Monday, March 19, 2012

Serenity and Calamity on The River

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

To understand something, sometimes you need distance and you need time. You need following events and corollary events. It's not just me that wants to, needs to, really would like to, understand. I think that is the case across the board, but the degrees and dimensions differ, as will the results. At the end of that fantastic SF film, Serenity, the hero and the assassin are talking. Had I been the hero, I would have invited the guy to come along and join us, especially since there is nothing else left for him. It would be a win win situation because all of the right elements are there and everybody prospers and profits in a real way, despite fundamental personality disorders (grin).

The hero let the assassin know that he would kill him if he saw him again and I am thinking, “why can't we be friends”? It's like Charlie Utter engaging Joanie Stubbs in conversation. There's more going on than “good morning”. Things happen to all of us. Some of them turn into the Acropolis and some of them aren't worth the memory. We got dreams and visions and we got flesh and blood, that's where we are at the moment.

I had some bad experiences in recent times. They could be defined as bad, given that not everyone is pleased with the results. Some of these things are on my head and some of these things are the result of invisible forces and some of it is other people's misconceptions which resulted in unfortunate outcome.

It should be apparent that I somehow manage to do certain things effectively. Maybe the problem in my particular case is that I push borders and boundaries in all sorts of ways. That can have an impact on the situation. The Japanese director, Kurosawa did a film called “The Outrage”. In this film there is evidence presented from different perspectives and that is kind of how this all appears to me.

I find myself to be like a Crackerjack toy in some respects. I show up in a box of cereal and it's always different. You might be delighted. You might be disappointed. If I had control of the situation there wouldn't be disappointment but... I do not. It's kind of like stepping into the Amazon at different points. It is definitely not the same river, depending on where you engage it. Since life is for the purpose of demonstration, something is always being demonstrated but that something changes depending on time, location and circumstance. Also, you have the river. You have people pushing the river. You have generators here and there. Some people read the river and some people just enjoy the river and for some, the river is a scary enterprise. It goes without saying that there are complexities to the whole affair and only the ineffable knows what's really going on.

I've had a couple of events in recent years having to do with the publication of my books where what is my usual way of happy motoring, turned into some kind of freak snowstorm that was not predicted on the weather channel. I don't know if it has to do with money, ideas, control, leverage, timing, personalities or any of the rest. All I know is how I am most of the time and then there are these times, which must somehow be dependent on the singularity of these times to a palpable degree.

It's not my nature to try to get myself off the hook. I generally prefer to know how and why in the first place. I find that I am different from most people. I very easily forget injuries, slights, offenses and whatever and do not carry these things with me on the river. I drop them into the river because the river knows where it goes. A couple of times in my life I helped some people out and for whatever their reason was, they tried to destroy me. All of these things worked out but I never did understand what it was that would have motivated something like that. I can resource the ancient propensities on humanity and find plenty but... I still don't understand it because it isn't something I would do. There are things I do which contribute to the things that happen and I am not unaware of them.

Recently, someone formerly in my blogroll, took me to task over my use of comestibles and what they perceived as unwillingness on my part to address satanism and a few other things. I should tell you that I didn't even read what got said. I'm not that interested in hearing what some people have to say about me. I don't avoid criticism, I would just rather it were direct. Indirect criticism is connected to vanity somehow and I don't like being vain. I didn't realize that I had some kind of contract to write to type according to certain people's tastes. I'm like that river. I just flow through the territory I am flowing through. I've certainly addressed satanism here and there, so I don't get that part of it. As for the comestibles, anyone who has spent any time around me knows that these things come and go. Sometimes they are around and sometimes they are not and sometimes can be a great while. Now, on the one hand, it's isn't nobody's business what I do in my life, if they are not in my life. On the other hand, if they are in my life, for a time, that is their business. I manage as best as I can.

Why I have recourse to certain things is easily explained. I am hungry for the ineffable. In that sense, I push the river but you must understand that the river pushes me too. I had a full blown kundalini episode earlier in my life; not the usual, occasional tremors and flashes experienced by most people but something that, once it happened, stayed full time active for almost 3 years. Then there were some periods when I didn't see that much of it. Recently it has come back in an alarming fashion over the last several years. I don't want alarming to sound too negative because there are massive benefits but there has also been, collateral damage. Thankfully, not the kind of damage we just saw in Afghanistan.

A relatively recent commentator called me to task on the issue of gay vs queer when I hadn't actually broached the subject but merely made mention of a force at work in coercing government policy. I don't know what to make of that either. That particular subject is of no interest to me except insofar as it is utilized as a weapon against certain prevailing cultural mores. I'm like Voltaire when it comes to that particular thing and you may be sure, since I do have an active kundalini, that I am well aware of it because kundalini is a goddess. She's female. I'm also pretty familiar with Saraswati. I encounter her every day and we have a working relationship. Given that I do have these relationships, with my invisible friends, one could surmise that my engagement of comestibles on occasion also have something to do with purposes of demonstration and facile and alert minds would and should make the connection between this and everything being under control. It may not look like it sometimes but in the aftermath, one can reflect back and see that none of their darker apprehensions actually ever broke the surface of the river or the china.

The reader can rest assured that what I can change about myself, for the better, I will change in a heartsbeat but... sometimes it is not in my hands and those who may be on the receiving end of certain things can certainly be forgiven for making assumptions and drawing conclusions based on only a certain window of experience. It stands to reason that if I were as out of it as some people, perhaps, think I am, I wouldn't still be around. There really is a method and a reason for everything. It might not be what we hoped for but the movie isn't over yet either.

As I said, I'm different than a lot of people in a certain regard. I can look at something and go, “wtf”? Then I can go right back to how everything was before wtf came in one door and went out the other. I don't throw people away just because we disagree or because something weird happened. I run deeper than that. As a result, I also have some very good friends who know the definition of the term.

I don't behave like Jackson Pollock, William Burroughs, Hunter Thompson or quite some number of other examples. I tend to catch more shit than they do, for less than they do, because other things are expected of me. However, you are getting those other things. They just don't come in the package that satisfies those who want everything safer and saner. You don't find the ineffable being safer and saner. The river has a whole lot to say about what goes down. If you had any idea of the degree to which I work to contain some things you would understand my dilemma. Still, since my master is benign and all knowing, I trust in the best resolution of whatever comes and I also note that the same thing never repeats. That's a given, for some reason. I don't understand it but I have observed it more than once in my life.

We are all on the river. We have guides. We have companions. We have events and moments. We have a Gormenghast apartment block that exists in places known and not even imagined yet. We should be working together, warts and all, for the good of the human race and for ourselves as well because we have to learn to love ourselves because we have made ourselves what we are, with the help of the divine and the hard hand of the diabolical and the unknown.

I'm trying to steer with the river, because the river is going to take us to the sea and then to what lies beyond. Greetings.

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Clarity said...

Exceptionally beautiful, Visible.

I love you just the way you are.


JerseyCynic said...

Just keep smilin' and let the world wonder what you're up to!

Anonymous said...

"...They just don't come in the package that satisfies those who want everything safer and saner..."

Some folks might hope that you'll be some sort of 24/7 info-mercial for yourself. That's their problem. Not yours.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vis,all

To continue your 'river' thoughts, some have to be able to flow past many manmade 'dams' and 'locks'.
I have a hunch that the 'key' to freeing ourselves from such situations is being seen by more of us faster than it ever has. We just have to go with the flow and learn how to endure the Demostrations. The key will appear right in the nick of time.

Love to all,
dw in Tahoe

Anonymous said...

Dear Vis,
Another beautiful gift for us this morning....I am happy to hear, too, that you are enjoying fine warm spring weather in your part of the world. This planet can be an awesome place at times and at the same time, it can be hell on earth. It's all perspective, don't you think? I remember being in a part of the world where it was sunny, perfect temperature, right on the ocean, etc. and still there were some who called it a prison and couldn't wait to get back to their familiar surroundings where it was cold and rainy most of the year. Go figure.
Anyway, I haven't posted for some time but am still faithfully awaiting all your writings and enjoy each and every one of them.
Take care, my friend.

Gregory F. Fegel said...

Yahoo News has posted an article with the headline "Many willing to cut Afghan shooting suspect slack", which presents SSgt Bales as a deranged lone gunman. So far,
there are 2,896 comments on the article. I have been trying very hard to insert a comment which quotes the Afghani, Indian, and Russian news sources, which say that the March 11, 2012 Kandahar massacre was committed by a large group of US troops with close helicopter support. The reports say that the US troops raped two of the women before murdering them.

After a couple of dozen unsuccessful attempts to post a comment, one of my attempts got posted, which says: "A large group of US soldiers, with helicopter support, committed the March 11, 2012 Kandahar massacre. Two women were raped before they were murdered by the US troops." Immediately somebody replied to my comment with this: "gregory, different article I guess huh? try to stay on topic." Since then, I have tried to reply to my own comment, and to make an additional comment, but without success.

Since my one comment that got through was not my first, and since other posters are leaving more than one comment, it does not appear to me that my comments are being rejected for an objective reason. My impression, and my suspicion, is that Yahoo News is censoring the comments. I have had this same experience with Yahoo News comment sections before.


The Christian concept of Satan makes him the eternal Lord of his own eternal Kingdom (Hell). As a Hindu non-dualist, I do not agree with that concept.

Some Hindu dualists believe that we have a "relationship" with God, rather than an "identity" with God. However, no Hindus believe in a permanent Hell, in eternal Damnation, or in a permanent entity of Evil (Satan).

I regard Christians and Moslems as "Satanists" because they believe in the existence of Satan, eternal damnation, and Hell. The Christian and Moslem belief in eternal damnation provides an excuse for the Christians and Moslems to demonize others. Thus, the belief in Satan, which facilitates the demonization of others, is itself "Satanic". In my view, demons are imaginary and the demonization of others is an error.

Ignorance and avarice do exist. It is necessary to resist the ignorance and avarice within ourselves, and also to defend against the misbehavior of others. Krisshna spoke about all this in Bhagavad Gita.

Anonymous said...

"of" the river or "on" the river?

You remember when 'going with the flow" was a constant comment about life/living?

With these stepped up quickening/fuckening times finding yourself 'of' the flow v "in" it is happening more and more and more consistently as well.

That Weidner interview by Robert Phoenix was such a big turn on for me... it was from 2010 and Weidner was talking about the then new release of "Avatar" which portrayed the "of" v the "on" very well.

I was really shocked how many people didn't get what that was or meant in that movie and didn't like that movie or blew off that movie...

They couldn't resonate with that portrayal of 'the flow' because they hadn't experienced it... yet.

Same thing I'm picking up with 'nobody' who mistakes sycophants with those who resonate with you and others of the flow.

I smelled major confusion from that poster... you should be used to this by now. I realize that it is confusing to be attacked by one who is almost there-almost getting it... but doesn't-hasn't-maybe won't.

ditto what Clarity has stated.

the gardener

kenny said...

Comestibles, as you call them, can be an ally or an enemy. As individuals we can usually figure out which one we're dealing with.

Harm no other and all will be well. At least that's the way I look at it.

ps, the way your comment section is set up there's no longer an option to get email notifications of follow-up comments. You have to switch to the html comment format to get that feature which I think makes it easier for blogger/google's tracking system. Lot of complaints about it but it's their way or the highway.

Visible said...

Well Kenny, it appears that I am blithely unaware of that in any case. heh heh.

Dan said...

I read "Nobody's" blog the other day and really don't understand where he's coming from. I tried to comment but it never showed up, Oh well.

I don't know why things are the way they are or if we're all MK or whatever. I know when something I read turns on switchs in my mind and seems to point me in a new direction. That happens alot when I read you and I hope you'll keep doing it.


Anonymous said...

What is this thing with Americans (in particular) demanding(!) what one SHOULD talk about or address? It must be a cultural thing which I'm unable to comprehend. BTW:I'm European.

To me a blog is like a wellspring. What comes out, that's what you get. You don't demand the flavor or color. If you don't like it. don't drink it. Maybe the next time it's more agreeable.

The audacity is breathtaking; if you don't address the subject they demand, they get pissed. Unbelievable...

On the gay blackmail:

The Cabal/Hive PREFERS blackmail/coercion to voluntary participation/commitment.
An ideologically motivated volunteer follower can discover conscience or change of belief and TURN. What's worse, at that point he/she may divulge stuff.
A blackmailed/blackmailable subject is there to stay; he/she is motivated by FEAR.

Stalin explained this very thing, as he understood, that fear is a better assurance of future commitment and performance, than philosophical and/or ideological (voluntary) commitment.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

At times I feel like a character from my favorite movie ever; Dodes'ka-den.

Kurosawa had the intellectually challenged Roku-chan relentlessly chanting his zen like conductor's mantra that it might each day carry him away from his Tokyo slum.

"dodesukaden" (clickety-clack)

dodesukaden, dodesukaden, dodesukaden, dodesukaden,
dodesukaden, dodesukaden...

Though unlike Roku-chan I chant a servant's personal mantra that it might one fine day carry me away from here forever..

Gregory F. Fegel said...

For some unknown reason, the Yahoo News comment section for the article "Many willing to cut Afghan shooting suspect slack" is now letting me post there -- when it didn't this morning. I'm glad of it, because it allows me to inform people that, contrary to the Yahoo News article and the US Gov's narrative, which blame lone gunman SSgt Bales, the Afghan Parliament's enquiry found that the witnessess said about 20 US troops, accompanied by helicopters, did the massacre.

Anonymous said...

Bill Ellipser HG:)

Western media , including Canada, sell only hypocrisy to the lost masses.

And to the plain confused who cannot realize it isn't even a very clever con game, they prefer manipulated feelings over correcting conflict.

The truth doesn't hurt here though, I'll say that.

Anonymous said...

I read it and it made no sense to me.

Apparently, he read Dave McGowan and wants to know if you're MKULTRA??

I read a post just the other day that claimed Ben Fulford had disappeared and been replaced by a clone.

I think you're wise to stay away from such garbage.

Anonymous said...

grudges are like a weight,they hold us down in that great river,....

nice post lord visible,,,,neil

Visible said...

It's starting to make sense now. I should have gone and read it but in my experience it just looks like some kind of bad chop suey. See,I got hijacked alright. I got hijacked by god and that would be the most memorable experience of them all.

I kind of know this kind of thing is going on here and there but... it's all just the shit I want to avoid, like what happened with SOTT and Rense and all else. I'm beginning to think that god has given me a cover story that paints me a certain way as camouflage so I can just move through all the hoo doo on my way to the shining aperture.

I know where I'm headed and I know what I'm leaving and I just want to leave some footprints and that is all that any of what I do is about.

I will say this, just in these last hours, my confidence and certitude are through the roof.

It's like some gigantic jigsaw puzzle, where you have no idea of what you are looking at but.. maybe it's the size of the pieces, some pieces might be much larger than others, all of a sudden more things start to come into place in a much shorter period of time.

It is very strange and very beautiful at the moment.

DaveS said...

Sir Vis,

So funny to come back and read of rivers after spending ten days floating down one. I wish you could have been there.


david griffith said...

that connected....
Thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

The attitude certain people take with respect to certain comestibles in this world are often based on ignorance and failure to give due consideration to the subject. I recall reading once about how certain comestibles played a role in keeping people spiritual. As techniques in preservation improved these things decreased and people did not get the food they needed to stay attuned. I think they have problems in grasping that Nature has food that pertains to every part of the living being. Also they seem to think something like a mushroom can put all that stuff in a person's mind that is experienced. Non-sense! Psychedelics do just that unveil the psyche - they don't make the content, they assist in revealing what is already and always there. I suppose in a certain way they are like lifting the veil from a veiled mirror. The wisdom of using these things is pharmakeia. It can be used for good or bad, as there are poisons out there as well as foods. Most want to associate these comestibles only with the poisonour produce of Nature, and not the food that is the foundation of their physical being here.


Terrance said...

Hello ya because of your naked honesty and your responsible hedonism .....thank you for sharing your insights from the edge!......onelove

Rob in WI said...

Hi Gregory Fegel,
IMHO yahoo news blocked your attempts to post a comment until the thread was so flooded that readers would not get to it. I think this is a common policy among websites where people post many comments. If the comment is MSM approved, it has the "sane lane?", borrowing from DT terminology; if not, get over to the slow lane. A crude analogy, but after all, this is the info superhighway. Be well, Rob

2bDrew said...

Nicely Done! Beautiful!

So many questions that I would like answers to. But the time and season for those are not yet upon us. And so, I remind myself that patience is required at times like these. Much like the patience found in "unconditional" love. This sort of love is something that even the most wise find hard to grasp! Especially in mere concept alone. Rather, this sort of love must be practiced day and night to be mastered and understood. Consider the violinist who strives to achieve their artistic possibilities. At first use the instrument seems to only produce unsettling noise. This is far from the sounds of recognizable music! However, when the artist does not give up on those miss-bowed strings and uncoordinated movements- it is soon discovered that the intolerable noise has transformed into a rhythmic and soul touching vibration that can move even hardened men to tears.

I often wonder, If humankind can master such an instrument such as the violin to reach to the very heart of us - should we not also be able to develop and master our love for one another through similar methods of determination?

Despite all the awkward noise we may produce at our first rehearsal, it stands to reason that with determination, vision and imagination, we will finally end with a beautiful heartfelt melody that transcends all differences! I know of no symphony, even in the most majestic of concert halls, that does not start in this humble, yet frustrating, fashion.

We must never give up on this understanding that while we may all play different instruments - the potential exists to eventually achieve harmony together. And where there is harmony - there is no longer transgression. All we have to decide is how long will we keep playing, despite our many noisy mistakes, before we surrender to a silent symphony?

Visible said...

Well said, my friend and that is also what my heart tells me.

Anonymous said...

haven't seen Serenity but sounds about right..
you seen Limitless?

love and peace

Visible said...

Limitless was great. Have you seen The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit or Interstate 60?

Smyrna said...

Gregory, Demonic entities or malevolent beings etc, both incarnate in flesh; and spirit based ones, capable of influence and possession, exist. I don't believe this, I know it. I have had interaction with such. For purposes of demonstration connected to testing, trial and tribulation; and just for kicks on their part too, I suspect. Extrapolating from what I know, I would assume that 'Satan' exists.

Another top post, Vis. Keep on truckin'.

Thomas said...


"limits of control" by Jim Jarmusch (Fucking Beatiful, that one, actually), and "el topo" and "the holy mountain" by Jodorowsky are very interesting, but probably not the same vein as what you're talking about. Jodorowsky is a satanist, that is very obvious from his movies, but especially "the holy mountain" is interesting. Crammed full of symbolism, also of the quite obvious kind.

About the post, I don't have much to say, except that my third eye rang like a bell for much of it, hehe. Thanks for rockin' the boat!

And to All, Love, Blessings and wishes of Sweet and Real dreams

Richie (Dana) said...

I would highly recommend Interstate 60.
Amazon has it here.

It is very rare to find so much truth in a movie. I found this last year and watched the damm thing 3 times. I read the reviews and laughed because everyone missed the whole point.
Be careful what you wish for.


Richie (Dana) said...

You have beautifully captured the reason I hang around Visible.

What amazes me is how difficult it is to put into words. I left a little note to Nobody over in the Petri Dish comments last night and I swear that there are entire paragraphs between each sentence.

It strikes me that this is a very limited and difficult way to communicate. I have heard that there is something called telepathy that seems like it could be very useful in this situation. (grin).

There is no doubt in my mind that this coming for us very soon. The “so many questions” will be answered in short order when this gift arrives.


Visible said...

That is kind of weird because I've been interacting with the Deadwood characters, some of the personalities, over the last 48.

Anonymous said...

someone accused you of being mkultra?

ha ha, ha ha, ha ha, ha ha !!

must've missed that one.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

River..... himmm.... I have a few thoughts on the subject. The following was put to paper in the Mid 90's.

The River Pt1

I don’t know how many times I’ve attempted to write this piece over the years knowing full well that any attempt at describing The River is futile, and worse than that, any attempt would also invariable be misleading to the uninitiated. This when the burning intent motivating the effort is to bring some clarity to an obscure but vital matter, that of the nature of high love.

There are only a few references to “The River” in literature and music and this is because it is both a rare occurrence and even then for those fortunate to have had this wonderful experience, to be able to language that which is dimensionally beyond the capability of language.

It is called The River not because of prior accepted understanding or reference to the phenomena but as when two people are in the river and marveling at the experience; river is the only word that consistently and inexplicably comes to mind. You are overwhelmingly left with the impression of a fluid energy experience.

The river does indeed flow and can be characterized succinctly as the grace stream in the ontological polarity between a man and a woman.

This grace stream is the jet stream of high love and consciousness development is essential to reach these heights. However once the couple is hooked up I am of the belief that the river can be relied on as a motive force for a couple to complete their transcendence journey. Depending on how they are with the river, they can literally be carried to the face of God.

I must stress that this not a matter that can be limited to the safe confines of the intellect. In one river experience the river carried me closer to the source than I was equipped for; it was gravitationally pulling me into a fierce zone where the rays of light emanating from source were penetrating my flesh like hot radiation needles and any impurities encountered (mental emotional or toxic particles in the physical body) seared in pain. I was scared that flesh was going to be seared from my body and I then bailed out from what could have been the most important event in some 20,000 life times.

I’ve wondered since that perhaps enduring these cosmic lightening bolts could have fast tracked me through heaven’s gate and into a god realization. If I ever get the opportunity to go there again, I will persist in facing and letting go to the source even if it means the extinguishment of my mortal life.

How to get to “The River”?
Thankfully nature provides all. Chemistry most often will suffice to hook up to the gravitational tug of the river. You may initially only get a trickle in your feet and hands and that is all that is needed; for if we provide a conducive ontological field with grounding, it will start moving you around (consciously speaking). There are 7 energy centers in the body various names and some call them Chakras and the idea here is to hook them up and let it flow.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

River Pt 2
Life being what it is today we generally bring too much emotional armor to the relationship potential to connect to the river in anything but in the extremities of our body. That’s fine. Just by being with the river in the hands and feet it will have the effect start to displace the emotional armor opening up river access to the main Chakra areas. In doing this the river is going leak test all our integrity and trust seams and the couple should be prepared for some turbulence in these parts of the channel. More often than not in these vibratory adjustments somebody gets ejected out of relationship canoe as the inevitable rebalancing of the self’s takes place.

Most of us get started in a stagnant swampy pond.
Lilly pads, croaking frogs, slimy green stuff, weeds, decaying dead fallen trees, bugs and moldy earth. Reluctantly with a stirring of deep loneliness and an inner longing that we cannot put language to we enter the water. After paddling around for a lifetime or two we start to learn something about this murky environment. We learn where the cool spring enters the pond the oxygen content is low and it seems to flow outward from there into a seemingly entangled mass. One day we have the realization that if the pond isn’t filling up then it must be flowing out somewhere. We naturally wonder where this flow leads. Soon we find ourselves in a small but almost imperceptible current and we start going with the flow. As we leave that wee filled muddy pond we energy into a small stream and after wending its way for a while we start to pick up speed. This leaves us with a scary out of control experience and we head for the bank and pull ourselves out of the water. After spending some time on the dry banks we turn our attention to the mystery of where it all goes. We get back into the river and we notice that there have been other streams merge into ours and now it is a fast flowing creek. Again we are fear being dashed on the rocks and get back out of the water. Tentatively we reenter the water again and after banging against some bruising rocks we learn to be one with the river and that there is a safe but deep channel and when we quit fighting the river and just abandon ourselves to it.

A conducive perspective to sail down the river to the ocean of love and mercy.
The problem with writing or even reading this piece is that it puts us in a non-conducive perspective. This because in materiality God is everywhere we are not looking and if we want the grace stream to flow through us then we need to find a balance to be with that, but not frontally placing our attention to that which is compelling. For most of us it is something so marvelous that it is impossible to not place the attention on it but that is okay to a point and you will learn to balance this with moving on and increasing the rate of flow. After some experience being with this the couple can feel their way around to the optimal balance of river flow.

Technically we don’t actually love anyone.
Our language around the experience of love shows us with an infantile level of understanding. The arrogance of the supposition that any of us could generate that flow of divine grace energy, when it would be much more accurate to say that if we be with it conducively, then this grace stream can and will flow between us and another individual.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

The River Pt3

The shared mind.
After a point the couple will share the same emotional and mind field. You will find yourselves completing each other’s sentences and find a way to be physically touching each other to foster more river experience. There comes a point where each is being in this grace stream, able to be doing this great work even when they are miles apart. It will be a painful experience to be apart and there will be a powerful magnetic tension pulling you back together.

The exquisite sexuality.
As the Chakras synchromesh in the male and female the river starts to flow through the sexuality. Kissing and touching become river access points. From a worship perspective and the total giving of the self, oral lovemaking can set up an infinity current flowing both ways. This is a short paragraph because nothing can be said that adequately describes this part of the experience.

Speculating on the inherent design.
It’s the road home. Once it calls you, and you have been pulled into the river, you are compelled and nothing less will suffice for your relationship criteria.

I don’t know if this piece has fulfilled my intent to clarify the obscure and wondrous nature of the river. I do hope you too get the chance to enjoy the River.

Go with the flow….


Anonymous said...

Sort of a Timothy Leary and Jimi Hendix - You Can Be Anyone This Time Around.. (1970)

Anonymous said...

nice nice river stuff going on everywhere,,,

good good post good good comments,,,,,,

things moving forward,,,even though its weird....

respects neil

Clarity said...

Sovereignty ~

Are you familiar with twin souls?
Would you consider this to be a different description of them?
That was quite a read. Thank you for sharing that.
*And be careful, lest you get accused of "pulling a Clarity". (wink)


Anonymous said...


You three texts were worth the price of admission on their own.

One question mate, ya still married to her? Chrikdren? House in the burbs? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you are a truly fortunate man.

To find a soul mate is one of the absolute greatest experiences a man can have.

P.S. I would give every material thing I own now and forever forward for a woman I loved who loved me.

A.M. said...

So here's a little down-home Swedish theory.
Carl Bild finally grew a pair and is taling on the zionist mamoth here in Svealand.
Could it be during his time as prime minister of Sweden he gto to know and respect Anna Lindh, who was very vocal about condemning israel's atrocities against Palestinians until she was assassinated by a Mossad agent with a patsy Serb taking the fall as a loon instructed by his toaster (sic). She was FM and earmarked to be the next Swedish primeminister. The Mossad hit left two small boys and a husband in its wake.

Forward to Dec 2018/Jan 2009 when israel was gunning down and whitephosphorising/bombing to death 1400 civilians in cold blood.

Carl Bild cancelled his trip to israel in 2010.

The zionist jewish (Bonniers)owned tabloid in Sweden did a hit piece on him trying to slander and defame him. Around the same time the Swedish report about the organ harvesting by israelis of (newly dead) goyim.

Now Bild is concretely saying to israel that Iran has no nuclear weapons program and to cease any idea of attacking them.

I posit Carl Bild has come into the realisation that colleage Anna Lindh was murdered in cold blood by Mossad for her support for Palestinians and he has had enough of the organised crime state of israel now and forever.

Look for a major zionist hit (physical or otherwise) on Carl Bild - who was once a Bilderberger guest.

When zionist jewish israel kills people you love and respect, it kind of puts a bad taste in your mouth for them - permanently.

Anonymous said...

no, I haven't seen either of those films....
.. as to what to wish for - I have to confess to being a bit of a materialist, and so I've always wanted a spirit level...

love and peace

Anonymous said...

I don't always read internet blogs but when I do it is a Lo-Viz blog.

Anonymous said...

via kathy
There is a new TV show called The River. I haven't seen it but the ads are all dark and frightening things happening on The River. I was listening to a Lash interview about their need to corrupt concepts and symbols and when I read this post that is what I thought of...corrupting the River through media.
Comestibles - back in the day I did them, organic and chemical, but never had any kind of awakening or spiritual event, just pretty colors.
Maybe there isnt anything spiritual inside of me. It is all an intellectual puzzle to solve.
Nobody was/is up to something. Don't waste your energy or creative thought process on him.
Thinking out loud
Peace to all

Visible said...

Smoking Mirrors is up-

Smoking Bad Colombian Shake on Camelback Mountain.

Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Anon asked:

One question mate, ya still married to her? Children? House in the burbs? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions you are a truly fortunate man.

I had already left her when I wrote the River material. Twelve glorious years together and then we hit a differential growth rate.... I accelerated and she need to take a rest.... caused a painful rift and I was forced to leave the relationship.

Most pain I have ever experienced in my life.... we got back together just to just to alleviate the pain but that did not last and I was called to go on again. I learned that relationship pain is the unlived untruth between two people. No children from that relationship.

Fortunate to have had great love in my life and blessed in that I still do. It seems after a point it won't leave you alone.

Clarity: Twin Souls?

I do not know.... I used to believe in soul mates....not so sure anymore.... only one of us here. Yes we top out the DNA ascension ladder climb better with some than others.


Anonymous said...

Visible, this song along with your words has sort of a spiritual synergistic effect on me. Thank you.

Charishing the moment from Minnesota

Anonymous said...

Hello my great friend Les: Sorry that I haven't been able to visit this blog for some months. I will come back more often to read the very important motivational, inspirational articles that you write in these times of economic crisis, where most people in most countries of this oligarchic plutocratic world live on a very limited budget. Keep writting your anti-pessimism, revolutionary articles that are needed to give us lots of hope, like the song "Invisible Sun" by The Police. And indeed things are getting worse and worse for most people in America, food is getting more expensive, every thing is getting real expensive, because of the fast devaluation of the US dollar is causing a permanent inflationary situation in America which sooner or later lead to a major insurrection and rebellion. So keep writting your great articles to give us lots and lots of motivation which is what we need right now !!!

Thanks a lot for your articles !!




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