Saturday, March 31, 2012

The Music of My Spheres and the End of Fear

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Greetings, friends and those otherwise defined.

I spend a lot of time in the saucer pod. My belief is that mental states translate into actual realities, sooner or later and that means anything and everything. I intend to be in my own saucer pod sooner or later, for real.

Today I would like to speak to those who have appreciated what I've done at the command and control of the one who operates me. I'd like to say that although I appreciate the good things so many of you have said to me and don't mind the bad things either, given the tone and lack of content and discretion with which they are presented sometimes (grin), neither makes a great deal of difference to me because there is only one opinion that carries any weight with me. It's the only opinion that matters, ever.

I've sought God with lesser and greater degrees of intensity for all of my life and lately, in the last decade, it has been very intense. When I was in Italy, it nearly consumed me entirely. At one point I was told that I had spent the last three hundred lifetimes concerned with Lady Nature and devoted to restoring something to her that has been taken away long ago. I was told that a very long time ago, after seeking her for a great while, she had taken me into her secret bowers and we had engaged in a communion beyond thought and words. I don't know the truth of this, or whether there were actually fewer lifetimes so employed. It seems like such an incredible length of time, so I can't take it seriously, given what I have seen of my instability, in respect of the manifest world. It might be though that that instability has nothing to do with Lady Nature and everything to do with the manner in which her nature has been perverted, for the benefit of a large collections of wastrels, caught up in material nature who worship at the altar of malls and shit heaps of glittering dust. Here is something I wrote for her called

God in Country by Les VisiblePrevail

...and I will include some number of these as I go today. I apologize for my musical shortcomings but it's the thought that counts and these tend to showcase my motivations.

I realize how strange I appear to many readers; hearing voices, having the perspectives that I do, being aggressively demonstrative about governments and individuals, as well as established religions. I consider all of these, so mentioned, as part of the infrastructure of the shitheap- the contemporary landfill of twisted material culture. I consider the behavior of politicians, on the one hand and priests on the other, as being emblematic of what these systems contain. I realize that my view on Alex Jones, Noam Chomsky and sundry annoy, alienate and disenfranchise certain people but my views on these people are the result of exposure, I would say over exposure to them and I am not likely to change my mind. I am not willing to grant latitude to people just because they say some things that wake people up to some degree, because the other things they say put people right back to sleep. They are gatekeepers and disinfo traffic cops, that wave people through to a damaged bridge, that doesn't go anywhere useful in the first place. Many of these people are Tribe members and there is no more toxic group on the planet besides them and their Shabbat Goy tools and stooges. Every reader knows that I do not include all members of the Jewish collective in my judgments. I admire many members of that collective. I appreciate Steven Lendman and I don't even know his position on Israel doing 9/11 and that is a major litmus test for me. I admire Bob Dylan and Leonard Cohen for their angelic channeling and I don't know what they know and say and don't say on the matter. There are others.

I love The Lady as much as my master. All of my love songs are about her and not about any particular woman, although all of them are reflections of her. Here is another song I wrote for her;

Songwriter by Les VisibleEvery Fairy Tale

She dominates my thoughts, when my master doesn't. She made the channel through which my master gives me the words I say. Here is another song she inspired in me...

Color Ball by Les VisibleIt Must Be Love

...and this one too;

The eponymous Les Visible Music AlbumBuild me a Castle

Why am I putting all of these tunes up today inside a post? Most people won't listen to them but some will and they will know that the only thing true and real about me is contained in my efforts to make a particular message clear, in every effort I lend to my poor artistic attempts to celebrate the one who has gone through the trouble to put me in the frame of heart and mind that nothing else is important to me. It doesn't matter how ineffectual my efforts are, god sees and she sees and they are both the same, simply differently aspected. She sees and she knows,

Almost A Capella by Les VisibleRight Thru My Heart

I argue with people here sometimes and sometimes I'm not impressed by where they are coming from but soon realize that my perspective is limited and I won't actually know where anyone is coming from, until I can see all the ways back down the mountain. I feel so separate sometimes, from the only company that has any lasting value to me. I am so disappointed in myself sometimes, for not living up to what I believe I should be able to, but I also realize that my shortcomings and failures were placed there to make me feel this way and to try harder, or not try so much... but simply, finally let go and stop having the idea that I operate the machinery.

I've had my heart broken so many times I cannot remember them. I have failed so many times through inconsistent efforts and a lack of persistence and determination. I recognize that this is a lesson to others, just as it is a relentless motivation, to allow nothing to come between me and the object of my pursuit and my work reminds me in things like this;

And Then you let go by Les VisibleAnd Then You Let Go

I've studied my life and what has happened in it and where it has placed me of the moment. I've seen every single effort come to naught in terms of a wider reach. I've been engaged with very well known artists who wanted to record my work and someone else got in the way; very often members of the Tribe. The one time I had my work released all over the world, the Tribe member producer, destroyed the recordings and made them incomprehensible and then released them, ignoring the DAT masters; one Bernard Stollman of ESPDisk, associated with CBS/Sony and Rounder Records. He said it made it sound more authentic (grin). I've stayed too long in certain places trying to connect with people like Willie Nelson, only to find incomprehensible forces intrude. My written works came up against similar obstacles. In many cases, those impressed enough to release or publish my work died. I started to think I was some kind of Jonah; would this next person die because they wanted to help me? That has faded away now and the internet has given me exposure that indicates some usefulness on my part. All I ever wanted was to be useful.

My childhood was a nightmare. I've shied away from sharing conditions and events that illustrate just how really bad it was. Much later, my invisible friends told me they had put me through all of it to bring me to a certain point of awareness and then asked me if I minded now. I said “no”, with real and unqualified conviction. I was asked if I felt it was worth it and I said, “Yes”. For many years when I heard the voice it was critical, or I didn't hear it but felt negativity toward myself. How I kept on keeping on, I will never know. These days the voices tell me incredible things, things I won't repeat because they are so fine, so promising and supportive. A lot of it sounds very unrealistic but I am told I will see soon enough and then I can consider whether I wish to doubt what I see right in front of my eyes.

I used to alternatively weep and rage against my sense of separation from the one I would sport and cavort with in psychedelic transport. I would be there in the joy of all things celestial and then I would be back here... here. Of course, 'here' is a projection based on my incomplete perception of what is. That perception continues to change, as do I. When I was a child I would crawl under my bed and tear my arms bloody with my nails and curse my miserable fate. That's all behind me now. That's all changed. When I was a child I would have terrible fears and nightmares about werewolves and vampires. I was terrified of monsters and afraid of everyone else as well. That has changed too. I have no fear of any of these things now. I've seen terrible things that would drive someone who was not already mad, and I certainly was, insane. I can look on these things now with no concern. If anything they are my protectors now and they're not shy about it, as has been demonstrated a time or two.

I was in prison for several years and places where the criminally insane were confined and these were truly dangerous places. Bad things happened to people there all the time. Nothing ever happened to me. I discuss some of these things in

My recent radio show with Robert Phoenix

If you want, you can listen to the first hour with Robert and his astrology or you can let it load and then skip ahead. The recording wasn't all that great so, toward the end, I sound like Tom Waits with a head cold but you can at least understand what I'm saying. I left out all kinds of things but you can use your imagination.

Here's another tune I wrote for the lady;

Color Ball by Les VisiblePersephone

...and the tune at the end, after the phrase End Transmission is also about her. I've added a few more tunes about her to the folder and a few about my master. I hope I haven't succeeded in boring you or putting you off too much by my lack of musical acumen or capacity, I only want you to get the message and hope you do. My love to all of you and the one who has made me possible also wishes you the same. My apologies to those of you I have reacted to. I hope you can understand why I might be less than accepting of some things and why my not saying the things I did say would feel like cowardice to me. The Anti-Guru Software is always active here, just so you know.

End Transmission........

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ Pure Sweet Love ♫
'Pure Sweet Love' is track no. 8 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
Lyrics (pops up)

God in Country by Les Visible

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Sweet Swinging Ineffable.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Over at another blogger's site this morning, I added this comment, “Insanity, like arrogance and evil, increase in intensity and logarithmically expand the process of reaching beyond grasp, as they approach destruction.

Over at another blogger's site this morning, I added this comment, “Insanity, like arrogance and evil, increase in intensity and logarithmically expand the process of reaching beyond grasp, as they approach destruction. This is a cosmic law, like "pride goeth before a fall" is a cosmic law, not just an example of scripture. Well, there you have it (grin)”. I wrote this because each day we see significant examples of each of them. When the human mind is presented with adverse complexities, or conditions, it cannot resolve, it becomes depressed. The same thing occurs when one's opportunities for employment are restricted, or their continuance of residence in their home is threatened. All of these things are engineered and manipulated by the self-imagined powers that be. When the temporal realm is on the verge of massive transformation and a passing of the reins and reigns, it's survival instincts kick in and it has only repression and enhanced confusion, along with the creation of want at its disposal. You could probably add in a few thing to the arsenal but these are the main things you see.

Corruption in all areas of endeavor, by the powers that be, becomes routine. Gratuitous wars to expand territorial control, for financial gain and other venal motivations, become ubiquitous. You see a great deal of, “why is this man laughing” photo ops. You see a sneering indifference among the privileged classes and a willingness to trample on the lower classes, to gain yet more of what they already have too much of and simply because they can. They don't see anyone in a position to stop them and they have their own police forces and control of the media, which directly impacts on what people believe to be true, because a large percentage of people are very stupid. This stupidity is birthed out of self interest. One of the truly stupid things about it is that it is anything but profitable self interest. The masses are turned into their own enemies and the enemies of each other.

So, there is all of that and more, being employed and taking place; depression is epidemic through the populace, attending fear as a handmaiden. There is a lot of negative emotion circulating through the ranks. People become numb and that is the intent. It makes you docile, as do all the pharmaceuticals and endless picayune laws, that are designed to restrict human freedom, on every level where it formerly operated. Whatcha gonna do? Whatcha gonna do?

In many cases, the answer to that is, “not much”. If you are living a lie or under the spell and control of lies, you do not possess true seeing, so you can't navigate and the mirror in which you see yourself, is filled with smoke, or dust, because it hasn't been cleaned in a long time. The procedures for cleaning the mirror are not engaged. The attention is on the trivial and superficial. Life becomes trivial pursuit. So what is important is obscured by the passion for possession of what is unimportant. There's a phrase from the Bible which states, “Where there is no vision, the people perish”. Vision, defined as something other than eyesight, is a product of inspiration. Inspiration is one of the fruits of intuition. Intuition translates as 'inner teaching'. You definitely need inspiration. I couldn't function without it. I shudder to think what life would be in its absence.

People are looking for answers. They know, in most cases, that something is wrong and that it has been getting worse. What just about everyone does not realize, is that the bad guys were well aware of the approach of The Apocalypse. They knew that awakening was coming to the masses, to the extent that the masses could respond to it. This is the reason for the draconian environment that has been set up. They have been diligently employed in creating agencies of suppression. They created all of those terror attacks in order to bring about things like Homeland Security and the TSA. They instituted all of the home foreclosures and the dire employment climate, to put the population into a cauldron of uncertainty and fear. Fear is a mighty whip-hand. Visible authority is an intimidating presence.

The human mind is limited by its condition of mortality. It generally only knows what its been exposed to in any particular lifetime and the rest it assimilates from history, which is why the historical record is fabricated. Unfortunately, for most people, they lack the curiosity and courage to probe deeper into the superficial lies that overlay deeper truths. If they did, they would see that all of the great lies of recent times; the last century, are easily disputed and disproven because there is plenty of evidence to the contrary of what is proclaimed. One particular, monstrous lie was hardly mentioned until the 60's and appeared nowhere in the memoirs of famous individuals, who were intimately acquainted with what was really happening. The myth of 9/11 is outrageous in its transparency, as a complete fabrication. It's a 24 carat iron pyrite lie. It's a fool's gold, tungsten filled bar. It was orchestrated and carried out by these people, precisely because of the approaching apocalypse. Why do I say these things over and over, only varying the means of presentation? People look up, or to the side, from what they are doing, for a moment and then go right back to it.

The sweet swinging ineffable has the whole world in its hands. It's only going on the way it does and looking the way it does, for the purpose of demonstration. If you are not getting the message, the lesson will be visited on you. As has been stated more than once, those who cannot hear must feel. It depends on what you depend on. If you are depending on the cornucopia of all good things, then good for you. You won't be a blind man swinging at an out of reach pinata. You won't be feeling up elephants and comparing notes with your equally sightless fellows. If you are relying on what you are being told by those whose primary intent is to deceive you, you will be deceived and that is never a good thing.

People find it hard to believe in an invisible benevolence, because the visible disputes its existence by the conditions in which you find yourself. The conditions in which you find yourself, are generated by the dynamic of what you depend on; what you rely on. If you are not relying on the divine ineffable then your conditions will worsen, until you have no option but to do so. You will be reduced to extremity. That's how the cosmic software program works. If you can't dig infinity, you will be a prisoner of time. If the truth is uncomfortable or compromises the pursuit of the desires of the lower nature, then the result will be an even greater degree of discomfort.

Some of us are lucky. Some of us have been forced by the circumstances of our life to have to rely on the divine ineffable, over and over again. Subsequently, it became pro forma to do so. It becomes axiomatic. This is why those who have a smooth cruise of it, are far worse off than those who don't and who come to smooth cruise control through adversity. It's is far better to be tried in the fires of affliction and calamity for the purpose of realization and tempering, than to be trolloping around through the malls on an endless shopping excursion; shopping for no other reason than to shop and not needing the items purchased. There are fleets of individuals in Jetstream trailers and other conveyances who motor off every summer, to visit famous malls and shopping areas around the United States. This is their idea of a good time; dog paddling through a world of stuff. The cosmos isn't very tolerant of this sort of thing but does let it go on for the purpose of demonstration.

Consider the awareness in any mind of the moment, that actually believes Darth Obama represents their best interests and is doing a good job. Consider the mindset of the moment that believes there is a difference between Obama and his competition from the other party, except possibly in the degree of mendacity. Consider the mindset that can imagine that Israel is a chosen nation of the divine, in the face of all of the things Israel gets up to each day. This is a very deep degree of stupid accompanied by clueless. Here is an example of the sort of thing Israel gets up to, in its efforts to amplify global mass murder, while they also arm the terrorists who are actually doing these sorts of things, if they are being done at all. Consider the mindset of those who can believe things like this, having already forgotten all about the babies being tossed out of their incubators in Kuwait, if they ever paid attention in the first place. As usual, there's no author for the piece. Those seeking sexual control of the culture, the same people again, are busy making up statistics about what people want, according to the time honored, “lies, damned lies and statistics”. The idea is always to accuse the opposition of the things you yourself are engaged in but even more deceitfully and injuriously. Consider the mindset of people who buy into this sort of thing. The unfortunate thing about any kind of vested interest is that, no matter how smart you may be, or how aware of other things you may be, when it comes to your pet concerns, you're swimming in squid ink.

Relying on the sweet, swinging ineffable is the key to freedom and security on all levels. You get the daily newsletter. You get the up to the minute real deal, because you are open to it. Unless and until you rely on this eternal source of what is true and what is real, you're part of the shit creek, tour adventure and the paddle is for your rear end. All sorts of people who consider themselves well informed are in denial about fundamental and enduring truths that bear only a passing resemblance to fundamentalist dogma and cant. I've no doubt got some areas of my own but I'm trying to quit.

The reason that Bhakti Yoga is the simplest and most direct route, can be associated with the conditions of these, 'no exit' times. This form of yoga is all about reliance and what you depend on. You don't have to call it a yoga. You can call it devotion and you can call it surrender. You can call it whatever you like, doing it is the point. One way or another, you come up against it. You might as well go willingly.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Walk Across the Bridge by Les Visible♫ Walk Across the Bridge ♫

We'll be on Robert Phoenixes radio show this Friday morning at 10:00 Pacific time. The first hour has Robert doing astrological readings and then the two of us get up to some very interesting anecdotal exchanges of a most unusual kind. Some may be horrified and some entertained.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

What It is and How It is, Amen

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings, my dear friends. May the eternal light shine ♫within you and without you♫, in all of its benevolence, forever. That said, let's get on with whatever it it that's going to show up ♫here, there and everywhere♫ (grin).

(First, as a intended apology, disclaimer and explanation, let me say that I am becoming increasingly more busy, due to there being a greater increase in emails and the like, as well as projects and environmental demands, on my time and attention. If you don't hear back from me in a reasonable amount of time, you must contact me again. If you didn't hear from me in January, due to my being abroad and not paying the attention I usually pay, you must write me again. If I failed to thank you for something, you must remind me of whatever it is that you did (grin). I received an audio message from a Patrick. Your email went missing. You should write me again. I made an apology for my responses to Stickman, not that I was aware of doing anything wrong but I think I failed to read what was going on (as if I know anymore now than I did then) and you should come around, or email me so that I can get some idea of whatever it was that happened. I was told I should apologize to you but I still have no idea of whatever it was that I did, especially since I wasn't commenting on any of the things you responded to in the first place. Jeff sent me some Morning Thunder and his email disappeared too. He needs to write me so that I can thank him. Maybe this is overkill on my part, seeking to provide answers and solutions but I am like that and actually give a shit. Okay, if that doesn't cover it, you should write me about whatever that is too.)

The Old Man River of time and circumstance, as well as the expectation of all the things we expect to be happening and haven't happened, keeps right on rolling along, without coming to any main or major transitions, up to the moment. I've no idea what that means but we will find out eventually. My take on all this is that we are being given the preparation window, as a courtesy from the cosmos. As usual, the usual 10%, are advantaging themselves of this and the rest have whatever reasons they usually have, for not caring one way or the other, until what they think they want, gets interfered with, as it most certainly will, sooner or later, whether it is a matter of this uncertain present, or anytime in the past, as far back as it goes, before it started repeating itself, as it always does.

People have their own way of dealing with what happens to them, as well as what they fear and anticipate, because of what they think is important to their life and without which, their lives are less full and meaningful as they wish it to be. In the process of trying to avoid or acquire, whatever they imagine to be undesirable, or desirable, they go around the corner or cut corners, to make everything less possible or more possible, according to whatever. There is a critical point here that has to be addressed, as the primary consideration in all cases, no matter what the case may be, ever.

Like it or not, like it or not, you HAVE TO make the divine the centerpiece of your existence. There's no way around it and there's no 'if', 'ands' or 'buts' about it ever. Be it good (for the moment or later), bad (for the moment or later), this has to be the first and pretty much only factor, that ever has to be in the heart, mind and intention of anyone, anywhere, at any time. Argue about it ad nauseum and ad infinitum, forever and ever, amen. Do it on your own time and with yourself, or any of the other 90%, who find this kind of thing important, it doesn't matter. You either meet it at the marrow, or you get brittle bones, dementia, senility, Atzheimers or various. Denial of this, only leads to you pressing against the door of your being from one side, while ignoring the fact that the wall of the room behind you is not there, even though the walls on both sides appear to be.

We don't know anything and what we think we know, is based on assumptions and presumptions, resident on false reasoning and faulty perception. When you're wrong to begin with, you don't become right later on, by continuing to continue, according to it. You can be indifferent to this, you can become depressed about it. You can rage against it and get angry at everyone else because of it but it won't do any good, ever.

There is only the divine and the ineffable that has any effect on outcome or conditions. Go to the source and place your concerns there. Rely upon it in all matters, at all times. Then you are good to go and the details are no longer in the devil's toolbox. There's no question that can be asked of me, or anyone, that is not answered in full by this. There is no problem or circumstance, upon which the full light of understanding, does not shine with full illumination. Keep in mind that this is Kali Yuga, so all of this goes double or more in all respects. Keep in mind that Bhakti Yoga is the most expedient and effective means and system for contact and communication. This is not to say that other mediums are without virtue and value. This is only to say that they are much more limited, in times such as these. In that much revised and perverted text from the Judeo-Christian tradition, the first commandment is this,"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matthew 22:36-40). You will also note the presence of the second commandment, according to the one who, of course, would know better than anyone else.

We have a particular commenter, who names himself after the second sign of the zodiac, who likes to come around and piss on these aspects and any aspects of spiritual life. This is because things haven't gone his way; probably for this very reason. So, his main interest is to kill the faith of others, because “misery loves company”. We have another individual, who besides delusion and schizophrenia, likes to fancy himself the devil, because of his state of impotence. There's another fellow, no longer permitted to appear, who takes everything said to task, because it allows him to fancy himself as knowledgeable, when he's only interested in his own self importance. This is probably because something is wrong with the air in Wyoming and that probably has something to do with Dick Cheney (grin). He's got a nickname that signifies The Fool and doesn't see the irony. Every one of them has the perpetual evasion technique, of lacking deference to the source and origin of all good things and who, therefore, acquires none of them. The world itself, is set up to echo all of these sentiments, because that is the job description of the world. Ergo, everyone who operates in this manner, is a spokesperson for the world and everything that's in it. The impact of their efforts, is a study in futility and amounts to less than zero around here, but that doesn't stop any of them. Something will though, of course, something will. That highway leads to a brick wall and the traveler ends up like a wind up toy soldier, who falls over on impact and motors around in circles, until the wind stops unwinding.

As the same scripture attests, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto you”. That's pretty much the operating instructions for anything you hope to get, work to get, or desire to get. That's all you need to know, for effective results in respect of anything, no matter what it is. You're free to try anything else that you can possibly think of. None of them will work, except to demonstrate this. Oh, you might imagine you are getting results and you might get some results but they will all only work in the direction of proving this out.

I, or anyone, can tell you all kinds of things, in painfully comprehensive minutiae, exhaustive detail or arcane composition but it still all boils down to what's already been said here. You don't have to like or appreciate any of it but getting around it, heh heh, good luck with that. Why is it so difficult to get and accept this without question? The mind is the reason. The mind is not satisfied with such simplicity and certitude. The mind likes to chase its tail and is not satisfied with the capture, should that happen. Take it to the bank, take it to the limit, or get taken to the cleaners; get your laundry done while you're in it. It don't make no nevermind and it don't make no difference. It is what it is and you are what you are, unless you're not and that's probably the problem (grin). Take it or leave it.

I can't be more explicit and I can't be more specific. I don't care what sex or age you are, or what language you speak. I don't care what you think you know, or realize you don't know. I don't care what degrees you have, or if you didn't finish high school (I didn't). I don't care how rich or poor you are, or how little or how much time you have left on this merry-go-round of this present appearance. I don't care about whatever it is that I haven't mentioned. None of it changes anything. This is how it is. Surely there are embellishments lacking and the mind doesn't like that and will be busy in the process of reading this, adding them on and confusing the issue. Feel free, have at it, “avast, ye scum, put your backs into it”! That's where most of everyone is, at the oars in the galley, with the whip hand raised above them. It doesn't have to be like this but that is the way it is, as the result of trying to get around what cannot be evaded.

You can read all of the philosophers and spiritual teachers that you want to read and you can hang out in the late night dorm sessions, art openings, with white wine in hand, or in the coffee houses, or groves of academia and pseudo-intellectualize, until the capacity to do so has met up with the sand in the hourglass, playing that game of believing that listening is only waiting for your turn to speak. It just doesn't matter. This does matter and so do you, act like it. The eternal presence is always listening and always right there waiting. If you are not getting a reply, it's because the pump has not been primed or a certain consistency of effort is lacking. We just haven't been going up and down on the pump handle, as regularly as was needed. That's why there's no water, or the water is still dirty. Work the pump handle. Work the pump handle.

End Transmission.......

Visible sings: Almost A Capella by Les Visible♫ I Am Alive ♫
'I Am Alive' is track no. 8 of 12 on Visible's 2007 album 'Almost A Capella'
Lyrics (pops up)

Almost A Capella by Les Visible

Monday, March 19, 2012

Serenity and Calamity on The River

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

To understand something, sometimes you need distance and you need time. You need following events and corollary events. It's not just me that wants to, needs to, really would like to, understand. I think that is the case across the board, but the degrees and dimensions differ, as will the results. At the end of that fantastic SF film, Serenity, the hero and the assassin are talking. Had I been the hero, I would have invited the guy to come along and join us, especially since there is nothing else left for him. It would be a win win situation because all of the right elements are there and everybody prospers and profits in a real way, despite fundamental personality disorders (grin).

The hero let the assassin know that he would kill him if he saw him again and I am thinking, “why can't we be friends”? It's like Charlie Utter engaging Joanie Stubbs in conversation. There's more going on than “good morning”. Things happen to all of us. Some of them turn into the Acropolis and some of them aren't worth the memory. We got dreams and visions and we got flesh and blood, that's where we are at the moment.

I had some bad experiences in recent times. They could be defined as bad, given that not everyone is pleased with the results. Some of these things are on my head and some of these things are the result of invisible forces and some of it is other people's misconceptions which resulted in unfortunate outcome.

It should be apparent that I somehow manage to do certain things effectively. Maybe the problem in my particular case is that I push borders and boundaries in all sorts of ways. That can have an impact on the situation. The Japanese director, Kurosawa did a film called “The Outrage”. In this film there is evidence presented from different perspectives and that is kind of how this all appears to me.

I find myself to be like a Crackerjack toy in some respects. I show up in a box of cereal and it's always different. You might be delighted. You might be disappointed. If I had control of the situation there wouldn't be disappointment but... I do not. It's kind of like stepping into the Amazon at different points. It is definitely not the same river, depending on where you engage it. Since life is for the purpose of demonstration, something is always being demonstrated but that something changes depending on time, location and circumstance. Also, you have the river. You have people pushing the river. You have generators here and there. Some people read the river and some people just enjoy the river and for some, the river is a scary enterprise. It goes without saying that there are complexities to the whole affair and only the ineffable knows what's really going on.

I've had a couple of events in recent years having to do with the publication of my books where what is my usual way of happy motoring, turned into some kind of freak snowstorm that was not predicted on the weather channel. I don't know if it has to do with money, ideas, control, leverage, timing, personalities or any of the rest. All I know is how I am most of the time and then there are these times, which must somehow be dependent on the singularity of these times to a palpable degree.

It's not my nature to try to get myself off the hook. I generally prefer to know how and why in the first place. I find that I am different from most people. I very easily forget injuries, slights, offenses and whatever and do not carry these things with me on the river. I drop them into the river because the river knows where it goes. A couple of times in my life I helped some people out and for whatever their reason was, they tried to destroy me. All of these things worked out but I never did understand what it was that would have motivated something like that. I can resource the ancient propensities on humanity and find plenty but... I still don't understand it because it isn't something I would do. There are things I do which contribute to the things that happen and I am not unaware of them.

Recently, someone formerly in my blogroll, took me to task over my use of comestibles and what they perceived as unwillingness on my part to address satanism and a few other things. I should tell you that I didn't even read what got said. I'm not that interested in hearing what some people have to say about me. I don't avoid criticism, I would just rather it were direct. Indirect criticism is connected to vanity somehow and I don't like being vain. I didn't realize that I had some kind of contract to write to type according to certain people's tastes. I'm like that river. I just flow through the territory I am flowing through. I've certainly addressed satanism here and there, so I don't get that part of it. As for the comestibles, anyone who has spent any time around me knows that these things come and go. Sometimes they are around and sometimes they are not and sometimes can be a great while. Now, on the one hand, it's isn't nobody's business what I do in my life, if they are not in my life. On the other hand, if they are in my life, for a time, that is their business. I manage as best as I can.

Why I have recourse to certain things is easily explained. I am hungry for the ineffable. In that sense, I push the river but you must understand that the river pushes me too. I had a full blown kundalini episode earlier in my life; not the usual, occasional tremors and flashes experienced by most people but something that, once it happened, stayed full time active for almost 3 years. Then there were some periods when I didn't see that much of it. Recently it has come back in an alarming fashion over the last several years. I don't want alarming to sound too negative because there are massive benefits but there has also been, collateral damage. Thankfully, not the kind of damage we just saw in Afghanistan.

A relatively recent commentator called me to task on the issue of gay vs queer when I hadn't actually broached the subject but merely made mention of a force at work in coercing government policy. I don't know what to make of that either. That particular subject is of no interest to me except insofar as it is utilized as a weapon against certain prevailing cultural mores. I'm like Voltaire when it comes to that particular thing and you may be sure, since I do have an active kundalini, that I am well aware of it because kundalini is a goddess. She's female. I'm also pretty familiar with Saraswati. I encounter her every day and we have a working relationship. Given that I do have these relationships, with my invisible friends, one could surmise that my engagement of comestibles on occasion also have something to do with purposes of demonstration and facile and alert minds would and should make the connection between this and everything being under control. It may not look like it sometimes but in the aftermath, one can reflect back and see that none of their darker apprehensions actually ever broke the surface of the river or the china.

The reader can rest assured that what I can change about myself, for the better, I will change in a heartsbeat but... sometimes it is not in my hands and those who may be on the receiving end of certain things can certainly be forgiven for making assumptions and drawing conclusions based on only a certain window of experience. It stands to reason that if I were as out of it as some people, perhaps, think I am, I wouldn't still be around. There really is a method and a reason for everything. It might not be what we hoped for but the movie isn't over yet either.

As I said, I'm different than a lot of people in a certain regard. I can look at something and go, “wtf”? Then I can go right back to how everything was before wtf came in one door and went out the other. I don't throw people away just because we disagree or because something weird happened. I run deeper than that. As a result, I also have some very good friends who know the definition of the term.

I don't behave like Jackson Pollock, William Burroughs, Hunter Thompson or quite some number of other examples. I tend to catch more shit than they do, for less than they do, because other things are expected of me. However, you are getting those other things. They just don't come in the package that satisfies those who want everything safer and saner. You don't find the ineffable being safer and saner. The river has a whole lot to say about what goes down. If you had any idea of the degree to which I work to contain some things you would understand my dilemma. Still, since my master is benign and all knowing, I trust in the best resolution of whatever comes and I also note that the same thing never repeats. That's a given, for some reason. I don't understand it but I have observed it more than once in my life.

We are all on the river. We have guides. We have companions. We have events and moments. We have a Gormenghast apartment block that exists in places known and not even imagined yet. We should be working together, warts and all, for the good of the human race and for ourselves as well because we have to learn to love ourselves because we have made ourselves what we are, with the help of the divine and the hard hand of the diabolical and the unknown.

I'm trying to steer with the river, because the river is going to take us to the sea and then to what lies beyond. Greetings.

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God in Country by Les Visible

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Friday, March 16, 2012

The Wayback, Pay it Forward Machine

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May your noses always be cold and wet!

I've been mostly background scenery for a few days, trying to absorb all of the positive changes and developments in my life. I feel a little like the guy in Malachi 4:10 (funny, I remember the location, after all these years, right off the bat) these last days, though I have yet to experience the outworking of what's come down, the presence of it is unmistakeable. It's a kind of “nowhere to run, nowhere to hide” thing in a good way. Howsa bout you? Spring has sprung in a big way hereabouts and that certainly adds some color to my daily palate.

Visitations of a high order are on the calendar and I am looking forward to that, with overnights in secluded cabins, around fire-pits and trips to favored locales, where all kind of cool things tend to happen, as will be remembered by some of the readers who have been with me in those places before. Looks like a lot of warm weather, short jaunts into 'The Wayback, Pay it Forward Machine' with Mr. Peabody.

It's funny how you can go through so much of your life with so many incidents of unmistakeable supernatural influence, that confirms things and bring them into the indisputable and then have one series of episodes which, for some reason, contain a much greater impact of affirmation that lingers with such a sense of real authenticity. The events and transmissions may not have been as outrageous or intense as many that had preceded them but the impact is just so much greater.

The intensity in the world and the reactions to it have certainly gone up a few notches. Outbreaks of random violence have become a daily affair and war zone catastrophes, such as the recent craziness in Afghanistan and Gaza, seem to indicate the genesis of coming clustermucks on the horizon. No amount of exposure, or good sense, seems to have made any impression on the international criminals operating on the world scene. That mass murder tandem of Obama and Cameron is geared for ignorant action right up there with Bush and Blair. They are in the unshakeable control of the Zionazi ogre whose unbridled appetite for destruction, in search of a stapled stomach, is a wonder to behold.

I sense the destruction of this vicious and relentless enemy of humanity cannot be far off. What kind of serendipitous breath of fresh air will sweep this planet once that has taken place? Add that to the list of consummations most devoutly to be wished. There's no question it will happen. The whole world is tired of it and no one more so that those most compromised by it. The very public resignation of one of Goldman Sachs' poster boys is something of greater significance than may be presently apparent. I sense parallel events in both government and the military soon enough and they can't come too soon. Enough!

In the meantime... In the meantime, it just goes on and on in one direction and on and on in the other. My apologies on this day for being unable to get it together with any degree of eloquence, continuity or other device; too many things buzzing around like companionable bees making honey in the ethers. It's like whatever I could say or want to say isn't possible at the moment. It's like I'm simultaneously thrilled and annoyed at the same time; if that makes any sense. I'm a little hot off the trigger at the moment at small things. I was told that was understood and permitted, tolerated, due to it being well understood at a much higher level, but certainly not by me (grin). I'm trying to rein it in, all the while the horses are snorting and stamping in the courtyard. Can I get an Amen! I hope so.

Ah well, trying to hold it together, while contemplating the shards of my mind, glittering like broken glass on the ground in front of me (grin). I heard some things over recent days, a lot of them I can't remember, only the echo of meaning and intent. I heard details in more specificity than I am used to. I heard the kind of details I'm not used to, about particular things in type and content that I am not used to. I'm used to a lot of things but nothing like this. I guess you have to expect this sort of thing in times like these which none of us are used to.

I suppose by now, most of us have the sense that the world is not going to end but that it will certainly change beyond recognition. Certainly it will end for some people because it ends for someone every day but... it's going to change for everyone. This is something that doesn't occur to most people; Armageddon comes every day for someone.

I've been toying with, playing with, tinkering with and trying to avoid this post for several days now (grin). It is possibly the worst and least interesting posting I have made since I can remember. It's a hodge podge amalgam of throwaway Twitter submission and I hate Twitter with a passion. I won't go near it. I can't avoid hearing about it because there are twits everywhere. Twitter is the internet equivalent of public toilet walls. It's the ultimate, superficial trivialization of life, at the most cutting edge location of our times. It's cyber, air kissing, let's do lunch. It's what Hollywood Blvd actually looks like, on any given day, as opposed to the fabricated glamor. There's nothing going on there, you just think there is.

So, I'm wrestling with something right now, feeling my way around the best manner in which to exercise my less than considerable finesse in the diplomatic arena. It's complicated because I have all kinds of good reasons not to even get engaged, while at the same time, it serves many interests for me to engage. It comes down to my walking the talk and taking the left hand side of the matter, regardless of what my instincts, information and experience put in front of me. Along with that, there are these things that just happened to me and have got me spinning like a top. Yesterday was a nightmare of disorientation, with my subconscious burbling and bubbling like a cauldron full of mysterious soup at some apocalypse after party. The frustrating thing was that there was all this crosstalk going on and I couldn't hear any of it but... it was having an effect. It was being accompanied by a voice-over that was telling me all kinds of things that were as mind-blowing as anything I've heard since I don't know when so, I was bumping into most everything and tripping over whatever was left. I was typing like a myopic with one eye. I was instead of I, is. Or, would that be, I am?

It only follows and makes sense that people would pop out of the woodwork looking for, exposure, association and either a rocket booster or a sparkler, when visible is not into fireworks, wouldn't go around the corner to see them and has no rocket boosters in any case, because he is already in outer space. So, I'm dancing in different dimensions, while trying to do the dishes; take care of the shrubbery, interact with the dogs, saw off tree limbs, soon to be logs and thank god I don't have to slop the hogs, because pork doesn't relate or integrate into the mix, though I hear stealthy, Mason Verger hybrids, are popping up in various locations to mirror the culture of the moment.

Here's the most incisive and well written explanation for the main problem that I have seen in many a year. Both of the just mentioned phenomena are directly linked and similarities in temperament and behavior are not to be overlooked. Well, I did digress but I also wanted to leave you with some things of interest given that I haven't done much of that up to this point.

All I know is that I am moving into uncharted waters and that means all kinds of new currents and different looking fish, maybe unseen shores, islands and atolls, not to mention ships on the surface and submarines beneath. There are possibly also things that go boom when you bump into them but that's what radar and sonar are for and, if the fish are your friends, you got enhanced sonar.

I am only too happy to get this indefinable patchwork quilt off of the desktop and into Sal's Boutique, without having to go through retail on the way. I do have a lot to think about, or a lot not to think about, because both the approach and non approach work in their own way. Most hopefully, I can 'solve et coagula' certain unresolved concerns but... if life on the outside is like it usually is, no matter how different life on the inside may now be, one can generally enjoy mixed results. One thing I do know is that this time will set the standard for future actions of a similar nature.

Anyway, tomorrow, maybe tomorrow, we'll be back with something to say about the last link you visited here and whatever else gets said. In the meantime, I wish you still waters and calm seas; most likely they are the same thing.

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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fundamentalist Christian Crocodiles in Heat.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Well, I'm glad to see Petri Dish in my rear view mirror. I don't mind criticism, you don't grow and improve without it but... one would hope (and hope in vain) that people would address their comments to the exact and specific contents of the posting, or that at least they would read it with a little care and attention, instead of having their heads turn into a flaming Chia Pet, the moment their personal buzzwords go across the screen. It reminds me of that scene from the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello or The Three Stooges; I can't remember who did it at the moment. Anyway, someone says, “Niagara Falls”, then the other person goes through a personality transformation and says, “Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch” (or something like it), with his hands extended as if he were intending to grab the other person by the neck which, indeed, is the case. As you can see, two of the 3 did it and... it turns out that Lucille Ball also did it. Anyway, you say Niagara Falls innocently enough but you’re in the room with someone who has 'issues'. God I hate that term (grin).

The funny thing is that every time I go through the trouble to describe a condition, such as how one can't write or speak without contradicting themselves, and how it's impossible to speak the truth and that you can only infer the direction of its presence or speak indirectly about it, hoping to give some indication that will activate the intuition... or when I talk about Fundamentalist Christian Crocodiles in heat, you can be certain that someone or several someones will show up and completely miss the point of my point (grin) or we will be graced by some political correctness bot who objects to my terms and language and who failed to read the terms and conditions of the posting that is always at the bottom of each post (no they're not).

There's nothing like a fundie Christian when it comes to burning women at the stake, torturing heretics with hot iron skewers, or any number of delightful activities that have been engaged in over the centuries. Of course, the same goes for Muslim fundamentalists, or for fundamentalists of any religion. Fundies are great at rationalizing things like, protecting the interests of the unborn, while signing on for the murder of those already born. They're great at dispensing charity, so long as you parrot the party line, which isn't all that hard, if you're starving to death. Fundies are great at hunger porn. As I've mentioned before, they head off to the African countries, like Bennie Hinn and drive around in their black SUVs, looking for kids with swollen bellies. Then they take them on their laps in their Banana Republic Safari suits but not until they paint sugar water under their eyes to attract flies. I love that great white father act. I also love the hands on proxy parenting, whether it's the altar boys, if you're a Catholic priest, or your own daughter if you happen to be an orthodox Jew; the highest incidence of it in any demographic. The fundie Muslims seem to have a similar bent; accent on bent and it's heartwarming when you hear about them hanging their own daughters if she happens to have a boyfriend.

It's true, I could be all light and loving and cosmically embracing. I could gaze at you with a far away distant look of wisdom in my eyes. I could turn the Valium gleam of my peepers upon the congregation, except I don't use Valium or Xanax either. I don't like them and don't enjoy them. They're drugs for straight people. I could be really respectful of people's religions but the truth is that I don't respect their religions. They might as well rip the hearts out of small children on stone altars. They do worse than that, supporting the wars that are engineered by the twisted freaks who perverted and poisoned the things they could have believed in. The truth is that these things offend me. They piss me off. I guess I'm just not detached enough. I lack the equanimity and tolerance to swallow and process their bloodthirsty bullshit. So, I guess I don't come off like a prophet or some cat in ocher robes who can simply tell themselves it's all an illusion, these things aren't really happening, whatever the rationale is.

The fact is that I want to kick their asses but that's no easy thing given that there are tens of millions of them. Here's a sweet little scenario that makes me want to drink Ted Bundy's bathwater or have lunch with Jeffrey Dalmer. This bloodthirsty vampire bat and his freak brothers in the GOP, along with their competition on the other side of the aisle, make me want to pick up a two by four. I know that's not my job, that's Kalki's or Maitreya's job. Now whether they are both renditions of Mithra in a new outfit is besides the point. The only entity equipped to dispense justice is someone who possesses the impartiality to carry it out without personal motive. Of course, I have restrained myself so far so, maybe I know this.

I'm not comfortable or supportive of the status quo. I'm not a fan of depleted uranium, or white phosphorus raining down from the skies. I'm not a fan of cluster bombs, or the people who use them. I don't think it makes you a hero to wipe out entire families with your superior weaponry. I think the other guys are the heroes and I'm not ashamed to say that I root for them. I know that doesn't make me look good but whenever I hear about bad news concerning events connected to the usual aggressors I approve.

I know there are some good people in the United States and in England. I know there are possibly sincere and decent people in the military but since I've been in the military, I know how those guys generally are. A lot of them really look forward to killing somebody. They get off into those foreign countries and they cut women and children in half with their M16s. They shoot dogs for sport. They're all high on testosterone and bravado and they probably love Jesus too. Yeah, they're killing for God and Country. Like Arnald Amalric said, before the slaughter at Beziers, “Kill them all, God will recognize his own”. Here's a selection of touching quotes on the matter of religion.

I'm afraid that I have say in all honesty that I hold most religions in contempt. I don't belong to any of them, although I have learned from all of them. Some of the ideas and aspirations are beautiful but then you have the unfortunate experience of meeting the congregation. I suppose I wish I could be perfectly understanding and tolerant of these vicious beasts, who spread such pain and torment in the name of God. I'm just not. I suppose it is a personal flaw that I have to live with until I get enlightened. That's supposed to happen but when I run my bar code under the etheric scanner I don't get a due date.

All these politicians that claim to be good religious people in order to get really stupid religious people to vote for them make me sick. I still remember Bush the Younger making fun of Karla Faye Tucker and his lie about taking a walk with Billy Graham who actually said it was a lie. I've met a few decent Christians, not many though and I hardly ever meet one who is tolerant or has an open mind. There's too much 'my way or the highway' going on. In the meantime, just about everything is a sin and since a lot of the things I like are supposedly sinful, well, you do the math. I guess that's where all the hypocrisy comes in. It's sin except when you do it and of course, the flesh is weak and that is followed by forgiveness. It's pretty convenient to be washed in the blood of the scam. I imagine the whole thing is pretty sexual on a certain level. First you get all that delicious guilt and then you get laundered and regardless, all you have to do is believe that you are saved and none of it matters anyway.

The arguments go on about salvation. How did you get saved? Did you get saved according to the accepted ritual of whatever sect is the only one, which is all of them at any given time? Were you immersed? Are you filled with the holy spirit? Do you talk in tongues. The only thing I am certain of is that the Pope does not shit in the woods and that he can't see the forest for the trees.

Well I certainly ham-handed this Origami; apologies and genuflections all round. I just have a hard time with killing women and children and men too. I have a hard time convincing myself that there is some kind of rationale that has escaped me. I don't believe in bloodstained soldiers kneeling down and getting a blessing from some shill of an officer who's employed by The Devil, whether he knows it or not. I'm not comfortable with death and destruction, based on lies told by the people who did all the acts of terror, which they now blame on the people they want dead. I'm not going to whitewash or sugar coat any of this crap inside my head just so I can get along with people I have no intention of being around any longer than it takes me to determine what they are.

Any real Christian is speaking out against all of this. Any real Christian is emulating the character and behavior of the one they all claim to have a personal relationship with. Any real Christian is an outlaw. They would have to be. There's no alternative to that. Any real Christian would stay as far away from most so called Christians as they can possibly get. What do I think about Christians, or any of the rest of them in different colored clothes? It would be nice to actually meet one.

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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Mr Apocalypse is Banging on the Judgment Drum

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Putin is president of Russia again. Iran just had a legal and successful election. Israel is completely out of control. The American system is entirely corrupt and owned by the central banks and multinational corporations. What does it all mean? It means that this world we live in is being scripted like a Hollywood movie. The big question is; who is the director? It stands to reason, metaphysically, that everything is moving toward a destined conclusion. In a purely material sense, none of it makes any sense. I'm going to go with the concept that those setting us up and tormenting the world for their own sick enjoyments, are being setup themselves and are going to stand as a lasting lesson about what happens when you overstep yourself; when your grasp exceeds your reach.

We are seeing and experiencing what we are seeing and experiencing because the satanic bankers have gotten themselves into big trouble because the fire of their greed has outstripped their good sense. They are desperate to create a world war in order to take the public's attention off of the magnitude of their crimes. Mr Apocalypse is banging on the judgment drum and he's pointing his finger at them through the eyes of all awakening souls. It's a contagion of awakening and it will be brimming with payback. It's not as if everyone is as vengeful and violent as they are. What it is is that there can be no balance or harmony until the bankers have been dealt with one way or another. They are behind all of the chaos and harm of our times. Yes, the boys from Filthy Lucre LTD have been very bad. They have maimed, crippled and killed millions. They've poisoned the landscape of both foreign and domestic lands. The magnitude and scope of their crimes is off the charts.

It's only natural for people to fear the possibilities of what might happen. We have the historical record, as twisted and altered as it may be, it still reads like a blood soaked litany of relentless abuse; the pyramid of skulls at Pnom Phen, Tamerlane's concrete wall of living men, Zionism's murder of tens of millions in Russia and many more throughout the centuries, Genghis Khan, the massacres of indigenous peoples, Mao and his countless victims. The list runs around the corner, into the bodego and on out into the back alley to God knows where; pursued by the restless ghosts of forever damned conquistadors. So, it's natural to expect terrible things out of the conditions of the moment. It might be that terrible circumstances will come about in select locations. It's like there being nothing accidental about all those people getting on the same airplane that's scheduled to go down in a mountain range.

It is a most difficult art for the mind to be able to come to grips with. The storm is raging, while the certifiably insane have seeming control of the world around us. Only within do I gain any comfort from the world of nightmare appearances. Something inside tells me that it's all under control for the purposes of demonstration. The birds of Spring arrived from somewhere last evening. All you hear through the winter are the harsh cries of the ravens. Suddenly songbirds have landed in the trees outside my window; at night? Well, these aren't the usual times are they?

There were all sorts of good reasons for us to come here in this time. The cosmos is designed like a magic watch. Countless cogs turn according to their own mysterious nature. Some don't turn at all, except in certain periods and they are connected to doorways and portals that resonate with the possibilities of special configurations. It stands to reason that there would be forces of resistance at work. It's not difficult to see in the world around us the effect of these resistances. Certainly the burning fever of the material realm, dispenses strange intoxications that cause people to see garbage as an object of desire and to view the world through the lens of appetite. It's a no brainer that most of the dead animals by the side of the road are there because of food and sex. These powerful instinctive magnetisms are no less present in the less than human majority of bi-pedal delusion bots. They march on like hungry ghosts in an endless swamp. They believe the lights of St. Elmos fire is a neon cocktail glass, signifying the presence of the pub at the end of the universe. And you can't tell them a damn thing. It might be good sense not to be too close to any large congregation of them, because ignorance is highly flammable and when it gets concentrated it can definitely heat up under the suffocating press of all those filthy rags from the manipulated scriptures.

I look at the tragic-comic absurdity of the movers and shakers in the world and it seems patently clear to me that there has to be some kind of metaphysical mechanism that is making the strings move and the puppets dance. It just doesn't make sense to me any other way. It's too classic and cinematic. The hubristic ridiculous is a cartoon. Things couldn't get this crazy unless some higher sanity was trying to get someone's attention. Well, it isn't working apparently. I am absolutely flat out amazed at the brush fire psychosis that is sweeping through the minds of those who have lost their capacity to reason or to think. There has to be more going on than what the bandwidth of the senses reports. I can feel it. I can't interpret it. I'm trying to align but someone saddle-soaped my surfboard instead of using Mr. Zog's Sex Wax and... how come he's called 'Zog'?

Balance has to be the key, given the degree of difficulty in maintaining it. Every time you think you've figured out the break, it goes sideways on you again and of course, riptides and undertows are the big guns below the surface. I keep trying to let go but there comes a point where you need some kind of official approval. For someone who knows the fickle realities of surf, some period of surrender can be helpful, once you find yourself at the mercy of strange tides and attractions. Undertows can pull you out to a point where you can reconnoiter. Rip tides have to wind up somewhere, hopefully not on the reef at the far end of the cove. Sometimes it seems you have worse odds than a crap-shoot. I've never been a fan of dice. I always like to feel as if I have some say in how the game goes. The only way that applies to dice is if they happen to be loaded. Some games of poker are more user friendly and that's why I have little use for Blackjack. It takes a specialized mind to come out ahead at that table. It's okay for the house to set the odds in their favor. They've got all the lawyers, documents and guns; “calling it your job don't make it right, Boss”.

The stupidest game in the house is the slot machines, that's why there are so many of them. People sit there with coffee cups filled with coins and just crank away, wishing and hoping and dying by inches. There are more people at the slots than anywhere else and that applies literally and metaphorically. I was in a European casino a few years ago. It's the one where all the Russian expats go. They pretty much own the town. It's interesting to watch their faces. They look like kids at a Punch and Judy show. It was a little crowded for me so I went downstairs to the slots. There were plenty of those. I had about fifty Euro on me and I went over to one of the machines and started putting one Euro pieces in. I'd put about ten of them in when I said to myself, “What the Hell am I doing”? I realized there was all kinds of fun and useful things I could do with 40 Euro and otherwise, I might as well just pitch the money into the street. I walked out of there and went and did something else; can't remember what that was but I am sure I enjoyed it more than where I'd been previously. Sure, on any given evening you can walk away a winner but you'll lose and lose big over the long haul. Only very few people have the particular gift needed to surf those waters, if it is a gift.

That's what people are doing now. They're gambling against the inevitable and they're losing. The ugly indifference of their kind to anything happening to other people, due to their indifference, is despicable. Nature is sending tornadoes across the land but they don't make the connection. The various theaters of human endeavor are all in chaos. It's the birth pangs of the age and nothing wants to go easy into the compost. It's undertows and rip tides. It's shaking the foundations and infrastructures and everything people used to have faith in no longer has any faith in them.

There has to be more going on. When you move high enough and far enough away to see it, you're too far away to be able to identify it. When the very worst among us, finally does their worst, the entire dynamic will shift overnight and there is no telling what will happen when you can't get the things that made your former life function. There's no telling what happens when the price of oil is suddenly ten times higher. We are walking on a cliff edge in a hard rain. I'm not going to think about it too much. I generally don't, except when I have to write about it. I'm just watching and waiting because what is important to me is quite different from what seems to be important to most people.

I'd say the that the greater the draw and attraction of the mind to external conditions, the more important it is to look at what is going on inside you. That's the key area where your useful tools are stored and you never know when something new is going to show up or how important it is to know that it is there. I figure if the whole thing is scripted then the prop department is definitely on the set.

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Visible sings: The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible♫ The World is a Rumor ♫
'The World is a Rumor' is track no. 8 of 13 on Visible's 2007 album
'The Sacred and The Profane'

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

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