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The Love and how to Reach it

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‘May your noses always be cold and wet’.

A lot of people are having a tough time. I’m having a tough time but it’s a different kind of tough time than I am hearing about. My tough time, is being assailed by physical problems, over the last however many years and months, with what I hope is, ‘the grand finale’ of the present. The rest of you seem to be troubled by difficulties having to do with connecting to the source of your own best interest. I’ve got your solution but you need to apply it. What I’m going to talk about is an extension of this week’s radio show.

For many years, I was confused and lacking integration with the will and intentions of the force that controls the whole of everything. There’s a concept that has to be absorbed before you are going to make any real headway, in your quest for synchronization and access to the internal ticker tape of what is ‘coming down’.

Everything in the universe is made out of the same thing. One’s ability to tune into the vibration of anything and a knowledge of the means by which to alter that vibration, confers the power to change it into anything. In a certain way we already do this, when we fell a tree and it appears as a chair in a furniture store. We also do it when we refocus our attention on something new, which requires a change within us to bring it into manifestation. You actually become a different person. When you drink all the time, or snort cocaine every day, chase after money, fortune and sex, your consciousness takes on certain ubiquitous characteristics. Heroin junkies all over the world behave a certain way and even talk a certain way, no matter what the language may be. The state of your intention and focus, along with your behavior, defines the whole of your understanding and experiences.

One consciousness holds the universe together and streams it through time to a specific objective, which has all the other objectives woven into the whole. This ‘being’, or consciousness, or whatever you want to call it, composes everything, rules everything, is aware of everything, both within and apart from it, forever and ever, amen. If you are one of those people whose metaphorical butt hurts, your relationship is being defined in a way other than the original intent; unless you like that sort of thing. I don’t mean to imply there isn’t a certain amount of pleasure in the act because millions of people wouldn’t do it otherwise; would they? Well, all ordinary death is suicide, so that bears thinking about too.

No ‘human mind’ can comprehend the nature or measurements of the interpenetrating consciousness. Anything you have ever read or been told is just a perspective and falls far short of the actual truth. No matter what, there is always more power in reserve than there is in manifestation. This consciousness knows itself as whatever it is existent in, while also knowing itself apart from it. The purpose of existence, short and long term, is the fruit of the lessons of experience. The fruit of all experience is the awareness of the awareness within and once begun, it deepens without end. The point of creation is for creation to know itself as an expression of the creator.

Therefore, this interpenetrating consciousness composes everything (makes everything out of itself), is conscious in everything, according to its state of being and apart from it, while intimately aware of it and also, outside of it. To say that life is created for the entertainment of the creator, motivated by a love incomprehensible, is not inaccurate.

Our present timescape is in a period known as The Kali Yuga. This is a time when darkness and ignorance have the upper hand in terms of appearances and also within the ‘general mind’ of the inhabitants. From one perspective, this is not a good time to be here. From another perspective, this is one of the best times to be here ‘if’ you are seeking to make progress in respect of union with your higher self. The fulfillment of this can only happen on this plane. It does not happen in Heaven or other places. This is a critical point to consider and understand.

The whole universe is held together and functions as a result of the ‘attractive force’. This force is love and it has its degrees of awareness, according to whoever is employing it. What we call evil, are all the less than perfect applications of thought, speech and action, which fall short of the mark. In fact, sin is defined as, ‘missing the mark’. It is not possible for a human being to hit the mark with any consistency and that is why it has to be accomplished by the interpenetrating consciousness ‘through you’.

There is no possibility of acquiring the knowledge needed to perform or comprehend in any complete way. Those who have walked the path of knowledge must, no matter what they achieve, return to walk the path of love. Those walking the path of Love do not need to return for the knowledge. That is automatically conferred in the fulfillment of love.

The Hare Krishna people are not wrong in their understanding that the maha-mantra is the most expedient and safest course in (no, I am not a member of the Krishna consciousness movement in any exoteric way) The Kali Yuga. This maha-mantra recognizes all of the permutations of the divine, as it has expressed itself over time. Krishna is Christ and the similarity in the words should be a telling clue. Alternatively, constant practice of the presence or any sincere modality, that seeks union in utter surrender to the divine, will succeed.

In AA (no, I am not in AA) they tell you that you have to have a higher power. It can be a book, your dog, a person, place or thing but... you must have one. This gives you a medium in which to grow into an understanding of the interpenetrating consciousness. It adapts itself to your particular needs. Dogma, cant, scripture, traditions, rituals and practices, all have their place in an elementary period of learning. Once contact has been made, that contact provides all the things that these others cannot and which is why so many wars and conflicts come out of all the interpretations of them. The greatest enemies of incarnate truth are the religions that came after it.

Now we come to the means of the quickest and most definite route in the search for union with the interpenetrating consciousness. Love exerts a power over everything manifest and unmanifest, including the divine. The divine is a slave to love, which is the truest expression of its own inner nature and whose depths and reaches have never been fathomed, nor ever will be. If you employ love; a keen burning desire for the interpenetrating consciousness, it will be compelled to come to you. You cannot fail and you will succeed in the shortest possible time.

Here is a motivation that might greatly assist in your desire to accomplish what presently confuses and often bores you as well. You cannot enjoy anything without the presence of the divine. You cannot understand anything; you cannot appreciate anything, you cannot master anything, you cannot be free of anything, or have any position or perspective where enjoyment can occur, sans the presence of the divine. The divine is the supreme enjoyer and must be present for you to get any of it at all; despite all hallucinations to the contrary. This is the curse of temporal riches and power, along with all of the things people seek in this world. It is a bitter pill but it is an inflexible thing. You are not going to get around it. Therefore, your supreme ambition should be to connect with the supreme personality, because everything you think you want can only be enjoyed or appreciated via the agency of the interpenetrating consciousness.

Possessing a connection to the source transforms the meanest jungle hut into a palace and a pleasure dome of infinite possibilities. Possessing this transforms every sense experience into the highest expression available. Possessing this grants you a friend and companion whose intention is to put you on equal footing with the grandest being of them all. Possessing this you need nothing else and anything you do need is on the way and will be experienced and understood in the right way and that includes the gamut of possible human experiences and everything past that as well. Fall in love, because everything and everyone you have ever loved is an expression of the interpenetrating consciousness. Everything you long for, or ever will long for, is an expression of the interpenetrating consciousness.

There is nothing you have known, or ever will know, that is not contained in the interpenetrating consciousness and that includes the deepest and most perfect appreciation of it. Fall in love. That’s all you have to do. Fall in love and let it take over your thoughts and possess your heart until there is nothing else on your mind at any time. Fall in love and see what happens.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

One love.

It is by giving away my self, time, energy, money that I gain and become wealthy - a paradox.

Peace, love and truth,


Suzanne said...

Wonderful, amazing. I could feel my vibration rising while I was reading it.

I have this knowing - sometimes it makes itself known strongly, other times it appears to have left me; of course it doesn't; it is the worldly matters that interfere with the reception.

Thank you for this boost. I shall print it, to read whenever I am feeling out of touch.

The poet Rumi wrote about being in love and his beloved. He was referring to the divine consciousness of all.

EtherEagle said...

Love is the most powerful thing there is. I have been telling this to people for awhile now. It makes me smile to see your vast familiarity with the end all be all that is love. I nod to you with much appreciation at expressing it so eloquently. May you be well Mr. Visible.

Lost in 808 said...

Aloha Les,

Love is the only thing that is real.

kikz said...


Anonymous said...

what could be more forgiving than the welcoming arms of the pastless present ...

all of the good shit happens "now"

accurate perceptions
beautiful sights
amazing occurences
synchronistic gifts

"could woulda shoulda" is like swimming in peanut butter

just drop it!
(note to self)

Anonymous said...

Your post this morning is beautiful and a source of much encouragement. I am reminded, once again, of the prayer to Samantabhadra, the King of Prayers. Here is a short excerpt from this prayer:

"May I achieve the power of swift, magical emanation,
The power to lead to the great vehicle through every approach,
The power of always beneficial activity,
The power of love pervading all realms,
The power of all surpassing positive potential,
The power of supreme knowledge unobstructed by discrimination,
And through the powers of wisdom, skillful means and samadhi,
May I achieve the perfect power of awakening.

Purifying the power of all contaminated actions,
Crushing the power of disturbing emotions at their root,
Defusing the power of interfering forces,
I shall perfect the power of the bodhisattva practice."

Thank you, Les Visible. You are a light in these dark times.

Pstonie said...

This post for the book, I'd say, being one of the most concise expressions of probably the most important message you could render.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Love is the message.

"If you are one of those people whose metaphorical butt hurts, your relationship is being defined in a way other than the original intent; unless you like that sort of thing."

Sure, call me a masochist, I admit it.

“If you employ love; a keen burning desire for the interpenetrating consciousness, it will be compelled to come to you.”

Yes, I hear you again. You say this to me often. Now if I could just stop playing in the sandbox and get busy.

“Fall in love and see what happens.”

Sometimes, the striving IS the thing.

I know, and I try. I will never give up. Soon I think it will click, and progress will be achieved.

Just keep telling me, and maybe I’ll eventually get it.


Strum said...

Your beautiful words work a magic spell as I read them. I can feel the presence of the divine and your devotion to it directly by reading your stuff. Thanks for the reminder, this one brought me to tears.

Definitely one for the book.

wv - pirtent - what you have when your cat goes to sleep in your tent.


unonymous said...

An act of creation is an act of surrender.

Visible said...

shifting from a formerly recognized nick to anonymous does not conceal your identity because your presentation and the usual errors of spelling are identifiable. You won't get into print this way and it doesn't have any effect on me. So... there you have it.

Thomas said...

ya, this is great. Clean wisdom.

Sundays radio show cracked me up! Succint, serious and hilarious, all at the same time! (impressively balanced).

Thanks Les, and be well, everyone.

Visible said...

By way of clarification for the rest of you; there's a particular troll who is attempting to pass for several different people but who isn't sharp enough to understand what this entails and who does not remember the disclaimer that used to be presented here at the comments box- until the blogs got reworked.

I'm not going to let a malcontent with obvious personality problems affect the general tone of the place. Eventually that person will move on to some other zone where nameless ambush is a feature of the place.

Anonymous said...

I can't explain it, but I am happier and more peaceful now than I have ever been in my life. We are all part of the divine--the divine being within each of us. The potential for greatness and goodnes is boundless. Love is the answer. We need to KNOW this.


Anonymous said...

Holy cow!

I second Pstonie's motion.

If you're tired of walkin around and getting nowhere,
I know, there's a path that's leading towards the master.

Love, Devotion and Surrender
Love, Devotion and Surrender
Love, Devotion and Surrender
Love, Devotion and Surrender

Oh, brother, listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat,
It's keeping time with all the universal children.

Sister, sing the song created for your brother
Louder, till your hear embraces all the harmony.

Love, Devotion and Surrender...."

Hare Krishna!

Highest regards,

Erik said...

Wow Visible, tears of joy ... and love.

Anonymous said...

My Very Dear Les !

This is M A G N I F I C E N T !

Please continue to inspire us A L L.


Anonymous said...

Swami Sri Yukteswar's book, The Holy Science, explains that we left Kali Yuga in 1700 and are currently in the ascending 2400 year cycle of Dwapara Yuga. The times we live in now are Kali's last gasps. There will be no absolutes or "free rides" once Kali is finally extinguished, but 12,000 years of ascending ages are on the agenda.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les, for this. Very timely for me.


Anonymous said...

Sincere thank you Les
(the word verification for this comment is happeyel, strangely appropriate :)

laurel said...

i love it when a bunch of our comments on the previous blog spurs you on to things like this blog entry :)

laurel said...

real love does not feel awesome. it has no feeling at all. it should be so far above the physical need of "feeling", that it just becomes you, rather than becomes a part of you :)

Anonymous said...

A couple of years ago, I was trying sincerely to practice the Sufi path of the heart. In meditation, I would focus on my heart space, and focus on feeling the Divine there. My desire and longing to feel the Divine was growing in intensity, when I stopped meditating so intently. I had started to rehab and raise Doves, and my mornings, days and evenings were filled with feedings and cleaning and giving TLC to them all. One day, I decided to sit down and meditate in the room with my Doves. When I closed my eyes, I remembered my devotion and longing to feel the Divine. I began to feel regretful for letting that go until I opened my eyes and saw my Doves looking at me. I realized my longing to feel the Divine had manifested through the Doves, and the Doves opened my heart to feel the Divine through them.

I never knew the true power of love until my experiences with Doves. I am in awe of all of nature, and its power of love it holds for all of us.

It's time for me to work on feeling this powerful love for myself and for my fellow human beings now.

Thanks for the post, Les. And the reminder to put the cork in the wine bottle.


wv: flwoppes .... it's what your heart does when it feels the true beauty of a flower

ajnabeamer said...

This is melting a frozen stoic punk up here in Canada.. thawing as prelude to a torrent.
Your gnostic honesty is most compelling and very familiar.
Love greetings from another old dog,
with ears aquiver.

thelevelshift said...


Just what the doctor ordered.

Thanks again Les. I vote this post.

Anonymous said...

This is true for me and what I have always done. The World seems against it and wants to take what good they see in it, but they don't realize that they have it as much as you do. They cannot. They are blinded in their sin. So they take yours. Then in your sin, you say, oh, they took mine! Then you become sin until you remember that they needed it and they took nothing because you are all there is...go inward and live.

Terrance said...

Hello Les...In all things ask...Where is the love?

Kadamose said...

What an excellent post. Usually, when you read something, or you hear something from someone, and you get goosebumps along the edge of your spine, it usually indicates that what is spoken or what is read is the truth. Needless to say, I experienced 'the chill' by reading this.

Now I shall share my experience.

Not so long ago, I was at a stage where nothing in my life worked. Anything that I put my mind to, usually came out half-assed or incomplete. These experiences of failure even lead me to contemplating suicide at one point. Strangely enough, the year that I decided to put my plan into action to end my life, the universe answered back by bringing all the right people and experiences into my life that were needed to help avert what I intended.

One man, in particular, came and gave me great advice, which was cryptic to me at the time - he said: "To achieve what you're looking for, one has to align the mind and heart - the mind and heart need to become one."

I did not understand what he was talking about then, because I was a different person then. But, as I began to experience new things, I began to understand what he told me, and it was really quite simple. All it meant was that your mental state and your emotional state need to be synced in order for intent to manifest. Those of us who live in the west, me included, are usually born and raised to repress our emotional states. For example, boys are always told that it is never alright to cry; true men do not cry, and if you do cry, you will never be a man. It is the suppression of the emotional state which hinders us from accomplishing what we want to accomplish in this lifetime. This is also why we currently live in a society where there is no art, no compassion for anything, no new or original ideas, and where complete and total chaos, despair, and decay are obvious.

But just because I finally figured the riddle out, didn't mean that my journey was done. Quite the contrary - putting it into practice is far more challenging, especially for a being, such as myself, who has not experienced any emotion for a long while.

I later asked this same man if it were possible to tap into universal knowledge consciously. His response was interesting: "You need to get rid of all knowledge you have currently - you need to get rid of all 'assumed' knowledge. You also need to be aware of the stress of the flesh, and raise the vibration of your cellular level through daily meditation."

If you've read this far, you've probably figured out by now that this man was a 'medium'.

He then finished by saying something profound, and it's haunted me ever since. He said: "You need to understand what true service is all about - because 'they' keep telling me you reach for higher knowledge, but you're lacking service. You must prove to yourself, in this dimension, to serve mankind. All the wisdom in the world, all higher universal knowledge, will be wasted if it is not given to the world, first and foremost."

Since that time, I've been trying to improve myself so that I can serve humanity in some way. I don't know how successful I've become in reaching that goal, but I do know that the person I was yesterday, is not the same person I am today -- or tomorrow.

BomShiva said...

But what is love?
I pray thee tell!

Anonymous said...

humming trails of indigo
glistening sunbeams
grains of unconditional
sky and earth in free
expressing streams and rivers
tipping mountain height
consciously embracing
song bird taking flight
rise of ever reaching
rolling river rush
touching deep in sanctifying
breeze through heart and touch
brush of all the flowers
reaching inner flow
all is all is everything
weaving evers glow


Visible said...


It will have to be tomorrow.

Chinese Sneakers said...

i had an idea: rather than re-issue forty pieces from the past, why not write forty great new pieces, starting with this latest one, issuing forth for thirty-nine more takes, while taking the liberty to revisit the older grounds as you see fit.

'Cause, as i read it, you're really hitting your stride now; and, the best is still ahead, at least in this sense of your writing.

Just saying.

Peter of Lone Tree said...

Kahlil Gibran on Love

zaid boisselle said...

To say that life is created for the entertainment of the Creator is not entirely inaccurate. At this point of my awakening I ask "Isn't it a bit of a contradiction to say that the All Awareness, which of necessity would be the All Before and The Last, the Interpenitrative and The Apart,experiences through that which it has created...the experiences themselves also being created situations...and the created being an expression of the All Awareness?

Anonymous said...

Les, "For many years, I was confused and lacking integration with the will and intentions of the force that controls the whole of everything. There’s a concept that has to be absorbed before you are going to make any real headway, in your quest for synchronization and access to the internal ticker tape of what is ‘coming down’."

That's what I've been feeling for a few years but unable to express it like you Les.

Thanks for spreading Light of Love to me today, you boosted my mental-spiritual self Big Time. helps me stay focused on the Sacred Circle of Life.

Thank you to all commentors also , you all help to keep the fire burnin'.

p.s. how can i vote for any post when they just keep getting better?
We are All ONE

Walking Hawk

Anonymous said...

when I finished reading this latest, Les, I swear I felt a bit dizzy, in a good kinda girlyswirly way. Thanks for that and much more. Love, MV

Anonymous said...

An excerpt from The Garden of Allah, by Don Henley. Written before 9/11. It's already ominous tone took a turn for the worse post 9/11.

"NICE car, I love those Bavarians, so meticulous!
Ya' know, I remember a time when things were alot more fun 'round here.
When good was good and evil was evil.
Before things got so....fuzzy.

I was once a golden boy like you
And I was summoned to the halls of power in the heavenly courts
And I dined with the deities who looked upon me with favour...for my talents and my creativity.

And we sat beneath the palms
in the warm afternoons and drank the wine with Fitzgerald and Huxley.
And they pawned a biting phrase from the tongues hot with blood.

And drained their pens of bitter ink
Vainly reaching for the bottle, full of empty Edens
Branded specially for the ones who had come with great expectations...to the perfumed halls of Allah...for their time in the Sun.

And we were stokin' the fires and oilin' up the machinery
Until the Gods found out we had ideas of our own
And war was coming and the Earth was shakingand there was no more room in the Garden of Allah
Today I made an appearance downtownI am an expert witness because I say I am And I said gentlemen,
and I use that world loosely
I will testify for you, I'm a gun for hire,I'm a saint, I'm a liar
Because there are no facts, there is no truth
Just data to be manipulated
I can get you any result you like What's it worth to you?
Because there is no wrong, there is no right
And I sleep very well at night
No shame, no solution, no remorse, no retribution
Just people selling t-shirts
Just opportunity to participate in the pathetic little circus

and winning, winning, winning
It was pretty big year for predators
The marketplace was on a roll
and the land of opportunity
spawned a whole new breed of men without souls
This year notoriety got all confused with fame and the devil is downhearted babe, cause there's nothing left for him to claim
He said it's just like home
It's so low-down I can't stand it
I guess my work around here has all been done
And the fruit is rotten, the serpent's eyes shine as he wraps around the vine,in the Garden of Allah"

est said...

all i had
was a few clues
puzzling puzzling
was this a ruse ?

all i left
i shan't regain
innocence innocence
i shall feign

all i want
i might yet get
gambling gambling
my minds set

all i give
comes back double
forgetting forgetting
all my trouble

Anonymous said...

The heart of the matter and brilliantly put. Thanks.

Neko Kinoshita said...

Peter of Lone Tree,

Thank you for that link, the reinforcement is welcome.

Les, and all in the family,

I often speak of my faults and of the scorching I receive from failing to heed the lesson.

I have been presented with a question about a course of action, and I am trying to understand the divine’s intent in this question.

It is a service to other, but it also implies an additional level of responsibility.

The lessons described in this blog and within the comments are a powerful message, and I wonder if I have the strength to let go and trust in providence.

It is presumptuous of me I know, but I wonder at the intent of the divine.

Musings on the contemplation of the singed tail tip, here in the alley,

wv: fleas - No kidding. I'm sure I get this one.

edna :) said...

I love...the Mojave. Just thinking of the wind singing though her canyons and spinning dervishes across the playa puts a smile on my face.

Dazzleme said...

Part 1
Thank you for your enlightening and inspiring transmissions. I am a new-comer to your blog and words but it seems like I found it at the right moment. I have had times where these thoughts cross my brain in the past, less thoughts and more intuitive knowing actually. It really began the first time I tried psychedelic mushrooms almost ten years ago and that experience has given me a frame of reference, or a state of mind, to aspire to to actualize the feelings of universal love and belonging and connectedness and also hinted at some vast reaches of experience and understanding hitherto completely obscured from conscious conceptualization (though the love I have felt for family and friends before and since was in reality my first clue). I have been on the conspiracy doom and gloom trip since 2002 when I discovered alternative media on the internet, and was taken to a whole new level by the literally earth shattering revelations I discovered when a very interesting soul let me borrow a copy of The New Pearl Harbor by D.R. Griffith.

Yet this line of thinking and studying did not to lead to satisfaction or some greater awareness of "why" things are the way they are, and kind of cemented a defeatist attitude that nothing could be done if most people are not willing to listen to the truth and protect themselves and those they love.

Dazzleme said...

Part 2

I have for several years desired to embark on a course of meditation and spiritual growth, but the "realities" of our seemingly dystopic existence rendered pointless any attempt at a fundamental awakening.

The next piece of the puzzle which caught my attention and amazement was digging into the UFO / extraterrestrial phenomenon that seemed to persistent to not be true. This opened me to a much more cosmic perspective but this was still limiting, because it was seen from the framework of quid pro quo, why are they here, what are their plans, are they going to kill us or take over the earth etc....(though I really didn't think that since logically it would probably already have happened by now).

The much more profound and life changing discovery came very recently when a new friend lent me a copy of Book One of the Law of One series (www.lawofone.info; read the intro first on this site then go into the sessions in order; it is all there for free from the "authors."). So much of what I read in this post and the few others I have had a chance to look at on this site jibe exceptionally well with this material, though I get the impression that Mr. Visible may not be aware of this series since it is almost impossible not to begin to use some of the very specific vocabulary presented in the book to describe these concepts. Visible did an amazing job of pretty much summing up the whole game of existence/beingness as I am beginning to understand it.

To the point, in the text it talks about this last 75 years or so of being a great time of transition and that many entities are flocking to earth to gain spiritual progress at this time period, precisely because it is so vivid and full of catalyst that the opportunity for tremendous evolution is all around us and within us at this particular "space/time nexus," much more than usual. This era of our evolution (i.e. "3rd Density") is called "the Choice" and some of the next several billion years of our incarnate evolution at higher levels of consciousness and "density" depend upon the "polarization" we achieve at this time leading up to the choice. (This is because of our seeming separation with the Creator during this period, which is of great value to the Creator for knowing itself more fully) Of course the text describes the same thing as does Visible, which is that the ultimate movement of creation and all the seemingly separate entities within it is to fully rediscover and reunite with the infinite and which takes literally billions of years as we measure it for an entity to individuate then reintegrate into the universal mind, called "intelligent infinity." The fundamental energy of movement and creation as expressed by the universe is "love/light"

So please heed Visible's words well because in them are great wisdom and basically everything you need to get your vibrations up to a higher level and to greatly benefit from this amazing, if often shocking, era in which we find ourselves.

Anonymous said...

“As deer flee in fear of the roar of the lion, all sins immediately flee from one who chants the Holy Name, even by chance.”


Venerable Master Hsuan Hua...

“If one is simply able to recite ‘Namo Amitabha Buddha’, one will certainly be reborn in the Land of Ultimate Bliss, where, transformationally born from a lotus, one will see the Buddha and awaken to the patience of the uncreated, never again to retreat to the Small Vehicle [HINAYANA], or to the status of a common person. If what I say is not so, I will gladly descend into the hells."

Erik said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
bholanath said...

MR -
Thanks for the Dove story. "That's the way the world is."

Lovely post here and comments


Erik said...

Hi Les and All,

I felt inspired to create this:

The Love and how to Reach it

(Just a first version, as soon as I have a fitting image for the frontpage I will update it ...;)

gurnygob said...

what is love?
Love is pain.

Real love means dying to self until it kills you and then some. Wish I had it in me to love.


GTRman said...

Shyness is nice, and
Shyness can stop you
From doing all the things in life
You'd like to

Shyness is nice, and
Shyness can stop you
From doing all the things in life
You'd like to

So, if there's something you'd like to try
If there's something you'd like to try

Coyness is nice, and
Coyness can stop you
From saying all the things in
Life you'd like to

So, if there's something you'd like to try
If there's something you'd like to try

Spending warm Summer days indoors
Writing frightening verse
To a buck-toothed girl in Luxembourg


Because if it's not Love
Then it's the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb
That will bring us together

Nature is a language - can't you read ?
Nature is a language - can't you read ?


Because if it's not Love
Then it's the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb, the Bomb
That will bring us together

If it's not Love
Then it's the Bomb
Then it's the Bomb
That will bring us together

Oh, la ...

Morrissey / The Smiths

wv: depatio
where jamaicans keep de barbeque

Pstonie said...

I suspect you do, gurnygob. Some of us just have trouble loving people that can love us back.

And some of us love the pain.

Anonymous said...

Hi Les,

Indeed, The Divine is Love. He does not love just one group of people, but the whole universe. He loves the Jews, He loves the Christians, He loves the Hindus, the Muslims, the Buddhists, The atheists and each and every human beings. If not, how could we survive without the air to breathe, the water to drink, the earth to stand on, the food to eat? Who is it that provides these basic necessities of life for us to survive and to find His abundant Love.

Everywhere around us we can see proofs of His Divine Love. But man would not be able to see all these with the physical eyes alone. You need to see all these beauty with the spiritual eye.

Yes, fall in love - start with your spouse, then your children, then the family, then the society. Love carries a responsibility and requires sacrifices. Only with the Divine Love that He had planted in us, we are able to offer love to others. Enmity could be wiped off with this beautiful emotion called LOVE.

There is a prayer from Prophet Muhammad that we are taught -
"Oh Allah, I ask You to grant me the love of You and the love of those whom You love, and grant me, Oh my Lord,the love of those
actions which lead me to the love of You."


Nur Ilahi

Anonymous said...

Yes - the Maha mantra is the fruit of pure love...http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EJByxVjXmfA

When you open up to Prema Bhakti it is all revealed..

E. llipsis said...

That was a great post. Definitely one for 'the book'.

I'm sorry to hear about your physical problems, Les. Even when I feel stuck (like right now), I still acknowledge that everything changes and it wont be this way forever, whatever that means. What is forever? What is the eternal now?

I really appreciate what everyone here is saying about Love. I think I can accept and understand it in a larger, 'universal brotherhood' sorta context. On the microcosmic, personal amor level, however, it seems to me that following the urgings of the heart is not always so practical... or possible. Especially when you're trying to keep in mind the best interests of the other.

Sometimes you have to go against the summons of the heart in order to do what you believe is right. Sometimes I wonder if this is all just an amends for something. I can't say there's anything about unfathomable anguish that I can truly rejoice in, but neither will I totally reject it.

There's that expression, "When you love something, let it go..." I'll just go have a cry now.

God bless, everyone.

"Joy and pain are in love, and since all life is sorrowful, so is love. The sronger the love, the more the pain." Joseph Campbell


Zellie said...

Kadamose, thank you for sharing...what a blessing...service is the key...I have this framed picture that my dearly departed 93 year old friend gave me, it goes thus:

I slept
And in my sleep, I dreamed that life was joy.
I awoke
And found that life was service.
I served
And learned that service was joy. (Rabindinath Tagore)

Also, this, which I keep out to remind myself: ...individuals must first seek that they be of service. Service rarely seeks individuals. Edgar Cayce Reading 254-31.

In my endeavors, I try to remember that 'service' starts with the little things...and there are so many opportunities every day...it is also a muscle that gets stronger the more you exercise it. It is also a form of forgetting...when one is active in service, one forgets oneself. I find service directly minimizes my laziness, as I expend myself, I reach further from myself.

And here's another quote from Edgar Cayce: Be happy - be in the attitude of ever being helpful to others. These will bring that peace within that is the promise from Him. Edgar Cayce Reading 1968-7.

And as Mouser said, and I paraphrase another Edgar Cayce quote: 'all you keep when you leave the earth is all that you gave away - love, helpfulness, caring, kindness, all those fruits of the spirit...that's what you get to take with you when you leave....

For me, this path is a path of attitude, heart, faith, and practice...one step leads to the next and the next and all of sudden you have gotten somewhere really great...within you.

Wherever you go, there you will be.

Anonymous said...

Thank You.


Question(s): said...

From another perspective, this is one of the best times to be here ‘if’ you are seeking to make progress in respect of union with your higher self. The fulfillment of this can only happen on this plane. It does not happen in Heaven or other places. This is a critical point to consider and understand.

For Les, and/or anyone who knows anything about this sort of thing.

What is the difference between union with the higher self, and union with God? How do those two states differ from each other, if at all?

How is the higher self distinguished from the soul?

Even if they are separate, can't BOTH states of being -with God/higher self- be achieved here on Earth? Is that not what Jesus of Nazareth did?

Sorry if that sounds confusing! Hoping someone can enlighten my ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Cool song!
The Smiths are more current now than when they came out over twenty years ago. Howzat work?
Jackson Browne's music and lyrics fit right now - today - like a glove.
Just sayin'...

Terrance said...

Hello Les... Man you really struck the chord! ....music is the universal language of Love... I remember smoking joints with Hell's Angels at Winterland Dead concerts...love covers many bridges....thank you

Anonymous said...

tell you what mr visibles,have been having a time of it myself lately, illness mishaps and a load of stuff,
I suppose all we could do is just soldier on,...respects and kindness neil

Anonymous said...

also forgot to say,
some lovely comments people,good atmosphere,this whole post is like a flower in the garden of life or something...

....thankyou neil

Anonymous said...


Is it possible for a shattered vessel such as myself; that cradles Source most of the time, to find all of it's pieces speaking out for glue all in one spot?

I hear my thought's here in many of the comments and they feel like that piece of me that is wandering and looking for home. No place brings me closer to realizing that LOVE for my un-met self than lending my mind to your serenade.

Please keep healthy and know I am practicing loving all of it, every second. I am now posing questions to Source and reading you answer them; only to prove your/Sources point.

The Source vibrates strong in you friend and thank you for sharing it with any who seek it!

Lovingly your friend and brother,


Anonymous said...

I don't get it.

Anonymous said...

When I was a volunteer with Hospice, I once had an elderly gentleman share some special moments with me. In life, he said, "nothing mattered but Love, for Love is longlasting." On another occasion, he told me he had met Jesus and they talked. He told me that the first thing Jesus asked him was, "How have you loved your fellow man? How have you been of service"? The elderly gentleman also said that the only thing Jesus asks of us is to be sincere in all that we do.


Erik said...

Dear Les,

In honour of you latest work:

Love and how to Reach it

Unknown said...

True that Zellie, giving is the most we can ever do. At all points in our lives to treat every person with a smile, kindness and respect is to spread the goodness and love in all of us. My parents taught me to help and be kind to all, I miss them always. I know they are watching over me and thank the true consciousness for that every day. Thank you visible for creating the medium for this exchange.

Anonymous said...

transformation cycles
revolution sweeps
universal actions
consciously in reach
unfolding liberation
turning stirring change
formulating circumstances
recipes contain
life of living sanctity
freedom crack the lies
the artificial binding
symptoms that divide
that hides the inner sanctuary
that lifts a loving truth
a moment equilibrium
of harmonys produce


Visible said...

Wow, again, Eric and Nina

and -Kudos to you both!!!

That's beautiful. It has a Lord of the Rings feel to it that I really like.

I am honored.

Anonymous said...


You created a beautiful home and now the guest are starting to decorate. This is a place where poeple can come and enjoy community, discussion and growth.

I dedicate a toast to you Les... The finest wine the mind can enjoy.


Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

Les, Amicus and fellow seekers: CHEERS!

A friend told me good champagne should always be two things - cold and free (grin).


Terrance said...

Hello Les...you really stirred me up! ....How do you get to the Starmaker? Love All Serve All. ..However, since we live with a small percentage of Psycopaths and sociopaths, I live by Sonny Bargers creed: You treat me good and I treat you better....You treat me bad and I treat you worse....If you have any better methods, I'm open to suggestions....

Visible said...

Ah yes, the delightful Sonny Barger. I've not heard that quote before; pretty cute.

I'm more like a "You treat me good I treat you splendid, you treat me worse I disappear."

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Globoctopus Tightens its Grip.

Erin Parsley said...

Wow, I am extremely touched by this post, and by all the comments.  Such sincere sharing and beautiful insights, creating a kalideoscope of colors filled with the many shades of Love.

Neil, I really like "transformation cycles"...

Zellie, yes, yes, and amen.

Anonymous said...

thankyou mrs life....neil

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Something is Hidden in the Remote Places of the World.

Kevenj said...

O.K. but define:
"When you drink all the time..".

Hope you're feeling better quick LV!
Cheers! :)

Anonymous said...

"What is the difference between union with the higher self, and union with God?"

"How do those two states differ from each other, if at all?"

"Even if they are separate, can't BOTH states of being -with God/higher self- be achieved here on Earth? Is that not what Jesus of Nazareth did?"

3. He who is the cogniser of the manifestation and disappearance of the knower,
knowledge, and the knowable, but is himself devoid of such manifestation and
disappearance, and is self-luminous, is called the Sakshi, Witness. When being
perceived in an undifferentiated manner in the intelligence of all beings, from
Brahma (the Creator) down to an ant, it resides in the intelligence of all beings,
then it is called the Kutastha. When, standing as the means of realising the real
nature of the Kutastha and others, which are differentiations by virtue of possessing
limiting adjuncts, the Atman manifests itself as inter-woven in all bodies, like the
thread through a string of jewels, then it is called the Antaryamin, Internal Ruler.
When the Atman shines forth - absolutely free from all limiting adjuncts, brilliant, as
a homogeneous mass of consciousness in its nature of pure Intelligence,
independent – then, it is spoken of as the Entity of “Thou” (Tvam), and as the
Pratyagatman, Inner-Self. (That which is) Satya (the Reality), Jnana (Knowledge),
Ananta (the Infinite), Ananda (Bliss), is Brahman.

Sarva Sara Upanishad

And don't get focused on love as attachment for mere objects then you will be putting the cart before the horse. It is dangerous to walk in another's path, to say and act as if all is one without having become that one.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, just so you are aware:

If one reads the Panchadasi one can ascertain why Sri Chaitanya might say what he said. We fallible beings have crookedness worked into our gait. Sri Sankara did say what he said for much the same reason. You will not find a lack of bhakti in Sri Sankara, but it should be to your consternation that Sri Chaitanya had to lower the bar.

Anonymous said...

Consternation or eternal gratitude?

Lord Shiva
Adi Shankara?

Anonymous said...

No. Those who say that never have studied the writings of Sri Shankara. They know he is greater than them but would disparage him and ignore his word.

Like those who said Jesus did as he did through the instrumentality of demons.

The lessons taught are for the ability of the pupil at that time. Sri Shankara in that time. Sri Caitanya in that time. In this?

Well, what time is it?

Now, once a man came into the land, a great ancient of days by name Hammer. And this man, Hammer, thought he had an answer to this most perplexing of mysteries, this universal riddle. Well? Was he not swept away? Was he not swept away in a toe-tapping flood, oh my children. Learn, pay heed, learn by example to approach this with reverence, with orgiastic awe, this fiercest of adversaries: What time is it?

Anonymous said...


I attempt to heed the plea of Sri Adi Shankarcharya himself.

I attempt heed the plea of Lord Maheshwara himself.

"Bhaja Govindam"

"Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda, Worship Govinda. Oh fool! Rules of Grammar will not save you at the time of your death."

"Worship Govinda, worship Govinda, worship Govinda, Oh fool! Other than chanting the Lord's names, there is no other way to cross the life's ocean."

This is sanatana dharma.

Anonymous said...

I don't disagree with you. I disagree with anyone spitting on their better.

Some who chant seem to find it worthwhile also to cast dispersions upon saints. I hardly think that pious. But if chanting the name liberates a murderer or child molester, well then there you have it.

I remember Ramachandra. I remember Ravana.

Others regard bhakti in a different light, and the light of mind which gives us our voice to chant, also gives us our mind for thought and within that mind worship with the sacrifice of knowledge.

Krishna grants mukti liberally. But bhakti rarely. That being the case are you sure you are not mistaking light for dark?

Sankara had no lack of bhakti.

Odin's Raven said...

Here's an interesting recent account of divine illumination:

the BCth said...

Odin's Raven, great link. Thanks. Relational spirituality as a theme has come up for me just now, the missing link between the inner and the transcendent impersonal divine. Perhaps they form a trinity?

wv ephemund: the temporal world of appearances



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