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Fundamentalist Christian Crocodiles in Heat.

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Well, I'm glad to see Petri Dish in my rear view mirror. I don't mind criticism, you don't grow and improve without it but... one would hope (and hope in vain) that people would address their comments to the exact and specific contents of the posting, or that at least they would read it with a little care and attention, instead of having their heads turn into a flaming Chia Pet, the moment their personal buzzwords go across the screen. It reminds me of that scene from the Marx Brothers, Abbot and Costello or The Three Stooges; I can't remember who did it at the moment. Anyway, someone says, “Niagara Falls”, then the other person goes through a personality transformation and says, “Niagara Falls! Slowly I turned and step by step, inch by inch” (or something like it), with his hands extended as if he were intending to grab the other person by the neck which, indeed, is the case. As you can see, two of the 3 did it and... it turns out that Lucille Ball also did it. Anyway, you say Niagara Falls innocently enough but you’re in the room with someone who has 'issues'. God I hate that term (grin).

The funny thing is that every time I go through the trouble to describe a condition, such as how one can't write or speak without contradicting themselves, and how it's impossible to speak the truth and that you can only infer the direction of its presence or speak indirectly about it, hoping to give some indication that will activate the intuition... or when I talk about Fundamentalist Christian Crocodiles in heat, you can be certain that someone or several someones will show up and completely miss the point of my point (grin) or we will be graced by some political correctness bot who objects to my terms and language and who failed to read the terms and conditions of the posting that is always at the bottom of each post (no they're not).

There's nothing like a fundie Christian when it comes to burning women at the stake, torturing heretics with hot iron skewers, or any number of delightful activities that have been engaged in over the centuries. Of course, the same goes for Muslim fundamentalists, or for fundamentalists of any religion. Fundies are great at rationalizing things like, protecting the interests of the unborn, while signing on for the murder of those already born. They're great at dispensing charity, so long as you parrot the party line, which isn't all that hard, if you're starving to death. Fundies are great at hunger porn. As I've mentioned before, they head off to the African countries, like Bennie Hinn and drive around in their black SUVs, looking for kids with swollen bellies. Then they take them on their laps in their Banana Republic Safari suits but not until they paint sugar water under their eyes to attract flies. I love that great white father act. I also love the hands on proxy parenting, whether it's the altar boys, if you're a Catholic priest, or your own daughter if you happen to be an orthodox Jew; the highest incidence of it in any demographic. The fundie Muslims seem to have a similar bent; accent on bent and it's heartwarming when you hear about them hanging their own daughters if she happens to have a boyfriend.

It's true, I could be all light and loving and cosmically embracing. I could gaze at you with a far away distant look of wisdom in my eyes. I could turn the Valium gleam of my peepers upon the congregation, except I don't use Valium or Xanax either. I don't like them and don't enjoy them. They're drugs for straight people. I could be really respectful of people's religions but the truth is that I don't respect their religions. They might as well rip the hearts out of small children on stone altars. They do worse than that, supporting the wars that are engineered by the twisted freaks who perverted and poisoned the things they could have believed in. The truth is that these things offend me. They piss me off. I guess I'm just not detached enough. I lack the equanimity and tolerance to swallow and process their bloodthirsty bullshit. So, I guess I don't come off like a prophet or some cat in ocher robes who can simply tell themselves it's all an illusion, these things aren't really happening, whatever the rationale is.

The fact is that I want to kick their asses but that's no easy thing given that there are tens of millions of them. Here's a sweet little scenario that makes me want to drink Ted Bundy's bathwater or have lunch with Jeffrey Dalmer. This bloodthirsty vampire bat and his freak brothers in the GOP, along with their competition on the other side of the aisle, make me want to pick up a two by four. I know that's not my job, that's Kalki's or Maitreya's job. Now whether they are both renditions of Mithra in a new outfit is besides the point. The only entity equipped to dispense justice is someone who possesses the impartiality to carry it out without personal motive. Of course, I have restrained myself so far so, maybe I know this.

I'm not comfortable or supportive of the status quo. I'm not a fan of depleted uranium, or white phosphorus raining down from the skies. I'm not a fan of cluster bombs, or the people who use them. I don't think it makes you a hero to wipe out entire families with your superior weaponry. I think the other guys are the heroes and I'm not ashamed to say that I root for them. I know that doesn't make me look good but whenever I hear about bad news concerning events connected to the usual aggressors I approve.

I know there are some good people in the United States and in England. I know there are possibly sincere and decent people in the military but since I've been in the military, I know how those guys generally are. A lot of them really look forward to killing somebody. They get off into those foreign countries and they cut women and children in half with their M16s. They shoot dogs for sport. They're all high on testosterone and bravado and they probably love Jesus too. Yeah, they're killing for God and Country. Like Arnald Amalric said, before the slaughter at Beziers, “Kill them all, God will recognize his own”. Here's a selection of touching quotes on the matter of religion.

I'm afraid that I have say in all honesty that I hold most religions in contempt. I don't belong to any of them, although I have learned from all of them. Some of the ideas and aspirations are beautiful but then you have the unfortunate experience of meeting the congregation. I suppose I wish I could be perfectly understanding and tolerant of these vicious beasts, who spread such pain and torment in the name of God. I'm just not. I suppose it is a personal flaw that I have to live with until I get enlightened. That's supposed to happen but when I run my bar code under the etheric scanner I don't get a due date.

All these politicians that claim to be good religious people in order to get really stupid religious people to vote for them make me sick. I still remember Bush the Younger making fun of Karla Faye Tucker and his lie about taking a walk with Billy Graham who actually said it was a lie. I've met a few decent Christians, not many though and I hardly ever meet one who is tolerant or has an open mind. There's too much 'my way or the highway' going on. In the meantime, just about everything is a sin and since a lot of the things I like are supposedly sinful, well, you do the math. I guess that's where all the hypocrisy comes in. It's sin except when you do it and of course, the flesh is weak and that is followed by forgiveness. It's pretty convenient to be washed in the blood of the scam. I imagine the whole thing is pretty sexual on a certain level. First you get all that delicious guilt and then you get laundered and regardless, all you have to do is believe that you are saved and none of it matters anyway.

The arguments go on about salvation. How did you get saved? Did you get saved according to the accepted ritual of whatever sect is the only one, which is all of them at any given time? Were you immersed? Are you filled with the holy spirit? Do you talk in tongues. The only thing I am certain of is that the Pope does not shit in the woods and that he can't see the forest for the trees.

Well I certainly ham-handed this Origami; apologies and genuflections all round. I just have a hard time with killing women and children and men too. I have a hard time convincing myself that there is some kind of rationale that has escaped me. I don't believe in bloodstained soldiers kneeling down and getting a blessing from some shill of an officer who's employed by The Devil, whether he knows it or not. I'm not comfortable with death and destruction, based on lies told by the people who did all the acts of terror, which they now blame on the people they want dead. I'm not going to whitewash or sugar coat any of this crap inside my head just so I can get along with people I have no intention of being around any longer than it takes me to determine what they are.

Any real Christian is speaking out against all of this. Any real Christian is emulating the character and behavior of the one they all claim to have a personal relationship with. Any real Christian is an outlaw. They would have to be. There's no alternative to that. Any real Christian would stay as far away from most so called Christians as they can possibly get. What do I think about Christians, or any of the rest of them in different colored clothes? It would be nice to actually meet one.

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Love To Push Those Buttons said...

For some injustices, you get immediate Karmic retribution, though it may take a few weeks or months to notice. How many aggressors in Iraq, Afghanistan, Middle East in gerbilral, I mean general are affected by DU. And that stuff flies. How badly is Israel contaminated by local DU?

Paul Von said...

Hello Visible,

You nailed a number of things to the cross with this last post. Allot of christian folk crumbling under the weight of dark and angry eyes. Nails tearing out, with perpetuated lies...
Here's a cheery poem for them to consume.

What I Like

Know what I like about hate?
Hate is so reliable
Hate is the world’s most powerful weapon

Like a child in a doorway
With a gun
Innocent and sudden

Like any blunt instrument
Hate never misses
That’s what I like about hate

Hate always describes the enemy
The size, the shape

And if you get close enough
You can even smell hate

Hate is a vicious poison
To the soul

That’s what I like about hate
It’s so reliable

Best regrds,
Paul Von

Anonymous said...

Bravo sir - you hit the bullseye yet personal interaction with allegedly hardcore Christian fundamentalists consists of about five cases over the past 10 years...the first four I met within a business context, and each of them made a dramatic point of telling me, immediately after we introduced ourselves, that they were deeply religious Christians...and they then proceeded to try to scam me, screw me, and take me for everything they I run into this now in a business sense, and someone tells me how religious they are right out of the gate, I thank them for their time and walk away (live and learn)...the fifth case involved that of a young woman with whom I carried on a lengthy email and telephone correspondence over a period of about seven years...she would gasp in horror whenever I said a curse word; she would chastise me for my overall lack of godliness; she was constantly going to church and attending prayer groups and "doing God's work"...but she also managed to get impregnated twice and she was unsure of exactly who the father actually was in both cases...the first time, she finally admitted to me (after lying about it for years) that the actual father could have been one of at least three different men with whom she had had unprotected sex in a period of 48 hours - this "fine, upstanding Christian woman" then proceeded to show her truly hypocritical colors, by aborting the child, even though I had heard her rant and rave about the horrid nature of abortion for years and truth, the reason why she aborted it was because she was engaged to someone when it call came down, a man whom she had recently converted to the Christian faith and had "saved" from certain ruin (he had been a drug dealer and an addict), and she figured that there was less than a one-in-three chance that the child was actually his (and a better-than-even chance that the child was not a member of his particular ethnicity, if you catch my drift, which would have not only made her fiance second-guess his upcoming wedding with her, but also serve to alienate her extremely hardcore Christian fundamentalist family members as well, who were all about love and light for all, unless one of their relatives happened to squirt out a half-white child) a final irony, after she married the drug-dealer whom she had saved by helping him find "salvation" in the arms of the Lord, she got pregnant yet again...and once again, she was uncertain who the father of the child actually was, but, being desperate to get pregnant by anyone who had healthy enough sperm (she was 30 when this happened, and that biological clock was starting to tick up a storm), she decided to have the child she created major drama with her husband, accused him of various evil doings, split up with him, and moved back to her home state where she could have her little love child amid the nurturing surroundings of her fellow Christian family members, who would be more prone to believing her bullshit story that the child was indeed her ex-husband's, and, for the safety of the child, she had left this horrid beast of a man who had recently reverted to his old evil ways shortly after he knocked her up (all of which was a lie, of course)...she summarily refused to ask for child support, telling all who would listen that god would provide (but in reality, her former husband had demanded a DNA test, and her fellow Christians would have found out she had been out humping the Green Bay Packers in her spare time, had that been allowed to happen) she simply ruined her husband's life and split for calmer summary, due to my personal experiences with Christian fundies, I have found that they use their religious zealotry as cover, so that they might love their neighbor every seventh day and be "born again" (or, in the case of the woman I just told you about, love ALL their neighbors in a 48-hour period, and be born again)...

Anonymous said...

I read and read this stuff across the internet and I love your essays. I think the vast majority of Americans are under a spell, some sort of black magic spell that renders them unable to see the obvious.

I also read that Christianity is a death cult, the worship a dead guy on a cross who couldn't save himself but is going to save you by some magical means, and the people you need to be saved from are running the world and authored the text that has put the world under this spell. So good luck with beLIEving in external salvation or waiting for the Lord to return and rescue us from our own folly.

I don't see how someone else is going to save you. You have to willfully assert yourself against all of the control mechanisms and barriers they've created to box you in.

The first thin each person has to do is reject indoctrination of state and religion and start thinking independently. No church and no TV and no mass media of any kind because it is all propaganda.

And probably the main thing is to radically change one's lifestyle so that you are not dependent on their bogus paper unbacked money that has trade value only because we beLIEve.

Recently I came to the conclusion that all authority was a hoax, that those that push god also push authority and claim that they have authority from god. I reason that no human has one bit of authority over another, in fact I know it within my being.

We are free and always have been but have been conned mainly by the tribe of the self chosen liars who have hexed us with their plagiarized holy text and invisible god.

Sean C. said...

I agree...every "christian" I've ever dealt with has been the most close-minded, intolerant, racist, bigoted, bloodthirsty piece of shit you could ever imagine. I wish that weren't true..but that's been my experience. rock on, brother.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mr. V.
IMO there was no ham-hand in this missive.

It is more like a surgical excision of a malignancy.
Clean, swift, and purposeful.
And correct.
Totally and completely correct.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Visible. And, ditto, ditto, ditto to the whole thing!!! My “slowly I turn” buttons are “money” and “work within the system” (how do you work within a corrupt system?). Well, they used to be my buttons. I’m slowly working down to only having a belly button. However I wonder why some people just don’t see the hypocrisy, but then, I know why they can’t see it. It’s mind-boggling, but not once you begin the journey. Love, Serena

Eamon said...

"Any real Christian is speaking out against all of this. Any real Christian is emulating the character and behavior of the one they all claim to have a personal relationship with. Any real Christian is an outlaw. They would have to be. There's no alternative to that. Any real Christian would stay as far away from most so called Christians as they can possibly get."

Bingo, visible. As a Christian who speaks out against these things and keeps notable distance from most who claim to be Christians, I can attest that what you've outlined is the only safe, sane course. It's not so much a case of my being better or thinking I am better than they (for I know my faults and they are many), but if I draw too near, my own balance gets affected. It is hard to put a finger on it, but this is my take (which, I believe, finds its application across the board): This is end of the Age of Materialism and everything, by this late stage, has been adversely affected by materialism. We have become so attached to the letter of the law (i.e., the material side of things) that the spirit has been completely suffocated. We can see this in the religious groups you mention, but we can also see it within society as a whole. The materialistic/legalistic thinker believes all will be cured if only the letter of the law is expanded/multiplied ad infinitum. Not so. Thus, for example, the Talmud has ballooned into an endless collection of oft-insane, legalistic mumbo jumbo, both forbidding everything and providing loopholes for everything, too. Similarly, the US has laws forbidding almost everything, but, if you have the knowledge and the loot, you can make use of the loopholes and commit crime after crime without ever paying the price. The Talmudic animus has infected the vast majority of the world -- the letter has killed; only the spirit can revivify.

The stuff that pisses you off SHOULD piss you off, even if your response changes as you become more spiritually mature. In fact, spiritual maturity should only increases sensitivity to the suffering you see all around you. If the ugliness of this world is so disgusting in the eyes of imperfect men, how must it look when seen through the eyes of God?

The opposite of love is hate and, like it or lump it, if you love the things that ought to be loved, it is a necessary corollary that you should hate the things that are worthy of hatred. If I really love the truth, I must detest falsehood -- all talk to the contrary is nonsense.

Even a cursory reading of the Gospel shows that Jesus went around doing good; however, he also went around hammering the pharisees whose attachment to the letter of the law had blinded them to its spirit so completely that they hated Jesus and despised the little people to whom he showed so much kindness.

Please pray for me, as I do and shall for all of you. Thank you.

Eric said...

Hello Mr. Visible ...

Just wondering ... does your view of religion include the Bahai's?
Any opinion on its perspective ...

Gregory F. Fegel said...

The First Love Band: Christian clones looking for love in all the wrong places.

Rob in WI said...

Fundamentalists of any ilk are a plague. It goes beyond religion, to include race, sex, nationality, and ideology. I agree, though, that certain "christians" are the most hypocritical. At least orthodox jews are honest enough to state that they are the "chosen", are always correct,
and are entitled to treat we goy in any way they please. So, in my book, the non-jew agentuer are even more repulsive.
Be well, Visible and all, Rob

Anonymous said...

Les, you do lose me sometimes, but then again you tend to 'find' me more, so I suppose that is alright then. Great writing. Great morals. Great spine!

Stephen said...

Well apparently by the replies on this article you have plenty of supporters who agree with your point of view, however I would suggest that your hatred of fundamentalists doesn't stop there and includes all Christians. The fact of the matter is that the Bible teaches that government is an arm of gods justice and for that reason alone there is no hypocrisy in believing in the death penalty and also being against abortion, they are two completely different things. Babies are innocent, criminals are guilty plain and simple. Also when you write articles stick to the facts instead of making up nonsense to support you story, like claiming that Benny Hinn puts sugar water under the eyes of starving pot bellied kids in Africa to bring the flies. If you had ever spent any time in one of these cultures in the third world which you care nothing about nor have you ever given a dime to help anyone but yourself no doubt you would realize that this is a fact and that conditions in those places are horrible I have seen it with my own eyes and yes, the flies are landing on the kids faces because they have no protection like you in your comfortable little cotton candy house you live in. Secondly Christian organizations do more good for causes around the world than any other group and especially atheist groups like yours that don't do a damn thing to help anyone. I'm sure this will never make your blog because the one thing open minded liberals cant stand is anyone with logic or common sense that disagrees with or points out just how wrong you are, but know this, the very fact that you will delete this post forces you to accept what a sham your life is and your hatred towards anything good as well as your own belief system which is built on complete lies. Thank you. Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

fundies = warvangelicals = non-kosher seemites (except for many at the top who are crypto-seemites) = zionists (talmudics), thinking they're doing their "god's work" by killing innocents around the world - so the lie that is israhell will be fulfilled

and then there are the "mormons" (seemite-lite, non-kosher of course something or other, definitely not "christians")

why do the "christians" display and wear the instrument used to murder their savior ...

not to single out the "christians" as all religions are mostly man-made - therefore inherently corrupt - or if truly from the ineffable - doomed to eternal man-caused corruptions

thanks for all your works Visible!

Anonymous said...

Well, what can I say? Amen, brother. I was involved in the "Christian" church in my early 20s. I soured on the whole thing pretty fast because of the way these people treat others, including their own who have any questions or don't play perfect saint. I have no problem with Jesus, but I do have a big problem with most of those who say they follow him. Remembering the old Tull song: "If Jesus saves, well he better save himself from the gory glory seekers who use his name in death"


Anonymous said...

here's some language and terms fundies might understand; nothing else (including the teachings of Jesus) works on them

Billboard project:

"American taxpayers give Israel over $8 million per day – even though Israel is one of the world’s smallest and richest nations.

Put another way, the nearly $14,630 every one of 5.8 million Israelis had received from the U.S. government by October 31, 1997, cost American taxpayers $23,241 per Israeli. That’s $116,205 for every Israeli family of five."

and what do american - particularly the warvangelical zionist get in return? they send their sons, daughter off to murder and be murdered for the jews!
"thanks a lot jews"

Visible said...

Oh Stephen... ah that hurts. First of all I didn't say that that nasty little hypocrite golden calf worshiper Benny Hinn did that. You probably know this but being dishonest, as you are, you thought, like your troll associates, that you would twist my words. However, I know for a FACT that evangelist psychopaths do exactly what I said. I certainly do not hate all Christians, that's another lie but exactly what i would expect from a fundie. If I hated all Christians I would say so. So, everyone that your fascist leaders call a criminal is a criminal huh? Go back and read your comment. You have convicted yourself as exactly what I have defined you as. Like I said, you oppose abortion but killing foreign children is fine isn't it, you viper?

Listen up, you are a devil worshiper. The god you worship is the devil. Argue as you like but, "by their works ye shall know them"

Now you probably think I am rude and impolite. That may be but the god I worship, who actually happens to be God is a kind, wise and loving being, unlike the one you worship and one can tell what it is you and your pals worship by how you behave and the torment and death you cause. Judgments coming, you better get right.

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Vis wrote: "I think the other guys are the heroes and I'm not ashamed to say that I root for them."

Me too but I never actually coalesced that thought and certainly never directly expressed it. (Coalescing and expressing don't come easy to me.) Thank you for putting it out there like that. It freed up a brain blockage that I didn't know I had. Have you ever considered that you might be too good at blowing up mind fields, Vis?

God said...

"The Bible says", yep there it is in Gods own hand writing.

STFU Stephen.



Steve said...

I hear you. Its disgusts and amazes me how US and Western Politicians get away with war talk- just watch that psycopath Hillary Clinton travel around the world and condem and make comments on other countries. I am amazed that in this day they are allowed to get away with this when they then pass laws on individuals freedom of whom they 'suspect' of questioning this under BS terms that they invent. All I can say is that we need god to turn up and sort this dark out once and for all.

Anonymous said...

If God disapproves of abortion,he sure as hell disapproves of murdering entire families & their would-be rescuers by some remote-control abomination piloted by someone in a room far away from potential danger.
He probably isn't to keen on the ramp-up to thermonuclear war over fictitious accusations.
I doubt he is all that fond of apartheid, or any number of the blatant disparities in this world in this time.
But point out any of a broad number of uncomfortable truths out to a fundie, & they get all upset & call you a heretic of some sort or another, & if you get them riled in numbers……
Actually one can rile them sometimes just by being decent to others in front of them.
These people have always scared me, even when I was a little kid I sensed their unreasonable prejudices, & all one has to do to piss one off is to simply notice things….
These are the people that tortured Galileo to death for noticing that the earth rotates about the sun. (MY toy!!!!)
Not to mention their universal, creepy, dislike of women…
(guess I'm belaboring the obvious)

gurnygob said...

What Anonymous said..@ Saturday, March 10, 2012 5:55:00 PM

“I also read that Christianity is a death cult, the worship a dead guy on a cross who couldn't save himself but is going to save you by some magical means”

Anonymous it would be good if you could provide a link for that piece of enlightening information. Perhaps you read it in your Talmud.


Les, I know you’re not in the business of bashing Jesus the Christ or his teachings and I am sorry that your experiences with those who proclaim to love and follow him has, for the most part, been a negative affair.


Nela said...

What does it mean to be "true Christian"? Are there fake Christians, as well? Is this some brand, so there are original ones and fake ones? LOL In this branded world, anything goes, and there is hardly any difference between corporate brand-mania and religion.

Why would anyone with deep understanding and respect for life want to put his/her eternal being into tiny, tiny, limited, closed box and label it- weather that label be christian, muslim, republican, democrat or whatever?

Even more strange is that there are people who really believe in some book with instructions for life and only those who live by those instructions are OK. All others are not OK, and devil is going to eat them, period.

In my game of life, I have to admit that I prefer to deal with outright darkness rather than to encounter any sample of above mentioned brand. I have been dealing with darkness whole of my life, and now after some 40 years and after being nocked-down quite a few times, I found myself to be well equipped to deal with it. I can handle it. I even enjoy to annoy it as much as I can. But every time I encounter one of those religious do-gooders, those life-censors, those who would limit the range and richness of human emotion (and language, and language!!!) to a narrow and limited spectrum of feeling nice, being nice, those martyrs,those that "love" you so much, I just look for nearest exit. They scare the shit out of me LOL

There is specific victimhood program religions install in the minds of their followers and they than spend their whole life in search of "protection" and "saviour." However, when you put their programs and beliefs under scrutiny, they don;'t hold water for long.

For those "believers", my questions are:

From what do you need to be saved? Have you ever thought about saving yourselves?
If God gave you spark of his own consciousness, why do you feel you need anything or anyone to "be saved"? Do you imply that what you have already been given is NOT ENOUGH, and that you need more?
If you believe in God, and that you are part of it why would you fear devil? Death? Illness? Question is, if you really, truly, believe, why do you FEAR at all?

Answer: Because you neither love nor do you believe. You are to lazy to do some work in clearing up windshield of your consciousness, clearing up your programs and damaging believes installed by Matrix system. This work is not always pleasant and requires real dedication, but once engaged in it, you don't really have to have any "beliefs" at all. Eventually you come to the place of knowing, remembering and understanding, and from that place FEAR cannot exist. It falls of you like dirt.
So religion is like fast-food for those who don't mind making their own meals... Corporate, instant, fake spirituality... Promulgation of the "humans are flawed", "life is dangerous" and "you are impotent and powerless" memes.

Anonymous said...

Visible - Ditto again to Stevie-Weavie-Pants on Fire. Serena

uninformedLuddite said...

I know it never made the news but it is a nice story. When Billy Graham was in Australia he had an empty flagon of wine thrown at him during his 'sermon'. Thought you might like the mental picture.

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

I read and read this stuff across the internet and I love your essays. I think the vast majority of Americans are under a spell, some sort of black magic spell that renders them unable to see the obvious. "

I was reading at Dave McGowan's site this morning-read his latest which is congruent with your latest post :)

then since I hadn't done 'it' in a long time... read ALL his posts on 9/11 which were a trip as they were from 9/12/01-fresh meat then... (index) but "Act I" is

with my foremost concern about all of this from the 'election' of 2000 through the entire 9/11 event and since then is 'WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY'S MINDS"? like massive brain washing or swapping or emptying...

Dave is always good to go totally 'common sense'... his 'wagging the moon doggie' will forever relate 'christmas foil wrapping paper' with the moon journeys-hahahahah

And Stephen? how many Tums did you choke down after your 'thank you, have a nice day'? Like a script with you people. All the keywords-or most of them in your post: Liberal, hate, blah blah, doo dah... haha

the gardener

Anonymous said...

religion in its current state seems to just get in the way,although i have nothing against any religion as long as its practised in humanity it could only be a good thing,,,,,i suppose through the manufactured process of artificialy redefining religion with false agendas of control by extremely greedy people and those with some sort of mind parasite who are unable to take responsibility for their actions.... looks like a lot of people are completely seperated from their origonal dynamic,alienating themselves through habitual ritual practises without the origonal intention,which is from where all those great sages with beautiful divine godesses and great mythical monster slaying epic stories come from,....and i love that
and i know jesus would too,and lord krishna,lord rama,and everyone else if only they could reach that origonal intent,,

anyway the stars are watching,the earth is alive,and we as a species need to take responsibility for our actions,,,,,,

fundies need to put it down,its a trap,
a ruthless monsterous enslavement device...

anyway gratitude and respects...neil

Darius said...

Christians! Don’t make me laugh. Religion is a name, a fig leaf of respectability to cover over all that is dark and distorted in the heart and soul of the wearer. People need religion to justify the lives they lead and the lies that they believe.
Jesus, if he actually existed, and if you’re a Christian you have to believe he did, gave only one commandment: “Love one another as I have loved you.”
Anyone who claims to be a Christian and isn’t working day and night to bring that into a living reality within themselves is a liar, a hypocrite and deserving of nothing but contempt.
As for the Jews, Mark Glenn said it best about them and their criminal enterprise called Israel: The Jewish state is the physical embodiment of a centuries-old religiously-inspired fantasy. A cult compound with diplomatic status, it differs from other ill-fated ventures such as Jonestown or David Koresh’s Branch Davidians only in size and the fact it is armed to the teeth with nukes. Her narrative is simple – a vengeful god favours one tiny blob of human DNA over everything else in creation.
I could go on but the evidence is all around so long as you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

Anonymous said...

"Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword."

Matthew 10:34 (American Standard Bible)

I read somewhere once that the Gnostics believed that the god of Mr. Horeb was a fallen angel. It makes sense when you think about it.

Altruism is not exclusive to Chistianity. And altruism is often self serving. Al Capone financed soup kitchens but that didn't make him any less of a thug.

The more I read the Bible, and I read it a lot, the more pejorative I believe it to be. Jesus is often hard to understand, cryptic even. The tome strikes me as passive/agressive.

I have faith. Faith in my own common sense and intuition.

I would like to add that I don't believe love conquers hate. Rather, I would say, indifference conquers hate.

Personally, I wish all the priests, ministers, popes, pastors, reverends, bishops, ayatollahs, mullahs and rabbis would just go away and leave the rest of us alone.


Copernicus Kidd said...

Hey Vis, you got me thinking. I'm going to start reading Thomas Kempis again. Good post, hare krsna.

Patrick V1.0 said...

Umm Stephen and I quote you.

"The fact of the matter is that the Bible teaches that government is an arm of gods justice and for that reason alone there is no hypocrisy in believing in the death penalty"

Well then hmm. Wasn't it the government who sentenced Jesus to death ? Guess Jesus was a criminal then by your logic.

Maybe if your beloved government would send a few trillion dollars to Africa instead of giving it bankers and bomb builders your charity wouldn't be required ?

I just prayed that the veil will be lifted from your eyes Stephen. Wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. heh

Kevenj said...

Well Stephen, as one that acted and believed just as you once upon a time (a rather short time), I can tell you that you have a lot of growing up to do.

The church I used to go to around here is chock full of military, retired and active.It seeths my blood they don't want to know. But to know mean they have to accept their life carreer is nothing more than a mercenary whore. I understand. BUT-How they can worship Jesus-who represents truth and ignore prima facie evidence of 911 and the banking crisis? The shit we're in today was caused by one of the biggest Fundy POS lying ,arrogant presidents in world history.

Get a clue Stephen.

Ben said...

Vis, All,

I debated with myself as to whether or not to comment. I even prayed about it (I've been outside most the day planting potatoes, rabe, collards and lettuce and so had time to think a bit about it).

Vis is right. "Any real Christian is speaking out against all of this. Any real Christian is emulating the character and behavior of the one they all claim to have a personal relationship with. Any real Christian is an outlaw. They would have to be. There's no alternative to that."

I am a Christian. I believe Jesus to be the Son of God; the Son of the Divine, the Son of the Ineffable, the Son of Father (and Mother) Creator. I believe Jesus to be the Savior of the world... all that have lived and will ever live.

I pray daily and often that Jesus will so fill my being that I have no more ego, no rancor, no bitterness, no regrets, no hatreds or even dislike for others. I pray daily that each person I come into contact with I will see through Jesus' eyes and that I will see that person as my brother, my sister, my mother or father and that I will love them as Jesus loves me.

I spent my youth and up until I was forty-four years old as a fundie so I know what it was like to have lived under dogma and the false teachings. I experienced the hypocrisies and failures inherent to that dogma.

I don't place my hope any more in man nor in man's teachings; I place my hope entirely on Jesus, the Savior of the World. And I have met more than a few "Christians" that do the same.

Jesus said that if the world hated Him, it would hate those that follow Him (this is why I always have serious doubts about any of the "popular" evangelists). Jesus also said that what the world glorifies is an abomination unto God.

Jesus also said that there would be those that healed in His name, cast out demons in His name and performed miracles in His name and Jesus would declare to them "Depart from me, I never knew you."

And Jesus also said that there would be those that would usurp the Kingdom and that the violent would always try to take the Kingdom by force.

And so I grieve that we see those that call themselves Christians so violently violate what Jesus taught. Perhaps this is why Jesus says in Revelation "To the one who is victorious, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give that person a white stone with a new name written on it, known only to the one who receives it." I don't know, but it might be that by that time the very word "Christian" will be a stench in God's nostrils.

gurnygob said...

Does anyone know where I could watch “Lindsey's Narration The Protocols the Learned Elders of Zion” YouTube have taken it down.


Gregory F. Fegel said...

To Stephen:

If you believe that "the Bible teaches that government is an arm of gods justice," then you should respect the government's decision to legalize abortion.

stan t fowler said...

you are right on with the last paragraph. so im sure you will agree there are very few real christians. a person can say whatever they want and believe whatever they want, it doesnt make them a christian. its how you walk it, not talk it. how you are perceived by others. im a kjv only guy without a denomination and i cant find one other person like myself in the whole world outside of beaver dam, wisconsin and im a thousand miles from there!

Visible said...

Ben,that is why it is a real pleasure to have you here and be around you. The truth is that I love your master like I love every avatar who took the trouble to come. They didn't have to, not in this age. Those who come here and put up with the shit they put up with know what they are getting into. Like Kevin says about the ex military. You know why those people are Christians? Because they are scared out of their wits by what they have done like tht piece of shit Prince who put Blackwater together. I grew up around the killers. My father was one of the meanest sonsofbitches I ever met in my life. I don't hold it against him but when he died I felt nothing. I felt no joy, no anger, nothing. It is true tht my kundalini experience made God my father and Lady Nature my mother but I should have felt something. I felt nothing. And I am capable of deep feeling. I weep if I step on an insect. I weep when the wind touches my cheek or I see some example of real beauty or read the face of a young person and instantly see where their footsteps will lead them but a point comes when your tears have to mean something and mine do.

Visible said...

I know Stan and it hurts. It burns like hot coals but what are you going to do? Eventually we realize how helpless we are and we don't make any significant progress until we do.

missingarib said...

vis, let the dead bury the dead- these so called saved(can't use the moniker in reference to them ,christian that is) creatures are animated for a time hoping to eliminate what little they have left of any emphatic thought until the prescription drugs offer a little coping time - to feel like taking a sword to all of them however that is an unworthy thought .

stay well ,be happy

Visible said...

I just listened to, "If you see her say hello" and "To Ramona" both by Dylan and then "If I fall behind" and "I wish I were blind" by Bruce. It's not such a bad world at the moment, even though neither of these guys can do it anymore; the muse doesn't like comfort and complacency.

Anonymous said...


I do not comment often but read your blogs whenever they pop up on Rense.

With that being said I too was a former "fundie" and as such I still feel great shame in my former attitude towards Muslims.

I was self righteous and was always ready to wave my finger at anyone who disagreed with my form of Christianity.

I was also an ardent Zionist. As far as I was concerned all Arabs should have been burnt to a crisp by the Jews with the backing of the "Christian" USA.

It was not until I was sued by a Jew on a trumped up civil matter that God began to show me the truth.

God showed me that the likes of Benny Hinn and others were charlatans.

God also began to show me the truth regarding the "so called" Jews.

Since that time I like Ben have a completely different attitude in regards to my Christian faith.

I believe in true love, justice, and righteousness.

In closing I hope that any vitriol anyone has towards Christians should be focused on the majority of "so called" Christians today.

However, there is a remnant of us like all people in general that are truly God's children.


steve said...

Neville Goddard was a Real Christian, IMO, teaching that the Bible is a divinely-inspired psychological-drama taking place in the minds of all men, and absolutely nothing to do with any real people or events.

Well worth a look for those seeking for enlightenment IMO, especially those disillusioned with their so-called 'christian' upbringings.


Ben There said...

I must be gradually turning into a robot because I'm having a hell of a time with some of these word verifications.

Anyway...Amen (Amen!) to every last word you wrote here; especially the part about the politicians duping the stupid religious people by pretending to relate to them. I follow the news and politics very closely and this is the thing that most makes me want to throw up. Well, that and watching them fall all over eachother to see who can shove their head the farthest up Israel's ass. The groveling is so bizarre.

Thanks for the post. I laughed out loud a few times, starting with the title.

Oh, and the commenter Stephen has really enlightened me on something. I had no idea you were running an atheist organization here. Boy has the wool been pulled over my eyes all these years!

Lindsey said...

"Lord Lindsey Narrates the jews' Book of Esther and Comments on the Psychopathic Tendencies that Flair-up during the Holidays to Those jew-wise Over the World."

Along with my narration is a VERY strong condemnation of YouTube/ADL--I go into full-detail about their PARTNERSHIP--and how they censor only those "protected groups" and couldn't give a flying-fuck about the destruction wrought upon ALL PEOPLES OF THE PLANET by these demons walking-on-two-legs.

You get the picture. I decided to do The jews' Book of Esther because, well, to be honest with you, just because. Maybe it has something to do with what Les has been saying lately about how things are just "coming-together" and working-out-that-way.

Anyway, I will have "Lindsey's Narration of The Protocols in Modern English" at VERY soon, and all of my work will be mirrored there. I have no choice since the jews at YouTube/ADL--THAT IS HOW I WILL REFER TO THE ENTITY FROM THIS DAY-FORWARD--can not face the reality that you can censor all that you want but it only strengthen the realization that WE ARE IN-THE-RIGHT and these God damned creatures ARE doing everything that we are saying to the world!!!

I told someone not too long ago that if there was ANY doubt whatsoever as to the authenticity of "The Protocols" the reaction by YouTube/ADL in removing it after 2.5 days and 7,600 views says EVERYTHING that you need to know. They are TERRIFIED of my work because I am doing what NO ONE ELSE HAD THE TENACITY TO DO, FOR WHATEVER REASON: I AM PUTTING SOME OF THE BEST WORK EVER-WRITTEN ON THIS ISSUE TO-AUDIO BY HUMAN-VOICE, AND THOSE WHO ARE TOO DAMNED LAZY OR "BUSY" ARE NOW GOING TO BE ABLE TO KNOW WHAT IS CONTAINED IN THESE WORKS!!! My main reason for this project was to ensure that those hard-of-seeing and blind had access to this information, but I quickly realized that the lazy and "busy" people need it, too.

Les, I am STILL pissed-off, but am stronger than ever in my resolve to get this information-out to people.



Barney said...

Another great observation of people, attitudes, and events. It is unfortunate that those that you are writing about call themselves Christians. Their actions and attitudes are really the antithesis of Jesus, his beliefs, and teachings. He didn't come into this world to start another religion. So this Christian one was not his idea. His teachings are not to complicated. Do unto others as you would have them do to you. Love your neighbor as you love yourself. It is really very simple. He also was very intolerant. Intolerant of evil. He kicked ass of the money changers. Those were the edomite jews.
If all men and women would follow His teachings it would be a better world. Keep on preaching love Les. Its the only way to go. Be intolerant of evil too.

Troy said...

How is it Les you can say so well what I cannot put into words. I have walked with the Lord since 8 and I am almost 48 and I have never been able to associate with "Christians" for a very long period of time. They are hateful and spiteful and my worst hurts have come at their hands. The Lord has led me a very different path, but it is hard because it just doesn't look like anything even closely resembling what fundis espouse. At least it is my hope that I am being led. Your last paragraph is what I continually am brought face to face with at the working out of object lessons continually. I remember going to a Benny Hinn shitfest as an observer. (another object lesson I was being taught) In front of me in the big auditorium sat a older man with a withered hand and arm. Benny starts his spiritual witchcraft up and starts calling people forward. I watched that man weep and weep and rub his arm and hand. I wept too. I always do.

If the truth be brought to light, most people who have tried to emulate Christ in all there ways have been tortured and killed as heretics by the others. Throughout all history. Piss-ant nut jobs. If you argue with them they just think that is the persecution and hatred Christ talked about. Ohhhh I get so bleeping mad. and that is because I am not Christ and never will be.

Peace and Love to you brother,
Troy Hansen
Hillsboro OR

Larry Leija said...

I'm a Christian Fundamentalist, however, I'm thoroughly against the wars we've been involved in ever since I woke up to the duplicitous nature of our leaders and the devilish foreign policy we've been following. I just want to say that there are many people who are posers, that is, people who are wolves in sheeps' clothing and exist in many organizations as well as religious. And there also, are many Christians who feel that they should not question the leadership of the church, not realizing, of course, that God doesn't mind it when we ask him questions so why should we not ask questions of our leaderships political judgement. And I think your right, I'm beginning to feel like an outlaw for standing up to those who don't have a clue as to how we've gotten into such a mess with these undeclared wars; our worship of money which has led to our sorry state of economic affairs. I actually feel at a loss for words. All I can say is I'm a disciple of Jesus Messiah and he is my example, not my brothers and sisters in Christ, who are also sinners like myself and may act in ways that are unexemplary.

neal said...

So if that tickle reverberates around most everything, I will remember you later. You say that is sexual, I guess that depends on what is words, and what is trying to just get here, all roads, some very guarded by black dogs, and such.

It always seems to start, and end with that one kiss, a krish, we did not call Him that, but maybe we should have, maybe too anamistic, and cosmological.

Funny how that is always interpreted as twice removed, at least, but not really just the thing Herself, elephants know this. If these things show up in various places, more things than have decided to be dreamt up lately will ask for some kind of explation.

I am trying to not give this away, most precious, and hard fought for. I do not know if this stuff is Her pleading, or just this poor boy trying to stay cheap, and less, and pleading back. There is the excluded middle, She always seems to like that arrangement.

david griffith said...

The Lord’s Resistance Army.

Just as well that Christ was never limited to space or time - nor to the Christians factions who bear His name.

No wisdom here but just the fact that mankind has existed with a dynamic spiritual reality - certainly within Aboriginal Australia - for countless generations and - what? - the Christ Spirit was unaware of this? Took no part? Wasn’t present?

If Christ isn’t restricted to a man called Jesus why wouldn’t Buddha and Christ be pleased to share a meal ..... assuming that they get hungry .... silly me.

I’ve pretty sure that I’ve met real Christians who’ve barely heard of Christ....might have been Buddhists.

The opposite of love being utter indifference makes as much sense to me as hate being the opposite.

This might explain a great deal.

Anonymous said...

its a pity that you don't weep, when you step (stomp) on your friends.

Anonymous said...

Really, if anyone gives you shit about this Origami, well... nevermind.

And, yes! Nevermind them.

I see so much crap and hypocrisy from "Christians" it makes me want to vomit. In fact, Jesus was right next to me hurling right along to the "I'm saved...regardless of what I do" cadence.

I'd yell and scream at everyone here, but most everyone here get's it, so I don't have to scream and yell at you. :)

Church is over for me, sorry. I suppose if I was interested in looking good, I'd still be going, but alas, I'm getting older and fatter (though still battling that) and not really caring much about what others think of me or my appearance.

Hey! What does God think of my appearance? (Not the outward one...)

Hey former fellow Christians.... does Jesus like what he see's in you?

And please don't think that I believe He thinks I'm ok. I hope He does, but I see a lot of stuff in me He probably would object to, and that's only what I probably allow myself to see...

Man, what's hiding in there that I don't want to see that He see's...???

Well, I apologize for my self depricating soul bashing, it's not about me (as much as I would like to think it is).

God in Heaven, I hate to say this, but I was for the wars. I supported the killing of the innocent (though I didn't believe they were innocent at that time). I was a fool, and still am.

Should have erased all of the above. Whatever.

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

I think this rise of the Planet of the Fundies is coming to an end of some kind. I guess some of this does have to do with indoctrination, and conditioning. This is all rooted in either pure ignorance, or some level of fear and loathing of self that translates into self rightiousness and hate towards anyone that doesn't tow the same cross. The born again among the ranks of the war mongering zealots often acknowledge some past wrong doing that brought them on their hands and knees to Jesus, ask any of them for a testimony you will get a conversion story ask them how things have changed and the usual answer is salvation and heaven, they will not suffer when God destroys the world they will be raptured in a cloud. At the end of the day it's the same person, adopting a myth; that now they can ask for forgivness of any wrong doing. Let's not forget Jesus forgives any sin there is nothing he doesn't forgive, with one exception for the Zionist it's blashemy against the state of Israel the future Kingdom of their Lord and Savior. These people have been mind fucked in a bad way. It's all too convenient for them to just go on believing what they do. In their minds, muslims even non-believing Jews, are going to hell, with the Muslims it's bomb them as a way of getting them there quicker, And since the Jews are Gods chosen it's bow at their feet so they believe and convert...sheesh, talk about double standards. Some of these so called Christians also believe they'll have ringside seats to see the torment that goes on in hell and they will have the feast of feast in a 1000 year reign with Jesus. Sometimes there's a catch satan will be let loose after that reign just to test them a little more. I've been around some of these monsters in my life, and the slightlest challenge to what they believe will only trigger a bite full of their venom, which is always the same thing, hate from a hateful bird. You have to ask for forgiveness out loud so here goes Heavenly Father In the name of Jesus Christ I ask for forgiveness incase this truth offends anybody.
Love You Visible, and keep the light shining on these losers who don't understand irony..
-Mr Apocalypse(grin)

Mike said...

You know? Ted Bundy's bath water started to sound mighty refreshing the longer I watched that Santorum garbage! LoL I cracked up upon reading it and then exactly where you were coming from after, unfortuanately, watching it myself!

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Department of Divide and Conquer.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
my ex-motherinlaw thinks my kids and I are going to hell b/c I was raised Catholic and they all went to Catholic school, my Catholic relatives think we are all going to hell b/c none of the kids were baptized and I flipped the church the bird decades ago, the rabbi next door said we were screwed b/c we weren't jewish and a muslem that I work with says we're screwed b/ guessed it, we aren't muslem. I've said to them all at various times do you pray to god with that mouth?
There is an embarrassment of riches in reasons in my spriritual life why I may be screwed but the motley crew above's opinion isn't one of them.
Peace to all

Anonymous said...

via kathy
I forgot the fundie in Texas who asked if I was Christian, to which I replied, I'm Catholic. She said well honey you could be a Christian if you wanted to. I'll take you to church. That was when I was fresh out of NY and didn't know that no one thinks Catholics are Christian but Catholics.
And the previously jewish hindu who told me if i learned the innumerable holy days and worship practices and perfect words i could become a hindu thereby saving myself. I'm exhausted just thinking about that.
Keeping it simple and hoping god sees my heart.
Peace to all

geobro said...

yip most are about as switched on as a x-box at a amish house .a deeply god fearing man once told me that football politics & religion are for the feeble minded i spent decades thinking on that one .les i dont feel much about death in the family either except when my dog stopped living 18 yr old collie called dougal macollie more human than some people .true what they say about mans best friend keep up the banter as theres not much else to pass the time up in the highlands of scotland at nights

brian boru said...

I hope you won't allow yourself to be influenced to desist from wading into the herd of sacred cows with your heavy meat cleaver. These cows need to be slaughtered and you have been doing a great job so far.

"The" Stephen said...

Be it known, since I occasionally post comments here under a similar nomicker, that there is more than one Stephen in the world, and that that one above, be not me.

By way of possibly useful contribution to the discussion, in re the function of government, let me counterpoint that other Stephen with a rationale, which makes a great deal more inherent sense, IMHO:

"It is to secure our rights that we resort to government at all." --Thomas Jefferson to Francois D'Ivernois, 1795

Anonymous said...

My people perish for lack of knowledge. There's insufferable ignorance, except for a few, both for and against in these comments concerning the scriptures. Silly prejudices. Everybody defends their own brainwashing. That last paragraph definitely clinches it.

It's in the book. These fanatical cheerleaders are going to fall at the antichrist's feet in worship and service, if that hasn't already happened, with the abomination in the holy place, the land of Jacob a desolation inhabited by scorpions. Yahshuah never went to Africa nor did he tell anyone else to go there. You start at your own house and while you were away ... Did you miss the part about not sharing holy things with dogs and casting your pearls before swine only to be ground under foot and then torn by a pig? Say hello to the "Reverands" Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, cross drssing TD Jakes, abortion endorsing (for the chinese) Pat Robertson and John Hagee, who doubled for Bill Paxton as Chet at the end of "Weird Science" and whose tongue leapt out of his mouth 16 inches, curled around a fly and brought it home.

The Anglo Saxons practiced the laws that Jethro gave to Moses. That is, to elect captains of 10's 50's 100's and thousands. Along comes the catholic church and makes those offices divine right, surely when they found the right lackeys. Those assholes put their brothers, who put them in those offices, in chains. WTF is this catholic church, but a rechabite vehicle with the loud speech, the censorship and the ubiquitous monopolized message? Stay out of the bethels, like the prophets implore you.

And dump the biblish. He doesn't talk like that and 'dost', 'hither', 'thither' and others are no longer words. 'You' took the place of 'thou' and 'youse' and 'yall' has taken the place of 'you', which they call nonstandard english. That's not eben to mention words like 'terrible', which have changed meaning since 1611. Ad to all that the deliberately corrupted translations, and you have a real big job on your hands DISCERNING what it says. What's there is the material for discernment. Some of the most important things it says, it doesn't say. It's hidden from those who don't have discernment, and that most surely includes these babylonian mystery religion harlots who pay their lovers who call themselves the oxymoronic "judeo-christians". The OT is christian and the talmud calls YHVH 'satan' and it's right. Satan meaning adversary.

First and foremost, don't believe me and especially don't believe any canaanite pulpit parrot canaanite in the temple. What you can make of the material goes the exponential thirtyfold, sixtyfold, hundredfold. That means I don't really know squat. But, I'm working on that.

As the circle of light grows, so does the circumference of darkness. Not only is there room for everybody, but more are needed constantly.

Ray Zerwitt

Visible said...

Geoffrey. is that you? It wouldn't hurt to email me, seeing as I have no way to do the same to you.

Kathy, for over a year now I've lived in a world where the sweet stuff does not come on its own, you have to milk it, knowing this is true, that cow would scare an alpha wolf. That's some faith affirming stuff cloaked in serious brevity.

As for meat cleavers and Stephans. I don't really have a choice about what I do so all the usual emotional retardants don't apply, neither does the cerebral hesistations. If I have to think about it, I already missed the point, given the followups.

As for the Stephans around here. I tend to think that, not only do people around here judge comments only by the specific comment, but they also live for and hope for the full conversion package. 'Converted to what' might be the question but if the commentary rises to the occasion they tend to forget the who and the what regardless.

If you always remember that you are mushing through deep snowdrifts, regardless of how it looks, you will find you really pick up speed in the warm months. In the meantime there are two separate forms of huddling together; the one I mentioned a couple of times in recent posts and the one where the warnth of god's love makes the returning heat a great deal more than it would have been, just for the company so engaged.

I'm lucky in some ways, having suffered for nearly all of my life and rarely seeing any length of road that didn't turn dark even before it went over the hill, I must say that certain conditions simply fuel one's optimism based on nothing more than surviving the occasion. Or, so it seems.

Visible said...

Well done Ray; "The Anglo Saxons practiced the laws that Jethro gave to Moses". By the way, I got all the other ones too. I tend to think a broader and more collective comprehension is unlikely, though we do have some of the best around here. In any case, I always consider it a good day when I get it, regardless of proliferative similarities real and imagined.

Anonymous said...

I walked away from church back in the 70's. I would rather be an athiest than a devil worshiper, but to be an atheist would mean that we are the greatest thing. As I gaze up into the star filled sky or walk in the forest and take in the sights, sounds, smells and feelings I know that there is a much higher power, but It's not to be found in the church for me. I do keep a bible around though, just in case I run out of rolling papers.
Best to all from Minnesota

Gregory F. Fegel said...

My comment above said: "The First Love Band: Christian clones looking for love in all the wrong places."

I apologize to the real Christians for not distinguishing between the faux-Christians and the true Christians in my comment above. However, I must add that since most people who call themselves Christians are actually war-mongers and elitists, the true Christians are only a small percentage of those who call themselves Christians.

Anonymous said...

100 million deaths by atheists in less then a century. Enough said. I'll leave the triple speak jargon to the dog pooet.

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

I think a good Christian would be, if not an outlaw, then homeless. A conspiracy to me is more than one person. (At least I take myself into account in this life, I think they call that a conscience). There must be some way to have social organisation without corruption , I think they used to call that society.

Kazz said...

Hi Viz,

I am a Christian and I support everything you have said. I walk as Jesus did, and I note that all the other masters walked this same path. I have no time for religion for the same reason that you don't. I am angered by the apathy of the church and its blindness to the 'Strawman' that the TPTB have created, as well as religions silence on the satanic system of 'usery' that passes for economics, and as far as the endorsed satanic blood lettings that go under the name of the war I can only shake my head at all those religious people who support such things. I believe Gandhi once said he thought hightly of Christ but not too well of his followers, and I can see exactly where Gandhi was coming from. No doubt when the Bible talks of those who are neither hot nor cold the Christians you refer to fall into this category.

Luv your work Viz.

Luv Kazz

Sheik Yerbouti said...

Vis a Vis,
I wish I could say that you took the words right from my mouth but, you certainly matched them to my heart!
The Christian Fundies are high on spiritual pharmaceuticals.

Anonymous said...

"100 million deaths by atheists in less then a century. Enough said. I'll leave the triple speak jargon to the dog pooet."

Whenever people cite wholesale death they are pandering.

Athiests lack the organization necessary for this kind of production. Only organized religion can produce soldiers in the numbers necessary. Your basic soldier goes to war because he believes in God and Country.

Unsubstantiated Propaganda. Only a hack would say something like this.

I noted he also made an immature scatalogical remark. Probably a 12 yr old.

No Moslems, No Christians, No Jews, No Problems!


Anonymous said...

"Imagine there's no heaven, It's easy if you try, No hell below us, above us only sky, imagine all the people, living life in peace..."


As far as I am concerned the Beatles are more popular than Jesus.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the save.

It's bogus to take a thread and represent it as the fabric. That could have been taken wrong. That's what the liars do. It's the weave that makes it more than the sum of it's parts.

Ray Zerwitt

Duke said...

Peace be with the reader.

The last paragraph of this essay tells it all. This is why Christians are persecuted, and pseudo Christians are in the comfort zone.


Visible said...

Homer, you are really something else. My my... We could seriously swap some stories about those people in the day. It looks like I met and hung out with a lot of the same people, only different people and different locations.

Some of them were a lot of fun to sing with. It wasn't meant to be for me. I know the songs were good and I never intended to be the one who did them. I wrote then so other people could do them and it still didn't happen; such is life. It's probably cause I suck as a musician.

Anyway. Various people have tried for me. Willie had a good friend named Poppy who lived on Maui and had been in California where he owned a restaurant with singing waiters. My friend Bud gave him a tune that I wrote for Willie. He heard it and came back to Bud and said, "Lot's of people try to get me to get their music to Willie and it makes me cringe but I heard this song and I can tell you that it is the first thing I am going to do when I see him again. That is a fantastic song and Willie will love it".

Willie was out of town and as it so happenened, Poppy died a few days later. Another time someone read one of my songs at a funeral that Willie attended, though that brought no spark either. Some things just arn't meant to happen and you know, the thing that kills me is that I just wanted people to hear the songs cause I thought it would make them feel better in this troubled world, I didn't have to sing them myself.

It's just that they didn't get heard that is a disappointment to me but... I have so much to be grateful for that it don't really matter. I wrote the songs for God and I know he heard them. I would walk right outside and play for him on different days. I stopped doing that after nothing ever came of anything and bad shit kept happeing to my music, I figured God maybe didn't want to hear anymore of my songs.

So I just quit a few years ago; didn't do it anymore. Still write songs; can't help myself as far as that goes and I do still sing, I just don't pick up the guitar and I don't record anymore. Ah... I just don't know and I never have.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Synchronicity for breakfast..

My 90 year old mother said to me this very morning, while I was making breakfast and singing and chanting a variety of songs and chants. I was varying the tones while playing three different characters and she said..

"you are something else."

And she has Alzheimers!

I'll take it.

Thanks to both of you.



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