Tuesday, July 04, 2017

The Powers of Light are Greater than all the Powers of Darkness that have Ever Been.

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{For starters, my apologies to the readers for the state of the blogs and the website. Some of you can't find them anymore so you probably won't be reading this anyway... and some of you can't comment so I won't be hearing anything from you but... sooner or later this situation will right itself and what passes for normal around here will be operational once again. I don't know when this will be, there really is no telling but we will show up most days regardless of the situation and keep doing what we do because nothing is going to change that other than no longer being around and that might not change anything either (grin), relatively speaking. There are other projects that have needed attention for some while and maybe we can get to them now.}

In the process of being here and doing this over the years we've written about 4 to 5 million words, maybe more, probably more. I'm guessing in all that time and with all those words, the majority of them were just words, perhaps the kind of filler that goes into foods for the same purpose as fiber (grin). Meanwhile some of the time something useful has slipped in and from what I have heard many many times, has done some good... been useful and I can think of no higher calling. Of course I have fallen short any number of times but I maintain and always will that the only real failure is a failure to try.

As time has passed we have moved from occasions of fire and brimstone... bizarre digressions and flights of imagination and always an ever increasing mention of the ineffable who is the single important feature of everything that takes place here. There is nothing I can add at any time now or in the future that is as important as the constant reminders here of the ineffable. Anyone who has come around here on any regular amount of occasions know some measure of my struggles in this life. I can say with an honest assurance that less than half of the reality of them has ever been presented here and yet I have persisted against all odds and oppositions and have been able to continue in this work and have come to a place where the struggles have diminished to the point where they are negligible by comparison with everything that came before and to such an extent that I hardly remember the country through which I passed. I know with an assurance born of experiences that faith in the ineffable will take you through every test and trial that you may encounter. Never despair and never give up and you cannot fail.

I have yet to come into those illuminated spaces that lie beyond the reach of this vale of tears for any length of time but I have visited a time or more and I have made that contact which is more valuable than all the riches on Earth and I am certain now, at this point, that it all happened so that I would be in a position to tell you about it and you could know that it is possible for you as well. I am living proof that it is positively so and real and all I ever did was to keep going. There's nothing special about me. I'm not the only one who never gave up. I'm not the only one who has had such obstacles put in their way. I'm not the only one who ran out of gas, or got trapped and had miracles occur. Miracles occur every day but we do not see them. We are lifted out of untenable conditions and forget it ever happened. We attribute it to luck or something. Time passes and we don't think about it.

We are surrounded by the majesty of God on all sides and we turn our attention to trivia and superficial interests. It is baffling to me that so many people have gone in this direction. I am astounded at the millions of fingers hammering on cellphones. My cellphone sits on a shelf and sometimes I have to charge it half a dozen times before I use it. I walk down the street and I see the trees reaching for the sky. They know what's going on. I see the flowers in bloom and Lady Nature radiant in all of it. All life lives in praise of God whether it knows it or not. No heart will be left unstirred eventually. In time all minds will be emptied of vain preoccupations, all hearts will be humbled and made contrite. The madness of present times will pass. All things do, eventually.

If we live in the mental pictures of the passing moments as they are presented to us then we will live in degrees of fear and uncertainty because that is what is being broadcast from the invisible conning towers of the sphere of darkness. This vibrational imagery covers the Earth and searches out the subjectivity in all minds. Unless you are defended you are defenseless. What is it that stands against the powers of darkness forever and at all times? The power of light. What is the power of light? It is what is also being broadcast at all times by the governing hierarchy that is a manifest extension of the Avatar which is a manifestation of the unknowable and indefinable source of all things and which is always resident, even when we and all that surrounds us is not; and that happens on occasions, like during The Night of Brahma.

If these things are true, and they are, then... does it not make sense to align yourself with the ineffable? What else in all this world and every other world, real and imaginary, other dimensional and whatever can be named and not named can have any relative importance? What is it about the general human mind that does not get this? Certainly there have been those across the reaches of time who have understood this and there are those who get some awareness of it in every time; there are those who faithfully attend worship services on the particular days when they occur. There are those who immerse themselves in certain forms and good things can happen for some while bad things happen for others, including those who are running the show. Here is a good example of when things go very wrong. If you want details, the whole book is here. (Go to the bottom of the page and follow the guides.)

In this movement there were people who chanted all day long and engaged in selfless service for long periods of time, observed brahmacharya and seemingly followed every rule and... look what happened. Look at the fundamentalist Muslim world and its correlative in Christianity and you will find those relentlessly devoted to 'their idea' of what God is and what God wants and people die all over the world because of their interpretations of the will of the ineffable. Something is wrong with this picture and that is what the individual has to figure out for themselves and for myself, nothing is more effective than a true master and one must find such a singular soul and they are there to be found... sincerity... intention.... determination... faith and certitude. Gain these and the light from your being will attract such a being, the same as blood in the water will attract a shark. I guarantee this because I have done this. It is true that the effect of past lives can weigh heavily on one's abilities but the idea would not attract you if you were not able to accomplish this. This is an important feature and you must use this to encourage yourself when it is needed.

In my own case I have made many an error of judgment and action but my master has never left me. A true master knows the ins and outs of all that may and may not happen and is committed to your success regardless of your failings and shortcomings, which exist for the reason of the story that attends your course and afterwards exists as a lesson for all who encounter it further on. The tale of Milarepa stands as a classic example of how wrong one can go before they come right.

Nothing can stop the one who knows that nothing can stop them. Milarepa is but one example of what difficulties can stand in the way of liberation. Given these examples you can well imagine that you are most likely not one who has trespassed to the same degree. I tell you these things today so that you do not lose heart. It is also important to remember, as some of the other examples show that there are many movements in this world of delusion at this time that are like powerful ocean currents and a person who is not fixed in their course can be swept up and carried away by them.

I don't like to use myself as an example but the record of my failings and continuance should serve to encourage those of you who have not experienced such dramatic twists and turns. Let the power of your light shine within and it will draw the master as a moth is drawn to a candle... but not with the same result (grin). The power of your light is determined by the quality of your love as it is expressed in the day to day in your thoughts and words and actions. It is accelerated by the intensity applied. Of the very few things that I know, these are some of them and I know them by having experienced them.

You are inspired and motivated by that which you devote yourself to. If it is legitimate, you will be legitimate as well. High on the list of qualities to possess is 'discrimination'. This leads to the most important acquisitions that anyone can make... the qualities of God; discrimination is one of them. Ask for them. Seek after them. Long for them more than anything. These qualities are conferred. They are given by the one who possesses them. Find the one who does and you will require nothing else.

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Anonymous said...

Aloha Visible!

Huh, a 4th of July post with no mention of the Murder Machine. I understand completely. We know by now, and there is always time to eviscerate the lies.

This comment is to thank you for your work, send up a small flare from the great sea of cyberspace and say, I do hear you.

May you all thrive.


David Alan McBride said...

Keep on mentioning the Ineffable. I'm not tiring of it. You keep putting it down. I'll keep picking it up. Thank you Mr. Visible.

Visible said...

I'm just a few hundred miles away now Matt. Sooner or later. You can always come here too.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Paragraph #4. I know exactly what you're talking about, and it might be the only reason I'm still here. Heh-heh-heh. And I joke about not being Milarepa when things get too dicey. I also make my boss pet my nose when things at the restaurant make the Mossad look like Donna Reed, so all's good. (6 nose pets, 4 cups of rice, and 4 cups of bok choy with garlic. Nice bonus for 5.5 hours of HELL, since there was only two of us on a holiday, considering our third dishwasher was either a no-show or off. I forgot to ask. Boy, was I PISSED when I found out our new hire wasn't there. Not to mention that I couldn't drive my car to work due to brake lights not going off even when the car is off, and not being able to get a hold of my mechanic; who is also a friend of mine. Hopefully all will be resolved tomorrow. Man, when it rains, it pours; huh? Ayuh, tell ya about it. Your life was 10 times worse than mine. Despite that, you're the nice 'honourary nose', and I'm the Arsehole to the 33rd Degree.)

Nostrils up. Great post, and you tell it like it is.


joy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Visible said...

People who write in all caps are hard to take seriously and if you had been paying attention around here you would know that has been said many times here. Where you get the smugness from I don't know, you must have brought it in with you.

The little smile graphic is known as passive aggressive punctuation in internet speak.

Finally, saying you disagree is an indication of division which creates two sides. Irony much?

Anonymous said...

Holy shit Visible; what a troll demolition! Some people really don't get it and they reveal their own failings in their attempts to slander someone else.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Gimmie that Old time Holocaust that Makes the Cash Register Ring..



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