse given by the boards of directors and those serving in the corporate hierarchy, is that they serve the needs of the stockholders and that, in this dog eat dog world, they have to pursue every innovation and cut every corner in order to meet the needs of the holiest of the holy, the stockholders. The idea is that they are the most selfless of servants, laboring for the benefit of others, who are defined as representatives of the bedrock of society; ordinary citizens seeking to invest in the dream of a better life for all. The truth is that most of those stockholders are not ordinary citizens but just more of the elite cyborgs who are milking the conglomerate tit.

Everywhere you turn now, the world is being manhandled into fascist policies of operation, whose object is a universal prison system that is manipulated by faceless goons, according to an unshakeable policy for the repression and regimentation of the human spirit. The idea is an insane, backstabbing scramble for the higher positions in order to be in the executive seats and free from the directives that flow down upon the oppressed masses. No one is responsible for the bad chemicals and lingering deaths. No one is responsible for the profits at the expense of quality and durability. No one is responsible for the loss of jobs and the disappearing manufacturing base. No one is responsible for anything, it’s just business as usual and if you don’t like it, you are a traitor to your country and to the spirit that made your country great.

The more the corporate schematic is overlaid upon the natural order of things, the more unnatural everything becomes. This applies across the board into every area of life and is reflected in the state of the culture. The rights of tiny minorities are blown out of proportion into social imperatives, while the rights of the majority are crushed beneath the hobnailed boots of progress, whose purpose is to create two separate worlds; those who rule and those who are ruled over. All of this is reflected in the degree of material gain, on the one hand and in the loss of what one previously owned, on the other. It’s there in black and white. Foreclosure lawyers are now suing against the possibility of having to operate legitimately and without any irony attendant, except among the victims.

It can’t go on as it is going. It can’t function this way for any great length of time. The wheels will heat up from the lack of lubrication. The disparity, in wealth and privilege, invariably forces revolution upon everyone. It’s not a workable system. It’s a feeding frenzy, where greed and appetite have overcome all of the resistances of good sense and natural restraint. It’s that stage of insanity where some form of creative suicide becomes the logical next step and they can’t see it. Something has closed their eyes to the clear evidence of where all this bad behavior leads. Just before the train hits the wall, or the other train coming toward them on the tracks, hits them head on, they are going to step off and all will be well. They’re all going to retire and move to Dubai, on to one of those exclusive islands that are sinking back into the sea. More money will fix that too.

I can’t say it often enough and I can’t say it with enough force to match the actual, critical imminence of the condition in the mirror; that object which is closer than it appears. It all looks normal, outside your window, there in the streets below and it can become Cairo (or much worse) in the space of an afternoon nap. You don’t have to go to sleep to have a nightmare. You can wake up right inside of one.

The thing to remember is that the system cannot sustain itself. It cannot endure as what it is. The principles and components are unsound. It’s like a Ponzi scheme. It can only operate for a certain period of time before it won’t work any more. You are inside of the biggest Ponzi scheme of all time. That clock is not going to ‘keep on tickin’ but someone is going to get a lickin.

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