Wednesday, August 19, 2020

"Keeping in Mind that your Heart WILL BE BROKEN and that the World WILL BE Ruined for You."

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Anyone who thinks Applied Spiritual Living is not the most difficult art of all is either kidding themselves or got a knock-off replica from Easy Street Systems out of San Francisco. They specialize in things that look good and don't work, as well as hosting seminars that occur on three consecutive weekends that culminate in a four-day intensive at the end. Following this, you get a heavy paper diploma, filled with calligraphy legalese which has a blank space that says, “Applique your specialty here.” The package you get contains two 8 by 11 sheets of paper with 100 sticky labels per page. On these labels are all kinds of professions typed up in the same font and size as the rest of the text on your diploma. You get a small tube of solvent that can be brushed on to whatever sticky label is presently in place. It comes right off and then you can put another sticky label with a new profession in the space. This gives you the opportunity to change professions with ease, should you become disenchanted with any previous picks, or if law enforcement has gotten wind of you.

I mention your best option to hard work and ceaseless devotion, right off the bat, because not everyone is into that. Of course, there is that small aggregate of people who want to do what they know and know what they do, as opposed to a larger body (getting bigger and wider every day) who only want to look like they know that they know what they do. Often enough in today's world just looking like 'the guy' is enough to get you a position with Google, Verizon, or any other multinational, as long as you have memorized the slogans and songs. Don't let this appear as any kind of a hurdle to you. If you were able to learn, “This Little Piggy” or “Row, Row Your Boat” when you were a kid you will do just fine.

We shall attempt to give you patterns and templates today that WILL... if conscientiously practiced, lead you, if not to the Promised Land, somewhere in the neighborhood of the Promised Land.

I must have a good enough reason for this or I wouldn't take the time to think it out and write it out and MOST IMPORTANTLY, put me in the proper position to be inspired concerning it and... without which, nothing I say here will have much value.

The usual routine is that you are born somewhere, into a situation that matches what you agreed to before you came down the chute, via the wardrobe department on The Moon. Unless you are Special Circumstances, you were given a choice of particular sequences of appearance and the smaller the number, the greater the degree of difficulty or the more egregious the handicaps. Most People don't go that route. Most people, as surprising as it may seem, are not looking to spiritual elevation as their End Point. Most people are looking to garner as many meta-crypto Karma Currency tokens as possible to be able to afford some kind of Tom Cruise (insert famous name) life. One has to keep in mind that The Devil is in the details. There was a film that came out about 20 years ago called, “Bedazzled” that covers the 'crimes of omission' that Old Scratch likes to get up to.

You know why he's called Old Scratch, right? My theory is it is all about The Itches.

There are more reasons why people come back here again and again than have to do with Karmic Debt. Desire is the agent of God's Will. We come here to satisfy urges, desires, appetites, aspirations, and the like. The way to Tranquility, Serenity and a passage to places that are so Unbelievably Wonderful that they beggar the imagination, can be found if you can bypass the Garbage Routes. Few of us have the imagination to visualize what is possible and attainable. For some reason, many, many people simply want a privileged spot at The Trough, and HERE is where so much of that goes down (goes down?), and HERE is where so much of it goes UP too. It is here that one accomplishes The Great Work; finds the Pearl of Great Price, or The Philosopher's Stone, or completes The Operation of the Sun, or achieves Self Realization, or becomes Jivanmukta OR Jivanmukti. Ya mean there's a difference?

There are as many Heavenly Lokas as there are Hellish Lokas. You get to any one of them through the same process, the specific location being determined by Intention. There are a lot of ways to say the same thing so... if you are thinking of another way of understanding it, yeah... that too.

Where do you want to go? This is a VERY important question and the first one you should ask yourself, once you tumble to the understanding of what is possible. You REALLY CAN go anywhere, PROVIDED you are willing to endure the requirements necessary to arrive there. Once you have made your mind up about this, it only remains for you to apply yourself to it with your WHOLE HEART. There's no good or bad here, “Nothing is real, everything is permitted.” It's okay to have the worst ambition you can imagine. That is entirely up to you. You will get your shot at it. It WILL NOT go as you imagine it. It NEVER DOES because NO ONE has that precise an imagination and those who do, DO NOT employ it in such a fashion.

Why do you think Scriptures ALL AGREE on certain points? This bears thinking about. The manner of explanation may vary but Ageless Wisdom is Ageless Wisdom. I would advise that you first get that before you even think about anything else and the first thing to do in that regard is to find a guide. Yeah... you can go out looking for a guide and meet with the usual results unless you got Special Circumstances OR... you can, “Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” and at a certain point, The Guide WILL appear. I think 'dividing' is supposed to be 'divining' but... what do I know?

If... you are one of the few who possesses REAL SPIRITUAL ASPIRATION, and you must have some portion of that to be reading this, otherwise it wouldn't interest you, then you NEED to get; Faith, Certitude, and Determination. There is a reason that these three are grouped together and given such importance. If you do possess these in The Proper Measure, you WILL ATTAIN. You absolutely WILL ATTAIN.

God is incomprehensible and unknowable, regardless of what the Fundies say. One recently mentioned the statement by Jesus, “he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?” That 'might' be true but then I would ask, When did you see Jesus? Ah... right. It is situations like this that make the whole affair difficult to explain and transmit and why The Wise will say, no matter where you run into them, much of the time, “I don't know.” I will tell you how you can see God, after a fashion. AND I WILL POINT OUT HERE that you still are not going to see God. You will see the shape taken by God, for whatever the point being made is, was, and will be in that particular outfit. Jesus... like the other presentations which have appeared here, is, was, and will be, The First Emanation of God, meaning 'they' were, are and will be, the very embodiment of Love and the physical repository of The Qualities of God.

Acquire The Qualities of God and look in the mirror. You WILL see God. Look with Pure Love into the heart of your neighbor and you WILL see God. Become the embodiment of Love and you will see and be God. That spark of The Divine is in all of us, or WE WOULD NOT BE. It is the Dynamic Animating Principle; resident in each of us. The trick is to bring it forward until ONLY that is expressing through you. This means attaining Selflessness and literally GIVING YOURSELF AWAY, every moment, every day. Most people DO NOT want to do this for very good reasons, or should I say, Strong Reasons, Compelling Reasons? They might not be 'good' reasons. Let me add, WITH EMPHASIS! There is NO WAY AROUND THIS. If you want to be this then YOU have to CEASE TO EXIST. This is not easy. It is similar to trying to drown yourself. The will to live is going to fight you and your sense of self is going to fight you. This is ONE of the reasons you need a guide. They have accomplished this and there is more than one way to do that, even though there is ONLY ONE WAY. It is a cosmic conundrum and why there is such a thing as Zen. It is a riddle. It is an enigma. It is a mystery which, once you unravel it is no longer there.

I personally know how hard this is because I try to do it all the time and ALWAYS fall short and I have a guide (grin) but... there's a timeline, you see?

Two things that you HAVE TO KEEP IN MIND if you are 'sincerely' considering the search for God. God WILL BREAK YOUR HEART. There is NO WAY around this. God will not accept you without a broken heart. The door to your heart HAS TO be broken off at the hinges. Love MUST be able to pour freely through the heart's portal. Love cannot express through a heart that is not free and it cannot be free unless it is giving itself away. Yes... there are other forms of expression that are called Love but they ARE NOT LOVE.

The other thing is that the world will be ruined for you. You MUST know this going in. If you do not want your heart irreparably broken and the world ruined for you, stay away. You will find nothing for you here. You will be sent away.

Everyone who sincerely seeks God will be FOUND by God. You DO NOT find God. God finds you. These words I have written here I know to be true, inasmuch as words can be true. These words are assuredly not comprehensive and never will be. Do not bother looking for God if you cannot match up with the criteria. Leave well enough alone. The day will come, up or down the road, on some Road of Damascus one day, when the requisite passionate intensity and determination are garnered or appear and IT WILL BE DONE. However... NOW is always the time so long as you can persist and endure, or endure and persist, as you prefer (grin). “Success is speedy for the energetic,” keeping in mind that there 'may be' a timeline, as is the case with me.

End Transmission.......

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Where do I wanna go? Akashic Library, Tech Duinn, Tir na Nog, Elysian Fields, Niflheim, Valhalla,etc. . . along with every last galaxy, star system and planet in the Noseyverse. And I wanna build my own galaxy after that. A very pretty galaxy of clusters of stars of all colours, and pretty etheric planets frozen as I build them, some of where the whole thang is like Japanese garden, others with a few towns with the most incredible architecture that I don't even know about in the here and now, and basically I want to make a humungous, gorgeous 3 dimensional painting that will never be ruined.

I read somewhere. . .was it The Emerald Tablets? I canny remember but whatever book it was in said food and sex was what keeps most of us coming back. They didn't mention nose pets, but hey! The Holey Order of the Septum wasn't there in that day. For me it was ego. I had to prove something to myself. I had a chip on my shoulder, and had to come to various realisations, and I think I did. I guess I had to overcome my own biases and stupidity in some regards.

I don't think I have any further use of this place in any way, shape or form. After all, all I can feel for it now is nothing but loathing and contempt. I'm not sorry to see all that is go, despite the fact I know I'm going with it. After all, what's a few months of being inconvenienced a bit more if the reward is paradise when The Veil is rent? Am I enjoying this time too much?

Visible said...

The beauty of existence is that you can do ALL OF THOSE THINGS and much, much more. For those who know how to tap the reservoir of cosmic love, the possibilities are limitless!!!

Hereticdrummer said...

Very profound, VIS. More and more, I think that the God who created our spirits and the eternal laws that govern the cosmogony, is not the god who created our bodies and the earth.

Anonymous said...

ah the bitter twang of truth


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

"When God and Religions are The Targets of Protracted Cancel Culture, Wave Bye Bye to Your Country."

robert said...

Dear Visible One,

Sharing your being in this living journal of the journey of spirit is Ageless Wisdom in motion.

"The manner of explanation may vary but Ageless Wisdom is Ageless Wisdom. I would advise that you first get that before you even think about anything else and the first thing to do in that regard is to find a guide"

AS long as we realize that Ageless Wisdom is no definable, static knowledge but a living connection to the Source of all wisdom.

"I don't know" clears the mental and emotional space so that wisdom can be envisioned, in real time, as needed, in context of the present day, not tomorrow's worries!

"Give no thought to what to say" informs intuition how to receive wisdom as we receive daily bread: bite by bite, moment by moment, vision by vision, as we grow larger than previous limits

“he that hath seen me hath seen the Father; and how sayest thou then, Show us the Father?”

This references the 'I Am' presence, of course. The presence within all ensouled beings, waiting in a timeless space for connection.

We may see in our limited imaginations the Spirit of the I Am in infinite forms

We check ourselves by observing the fruit of our consciousness as we try to stay tuned. Unknowable = the Infinite, Unlimited, Without End quality of the One.
We most certainly are free to learn to love, to learn to see and to do the will in congruence with the One. It is only logical that we never reach the end in our limited form 'cause the very possibility would mean a deadly end of Life

"The door to your heart HAS TO be broken off at the hinges. Love MUST be able to pour freely through the heart's portal. Love cannot express through a heart that is not free and it cannot be free unless it is giving itself away"

Hearts limited by being set on limited things are broken repeatedly by experience, until they learn to align with the One Heart.
As the One broke into the Many beings, multiplying like the bread broken by Christ, so Love only flows when unopposed by any set limits, set by limited mindsets.
Tough to comprehend, impossible to live without the constant healing provided by the Presence.
Even human love must flow to exist! The more freely the flow, the more unlimited we feel our heart!

Mr Apocalypse is here and banging his drum beat louder than the hypnotic industrial drum machine entraining the zombie conga line!

Anonymous said...

LTPTB, i wanna do that stuff too.




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