Saturday, March 24, 2012

What It is and How It is, Amen

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Greetings, my dear friends. May the eternal light shine ♫within you and without you♫, in all of its benevolence, forever. That said, let's get on with whatever it it that's going to show up ♫here, there and everywhere♫ (grin).

(First, as a intended apology, disclaimer and explanation, let me say that I am becoming increasingly more busy, due to there being a greater increase in emails and the like, as well as projects and environmental demands, on my time and attention. If you don't hear back from me in a reasonable amount of time, you must contact me again. If you didn't hear from me in January, due to my being abroad and not paying the attention I usually pay, you must write me again. If I failed to thank you for something, you must remind me of whatever it is that you did (grin). I received an audio message from a Patrick. Your email went missing. You should write me again. I made an apology for my responses to Stickman, not that I was aware of doing anything wrong but I think I failed to read what was going on (as if I know anymore now than I did then) and you should come around, or email me so that I can get some idea of whatever it was that happened. I was told I should apologize to you but I still have no idea of whatever it was that I did, especially since I wasn't commenting on any of the things you responded to in the first place. Jeff sent me some Morning Thunder and his email disappeared too. He needs to write me so that I can thank him. Maybe this is overkill on my part, seeking to provide answers and solutions but I am like that and actually give a shit. Okay, if that doesn't cover it, you should write me about whatever that is too.)

The Old Man River of time and circumstance, as well as the expectation of all the things we expect to be happening and haven't happened, keeps right on rolling along, without coming to any main or major transitions, up to the moment. I've no idea what that means but we will find out eventually. My take on all this is that we are being given the preparation window, as a courtesy from the cosmos. As usual, the usual 10%, are advantaging themselves of this and the rest have whatever reasons they usually have, for not caring one way or the other, until what they think they want, gets interfered with, as it most certainly will, sooner or later, whether it is a matter of this uncertain present, or anytime in the past, as far back as it goes, before it started repeating itself, as it always does.

People have their own way of dealing with what happens to them, as well as what they fear and anticipate, because of what they think is important to their life and without which, their lives are less full and meaningful as they wish it to be. In the process of trying to avoid or acquire, whatever they imagine to be undesirable, or desirable, they go around the corner or cut corners, to make everything less possible or more possible, according to whatever. There is a critical point here that has to be addressed, as the primary consideration in all cases, no matter what the case may be, ever.

Like it or not, like it or not, you HAVE TO make the divine the centerpiece of your existence. There's no way around it and there's no 'if', 'ands' or 'buts' about it ever. Be it good (for the moment or later), bad (for the moment or later), this has to be the first and pretty much only factor, that ever has to be in the heart, mind and intention of anyone, anywhere, at any time. Argue about it ad nauseum and ad infinitum, forever and ever, amen. Do it on your own time and with yourself, or any of the other 90%, who find this kind of thing important, it doesn't matter. You either meet it at the marrow, or you get brittle bones, dementia, senility, Atzheimers or various. Denial of this, only leads to you pressing against the door of your being from one side, while ignoring the fact that the wall of the room behind you is not there, even though the walls on both sides appear to be.

We don't know anything and what we think we know, is based on assumptions and presumptions, resident on false reasoning and faulty perception. When you're wrong to begin with, you don't become right later on, by continuing to continue, according to it. You can be indifferent to this, you can become depressed about it. You can rage against it and get angry at everyone else because of it but it won't do any good, ever.

There is only the divine and the ineffable that has any effect on outcome or conditions. Go to the source and place your concerns there. Rely upon it in all matters, at all times. Then you are good to go and the details are no longer in the devil's toolbox. There's no question that can be asked of me, or anyone, that is not answered in full by this. There is no problem or circumstance, upon which the full light of understanding, does not shine with full illumination. Keep in mind that this is Kali Yuga, so all of this goes double or more in all respects. Keep in mind that Bhakti Yoga is the most expedient and effective means and system for contact and communication. This is not to say that other mediums are without virtue and value. This is only to say that they are much more limited, in times such as these. In that much revised and perverted text from the Judeo-Christian tradition, the first commandment is this,"Teacher, which is the greatest commandment in the Law?" Jesus replied: " 'Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.' This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself.' All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments" (Matthew 22:36-40). You will also note the presence of the second commandment, according to the one who, of course, would know better than anyone else.

We have a particular commenter, who names himself after the second sign of the zodiac, who likes to come around and piss on these aspects and any aspects of spiritual life. This is because things haven't gone his way; probably for this very reason. So, his main interest is to kill the faith of others, because “misery loves company”. We have another individual, who besides delusion and schizophrenia, likes to fancy himself the devil, because of his state of impotence. There's another fellow, no longer permitted to appear, who takes everything said to task, because it allows him to fancy himself as knowledgeable, when he's only interested in his own self importance. This is probably because something is wrong with the air in Wyoming and that probably has something to do with Dick Cheney (grin). He's got a nickname that signifies The Fool and doesn't see the irony. Every one of them has the perpetual evasion technique, of lacking deference to the source and origin of all good things and who, therefore, acquires none of them. The world itself, is set up to echo all of these sentiments, because that is the job description of the world. Ergo, everyone who operates in this manner, is a spokesperson for the world and everything that's in it. The impact of their efforts, is a study in futility and amounts to less than zero around here, but that doesn't stop any of them. Something will though, of course, something will. That highway leads to a brick wall and the traveler ends up like a wind up toy soldier, who falls over on impact and motors around in circles, until the wind stops unwinding.

As the same scripture attests, “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and all of these things will be added unto you”. That's pretty much the operating instructions for anything you hope to get, work to get, or desire to get. That's all you need to know, for effective results in respect of anything, no matter what it is. You're free to try anything else that you can possibly think of. None of them will work, except to demonstrate this. Oh, you might imagine you are getting results and you might get some results but they will all only work in the direction of proving this out.

I, or anyone, can tell you all kinds of things, in painfully comprehensive minutiae, exhaustive detail or arcane composition but it still all boils down to what's already been said here. You don't have to like or appreciate any of it but getting around it, heh heh, good luck with that. Why is it so difficult to get and accept this without question? The mind is the reason. The mind is not satisfied with such simplicity and certitude. The mind likes to chase its tail and is not satisfied with the capture, should that happen. Take it to the bank, take it to the limit, or get taken to the cleaners; get your laundry done while you're in it. It don't make no nevermind and it don't make no difference. It is what it is and you are what you are, unless you're not and that's probably the problem (grin). Take it or leave it.

I can't be more explicit and I can't be more specific. I don't care what sex or age you are, or what language you speak. I don't care what you think you know, or realize you don't know. I don't care what degrees you have, or if you didn't finish high school (I didn't). I don't care how rich or poor you are, or how little or how much time you have left on this merry-go-round of this present appearance. I don't care about whatever it is that I haven't mentioned. None of it changes anything. This is how it is. Surely there are embellishments lacking and the mind doesn't like that and will be busy in the process of reading this, adding them on and confusing the issue. Feel free, have at it, “avast, ye scum, put your backs into it”! That's where most of everyone is, at the oars in the galley, with the whip hand raised above them. It doesn't have to be like this but that is the way it is, as the result of trying to get around what cannot be evaded.

You can read all of the philosophers and spiritual teachers that you want to read and you can hang out in the late night dorm sessions, art openings, with white wine in hand, or in the coffee houses, or groves of academia and pseudo-intellectualize, until the capacity to do so has met up with the sand in the hourglass, playing that game of believing that listening is only waiting for your turn to speak. It just doesn't matter. This does matter and so do you, act like it. The eternal presence is always listening and always right there waiting. If you are not getting a reply, it's because the pump has not been primed or a certain consistency of effort is lacking. We just haven't been going up and down on the pump handle, as regularly as was needed. That's why there's no water, or the water is still dirty. Work the pump handle. Work the pump handle.

End Transmission.......

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Les, I needed that.


Anonymous said...

Just googled Bhakti Yoga. I'm doing it. Starting right now. Thanks for the kick in the ass, Les!

Jim in FL

Anonymous said...

Beats going to a congregation of morons and psychophants for the stool sculpture deity cult, that has to HATE Jesus in order to be in "good" standing...

Alas, It is what it is, and all those unwilling to become as a child, and simply SEE that the proselytes to the stool sculpture deity cult members don't manifest in quantity until the Ashkenazim begin TERRORIZING the indigineous inhabitants of Palestine in 1948.

"By what measure Ye Judge . . ."

Clarity said...

Dear Visible,

You get yet another "Amen!" for this message today that goes beyond important and extends all the way to crucial.

With so much going on, it's easy to know one's intent is good and to put things on auto-pilot, yet there are too many factors that can push you off-course. My attention and my intention need to be more conscious and consistent.

Thank you for this necessary reminder. I am back at the wheel permanently, and I will stay the course.

As ever, my love and gratitude,

MR said...

I can attest to Les' words of seeking the divine with all your being, and in all you do. He's repeated this many times, in many ways. One day it hit me between the eyes like it never had before. I've stopped looking for answers to anything outside of myself. Everything I need to know, comes from within me. I now feel that in my bones.

I've had to contend with elderly parents and a few siblings who are alcoholics and drug addicts, for the past six months. From day one, I kept hearing to stay detached and allow what needs to be, to unfold. Before I made this last trip, I began all my meditations with letting go of my need to take care of my father and secure his safety and well being. One day, I felt this shift inside me, I felt the weight lifted off of me. I was able to hold my father and siblings in a space of love and compassion and detached at the same time.

What made the difference this time from all the times I read Les' writings to seek the divine urgently, was to find a deity to identify with. God, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, whoever, or whatever word that would bring you to your knees in deep love and admiration. No one or no word ever resonated with me to that extent. But when Les said, whatever it is, picture it. I immediately saw a Dove. I raise and rehab Doves and release them back to Nature. I am madly in love with them. From that day forward, when I sit in meditation, there she is. A beautiful dove standing before me with her wings wide open, waiting for me to come into her for her to wrap her wings around me. This has made all the difference.

I am at peace with my parents' situation and I am at peace with my part through it all. It is baby dove season, and I am blessed with two babies to raise.


nony guy said...

Hi les,
Commenters come and go. I think the majority greatly appreciate your wonderfully woven words(me included). There will be the agreers and the diagreers, and the ones of their own agenda.
What I enjoy in your essays is figuring out where you're coming from and where you're going to and to what I can gleen of it.
I imagine the ineffable interacts with us all the same but the effects can be quite diverse for each individual in accordance of what they want of it all.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Les, thank you. Your words are comforting and meaningful. I know what you say is true and yet I wonder off the path.
Then you come along and point the way again.
Your other blogs are over my head most of the time however Origami is always a place of hope and optimism for me.

Denny said...


Just the tonic I needed today. Thanks.


Jean Christensen:

Would that happen to be the same author referred to in an episode of Inspector Morse as "the great man himself"..?

As for the "cancer", check your blood pH. It should be 7. If it's too acidic then drink gallons of fresh organic lemon juice (turns directly alkaline inside the body) and eat apricot kernels to balance probable copper depletion. And needless to say stay away from their "machines that go PING!".

Get well and hang on in their with the rest of us.

missingarib said...

vis. well said-
[Tou Tzu] (Hekigan Roku, 22) Mind revolves along with myriad phenomena: The turning point is truly mysterious.
live long, be well

Thomas said...

HALLELUJAH! AMEN! & yes, this is the simple Truth of our situation.

Praise the Divine Creator! :)

& to All, Love, Blessings, and wishes of Conscious Awareness of The One Eternal Innefable.

Anonymous said...

I think I posted once before about when you stick words together in a certain way those words want to take flesh in your life.This is another of those messages of yours that activates that yearning for the kingdom or goodness to live in me own flesh.

I been trying to surrender for years now and all I'm left with is me own darkness and poor me shit:)

I love posts that open you up to the immediate possibility of that happening and this is one of them-I'll keep coming back to this one for a while.

Nice comments to MR nony guy and others.txn

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

For the 6th or 7th or 8th time; well said!

Srila Prabhupada..

"everybody is a devotee- only some know it and some don’t."

"Krishna (GOD) Consciousness is easy for the simple hearted and complicated for the crooked. It's so simple it will pass you by".

Anonymous said...

We the 99% respectully ask that you gift us another song Les!

Love you, love your blogs.

gurnygob said...

The analogy of the water pump and our not pumping hard enough brings to mind a job I was on 5 or 6 years ago.

It is hard to believe that in this day and age there are still some parts of Ireland that depend on the old, green coloured, cast iron, water pumps with the big handle that sit at the side of small country roads in the middle of nowhere.

Such was the case when working on an old house on the out-skirts of Ardee, a small town in the county Louth, Ireland. The pump was about half a mile from the house and twice, every day, I and a friend had to go fetch water from the pump for cooking and cleaning purposes. It took some pumping just to get the water flowing and extra until it run clear of sediment and clean enough to drink. If nothing else, it taught me how precious water is when one has to work for it as opposed to simply turning on the tap or flushing the chain in the bog.

The same can be said of our relationship with God. Many people take God for granted and turn him on and off at will just like a water tap. Thanks Les, thanks for reminding me of how precious my relationship with God is; and that if I want to get the most out of that friendship, I must be prepared to work at it and pump that handle, pump that handle.


Visible said...

There was another attempt by an ambushing, anonymous sniper rat to get through my filters, didn't work. Does anyone understand my lack of usage of spell check, given that my word processing software does it automatically? I'm a little mystified by that. The, from the shadows insults, by those too frail and insecure to use their name, did not go by my notice but does provide not only affirmation but also amusement and I can always use both.

gurnygob said...


Your comment did not go unnoticed. The dove is associated with the Holy Spirit of God and you can rest assured you are in that embrace, sheltered as it were, under the wings of love. Amen.


Visible said...

Song is up. I wrote this one on Maui one evening at a resort I was managing in Kahana. It was 12 stories high and I was on the roof, pretty high myself as I remember and I was standing on the ledge on one foot, looking down at the ocean and the grounds below. I don't know what I was thinking at that point but I stepped back as if I just realized where I was and the situation I was in. I went down to my apartment and wrote the song out exactly as it reads today.

Here's something pretty interesting. Any theories?

Anonymous said...

Vis --

Stickman is one of my favs at this site and the acrimony that went down was definitely out of line to what he was saying -- which was the distinction between someone who is "gay" and open and out of the closet like Barney Frank -- and "queer" and living a lie like Lindsey Graham. That's pretty much all he was saying and you sorta jumped on him for it which I thought was out of proportion to what he was saying...


Visible said...

Well, that's hardly the case RJ and I'm getting pretty tired of hearing about it from people who don't pay attention to what is going on and whose arrogance precludes an awareness of apologies made. What do you want, some fucking blood? Is that what you want? Is it?

I explained and anyone one not brain dead or captivated in sucking up to the politically correct monster that has copped so many heads WOULD HAVE understood by now that I never brought up the gay situation AT ALL. What I mentioned was that he was being blackmailed for being gay. It had nothing to do with him being a scumbag or any judgment on him or the lifestype or it that too difficult for you and the rest of the people who don't pay any attention to get?

When someone comes tramping in with their combat boots lecturing me about gay and queer, when I don't really care one way or the other and when I WASN'T talking about it in the first place it becomes a little annoying. None of that has ANYTHING to do with the example I gave. Go back and read it.

As for my mention AFTERWARDS that this phenonema only proliferates in times of decadence and the fall of a culture, I suggest you read your history. I'm now tired of this and no longer feeling apologetic and I'm done kissing someone's ass, anyone's ass, if they are going to be a big baby about it.

I didn't get what was going on in the first place. I explained that and asked for clarification. Now I'm just getting a bunch of abuse. I'm not accepting it anymore, think and feel what you like.

Rob in WI said...

Hi Visible,
A most beautiful and inspired posting. Simple and straight to the point, which is a point well taken.
I don't live near Clintonvillle, but there is news on Wisconsin Public radio about the noise and vibration. Last report was that there was a ground tremor reported there. Less than 2.0 richter. I'm waiting to hear one myself; it'll be like seeing my first chemtrail, in '98.
Thanks, and be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

Vis --

Sorry Les, I thought what he was saying was that if the guy was out of the closet he couldn't be blackmailed, but since that's what you are saying I'm sorry for the mistake.

As to the weird sounds, I think it might be a geomagnetic thing with the polarity shifting in the underlying rock...

Again my sincerest apologies...


sirusdogstar said...

While we're on Doves ...

anyone got a take on a blue dove descending into a stone buddha?

which then erupts with shattering beams of white light.

Seen It. It Happened. Had to throw it out there again.

~SDS, the most recent.

Patrick V1.0 said...

Good day Vis and All

Vis read this 1st please. I want you and others to know how much I respect what you do and what you stand for. Everything I say to you comes from that intention. That's just the way it is. You have given me much and I want to thank you.

I am the Patrick who sent you the email. I did this for the exact reason that I did not want to cause you any problems or some Drama on these forums.
Also I just felt for some dumb reason that a voice might be a change from the regular stuff you get. I tried to let you know me a little, not that you might need to, I just wanted to.

The whole email wasn't about Stickman and it was just a side note that I hoped you could patch things up a bit.

I was simply trying to act as friend who sees two good friends have a misunderstanding and I felt your frustration with you having to address the same shit over and over again. Also as you'd been under some stress which I understood, I saw it, I saw me.

I react this way myself to my loved ones when the world is coming at me 100 mph. I understand that's all.

I don't feel you owe me an apology for anything. I don't know how you would get that idea. I must be more incomprehensible than I had feared.

I don't comment generally anywhere. I do here for reasons I don't really understand. I'm a noob at all this but my heart tells me you speak the truth.

As I said in my recording to you I think a lot of problems here come from people trying to be more clever than the last guy.

You are human. I don't forget that. But you're trying like hell to be a better person and it inspires me to do the same.

Todays message about the divine helped me quite a bit.

I apologize if I caused you any grief.

Much love for you brother and all the honest souls on their quest.

Anonymous said...


I ordinarily use my name but this time I can't because I know what's going on, don't ask me how.

You may not know or maybe you do now or suspect it but Stickman is gay or maybe queer, grin. He contacted a number of people by email because he was bent out of shape by what you said.

Gay people or queers have a heavy investment in being normal, even more than normal and anything that smacks of them not being totally legit sets their hair on fire. You're being played.

You did all the right things. You admitted your ignorance. You asked for explanation. You apologized. You did it several times, even if you didn't know why. You did the right thing and you have a right to be angry.

No one who matters cares about that. You have to remember also that many people see you as a guru or a spiritual teacher and I have seen avatar mentioned more than once. You don't think these things about yourself but others do. You do need to be aware of this.

Don't worry about it. This is an effort directed at you. If anyone had wanted an apology or even cared about giving you an explanation they would have done it by now. This is a nasty piece of work. Forget about it and move on. You did your best but you are dealing with whiny vindictive shits. I know what I'm talking about. Move on.

Visible said...

The guy is not in the closet. I'm sorry for going off. This has just been going on and on and I didn't get any of it, so it was frustrating and I've tired to sort it out for days and apologized so many times... I'm tired and I'm confused (grin). I'm going to go watch a movie and I didn't know Stickman was gay, that never occurred to me. it should have. I get so many emails and so many comments and engage in so many things that I don't get into depth with specific things. I don't even have time to click on the links people leave. Does anyone know anything about that link I left and the booming all over the place?

geobro said...

you want to know what the noises are in the sky i will give you some reading to do on nathan stubblefield .nicola teslas first job was in this field i remember the line the earth communicated in pictogramms & runes .every week we pump 700 million barrells of oil out of the earth .could it be screaming .if you do the sums this organic black stuff being decomposed dinos or leaves does not add up just saying

Clarity said...

Visible, here is some information on Wisconsin. The sounds there seem to be coming from underground, with some physical tremors.

This seems to be different from the sounds that appear to be above-ground, from the sky. There are many theories going around but nothing definitive by any means.


Visible said...

Whatever it is it's pretty strange.

I should mention for those who are unaware of it that Mercury is in retrograde and will be for about ten more days. This happens about 3 times a year for about three weeks at a time. I could be wrong but that's how it sorts out this year.

For those who don't know what this means I suggest you look it up.

MiaBellezza said...

Probably your most inspirational post yet, Vis. I'd like you to see on youtube: "Nassim Haramein 1/5 Sun Stargate & Planet Size UFOs, 2012" and others. He's a spiritual physicist and building on Einstein's theories. One that stars (incl. our sun) is a stargate ~ doorways to travel thru the galaxy - 3 ships, 1 behind comet, another assisting, etc. I'm not well versed in astrophysics, so is he all hot, moist air? :) Connection to earth trumpets, maybe.

Murphy151 said...

Hi Les,

For anyone in London and surrounding areas, there is a Bhakti Yoga session being held in the City of London on Thursday evening at 18:30hrs (this week).

If you would like an invite, please email me at and I will send you an invitation on Monday (the Bhakti Yoga session details are on my Office computer so Monday is the earliest I can send you an invite).

Great post by the way Les. Personally, I would like to see a lot more Origami now as these posts are so valuable in the current times. To a very large extent, the dye is pretty much cast and what is written will happen. For those of us that survive the great 'wine press' here, we should look to the future as this horror story must/will be brought to an end.

For those chosen to pass, may you realise your blessings and fulfill your destiny in the bosom of the Most High.

Warm regards


Anonymous said...

Thanks so much again

Any tips on practising the presence of the divine while going through life; doing the cooking, at work, speaking to someone?

How do we do all these things when we are trying to make contact??

Should we read anything in particular about Bhakti yoga?

THanks dudde

Alan, 19yo kid from perth

Steve said...

MR, I share your realisations and sentiment completely. In my own circumstances of coarse, but the basic core understanding is the same. Have you thought of starting a blog? I would read it for sure. Peace.

As I was reading the link you provided I was trying to think of some clever explanation, when my 14 year old son came in, had a cursory glance and said, It's the Orcs.

Richie (Dana) said...

“avast, ye scum, put your backs into it”!

Extremely funny Visible.
That would remind me of one of my favorite movies.

It is about a child who learns what is most important in life.
The black and white should not deter the ability to recognize that which is important.


Cap'n Spadgett said...

Alan from Perth,

G'day, I'm living over near Melbourne.

You could try reading Bhagavad Gita As Is Is. You can get a copy from your local Hare Krishna Temple or Restaurant. If you combine that with the freedom that Visible exemplifies it should go a long way to answering your questions. Be careful of listening to much of the "institutional" ISKCON version you will get from the so called "Devotee's" you find at the Temple. They became corrupted a long time ago. Some willingly and others unwittingly.

Anonymous said...

Les, you are a prophet. Thank you for this. So eloquently perfect and true. So simple and yet we complicate it. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of your community. I come here and I am inspired. God bless you and us all, everyone. xoxo Dee

MR said...

Thanks for your kind words, gurnygob, and your blessings as well. May the holy spirit of the dove bless you as well.

I've read before, somewhere, that the PTB took the divine feminine out of the trinity and replaced her with the dove, to be a symbol the holy spirit of god the creator. So the trinity became god the father, god the son an god the holy spirit. It began with Father God, Mother God and the Sun. I don't know how true this is, but it's interesting to ponder.

Last spring, I had a dove nest in my crate myrtle tree out front of my house. I knew she was one I had raised and released a season or two before. Now she was nesting nearby me. When I went to bed at night, I would pray for her protection, and surround her with a net made of tiny gold stars. Only one baby hatched. Momma dove would bring her baby by every now and then so I could see her. Momma would sit on a branch nearest my porch, while her young one would come eat seed off my deck. It reminded me of Halloween when the parents would send their little ones up to the door to get candy while they would stay back on the sidewalk.

One day, I had a conversation with a woman who talks to those who have passed on. I had just found out an old, very dear friend had passed on and I was very troubled about his death. After hearing all about my friend, this woman said my friend was leaving me with a gift. She said the gift was tiny gold stars. Does this mean anything to you, she asked me? I said yes, yes it does. I now surround every dove I release with tiny gold stars, to protect them.


MR said...

As a matter of fact, Cap'n Spadgett, I have started setting up a blog to share my dove tales with others. It's I have a picture of my first dove from last season as my mascot. There is a very powerful story about her that I do intend on sharing. I just need to sit down and start typing away and figuring out how to post, answer, etc. on the blog. Since it is mercury retrograde, this is a good time for me to continue putting my blog together.

Thanks for the encouragement, Cap'n. I will set my intentions to get her going.


MR said...

Sirus dogstar, I have seen blue doves before in meditation. It reminded me of the blue fairy in Pinocchio and becoming real. That's all I got.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for that, Les! As I woke up this morning, it finally registered on me that I don't know anything! Very timely that you mentioned it again.

"seek ye first the Kingdom of God" goes very well with the passage from Luke, "the Kingdom of God is within you"

How about all those reports of strange noises from the sky, all over the planet? Way cool! That's the sound of karma warming up. Love to all! -Sam

Anonymous said...

wending my way down the '101' this morning, through the hobbit mounds of northern california's misty mountains,

per your post (the morning roast) i found myself considering in turn both the advisability and feasibility - in the world of me - for prolonged and faithful discourse with the Source ...

and then my mind wandered, as it will, into the chitter chatter front and back of details un - or yet to be - resolved.

until i rounded yet another bend where someone had most thoughtfully posted on the side of their house in huge block letters:


Anonymous said...

oh and yeah, is that gabriel's horn a blowin'? good vibrations? hmm ...

'fall out' continues at
i'm just sayin' ... a lotta fall out.

so here's a good one; plug in 'george bush snr. and bill gates were arrested last week' - david icke

weigh it for yourself.

onething said...

There is nothing but God. Nothing outside of God. Never has been, never can be. God is the only game in town. The only way to hide is to decrease one's consciousness.

So I had this patient at work a couple of weeks ago, and I live in a very rural area and drive a long way into the big city for my job, so I was surprised to find, upon talking with her and her family, that she lives rather near me. I walked into her room and the doctor had just told her that she has about 6 to 8 weeks to live. Her daughter was in the bathroom weeping.

This woman looked me right in the eye and said that the news was bad, she has these few weeks to live, and she began to relate to me every major religious experience of her life. It was during this conversation that I found out where she lives and promised to come visit, which I did today.

I found this lovely woman holding court in her home, her death bed in the middle of the living room with beautiful sheets and coverlet, her children and grandchildren in attendance, and the entire time we talked about nothing but God. She's a simple, ultra religious, Appalachian Apostolic/Pentecostal believer, in many ways believing things I abhor and perhaps the very things Vis writes against re the fundies, and her family is horribly fat - but she's the real deal. She says to me, You can't get to heaven if you don't love people.
I do see in my line of work religious people and families facing death, and they run mewling and crying from it. They are stony silent. Not one whit different than the nonreligious.

But not this one. She is full of joy, she is unafraid, and she is uplifting and cheering everyone around her. She is very different from me and very similar to me. Why do I like her so much? Because all she wants to talk about is God.

Anonymous said...

@MR - thank you for sharing your experience. I am in a place now where I'm doing just that, holding those in need in love and compassion yet without getting attached to them or to the situation... it's a really bizarre feeling actually, because it's very new to me. I care for them and I love them, but I do so with the understanding that what is really loving and caring for them is so much greater than I am... therefore, there's no need for me to have any feelings that would create undue attachment, like worrying; worry being a manifestation of attachment. I recognize that I am just a fallible creature who has to maintain boundaries and limits lest I get in over my head! I have to live through the greater source and not through the insignificant, self-centered head space that I sometimes get so wrapped up in. This sense of there being a huge conflict between two opposing sides or motivations is super uncomfortable... :p

@Cap'n Spadgett: The Orc theory is by far the most sensible explanation of this phenomena I've heard to date. Be sure to tell your wonderful son that he's some kind of mad genius.

Steve said...

Well said. The divine is everything.

Gregory F. Fegel said...


When I opened your link about the sounds and I saw the photo of the Aurora Borealis, I expected some mention of the AB in the article, but there wasn't any. A long time ago, I don't remember where, I heard about people hearing sounds associated with the AB. Recently my sister told me that the AB has migrated southward this year, and that the scientists say we might be able to see the AB here in Oregon, which is at about the same Latitude as Wisconsin. Google "Aurora Borealis Sounds" and you'll get a bunch of websites about this famous phenomenon.

This article from Alaska mentions Eskimo legends about the sounds of the AB:

This website is devoted to sounds of the AB - and has recordings of those sounds that you can download and listen to!

Another wbesite that discusses the sounds of the AB:

This website features Native American legends of the AB. "The whistling crackling noise which sometimes accompanies the
aurora is the voices of these spirits trying to communicate
with the people of the Earth."

Since the town of Clintonville, Wisconsin has allocated $7,000 to try to find out what's making the noise, maybe I can just explain to them that it's the AB, and ask them for the money!

If it's the AB that's making the sounds, that would explain why the sounds are being heard globally. Particularly since they say that there's been some "solar flare" events happening recently.

But I don't know - I'm just suggesting the AB as a possible source for the sounds.

Anonymous said...

Dear People...*grins* along with Mercury retrograde and just doing a planet change back into Pisces Friday or so... we also have Mars retrograde in Virgo which is also making a Grand Trine right now at 6 degrees with: Pluto at 9 degrees Capricorn and Jupiter at 12 Taurus.

BIG TRINE IN EARTH=BIG DEAL. Earth sounds would be really appropriate right now as there are probably a whole lot of shakin' going on.

Also, I saw it somewhere that there is a beautiful configuration to be seen on Sunday night in the skies-Moon horizontal like a dish, with Jupiter and Venus conjoined in Taurus at the left edge (southside) and the Pleides heaven above.

There was an accompanying photo imposed over these heavenly bodies and it was the Mother standing on the Moon with Jupiter and Venus in her hands with the Pleides as her crown.

yeah... I do take it as a sign. Heavenly Mother is ready to bestow heavenly charms. :)

the gardener

PS-love you much.

Anonymous said...

Anyone interested in the actual science called Bhakti Yoga can contact me at

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your works Visible!

i'm not saying this is the whole explanation of what's causing all the strange noise and this guy seems to be generally honest so i keep an eye open for his theory and warning:

"Hoax Alien Invasion Planned - Bill Cooper" - for purposes of jump-starting one world government

he names names, places, dates for a well planned "false flag by alien invasion" and how this ties into other hoaxes and "false flag" operations (from earliest 1917 John Dewy, including Reagan speeches before UN (among others):

"Perhaps we need some outside universal threat? I occasionally think how quickly our differences, worldwide, would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world."

10 minute video intro of his views, warnings (there is more for any so desiring), at

other causes strangeness, yes, but don't put such a phenom past the usual suspects to use the strangeness or create their own (who "never let a crisis go to waste", plus the you-know-whos love nothing more than keeping the masses in permanent state of confusion, fear, befuddlement - psychological terrorism)

btw: a direct message was conveyed to me from a soul, a being (not human in form, nevertheless a being and soul just as humans contain) -that "soon all will be well, as they should be (nothing like the way things are now) and not to fear ..." (yes, with great hesitation i relay this - however)

best wishes to all!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for stating these words of truth, Les - for encouraging me to seek contact with my creator.

"There is a kingdom whose foundations are righteousness an truth, and whose builder and maker is God" -- The Urantia Book

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

As per corrupted ISKCON I'd have to say there are many devotees who are truly aspiring and inspiring.

The problem, as with most every organization is the leadership and their inability or unwillingness to resist Maya's corrupting force which is inherently and unashamedly prevalent in positions of power.

I'd encourage everyone to attend the Sunday feasts for which ISKCON has rightfully become famous worldwide.

In the least you will taste prasadsam (mercy) the likes of which you've never tasted and which is like a sort of spiritual medicine.

Also the opportunity to associate with the rank and file devotees is very nice.
They will answer your questions and offer books to peruse and they honestly have your best interests at heart.

How will you know if you never go?

Anonymous said...

Thank you sincerely for giving us both your writing and your music...

"I am alive" is wonderful!

Visible said...

The Krishna feasts are spectacular; something not to be missed if you have the opportunity to attend.

Steve said...

Hare Krishna Homer Prabu,

I spent a couple of years involved with the "Hare Krishna's" about 10 to twelve years ago, lived on a farm for 6 months in that time. I met some really nice people in that time and some really not nice people. As I slowly woke up to the bigger picture of what was going on within the leadership ranks of this world wide organisation, I had to leave as I could not condone it with my active participation. Did you ever read the Our Mission Series by Kundali Prabu? Man that was an eye opener for me. It was on line for all these years until about 6 or 12 months ago at

A Devotee couple called Aravinda and Mundakini in particular where very kind to me over all my time there. Mundakini would cook the most wonderful Prashadam and she got me involved in community theater which led me on to studying acting for 2 years after that. She was also the one who handed me Kundali's books and I met him one time as he stayed at there place for a couple of weeks when he was visiting Australia. Just for this I am within her dept for lifetimes.
I used to train Tong Long with Aravinda and some of the other Devotees. I had some very nice experiences. They where both in their 60's and fit as fiddles.

I also saw some horrible, horrible things happen there also, including rape, extreme intimidation, suicides and one person turning up dead/drowned. Had an epileptic fit and fell into the water was the official story. He had been speaking up against the authorities at that time, mmmm... (and this was within the 6 months at the farm, 6 MONTHS)

I have not set foot in a Temple for all these years, I do miss it but not enough to participate in the illusion of getting out of illusion. Chanting was used like a confession box in a lot of cases. You could do anything as long as you chanted.

What I meant by my warning to Alan, (who is only 19), was, they have some of the most amazing literature available on Bhakti Yoga, but don't expect to find any "Guru's" there anywhere near the caliber you will find with Visible or the many commentators you find around here. If there are no Guru's there, yet, there are people willing to put on a Guru badge and take on initiates and take their money and property and fuck them if they are hot enough and fuck them over if they speak up??? How can I not caution this young man? As I say, they where corrupted long ago. I would love nothing more for a total restructure, Prubhupada has set out a wonderful "Constitution of Association" which now resembles the American Constitution, just a piece of paper.

Get a copy of Bhagavad Gita, you have wonderful Devotee association around here and get right on too living your life's offering in awareness of your constitutional position in relation to God. Leave the rest to Krishna, you don't need a rubber stamped institution for that, you only need to be free.

Questar1111 said...

Thank you

Richie (Dana) said...


Very well said, my friend.

I had some beautiful insite and then was taken away by your prose.
Something about dispassionate.

The story is appreciated.


Ray B. said...

Visible, Saturday, March 24, 2012 8:27:00 PM

"Here's something pretty interesting. Any theories?"

From my aerospace background:

If it's truly random thumps (in the air), it's probably the background rain of meteors. They will cause a sonic boom if they penetrate low enough in the atmosphere before disintegrating.

If it is on a semi-schedule, it is probably black-ops craft. When I was doing design work, the word was that for the last 'revealed' spyplane, the next was already secretly operational and the next beyond that was in final design. Since the SR-71 Blackbird was the last revealed one, they are 2-3 generations beyond that. Some were straight iterations of going faster/higher, and would give a standard sonic boom. Some were using a new 'pulse detonation' engine that would sound somewhere between a 'crack' and a 'rumble' from the engine itself, plus a sonic boom if supersonic or hypersonic.

By the way, if the city authorities contacted USAF about military activities, they would be told ONLY about the standard (white-ops) flights. Period.

Of course, 'anything' could actually be going on. One can get as esoteric as one likes.

(I enjoyed your VI, and wish you luck with all the background snipings and misunderstandings. Hang in there; you are appreciated.)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Cap'n Spadgett,

thank you for the note, info and honest concern for everyone.

I personally avoid the many so-called spiritual authorities (pseudo gurus) as diligently as I avoid the myriad civil authorities.

Though as you yourself have pointed out, there are many rank and file devotees who are exemplars of a spiritual quality Srila Prabhupada would approve of and condone.

My favorite Vaishnava WWW is Sampradaya Sun.
I encourage everyone to check it out. So much offered by such dedicated devotees.
It is to me; priceless.

Everyone if at all possible should attend the Sunday feast, partake of prasadam and hear the Mahamantra.

Lord Chaitanya once proclaimed that even the Shah's enforcers who often complained of the devotees chanting of the Hare Krishna Hare Rama were honestly, albeit unknowingly, benefited due to saying the holy names names as they complained!

Summer of 2011 while at New Vrindaban I had an unsolicited
encounter with Radhanath Swami (Richie Slavin), the fair haired child of ISKCON guru-ship, 21st century.

This meeting did not go so well and ended with his grace swishing off huffily. I suppose I should be grateful he did not lay a Brahmin's curse on me, but then again..

I consider myself nothing more than an aspiring neophyte devotee and if that's all I ever am or ever become that's fine.

I first encountered Sri Krishna and Srila Prabhupada (Sampradaya Parampara)in 1972

It was love at first sight.

Still is.

Best wishes to you!

Sri Krishna Balarama ki jaya!

Anonymous said...

My frogs are just fine. Thankyou.
But... "everything I abhor?" You speak of anger, depression, on and on and on...then enlightenment and DIVINE and LOVE, then define all you abhor. I'm sorry. I'll leave you to YOUR WORLD from now on. But.. thanks for the great writes.

LightSaber1111 said...

Wow!!! Les you helped remind me of what is really important. I did know but had forgotten. Thank you so much for getting me back on track. I am about to go research bhakti yoga! Have a great day my friend!!!

LightSaber1111 said...

Thank you Les!!!

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Bodysurfing the Kali Yuga.

Anonymous said...

You are a blessing, a gift, and a warning to all humanity. "a voice crying out in the wilderness" and one of the greatest wordsmiths of our time. TY for being you.
Peter G

Anonymous said...

It’s now official – there’s been no actual shortage of Holocaust Survivors :

Quote from The Holocaust Industry by Norman G. Finkelstein of the City University of New York, published by Verso in the year 2000:
'The Israeli Prime Minister's office recently put the number of "living Holocaust survivors" at nearly a million.' (page 83)

neal said...

Ray B., black tech and esoteric things will tend to be married together, not really by way of explaination, just vantange points in agreement, but there are those that still argue, for some reason, I guess.



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