Friday, August 16, 2013

In Pursuit of the Presence of the Ineffable.

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I love the smell of long delayed affirmation and confirmation burning in the morning. Along with the scientific proof that Ketamine is the best thing to come along since, forever (certainly there are other things we don't know about) in terms of the treatment of depression AND the recent rash of scientific findings that psychedelics do the same AND the findings that clean ecstasy, effectively treats schizophrenia and alcoholism, well, all the armchair self righteous, moralizing non chemists, turn out to be less than comprehensive and the use of these things really depends on the attitude and intention of the person engaging in them. A good example is the difference between mentalities in terms of those who say things like, “Wow man, I am totally stoned. Cool dude, I'm completely fucked up” and “Wow! I'm really high”. It helps a great deal if every time one makes a foray into these realms that one's intention is to meet up with agents of one's creator. This is automatic for me. I have my little rituals and such. My engagements are few and far between these days but... I suspect, not entirely finished as yet. For the moment, the present state of mind is proving effective in terms of negotiating the uncertain terrain of this existence. Anyway, that whole windup was just to share this with you. Of course, I've never had any doubts about the efficacy of 'conscious use' of forbidden substances and have always known that they were forbidden because the powers that be don't want people in certain stages of wakefulness.

These same states can be achieved by yoga or other disciplines, of course ...but the substance angle is instantaneous and so, for myself only, I recommend a combination of substances and disciplines and... as my progress has shown, a steady diminishing of substances and an increase in the application of disciplines on the way to the big disappearing act.

I have to chuckle to myself, when I'm not laughing right out loud, after hearing people refer to me as a drug addict, an alcoholic, a wastrel and a crazy person. It's more than passing odd that I move like someone half my age and can do all kinds of things that many people half my age and more cannot do. I can drop down and give fifty for instance at any time. The same applies to available reps in respect of other things besides pushups. I can dance right through the night and yeah, if the spirit takes me I can also imbibe whatever I feel like imbibing with apparently no harm whatsoever. People don't like this. They think there should be consequences. It's not natural!!! I couldn't do this every night nor would I want to.

It's quite simple why these things are possible for me and would be possible for anyone else if they understood how things work. I love God. I love God fundamentally all day long. It keep me young and vibrant and alive and the same could be true of anyone else if they wanted it that way. People get hard. They get rigid. They get all bent out of shape about all the things they don't like and they get hounded and surrounded by guilt and regret. They get chased down the streets of their minds by astral harpies of conscience that burn them with fire. They seethe with resentments and they are incapable of forgiveness and also in wonderment concerning their not receiving any.

It is impossible to communicate these things to most people. They will look right at you as your words bounce off of their heads. As complex as it can be, at the heart of it it is very simple. I have explained certain things over and over. If you go the wrong way, you wind up senile. If you go the right way you obtain to regenerated innocence. If you are not all hung up on fucking everyone else you will not fuck yourself. If your vanity gets the upper hand with you, ageing is going to be a bitch. If you are not endlessly fuming and plotting to illicitly acquire what is not yours at the expense of others, you will not have to go in fear of others. If you do not wish violence on others and send forth enraged thoughts, you will not have to be concerned about where you walk or when you do it. I'm living proof of this and I am not the Lone Ranger. Now sure, a safe can drop on my head tomorrow; safe full of money, empty safe; would it matter? Should I then go in fear, slinking down the street up against the cold bricks of the buildings? Should I stay inside at all times, too afraid to go out? Should I live in fear of ten thousand things that can get me at any moment and one of which, or several in concert, WILL GET me and you one of these days...unless The Good Lord lets us walk right out of this body wrap into the light. It happens. You don't hear about it much but it happens. I assure you it happens. There are people walking this Earth at this very moment for whom NOTHING is impossible.

If health were money, I would be a millionaire. I practically glow these days, as the shades drop away. I may not have much scratch but I have NO DEBTS. I have no concerns save one; keeping God uppermost in my thoughts at all times, or as near as I can get to that. It's good to stand guard at the gateway of your mind and let in no inimical thoughts, nothing that your author would not want resident in you. Casting out thought, correctly and relentlessly done will take you right to the gates of paradise, if you do nothing else. That won't take you in but you can stand there and wait for an invite. See, every Heaven has a ruler. You have to make contact with that ruler or one of his agents; one of his agents that has his ear. Then, with each following day, you walk around and you act like you are already there. If you do this with the right amount of certitude, you will be. On my honor and on my life, you will be.

In India a few decades ago, there was this sadhu. We featured him in one of the magazines I worked on during that period. I believe it was the Woodstock Aquarian, though it might have been the Aquarian Angel. What this sadhu did was he took away your nicotine habit and your Coca Cola habit. He used to sit in this one place all day long with four cigarettes, at least, in one hand and a bottle of Coke in the other all day long. He did this ALL DAY LONG and never went to the bathroom. There were many witnesses to this and any number of western witnesses. He did this every single day all day long. Through him, people were able to quit smoking and quit drinking Coca Cola which, I assure you, is worse than cigarettes; definitely worse than the natural handrolled tobacco I used to smoke. Anyone who has poured it on their car battery to clean the contacts, knows what I'm talking about. Yeah, yeah, I know, just a chemical reaction. Well, your body has a chemical reaction to everything you put in it.

How I have been able to get away with certain monkey business for so long is that I have always eaten right. I know how important it is and I BLESS MY FOOD. That is even more important that eating right. Whenever I go out or anywhere that I eat, I always bless my food. In several years now, I have yet to see someone else doing that and this town is full of missionary Christians, who think I am the devil, although they have never met me. It comes from my walking down the streets singing all the time and basically just being way strange. I don't look all that different than anyone else but Susanne or anyone else can tell you, people are aware of me. It's probably cause I bless my food (grin). I'm going to tell you something, people, not blessing your food is an egregious offense that affects how your food integrates with your body. I also talk to God, as much as I can remember to, all day long. I work out. I stay active. Why? I'm filled with energy and enthusiasm. Why? Because I love God. To love God is to fill your life with Love and it touches everything you do. I cannot say that I have reached a significant status as of yet but... I am in the neighborhood.

Let me tell you something. If you don't make God real while you are alive; how real will he/she be when you pass? Heaven begins where your feet touch the Earth. I've made plenty of mistakes and been reckless in spades but I have always loved God and always sought God. It pays off. You might have thousands of friends but if God is not your friend; of what value are all of these relationships? You can be one of the most powerful people on Earth, for that lifetime, or portion of it. You can have all of the riches beyond anything you can spend. Except for very rare instances you are seriously fucked as a result. This is about the right time to insert this link. Even stone cold atheists are aware of the power of the unknown. Heck, all the Satanists are full on believers in God. Why else would they worship his opposite number. They know he is the Prince of this World.

I'm trying to make a very important point here today so please don't be put off about my talking about myself. It's all true what I said and I don't take any personal credit for it. God made all of it possible. I did respond, I'll give me that (grin), however, I am trying to tell you that you must make God the centerpiece of your life. You have no idea what kind of danger you are in otherwise. Just talk to him/her for a bit each day. You might be surprised and you have no idea what incredibly cool things can happen if you go into it just wanting to be his/her friend, like I do. He told me I was his friend and had his favor a couple of years ago. I burst into tears. Nothing in my life has given me anything remotely close to this level of joy. I was stunned. It's been the case I haven't thought well of myself until fairly recently. Thank God, God did. God believed in me, even if I didn't.

I get to visit people in my dreams. The ones who have experienced this know it's happened. God makes this possible. You can get ANYTHING from God. Why go to anyone else? Tell God in detail what you want and why and leave it in his/her hands, content with whatever you are given. It's said your needs and desires are know before you express them. In many cases your desires are no more than what God wants for you. Desire is the agent of God's will. Don't cheat yourself of what is possible for you. Don't rip yourself off. Don't wait until it is too late because one day, assuredly, it will be. I'll close with one of my favorite sayings by Paramahansa Yogananda and remember, he was a really sweet guy. He was a softie in a certain way but like iron too. When he died there was no corruptions of the body. He exited in mahasamadhi and his body lay in state for over a month with no degeneration, no cadaverous smell. There were plenty of witnesses for that too. Anyway, he said, “If you don't search for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter.”

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Doug Pearson said...

Ahh, I sometimes miss the good old days of windowpane, Orange Sunshine, microdot, mescaline, mushrooms and all that stuff. Had many a wonderful, and generally enlightened time doing those things. It was fun and usually funnyyyyy. Would do it all again in a heartbeat....
Trails baby...are you trailing yet? hahahaha hell yes! Flashbacks! Never had em and never knew anyone that did. And I took the stuff with a hell of a lotta different types of people. Did you ever know anyone that had a buncha flashbacks? I took tons of other drugs too and came out of the scramble unscathed. The problem I've seen with most who had problems with dope was they didn't know how to take the shit. Geez, a lotta people take as much as they can, as often as they can, as fast as they can. Holy fuck, slow down. They'd turn into masses of jello from basically overdose. Like getting a script and popping the whole damn bottle. Troble with that? What the fuck did you expect Elmer?
You're right about the food part too. You eat right(basic veg diet) and exercise and you'll do fine. No processed shit. It'll kill you before long, as it was designed to do. Hey Vis, look up the Peak8 exercise with Mercola. I've been doing it for almost 3 yrs and it'll do more than any exercise I know of to improve many areas of your health. It's the Mike Tyson of exercises. All you need is a cheap exercise bike and 20 minutes 2 or 3 times a week. I've shown it to lots of people and no one has done it more than a few times. Very challenging exercise. Do it and lemme know what you think.......

Visible said...

As it so happens I have an exercise bike so I will look up the technique.

Yeah,'flashbacks' I remember haring about them on the news when they were trying to spread that paranoia and my first thought was, "Cool, flashbacks, I can't wait" and they never showed up and I was disappointed I'll tell you.

Although I would take massive amounts of psychedelics some time I usually stepped back from the edge with everything else and so survived the experiences.

neal said...

Maybe really die, like cold for a few days. Come back, not done, no where or when that will tolerate staying some narrated shape. Now, if that is just some damned ghost knocking on the door of Heaven, and what drowned souls tap back into within a sunken Ark Sub thingy, that is just the way the is is, maybe space rocks do not rust much.

Drugs, oxidation. Seems to get popular, and broadcast. Tertiary stuff, maybe War. No real cheats, or shortcuts, someone has to pay for that. Ghosts do not cheat to get free stuff, maybe it is not fair to involve the weather, or history, except for the invited under certain protection.

Some One is paying for that. Hard to watch, out of the corners, shadows that never cared to be the new, improved gangster of the day.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I'm under the impression there's only four reasons to take drugs. Curiosity, healing, escape, quest for knowledge.

Ya know, you can get flashbacks on myristicin (which can knock you out of body, though my 'lesser gods' don't seem to appreciate me taking that route.); which I didn't do very often. Maybe once every 2 or 3 years or something.. I had a couple of those flashbacks at work in the old days of 20 odd years ago, and it's weird trying to load a folder whilst thinking of nothing but having to be careful not to poke your eyes out on the paper holders, and another time, I will never know if I really got up to check a message on one of the old typewriter-paper communicators which was the e-mail of the day, if I looked at it out of body, or if I dreamed it in this life. I used to work incredibly long shifts, and if I had less than 8 hours between shifts, I'd sleep on site.

kenny said...

We certainly have some common concepts Vis. For all my adult life I've thought that if one is going to indulge, perhaps there's a balance that can be achieved and about all I could come up with is a good diet, proper breathing, visualizing health and well being along with moderate exercise to counter any negatives. I guess it worked fairly well.

Back in the latter part of the 80's there was what I considered therapeutic grade MDMA coming out of Dallas. Everyone considered it an almost perfect dosage. It was definitely an empathogen and no doubt would be useful in couples therapy. Lost that connection but later I heard some young ones say they took 3 or 4 hits in one night. I couldn't imagine such excess but finally came across what they were talking about and found out that the doses were weakened by probably 3/4 without a cut in price. Israelis were allegedly behind that scam.

Somewhat related...

"10 Famous Geniuses and Their Drugs of Choice"

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful inspiring posting. God Blesses You!

Anonymous said...

Oh,my God.
God love him.
For Gods sake.
Can't say ive ever met him.

Anonymous said...

I love you Les.
Thomas Merton said "If you write for God you will reach many men and bring them joy."
And you certainly do.
You speak of God...touch upon so much..'forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us' you speak of deadly errors such as
pride, theft, you speak of life everlasting, paradise....
....what characters can I type to represent the emotion "astounded".

"Asanga said that all dharmas are at their root, inexpressible. But he also said, 'Now, since all dharmas have thus inexpressible nature, why is expression at all applicable? Verily, without expression, the inexpressible true nature could not be told to others, nor heard by others.'"

Keep on expressin' Les, keep on.
The kingdom of Heaven is at hand. (as well as the feet)
At hand, close enough to reach out and touch.

-steve in H-town

Anonymous said...

The golden rule rears its beautiful head. As you treat others, so shall you be treated.

I've been in some places, like "Deliverance country" and never felt afraid. Heck, I LIVE in Deliverance country. The local whitewater outfits sell T-shirts that say "Paddle faster, I hear banjo music!" I've met some pretty strange and primitive folks, but none of them were anything but friendly to me. There is such a thing as bearding the lion in his den, though. You shouldn't go around certain parts of town at certain times of the night. That's asking for it, in my opinion.

I've known for decades that pot and the psychedelics are harmless, and spiritually beneficial when taken the right way; it's nice to see that science is catching up. All the government has left now is the "We Say So" mentality. "Drugs will ruin your life because we say so, and we're here to make damned sure it happens".

Actually, drugs certainly WILL ruin your life -- the kind your Dr. gives you, that is. They talked me into taking one of the psychotropic antidepressants, after I had a minor stroke due to stress at work, and it fucked me up worse than anything I've ever taken. I got off it as fast as I could, and told the Dr. where he could stick it.

My two sons are in their twenties and they recently tried pot (also alcohol). Their astute and immediate observation was "Oh, that's why pot is illegal: because it makes you think. Alcohol is legal because it makes you stop thinking."

Out of the mouths of babes...

Oh, and one of the myths that was supposed to scare you away from acid was that it caused chromosome damage, and your kids would be retarded or have birth defects. WRONG! My sons are highly intelligent and physically quite normal.

I never had a flashback either. I sure wanted to, though.

David V

Anonymous said...

Great post, as ever vis,

Like that great teacher once said , you know the one whom the self righteous and religious hypocrites of the day murdered,; "It's not what goes into a man that makes him unclean, but what proceeds out of the heart of man..."or so he is quoted as saying seeing how the ancient texts have been corrupted through by the bastard clergy through the ages to suit their bank balance, but yes, the spirit of truth does filter out their guilt and shame! (aint mine!)
Was thinking about the great trips ive been on, and yes you can quicken the time/distance thing, and be left speechless and awestruck but nonetheless affected positively in the aftermath.
It is unfortunate that these spiritual research methods are also open to abuse and can be dangerous if not approached with the right attitude and motivations.
Its also sad that some of my good friends went a different route, probably out of self-interest, and abused themselves with the harder stuff and it cost them their lives at a young age. Shame that they were unable to mix discipline also, but they/we were young at the time and I cant really account or judge what they were going through at the time/stage in their life to warrant the abuse of themselves and the ultimate loss of control which lead them to a path of habitual reliance and habit with virtually no restraint.
Its a real crying shame to see people go down that path, especially when you care about them, but ultimately its their choice.
Going back to that attitude/motivation thing, i think ive come to realise that if that is in the right place then the grace we are given is to be moderate in our consumptive desires, although I know what my preferences are, im also aware of my past trials and tribulations that I could possibly have gone the wrong route too.
Its pretty obvious that the teacher is right, it is foundationally a heart issue that strays us from the path.

Thanks vis,
Love nick

Trav420 said...

I never thought of asking God to be my friend, I think I will. Thanks for that...

Anonymous said...

you know when you're right you're right...

I eckspeschully find your abuse of the current language not just entertaining but informative "EDUCASHUNAL" for the timid little braindeadgoy who "JEW" worship by proxy...with a side twist of Stockholm syndrome

{there are quite a few still trapped in the cult compound}

keeping God {yeahway} uppermost in my thoughts at all times, or as near as I can get to that. It's good to stand guard at the gateway of your mind and let in no inimical thoughts

{jew worshipping},

nothing that your author would not want resident in you. Casting out thought, correctly and relentlessly done will take you right to the gates of paradise, if you do nothing else.

That won't take you in but you can stand there and wait for an invite. See, every Heaven has a ruler. You have to make contact with that ruler or one of his agents; one of his agents that has his ear. Then, with each following day, you walk around and you act like you are already there. If you do this with the right amount of certitude, you will be. On my honor and on my life, you will be...

wasn't it just the least bit entertaining the way they used that cricket in Pinocchio ?



sometimes you make my heart smile, real big like Texas



Visible said...

Thank for that Kenny. You are so right, it was coming out of Dallas, I know cause I got some back then, It was still more or less legal and it was truly awesome. I haven't seen anything like it since and even on the S.R. where they tout the purity etc. It is still not to be found. then, indeed, the Israelis came in and messed with the components; sad state of affairs. Every now and then you hear about one of the kingpins getting reeled in and then reeled out.

Visible said...

Here's the link at it's source and hotlinked as well.

You'll note Lilly was on substances when he interacted with the dolphins. there's a huge list of people that got left out. One of the more amusing examples was Groucho Marx who was all over Haight Asbury in the day and dropping acid. Cary Grant also ingested LSD and there were many others.

Anonymous said...

What do you think of re-incarnation?
Are you the guy who answered, I'm against it ! ! !

Smyrna said...

Chewing Coca leaves allows the blood to carry more oxygen. Makes sense up in the Andes there, eh? The media tell you it 'supresses hunger' etc. LOL.

I have read about Peruvian army recruits from the highlands who chewed Coca, then once at sea level they had no need or addiction to it.

I will post about my drug experiences, and finding Jesus later. Halftime of the football now, will be back.

Anaughty Mouser said...

Ryan Dawson has a recent post where he explains the present Egypt crisis in a very believable way:

The people of Egypt are revolting against both the MB and the military. The former is linked to the CIA and the latter to the US government. Two sides of the same coin. The coin represents the IMF, Rothschild and israel. The coin is Anglo-US-israel control of Egypt. Accepting either side means austerity for the Egyptian people. The people of Egypt are being offered two flavours of the zio NWO. They want neither. The probable civil war is being orchestrated by the same Rothschild zio NWO. Divide and conquer - it's a global strategy that works almost every time.

Around the world the Rothschild zio NWO is pitting us against each otherm to kill each other. We are being painted as evil to each other, we are killing each other.

The devil is laughing with delight.

kenny said...

Although not officially documented as far as we know, there are the perennial rumors that JFK took LSD while in office. How that effected his thinking on certain issues we will probably never know. The White House as a controlled setting for a pure psychedelic experience would have been exceptional to say the least.

Visible said...

Heh heh, imagine being president and dropping acid.


Yeah... you can be against the wind too (grin)

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Big Squeeze and De De De De Denouement City.

Peter said...

Thank you for some beautiful thoughts Visible. I try to talk to God but I have to be in a special contemplative relaxed/detached state of mind. LSD saved my life. Many years ago I sought out RD Laing - used to go to his house each week in Belsize Park (London). He used LSD and hashish in a therapeutic setting to access the unconscious. Didn't eat for 5 days at his suggestion and then took my first big dose of LSD, went to bed, turned off the light and sank like a stone into that underground world which in my case in those days was a hell hole. Lying on a writhing bed of snakes ! What a wonderful man RDL was - incredible empathy - right there with you. Thanks to him and LSD (mescalin too) I made it.
Thank you Viz for your testament offering hope and insight into the current political hell.

Visible said...

Thank you my friend;

R.D. wrote a great book called Knots

Anonymous said...

God, Goddess, the Great Mystery, Creator, Yes!,
Religion -most of them - particularly those ethnocentric, racial supremacists, blood letting ones types - NO!

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Pretend you're an Egyptian when you Loot their Museums..

Eric said...

Mr. Visible, may I call you Les? I have lurked on your blogs for quite some time. I feel the need to comment on this particular posting.

It is somewhat creepy as it feels to have been written directly to me. I have just begun reading "The Science of Mind" and I see that you have gone somewhat deeper into that than mere theory. Thank you fore making me aware of it. It is my desire to follow a similar path. I have already tried the substance route and achieved some results, though not always quite what I was looking for. I guess that's how it works.

In another synchronicity, I suddenly realized, when I searched your archives, that you are well acquainted with Guru Bawa. My wife has recently begun to study the works of the Guru. This came about, from having met Sheikha Maryam Kabeer Faye at a holistic expo, recently. We gave the Sheikha a ride back and forth from our hotel to the expo for a couple of days. One feels "something" just from her presence. I hope that I can achieve the certainty about life that she projects.

Anyway, I just wanted to drop a short comment and let you know that your work has value for me. It resonates. Keep doing it! Peace.

Visible said...

Greetings Eric;

Yes, Science of Mind is a true classic. Drop me an email and I will send you some other books in digital form. I don't know if I know that lady or not. I have a hard time remembering people's Sufi names. I did live at the ashram for long enough to meet most of the original members. Bawa referred to me as 'tall man'

Everyone gets where they want to go if they keep going.

Copernicus Kidd said...

thanks for writing, as always. think you might enjoy this little clip:

StefanR said...

I wonder what we have missed as society, considering the fact that during the Eleusinian Mysteries celebrations in the classical world.
You can read about it if you search for: Mixing the Kykeon.
What would be the effect on a civilisation when a big portion of the society is periodically in to their minds with LSD



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