Sunday, August 30, 2020

"There are Many True Heroes to Pick from. DO NOT Emulate the Failed Dust of Witless Terrestrial Celebrities."

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Before we get into today's post, allow me to blow your mind just a tad.

All this time, while the world is tipping to the detriment of humanity, unable to control itself because it doesn't know itself, there is an exponential, technological explosion taking place. Of course, if you are incapable of controlling yourself, there are those who will do it for you. You can't tell people who will not listen, what they do not want to hear. So... those who will not hear MUST FEEL. The Universe and The World are self-correcting. They are LIVING THINGS. There is nothing that is not alive in some fashion, even rocks are alive and they are what Black Magicians are sent back to become, once the Lord's of Karma get their hands on them.

We are on the verge of technological breakthroughs that can and may utterly transform our world. We are also and MORE IMPORTANTLY, on the verge of Spiritual breakthroughs for THOSE WHO AVAIL THEMSELVES OF THE SAME. I cannot stress how critically important this is, BUT... you will make your own mind up about that. If you knew the profound and serious truth of this, you would turn your attention to it as if it were a life ring in a stormy sea, WHICH IT IS!

Prolonging physical life is not something reserved only for the good. Anyone who knows HOW it is done can get it done, BUT... nothing in manifestation goes on forever. Sooner or later it winds up in court. We ALL reap the fruits of our industry. Most will hear that, acknowledge it AND THEN... go right on by. They've heard it before. They get it, or so they think they do, BUT... the idea of 'reaping what you sow' gets filed and stored somewhere because SENSATION commands our attention. One would be measurably improved if they were to spend even a small amount of time considering what it means and the implications thereof, BUT... there are none so deaf as those who will not hear. But... But... But...

If you 'catch' something early you can cure it quickly. If you let a wrong understanding go on and on, on and on (cue Stephen Bishop) it increases in complexity and then it increases in difficulty of resolution. Yeah, yeah, I get it. I get it. We all get it... intellectually, but we DO NOT all get it VISCERALLY and it fails to have any deeper meaning when that is the case, no matter what 'it' may be. This applies to certain inflexible rules of life, JUST AS it applies to the consideration of DEITY.

The Earth, The World, is a living and conscious thing. It is VERY patient. It is the poster-girl of PATIENCE but... once the balance tips, once the scales reach a certain level of disparity... IT adjusts. It's not an emotional adjustment. It isn't motivated by revenge or getting even. IT adjusts, according to FUNDAMENTAL LAW. Existence operates according to LAWS. Why does this garner so little interest from so many of us? I'll tell you why; making yourself aware of these laws and their method of function INTERFERES with WHAT WE WANT. “We wants it, prezzshussss. Yes... we wants it.”

Digression Alert; I am thinking of launching a Crowdfunding event to raise money and awareness, so as to bring together Shaun King and Rachel Dolenz. Imagine the beautiful black children these two can produce. Do they even know the potential that exists there? I want you to just think about that for a moment. I hear you. Yes... you are lucky that I think about things like this and spend the time and take the trouble to tell you about them. I can see the wedding, the wedding reception, and after-party, right now in my mind's eye. Milli Vanilli will be providing the music. Marina Abramovic will do the catering and The Reverend Dr. Cameron Partridge will preside over the nuptials unless we can get the Reverend Lee Crowell.

Revered Crowell Church of Satan
Reverend Lee Crowell

If you are considering hosting a wedding LIKE THIS of your own then you are going to need the ritual of the cursed sacraments and Visible has located the procedure for you; how thoughtful!

I'm guessing you never expected to see this sort of thing at Visible Origami.

What is the real source of what is happening in the streets? It is invisible entities that are accessing the minds of those who have no sense of themselves. They are being mind-jacked just like a stolen car. It is a carjacking, where the car being jacked is ANY person who is unaware of what is happening to them. You can transpose this to EVERY life and the fates engendered in the living of them. We are ALL mind-jacked to some extent. Some of us are CONSCIOUSLY mind-jacked. We decided ahead of time who would control our comings and goings. I did... anyway. Do you want to know my dream of how I would like to spend Eternity? I'm going to tell you anyway. I would like to spend mine, forever after, in service to Heaven and Humanity.

Does such a vocation sound exciting and enjoyable? In the minds of most of us, it does not sound like that at all. It sounds like it would be a dull grind and not something one could sustain for very long, given the state of humanity and the obscurity of Heaven. Like anything and I mean ANYTHING, it is all in the way you look at it. My present life is the result of my reflections. It is the product of my looking back over the reach of my life in this life. I've done this. I've taken a hard, cold look at where I've been and what I've done. I've done this more than once. Strangely, at least it might seem so to many, my greatest enjoyment and my most precious memories were those moments of service, ESPECIALLY mutual service. The times I worked with others in a commonly shared enterprise, whose objective was the creation of joyful engagement in works that we were known by; “by their works ye shall know them,” gave me fulfillment that I NEVER got anywhere else and fulfillment is not something to sneer at. Here is what it comes down to, YOU HAVE TO LIVE WITH YOURSELF.

Unless your conscience is appeased, you will get no rest. Unless your heart is in what you do, there will be no joy. There is a doorway we all MUST pass through and it is the entrance to The Purpose of Demonstration. Due to IMMUTABLE LAW, whatever we think about, speak about, or engage in, depending on its composition and intent, winds up at a guaranteed destination. What is the personal nature of the residents of Heaven? It is IMPERSONALITY!!! I've said it over and over here and everyone gets it... intellectually, everything in this life of appearances is UPSIDE DOWN and BACKWARDS. Ergo, you must walk in all ways contrary to the world. I think Jacob Boehme said that. I can't remember. For me, it is always more important to remember WHAT was said, rather than WHO said it.

All this is leading up to what I want to tell you about; what happens when you die. WHEN you die, not IF you die, WHEN you die, you go to the Astral Plane. You go to a level that corresponds to your behavior while you were corporate... If you have been unjust, profligate, cruel, Selfish, or any derivative of the same, you will wind up in the hands of those entities that deal with what you are. At the moment, your physical body PROTECTS you from the realities of the sure and certain destiny of recompense. Once you have left the body, you are COMPLETELY EXPOSED in a place where thoughts and feelings are THINGS and they have an impact, the same way that bullets and rocks, or sundry, have an impact when they hit you.

SUFFERING has a purpose, though that is not apparent to most. Suffering is a RITE OF PURIFICATION and it continues until you are purified. Wise souls attend to this prior to the need for Suffering to be employed. MARK MY WORDS and pay careful attention here. Just as there are levels of the Astral Plane that contain raptures beyond what your present imagination can conceive of, the SAME APPLIES in reverse. We should feel no sorrow when someone dies if they are/were a good person. When we SHOULD feel sorrow is when someone dies who was not a good person. We are SHIELDED from many things here. We should be more mindful of this. Deal with the verities BEFORE they come upon you. If you catch something early you can cure it quickly. BUT... BUT... BUT... what about that which we have just let go by? Hmm... Yeah. Well... you're in luck. Besides Providence and Grace, which are always present, whether employed or not... as long as you are still here... there is a great deal that you can do.

God is THE ONE who can heal and correct ANY situation. You must appeal to him/her. You cannot speak to God directly. That is what angels are for. It is the angels that carry your prayers to God and they DO NOT carry every prayer so make sure of the sincerity of your petition. Ask to be cleansed. Offer yourself for the transforming and direct ALL of everything you do from now on to being a better person. IN THIS TIME... A VERY unique opportunity exists for redemption and forgiveness. No positive effort will go amiss. You can redress a great deal very quickly' “Success is speedy for the energetic.”

There is a Cloud of Unknowing. There is a heavy atmosphere of Stupor and Low Dreaming that is like a weather condition and it exists to our detriment. It is seductive and compelling and it is EVERYWHERE around. It is what keeps us thinking of all the irrelevant things that make up the landscape of that time between our arrival and our departure. YOU MUST turn your attention to what lies within, as opposed to what lies beneath. Angels WILL lift you up. Let them know of your intention to exit this weather condition. No good can come of remaining there and it does not end well. I don't say anything I am not convinced of through my own experience or by the thoughts of those I follow and admire and aspire to. Pick something or someone far beyond your present state to emulate and act as if you were that. I have chosen The Sun. There are many heroes to pick from. DO NOT emulate the failed dust of witless celebrities.

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Sunday, August 23, 2020

"Somehow, by Supernatural Agency, You are Reassured and find Sweet Honey from the Rock."

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There are reasons that I continue to appear here. There are reasons I comment on what I comment on; the subject matter that comes up and there are reasons that other subjects are not discussed. The main reason that this happens... all of this... is that I wish to share with you the fruits of epiphanies I have experienced and to spare you what I had to go through to discover I did not need to go through it. This is what The Purpose of Demonstration is all about. You can learn vicariously from what others went through and not have to fall off the same cliff or trip over the same obstacles. EVERY DAY, we see clear examples of the accelerating madness that is incrementally pressing upon the weakest links in human personalities.

There are all kinds of people who have solutions to the world's problems and mostly; NONE OF THEM WORK and MOST OF THE TIME, they are about making money or upping one's profile so they can make money. There are reasons I don't charge for what I do. They are PROFOUND reasons with cosmic implications. There is a reason I do not harass the reader with regular fundraising schemes and reasons why JUST ABOUT EVERYONE ELSE does do so, BECAUSE people don't usually send you money unless you browbeat or shame them into it. I could easily charge for the work. I know people who would be glad to set that up for me. I know all kinds of things I could manufacture and merchandise and sell to people on the various sites; How-to videos, Music CD's, Books and the like; of which there are many forms.

Sure... people have to eat and put a roof over their heads AND... if you are simply operating in a commercial profile, providing PEDESTRIAN services; selling toilets, fixing toilets, even filling toilets; if you happen to work in the media, politics, or similar mediums. If your vend food and goods. If you market your talents... electrician, construction worker, car services and WHATEVER... you have a right to charge what the market will bear and to compete with everyone else in the same field, WHICH... is a good idea. Competition ensures product quality and technological advancement. It keeps prices reasonable, depending... BUT... if you are engaged in spiritual matters, ageless wisdom says and all enduring traditions with any integrity state... YOU CAN'T CHARGE FOR THESE THINGS, but people do. The New Age is a marketplace filled with scam merchants and predators in sheep's clothing.

Why do people charge for spiritual teachings? They are insecure and do not really trust who it is they supposedly work for. I do, so I don't have to charge AND IT WORKS! IT WORKS!!! It would probably work for anyone who is sincere BUT... they want MORE than having their basic necessities covered. THERE IS A FORCE. It is a REAL FORCE and it sleeps in the atavistic portion of the mind. It is programmed with great sophistication from the reptile mind. Think of it as an INLET from a much deeper and darker sea.

It speaks to the mind in a sibilant fashion and its urgings are as old as time itself. Its primary nature is to DECEIVE. It can and does justify ANYTHING. It moves in serpentine fashion from side to side, while the whole body of it moves, by increments, further and further to one side and into darkness. You wonder how it got to where it got. It got there by measured stages. Think of it as acts of simple theft which move to ever greater thefts, with degrees of increasing threat and violence, leading to bodily harm and on to murder and worse. It gets there like anything gets anywhere, which is basically ambulatory by perambulation. It gets there step by step, inch by inch; (slowly I turned) NIAGARA FALLS!!!

There are guides that come to you when you are trending in a certain direction, just as there are guides who 'can' lead you to realms of light. You have to possess the necessary discrimination because... at first... AT FIRST, it can seem to be another thing entirely. You don't find out about these things till further down the road when turning back becomes highly problematic.

Another thing about speaking the truth that one MUST CONSIDER from inception is... is one authorized? Does one have PERMISSION to speak? Why is this? Because you, yourself, do not possess Truth. Truth is the possession of Divinity. Real truth can ONLY speak THRU YOU. It is NOT something you come up with or discover on your own. Everything that happens, EVERYTHING... IS A SPECIAL DEALING OF GOD WITH YOUR SOUL. This is why Intuition is one of the most vital items one can possess. Everyone has one but not everyone EXERCISES IT. The Intuition is like a muscle. It has to be exercised. Otherwise, you will need to be exorcised if you are listening to one of the stand-ins for the intuition that tells you what you WANT TO HEAR.

You want God to turn and walk away? That is if you are fortunate to have him show up to begin with? Yes, he is in everyone but he is usually asleep and dreaming and THIS... this alleged reality you walk around in every day? This is his dream. If you want him to walk away, just start charging for what is PRICELESS and... if God walks away, where are you going to get inspiration from? Where are you going to get information from? How can your intuition function if there is no Inner Teacher to function it? That is what Intuition means; Inner Teacher.

Maybe you already know all of this. Anyway... I don't charge for anything that I do, NOT because I am such a good person and so... so... admirable. I don't charge for anything because I KNOW BETTER! What use could you be to God if you don't trust him enough to rely upon him absolutely? If you can't rely on and trust God to take care of all your needs then...THEN YOU HAVE NO VALIDITY. You aren't valid. You MUST have The Imprimatur. You must have his mark on you, which gives the ring of authenticity to what you say, instead of coming off like a parrot who can speak but has no idea of what it is saying and lacks that authentic ring. This is how it is that so many people can say the same thing BUT... yeah, BUT...

Of course, there are those who will say that I do charge; for these books and that music. Can you not go to my music site and listen to EVERY song and never pay a dime, not hear only 30 seconds but the whole song? Can you not and have many of you not received PDFs of my books free just for the asking? You'll have to make your own mind up about that. Probably well before we got to this part of the post, any number of readers are asking; why is he saying all of this? Go back to the opening paragraph.

Of course, the REAL reason that I do what I do is because I have no choice. Like those going down the other road, I have been on this road for too long to turn back. This is where it has led me. I am a poet more than I am anything else and poets are driven by love. They pursue and explore and study love. Sometimes they go in directions they might later repent of, like Lord Byron. If you pursue and explore and study love, you eventually wind up at the source of love and that is GOD. There is no way around that. It can't lead anywhere else.

What is the highest form of love besides Sacrifice? It is service, selfless service, and on that account and... on all related matters, concerning love, it is not anyone else that you have to convince of your sincerity unless you are looking to get laid and... that goes away. It departs like a temporary fever in which you lost your senses for a time. There's nothing wrong with sex. It's a basic life function BUT it falls far, FAR SHORT of true mystical union. Who you have to convince is, God ...and you can't fool God. He is right there in the deepest recesses of your thought process, before and after ALL of your thinking.

Most everyone either compromises or goes in another direction because the God thing, if it is real and sincere is REALLY FUCKING HARD and it takes everything away from you before it gives any of it back. It also, most certainly will break your heart and ruin the world for you as we already stated in a recent posting. You pretty much have to be designated to make it in the first place or you probably won't. Not because of God but... because of you. Unless you are absolutely sincere and determined you CANNOT muster the will or the wherewithal to get there AND... where is that going to come from anyway? Right. It is also true that anyone can get there at any time but... but... woo boy! It's a rare thing and probably won't come up anyway. This God thing, usually, is the fruit of lifetimes, once the Prodigal Son has the epiphany. The writer wasn't joking when he said, “And WHILE HE WAS STILL A LONG WAY OFF, his father saw him coming.”

However... one should not be discouraged by the possible time frame involved BECAUSE... from the moment one awakens and sets off for their father's house, it gets better. Everything improves, even when it is hard, it feeds Conviction and all of the other qualities that grow in you on the way. Somehow, by magical means, by supernatural agency, you are reassured and find sweet honey from the rock and hidden springs in the desert and that kind of thing. If you are absolutely convinced and utterly reliant, GOD WILL AND DOES TAKE CARE OF YOU EVERY MOMENT OF THE DAY... FOREVER!

Trying to make money off of spiritual things is a true fool's errand. The penalties are also particularly egregious. Everything costs something unless you give yourself away. Even then there are experiential costs and all those little tests and not so little tests that come around FOR ONLY ONE REASON, to compel you to trust and rely on God absolutely. Once that has been accomplished THERE ARE NO MORE TESTS!

I could go on and on and on... and I do, almost every day but today we will pause it and move on to the next thing. God bless AND INSPIRE YOU, one and all.

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Please come and stop by Parler and rest for a moment, doing and accomplishing nothing whatsoever and be refreshed before you depart having left no trace of having been there. Parler, for those who have found the meaning in meaninglessness.

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

"Keeping in Mind that your Heart WILL BE BROKEN and that the World WILL BE Ruined for You."

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Anyone who thinks Applied Spiritual Living is not the most difficult art of all is either kidding themselves or got a knock-off replica from Easy Street Systems out of San Francisco. They specialize in things that look good and don't work, as well as hosting seminars that occur on three consecutive weekends that culminate in a four-day intensive at the end. Following this, you get a heavy paper diploma, filled with calligraphy legalese which has a blank space that says, “Applique your specialty here.” The package you get contains two 8 by 11 sheets of paper with 100 sticky labels per page. On these labels are all kinds of professions typed up in the same font and size as the rest of the text on your diploma. You get a small tube of solvent that can be brushed on to whatever sticky label is presently in place. It comes right off and then you can put another sticky label with a new profession in the space. This gives you the opportunity to change professions with ease, should you become disenchanted with any previous picks, or if law enforcement has gotten wind of you.

I mention your best option to hard work and ceaseless devotion, right off the bat, because not everyone is into that. Of course, there is that small aggregate of people who want to do what they know and know what they do, as opposed to a larger body (getting bigger and wider every day) who only want to look like they know that they know what they do. Often enough in today's world just looking like 'the guy' is enough to get you a position with Google, Verizon, or any other multinational, as long as you have memorized the slogans and songs. Don't let this appear as any kind of a hurdle to you. If you were able to learn, “This Little Piggy” or “Row, Row Your Boat” when you were a kid you will do just fine.

We shall attempt to give you patterns and templates today that WILL... if conscientiously practiced, lead you, if not to the Promised Land, somewhere in the neighborhood of the Promised Land.

I must have a good enough reason for this or I wouldn't take the time to think it out and write it out and MOST IMPORTANTLY, put me in the proper position to be inspired concerning it and... without which, nothing I say here will have much value.

The usual routine is that you are born somewhere, into a situation that matches what you agreed to before you came down the chute, via the wardrobe department on The Moon. Unless you are Special Circumstances, you were given a choice of particular sequences of appearance and the smaller the number, the greater the degree of difficulty or the more egregious the handicaps. Most People don't go that route. Most people, as surprising as it may seem, are not looking to spiritual elevation as their End Point. Most people are looking to garner as many meta-crypto Karma Currency tokens as possible to be able to afford some kind of Tom Cruise (insert famous name) life. One has to keep in mind that The Devil is in the details. There was a film that came out about 20 years ago called, “Bedazzled” that covers the 'crimes of omission' that Old Scratch likes to get up to.

You know why he's called Old Scratch, right? My theory is it is all about The Itches.

There are more reasons why people come back here again and again than have to do with Karmic Debt. Desire is the agent of God's Will. We come here to satisfy urges, desires, appetites, aspirations, and the like. The way to Tranquility, Serenity and a passage to places that are so Unbelievably Wonderful that they beggar the imagination, can be found if you can bypass the Garbage Routes. Few of us have the imagination to visualize what is possible and attainable. For some reason, many, many people simply want a privileged spot at The Trough, and HERE is where so much of that goes down (goes down?), and HERE is where so much of it goes UP too. It is here that one accomplishes The Great Work; finds the Pearl of Great Price, or The Philosopher's Stone, or completes The Operation of the Sun, or achieves Self Realization, or becomes Jivanmukta OR Jivanmukti. Ya mean there's a difference?

There are as many Heavenly Lokas as there are Hellish Lokas. You get to any one of them through the same process, the specific location being determined by Intention. There are a lot of ways to say the same thing so... if you are thinking of another way of understanding it, yeah... that too.

Where do you want to go? This is a VERY important question and the first one you should ask yourself, once you tumble to the understanding of what is possible. You REALLY CAN go anywhere, PROVIDED you are willing to endure the requirements necessary to arrive there. Once you have made your mind up about this, it only remains for you to apply yourself to it with your WHOLE HEART. There's no good or bad here, “Nothing is real, everything is permitted.” It's okay to have the worst ambition you can imagine. That is entirely up to you. You will get your shot at it. It WILL NOT go as you imagine it. It NEVER DOES because NO ONE has that precise an imagination and those who do, DO NOT employ it in such a fashion.

Why do you think Scriptures ALL AGREE on certain points? This bears thinking about. The manner of explanation may vary but Ageless Wisdom is Ageless Wisdom. I would advise that you first get that before you even think about anything else and the first thing to do in that regard is to find a guide. Yeah... you can go out looking for a guide and meet with the usual results unless you got Special Circumstances OR... you can, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” and at a certain point, The Guide WILL appear. I think 'dividing' is supposed to be 'divining' but... what do I know?

If... you are one of the few who possesses REAL SPIRITUAL ASPIRATION, and you must have some portion of that to be reading this, otherwise it wouldn't interest you, then you NEED to get; Faith, Certitude, and Determination. There is a reason that these three are grouped together and given such importance. If you do possess these in The Proper Measure, you WILL ATTAIN. You absolutely WILL ATTAIN.

God is incomprehensible and unknowable, regardless of what the Fundies say. One recently mentioned the statement by Jesus, “he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?” That 'might' be true but then I would ask, When did you see Jesus? Ah... right. It is situations like this that make the whole affair difficult to explain and transmit and why The Wise will say, no matter where you run into them, much of the time, “I don't know.” I will tell you how you can see God, after a fashion. AND I WILL POINT OUT HERE that you still are not going to see God. You will see the shape taken by God, for whatever the point being made is, was, and will be in that particular outfit. Jesus... like the other presentations which have appeared here, is, was, and will be, The First Emanation of God, meaning 'they' were, are and will be, the very embodiment of Love and the physical repository of The Qualities of God.

Acquire The Qualities of God and look in the mirror. You WILL see God. Look with Pure Love into the heart of your neighbor and you WILL see God. Become the embodiment of Love and you will see and be God. That spark of The Divine is in all of us, or WE WOULD NOT BE. It is the Dynamic Animating Principle; resident in each of us. The trick is to bring it forward until ONLY that is expressing through you. This means attaining Selflessness and literally GIVING YOURSELF AWAY, every moment, every day. Most people DO NOT want to do this for very good reasons, or should I say, Strong Reasons, Compelling Reasons? They might not be 'good' reasons. Let me add, WITH EMPHASIS! There is NO WAY AROUND THIS. If you want to be this then YOU have to CEASE TO EXIST. This is not easy. It is similar to trying to drown yourself. The will to live is going to fight you and your sense of self is going to fight you. This is ONE of the reasons you need a guide. They have accomplished this and there is more than one way to do that, even though there is ONLY ONE WAY. It is a cosmic conundrum and why there is such a thing as Zen. It is a riddle. It is an enigma. It is a mystery which, once you unravel it is no longer there.

I personally know how hard this is because I try to do it all the time and ALWAYS fall short and I have a guide (grin) but... there's a timeline, you see?

Two things that you HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND if you are 'sincerely' considering the search for God. God WILL BREAK YOUR HEART. There is NO WAY around this. God will not accept you without a broken heart. The door to your heart HAS TO be broken off at the hinges. Love MUST be able to pour freely through the heart's portal. Love cannot express through a heart that is not free and it cannot be free unless it is giving itself away. Yes... there are other forms of expression that are called Love but they ARE NOT LOVE.

The other thing is that the world will be ruined for you. You MUST know this going in. If you do not want your heart irreparably broken and the world ruined for you, stay away. You will find nothing for you here. You will be sent away.

Everyone who sincerely seeks God will be FOUND by God. You DO NOT find God. God finds you. These words I have written here I know to be true, inasmuch as words can be true. These words are assuredly not comprehensive and never will be. Do not bother looking for God if you cannot match up with the criteria. Leave well enough alone. The day will come, up or down the road, on some Road of Damascus one day, when the requisite passionate intensity and determination are garnered or appear and IT WILL BE DONE. However... NOW is always the time so long as you can persist and endure, or endure and persist, as you prefer (grin). “Success is speedy for the energetic,” keeping in mind that there 'may be' a timeline, as is the case with me.

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Saturday, August 15, 2020

"Some Thoughts on Meditation by Swami Vivekananda with a Brief Introductory Commentary by Some Guy."

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My dear friends, I was composing a Visible Origami over the last several days. Usually they appear as whole cloth in around an hour but sometimes I 'hit and run' them; not often but... sometimes. It was a raucous, UN-Origami-Like affair and I thought it was too close in time, space and especially texture to the most recent Petri Dish. I was nearly done but... waiting... Having an angel(s), along with invisible friends in your life, as I do, can be a wonderful asset, when you happen to be one of the lesser disciplined souls, with a propensity for scatological hyperbole and this can be offputting, on occasion, for some of our 'more sensitive readers'. I tend to call them as I see them and sometimes that includes a jaundiced eye and a cynical mind, when in consideration of temporal bullshit, presently stinking up the joint. I've tried to modify and to evolve in my presentation to be more like my heroes; one of whom is the source of the body of information in this post. However, the Good Lord, in his incomparable wisdom, has chosen to leave me with some amount of my more acerbic and mordant qualities. For all I know, it amuses him. He has told me often enough that I have that effect.

One of the awful problems that people encounter with trying to fashion an understanding of the nature of the personality of God, is that they often tend toward making him out to be a bigger version of themselves, or worse, limit him by attributing to him a stern and inflexible mien, devoid of all humor. God is NOT like that and also NOT like whatever ANY of us say he is like, insofar as there being boundaries and parameters to his forms of expression. There are NONE. God's persona is as limitless as his power. Yes... he is all the wonderful things that many of us attribute to him BUT... he is far, far more than that and he likes a good laugh. You can trust me on this. Look at the world and some of his creations. It is to be expected then, by extension, that God also weeps.

He once thanked me for hanging out with him because he sometimes gets lonely. That floored me. I have noticed that God is VERY PARTICULAR about who he associates with and that is one of the reasons he throws the kitchen sink at anyone he is thinking about having more than a cursory interaction with. It is usually someone who has been pestering him for attention. DO NOT pester God for attention, unless you are serious about it. I don't suppose I have to say this because you WILL find out what I mean. I found out and it was not pretty on occasion. You have to REALLY want the end result. He will strip you to the bone and beyond in the progression.

Hardly anyone makes the cut in this regard because that kitchen thing can be egregious to an extreme BUT... if you are bound and determined to be unbound and want God's company MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE and purely for the joy of the experience and not cause you can get something out of the interaction and... oh my... he knows all about that and YOU CAN'T FOOL HIM. You can't fool him as The Lord of Hosts, or as The Divine Mother, or as any of the curious characters he often disguises himself as in order to get an idea of where you are at.

Yes... he knows, can know, everything there is to know about you in an instant BUT... that can ruin it for him; take all the romance and mystery out of it and GOD is VERY romantic and we already know about the mystery part. So he hides things from himself so that he can discover them in the process of the encounter. The WHOLE schematic of human existence is a game of Hide and Seek. It is also the playing field of God's Lila, in which he sports and entertains himself. I've been called to account more than once, by taciturn and judgmental characters of little imagination or understanding, to explain how it is that God can sport through life with all these starving children and the blasted limbs on battlefields; the nasty and horrific acts of violence and depravity, not to mention, callous and indifferent attitudes of so many of us. Small minds will NEVER GET IT and can't accept that all those unfortunate circumstances and scenarios are self-created by those experiencing them. Starving children have been adults, previously so engaged in causing the same.

Yeah, you don't like it and you don't want to hear it and so on and so forth. It doesn't change it. EVERYTHING happens for a reason or it doesn't happen to begin with. Maybe it will take you ten thousand lives to get this and maybe only one but IT IS WHAT IT IS.

This Chapter from the works of Swami Vivekananda is not about what is contained in this introductory commentary. Sometimes that's just how it is. What it is is VERY INFORMATIVE and if it is READ CAREFULLY and ATTENTIVELY, you will find it to be EXCEEDINGLY useful, IF... you happen to be the sort of person who makes use of useful information. I am such a person and have no intention of changing.

I am feeling a lot better about what I got up to here than what I was getting into in the post that did not get posted and may never get posted. Or I might stick it in the next Mirrors. We'll see.

My friends, every moment in life is critical BUT NEVER SO CRITICAL as they are at present because of what is coming up in the rest of this year. EVERYTHING is going to be changed in profound and remarkable ways. For many, it will be no more than a tempestuous period that they will, or will not, weather. The really important and potentially transformative considerations will just go right on by them. How unfortunate this is I do not have to words to describe or define. Please take my admonition here as being of singular gravity and consequence and give it everything you got; Seek and Love the Lord God with all of the passion you can muster. He's waiting on that and so VERY, VERY, VERY much is riding on it. May God bear witness to this and respond and minister to every open, willing, and contrite heart.

Chapter excerpted from Volume 4 of

“Meditation has been laid stress upon by all religions. The meditative state of mind is declared by the Yogis to be the highest state in which the mind exists. When the mind is studying the external object, it gets identified with it, loses itself. To use the simile of the old Indian philosopher: the soul of man is like a piece of crystal, but it takes the colour of whatever is near it. Whatever the soul touches ... it has to take its colour. That is the difficulty. That constitutes the bondage. The colour is so strong, the crystal forgets itself and identifies itself with the colour. Suppose a red flower is near the crystal and the crystal takes the colour and forgets itself, thinks it is red. We have taken the colour of the body and have forgotten what we are. All the difficulties that follow come from that one dead body. All our fears, all worries, anxieties, troubles, mistakes, weakness, evil, are front that one great blunder — that we are bodies. This is the ordinary person. It is the person taking the colour of the flower near to it. We are no more bodies than the crystal is the red flower.”

“The practice of meditation is pursued. The crystal knows what it is, takes its own colour. It is meditation that brings us nearer to truth than anything else ...”

“In India two persons meet. In English they say, 'How do you do?' The Indian greeting is, 'Are you upon yourself?' The moment you stand upon something else, you run the risk of being miserable. This is what I mean by meditation — the soul trying to stand upon itself. That state must surely be the healthiest state of the soul, when it is thinking of itself, residing in its own glory. No, all the other methods that we have — by exciting emotions, prayers, and all that — really have that one end in view. In deep emotional excitement the soul tries to stand upon itself. Although the emotion may arise from anything external, there is concentration of mind.”

“There are three stages in meditation. The first is what is called [Dhâranâ], concentrating the mind upon an object. I try to concentrate my mind upon this glass, excluding every other object from my mind except this glass. But the mind is wavering . . . When it has become strong and does not waver so much, it is called [Dhyâna], meditation. And then there is a still higher state when the differentiation between the glass and myself is lost — [Samâdhi or absorption]. The mind and the glass are identical. I do not see any difference. All the senses stop and all powers that have been working through other channels of other senses [are focused in the mind]. Then this glass is under the power of the mind entirely. This is to be realised. It is a tremendous play played by the Yogis ... Take for granted, the external object exists. Then that which is really outside of us is not what we see. The glass that I see is not the external object certainly. That external something which is the glass I do not know and will never know.”

“Something produces an impression upon me. Immediately I send the reaction towards that, and the glass is the result of the combination of these two. Action from outside — X. Action from inside — Y. The glass is XY. When you look at X, call it external world — at Y, internal world . . . If you try to distinguish which is your mind and which is the world — there is no such distinction. The world is the combination of you and something else ...”

“Let us take another example. You are dropping stones upon the smooth surface of a lake. Every stone you drop is followed by a reaction. The stone is covered by the little waves in the lake. Similarly, external things are like the stones dropping into the lake of the mind. So we do not really see the external . . .; we see the wave only. . . .”

“These waves that rise in the mind have caused many things outside. We are not discussing the [merits of] idealism and realism. We take for granted that things exist outside, but what we see is different from things that exist outside, as we see what exists outside plus ourselves.”

“Suppose I take my contribution out of the glass. What remains? Almost nothing. The glass will disappear. If I take my contribution from the table, what would remain of the table? Certainly not this table, because it was a mixture of the outside plus my contribution. The poor lake has got to throw the wave towards the stone whenever [the stone] is thrown in it. The mind must create the wave towards any sensation. Suppose . . . we can withhold the mind. At once we are masters. We refuse to contribute our share to all these phenomena.... If I do not contribute my share, it has got to stop.”

“You are creating this bondage all the time. How? By putting in your share. We are all making our own beds, forging our own chains.... When the identifying ceases between this external object and myself, then I will be able to take my contribution off, and this thing will disappear. Then I will say, 'Here is the glass', and then take my mind off, and it disappears.... If you can take away your share, you can walk upon water. Why should it drown you any more? What of poison? No more difficulties. In every phenomenon in nature you contribute at least half, and nature brings half. If your half is taken off, the thing must stop ...”

“To every action there is equal reaction.... If a man strikes me and wounds me it is that man's actions and my body's reaction ... Suppose I have so much power over the body that I can resist even that automatic action. Can such power be attained? The books say it can ... If you stumble on [it], it is a miracle. If you learn it scientifically, it is Yoga.”

“I have seen people healed by the power of mind. There is the miracle worker. We say he prays and the man is healed. Another man says, 'Not at all. It is just the power of the mind. The man is scientific. He knows what he is about.'”

“The power of meditation gets us everything. If you want to get power over nature, [you can have it through meditation]. It is through the power of meditation all scientific facts are discovered today. They study the subject and forget everything, their own identity and everything, and then the great fact comes like a flash. Some people think that is inspiration. There is no more inspiration than there is expiration; and never was anything got for nothing.”

“The highest so-called inspiration was the work of Jesus. He worked hard for ages in previous births. That was the result of his previous work — hard work ... It is all nonsense to talk about inspiration. Had it been, it would have fallen like rain. Inspired people in any line of thought only come among nations who have general education and [culture]. There is no inspiration. . . . Whatever passes for inspiration is the result that comes from causes already in the mind. One day, flash comes the result! Their past work was the [cause].”

“Therein also you see the power of meditation — intensity of thought. These men churn up their own souls. Great truths come to the surface and become manifest. Therefore the practice of meditation is the great scientific method of knowledge. There is no knowledge without the power of meditation. From ignorance, superstition, etc. we can get cured by meditation for the time being and no more. [Suppose] a man has told me that if you drink such a poison you will be killed, and another man comes in the night and says, 'Go drink the poison!' and I am not killed, [what happens is this: ] my mind cut out from the meditation the identity between the poison and myself just for the time being. In another case of [drinking] the poison, I will be killed.”

“If I know the reason and scientifically raise myself up to that [state of meditation], I can save anyone. That is what the books say; but how far it is correct you must appraise.”

“I am asked, 'Why do you Indian people not conquer these things? You claim all the time to be superior to all other people. You practice Yoga and do it quicker than anybody else. You are fitter. Carry it out! If you are a great people, you ought to have a great system. You will have to say good-bye to all the gods. Let them go to sleep as you take up the great philosophers. You are mere babies, as superstitious as the rest of the world. And all your claims are failures. If you have the claims, stand up and be bold, and all the heaven that ever existed is yours. There is the musk deer with fragrance inside, and he does not know where the fragrance [comes from]. Then after days and days he finds it in himself. All these gods and demons are within them. Find out, by the powers of reason, education, and culture that it is all in yourself. No more gods and superstitions. You want to be rational, to be Yogis, really spiritual.'”

“[My reply is: With you too] everything is material What is more material than God sitting on a throne? You look down upon the poor man who is worshipping the image. You are no better. And you, gold worshippers, what are you? The image worshipper worships his god, something that he can see. But you do not even do that. You do not worship the spirit nor something that you can understand ... Word worshippers! 'God is spirit!' God is spirit and should be worshipped in spirit and faith. Where does the spirit reside? On a tree? On a cloud? What do you mean by God being ours? You are the spirit. That is the first fundamental belief you must never give up. I am the spiritual being. It is there. All this skill of Yoga and this system of meditation and everything is just to find Him there.”

“Why am I saying all this just now? Until you fix the location, you cannot talk. You fix it up in heaven and all the world ever except in the right place. I am spirit, and therefore the spirit of all spirits must be in my soul. Those who think it anywhere else are ignorant. Therefore it is to be sought here in this heaven; all the heaven that ever existed [is within myself]. There are some sages who, knowing this, turn their eyes inward and find the spirit of all spirits in their own spirit. That is the scope of meditation. Find out the truth about God and about your own soul and thus attain to liberation ...”

“You are all running after life, and we find that is foolishness. There is something much higher than life even. This life is inferior, material. Why should I live at all? I am something higher than life. Living is always slavery. We always get mixed up ... Everything is a continuous chain of slavery.”

“You get something, and no man can teach another. It. is through experience [we learn] ... That young man cannot be persuaded that there are any difficulties in life. You cannot persuade the old man that life is all smooth. He has had many experiences. That is the difference.”

“By the power of meditation we have got to control, step by step, all these things. We have seen philosophically that all these differentiations — spirit, mind, matter, etc. — [have no real existences ... Whatever exists is one. There cannot be many. That is what is meant by science and knowledge. Ignorance sees manifold. Knowledge realises one ... Reducing the many into one is science ... The whole of the universe has been demonstrated into one. That science is called the science of Vedanta. The whole universe is one. The one runs through all this seeming variety ...”

“We have all these variations now and we see them — what we call the five elements: solid, liquid, gaseous, luminous, ethereal. After that the state of existence is mental and beyond that spiritual. Not that spirit is one and mind is another, ether another, and so on. It is the one existence appearing in all these variations. To go back, the solid must become liquid. The way [the elements evolved] they must go back. The solids will become liquid, etherised. This is the idea of the macrocosm — and universal. There is the external universe and universal spirit, mind, ether, gas, luminosity, liquid, solid.”

“The same with the mind. I am just exactly the same in the microcosm. I am the spirit; I am mind; I am the ether, solid, liquid, gas. What I want to do is to go back to my spiritual state. It is for the individual to live the life of the universe in one short life. Thus man can be free in this life. He in his own short lifetime shall have the power to live the whole extent of life....”

“We all struggle. . . . If we cannot reach the Absolute, we will get somewhere, and it will be better than we are now.”

“Meditation consists in this practice [of dissolving every thing into the ultimate Reality — spirit]. The solid melts into liquid, that into gas, gas into ether, then mind, and mind will melt away. All is spirit.”

“Some of the Yogis claim that this body will become liquid etc. You will be able to do any thing with it — make it little, or gas pass through this wall — they claim. I do not know. I have never seen anybody do it. But it is in the books. We have no reason to disbelieve the books.”

“Possibly, some of us will be able to do it in this life. Like a flash it comes, as the result of our past work. Who knows but some here are old Yogis with just a little to do to finish the whole work. Practice!”

“Meditation, you know, comes by a process imagination. You go through all these processes purification of the elements — making the one melt the other, that into the next higher, that into mind, that into spirit, and then you are spirit.*”

“Spirit is always free, omnipotent, omniscient. Of course, under God. There cannot be many Gods. These liberated souls are wonderfully powerful, almost omnipotent. [But] none can be as powerful as God. If one [liberated soul] said, 'I will make this planet go this way', and another said, 'I will make it go that way', [there would be confusion].”

“Don't you make this mistake! When I say in English, 'I am God!' it is because I have no better word. In Sanskrit, God means absolute existence, knowledge, and wisdom, infinite self-luminous consciousness. No person. It is impersonal ...”

“I am never Râma [never one with Ishvara, the personal aspect of God], but I am [one with Brahman, the impersonal, all-pervading existence]. Here is a huge mass of clay. Out of that clay I made a little [mouse] and you made a little [elephant]. Both are clay. Melt both down They are essentially one. 'I and my Father are one.' [But the clay mouse can never be one with the clay elephant.]”

“I stop somewhere; I have a little knowledge. You a little more; you stop somewhere. There is one soul which is the greatest of all. This is Ishvara, Lord of Yoga [God as Creator, with attributes]. He is the individual. He is omnipotent. He resides in every heart. There is no body. He does not need a body. All you get by the practice of meditation etc., you can get by meditation upon Ishvara, Lord of Yogis ...”

“The same can be attained by meditating upon a great soul; or upon the harmony of life. These are called objective meditations. So you begin to meditate upon certain external things, objective things, either outside or inside. If you take a long sentence, that is no meditation at all. That is simply trying to get the mind collected by repetition. Meditation means the mind is turned back upon itself. The mind stops all the [thought-waves] and the world stops. Your consciousness expands. Every time you meditate you will keep your growth ... Work a little harder, more and more, and meditation comes. You do not feel the body or anything else. When you come out of it after the hour, you have had the most beautiful rest you ever had in your life. That is the only way you ever give rest to your system. Not even the deepest sleep will give you such rest as that. The mind goes on jumping even in deepest sleep. Just those few minutes [in meditation] your brain has almost stopped. Just a little vitality is kept up. You forget the body. You may be cut to pieces and not feel it at all. You feel such pleasure in it. You become so light. This perfect rest we will get in meditation.”

“Then, meditation upon different objects. There are meditations upon different centres of the spine. [According to the Yogis, there are two nerves in the spinal column, called Idâ and Pingalâ.They are the main channels through which the afferent and efferent currents travel.] The hollow [canal called Sushumnâ] runs through the middle of the spinal column. The Yogis claim this cord is closed, but by the power of meditation it has to be opened. The energy has to be sent down to [the base of the spine], and the Kundalini rises. The world will be changed ...” (See Complete Works, Vol. I)

“Thousands of divine beings are standing about you. You do not see them because our world is determined by our senses. We can only see this outside. Let us call it X. We see that X according to our mental state. Let us take the tree standing outside. A thief came and what did he see in the stump? A policeman. The child saw a huge ghost. The young man was waiting for his sweetheart, and what did he see? His sweetheart. But the stump of the tree had not changed. It remained the same. This is God Himself, and with our foolishness we see Him to be man, to be dust, to be dumb, miserable.”

“Those who are similarly constituted will group together naturally and live in the same world. Otherwise stated, you live in the same place. All the heavens and all the hells are right here. For example: [take planes in the form of] big circles cutting each other at certain points. . . . On this plane in one circle we can be in touch with a certain point in another [circle]. If the mind gets to the centre, you begin to be conscious on all planes. In meditation sometimes you touch another plane, and you see other beings, disembodied spirits, and so on. You get there by the power of meditation. This power is changing our senses, you see, refining our senses. If you begin to practise meditation five days, you will feel the pain from within these centres [of conciousness] and hearing [becomes finer] ...” (See Complete Works, Vol. I). “That is why all the Indian gods have three eyes.”

“That is the psychic eye that opens out and showes you spiritual things. As this power of Kundalini rises from one centre to the other in the spine, it changes the senses and you begin to see this world another. It is heaven. You cannot talk. Then the Kundalini goes down to the lower centres. You are again man until the Kundalini reaches the brain, all the centres have been passed, and the whole vision vanishes and you [perceive] . . . nothing but the one existence. You are God. All heavens you make out of Him, all worlds out of Him. He is the one existence. Nothing else exists.”

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Monday, August 10, 2020

"The Mack Daddy of Evil is Going to Give You One Sweet Ride in the Afterlife... NOT!"

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We've been trying to make a particular point here for some time. There are any number of problems that rotate around that 'potential' body of understanding and getting the point, like space garbage; dead asteroids, tails of dirty comets, meteor storms and the sort of thing you can run into at any time, if you happen to be in outer space, as almost none of us are... but I am talking in a metaphorical, allegorical fashion, trying to use objective imagery to set the table for discussing subjective states of bondage that most people can't see their way out of because... well... because it is subjective. We try to use flights of imagination as a kind of algebra, to shoot around corners, in an attempt to get several points of perspective to ping off of each other and bada bada bing, light up the board with one of those flashes of illumination that tell you, for a moment, however briefly, that it's all connected and it all makes sense even when there is no sense but nonsense about it.

What I mean to say and... so far am not having much luck with is that however desirable certain outcomes may appear to be, to the twisted souls, temporarily permitted to wreak havoc on the rest of us, everything about what they are after is pointless, stupid and makes no sense, but this is not going to make sense to them because some large creature, older and far more evil than they has stomped their moral compass into something like what happens to one of Walter White's cellphones in a critical moment when he has to render it inoperable. The Mack Daddy of Evil has managed to convince his disturbed and deluded minions into thinking that their main objective is a sweet ride in the afterlife and it doesn't matter what they do here because they'll get sent to him in the aftermath and he is GOING TO TAKE CARE OF THEM.

Everything you do and everything you get and whatever means to an end you employ to get it, ALL HAS TO BE PAID FOR. No matter who you are, this rule applies. EXCEPT WHERE GRACE INTRUDES. In certain cases, some souls are that crazy that it is worth it to them, regardless... and there is always a chance (in their dreams) that they can get around it when they have to. It's that Faustian mindset that never stops believing that there has to be an angle.

If the world and the intricacies of its operation was the way it sometimes (and often) looks and... it does seem that all kinds of evil people get away with all kinds of bad shit... well... maybe it really is like that. I know lots of good people who can't reason it out for themselves, due to a lack of faith because they are going by appearances, just like the people who manipulate them and both of them think there has to be something to it, besides simple deception endlessly applied. Hope and Faith are not the same thing, however people routinely confuse the two.

There is this idea... maybe it comes from sources like the trials of Job, where people have come to believe that The Devil and God constantly have wagers going, maybe because Eternity is a really long time when you have to fill the space with things to do. It is impressive, truly impressive what people have convinced themselves of, in order to justify their ambitions and objectives. Some people really believe that life is a crap-shoot and the answer is to use loaded dice. It's like that book by Trump; “The Art of the Deal” and how the whole schematic of business success is contingent on GETTING THE EDGE. They even have a thing about grabbing your elbow when they shake your hand because it conveys a subliminal sense of LEVERAGE. It's also a bit like Don Juan's 'place of power' in a room, or anywhere. It's like creating a fog around you, so as to confuse others. He goes into this whole thing in “Journey to Ixtlan” I don't subscribe to any of this horseshit (that doesn't mean it isn't real for those who know about it and don't have my restraint or values.) It's just not my thing. I am a simple servant, not a power broker and I don't ever want to be a power broker because of The Purpose of Demonstration.

If you want to destroy a country or a culture, the best approach is to do it from the inside, without having to raise an army somewhere else. What makes a culture strong? The Family Unit and Core Values. Ofttimes Religion is supposed to protect the one and teach the other. There is a reason why a certain group of people has been exiled from over a hundred countries over the course of this phase of history because they destroy the Family Unit (of everyone else) and incinerate the Core Values.

It is glaringly evident that the entertainment business, in all of its many facets, is deeply and relentlessly involved in destroying the moral fabric of this culture. When you can get the youth to ape the behavior of corrupt individuals, by celebrating their ugly behavior in their (snicker) ART, you have created a slippery slide into The Pit. There are a number of morally bankrupt skells presently at work and recently several of them, including one Cardi B and Megan the Stallion have created a rap video called WAP. It is an abbreviation for a disgusting term that they repeat over and over while portraying themselves as depraved sluts, which in fact they are. Following that, The Media is celebrating it far and wide, calling it genius and providing endless twits by fans going on and on about how cool it is. This sort of thing is replicating across the airwaves and video screens non stop. THERE IS A REASON FOR THIS and it is NOT FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES. Sex is not a dark, evil, and depraved affair unless you make it so.

The push for late-term abortion. The constant glorification of Alt-Sex lifestyles. The promotion of all manner of debauched and degenerate behavior as not just a privilege but a right is packaged together with the Communist agenda, disguised as Socialism and lauded as a vehicle for greater and greater personal freedom, which at no time it has EVER provided anywhere it has been present ...but it has been the staging grounds for the worst mass murders the world has ever seen. These are ALL about the destruction and perversion of The Family Unit and the Moral State of the country. It is ALL about the ruination of The West and EVERYTHING it stands for. Do I sound like some Southern Baptist parent? I have no connection with that. I am only stating what SHOULD BE obvious. It is presently about as in your face as it can get.

There is not the slightest question in my mind of who is behind it all and who is behind them. It is as palpable as a handful of excrement to the face. Now... what is it that I am saying, besides the obvious?

What you are seeing is what appears every time a culture is in decline, shortly before the barbarians storm the landscape. I shouldn't call them barbarians. Probably the correct term is now, 'aggressively motivated entities for radical social transformation in the general interest'.

We are on the precipice of tremendous and in many cases, catastrophic change. It is going to come in sociopolitical forms and in Natural Calamities. It is NOT going to happen everywhere BUT IT WILL HAPPEN. This is not about people who have been held down too long seeking to get their slice of the pie and it is not about natural transformations of a cyclic order. It is an apocalypse whose PRIMARY intent is the testing of human souls to determine the future course of each individual and group. It is about seeing if anyone is ready, by seeing what they are willing to let go of, what they are willing to endure, and whether they are willing to change and transcend OR... who knows?

It is all as dramatic and world-changing as it appears because The Stakes are as high as they could possibly be. Each of you is in a position to make a Quantum Leap spiritually, or... to be sent back to The Wardrobe Department, to be fitted for lifetimes over a VERY LONG TERM of coming and going here in not very nice ways. As one can easily see, MOST PEOPLE are completely unaware that this is even happening. They haven't a clue about spiritual quantum leaps or The Cosmic Wardrobe Department. They had better get a clue! Unfortunately, all mention of this is being suppressed by those who are envisioning that sweet ride in the aftermath and as much as possible on the way there as well.

This is not speculation on my part. I know FOR A FACT about the Quantum Leap and The Wardrobe Department. How I know I have been at pains to explain here for some time. I have not been able to discuss everything that has come to my attention and some portion of that is not discuss-able. Too many of us spend far too much time trying to convince others of things we only wish, or hope might be true, instead of CONVINCING OURSELVES of what really happens to be true.

The objects in the mirror of the present REALLY ARE closer than they appear. How is it that when people see things happening right in front of them or presented to them through media devices at a distance, they do not accept that what they are seeing is what they are seeing? How is it that so few people are able to put two and two together? People are Fearful and that skewers their perceptions. People are hungry for all manner of things and that skewers their perceptions. People are in deep denial and that skewers their perceptions. People are captives in bondage to the smoke and mirrors of appearances and appearances are the fundamental deception in life. There is a good reason that people are told to look within, or that as a man thinketh so is he. There is a good reason that Self Inquiry is recommended as a basic survival skill but the point is lost somehow. I hope the point made here is not lost. It has not been lost on me.

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Friday, August 07, 2020

"They're Stuck in Pedophilia with the Ritually Sacrificed Children and the Satanic Adrenachrome Blues Again."

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Ah well... I did not want to write another post today. I've been lagging in the music recording efforts and I feel compelled to get as much of that done as I can BUT... I guess it will have to be put aside yet again for a short time.

Yesterday, I mentioned that NOTHING bad happens in the Middle East that is not SOMEHOW connected to a particular country that I consider to be The Kingdom of Satan on Earth. No one is going to change my mind about that. The evidence is OVERWHELMING. Today I provide you with commentary from several sources and you can judge for yourself. First, we have the exceptional perspective of Lasha Darkmoon. Then we have the insights of Thierry Meyssan. Then there is the front page of Veteran's Today. There you will find several commentaries upon the attack in Beirut.

For me, it took almost no thought. As soon as I saw the video I said to myself, “They did it.” I follow the maxim of Cui Bono most of the time. I adhere to it because in 99% of the cases, it leads me to the truth of the matter. I wish I were a more indifferent sort sometimes. I gain no great personal advantages from saying what I say, based on seeing what I see, concerning this particular subject; figuratively and literally as well as in hyper-sense. For whatever the reason, I came here to do what I do. There are a great many perspectives on the value of what I do. I suspect there are very few who can challenge the validity of what I say. Sure, one can scream and yell and stamp their feet and point the finger, BUT... it changes nothing.

I do not say things hoping for them to be true, or sensationalizing and predicting events that I hope people will forget my involvement in later on. I try to take a calm and measured approach and I study and research deeply before I present my position. I dislike, I extremely dislike having to backtrack or engage in Mea Culpa. It is always better to have a firm foundation. Of course, there are those who object passionately to what I say on occasion because they don't like hearing it. Not wishing to hear something is... IN NO WAY... a convincing rebuttal. You're left with letting the chips fall where they may.

In recent years I have mostly stepped away from sociopolitical commentary, except for examples gathered for contrast and coloration, because 'the world is the world is the world'. My love of The Divine is very deep. It absolutely dominates my existence these days. It gets stronger and more present with every passing day and there is no indication that this will change. God is the supreme reality; as far as I am concerned; THE ONLY REALITY ...and I spend as much time as I can manage to acquire, seeking to come into harmonic accord with God. I care less and less about anything else. Everything else leaves me restless until I can return to my all-consuming passion.

Unfortunately... for whatever the reason, I was motivated to address the preceding issue BUT I have no more to say on the matter. The Ineffable is going to handle all of that.

Another consideration has also come to my attention and I feel like I had better speak my mind on that account and be done with it. More and more we are hearing about Adrenochrome and the powerful. We hear about Spirit Cooking, Satanism, and related issues. I hear, routinely, that Tom Hanks is a pedo and that Billy Ray Cyrus is a Satanist. Certainly, a case can be made for Kanye and the Kardashians, Jay-Z, and others where Satanism is concerned. Satanism is VERY BIG in Hollywood, always has been. So is pedophilia. The thing about Satanism, in brief, is that it is dedicated to offending God. The whole point of Satanism is to direct a middle finger at the heavens and scream imprecations and commit 'certain offenses' that are contrary to human decency. We know that these forms of behavior have existed for a very long time. What we do not often get an insight on is; WHY?

Here is why... in order to attract specific demonic forces and receive the material benefits that they can provide, it is NECESSARY to commit certain outrages. You have to FEED THE BEAST. Think of it as an experiential highway, a sort of reversed Stations of the Cross, like spitting on the host, wearing upside-down crosses; most especially violating innocence! Then there is saying the Lord's Prayer backwards (which may only be silly) and sundry counterpoints to normal ritual in established traditions. Some of these are fantasy transgressions; the sort of things you would see in a bad horror movie. It's all about reversals on religious rituals. The Kundalini force is awakened when one EFFECTIVELY reverses the sexual force upwards. The result is spiritual illumination and attaining the Godhead. As a result, Satanists work with reversing the kundalini and anal sex is one of the more effective activities one can engage in to bring about magical power of a darker sort. This is all VERY REAL, in case you were wondering about that.

Just as there is a hierarchy in the Celestial Realm, there is a hierarchy in the Infernal Kingdom. If you are going to Hell, and some people are bound and determined to do so, conventional wisdom says that you want to be a good distance on in the pecking order, otherwise you are the one getting pecked. You want to be behind the flaming velvet ropes in the VIP section and determined practitioners will DO ANYTHING to accomplish this. Unfortunately for them, The Devil is a pathological liar. You can count on that and his promises are not to be counted on whatsoever. I'm not saying that there are not those who do wind up ruling in Hell, as opposed to serving in Heaven. I'm saying that any guarantees you think you may have, might not be worth the human skin they are written on.

To my point, there is this fellow here who talks a good game about The Dark Side.

However, there is always a backside to the story BUT most people don't bother to look beyond whether or not whoever they are listening to is saying what they want to hear. Concerning the fellow, Sacha Stone, in that video, there are OTHER takes on who he is and what he gets up to. There's not just the one source on this, there are many other perspectives to be found. I'm only going to give you three links and this is the last of the series.

Am I supposed to think that where there's smoke, especially where there is a WHOLE LOT OF SMOKE that it invalidates what he had to say in that first link? No... well... I can think what I like but for me... for me, just because a person may be seriously questionable and morally bankrupt, it doesn't mean they are not telling the truth on occasion.

Here is the crux of the matter, the point of why I brought this up and in my usual circumnavigating and convoluted fashion am taking my own sweet time getting around to. For years I have been hearing about Adrenochrome. I've been hearing about (insert famous name here) this guy and that guy and this woman being Satanists and pedophiles and Adrenochrome junkies; like Celine Dion, who now looks like and acts like someone who got bushwhacked by aliens and then badly refabricated in a Ukrainian Cloning Bed. HOWEVER... however, I have yet to see any Adrenachrome, or a Dark Web video on the manufacture of it. I have yet to see certain oft-maligned (and possibly justifiably so) celebrities get caught out- in this day of instant cellphone camera capture AND KEEPING IN MIND that there is no honor among acolytes of Satanic behavior. I have NO FREAKING EVIDENCE of any kind.

I am SURE that these things go on AND WORSE... likely MUCH WORSE, but UNTIL I KNOW, I am not going to say. These days too many people have opinions without any proof, yet they insist they are right. I've run across people who have accused nearly every public figure from the last several hundred years of being, Illuminati, or a reptile, or this that or the other thing BUT I DON'T KNOW and that is all I can truthfully say. Wild accusations are flying around like clots of mashed potatoes at a cafeteria food fight. People slander and accuse others at will, with no proof! As for that country I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I HAVE PLENTY OF PROOF. I often wish I didn't. It has done me nothing but harm to be responsible for what I do know.

The day is coming, my friends and IT IS NOT FAR OFF when Mr. Apocalypse is going to get heavy and hard in ways many of us never previously imagined were possible. Why are THEY so frantic in these times? Why is there such an urgency to corrupt humanity and spread chaos and confusion in all directions? THEY KNOW that HE is on the way. They can feel it and besides, their super sensory department has people who can look into the future just like the good guys do. Right now it is all about getting the best seat, the best position in the pecking order for a seriously long time, coming in the aftermath of what is soon to be upon us. They have been promised all sorts of goodies for their efforts. As I said, the one promising them is a liar and also the face God uses to communicate with the wicked. There is ONLY ONE FORCE and ONLY one supreme being regardless of whatever mask you have decided is his real face.

I don't know who is or who is not on Adrenochrome. I don't know, for certain, who is attending Satanic Masses, or is diddling little kids. I have my suspicions but I despise Slander. Diabolus means 'slanderer', 'accuser', 'defamer'. That should tell you plenty. I take a dim view of wild-eyed claims that insist so and so is this or that. I am sincerely trying to be a better person. I don't have time or inclination for anything else anymore. I just want to serve productively and forget myself, lose myself entirely in the act of it. Most everything else, to me, looks like a colossal waste of time. I often wish I know now what I didn't know then but I remind myself often of what Lord Krishna said, “Success is speedy for the energetic.” God Bless you One and All.

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Monday, August 03, 2020

"Presently THEY are in a Deeply Troubled Sleep that Borders on Nightmare. God is not Mocked."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Whoever owns the media and entertainment businesses, as well as social media, HATES THE HUMAN RACE. I've seen enough to be able to call it for what it is. Not only do They hate us but they hold us in contempt as well. They have pulled out all stops on spreading unrelenting nonsense about the 'fabricated' COVID plague. Unfortunately, an alarmingly large segment of humanity is too dumb to think and chew gum at the same time. This makes the manner in which they chew gum, pretty disturbing.

I don't know if these people were like this to begin with. What I do know is that they are VERY EASY to program by applying pressure to basic human emotions. It is astonishing that after all the lies that they have been told, which have been debunked and exposed and continue to be exposed, they continue to believe them.

It's one thing to dumb people down and quite another thing to then set them at each other's throats, for the purposes of spiteful amusement and gain. The latest scheme that I am seeing is the sudden appearance of white supremacists, usually attended by a wack girlfriend and captured on cellphone cameras or exhaustively described by witnesses who are employed for this very reason. You have these 'alleged' white supremacists, screaming out racial imprecations that no real white supremacist would employ. It is almost as if the writers from central casting, who construct the scripts from which they get their dialogue, have decided to lampoon them as well as to highlight them, for the purposes of cultural unrest. The people who hire these bad actors, who play the white supremacists, have gotten them to mention Donald Trump's name every time they go berserk.

It is also clear that among the lunatics performing nightly acts of violence in all these contrived demonstrations that a good portion of them are employees of George Soros and other financiers of social unrest. What I presently see is as clear to me as clear can be. I would like to add that I have spent considerable time watching film of these events and reading the commentaries created by the paid skanks who are now in a frenzied competition to replace the former representatives of 'the world's oldest profession' with themselves. They are now well on their way to becoming classic models for all future and emergent prostitutes to emulate. It used to be that prostitutes had some inclination to at least appear to want to please their customers, even if, as was usually the case, they were faking it.

Now I come upon an article about all of these (handful of) fans of Naya Rivera having a memorial service, replete with many sheets of paper attached to a chain-link fence which contain handwritten testimonials. As you read further in the article it turns out that her appeal was due to her playing a lesbian character. I don't care one way or the other who anyone has sex with BUT when Normal is now painted to be abnormal and other forms of sexual congress are elevated to a higher status and when the youth is pressured to give their lives in the service of lifestyles where the preferred template of the social engineers is based on theatrical representations that have nothing to do with real life, I find it to be upsetting. What is really upsetting is how easily all of it is bought into by a population of clueless refugees from reality who want so badly to belong that it almost no longer matters what it is that they belong to or have to do in order to belong.

Attending all of this social programming is a soundtrack of the most aggressive and dehumanizing noise I have ever heard. All of this taken together as the infrastructure of what people now believe to be ordinary life and which is a recipe for disaster and it won't be long coming now. Every day I read the signs and the trends of the time and the outcome of it all is no longer in doubt for me.

The saddest feature of it all is that MOST PEOPLE are not like this but no one reports on it. All you see brought to your attention these days is a celebration of dysfunction and by now, all the attention whores realize that they have to become increasingly more bizarre to get the attention they hunger for. Okay... all of what I just said is a VERY BRIEF, Cliff Notes snapshot of the bad and the ugly. There is an enormous amount of it and one can get a good idea of what the manipulators want you to focus on by going to sites like TMZ, FAB, Page Six and many another, including ALL OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Last year they were just sleazy and dealers in cultural pornography, now... they are downright EVIL, as well as flat out lying. It used to be that they were simply full of insinuation, innuendo, and allusion. Now they outright and flat out lie.

Consider the enormity of the industries devoted to the destruction of the human race. Consider the time and money being spent on keeping the public in a frustrated, troubled and disorganized state of elusive objects of desire and ever-intensifying fear. It is now okay to be a participant in behaviors that in every previous time when they appeared, it was a sign of cultural destruction; EVERY TIME. Why would powerful industries and rich and powerful individuals lend their support to forms of behavior that lead to their own, inevitable destruction? That is a very good question. The truth is that people are asleep AND possessed. Presently they are in a deeply troubled sleep that borders on nightmare.

There are two forces at work in the invisible and visible realm; two seemingly different forces, or let us say, more correctly, one force being employed in two diametrically different ways. It seems CLEAR to me that horrific and catastrophic events are upon the horizon. What is a person to do? Yes... you can, if you are able, move as far away from the obvious locations where it is going to be the most intense and MAYBE... MAYBE it will all run out of steam before it gets to where you are. Two and a half million NEW people bought guns in the last few months. This is on top of the millions who already own guns.

I want to point out that NO MATTER WHAT it all looks like and NO MATTER WHERE it looks like it is headed, it DOESN'T HAVE TO INVOLVE YOU! Unless it does... even then... if you know who to call and you call soon enough, the impact and effect could be remarkably reduced, or even no longer be pending, in this time of indescribable Grace, which is present to offset the seemingly inflexible Karma of the times.

There is a POWERFUL MAGIC that is loose in the world and it's been loose since we got here. It's been called Maya, the dream web of desire (I call it that- grin) and other names. It is that force that causes us to be deluded and an inmate in the penitentiary of the mind. It takes an extraordinary and relentless effort to break free of it and you still can't. All you can do is come to the point where you have come to the attention of the Divine Mother, in order to appeal to her to set you free. I know a good portion of the public would think me to be deluded for saying this but I happen to KNOW it is true. I KNOW this and have been in conversations with representatives of that very force. SO... there is a basic and ancient power that enthralls the human mind through passions and appetites and the gamut of mindsets. The only sane mind is a completely empty mind or a mind fixed on a single image of The Divine. EVERYONE ELSE is crazy to some extent. I know how that must sound to the people who don't understand what it means but that is just how it is and I am not the only one who has said so. Others... far beyond me in spiritual advancement have said the same in different words. In fact... all of them who are associated with the true light ARE IN ACCORD.

SO... there is this basic power and there are two distinct associations who operate in a particular relationship with that power. One of them uses this power to feed upon and enslave humanity and the other works to free humanity from the influence of this power. Of course, this power is critically necessary. We would have no world without it and it provides a useful service, until one becomes tired of it, if one ever does. Some do not.

People can talk about Maya and the web of illusion, the dream web, which is not unlike a spider's web with THE SAME END RESULT (literally) but in reality (heh heh, ironic term, I know), in reality, they depend upon and rely upon the web for everything and it really is an 'until death do we part' sort of a relationship. Here is AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION; pretty much everyone is a hypocrite in that they say one thing and mean another and say one thing and do another. People talk far too much and say too little of value because they are mostly always talking about transitory, ephemeral phenomena that has little meaningful value, but it is the way they pass time on their way to what they know not. I am not seeking to demean anyone here. I have my share of faults and I now know that there is no correcting them BECAUSE I have them for specific reasons and only by the will of God will they be removed and only at the appointed time.

I don't know what the details are with everyone else. My situation is somewhat different from that of most people in that MY ENTIRE LIFE and just about every minute of it has to do with the ineffable. Rarely do I have any escape (nor seek to) from this because it is palpably present at all times. This was not always the case. I spent some years trying with all my might to escape the permanent state I was left with after my Kundalini episode but nothing worked.

Eventually, I stopped escaping, only to be told I had no choice about any of it in the first place. I literally live in a state where everything I do has something to do with the indwelling. I guess it inevitably comes to that. I spend my days in conversation with the designated representative assigned to me and the occasional visitations from others of his kind, otherwise I am working as I am right now and as I will be on something else as soon as I am done with this and it is mostly all a joy for me, despite the immanence and awesome presence of massive imponderables that I can hear and feel moving in the vastness of the space surrounding. It leaves one with a state of perpetual insignificance, which is not at all unwelcome. To be able to enjoy a realistic perspective on my mote-like state in relation to entities like The Sun and other living beings, so far in advance of myself that it is impossible to contemplate it, is a wonderful thing for me.

Of course, there is that Advaita view where I AM ALL THAT but it never applies to me, nor do I intend for it ever to do so. I don't care if it's true or not. I just want to be a good and loyal servant and occasionally a friend and nothing more, ever... EVER. I can't imagine a higher state than that of perpetual servitude to the everlasting. Anyone who shares this in a similar fashion to me knows what I am talking about. I've never felt a greater joy or freedom, even if it did include a near unbearable length of suffering to get there.

I am sorry that I was compelled to talk about all that got mentioned in the first part of this posting but it was unavoidable in the context of our present state in the midst of tumultuous change. I didn't go into much detail at all concerning the level of depravity presently in operation AND THEN? And then there is that considerable body of good and decent people that are being lined up for target practice for offenses they had nothing to do with, or so one would think from a surface analysis of visible evidence. Even though I can't see it, I know that it is all perfectly arranged down to the last jot and tittle by the one who notes the falling of every leaf and sparrow. The key point is to grow as close to THE ONE as can possibly be accomplished.

It is late in the day, my friends and we've yet to see how really far out it is all meant to get in the course of this year. How God intends to resolve it all, I do not know. I suspect that it is going to occur differently for different people and different groups of people and that ALL OF IT will have to do with one's proximity to THE ONE. I tremble sometimes when I look at the world and reflect on the Biblical phrase that... GOD IS NOT MOCKED. That gives me pause every time it passes through my thoughts. Never before, I think, is so much individual Karma going to be worked out in such a simultaneous fashion as it soon is going to be. It will be individual and it will be collective and it will be surprising for the most part, probably VERY SURPRISING.

We tend to forget that God is intimately involved with us at all times, irrespective of what we might think about it. He is waking many of us up from the inside, by increments and it has nothing to do with being Woke. That is just the ass end of the old world on its way out. It is a death rattle of sorts.

This posting has gone on considerably longer than is the usual case. I think there is something that I keep wanting and trying to say but can't find the words to do so. I suspect there are no words. The closest I can come is to say that the hour is late and that we should mind how we go.

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