Sunday, February 13, 2011

There's no Easy Way around the Stones in your Path.

Note- I wanted to write about something that happened to me but then decided against it. Then I found that I couldn't write about anything else so, it seems I am compelled to write about this or I can write about nothing at all. Getting this sorted should free me up for something else next time it comes around; funny how that happens.  It is odd enough to qualify for a blog posting and maybe there’s something in there we can profit from. We’re all about profit here as long as there’s no interest charged. Wait a minute, we do charge interest. Interest is the price of admission (grin)

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

‘May your noses always be cold and wet.'

After a little interplay between myself and the subject of this post, the subject agreed to look at my chart and provide me with transits for the coming year. The subject originally approached me, although I broached the following actions first, though the person admitted they had been waiting for that. I learned that the subject lived alone and on very little and was making do with a cellphone; operating the thumbs to type the text to publish to the web.

The subject had a unique way of gleaning specific information that was of great interest to me (there’s that interest again). The subject missed a great many things, most especially all of the physical things that were wacking me during this period and other things that I also felt were important but... astrologers tend to zone in on those things which they find important and the issues this person raised were also important to me. I was curious enough, given that I was well aware that powerful changes were taking place in my life.

I listen to what people tell me about myself, whether it is out of the blue or connected to some kind of system, which this information was. I hadn’t had much to do with astrologers or astrology for decades, preferring intuitional reads on my situation and internal adaptations to the impact of forces on the interior and exterior. The pressure has been relentless over the last several years and ‘out of the blue’, around half a dozen astrologers just showed up and gave me their reads on the why and wherefore. This latest was focused on esoteric aspects and seemed to grove right in to what I was experiencing.

I sent this person some money, about double what this kind of an effort would usually cost but I always believe that generosity is a good policy most of the time. I was also struck by the rudimentary technology available to this person and I offered to send them a laptop, which was a good one but not getting any use around here anymore due to the presence of a higher end laptop. At first this person was thrilled at the idea and I was glad to have the laptop looked at to insure it was serviceable.

Then something happened and the person said that they could not accept the laptop because they didn’t take payment for spiritual services. I said that it wasn’t payment as much as it was a desire to see them able to perform at a much more rapid rate of speed, which would also provide for the possibility of a wider reach in their work. Something was off though. The person had turned cold and I was aware of it, though it was not immediately apparent what the reason was.

The person had sent me the transits for January, seeing as the month was nearly up and this person wanted me to have the advantage of the advice before it was moot. Then I heard nothing from this person and February was a third finished. I could feel this person’s displeasure with me and thought I would write and ask if they wanted to send me February’s projections before they became history too.

The person replied and said that there was no reason to send me any further information because I was just tossing the advice into the dustbin and was generally rude and insulting in a way that surprised me. It turns out that this was allegedly based on the recent Visible Origami posting about spirit guides. It wasn’t about this though, because the negative vibrations were happening prior to the publication of that posting. I thought about it and realized that it had to be connected to my having sent the link for events that happened to me the past Spring. It was after that when I noticed the change in vibrations.

The person told me that they had warned me about illusions and had been speaking specifically about two entities that asked if they could be seated in my mind and assist me in my travels as I went through my days. This person wanted to give me the impression that I had been warned ahead of time concerning this event. This turned out not to be true as I read back over our communications and there weren’t two of them anyway.

What I realized is that the person doing the transits actually wanted to be in the position that I had given over to the so called ‘adepts’ who wanted to provide me with advice. The astrologer said they wanted to push me out of my body and take over etc. Nothing could be further from the truth and it’s a real stretch for someone not intimately involved with the whole exchange, to make sweeping assumptions that my own experience shows to be otherwise. I see now that the person is a control freak and wanted to be able to be in charge of my actions, even to the point of retroactively constructing dangers and events that weren’t actually what happened, nor did they occur at the time or in the way that was retroactively presented.

In other words, I wasn’t supposed to be in communication with entities from the inner planes and I wasn’t supposed to write about it either. How I could have known all of this is beyond me. This person said that I didn’t want their advice. I said that that was unlikely since I was soliciting it and paying close attention to it, however limited it was, in terms of covering the gamut of what was happening to me. I said, “You told me that I was going to be having supernatural experiences the way other people have Cheerios for breakfast, I’m having those experiences but now you are telling me not to have them.” It was all very confusing and I didn’t feel like going on any further with it. I figured I needed to get in touch with a jyotish astrologer, especially someone who would be able to accurately read the effects of the kundalini on my situation; someone who is anchored in the tradition from which a particular understanding of this force proceeds.

What happened is that this person freaked out after reading what happened to me and made a whole lot of assumptions, which were based on nothing real. It is highly unlikely that I could be pushed out of my body or co-opted in any way for long, except as an instructional exercise; primarily because my master has residence within me and nothing happens to me without permission. I am in someone else’s hands at all times and I’ve had more proof of that than writing here, nonstop for the next two weeks, could provide. It is interesting to me how all of the motives and intentions of this person, revealed themselves with such clarity, when I simply sat and studied the series of events. There wasn’t much I could say to the person. I tried to explain a little, knowing it would have little effect. The person sees themselves as an enlightened seer and any diversion from recommended behavior is met with a sharp stick; even when the recommended behavior has not been offered, but merely retroactively inserted, even when the recommended guidelines are fuzzy and imprecise. The best thing in these situations is to walk away.

I could go into the dichotomy about the laptop being an impure gift and the money being gladly accepted but that leads nowhere useful. I don’t want to give the reader the idea that I have astrology on my mind because I don’t. The people who engaged me in it just sort of showed up and what followed, followed. I did have an interest in what was happening to me. I knew it was shaking my world and intended to continue and it always helps to have impartial reads into the matter. The only reason I would look up a jyotish astrologer now is because the previous effort was left incomplete and I’m the kind of person who likes to at least study the loose ends for a bit before I go back to what I was always doing which was to “stop, look and listen”.

I don’t bear this person any ill will. I’m a little disappointed that so many people turn out to be flakes but that is the nature of the times. It’s a weird sensation to accept information from someone and then have them come back and start hammering on you because you didn’t follow all of the directions they didn’t give you exactly as you didn’t get them. Meanwhile, I’m not possessed or between bodies at the moment and my whole talk about the spirit guides and visitors from the inner planes was all about the knowledge and conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel but I didn’t want to mention that. I prefer that these things be intuited by the reader so that they only get what they are supposed to get and so that they are involved in the process; getting the meaning, sorting out the ideas and making subtractions and additions of their own.

What this is all about is to say that there are some strange people out there and a lot more experts than we can really use and it can be confusing, especially when you mean well and then you want to say, “Hey, wait a minute, it’s not like that”. No matter what you say or do though, it doesn’t matter. People set things up a certain way to create certain scenarios to begin with and it’s no surprise that so many people are alone and marooned on the Planet My Way, surrounded by on ramps to The Highway. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that they are in orbit too. I tend to agree with Shakespeare, “A wise man rules the stars”.

I enjoy varied perspectives, courtesy of ancient sciences and I enjoy sifting and comparing information, mostly while I sleep (grin). I have a curious nature and I’m always learning something. However, everything I contact or encounter gets held up to the mirror of the self, or handed over to the one who arranges the circumstances and events of my life. I get the most important things from an interior well and I would have to say that anything useful or valuable that I ever say here comes from there too.

Now, if any of the intrepid readers out there have some contact with a jyotish astrologer or want to fill in the gaps of what I didn’t get because of petulance ruling the day in certain quarters then, I’m all ears, which does make my face look funny at the moment. I’ve got another anonymous reader who is pissed at me and keeps showing up at the blogs to attempt to insert digs ( while pretending to be different people) and I’m not publishing that nonsense because it’s not about clearing anything up or understanding anything. It’s just an effort to injure and I’m not in the business of being on the receiving end of that. The Buddha was once asked what to do about abuse conferred on one by others. The Buddha replied, “If someone brings you a gift and you do not accept it, to whom does the gift belong”?

I try to be easy going, especially since I don’t have all the answers. I try to be accepting of alternative perspectives. I can’t learn anything if I am not but… some people don’t have the truth as their objective or they wouldn’t be at such pains to alter the record. Some people just want to injure because they got injured somewhere previously or they’re annoyed if someone listens to you when they should be listening to them. It’s complicated. Every case is different. We can only do our best and adjust ourselves as we go. Shortly I expect to go through some thing that will make it a great deal easier for me to understand what’s going on. At the moment I am between here and there and simply have to span the distance in the meantime. It would be a real improvement in this world if people were as ready to share their love as they are to share the misery of their imagined slights.

End Transmission.......

There will be a radio show tonight at 7:30 Central time.

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boojum said...

Heaven High Les,
Tena Yi Stillin. Dina Igzhabhier Y Mas Gan. Satta Massagana
Peace and Love brother

Anonymous said...

Hi Mr Dog Sir, I know nothing of a lot of things and a bit of other stuff. I use a small phone with big thumbs too and frequently get frustrated. I wouldn't know one end of a lap top from another. I do know that if I hadn't stumbled across your blogs I would never have believed I had the right to write. I won't pretend that I understand everything you say. I try to take what I can and attempt to use it to free up some space in my mind. I am currently battling the urge to give it all up and disapear. It all seems far too complex for my small mind. All I want is to obtain a level of understanding as regards the processes I am going through. There have been times when your words have helped me find my sanity. I thank you for all that you are. Warmest regards Anthony Di'anno.

DaveS said...


Another fantastic post. Just one of many you've snatched from the spiritual world and made available for the rest of us louts. Thanks.

Personalities are funny things. I guess the only person you can hope to understand is yourself, but once you know who you are, it helps keep you from detouring off on basic life-lesson tangents.

I'm better about knowing 'me' these days because I've had to think deeply about who I am and who I want to be. The 'are' and 'be' are important distinctions... I've often believed the 'be' is who I am, but it's only who I wish I were. Not the same thing.

I'm one of those people that acts confidently – even when I'm not. And because so many of my fellow humans have a difficult time making decisions, I've often been allowed to make choices for others that weren't in anyone's best interest. How was I to know? I'm only human.

And that's the rub isn't it? That we're only human, and that we aren't the magnificent objects we'd like to believe we are. The pigs ruining the world shit the same as I do – something I try and remember when I'm filling a pot with my foul feces (the 'left overs' from some stupid GMO food or other corporate poison that's supposed to be 'good for you')

I should say after denying it above, that we are magnificent objects; each of us a temple to the creator, a work of art individual and magical with more possibilities than any of us will ever realize. It's just we're magnificent in ways that our modern times don't value. As Les writes, and many of us feel, this is soon going to change.

The hardest and scariest journey any of us can take is to travel internally with our eyes wide open so we can see what's lurking inside. Lots more monsters in there than we'd admit and some of them far scarier than anything the Zionist can dream-up.

Parroting other's beliefs is foolish and for the birdbrained. One needs to find their own beliefs, those feelings that ring so true, even waterboarding wouldn't make you change them.

I really appreciate the Buddha quote regarding abuse. Damn true and well said. I guess that's why he's the Buddha ;)

In closing, I've been trying to think how long I've been following Les's blogs; four or has it been five years? I don't know... I just want to thank Les for continuing to pound us over the head with the same information but using his unique and interesting stories and experiences to keep his post fun to read. Keep up the good work, I've begun to 'get it' ( I think ) :)


wv: Masmors – a combination of spanish 'mas' and english 'more' meaning several times more than more; Much more, but even more than that. Todays post is masmors truth than anything you'll see on Fox news today."

siamsam said...

As they say in Yorkshire les, 'Ther's nowt as queer as folk'

Kindest too all

Anonymous said...

on a breath of meadow flower
drawing butterfly
a hum the bumble bees
mountain reaching sky
blowing spring and summer
roar the falling rain
liberation sweeps
reaching cross the plain
a shine of multicolor
lifting conscious root
feather trails in patterns
charging living truth
swift as speeding lightning
tempered on the chords
multiplying harmony
of all is all is all


RegularReader said...

Hi Les, I hope you're physical health is steadily improving and that you're feeling better.I was wondering if on tonight's radio show you could briefly yet specifically address to concerns: 1) When exactly is this physical manifestation of change going to occur on Earth, are you speaking of next week, next month, next year, next year and 5 months? ..and.. 2) What exactly is going to happen?
I'm curious to know, because after I read your blogs and hear your radio shows, I tend to go about my way in a feel-good positive vibe, and after a few hours of dealing with the routine (paying utility bills, work, traffic, the constant bombardment of garbage spewing out of TV and radio, etc.) that positive vibe slowly drains itself out of me, and I lose touch with my true self as I'm subjected, as we all are, to the emdless grip of TPTB's matrix of control. I hope you can answer my two concerns based on what your own intuition/insights and understanding of reality, because to be honest, when I'm about to fall asleep at night and think through the events of a typical day, I lie there and wonder, what the f*** is the Creator/Mother Nature/Divine Love doing still sitting on its a** while the world suffers and these evil bankers, aristocrats, religious/political/military/corporate leaders continue to rule over everyone, why hasn't the Creator/Mother Nature/Divine Love restored harmony in humanity yet, or will it, and why, and when, when 90% of the world's population has been reduced by TPTB, I mean, honestly, WTF, people can't even rebel because TPTB control all the most powerful weaponry/arsenal, from guns, tanks, jet fighters, and atomic, and nuclear missiles and bombs. Even if 2 million people walked towards TPTB with say baseball bats and hockey sticks, they could just carpet bomb all of them anyway (so maybe revolution is what they want to then justify killing revolutionaries in order to restore control as another means of furthering the planned reduction of the human population, along with other means: mass starvations, diseases, vaccines, poisoning the food and water supply, chemtrails, etc.). Thanks Les.

Avops said...

Hello my brother,

You are one of the few people I have had the pleasure of meeting (so to speak), that actually walks the talk that they talk.

If readers could "hear" what you are saying in your posts instead of just "listening", the world could be a much kinder and gentler place to live.

If we are not grateful for what we have been given, how can we expect to receive more.....

....anyway, I would like to thank you for the time you take to share your views and perspectives, and for being the REAL deal!!

I received a wonderful gift from you this week that has changed my life and that of my partner, it was a small thing, but it produced a big change for both of us.

Just saying thanks, your efforts do more than you will ever know ;-)

Visible said...

Dodgy One;

I don't know why you say not for publication. There isn't any reason not to publish your comment.

In any case, I've never read those books by Bach. I've come across them and had them recommended and even picked one or two of them up over the course of time but I've never read them. That's not a critique on them or anything like that. It just didn't happen.

AVOPS; Thanks for the kind words. I don't know what exactly you are referring to but I'll take all the credit I can get (grin).

RegularReader said...

Les, I just finished noticing there are a few typos in my previous message. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

I've know you to be honest and thoughtful, les.

We had a misunderstanding once.
You were very gracious and thoughtful.
You offered honest words of compassion and insight.

Eureka! "He's a great guy once I got to know him."

Every day I ask the Lord to 'aid and abet' you.


ericman said...

Am I double posting? ....

If I am please delete me ..

Mr. Visible ...

The experiences you describe and your method of communication with your guides are highly aligned with the description of contact espoused by Steven Greer in Barcelona Aug 2009. Very interesting .....

Cheers .. ERic ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Les,
One of the most valuable things I have taken in here is the idea that the divine finds my separation valuable. It's a clearer version of
the idea of God not liking to have dinner alone.Less abstract
It was very motivating to get that I don't have to know or understand the form the service will take to try to be there to serve, feeling deeply that it will be of value to everyone concerned.

ajnabeamer said...

Before going into any impressionistic meanderings around the heart of your blogs I want to place a tender allelujah of amazingly funky everyday gratitude at your outskirts. As one deepening in a zen-sufi field of living presence I can say that the disembodied are much like the embodied. And that in the quantum pressure of fatal grace now upon us the value of awakening to the eternal nature of responsibilty for the transient is immense. Almost in accord with paranoid terminalities!
As I remember it (!) Buddha said to a witch who had attempted to cast a spell on him: 'the curse that is not accepted is returned'
Here's to a massive returning!
In compassion! To where the stepping stones dance.
Love and Thanks, Dog '46.

Visible said...

This is as good a time as any to announce that, God permitting, I WILL BE in India for the GRAND Kumbh Mela in 2013. They have them every year but they only have the monster bashes every so often.

I plan on being there for 3 months (giving time before and after and if that isn't enough time I'll know that once I get closer to booking and have talked more with my friend Roy) and also taking a pilgrimage to Arunachala and a couple of other places.

This leaves over a year and a half for anyone who is interested to put a jar with a hole in the top on a counter and label it, Kumbh Mela 2013. There can be no excuses concerning the ability to go unless you're not here or don't want to go.

Millions of people come to this festival from all over the world; naked blue people, naked gray people and a whole lot more. I have found someone who rents luxury tents and would like to know who is coming so I can make some arrangements. I have a number of friends in India who will be of assistance to us and also act as guides when we go to travel.

If you absolutely have to go but have been living with chronic poverty mentality, I suggest you announce to yourself that you are going and be done with it. I've done this a lot of times and it works like a charm.

You don't have to be trekked out with rupees. The rest of us can help with food and lodging as the case may be or even let you into our tents if you promise to be useful somehow.. heh heh... kidding!

We might try to go down and visit Babaji and have one of there Hare Krishna meals which is some of the finest food in the world. Wouldn't that be cool showing up on his doorstep?

No matter what I am walking around Arunachala like Ramana Maharshi used to and dropping in to see whoever is at the ashram.

This is the one absolute fixed plan I have, God permitting, so... if you want to share and adventure start planning now.

Martin said...

Absolutely, definetely...

Thanks Vis.

bholanath said...

What a leela, brother! You are so generous with your sharings of inner and outer processes, and they are all of great benefit to all who can hear what you are actually saying.
You are obviously safely supported on the inner planes, as well as the outer (by all of us who wish all good things upon you, and whose 'gifts' you may safely accept), and likewise we all are supported and under the protection from the Most High in the virtual Shamballa.

I mentioned this before, but worth noting again, as you wrote "I’m a little disappointed that so many people turn out to be flakes but that is the nature of the times".
A major configuration is imminent regarding "flaking" (on all levels - oneself and others'):
Mercury, Mars, Neptune, Chiron, Sun and Moon at the Full Moon all together. Merc, Mars, and Full Moon are the triggers/catalysts for the expressions of the ongoing Neptune-Chiron conjunction - veil-opening, loss of control, mass delusion, kundalini explosions, shamanic work/healing, bleed-throughs, effects of poisonous intake, failure to ascertain 'reality', general weirdness...
This is now in orb, so in effect, but will peak Thursday-Friday through following Wednesday.

Take the information as it applies to one's own nature and one's own understanding of the archetypes.
For entertainment purposes only.

waysbake - there are many ways to bake

Pstonie said...

That feeling like you're getting hammered by three Klingon battlecruisers seems to be rather universal at the moment. Any of us can only be expected to do what is within our capabilities. Sooner or later something comes along to change the equation, if we're open enough to take advantage of it. If not, then so be it. I'm not afraid to die. In fact, I could use the vacation.

Marking the Kumbh Mela on the brain calendar.

WV: sonsal
Die son sal ons skroei / The sun will scorch us

B. Bombay said...

"No matter what you say or do though, it doesn’t matter. People set things up a certain way to create certain scenarios to begin with and it’s no surprise that so many people are alone and marooned on the Planet My Way, surrounded by on ramps to The Highway."

Damn. Just damn. Bulls eye. Right between the eyes. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I’m a little disappointed that so many people turn out to be flakes but that is the nature of the times.

If I'd have been sipping something while reading that I'd have likely inadvertently laugh-snorted it. Calls to mind a saying we have in my house "don't talk to the crazy people." Once someone shows you how crazy they are, its usually best to vamoose, in my experience.

Thanks, as always. Enjoying surfing this along with you.

Love, MV

Chinese Sneakers said...

Hmmm...? Let me see: Out of the blue, a blinkered, power-tripping astrologer pops up and actively ingratiates in order to get a high perch on the visible steering committee that is in charge of heading les into the festivities up^coming.

Sounds like an advance-guard soloist from the usual fifth-columnists are in the house and creeping 'round the attic looking for the action--no? i Mean, let's be honest with ourselves, they do have a nose for these sorts of things, that's for sure.

In any case, if anyone's interested, the following is a concise, insightful analysis of how the demons in the city are readying for another flagrant stick up:

Be(e) well and wise, good folks.

Unknown said...

The jar is set, its fill to turn to wings.


Unknown said...

Hi Vis, I always enjoy your posts - thanks for sharing :-)

Re: your flake, I had a couple thoughts when reading your account: 1) their reaction had nothing to do with you - you simply showed up at the appropriate karmic time for them to project what they needed to, for their own healing purposes. There's not necessarily anything for you to get out of it, other than nod and acknowledge that this sort of interaction is one of the ways we sometimes serve others in their growth process (i.e., being a projection screen).

(2) I had the hit they might have been jealous of you (perhaps they long for a deeper connection with their own guides), and they are just unconscious enough that their jealousy got expressed as spiteful envy.

Anonymous said...

A prayer for the world

This is written by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee, a Sufi master I have been reading and learning from. He speaks of his experiences similar to what Les has been experiencing and sharing with us. Not that Les would need validating, it's more for those of us who need another knock on the head to ensure we are awake.


Terrance said...

Hello Les, You make me laugh! Life is full of choices and I always try to take what works for me and throw out the rest. ....Kumbh Mela ....2013.....acid trip without the acid...sounds like fun

unanymous said...

The Maha Kumbh Mela of 2001 was one of the monster bash variety. The gathering was visible from space.

That was january of 2001. Look what forces were put into play and what has happened since then.

Imagine what will be initiated in 2013...

Anonymous said...

yep kumbh mela does sound pretty nice,count me in for that one....neil

Visible said...

One of the first selections from the double album The Sacred and the Profane, A little something about Jesus Christ. voiced by Patrick Willis.

ajnabeamer said...

Ah sweet real Jesus. What beauty, what truth, on this day when the fourth nail pierces the smallest chamber of the heart.
Here's to the dancing dust and the perfect accuracy of lightning!
deep gratitude, dear one.

Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up now-

Dream Time on the Road to Shitville.

Kevenj said...

Mystic Musing was one of the best ones I've seen. You & Patrick have hit a home run.
Thank you!

P.S. You're still a pretty strange dude..but cool strange.

Visible said...

The first Profiles in Evil is up-

His Face and his Posture says it All; Kenneth Feinberg.

Anonymous said...

My experiences over the last two years have mirrored yours, Les, insofar as peculiar things of a spritual nature happening and feeling the need to seek some impartial source to help me sort it out. I've noticed that there's only so much these outside sources can really 'pick up', just bits and pieces. It can be helpful to take the pieces that they glean and put it together with the pieces that I already have but, ultimately, I'm the one who has to put it all together to ascertain the meaning of the yet unfinished puzzle, so to speak. It always comes back to me, and I'm always given exactly what I need. I can count the few times I've gone against my inner guidance only to be so royally screwed by my decision, I could only fall to the floor and plead forgiveness. The worst things I've ever been through I brought upon myself.

Being a person of ever evolving faith, I'm learning to trust more and more in my unseen friend(s), and my inner voice. I take for granted how close I always am to the answers, it's just that I sometimes feel so far away. The good Lord only requires that I give up my will to his and be patient while things unfold according to his great plan. Time and timing, kronos and kairos. In the meantime, I watch for patterns occurring on the outside that sync with the trusted information I receive from the inside. This seems to happen *here* at times, too. Hmmm.

I had a boyfriend (he was Nepalese) who once had his chart read by a Jyotish astrologer, he wasnt sure whether to believe any of it. This astrologer informed him that he wouldn't live beyond such and such a date. When said date arrived, he got into a horrible motorcycle accident, ALMOST died, but was in a coma for about 4 months. This all happened before we met. His rehabilitation was long and difficult, but he went on to live a full and productive life with all of his faculties intact. A wise woman once said, "The stars do not compel, they incline." The celestial bodies DO influence us, but it's up to us how far we let that influence go. Either to our benefit or our detriment, I suppose. Free will is another thing we take for granted.

The more I read here, the more I notice my heart expanding to accommodate what is written. I wonder what that means? Hopefully nothing too precarious! I probably know better than to fear the unknown. Resisting is another matter.



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