Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Materially Insane on the Runaway Train to Krazy Town.

(I hate to go pedestrian in Visible Origami but certain events are taking place as certain trends are appearing and they signify dark portents for coming times. As was recently stated whatever happens in the world is of the world. Otherwise there is the ineffable and you MUST cast all your cares and concerns into his hands because the world is in Krazy Phase, being driven by the force of runaway Materialism. Step aside and let it go by. Do not jump onboard. That train is headed for Krazy Town.)

It is official. It is now official, Donald Trump is owned by the combination cabal of Organized Satanists and Israeli Dual Nationals. It could be no more clear than this. Here is a more clear picture of what is taking place. Meanwhile there are forces that have been at work for some time and the truth of this has been known to some for awhile.

The agents of the dark side and those who serve the light have many things in common, aside from the principal items such as intentions and objective. Both sides are dedicated and determined and have great faith in the force they serve. Both employ forms of prayer and ritual. I could go on but it's not germane to today's point.

Crazy is crazy and there are no barriers of social station, level of intelligence, economic standing... that can protect you from crazy; frankly... quite frankly, crazy can get in anywhere. Someone explain to me what difference it makes what the sexual designation of single use bathrooms is?

Materialism is legitimately insanity and the further in you go, the crazier you become. Since the entire planet is being swept up in it, crazy is the new normal. It is one of the most unfortunate things that people do not pay attention to what is going on around them in the larger and wider sense. Consonant with this, people believe that social and cultural changes come about all on their own and are the result of some sort of evolutionary drive. They do not see that most of the social and cultural changes, these days, are being engineered by malificants working in concert to destroy all harmony and symmetry and to usher in Hell on Earth.

We are being attacked at every level with the intention of making us sick at every level. Our sexual nature is being shaped with the objective of destroying the family unit. Our eating habits are being programmed so that our physical health will be ruined. Our moral sense is being warped by increments so that we will lose our common and native affection for one another. Our history is being manipulated in order to activate antipathy between the races and the sexes; events are set in motion to amplify hatred and suspicion over every difference that exists between us.

The primary offspring of Materialism is selfishness. Selfishness makes us uncaring of others. The population in the poorest locations is experiencing the highest birthrates. Half the world lives on around $2.50 a day. Almost 400 million people live on less that $1.90 a day. 8 men possess as much wealth as half of the world's people. These disparities are amazing but there is nothing accidental about any of it. Life is a dream and all the world's inhabitants live at some level of awareness in the dream. Very, very few are awake. Very many are deep into it and it is for this reason that an apocalypse comes around at regular intervals. It is for this reason that the Avatar appears at regular intervals. It is a natural cultural progression that the religious systems that endured for such a length of time would begin to disintegrate. They are not the only long standing pillars of the social infrastructure that are crumbling.

In times of apocalypse the truth is revealed and this changes the collective perceptions of the residents and that changes the world. At this point in time, falsehoods are riding roughshod over the collective mind and bizarre expositions of both temporary and chronic madness are everywhere to be seen. All through the changes people come and go across the dreamscape. They see and do not see. They hear and do not hear. The composition of individual Karma is expressed in the density of the dream as it manifests in each life. Only through a great and persistent intensity of effort or the visitation of Grace can one awaken. One's capacity for the intensity of effort is also reliant upon Karma. In most cases there is no industry whatsoever in respect of awakening. All of the intention is upon material aspirations for material gain and this is a prison house of perpetual suffering. One suffers with the absence of the objects of desire and then one suffers in the possession of the objects of desire. One suffers from the loss of the objects of desire but more especially from the disappointment in the objects of desire.

There is something missing. There is an emptiness that cannot be filled by any material gain no matter what it might be. The mind has convinced itself that what desire has provoked will prove to be the solution to the emptiness but it never is. Only in recognition of the indwelling self is peace possible. Still there is no peace until that blessed reunion takes place but there is a certainty and determination now. There is a faith that is like that peace which passes all understanding and it drives you like nothing that has ever come before. It gives a meaning to existence that was not present in other times when the monkey mind scrambled in every direction finding only temporary distractions.

A reader asked me the other day where she might go that was safe. Where could one go and be able to live on minimal resources. This person wanted to know where and in what state such a place could be found and I had no answer for that because every place involves a different combination of possibilities for each person. No one place is the same for everyone. This world is filled with people who have answers. Solutions fall so easily from their lips. Never before have we had so many experts on so many subjects and never before have so many of them been so consistently wrong. Now we have life coaches and people who converse with spirit guides and channel just about everyone who has ever been here and plenty of beings who live in other dimensions and in other solar systems.

Some years ago I was in New York and I came across one of those spiritual newspapers that are like the sex ad newspapers that can have well over a hundred pages. I was stunned the first time I saw one of those but... I digress. I came upon this spiritual newspaper that also had at least a hundred pages and dozens of those were filled with classified ads. I guess I had some time on my hands so I spent a good portion of time reading this newspaper and I came across no less than a dozen, maybe two dozen people who were channeling Jesus Christ; half a dozen channeled Moses. I can't remember how many were offering the Comte de St. Germain. How is it possible that so many people could be conduits for the same spiritual personality at the same time?

There are thousands and thousands of these people who bring us information and advice about how to live our lives and how to get what we want and how many of them are legitimate? I suspect there are very, very few. Meanwhile... the source of all things is resident within us. The answer to everything that could ever concern us is resident within the ineffable who is resident within us. We seem unable to ask with the necessary sincerity and faith. We seem incapable of believing in the one who is more real than any other thing and who is the source and origin of every good thing. This is due to the Karma that has chained us to the wheel of desire for all the temporary things we have been deceived into believing are the thing we want and life proves to us over and over through life after life that none of it is true or real.

Only the ineffable can resolve every concern. Only the ineffable can lift us out of the dream and into the real. Only the ineffable can conquer death and every sorrow and loss. Until one finds the clarity of vision to know this they will wander in dreams and the dreams will be populated with suffering and there will be no answers because there is only one answer and only one place where it can be found.

My life is not free from suffering. My life is not a constant flow of ease and serenity but I know where the answer is. I know that God is real and so I know that it is simply a matter of time and the circumstances that are necessary for me to come to the place where what is meant to happen can happen. Everything else is of no importance. Everything else is just images seen from a car window. Everyone passing by is me at some point along the way; me when I knew a great deal less and me when I knew a great deal more. Now there is only one thing I am certain of and so... it is just a matter of time. Is time even real? Are the necessary circumstances real? I know that God is real and so it is a certainty that the moment will come that the ineffable will appear in such a way that... and it is at this point where words fail me once more and I can only hope that the time will come when more can be said.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Few Moments of Thinking about Doing Something and Finding it Already Done.

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(welcome to Visible Origami my dear friends; the latest in an unbroken series of daily postings because, I guess because we like where we are and this is one of the things that happen when you like where you are.)

rollin... rollin... rollin... tap... tap... tap... tap... hmmm, probably would have been a good idea if I had had some idea of what I was going to say before I started to say something and it wasn't there. Usually you know, there's something there but... it's like I opened the door to the pantry and there was what is probably a very old carton of Kraft mac'n cheese, which I didn't buy cause the only way I would use that is to Spackle a hole in the sheet rock ...but nothing else comes to mind; eating it is certainly not part of the equation. Of course this is not a literal pantry. It is supposed to represent my mind. You know what? I'm going to just sit here for a bit until something comes to me. Usually there's a number of subjects in a holding pattern over that airstrip that leads to the terminal that is the central clearing house for my consciousness and they are still very much there and look a lot like the points we were making the last time we were here and therein lies the imagined dilemma. There is no dilemma, this is just one of the times I don't want to repeat myself too transparently. So... given I just sent this link to a friend that I'll be seeing in a couple of days and given that it relates directly to the matter at hand, I will share it with you as well.

... very interesting how coincidence works, given that it doesn't exist in the first place.

And given that somehow Stevie intruded himself into the mix, let's double down on that.

If I have a favorite tune by him (which is impossible) this would be it. Listen to EVERY SINGLE LINE and tell me whether you think he might not be in direct communication with the one of whom we speak about here so often. If you ever buy another album, I think “Songs in the Key of Life” will take the need for pondering which one that would be off of your mind.

Yes... I want to immediately repeat the same scripture from yesterday and possibly also the day before and the day before that... and that repetitive thing but... I'm not going to. I'm going to sit here and think about it for a bit. This one might take me awhile. Well... speaking of Stevie, which we were, moments ago, Stevie, with all his brilliance and connectives to the almighty, got hijacked by the left wing of what might have once been humanity but more represents what the Italians call 'sinistra', from which the word sinister is derived. Hey! I'm left handed. It's like right and wrong, right? They only exist as the interpretations given to them by whomever is occupying that perspective but... these days, I got to say it... those people (if they can be called that) are more twisted than that licorice I used to have a thing for. Bruce got hijacked by them too. All those entertainers and artists got hijacked by that agenda and they are sick and twisted; the agenda- I don't know the artists personally enough to pass a judgment. Some of them are twisted too.

Before money sodomizes the humanity out of you and God cuts off your access to the muse(s), you might have once been an objectively thinking capable person. Now... however it is that they accomplished that, when The Tribe speaks, you sit up and bark and then you roll over. Visible has never been able to accomplish that. Hell, he even tried. I did want to fit in but... they already knew what they were dealing with when it comes to me and they knew it before I did.

On the plus side of the equation, the muse(s) have never abandoned me and as far as fame and fortune go, I always remember what the ineffable said to me a few years ago when we were discussing my getting the kind of exposure that one creates for in the first place and... in a if it had eyes, I remember that guy I saw on the train to Baltimore one afternoon. There I was... and if you've ever taken the train from DC to Baltimore, you know that in the sequences... the unforgettable snapshots of your passage through time and space in that particular zone... it passes through some of the darkest backside of the city you can imagine. For all I know, the city that gave us John Waters has no other side but... on this particular afternoon, I happened to be looking out the window and just as we came out of an overpass there was this guy, dressed in ordinary clothes with a beret on and it was pulled down over his eyes, like somehow you would not be able (or care to) identify him ...and there he stood with his 'member' out and I must say, this fellow was impressively endowed; for a moment I thought I was looking into some kind of a mirror (grin... I don't believe I said that but man... the door was wide open) and he was just pulling it and the train was going by and that kind of said, “Baltimore” to me.

Yeah, I digressed... anyway, I remember what the ineffable said to me about that whole fame and fortune and 'exposure' thing; most important thing to me is that those songs get heard, for the reasons they got written in the first place. The ineffable said to me, “visible, who did you write those songs for?” I replied, “For you, Lord.” He answered, “Son, I heard them.” I felt such a wash of accomplishment and pure joy wash over me when he said that that it was as if... for a moment, I got to be The Beatles in some fast forward, all in an instant kind of a way... for a soundtrack to this thought, go to that song of theirs, 'Revolution #9' and cue up the part where the orchestra goes nuts and winds the whole sequence into that ever increasing intensity just before the song's conclusion. My point is this... if the inspiration that passes through you is not only generated, through several different protective filters on its way to you, so that you don't get incinerated in the process... but was also sent to the source of it (by you) to begin with and you get told by the one who made it possible for you to do it in the first place that he heard it... my friends, I know no greater sense of completion, nor do I think I ever shall, that said it all. “Son... I heard them.”

In that moment I truly did get the temporary and pointless exercise that the whole Sisyphean construction of a material world was all about. Believe me, when you are given actual evidence of not only god's presence in this whole masquerade but that he approves of and appreciates whatever your small accomplishments were/are, it doesn't matter if anyone hears or sees what you do. How does that work... you have thousands of screaming idiots, stoned and drunk ...and howling at you, with eyes more glazed than anything you ever saw at a Krispy Kreme ...and you want to ask some of the stage hands to bring you a few buckets of raw meat, like the chum that people working on ship cruises reach into so that their passengers can see a shark in real life... so that you can toss portions of it out into the crowd (real experience of mine, without the chum buckets actually showing up) or... a small handful of people who are actually paying attention to the lyrics, or the ineffable recognizing the content and intent of your efforts... it's not even a question of what direction you are going to go in with this.

The beauty of knowing that the ineffable exists... knowing, not speculating or believing or wishing and hoping but knowing... and then having the ineffable drop by... surely the busiest entity that ever there was and which explains him being able to be in multiple locations at all times... to have him directly tell you that he's seen and heard what you do and in that instant you also recognize that that is where it came from in the first place... like... somehow... you had never really gotten that before but... now you do. That beats winning every award on Earth. That beats being the keynote speaker at any and every event anywhere. That beats, hands down, ANYTHING this world can ever give you and then (always) takes it away... cause that is what it does... /that beats everything. I'm guessing you only know this in its most complete fashion if it happens to you ...but it happened to me and all I got is Gratitude... Gratitude... Gratitude... and Gratitude that it is impossible to express; you can't even feel it on any level approximating what is required. You are pretty much left forever reaching for the means but forever falling short.

To have your whole miserable life swimming in gratitude and in defiance of all the hurt and harm and pain of what appearances delivered to your door, long before Amazon started taking over the world, long before there were cellphones and computers and all you knew about the world was that you were being beaten into submission with a landline telephone at the hands of whoever it was that got put in charge of you passing by them... ///to have your whole life swimming in gratitude and thankfulness so that now every time the whip hand came down (and the memory is literally not even there anymore) with full force, it now feels like it was a kiss... to be left at the end of all the things you have yet to understand with a heart overflowing with love and gratefulness... wow! I assure you there is nothing like that ...and no possible way that it can be described by anyone through any medium of expression...

well, I'd say, regardless of all the heartbreak and loss, that is a life well lived.

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Sunday, June 18, 2017

Transform your Depression and Despair into Transcendent Joy. Do it Today.

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I am surprised and not only because it happened (is happening) at all but because of certain elements of irony and synchronicity that have attended it. Some number of readers are seriously apprehensive, disturbed and observably suffering degrees of depression over... what?

I know the times are what they are and recent decades have been a trial for most of us because of the vibrational net of manufactured darkness that is pulsing with focused waves of negative emotions intended to transpose over our own and basically keep us in down states. I experience this myself and have been for awhile. Sometimes it's hard to keep it up- metaphorically speaking (grin) through the day as I feel the pulses that I know must be coming from somewhere and that I know are designed for the impact they have. It puts one in a Sisyphean mind set sometimes. You keep trying to roll up and you roll down and meanwhile they've greased the pathway for an added loss of incentive.

The general number for the demographics of response in all areas of back and forth- forums, advertising, comments sections is 2%. This seems to hold true across the board and so when I hear from a handful of people that they are feeling down or I get statements woven out of that 'all is lost' fabric or, 'it's only a matter of time'. It makes me wonder and it makes me concerned. I want to reassure you, each and every one ...and then I have to ask myself; “am I telling the truth?' I have to wonder if I am speaking out of an informed and stable awareness, attended by certitude, as something also more than faith or... am I just trying to cheer people up prior to their putting transgender cheerleaders in front of the crowds at NFL games to take over for me... heh heh. You may be sure that the LGBTQRSUVWXRSUVWX community is already hard at work on this.

It's a serious question; do I know what I am talking about or am I just trying to make you feel better, without having a solid basis for it? Well... in consideration of that being a serious question, I've been giving it a lot of thought. The truth of the matter is just as important to me as it is to you because I keep getting put through it too. The irony of the matter is that recently I was in a great deal of pain and that magnified the impact of the other upon me considerably. It caused me to act in ways I otherwise would not have done but strangely enough the result was ultimately very positive. People's feelings got hurt, this is true and I am sorry about that but I now know that it was generated to occur for precisely the results that came out of the whole affair and the Love between me and others has not changed and will only grow stronger in time. This I am certain of and... after some amount of reflection, I can confidently announce that I am certain about the other as well.

Surely... times may get rough and tumble and many people now present may, at some point, no longer be present... here. Possibly what Albert Pike said may... in one permutation or another come to pass. That link is not posted because of any affinity I have with the writer one way or another. I didn't even read it. It is there because what I wanted to reference is present there (I hope). I kinda feel like the attorney who got told, “Never ask a witness a question you don't already know the answer to.” It is now a courtroom staple because of what has happened more than once when an attorney did ask a question he didn't already know the answer to and wound up uncomfortably surprised and where it changed the course of the trial as well. This very thing happened several times at my own trial in Hawaii, where I was facing a mandatory 60 years. Tangentially I can say I understand what Samuel Johnson meant, a bit more than most; “When a man knows he is to be hanged in a fortnight, it concentrates his mind wonderfully.”

Surely... some of us here, possibly many of us here, are going to suffer to some degree as a result of whatever is brewing in that witches cauldron (no offense meant to witches here- it's just in use as a image reference.). Nor is it meant as support either because I don't know what they are up to, individually and collectively. I guess, in many cases they are just like the rest of us except they filter through that template. Then I think to myself, I'm not like anyone else and then I think, in some ways I certainly am like others. The thing is, what makes each of us unique varies and sometimes has more importance attached to it than may generally be the case and “No.” I am not talking about myself here. I'm just speaking generally (grin).

Surely... there are episodes up the road... the general circumstances of them are in play. They are to be seen on the drafting board but they are incomplete and that is the way it is in life. Certain things are meant to come to pass but how they come to pass and the actual details of them remain incomplete up until the moment when they happen. This is that gray (would it be gray?) area where the nature and details of the completion of any episode relies on the contributions that WE make and what the ineffable has in mind as to what the teaching moment is meant to contain. It relies not only on what we do but what we do not do as well.

Surely... we are using 'surely' a bit much but we've got reasons, even if we don't know what they are. Yes... desperate hours may come, crisis points may occur and there will be watersheds and Waterloo's a time or two (good lines for part of a song; note to self). BUT... There is an ALMIGHTY GOD. There is a force for 'ultimate' good in the destiny of everything that cannot be opposed in any significant way, even if all the agents and elements of evil were all collectively focused on a single objective and had the Marshall amps turned up to 11. First off, evil, by its very nature, destroys itself. Giving some amount of analytical thought to the meaning of this will provide much fruit. So... I don't care how big and menacing the shadows become. I don't care what appearances might threaten. Everything comes to heel before the almighty. Let me include an understanding I once came to and which, along with a few others, has held me together through the most difficult of times; It says in the Bible, “at the name of Jesus every knee shall bow.” Fundies take this to mean, 'my way or the highway'. The truth, as usual is otherwise, while still being true. One of the reasons that Understanding is held to be co-equal with Wisdom is that when it is properly employed one can come to awarenesses that are Revelation itself. The name Jesus comes from Yeshua... Joshua as well and the intrinsic meaning of the name is liberty, or freedom. So when it is said that “at the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow.” it means that before the icon and understanding of one's own liberty and freedom all knees shall bow.

Once again I am going to insert one of the most important things ever said, “Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy strength, and with all thy mind; and thy neighbour as thyself.” Inscribe these words on your heart and employ their meaning to the limits of your ability and remember that this will also press those limits outward and inward to the limitless.

If you feel overwhelmed by appearances and the weakness of your own spirit, against the seeming of the evil in this world, repeat those lines to yourself and accompany them with, “If God is for me then who can be against me?” as well as, “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world.” Every time the agents of darkness seek to bring you down, repeat these words to yourself. Every time you feel like you are so small and that there is nothing you can do, or you are getting old and you feel what was your youth and your strength fading, remind yourself of what those words state and imply. Every time you feel alone and alienated, speak to the ineffable. What are the lines of that great Christian song?

“I come to the garden alone
While the dew is still on the roses
And the voice I hear, falling on my ear
The Son of God discloses.

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known.

(He speaks and the sound of His voice)
(Is so sweet the birds hush their singing)
And the melody that He gave to me
Within my heart is ringing.

And He walks with me
And He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own
And the joy we share as we tarry there
None other has ever known....”

Remind yourself of the opportunity for this. Walk into the garden yourself; into the woods... the desert, the mountains or the seashore and talk to the ineffable. The ineffable will hear you. Surely... you know this? Take the time to step aside and out of the dream of your life at every necessary time, in every moment of need. Why are you so obsessed with doing it on your own? Where did that motivation come from? Where did you get the idea that you could handle these things yourself... on your own? It has been said from generation through generation by those appointed to remind us that we must RELY ON THE INEFFABLE. “Take up your cross and follow me.” What does that mean? Once again, some inquiry will bear much fruit.

Yes... on your own... surely, you will fail and therefore you have ample reason for doubt and depression and despair. This is the source and cause of why those of you who are feeling this way are feeling this way. Think about it. Neither of these are a guarantee that you will not suffer or that you will survive. In any case, how many of us who were here (reincarnation aside) a hundred years ago are still here? But... your suffering will be shared... your burdens will be lifted by the one whose strength and power are greater than everything else that ever has been or will be.

Include the ineffable in everything you do. Proceed as if the ineffable were acting through you at all times and carry yourself in the manner that this suggests. Love the ineffable and this unites you with the ineffable's love for you and that is exponential in potential and will actualize. Pass out of the prison house of your own self created confinement and into the freedom of the all pervasive love of the ineffable. There is nothing more I can say at this point.

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Thursday, June 15, 2017

We Have Come to Armageddon, just to Find the Battle Won.

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(Ah.... it seems all is well at the blogs again so we shall just whistle past the burial grounds here as if it t'were ever the same... god willing.)

It is a strange dichotomy for me to observe the leaders and media of this world in all of its unrighteous, lying, materialistic indifference to humanity. It leaves one near breathless; the audacity and arrogance and all of it... for the purpose of demonstration. All of it is being done before the eyes of the world which in the majority... and it is one of the greatest misfortunes, are blinded by Materialism. Certainly the bad guys make a major contribution to the unfortunate conditions that rise and fall each day, like perverted biorhythms, weaving their Grimm's Brothers tales of darkening shadows, in search of sunlight to swallow ...but... it doesn't work like that. Shadows cannot swallow the sun. Shadows hide out of the reach of the sun or nestle in corners where the sunlight doesn't reach.

Every day, the government orchestrated drums of terror, sound their message of reverberating fear across the landscape. Nightly the news creates their manufactured dramas, like a massive field, a color riot of poisonous flowers... endlessly replicate in full bloom... we hear about Syria and Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan, Libya to the Ukraine (now Qatar) and around the world, wherever the corporate intelligence services ply their efforts in the international drug trade and the weapon's testing mass murder of hapless people, caught in a place they can't get out of... except... except in those case where the same intelligence services and Soros financed operatives create forced migrations of violent refugees into the heart of Europe for the construction of chaos from the blueprints of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Oh... the wonder of the grace of the ineffable to be one not blinded and deceived by these clumsy predators who feed on the pain and suffering they send rolling off the assembly line of time; packaged in gaudy cardboard and shrink wrapped plastic, these items fly off the shelves and into the carts of the zombie consumers of the elements of their own destruction. Every day is some kind of reversed Christmas Day as they eagerly tear open the packages of their own suffering, never seeing it for what it is.

Oh the wonder of faith in the ineffable and the certitude of unshakable belief in a divine being that grants those with eyes to see, the capacity to see through what is not real, to the brilliant and eternal light of the force that makes and maintains everything... be it seeming evil, be it seeming good, be it seeming and only dreaming, the awakening is coming. It has come already to some and soon it will come by miraculous agency to the greater body of the sleeping public.

No one knows the hour. No one knows the means or mechanisms but come it will and in a twinkling the veils will part. How do I explain this thrilling force of certainty that courses through my heart and mind? How is it possible to feel so wonderful and reassured in every moment when every appearance is one more shape of darkness in an army of countless ghosts, waving like hallucination bedsheets in the wind... boo! They have no power. They have nothing but the fear they can generate in the witless and deceived. Only fear grants them the impression of any influence at all. Fear sets the stage for confusion, confusion divides the minds of those confused and sets them against themselves. That is the battle and it ends the moment that Love displaces the Fear and the confusion dissolves to reveal the enduring unity that hides in every one of us.

And coming like the storm to end all storms, is the radiant face and form of the Avatar; the immeasurable reservoir of Love eternal and unassailable... closer than we know, invisible yet far more present than we and all that is required of us is to rely upon it, to surrender into it to let it live and breathe in us, as if it were us ...because that is the truth of us... we are that... hidden from ourselves behind a curtain of self deception. We only have to let it slip away. Let the inner light burn it away and your spiritual eyes be opened. This curtain is woven of misplaced desire that has constructed a cartoon monster out of the angel concealed within. We have convinced ourselves that what loves and protects us is the adversary... a terrible joke we have played upon ourselves. Meanwhile we have embraced the opposite because we have interpreted it according to our hungers and uniformed desires.

We are in the midst of a culture war. It is not happening to us. It is happening around us. We walk through it. We are filled with light. We are surrounded by light. We are drawn and driven by the light and lacking the necessary conflict within, there is no war for us to fight.

We are on a vast horizon
facing into the blazing Sun
and we have come all this way to Armageddon
Just to find the battle won.

We can be frightened or we can be amused, though I am not convinced that amusement is the best posture because there is so much sorrow woven within it, yet... I have seen that genuine laughter in the eyes of masters and children too, who know nothing about the world and its darker permutations, except when they do and that may well be the saddest point of all but the truth is that there are no accidents or mistakes and for whatever the reason may be there is a reason. This world is what it is. It has its seasons. It has day and night and it has all the appearances that suit the perspective of whomever believes in them because they match up with what they want to believe to be true but... as Pontius Pilate once said, “What is truth?”

Whatever we think we are defines the world as we think we know it but that is not what it is, except that that is what it is 'taken as' and everything else that it gives the impression of being for as long as anyone is convinced to believe it to be true. That certainly enhances the meaning of the term 'relative'.

What stuns me more than anything in the world and what convinces me that, what are considered assets are more often terrible liabilities, are all the presumed smart people in the world who are so easily seduced into believing and defending the most preposterous lies and fantasies. Part of it is because so called smart people automatically assume that other smart people who have been around awhile and have a reputation for being smart are correct in their arguments and positions, simply because of their position in academe and because... oh now bad they want to be in the same place. Then there is the peer pressure to fit in as smart in a world of other smart people and be smart enough to know that telling and defending the truth is a career and reputation killer. As George Orwell so brilliantly once said, “In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

Add in that colleges hire those teachers who are most inclined to get down on their knees in a metaphorical public toilet and give what amounts to complete sexual fealty to political correctness and the father of lies so that they can parade around in an endless cocktail party filled with self important fools whose arguments have been chosen for their tried and true dependability, based on the fact that you can name drop to your hearts content, knowing you only have to memorize a few Cliff Notes principles based on bullshit so that you sound like you know what you are talking about while talking about nothing at all that was once stated by some earlier edition of yourself, who based his entire body of work on it's ability to sound slightly different than some other idiot who didn't know what he was talking about either. Nearly all of the philosophers from some centuries on now, wrote the most intentionally complex manifestos for no other reason than that a handful of poseurs and pseudo intellectuals could debate the horseshit with one another, without improving the world or adding to human understanding... not even one little bit.

Add in also that the raging fury in the drive for self importance eventually murders the conscience. It is the worst kind of homicide; to kill your own humanity.

It takes courage to tell the truth and integrity as well to live it. Why? Because there is a cost involved. Keep in mind that the almighty knows when you are and are not sincere and will go to incredible lengths to make sure that both of these are made known for the purpose of demonstration. This is what life is all about. It's a stage. It is a continuously developing story that repeats the same dramas and conclusions in infinite variety over and over and over again. Find out who you are and live it. Find out who you really are. Hidden within you is the supreme personality of the ineffable. It is either shining through you or it is being blocked by the shadows of your poor imitation of it. I presume there have been times when it has fully shined through one of us, on very rare occasions ...but each of us shines out or generates shadows by degrees and is by degrees, bound and determined to get to the result of it, convinced or truly mistaken of the value of whichever it may be.

There is no smarter soul than the one who understands its origin and its purpose for being present in the first place. There is no science or system worthy of study other than those fragments left by the ineffable in his passage, by us, before us and ahead of us, in those guises he has donned for the purpose of demonstration. Love the ineffable. Seek the ineffable. Think of the ineffable in every moment that it is possible for you to do so. Why does this get said over and over and over again here? It gets said because there is nothing more important that anyone can know or do with their measured time... here. Do the smart thing. I know so little. This is one of the few things that I do know.

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Saturday, June 03, 2017

Find God and Trouble Yourself with Nothing Else.

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I try to understand what makes people what they are and what makes them do what they do.. I cannot be more sincere than what you have just read. I have put a great deal of attention into the motivations of others besides myself; given that I even understand my own and, I believe, to some degree, I do. I believe also, up to a certain point we are a mystery to ourselves and... that is how it should be because, once that mystery is unlocked, we are no longer anything like what we imagined ourselves to be. Much of what we think about ourselves is imagined and no matter how finely tuned and precise our imagination may be, it falls short of that moment when we find ourselves face to face with God and acknowledge what that means. We cannot fail to acknowledge it when it happens but it would be pointless to try to explain the meaning of it. There are no words and never will be. It is the word itself. One in possession of it could unmake Heaven and Earth but that has never happened because only the most accomplished of evil among us can come close to that and that... that remains forever beyond their reach and ever shall.

I am a facile man, subtle when it suits the need but also a fool with a reckless edge that accounts for the part of being a fool. It is said that god takes care of drunks and fools. I only need the latter. There is a reason that god is fond of the two because a part of him bears portions of both by necessity to reflect his most ambitious project at their points of extremity. Bacchus and Dionysus are not accidents of metaphor or myth. They are quite real aspects of the all inclusive. Quite a few of us understand some portion of the ineffable. Some very few understand a bit more but the difference between those who understand little and those who understand the most is still a distance that cannot be measured. It is measureless, when measured against the aggregate ignorance of all of them since time began.

Find God. Trouble yourself with nothing else. Everything else is a waste of time and time is one of your most precious commodities, given how precious a human birth is and how very, very tragic the waste of such an opportunity is; I cannot tell you the value of that but I have some small idea of what it is. Take my recommendation, seek God with all your heart and soul and mind. Seek God in every act and thought and word. Yes... distractions will come aplenty. You will come to despise yourself for the weakness in you but you will never stop because the divine fever of the love of the almighty has taken root in you and you will prevail. Remember this through all the trials and torments that will come your way. That fever has taken root and you will not be forgotten even if you forget yourself. God is not like you nor I, until that blessed day when it become true. We might fail and we might forget but God does neither. Let that be your hope when it seems that all other hope has failed. Let that be your light when all the false lights have failed and when it is better to be blind than to be led by any of them.

God is all seeing in such a way that every sense he possesses can act as any other sense and he has a finer sense of each that sits atop the usual senses and above those, yet more extraordinary facilities that we cannot name because naming them in a way tends to define them and they cannot be defined, nor can those of an ever more refined nature and capacity that continue past the perception of anyone but God. Any one of us who have certain extraordinary gifts have them only because they have been bestowed for the purpose of demonstration or the withholding of all demonstrations. Try to figure it out and be sure to come to your wits end in the effort.

Some very dark things have come after me lately. They have come for my mind and my physical well being. I do not know what they mean. I don't know what the purpose of demonstration is. What I do know is that there is one. I know I have had certain levels of pain but that would seem to come with the territory. I imagine there is something I can do about that. The lack of any health insurance is certainly not a plus but I am working on that. I have so little it seems to me that I can be covered no matter what and I do have food and shelter and it looks like I will for the duration. I'm telling you these things only because at some point they may affect what I am able to do but I will keep at it for as long as I can. It's one of those terrible ironies of life that when you finally have just about everything you thought you might have wanted in order to do all the things you thought you wanted to do, you get to sit there and look at it and wonder what it is you are going to find out soon enough. Me... I just have to laugh. It's the way I'm made. I had so many turn arounds go down in the wrong direction, I got to where I didn't know what the direction was anymore. All I knew was I was supposed to keep going and I did and... so I have and... here I am.

God's got something up for me and it might be very good; the news might be good or it might be another kind of good; what I would call good but which I suppose most people fear but I do not. For some reason I'm not afraid of anything I can think of that I consider a possibility. I suppose there are things I might well fear but they are most unlikely, given my associates. We've all got associates and we got them based on who we are and what we are. This is where our real investments lie. They lie in whatever we considered most important to invest ourselves in and everything that is part of us, as a real part of us or as an extension by possession, these are all an investment. I made mine in blood and struggle and just about every kind of difficulty you can imagine and that is how I come to write about the things I write about in the ways I write about them. That is how everyone else comes to be employed or engaged in whatever that happens to be. My end has shown no profit at all on the level everyone else measures it all by, On the other hand, I am richer than anyone on Earth. It takes time for anything to come to fruition, be it a peach tree or a painting... or a life for that matter.

I look at my life and I think, sometimes, what the Hell did I go through all of this for? Then I think about the love that burbles up in my heart and I KNOW, it was worth it. When I go into a supermarket and I genuinely want to reach out and change someone's day, or pass someone in the street, or wind up in a restaurant talking to the owner who came from the same part of Italy I lived in and he brings his wife over and we have this wonderful talk and I find that he's been married about as long as I've been alive and his wife says nothing because I am sure she doesn't speak a word of English and he is telling me how he came to America with nothing and a few years later owned 6 pizza shops and now just this high end Italian joint that we walked into because we had to wait somewhere for an hour or so and he tells me he's had two strokes and cancer twice and a few other things and his wife just looks at him likes he's her whole life, which I am sure is true and I can see he probably won't last the year and I feel like smacking myself in the face for my poor concerns and probably imaginary uncertainties and he says, with a smile, “Hey... what are you going to do?” And I almost weep but not quite and maybe they will come by for dinner next week or not but it's okay cause I had that time with him, like I do with people every day because all that suffering and hardship taught me some things about people that I will never forget and that I thank the almighty God for every day for having made me see these things and be the way I am now.

I don't care what you may own or how much money you got in the bank or all the false friends that it allows you to rent for the time you need some kind of human reassurance in which there is not one drop of sincerity. I don't care how many important people you can get on the phone or who already knows your name when you get to the door and I can close my eyes and talk to someone more important than you will ever meet and have them talk back to me and I just think to myself, “ah what a folly is life.” I think to myself how easily and completely people deceive themselves and each other and never share anything meaningful the way some of us do every single day and just how powerful and real that is compared to all the tea in China and all the open legs that spread for whoever feels that paying for it somehow equates to true affection. I just have to laugh and I know that no matter what tribulation or momentary loss of any momentary thing I might have to endure, there are just some things that no one can take away from you and these things are very much like a passport that opens the door to worlds and solar systems that too few of us have ever even heard of. Search for God. Give it all the attention you can remember to put on it at every occasion you are lucky enough to be reminded to do so and I promise you not only a life worth having lived but a life that will never end nor be less wonderful and beautiful than it continues to become with every passing moment.

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