Thursday, August 29, 2013

Climbing Jacob's Ladder in WTF Country.

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Whew! This has to be one of the most memorable weeks in a very long time. Every time I get to some semblance of still water, another geyser or whirlpool shows up. We are in 24/7 WTF Country. Now several offers have come in for me (tentative but) and they dovetail right into the time sequence seemingly laid out for me over the next five months.

For those of you following the brouhaha over at Petri Dish comments, I just discovered that 'Sauder' is a Tribe name; no guarantee that that applies in this case but... heavy evidence if it does. It explains the contemptuous, dismissive and venomous reaction to my book. I mean... that was a far reach from the previous conversations taking place. Of course, the book deals intensively with Tribe affairs and meanwhile, some dozens of people have read the book, or most of it and have raved about it. His is the 'only' negative review and it happened in such a short span of time that he would have had to be reading it in 'not put down' mode to get back to me so quickly.

There are some that are amazed that I have discovered that I was being monitored by intelligence personnel, thinking that I should have known that all along. What this means is that many people do not fully grasp how my mind works. I see everything in terms of God's action in my life. It's how I'm wired. So I have spent more than the last several years, totally perplexed by inexplicable happenings for which I had no answers. I'll admit that I am a bit Pollyanna. I haven't considered myself important enough to pay attention to, with so many personalities out there, with much higher profiles. I can see now that that was misguided on my part. It sure explains a lot. Factoring this in, everything else makes perfect sense. It all falls together.

I don't know what this bodes for me. The people I write about are unconscionable psychopaths but, one thing I do know is that my fate is in the hands of my invisible friends and I am fine with that and whatever decisions they make concerning me. By this time, some number of my visitors KNOW that I do have these friends and their appearance can be disconcerting and alarming. Some freak out. Some take it in stride. For me it is business as usual and doesn't give me any unease because I know they are benevolent.

I've tried to explain to people a certain feature of it all so that they might better understand what's what. Most would know that deities are powerful and can be unsettling. Fewer people know that angels and devas are not the sweet characters you see on greeting cards and at New Age Shit Shops. They are imposing and impressively powerful entities that can seriously shake a person up. Angels kill and restrain demons and demons can be quite powerful so... do the math.

I have tried to explain to people that whether you see an angel or a demon, is the result of your own makeup. Everyone should see the movie, “Jacob's Ladder”. It is a teaching in metaphysics that when you see the devil, if you are not freaked and overwhelmed, you notice that there is a corona of light around his form. This is the angel that is hidden behind the fearsome aspect or appearance and the false image is a construction of your fears. It's what 'the dweller on the threshold' is all about. For those who have mastered this detail, life is decidedly different than it is for most other people and fear no longer has any place in your life. You're just not afraid anymore. You know what's going on. You know that everything is for the purpose of demonstration and that appearances are a lie. You know there is an all powerful director, against which no other force can prevail. If you are aligned with it's intent, you are an embodiment of the scriptural phrases, “that which is within you, is greater than that which is in the world” and 'if God is for me, who can be against me?” Another bit of scripture of great power, for the understanding heart and mind is, “Even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.” This is one of those Biblical sayings that has been under regular rephrasing, so much so that it is not easy to find it in this form anymore. It's been turned all around, just like the world we live in.

This is the Time of Mr. Apocalypse and, as I have discovered, he is as busy in my life as he is in anyone elses. Things that were once possible for the psychos among us are no longer and getting more difficult by the moment. Witness what is taking place in the UK at the moment and the hourly increasing number of congressional members, who are insisting on proof, even though they are, no doubt, under immense pressure from Israel. Netanyahu, by the way, is saying that Israel has no interest in getting into the conflict. They just want to protect themselves. That means, lay off all the responsibility, for a situation they created, on to the shoulders of those nations they are holding hostage by vice of usury, control of the currency, blackmail and threats.

Mr Apocalypse is intensifying his activities and his presence with every passing day. He's exposing all manner of things. Those doing good and those doing ill, must needs all pay careful attention to this because the force of it is going exponential and you definitely want to swim with the current and not against it.

I know there are a lot of people who believe that the bad guys can harm and eliminate anyone they please but... this is not the case at all. Every human destiny is sacrosanct in terms of direction and result, with the exception of personal actions taking one out of that groove. Certainly, some are marked to be examples and warnings and what not. Some are meant to prosper and survive. We may not know, ourselves, which of these pertains to us ...but we must proceed in faith as we go, certain of what lies beyond. What happens here is of less consequence than where one might wind up. Of course, in that sense, it is all highly consequential but... regardless of appearances, material life is of short duration by comparison with what lies beyond. This is not strictly true across the board. In some cases, you're right back in with no more than a short breather. That's usually not a good thing. There's a lot of that going around these days, given the way animals are being treated and given the general focus of most people in their particular attractions and obsessions. Mind this doesn't happen to you. It doesn't have to.

We all have to remember that we are in a kind of ocean, just like the ones that surround so many land masses. We are swimming in an atmosphere and there are all kinds of fish bobbing around and many of them are swimming in schools, locked in to a group mind. This also implies a common destiny, which also can be not a good sign; 'usually' isn't. There are also the usual assortment of simu-sharks and other rapacious creatures.

I have to return to my state of mind at this time. I am truly stunned. Of course, I haven't shared a great deal of what has come together into portrait or landscape view. I'd rather not get swallowed up in the minutiae and I certainly don't want to sit around analyzing all of the implications. You can get bogged down in all of that but for me, things tend to surface all on their own, over the course of time ...because I have been working on my subconscious for decades through The Tarot and other mediums. One might say, it has a mind of its own (grin).

It never rains but it pours and to have so many, many things start to ping of of each other and to have a variety of situations all contain so many similar features, well, this puts paid to the idea of coincidence because there is a point where coincidence no longer applies. It just becomes too uncanny for coincidence to bear the weight. Things begin to ring and incidents, events and personnel, all begin to sing their own tune, they all start to vibrate off of one another and through this they serve to identify each other. We remember things that are close to each other in time. We remember things that are like unto each other and there are also other ways that different components have of coming to our attention.

There's a kind of magnetism and interactive resonance that pulls on details and draws them into relation with each other. One might consider how the mind of a detective works; how the mind of a truthseeker works and how scientists come to startling discoveries and inventions; “it just came to me.” Sometimes these things appear in dreams and this is why certain creative people always know to sleep on things because problems and questions tend to resolve themselves overnight, as the subconscious makes order out of what was seemingly disparate and unrelated components or sequences.

I'm guessing we all need to pay more attention and me, certainly, not least of all. It's shocking to suddenly be in in totally unfamiliar waters, with totally new life forms, in a world where little is what it had appeared to be. It's a real life Discovery Channel and the kicker is that one can't argue with the evidence coming up in front of one. One might want to. One might seeks to put it to the side, or whatever it is that one does in these situations but none of these are to any avail. It just keeps coming up until you address it. That's the reason it keeps coming up.

And a fine day to all of you!

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Monday, August 19, 2013

Mr. Apocalypse and the Judgment Face of God.

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The radio show has not yet manifested. I'll make mention of it when it happens.

It's always good to start off a blog posting with good news and definitely great to close one with the same thing. I include entertaining and uplifting in that same category so... here goes (grin). Following that, I just got my new novel back from the editor, who makes Speedy Gonzalez look like a laggard by comparison. I had never in my wildest dreams expected this kind of speed. Kudos, Dave! Of course, if he gives me permission to post his name I will do so. I never know how comfortable people feel being associated with me (grin). Anyway, it looks like we might well have it out for my birthday, which was always my wish and- regardless- it will be out some time in the next couple of weeks, once the reviewers have given me their read on the book and the ending and once the cover and back cover arrive at my Inbox, we'll have it up on Amazon, or hopefully somewhere else that prints on demand because Amazon rips off a huge chunk of the money from me and also takes withholding taxes out, even though I pay my taxes in Europe. I don't quite know what to do about any of that; ideas? The digital copy of the book will be up on the website, as soon as the details for that get ironed out. Failing that we will have it somewhere else. Yahoo!!!

Now I can turn my attention to recording all of those long overdue albums and publishing that collection of Neil Roger's poetry along with 'In Memorium' commentaries, from those wishing to make a personal statement, along with the inclusion of 20 to 30 of the most favorite poems picked by each individual commentator. It had always been my intention to publish this book as an anniversary release (that's usually how these things are done.) which would mean, if I remember aright, somewhere in the neighborhood of Valentine's Day, so there is plenty of time to get your portion of the book into my hands. I caught a small whiff of behind the scenes controversy recently and the usual plottings, which makes me laugh more and more as I encounter them. It is nothing short of amazing how these things come to my attention. I should probably give a heads up to all of you out there who are engaged in this. You should be aware that not everyone is who you think they are and are more than willing to tell me what goes on; are even involved and playing along for no other reason than to inform on you. All of my friends are not invisible (grin).

One of the things that never fails to astound me, is the off the cuff, knee jerk reflex, propensity for people to make assessments and pass judgments on things that they were not present for. Earlier this year I was witness to this taking place, simply as a result of an unsupported blog posting, very quickly removed. I didn't bother to read it or the comments. I'm simply going on what I was told and though I had a host of witnesses and my accuser had none, I was painted as the bad guy. The truly amusing part of it is that while this was 'not taking place', a collection of Indians, as a result of the pronouncements of an (allegedly) 300 year old guru, were declaring me an incarnation of deity. You can't make this sort of thing up. Well, you can but it would sound preposterous. The interesting counterpart to all of this is that I am completely forgiving of the slanders and way over the top exaggerations but not so on the other side, oh no, my precious (grin). The thing is that you pretty much only hear about the presumed bad stuff but you don't hear about the good stuff like the more than a dozen visits I have received from and made with others, where conditions were not much different than in any other case. Of course, my engagement with certain comestibles was lower but... as anyone being truthful about the matter will tell you, you can hardly notice the effect of any of it on me in the first place (most of the time-grin).

What puzzles me is the sudden appearance of several people who had been in remission but who suddenly sprang to life in a sort of negative carpe diem, almost as if they had been on notice and awaiting it all, like it had been set up in the first place. I know in one situation the individual operates under an alias and is in expatria, indicating all sorts of possibilities. In another instance there is association with morally questionable enterprise. Then there is someone under the influence of a demented Madame Cleo, who gives her questionable marching orders, in order to hang on to a meal ticket. I feel like I can almost see something, tantalizingly close, in a peripheral way but I can't get a handle on it. It's elusive. This is all Mr. Apocalypse's territory and I expect him to take care of it. That's one of the reasons I remain so optimistic, regardless of what obstacles and stumbling blocks get placed in my way. I know Mr. A. is going to shine a light on all of it in his own time and in his own way. That includes me too and I'm more than comfortable with it, given that it can only lead to vindication for me.

I'm speaking obliquely in this posting and I've got my reasons for both speaking about it and the oblique presentation, as it were/was. I get a most definite sensation that things are really going to come steaming round the mountain (when she comes) in the next couple of months, in a very big way. All the signs are there, more than enough signs if you know how to read them. As I have mentioned before, the bad guys are racing against time, racing against Mr. Apocalypse, which is a pretty futile thing to do because Mr. Apocalypse is behind and ahead of everything; what has been, what is and what is yet to come. Mr. Apocalypse is The Judgment Face of God and he's coming and wearing the Mask of a Thousand Faces; the Hero with a Thousand Faces (according to Joseph Campbell). Joseph Campbell is referred to as an atheist. I suspect many people fall under that heading, who are not specifically so. Many serious thinkers and powerful intellects have an extreme contempt for religion and the ends to which it has been put. The reverse is also true. People's minds are very complex in terms of the conclusions and perspectives they come to. One thing you see fairly seldom and much more seldom, as time goes by, is an open mind. When we give up our open mind, we become the captive of something. We become the prisoner of something. We become the servant of one or another God of limitation. What we need to understand is that there are no Gods of Limitation. That is not the province of Gods. I'll leave it to your imagination whose province it is.

Anyway, we might tend to forget that Mr. Apocalypse applies to us all. All of us who share the general space and time frame on this plane, are engaged at some level with the industry of Mr. Apocalypse and Mr. Apocalypse is what one might call 'dual use'. This should be an important factor to all of us, given what one side of that dual use implies. The whole dynamic can be seen in terms of degrees of a wakeup, either quite forgiving and assistive, or quite stern and unforgiving; in terms of the intention of awakening. In other words, you wake up or else you get woke up, period.

One would think that anyone and everyone would be deeply concerned about the actions of a force of such uncompromising and relentless efficiency as Mr. Apocalypse. One would think you would want to be on the good side of Mr. Apocalypse. Some of us are doing our very best to get on Mr. A's good side, which is why there is such a serious emergence of 'so called' truthers but what I mean is, anyone who is gainfully employed in the process of revelation, in some shape or fashion. Since 'imitation is the most sincere form of flattery', it stands to reason that the object of that flattery is more impressed by activities in that direction, as opposed to those who are employed at covering things up and also messing things up. You'd think this whole construct would be seen in terms of basic survival, especially by those who place such a premium value on it, given their low brow awareness of real existence and the endless stretch of it but, for some reason, Low Brow City has something in the air and something in the water that clouds the operative clarity of undimmed vision, with psychosis and neurosis, as well as obsessions and compulsions in vast multiples. These serve to interfere with cognitive function and nothing short of a baseball bat to the forehead, or back of the head, will get the attention of far too many of us these days. Well, the guy with that particular baseball bat is in the on deck circle, warming up at this very moment, which is what I mean when I make reference to the next portion of this year. To be generous, let's include the whole of the rest of the year as containing, at some point, the sweeping upheavals and irrevocable change I am speaking of.

Ergo, keep a weather eye out. There are some numbers of us perched in the crow's nest. There are some greater numbers of us not so much perched as shackled. As Mr. Apocalypse is also involved in the business of liberation, after the long hibernation of nightmare sleep, those who have struggled for so long... or come late to the party, are now in line for various promotions in respect of our particular direction. I'll close with something Christ once said (I think it was Christ). It was part of a parable if I remember correctly, might even have been the prodigal son. Someone was arguing about the treatment the prodigal son was receiving (must have been the good son) when he had never left home and always served the father well. I suggest looking up what the father had to say about it all and how that relates to those who have come late to the party.

I'll leave you with this.

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Friday, August 16, 2013

In Pursuit of the Presence of the Ineffable.

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I love the smell of long delayed affirmation and confirmation burning in the morning. Along with the scientific proof that Ketamine is the best thing to come along since, forever (certainly there are other things we don't know about) in terms of the treatment of depression AND the recent rash of scientific findings that psychedelics do the same AND the findings that clean ecstasy, effectively treats schizophrenia and alcoholism, well, all the armchair self righteous, moralizing non chemists, turn out to be less than comprehensive and the use of these things really depends on the attitude and intention of the person engaging in them. A good example is the difference between mentalities in terms of those who say things like, “Wow man, I am totally stoned. Cool dude, I'm completely fucked up” and “Wow! I'm really high”. It helps a great deal if every time one makes a foray into these realms that one's intention is to meet up with agents of one's creator. This is automatic for me. I have my little rituals and such. My engagements are few and far between these days but... I suspect, not entirely finished as yet. For the moment, the present state of mind is proving effective in terms of negotiating the uncertain terrain of this existence. Anyway, that whole windup was just to share this with you. Of course, I've never had any doubts about the efficacy of 'conscious use' of forbidden substances and have always known that they were forbidden because the powers that be don't want people in certain stages of wakefulness.

These same states can be achieved by yoga or other disciplines, of course ...but the substance angle is instantaneous and so, for myself only, I recommend a combination of substances and disciplines and... as my progress has shown, a steady diminishing of substances and an increase in the application of disciplines on the way to the big disappearing act.

I have to chuckle to myself, when I'm not laughing right out loud, after hearing people refer to me as a drug addict, an alcoholic, a wastrel and a crazy person. It's more than passing odd that I move like someone half my age and can do all kinds of things that many people half my age and more cannot do. I can drop down and give fifty for instance at any time. The same applies to available reps in respect of other things besides pushups. I can dance right through the night and yeah, if the spirit takes me I can also imbibe whatever I feel like imbibing with apparently no harm whatsoever. People don't like this. They think there should be consequences. It's not natural!!! I couldn't do this every night nor would I want to.

It's quite simple why these things are possible for me and would be possible for anyone else if they understood how things work. I love God. I love God fundamentally all day long. It keep me young and vibrant and alive and the same could be true of anyone else if they wanted it that way. People get hard. They get rigid. They get all bent out of shape about all the things they don't like and they get hounded and surrounded by guilt and regret. They get chased down the streets of their minds by astral harpies of conscience that burn them with fire. They seethe with resentments and they are incapable of forgiveness and also in wonderment concerning their not receiving any.

It is impossible to communicate these things to most people. They will look right at you as your words bounce off of their heads. As complex as it can be, at the heart of it it is very simple. I have explained certain things over and over. If you go the wrong way, you wind up senile. If you go the right way you obtain to regenerated innocence. If you are not all hung up on fucking everyone else you will not fuck yourself. If your vanity gets the upper hand with you, ageing is going to be a bitch. If you are not endlessly fuming and plotting to illicitly acquire what is not yours at the expense of others, you will not have to go in fear of others. If you do not wish violence on others and send forth enraged thoughts, you will not have to be concerned about where you walk or when you do it. I'm living proof of this and I am not the Lone Ranger. Now sure, a safe can drop on my head tomorrow; safe full of money, empty safe; would it matter? Should I then go in fear, slinking down the street up against the cold bricks of the buildings? Should I stay inside at all times, too afraid to go out? Should I live in fear of ten thousand things that can get me at any moment and one of which, or several in concert, WILL GET me and you one of these days...unless The Good Lord lets us walk right out of this body wrap into the light. It happens. You don't hear about it much but it happens. I assure you it happens. There are people walking this Earth at this very moment for whom NOTHING is impossible.

If health were money, I would be a millionaire. I practically glow these days, as the shades drop away. I may not have much scratch but I have NO DEBTS. I have no concerns save one; keeping God uppermost in my thoughts at all times, or as near as I can get to that. It's good to stand guard at the gateway of your mind and let in no inimical thoughts, nothing that your author would not want resident in you. Casting out thought, correctly and relentlessly done will take you right to the gates of paradise, if you do nothing else. That won't take you in but you can stand there and wait for an invite. See, every Heaven has a ruler. You have to make contact with that ruler or one of his agents; one of his agents that has his ear. Then, with each following day, you walk around and you act like you are already there. If you do this with the right amount of certitude, you will be. On my honor and on my life, you will be.

In India a few decades ago, there was this sadhu. We featured him in one of the magazines I worked on during that period. I believe it was the Woodstock Aquarian, though it might have been the Aquarian Angel. What this sadhu did was he took away your nicotine habit and your Coca Cola habit. He used to sit in this one place all day long with four cigarettes, at least, in one hand and a bottle of Coke in the other all day long. He did this ALL DAY LONG and never went to the bathroom. There were many witnesses to this and any number of western witnesses. He did this every single day all day long. Through him, people were able to quit smoking and quit drinking Coca Cola which, I assure you, is worse than cigarettes; definitely worse than the natural handrolled tobacco I used to smoke. Anyone who has poured it on their car battery to clean the contacts, knows what I'm talking about. Yeah, yeah, I know, just a chemical reaction. Well, your body has a chemical reaction to everything you put in it.

How I have been able to get away with certain monkey business for so long is that I have always eaten right. I know how important it is and I BLESS MY FOOD. That is even more important that eating right. Whenever I go out or anywhere that I eat, I always bless my food. In several years now, I have yet to see someone else doing that and this town is full of missionary Christians, who think I am the devil, although they have never met me. It comes from my walking down the streets singing all the time and basically just being way strange. I don't look all that different than anyone else but Susanne or anyone else can tell you, people are aware of me. It's probably cause I bless my food (grin). I'm going to tell you something, people, not blessing your food is an egregious offense that affects how your food integrates with your body. I also talk to God, as much as I can remember to, all day long. I work out. I stay active. Why? I'm filled with energy and enthusiasm. Why? Because I love God. To love God is to fill your life with Love and it touches everything you do. I cannot say that I have reached a significant status as of yet but... I am in the neighborhood.

Let me tell you something. If you don't make God real while you are alive; how real will he/she be when you pass? Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. I've made plenty of mistakes and been reckless in spades but I have always loved God and always sought God. It pays off. You might have thousands of friends but if God is not your friend; of what value are all of these relationships? You can be one of the most powerful people on Earth, for that lifetime, or portion of it. You can have all of the riches beyond anything you can spend. Except for very rare instances you are seriously fucked as a result. This is about the right time to insert this link. Even stone cold atheists are aware of the power of the unknown. Heck, all the Satanists are full on believers in God. Why else would they worship his opposite number. They know he is the Prince of this World.

I'm trying to make a very important point here today so please don't be put off about my talking about myself. It's all true what I said and I don't take any personal credit for it. God made all of it possible. I did respond, I'll give me that (grin), however, I am trying to tell you that you must make God the centerpiece of your life. You have no idea what kind of danger you are in otherwise. Just talk to him/her for a bit each day. You might be surprised and you have no idea what incredibly cool things can happen if you go into it just wanting to be his/her friend, like I do. He told me I was his friend and had his favor a couple of years ago. I burst into tears. Nothing in my life has given me anything remotely close to this level of joy. I was stunned. It's been the case I haven't thought well of myself until fairly recently. Thank God, God did. God believed in me, even if I didn't.

I get to visit people in my dreams. The ones who have experienced this know it's happened. God makes this possible. You can get ANYTHING from God. Why go to anyone else? Tell God in detail what you want and why and leave it in his/her hands, content with whatever you are given. It's said your needs and desires are know before you express them. In many cases your desires are no more than what God wants for you. Desire is the agent of God's will. Don't cheat yourself of what is possible for you. Don't rip yourself off. Don't wait until it is too late because one day, assuredly, it will be. I'll close with one of my favorite sayings by Paramahansa Yogananda and remember, he was a really sweet guy. He was a softie in a certain way but like iron too. When he died there was no corruptions of the body. He exited in mahasamadhi and his body lay in state for over a month with no degeneration, no cadaverous smell. There were plenty of witnesses for that too. Anyway, he said, “If you don't search for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”

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Monday, August 12, 2013

Mr. Apocalypse is lifting up Offal Winfrey's Donna Karan Skirt

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Change is in the wind. Sometimes we are the beneficiary or victim of personal and irresistible change. Sometimes it is collective change, which is impersonal and irresistible. We've got a lot of both of them going on right now. My own personal life is transforming and soon to be in a new and unusual world, should the cosmos approve. The location is fantastic. The people are fantastic. The possibilities are fantastic. It's a tailor made scenario for me but it does involve a lot of construction work. Fortunately it is all kinds of work I am capable of doing. We'll see.

I have to stick this in because, as I suspected (my intuition is usually spot on, or so I have learned in the aftermath, many times). Concerning Offal -Eleanor Rigby- Winfrey, she set it up. I am thinking many of the readers also expected this. What makes this a beautiful comeuppance is the obviously sincere response from the bag lady sales clerk. That is a damning commentary. I love the smell of slander and malfeasance burning in the morning!

It is safe to say a lot of very unusual things are happening and depending on your perspective, it can look scary or simply mysterious. Optimism is a possibility but you wouldn't be able to verify that by appearances, unless your optimism was related to the system crashing. Certainly in these latter days of Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette redux, we've got a front row seat to excess. Then there are mysteries that chill the soul, given the possibilities of the velocioraptor vermin, who are running amok in their final hours. What happens when “things fall apart, (and) the center cannot hold” is that madness becomes contagious. Priests even begin to be attracted to females. Of course there is the cemetery kink, factor and, for all we know, hidden cameras were taping a Jesuit snuff film for The College of Cardinals; oops! Reality check. That explains it, he's an Episcopalian. Do they have holy communion in Episcopalian churches? If that's the case then maybe he was working some kind of Holy Communion angle?

Speaking of madness, the kinds of things happening in law enforcement are proof positive of what Mr. Apocalypse told me in Italy a few years ago. He said that he was going to show up in the midst of these clowns and provoke them into all kinds of crazy behavior and then nail them at it. He was insistent on this and said it over and over again, punctuating it by throwing my body around all over the place. In the interest of full disclosure, I was streaming Lord Ayahuasca at the time and he can be a little gnarly. I don't recommend him for day trippers, or people with excess baggage that they have trouble letting go of. I should point out that events of an even more intensive nature took place without the assistance of any booster rockets later on in that period.

This is a metaphysical blog and I hope that the reader will be able to perceive the metaphysical contents in this posting. That said, let me get into something here that is a minor nuisance. On the off chance that it's a language problem, or some cause yet to be determined and not the result of stupidity, intellectual laziness, or smoldering resentment from imagined slights and injuries in the past, that require the anonymous label, so that the sensitive soul can feel they are in a protected space, while they seek to ease their sense of powerlessness, in terms of affecting me, or derailing my efforts which, by now, we have proven, is impossible but, “hope springs eternal.”

In a recent posting, I took a certain very successful web personality to task for his near pornographic slavishness of support and mention, concerning a meme (would that be the correct word?) that has been widely distributed through the public consciousness, which has, indeed, become a felonious offense of the law, in various locations, to cast any aspersions of doubt upon the thing. I have no problem accepting the official version. Even when half the number gets erased from the victim list by the descendants of the victims, I have no problem seeing that there is still the same number of victims left that there were before they removed half of the number. I know better than to believe my lying eyes.

What I say, when confronted with my position on this matter is to say, “Sure, I do not dispute the official tale. However, given that they murdered tens of millions in Russia just previous to that, whatever happened to them was well deserved and they are still in arrears of a considerable amount of deaths to make up for what they owe. Then we have to consider the Armenian holocaust and the Ukrainian holocaust, both of which they were also responsible for. Then there are dozens of other genocides and casual murders which are ongoing with every new day. The reincarnation of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, or Catherine Bathory as you prefer, clearly states what is what, with a certain poisonous DNA that is one of the most preferred canapes that is seated in the crushed ice on Mr. Apocalypse's buffet table. It's the centerpiece one might say.

Another thing Mr. Apocalypse told me on the aforementioned day was, “Visible! Can you imagine how ingenious I can be when I choose? You cannot imagine. Can you imagine how diabolically clever I can be in arranging the circumstances that bring all of these creatures to their fitting ends? You cannot. Visible, I am going to be positively ingenious in regard to the subjects under discussion. You may think I am dragging my feet and just letting these fiends run wild without any restraint whatsoever. This is not true. I am biding my time, of course but... I have a very good reason. Visible, I have very good reasons for all of the things I do and do not do. You are in the human spectrum, Visible. This will not always be the case and then you will have a wider lens to perceive through but... at the moment, your perceptions and reasoning capacities are limited to a certain extent, also for a very good reason.

“As you know, I am the director of a most important film. I have my cameras in every human eye. I record everything through the eyes of the performer so, there can be no doubt of what did or did not happen. All of the players have certain limitations, in order to give the drama a kind of unpredictability and make it worth watching. If it were all a slam dunk, no one would pay any attention, not that all that many people are paying attention now (laughter... followed by a nervous trembling electricity rushing up Visible's spine). Those whom I have chosen to assist me in my work are, regrettably, put through a lot of unpleasant shit but this too... is all for a very good reason. As you well know, it is for the tempering and refinement of the metal. Since, unlike you and everyone else, I don't vacillate, I am not given to doubt. There are no cocks crowing three times in my backyard. Ergo, I have to bring all of my assistants up to speed and that means bringing them to the point where they can process and bear some portion of what I know. In other words I have to slowly and with great finesse, replace the mortal with the immortal.

“As one of my greater assistants once said, in a concise portrait known for its brevity “Thou shalt separate the earth from the fire, the subtle from the gross, suavely, and with great ingenuity. It ascends from earth to heaven and descends again to earth, and receives the power of the superiors and of the inferiors. So thou hast the glory of the whole world; therefore let all obscurity flee before thee.” Keep it in mind, visible. All kinds of people have read this and pondered over it and then gone back to the cycle of appetites. It's just words for most people. The most incredible things are lying about in plain sight and no one sees them but... sometimes I open someone's eyes, if they impress me, if they take all the shit I throw at them and keep coming. That's a game changer, visible. When I know someone is not going to give up, no matter what, they're home free. They may not know it yet but they are home free.”

Well, there was a lot more. I could fill some number of pages with what I've heard and I probably will, given the time and opportunity. For the moment, let's play it as it lays and be infinitely grateful that we are not Offal Winfrey, or some rich web personality who is in someone's hip pocket. Partial truth, filtered truth is not truth. You can't serve two masters and if you are publicly making a show of good works but you are also perpetuating certain things by the request of Satanic forces... well...

I know that not everyone sees things the way that I do but outright lies, geared to serve demonic interests, are not in anyone's best interests, except those who are the sworn enemy of all of us. People want to tell me that these people wake up more people than I do and so they must be doing good work. The truth is that waking people up and misdirecting them at the same time is not a service. This is what Alex Jones does and others like him and those associated with him too. He selectively and hysterically presents various paranoia inducing scenarios, while purposely avoiding the actual source of the problem. How is this helping? What I need is for someone to tell me how this is helping, when you wake people up only to present them with another incomplete, partial or false picture. It's known as controlled opposition and I can't let these things slide and I especially can't let them slide when I see that I am the only one who called attention to this particular thing, at least this time around.

We are supposed to be an underground army of dedicated souls, striking blows against the empire. That's our part in the movie. There are all kinds of ways to do this that can be subtle, ingenious and clever. It is not my desire to bang on people as an avocation. I take no pleasure in it and I don't feel elevated by it but... I would be less than honest. I would be at the same level of dishonest, if I let what I see slide and committed the egregious sin of omission. I wouldn't be able to live with myself. It could be that there is a better way and I am striving to find that better way. I do not doubt, across the extent of time and the river that I will evolve to a point where I no longer recognize the person I am today. For the moment, all I can say is that I am doing the best I can.

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Monday, August 05, 2013

The Enemy Without and the Enemy Within.

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May your noses always be on your face.

I'm wondering how many of the readers have noticed the mostly hidden and only occasionally mentioned behind the scenes actions being taken by Obama in relation to Israel. It seems like every other day, I notice something like this. It confuses me since he's on his knees, deep throating them in the direct public spectrum and then I hear about this side of it and I have seen or heard about a dozen or more incidents of this nature. Of course... this is fantastic news! Anything that goes contrary to the feral intentions of that rabid nation, is good for the human race, unequivocally. There have been a number of signs showing that Israel is falling out of favor with the rest of the world. The E.U. Boycott, of occupied territory products, is a huge move. One cannot overlook what intense conversations must have taken place and what apprehensions must have surfaced in the process; knowing how vindictive the Morlocks from that country are and the fact that there is nothing they will not do to advance their own cause. I get the intuitive sensation that some sort of a decision has been reached by those with the appearance of power worldwide; perhaps even by those who do possess the power. That would have to be the case anyway, wouldn't it? There is no question that at some point a global decision does have to be reached because it is either the human race or them. That should be obvious to everyone who isn't frozen with fear or deluded one way or another.

What I have noticed lately is that there are these bursts of different, time sensitive, quasi realities that show up for whatever length of hours or days they are booked for and then they go away, or rather, are replaced by something else. There was a period there, just recently, where some number of people of my acquaintance, virtually, went off the rails for no reason whatsoever. Usually there's a reason; good one, bad one, something but... there were no reasons for these events, except in a couple of limited instance scenarios, where it had to (possibly) do with being offended about my being offended by alternative sexual practices being jammed down the throat of preschoolers and elementary schoolers; not to mention 9 year old boys who have decided they want a sex change operation and have the full support of their parents who, no doubt expects huge paydays for the made for TV movie, the book, the interactive draw string dolls and whatever endless spinoffs, attend this breath taking expression of human freedom; definitely another Nobel Prize candidate.

Then, it just stopped, like someone threw a switch. I had a chance to do something, something I usually do and then, out of the blue, inside of me, I said, “Nah, I'm not interested". Then all kinds of things changed. I was led to believe the two things were connected and then I got the impression that every day contains similar opportunities, where I am faced with the usual patterns and a sudden opportunity to act or react like I have not done before presents itself.

I find myself standing in a field, suddenly immersed in an intense, internal plea. It is so intense that my entire body is clenched as some sort of punctuation point for the degree of focus being employed. It's a new thing. All kinds of new things are coming, as old things are going out. Smoking just got up and walked out, a month or so ago. Physical disciplines that had gone into remission, have flared up into routine practice again and... in one month the amount of reps possible has tripled. Interesting. One door of migration got closed and immediately another one opened. I won't know if it's acceptable to me for a couple of days. If it is then that's one more example of 'everything's under control'.

I was getting a little discouraged about the relentless repetition, of an inexplicable run of bad luck, which has spanned the course of several years now. I'm told I just have to hang on until the New Year and that would be the end of it. That would be very, very nice.

In the meantime, we are waiting for Israel's latest false flag attack against the West. Probably the most unpleasant thing about all of it, is its predictability and redundancy. As intimidating as it can be, the worst part of it is that the same old same old is boring. Obama is boring. Napolitano is boring. Clapper and Alexander are boring. Al Qaeda is boring. The Zio-bot Senator twins from California are boring. Hollywood is boring. Bilderberger is boring. Modern life has become about as interesting as Modern Art. This is what the 'Tribe Owned' music business is releasing as the soundtrack for your unexamined lives. Be sure and note the elegant manner in which this sophisticate wears his pants. We have truly reached the place where there is no there there.

Life on Earth, at the moment, makes no kind of sense at all. On the one hand, we have an international band of irredeemable scoundrels, that are operating against the well being of humanity, in every way possible for them. Though they seem to be linked at various levels, many of them are in competition with and in opposition to one another. Along with the wars going on, outside of us, at various points in the world, there is another war going on behind the scenes. It is evil contending with itself, in various garbs and the reason for that, besides the fact that it is the nature of evil, to plot against anyone in reach, whenever the opportunity arises... the reason has to do with The Avatar, precipitating downward into the manifest plane. Much of the evil that takes place 'down here' is initiated and manipulated by entities that have long been resident on the inner planes. With no great difficulty, they can take over the bodies of those who have made themselves disposed for that kind of occupation.

(Imagine The Avatar with a broom, sweeping down the planes and driving everything outward, out onto the manifest plane for the purpose of judgment. I think if you look into the works of some of the new thought thinkers from around the time of the turn of the last century, with a couple of decades granted, you'll find a lot of them talked about this very thing. Interestingly, I ran into their works after these ideas had already surfaced in my head.)

Here's what happens. When you set off on the road to evil, due to preeminent self interest, overpowering greed or lust, uncontrollable rage or 'any', of the many, motivating forces that compel us to do things, that are actually diametrically opposed to our self interest (depending on how you look at it), you move in the darkness in stages. It is very much like the way one moves up the paths and through the stations of the Tree of Life (if that is your system), the Stations of the Cross, or any of the authentic paths toward realization and liberation, except that you are going in the opposite direction.

It's said that one is in their Christ Consciousness, when they are resident in the sphere of Tipereth. I just said to myself, wait a minute; what if I'm wrong about that? So I went to check and got this. I stand uncorrected (grin). Consider this; if you are in your Christ consciousness, then you are one with Christ and though you may possess a unique, personal identity, it is Christ acting through you, as you are an illumined soul. At every stage of the game, something is operating through you. You become, 'like unto it'. The same goes for the steps and stages of evil. You become occupied by any one of various wrongness’s that await your coming. You're possessed. You're occupied. Now you are enroute to the purpose of demonstration, just as are your opposite numbers on the high road.

Since this is a time of great material power and appearance, the greater number of us are more disposed toward evil than good. This is not always conscious and intentional. There are all kinds of collective delusional agendas that cause more harm than good and they all got God on their side. There are people running around who believe God wants them to kill Muslims. These same deluded fools think Muslims did 9/11. There is small hope for them. Their stupidity and gullibility are remarkable. The truth is that Israel did 9/11. The day is not complete. The day is not a total success, unless someone declares that. One day, hundreds of thousands will declare it and those people and their nation will deservedly be revealed as a singular enemy of humanity. Whatever follows that, will follow that.

It is also not a successful day. It is not a complete day, without the mention of Mr. Apocalypse, who is very present and who is the primary force behind all of the revelatory information that is coming to pass. The Snowden affair is part of this; poor Snowden, now in the hands of one of Assange's agents. The embarrassing absurdities, all about us, are a result of Mr. A's efforts. Those of us that can see, can see. Those of us who cannot see, cannot see. Those of us that can hear, can hear. Those who cannot hear, cannot hear and... those who cannot hear, must feel.

Every day, the march of the psycho fascists continues. The prognosis in respect of the view is not promising. It looks like at any moment, the match will be touched to the fuse ...but the sensation I get, is that they are marching through quicksand. Huge corporations are completely out of control, like Monsanto and most of the clowns on Wall Street. The central bankers are out of control. They got themselves into deep shit, so they are putting the whole world into the ditch, so that they can climb out of the ditch over the top of them and they are hard at work, solving their difficulties, with the same strategy that got them into them in the first place.

If you have ever had any doubt that Mike Adams is compromised right to the marrow of his bone, you can put away all doubt now. This man is Conintelpro and owned body and soul by the dark side. This is so telling on his account that it is going to appear in tomorrow's Mirrors too. Thank you Mr. Apocalypse. No wonder he can have a 650,000 dollar estate in Ecuador and whatever other upscale scene he's got in The Homeland. I should qualify that thing about money. There's nothing wrong with it and there's no reason that some people shouldn't have a whole lot of it. It's how you get it that counts and what you do with it when you do have it.

As tense as things appear to be in the wider world, there is this sensation (at least I have it) of something else going on. Everything we see is not what it appears to be. We think it is pushing but it is being pushed. We think they are plotting but they are merely ciphers in the plot. They believe themselves to be rich and powerful but they are poor and powerless, in all the ways that count. If you buy into appearances then they will show up on your receipt and you'll be billed for them. If you know appearances are a lie and they do not impact on you or influence you, then you are free of the consequences that come from aligning yourself with appearances. Be free as you were originally intended to be. The chains slip quite easily off of your neck. They are imaginary and the offspring of a shackled imagination.

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