Wednesday, June 28, 2017

The Materially Insane on the Runaway Train to Krazy Town.

(I hate to go pedestrian in Visible Origami but certain events are taking place as certain trends are appearing and they signify dark portents for coming times. As was recently stated whatever happens in the world is of the world. Otherwise there is the ineffable and you MUST cast all your cares and concerns into his hands because the world is in Krazy Phase, being driven by the force of runaway Materialism. Step aside and let it go by. Do not jump onboard. That train is headed for Krazy Town.)

It is official. It is now official, Donald Trump is owned by the combination cabal of Organized Satanists and Israeli Dual Nationals. It could be no more clear than this. Here is a more clear picture of what is taking place. Meanwhile there are forces that have been at work for some time and the truth of this has been known to some for awhile.

The agents of the dark side and those who serve the light have many things in common, aside from the principal items such as intentions and objective. Both sides are dedicated and determined and have great faith in the force they serve. Both employ forms of prayer and ritual. I could go on but it's not germane to today's point.

Crazy is crazy and there are no barriers of social station, level of intelligence, economic standing... that can protect you from crazy; frankly... quite frankly, crazy can get in anywhere. Someone explain to me what difference it makes what the sexual designation of single use bathrooms is?

Materialism is legitimately insanity and the further in you go, the crazier you become. Since the entire planet is being swept up in it, crazy is the new normal. It is one of the most unfortunate things that people do not pay attention to what is going on around them in the larger and wider sense. Consonant with this, people believe that social and cultural changes come about all on their own and are the result of some sort of evolutionary drive. They do not see that most of the social and cultural changes, these days, are being engineered by malificants working in concert to destroy all harmony and symmetry and to usher in Hell on Earth.

We are being attacked at every level with the intention of making us sick at every level. Our sexual nature is being shaped with the objective of destroying the family unit. Our eating habits are being programmed so that our physical health will be ruined. Our moral sense is being warped by increments so that we will lose our common and native affection for one another. Our history is being manipulated in order to activate antipathy between the races and the sexes; events are set in motion to amplify hatred and suspicion over every difference that exists between us.

The primary offspring of Materialism is selfishness. Selfishness makes us uncaring of others. The population in the poorest locations is experiencing the highest birthrates. Half the world lives on around $2.50 a day. Almost 400 million people live on less that $1.90 a day. 8 men possess as much wealth as half of the world's people. These disparities are amazing but there is nothing accidental about any of it. Life is a dream and all the world's inhabitants live at some level of awareness in the dream. Very, very few are awake. Very many are deep into it and it is for this reason that an apocalypse comes around at regular intervals. It is for this reason that the Avatar appears at regular intervals. It is a natural cultural progression that the religious systems that endured for such a length of time would begin to disintegrate. They are not the only long standing pillars of the social infrastructure that are crumbling.

In times of apocalypse the truth is revealed and this changes the collective perceptions of the residents and that changes the world. At this point in time, falsehoods are riding roughshod over the collective mind and bizarre expositions of both temporary and chronic madness are everywhere to be seen. All through the changes people come and go across the dreamscape. They see and do not see. They hear and do not hear. The composition of individual Karma is expressed in the density of the dream as it manifests in each life. Only through a great and persistent intensity of effort or the visitation of Grace can one awaken. One's capacity for the intensity of effort is also reliant upon Karma. In most cases there is no industry whatsoever in respect of awakening. All of the intention is upon material aspirations for material gain and this is a prison house of perpetual suffering. One suffers with the absence of the objects of desire and then one suffers in the possession of the objects of desire. One suffers from the loss of the objects of desire but more especially from the disappointment in the objects of desire.

There is something missing. There is an emptiness that cannot be filled by any material gain no matter what it might be. The mind has convinced itself that what desire has provoked will prove to be the solution to the emptiness but it never is. Only in recognition of the indwelling self is peace possible. Still there is no peace until that blessed reunion takes place but there is a certainty and determination now. There is a faith that is like that peace which passes all understanding and it drives you like nothing that has ever come before. It gives a meaning to existence that was not present in other times when the monkey mind scrambled in every direction finding only temporary distractions.

A reader asked me the other day where she might go that was safe. Where could one go and be able to live on minimal resources. This person wanted to know where and in what state such a place could be found and I had no answer for that because every place involves a different combination of possibilities for each person. No one place is the same for everyone. This world is filled with people who have answers. Solutions fall so easily from their lips. Never before have we had so many experts on so many subjects and never before have so many of them been so consistently wrong. Now we have life coaches and people who converse with spirit guides and channel just about everyone who has ever been here and plenty of beings who live in other dimensions and in other solar systems.

Some years ago I was in New York and I came across one of those spiritual newspapers that are like the sex ad newspapers that can have well over a hundred pages. I was stunned the first time I saw one of those but... I digress. I came upon this spiritual newspaper that also had at least a hundred pages and dozens of those were filled with classified ads. I guess I had some time on my hands so I spent a good portion of time reading this newspaper and I came across no less than a dozen, maybe two dozen people who were channeling Jesus Christ; half a dozen channeled Moses. I can't remember how many were offering the Comte de St. Germain. How is it possible that so many people could be conduits for the same spiritual personality at the same time?

There are thousands and thousands of these people who bring us information and advice about how to live our lives and how to get what we want and how many of them are legitimate? I suspect there are very, very few. Meanwhile... the source of all things is resident within us. The answer to everything that could ever concern us is resident within the ineffable who is resident within us. We seem unable to ask with the necessary sincerity and faith. We seem incapable of believing in the one who is more real than any other thing and who is the source and origin of every good thing. This is due to the Karma that has chained us to the wheel of desire for all the temporary things we have been deceived into believing are the thing we want and life proves to us over and over through life after life that none of it is true or real.

Only the ineffable can resolve every concern. Only the ineffable can lift us out of the dream and into the real. Only the ineffable can conquer death and every sorrow and loss. Until one finds the clarity of vision to know this they will wander in dreams and the dreams will be populated with suffering and there will be no answers because there is only one answer and only one place where it can be found.

My life is not free from suffering. My life is not a constant flow of ease and serenity but I know where the answer is. I know that God is real and so I know that it is simply a matter of time and the circumstances that are necessary for me to come to the place where what is meant to happen can happen. Everything else is of no importance. Everything else is just images seen from a car window. Everyone passing by is me at some point along the way; me when I knew a great deal less and me when I knew a great deal more. Now there is only one thing I am certain of and so... it is just a matter of time. Is time even real? Are the necessary circumstances real? I know that God is real and so it is a certainty that the moment will come that the ineffable will appear in such a way that... and it is at this point where words fail me once more and I can only hope that the time will come when more can be said.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for keeping the light on through the years, Visible. Great to have you back in such fine form.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Time. From my NDE experience, you can access any point in time in forever in this realm when on the Otherside, so does that make it an illusion? It seems real here, but on the Otherside, it might as well be like a CD that you can start anywhere. . .or is a cassette tape a better analogy.

Materialism. Does that include the Akashic Library Card that I can't have? Not yet, anyway. Ayuh, if I had one now, my head would probably explode in a way that makes the Scanners scenes look like Donna Reed, but hey. I WANNA KNOW COMPLETE AND TOTAL TRUTH, DAMMIT! I'M SICK OF THE LIES, SPECULATIONS AND ILLUSIONS.

OK, and the nose hair coat and 6 foot prehensile striped tail would be icing on the cake, but I can wait.

Smyrna said...

Interesting Kidman talking of such things. Her late father was accused/outed as being a member of that same 'club'.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Love Transforms Everything it Touches until nothing Remains but Love.

John C Carleton said...

If you have not seen this.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

To Ride the Wind over the Blinding Dust Storm of Materialism.

Anonymous said...

John C Carleton, the video is labeled private so I was unable to view it, do you have an alternative link?


Visible said...

This is not for everyone, you need to have a interest in things like Bit Coin and the like. If you do then you will find a lot of new information here and be ahead of the game, should you happen to play it-

There's a Blockchain Bonanza at the End of the Rainbow.



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