Monday, August 03, 2020

"Presently THEY are in a Deeply Troubled Sleep that Borders on Nightmare. God is not Mocked."

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Whoever owns the media and entertainment businesses, as well as social media, HATES THE HUMAN RACE. I've seen enough to be able to call it for what it is. Not only do They hate us but they hold us in contempt as well. They have pulled out all stops on spreading unrelenting nonsense about the 'fabricated' COVID plague. Unfortunately, an alarmingly large segment of humanity is too dumb to think and chew gum at the same time. This makes the manner in which they chew gum, pretty disturbing.

I don't know if these people were like this to begin with. What I do know is that they are VERY EASY to program by applying pressure to basic human emotions. It is astonishing that after all the lies that they have been told, which have been debunked and exposed and continue to be exposed, they continue to believe them.

It's one thing to dumb people down and quite another thing to then set them at each other's throats, for the purposes of spiteful amusement and gain. The latest scheme that I am seeing is the sudden appearance of white supremacists, usually attended by a wack girlfriend and captured on cellphone cameras or exhaustively described by witnesses who are employed for this very reason. You have these 'alleged' white supremacists, screaming out racial imprecations that no real white supremacist would employ. It is almost as if the writers from central casting, who construct the scripts from which they get their dialogue, have decided to lampoon them as well as to highlight them, for the purposes of cultural unrest. The people who hire these bad actors, who play the white supremacists, have gotten them to mention Donald Trump's name every time they go berserk.

It is also clear that among the lunatics performing nightly acts of violence in all these contrived demonstrations that a good portion of them are employees of George Soros and other financiers of social unrest. What I presently see is as clear to me as clear can be. I would like to add that I have spent considerable time watching film of these events and reading the commentaries created by the paid skanks who are now in a frenzied competition to replace the former representatives of 'the world's oldest profession' with themselves. They are now well on their way to becoming classic models for all future and emergent prostitutes to emulate. It used to be that prostitutes had some inclination to at least appear to want to please their customers, even if, as was usually the case, they were faking it.

Now I come upon an article about all of these (handful of) fans of Naya Rivera having a memorial service, replete with many sheets of paper attached to a chain-link fence which contain handwritten testimonials. As you read further in the article it turns out that her appeal was due to her playing a lesbian character. I don't care one way or the other who anyone has sex with BUT when Normal is now painted to be abnormal and other forms of sexual congress are elevated to a higher status and when the youth is pressured to give their lives in the service of lifestyles where the preferred template of the social engineers is based on theatrical representations that have nothing to do with real life, I find it to be upsetting. What is really upsetting is how easily all of it is bought into by a population of clueless refugees from reality who want so badly to belong that it almost no longer matters what it is that they belong to or have to do in order to belong.

Attending all of this social programming is a soundtrack of the most aggressive and dehumanizing noise I have ever heard. All of this taken together as the infrastructure of what people now believe to be ordinary life and which is a recipe for disaster and it won't be long coming now. Every day I read the signs and the trends of the time and the outcome of it all is no longer in doubt for me.

The saddest feature of it all is that MOST PEOPLE are not like this but no one reports on it. All you see brought to your attention these days is a celebration of dysfunction and by now, all the attention whores realize that they have to become increasingly more bizarre to get the attention they hunger for. Okay... all of what I just said is a VERY BRIEF, Cliff Notes snapshot of the bad and the ugly. There is an enormous amount of it and one can get a good idea of what the manipulators want you to focus on by going to sites like TMZ, FAB, Page Six and many another, including ALL OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA. Last year they were just sleazy and dealers in cultural pornography, now... they are downright EVIL, as well as flat out lying. It used to be that they were simply full of insinuation, innuendo, and allusion. Now they outright and flat out lie.

Consider the enormity of the industries devoted to the destruction of the human race. Consider the time and money being spent on keeping the public in a frustrated, troubled and disorganized state of elusive objects of desire and ever-intensifying fear. It is now okay to be a participant in behaviors that in every previous time when they appeared, it was a sign of cultural destruction; EVERY TIME. Why would powerful industries and rich and powerful individuals lend their support to forms of behavior that lead to their own, inevitable destruction? That is a very good question. The truth is that people are asleep AND possessed. Presently they are in a deeply troubled sleep that borders on nightmare.

There are two forces at work in the invisible and visible realm; two seemingly different forces, or let us say, more correctly, one force being employed in two diametrically different ways. It seems CLEAR to me that horrific and catastrophic events are upon the horizon. What is a person to do? Yes... you can, if you are able, move as far away from the obvious locations where it is going to be the most intense and MAYBE... MAYBE it will all run out of steam before it gets to where you are. Two and a half million NEW people bought guns in the last few months. This is on top of the millions who already own guns.

I want to point out that NO MATTER WHAT it all looks like and NO MATTER WHERE it looks like it is headed, it DOESN'T HAVE TO INVOLVE YOU! Unless it does... even then... if you know who to call and you call soon enough, the impact and effect could be remarkably reduced, or even no longer be pending, in this time of indescribable Grace, which is present to offset the seemingly inflexible Karma of the times.

There is a POWERFUL MAGIC that is loose in the world and it's been loose since we got here. It's been called Maya, the dream web of desire (I call it that- grin) and other names. It is that force that causes us to be deluded and an inmate in the penitentiary of the mind. It takes an extraordinary and relentless effort to break free of it and you still can't. All you can do is come to the point where you have come to the attention of the Divine Mother, in order to appeal to her to set you free. I know a good portion of the public would think me to be deluded for saying this but I happen to KNOW it is true. I KNOW this and have been in conversations with representatives of that very force. SO... there is a basic and ancient power that enthralls the human mind through passions and appetites and the gamut of mindsets. The only sane mind is a completely empty mind or a mind fixed on a single image of The Divine. EVERYONE ELSE is crazy to some extent. I know how that must sound to the people who don't understand what it means but that is just how it is and I am not the only one who has said so. Others... far beyond me in spiritual advancement have said the same in different words. In fact... all of them who are associated with the true light ARE IN ACCORD.

SO... there is this basic power and there are two distinct associations who operate in a particular relationship with that power. One of them uses this power to feed upon and enslave humanity and the other works to free humanity from the influence of this power. Of course, this power is critically necessary. We would have no world without it and it provides a useful service, until one becomes tired of it, if one ever does. Some do not.

People can talk about Maya and the web of illusion, the dream web, which is not unlike a spider's web with THE SAME END RESULT (literally) but in reality (heh heh, ironic term, I know), in reality, they depend upon and rely upon the web for everything and it really is an 'until death do we part' sort of a relationship. Here is AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION; pretty much everyone is a hypocrite in that they say one thing and mean another and say one thing and do another. People talk far too much and say too little of value because they are mostly always talking about transitory, ephemeral phenomena that has little meaningful value, but it is the way they pass time on their way to what they know not. I am not seeking to demean anyone here. I have my share of faults and I now know that there is no correcting them BECAUSE I have them for specific reasons and only by the will of God will they be removed and only at the appointed time.

I don't know what the details are with everyone else. My situation is somewhat different from that of most people in that MY ENTIRE LIFE and just about every minute of it has to do with the ineffable. Rarely do I have any escape (nor seek to) from this because it is palpably present at all times. This was not always the case. I spent some years trying with all my might to escape the permanent state I was left with after my Kundalini episode but nothing worked.

Eventually, I stopped escaping, only to be told I had no choice about any of it in the first place. I literally live in a state where everything I do has something to do with the indwelling. I guess it inevitably comes to that. I spend my days in conversation with the designated representative assigned to me and the occasional visitations from others of his kind, otherwise I am working as I am right now and as I will be on something else as soon as I am done with this and it is mostly all a joy for me, despite the immanence and awesome presence of massive imponderables that I can hear and feel moving in the vastness of the space surrounding. It leaves one with a state of perpetual insignificance, which is not at all unwelcome. To be able to enjoy a realistic perspective on my mote-like state in relation to entities like The Sun and other living beings, so far in advance of myself that it is impossible to contemplate it, is a wonderful thing for me.

Of course, there is that Advaita view where I AM ALL THAT but it never applies to me, nor do I intend for it ever to do so. I don't care if it's true or not. I just want to be a good and loyal servant and occasionally a friend and nothing more, ever... EVER. I can't imagine a higher state than that of perpetual servitude to the everlasting. Anyone who shares this in a similar fashion to me knows what I am talking about. I've never felt a greater joy or freedom, even if it did include a near unbearable length of suffering to get there.

I am sorry that I was compelled to talk about all that got mentioned in the first part of this posting but it was unavoidable in the context of our present state in the midst of tumultuous change. I didn't go into much detail at all concerning the level of depravity presently in operation AND THEN? And then there is that considerable body of good and decent people that are being lined up for target practice for offenses they had nothing to do with, or so one would think from a surface analysis of visible evidence. Even though I can't see it, I know that it is all perfectly arranged down to the last jot and tittle by the one who notes the falling of every leaf and sparrow. The key point is to grow as close to THE ONE as can possibly be accomplished.

It is late in the day, my friends and we've yet to see how really far out it is all meant to get in the course of this year. How God intends to resolve it all, I do not know. I suspect that it is going to occur differently for different people and different groups of people and that ALL OF IT will have to do with one's proximity to THE ONE. I tremble sometimes when I look at the world and reflect on the Biblical phrase that... GOD IS NOT MOCKED. That gives me pause every time it passes through my thoughts. Never before, I think, is so much individual Karma going to be worked out in such a simultaneous fashion as it soon is going to be. It will be individual and it will be collective and it will be surprising for the most part, probably VERY SURPRISING.

We tend to forget that God is intimately involved with us at all times, irrespective of what we might think about it. He is waking many of us up from the inside, by increments and it has nothing to do with being Woke. That is just the ass end of the old world on its way out. It is a death rattle of sorts.

This posting has gone on considerably longer than is the usual case. I think there is something that I keep wanting and trying to say but can't find the words to do so. I suspect there are no words. The closest I can come is to say that the hour is late and that we should mind how we go.

End Transmission.......

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robert said...

Dear Visible One Bringing The Invisible To Our Attention!

"What is really upsetting is how easily all of it is bought into by a population of clueless refugees from reality who want so badly to belong that it almost no longer matters what it is that they belong to or have to do in order to belong"

The inversion of the soul's desire for union with the One Ineffable Being, perverted into bad sex gone to its entropic end. Like the escalation of the drug powered experience, where more and more is required for less and less!
All to avoid belonging to One who makes the party, Who breathes for us, Who loves us measurelessly from the inside out, Who holds a vision for us, when we choose to reunite, instead of thrashing in our fitful sleep to the drone of the dead.

"The saddest feature of it all is that MOST PEOPLE are not like this but no one reports on it. All you see brought to your attention these days is a celebration of dysfunction..."

Anti-life corruption is being exposed to the light of awareness and compulsively continues coming in a cruel inversion of orgasm, the death spasm of long locked anti-matter.

" this time of indescribable Grace, which is present to offset the seemingly inflexible Karma of the times"

Any sober reflection would reveal that no human limited being will transit the deliberately induced, extra chaos, overlaid on the already traumatic birth process of the fully-conscious human being.

Degree of difficulty so high already, pushed by selfish tools...

"Consider the enormity of the industries devoted to the destruction of the human race. Consider the time and money being spent on keeping the public in a frustrated, troubled and disorganized state of elusive objects of desire and ever-intensifying fear"

The product of millennia of planning to thwart the inevitable Childhood's End with psychotronic technology and technocratic hierarchies of psychopathic parasites.

Impressive at first glance, what can be done with massive stolen goods and the psychic energy of billions over thousands of years.
But, compared to the cosmic beauty which generates the entire manifest theater world, the weapons of destruction seem like ugly toys of trolls, rattling their own mind cages with impotent rage!

"The only sane mind is a completely empty mind or a mind fixed on a single image of The Divine"

We must see with better eyes viewing through a stilled mirror mind, a shimmering reflector of the perfect dynamic image of Creation, not a static face or embodiment but a beauty perfecting in ceaseless motion which never moves but breathes Life into every moment of time and every standing wave of matter.

Imperfect perception must be mated with, merged into the Perfection pulsing on every scale without end or contradiction.

Easy to say but vain to describe! Only direct experience from a willingly stilled human consciousness can glimpse it or be touched by it.

"It leaves one with a state of perpetual insignificance, which is not at all unwelcome"

How liberating when we finally realize that we can't mess up the Divine Purpose, only suffer needlessly from resistance due to fear, doubt and inconsistency!
How we let Armageddon play within our bubble mind until it pops, worrying the bones of truth we've been thrown, until we become supple lovers to the Will of the One and do what our hearts desire.
Like human lovers may learn to dance together by rising to meet the other spontaneously, giving full attention to the unending moment shared.
The dust dances in the currents of the breath of Spirit...
How ironic that the vanity of human intellect can be whittled down to "just that"!

robert said...

"We tend to forget that God is intimately involved with us at all times, irrespective of what we might think about it. He is waking many of us up from the inside, by increments and it has nothing to do with being Woke. That is just the ass end of the old world on its way out. It is a death rattle of sorts"

Yes and Allmen!

"Woke" is just another bad robot inversion, a cracked reflection upon The Awakened One and all the human avatars serving the Love flowing freely.

If you can't love then inverted it to fear
If you can't wake up from the nightmare then be "woke" instead!
If you can't stand up to life, then join the anti-life group!

Go with the flow of Life and Love or be incinerated by the friction of resisting...

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Ye gods, I thought my collective (but do make exceptions for the individual) hatred for and contempt of the human race is what saved me, by refusing to play any unpragmatic mortal flotsam games. No teevee, no credit card, no crotch droppings, no cell phone, limited contact with my fellow mortal flotsam. . .

Just finished the Nag Hammadi, and it agrees with you to a TEE! The parts of those damn codices that make sense, anyway. When I get to the Otherside, I'm gonna turn myself into a smilodon, find the bitch who burnt so many of the missing pages, and lick her damn nose off! Well, I'll be able to get an undamaged copy, and I'll be able to understand what ever language it was written in and absorb it all in no time, so maybe not; but still. . .

Loved the post, can't wait until December, though I probably will have to listen to Rusty Cage's. . .uh. . .Ben Steele's Krampus Song and Christmas Knife Game Song 10 times a day after shopping to get that horrible music they play over their sound track out of my mind.

It’s all a dream said...

Brings to mind Descartes’ meditations........because he couldn’t differentiate “real” life from a dream while he was dreaming he supposed that all sensory input could be created by an evil genie.

One thing he couldn’t deny though was that he was experiencing this. I think, therefore, I am.

Not as well known is that he took this further by saying in this state of aloneness he could still form a clear and distinct idea of a benevolent creator who would not allow him to be mislead if he put his trust in him. From this purity of thought came the scientific method, the fundaments of modern philosophy, and analytic geometry tying the theoretical to the physical.

The rest is history.

Visible said...

You are getting very lyrical Robert. You might think of turning your talents to an individual work of some kind.

Ray B. said...

Vis, an 'apocalyptic' column. Thanks!

I just finished the DVD-movie of Terry Pratchett's novel "Good Omens" (read the book long ago: good). Without blowing the plot, it involves an angel and a demon (fallen angel) who have been around 'bodily' on Earth since Eden times. They have become used-to earthly 'perks' and - when word comes-down from Higher Sources that the biblical antichrist has been born, Armageddon is about to kick-off, and the end of the world is nigh - are not too pleased with that prospect. So, they hatch an informal 'alliance' to bollix-up Armegeddon. Equal parts of seriousness, fun, whimsical sadness, and insight. Recommended.

Vis: "Consider the enormity of the industries devoted to the destruction of the human race."

This is the main clue to what is at stake, and even to the existence of God. Any self-respecting parasite does not cripple/kill the host. They reach a modus vivendi with the host organism which does not seriously-harm the parasite in turn. (Symbiotes are much better; everyone gains.) So, destroying the host is evidence of an outside Power actually overriding the parasite's best interests. And obviously, a Power which is not hurt by the death of either the host or the parasite. In our terms, Immortal or Unseen...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Hereticdrummer said...

That posting was like being slammed in the solar plexus with a baseball bat, VIS. The "White Supremacy" allegations are a pathetic, mendacious joke. Whites are dispossessed and on the run. Remember that shooting in Texas last Summer by that teenage boy? He was Hispanic/Mexican and very much looked it, yet the harridans of the Yid media kept screeching he was a, "White Supremacist!" Never let facts get in the way of constant lies. The Jew Communist media brayed like jackasses in a pepper patch that Trump wanted to use military force against, "peaceful demonstrators". He never advocated that. He wanted to use force against the rioters and looters which is mandated in the Constitution under the authority of the Insurrection Act. I'm not proud of my service in Uncle Saul's, Red, White, and Blue Murder Machine but every one in the U.S. military, from E-1 to 5 star admiral or general takes an oath to defend America from all enemies, foreign and domestic. Insurrectionists are domestic enemies and should be ruthlessly exterminated. Every one of those high ranking military officers who refused to obey the President to put down the rioters, because they lyingly claimed that such actions are "unconstitutional" should be tried for treason, convicted, and hung from a lamppost.

Anonymous said...

I Love you Vis

You sir are truly a great and divinely inspired wordsmith.

Mike from a remote area of Oregon

Anonymous said...

A lot of talk about parasites here. Does anyone know of an instance in nature where the host can rid itself of the parasite by itself? I'm fairly sure that a third entity is needed to get rid of the parasite, it can't be done alone. A helper who can see the parasite and is not infected by it is needed. Think of this in a more spiritual sense. We need help because we can't do this alone.
Let me know what you think about this.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"The Last Prophecy of Peter Deunov and a Commentary."

Peter said...
Happened upon this lil gem the other day. Thought you'd enjoy it too.
Breaking free of the spell with LSD.

Visible said...

Peter; BWHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!! I recognize many of those. Ah... if ONLY I COULD FIND pure LSD again. It is rarer than anything but Quaaludes (grin). I know someone in England who can find it but since I helped him out big time when he was in dire straits a few years ago he has now forgotten me altogether. I know he ha to be well fixed again. He is not the type to stay down but he does have severe memory problems. If he only knew how wrong he is AND I liked the guy too.

What is it about that? There are several people I did good things for and they now stay at a distance. What? Do they think I want them to pay me back? It doesn't work like that. If I do something nice for someone it is imperative that I forget all about it, WHICH I DO! However, I can't help but notice this particular little oddity.

Peter said...

"little oddity"
There, you give the answer.
No more no less. Les.
Many, greatly appreciate your astute observations of the metaphysical realms. I do.
Thank you.



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