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The Enemy Without and the Enemy Within.

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May your noses always be on your face.

I'm wondering how many of the readers have noticed the mostly hidden and only occasionally mentioned behind the scenes actions being taken by Obama in relation to Israel. It seems like every other day, I notice something like this. It confuses me since he's on his knees, deep throating them in the direct public spectrum and then I hear about this side of it and I have seen or heard about a dozen or more incidents of this nature. Of course... this is fantastic news! Anything that goes contrary to the feral intentions of that rabid nation, is good for the human race, unequivocally. There have been a number of signs showing that Israel is falling out of favor with the rest of the world. The E.U. Boycott, of occupied territory products, is a huge move. One cannot overlook what intense conversations must have taken place and what apprehensions must have surfaced in the process; knowing how vindictive the Morlocks from that country are and the fact that there is nothing they will not do to advance their own cause. I get the intuitive sensation that some sort of a decision has been reached by those with the appearance of power worldwide; perhaps even by those who do possess the power. That would have to be the case anyway, wouldn't it? There is no question that at some point a global decision does have to be reached because it is either the human race or them. That should be obvious to everyone who isn't frozen with fear or deluded one way or another.

What I have noticed lately is that there are these bursts of different, time sensitive, quasi realities that show up for whatever length of hours or days they are booked for and then they go away, or rather, are replaced by something else. There was a period there, just recently, where some number of people of my acquaintance, virtually, went off the rails for no reason whatsoever. Usually there's a reason; good one, bad one, something but... there were no reasons for these events, except in a couple of limited instance scenarios, where it had to (possibly) do with being offended about my being offended by alternative sexual practices being jammed down the throat of preschoolers and elementary schoolers; not to mention 9 year old boys who have decided they want a sex change operation and have the full support of their parents who, no doubt expects huge paydays for the made for TV movie, the book, the interactive draw string dolls and whatever endless spinoffs, attend this breath taking expression of human freedom; definitely another Nobel Prize candidate.

Then, it just stopped, like someone threw a switch. I had a chance to do something, something I usually do and then, out of the blue, inside of me, I said, “Nah, I'm not interested". Then all kinds of things changed. I was led to believe the two things were connected and then I got the impression that every day contains similar opportunities, where I am faced with the usual patterns and a sudden opportunity to act or react like I have not done before presents itself.

I find myself standing in a field, suddenly immersed in an intense, internal plea. It is so intense that my entire body is clenched as some sort of punctuation point for the degree of focus being employed. It's a new thing. All kinds of new things are coming, as old things are going out. Smoking just got up and walked out, a month or so ago. Physical disciplines that had gone into remission, have flared up into routine practice again and... in one month the amount of reps possible has tripled. Interesting. One door of migration got closed and immediately another one opened. I won't know if it's acceptable to me for a couple of days. If it is then that's one more example of 'everything's under control'.

I was getting a little discouraged about the relentless repetition, of an inexplicable run of bad luck, which has spanned the course of several years now. I'm told I just have to hang on until the New Year and that would be the end of it. That would be very, very nice.

In the meantime, we are waiting for Israel's latest false flag attack against the West. Probably the most unpleasant thing about all of it, is its predictability and redundancy. As intimidating as it can be, the worst part of it is that the same old same old is boring. Obama is boring. Napolitano is boring. Clapper and Alexander are boring. Al Qaeda is boring. The Zio-bot Senator twins from California are boring. Hollywood is boring. Bilderberger is boring. Modern life has become about as interesting as Modern Art. This is what the 'Tribe Owned' music business is releasing as the soundtrack for your unexamined lives. Be sure and note the elegant manner in which this sophisticate wears his pants. We have truly reached the place where there is no there there.

Life on Earth, at the moment, makes no kind of sense at all. On the one hand, we have an international band of irredeemable scoundrels, that are operating against the well being of humanity, in every way possible for them. Though they seem to be linked at various levels, many of them are in competition with and in opposition to one another. Along with the wars going on, outside of us, at various points in the world, there is another war going on behind the scenes. It is evil contending with itself, in various garbs and the reason for that, besides the fact that it is the nature of evil, to plot against anyone in reach, whenever the opportunity arises... the reason has to do with The Avatar, precipitating downward into the manifest plane. Much of the evil that takes place 'down here' is initiated and manipulated by entities that have long been resident on the inner planes. With no great difficulty, they can take over the bodies of those who have made themselves disposed for that kind of occupation.

(Imagine The Avatar with a broom, sweeping down the planes and driving everything outward, out onto the manifest plane for the purpose of judgment. I think if you look into the works of some of the new thought thinkers from around the time of the turn of the last century, with a couple of decades granted, you'll find a lot of them talked about this very thing. Interestingly, I ran into their works after these ideas had already surfaced in my head.)

Here's what happens. When you set off on the road to evil, due to preeminent self interest, overpowering greed or lust, uncontrollable rage or 'any', of the many, motivating forces that compel us to do things, that are actually diametrically opposed to our self interest (depending on how you look at it), you move in the darkness in stages. It is very much like the way one moves up the paths and through the stations of the Tree of Life (if that is your system), the Stations of the Cross, or any of the authentic paths toward realization and liberation, except that you are going in the opposite direction.

It's said that one is in their Christ Consciousness, when they are resident in the sphere of Tipereth. I just said to myself, wait a minute; what if I'm wrong about that? So I went to check and got this. I stand uncorrected (grin). Consider this; if you are in your Christ consciousness, then you are one with Christ and though you may possess a unique, personal identity, it is Christ acting through you, as you are an illumined soul. At every stage of the game, something is operating through you. You become, 'like unto it'. The same goes for the steps and stages of evil. You become occupied by any one of various wrongness’s that await your coming. You're possessed. You're occupied. Now you are enroute to the purpose of demonstration, just as are your opposite numbers on the high road.

Since this is a time of great material power and appearance, the greater number of us are more disposed toward evil than good. This is not always conscious and intentional. There are all kinds of collective delusional agendas that cause more harm than good and they all got God on their side. There are people running around who believe God wants them to kill Muslims. These same deluded fools think Muslims did 9/11. There is small hope for them. Their stupidity and gullibility are remarkable. The truth is that Israel did 9/11. The day is not complete. The day is not a total success, unless someone declares that. One day, hundreds of thousands will declare it and those people and their nation will deservedly be revealed as a singular enemy of humanity. Whatever follows that, will follow that.

It is also not a successful day. It is not a complete day, without the mention of Mr. Apocalypse, who is very present and who is the primary force behind all of the revelatory information that is coming to pass. The Snowden affair is part of this; poor Snowden, now in the hands of one of Assange's agents. The embarrassing absurdities, all about us, are a result of Mr. A's efforts. Those of us that can see, can see. Those of us who cannot see, cannot see. Those of us that can hear, can hear. Those who cannot hear, cannot hear and... those who cannot hear, must feel.

Every day, the march of the psycho fascists continues. The prognosis in respect of the view is not promising. It looks like at any moment, the match will be touched to the fuse ...but the sensation I get, is that they are marching through quicksand. Huge corporations are completely out of control, like Monsanto and most of the clowns on Wall Street. The central bankers are out of control. They got themselves into deep shit, so they are putting the whole world into the ditch, so that they can climb out of the ditch over the top of them and they are hard at work, solving their difficulties, with the same strategy that got them into them in the first place.

If you have ever had any doubt that Mike Adams is compromised right to the marrow of his bone, you can put away all doubt now. This man is Conintelpro and owned body and soul by the dark side. This is so telling on his account that it is going to appear in tomorrow's Mirrors too. Thank you Mr. Apocalypse. No wonder he can have a 650,000 dollar estate in Ecuador and whatever other upscale scene he's got in The Homeland. I should qualify that thing about money. There's nothing wrong with it and there's no reason that some people shouldn't have a whole lot of it. It's how you get it that counts and what you do with it when you do have it.

As tense as things appear to be in the wider world, there is this sensation (at least I have it) of something else going on. Everything we see is not what it appears to be. We think it is pushing but it is being pushed. We think they are plotting but they are merely ciphers in the plot. They believe themselves to be rich and powerful but they are poor and powerless, in all the ways that count. If you buy into appearances then they will show up on your receipt and you'll be billed for them. If you know appearances are a lie and they do not impact on you or influence you, then you are free of the consequences that come from aligning yourself with appearances. Be free as you were originally intended to be. The chains slip quite easily off of your neck. They are imaginary and the offspring of a shackled imagination.

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Anaughty Mouser said...

Yes, yes and yes.

Great entry.

Peace and love

Anonymous said...

"the false and artificial place of squatters they like to call “israel” is the problem." - Astrea

Uh-huh said...

"IUSA the KRST was born on the 25th December of a Virgin called IsisMery.
He taught in the Temple at age 12 and was baptised at age 30 by Anup the Baptiser – who was beheaded,
He had 12 companions.
He walked on water, healed the sick and raised the dead.
He was crucified, died and was buried in a tomb of rock.
He was resurrected – naturally.

That is from Egyptian scripture.
KRST meant “anointed” in Egyptian script.

Christianity was the religion of the Egyptians and had nothing to do with any “Jews” or Hebrews. I think the Habiru, or Hebrews, probably made Constantine agree to making it the state religion and announcing that IUSA the KRST was a Jew . Constantine probably needed money – as these rulers do, and as they almost seem to do, they go to the Jews for it. The Habiru who have been trading and inposing USURY for five thousand years or so! And slavery was and is their invention. First they used slaves, created by the wars they arranged, in the silver mines they owned, and now they just get as much of mankind into debt as possible through their their fiat “money” system to enslave many more!
And nowadays the Jews do not even have to hand over gold or silver – they just create phantom “money” out of thin air, on their keyboards – and charge huge interest on it. Which can never be paid back!
Please go to Ellen Brown’s website and learn about how we could get out of this mess –

I would like to recommend “The Venetian Conspiracy.” which is a transcript of a most interesting lecture given in Germany some years ago. Many people are suspicious of Tarpley – but do not miss this! Those Venetians were simply the Phoenicians – and their descendents are none other than “The Crown” in “The Square Mile” also known as “The City.” The Queen of Britain is a member. Tarpley says that she not the most important member, just the public face – The Doge. It seems that the Rothschilds are the supreme power in “The Crown”. And it amazes me how very much like Jacob Rothschild Princess Ann is. Amazing!
Jezebel, that Horror of a woman, was a Phoenician “princess.”

Uh-huh said...

The Venetians brought the World to disaster in the mid thirteen hundreds or so.
They did what they always do and just what they are doing now – they stripped Europe of silver, which was the money or currency of the time, so that a terrible deflation set in. They had fleets of ships taking the silver they extracted from Europe and shipped via Egypt to Ghengis Kahn who proceeded to destroy China – and brought the Black Plague into the World – not just China.

So you see – there is the Khazar connection again!
I think it is high time all this history was brought to light! It is not only the Horror of the Bolshevicks we need to become aware of – and quickly – it goes back about five thousand years and started with some very insignificant dusty traders with laden donkeys.

And they never did conquer Canaan, by the way. The Old Testament is the mythology of the different cultures of the time – stolen by these Habiru who had no spiritual tradition at all!

The story of Abraham was a hero myth of the Syrians. The story of “Moses” was stolen from the hero myth of Sargon the Great who was placed in a basket which was sealed with pitch and sailed down the River Tigris until his basket came to rest in the reeds at the bottom of the garden of thepalace and the baby Sargon was rescued and brought up inthe palace – and he became Sargon 1st. and the rest is actual history.

There was no “Moses” – unless they meant to say Akenaten but forgot to mention that – and there was no Solomon – that was Amenhotep 3rd. – and there was NO temple except for a DESCRIPTION of an EGYPTIAN
to be found in the Old Testament!
And there waws never any king called David either. There may have been a petty chief or rather robber with his gang infesting the Judean hills – but no sign anywhere in any of the records of the various of the surrounding powers of any King David!

It is amazing. The Jews not only have been lying for millenia, about everything, but they like to believe their pathetic lies. Have you seen pictures of them bobbing away at what the like to call “the Wailing Wall”? It was built by Muslims for Heavens sake!”

The Song of Songs they like to call “The Song og Solomon”! It was actually the love song of a priestess of ancient Sumeria, to her King!"

the gardener said...

Hey... this is 'guaranteed to blow your minds'... 'she's a killer'...

you can download the full pdf with links from that site....

The originating source I found to get that above link is:

Both are full of info about the "parasitic ethnic group" which is what writer link #1 calls them... much psyche eval/explanation of why and what they are... known to most of us-they can't create... only creatively DESTROY.

But the tie in with the other big stunning of the mass populace event (by the same "parasitic ethnic group) 9/11 is what I found really interesting.

I am very grateful that television was such a limited commodity of my childhood and a non existent one in my adulthood... my brother who first alerted me to 'jackie killed JFK' was also the first one to call and tell me to 'turn on the tv-it's on' on 9/11... not watching the tube makes it like what the author of the first link describes in "watch Zagruder film and see it for yourself who killed the President'...'watch the buildings fall and know they were demolished professionally'... but you have to forgo all the hype and spin and media hypnotism of which Jackie did do like a magic act of diversion and other tricks.

the gardener

(being familiar with Springmeir's “The Top 13 Illuminati Bloodlines”
helps keep the players straight and the Kennedys are in that group as was Onassis.

I was looking for info about JFK, Jr's death but didn't see any references as to why he'd be taken out... do not know if he'd reveal his own mother... maybe. Caroline Kennedy is to be the new Ambassador to Japan... regardless or due to Fukushima ? lol

Anaughty Mouser said...


I am wondering if you believe what you posted.

The tribe under Rothschild's directive killed JFK for three reasons:

1. To stop JFK from continuing to print real money free from the Rothschild owned Federal Reserve private usury bank.

2. To stop JFK from auditing and shutting down Dimona from producing nuclear weapons instead of electrical power.

3. To stop JFK and his brother from having the American Zionist Congress (renamed AIPAC) declare itself as a foreign phalanx and thereby ceasing its ability to "lobby" (bribe/buy) American politicians to do israel's bidding.

The same Rothschild led tribe did 9/11, as everyone who reads here knows.

Ray B. said...

This just up at J1mSt0ne. If the following is true, it's a good forewarning:

"Embassy closures an unprecedented tip off that the Mossad/CIA are going to go live with a false flag that will leave the Arab world in a state of shock and outrage.

This is the closed embassy list:

U.S. Embassy Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
U.S. Embassy Amman, Jordan
U.S. Embassy Cairo, Egypt
U.S. Consulate Dhahran, Saudi Arabia
U.S. Consulate Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
U.S. Embassy Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
U.S. Embassy Djibouti, Djibouti
U.S. Embassy Doha, Qatar
U.S. Consulate Dubai, United Arab Emirates
U.S. Embassy Khartoum, Sudan
U.S. Embassy Kuwait City, Kuwait
U.S. Embassy Manama, Bahrain
U.S. Embassy Muscat, Oman Jordan
U.S. Embassy Sanaa, Yemen
U.S. Embassy Tripoli, Libya
U.S. Embassy Antananarivo, Madagascar
U.S. Embassy Bujumbura, Burundi
U.S. Embassy Kigali, Rwanda
U.S. Embassy Port Louis, Mauritius

This is a stunning huge list. Since the only plausible reason for closing these embassies is to protect workers from violent action, it is possible that an assessment has been done which concluded that the people in these areas may react violently to another 9/11 style Arab frame up... The closure of embassies could also be an indication that Israel is going to act against Iran, and backlash is expected."

Stay cool, but be alert...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

I don't want to stir up a hornet's nest here but I take everything Jim Stone says with a grain of salt. He does gravitate toward the sensationalist side of things with plenty more conjecture than facts. That said, I don't know. I can see why Makow is a fan of his and Rense is not.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if the next false flag event will be another reality TV show (faked). Like the Boston Smoke Bombing and the Sandy Hook, Line and Sinker. They've got this shit down now, to where they just sketch out the plot, make up the details, hire actors, etc. And the public believes it all. Hell, most of the "truthers" believe it, too. Well, most of the "truther" websites are in their paid employ. What I mean is, even people who are awake and know who the players are, and what they're up to, and aren't paid disinfo hacks, get suckered by these staged dramas. These perpetrators may indeed be evil, but you gotta admit they are very good at what they do.

Visible said...

heh heh, {"Sandy Hook, Line and Sinker. Good one!

Anonymous said...

Heh. I thought it was kinda cute, too. Dave McGowan is ripping up the Boston Smoke Bombing on his site - and catching all kinds of shit for it. McGowan's a professional photographer, and he did a bang-up piece on 911, and the Apollo "moon landings", using much of the same evidence (photographs). Here's a link to his site - '

After looking at his photos, and considering his points, it's obvious the whole thing was just another made-for-TV reality show. And "the victims" are still sucking down tens of millions in donations from the sheeple, while they pretend to be Boston Strong. This makes the sheeple Boston Wrong. I guess we all pay for our education...

Anonymous said...

I am not sure that the Jezebel of the bible actually did anything wrong. Her husband, Ahab, was into some crooked shit. Supposedly the Canaanite cultures worshiped the Goddess. Jezebel was a follower of the Goddess culture and a high priestess.

According to the bible the Goddess cultures of Canaan would pass their children through fire as an offering to Ishtar (or whatever they may have called Her).

However, according to the Bible there was a judge named Jephthah who offered his daughter to the lord as thanks for a military victory. (Judges chpt 11) So, the Sons of Israel were not above child sacrifice.

The Sons of Israel followed Moses into the promised land and all they got for their efforts was war, apostasy, life under despots; of which Moses was the worst and civil dischord. They never did get their promised land. (Hey, I promise you the state of Indiana. All you have to do is raise an army, conquer the land and defend any counter attacks!)

I have read where the gnostics thought that the god of mt horeb was a fallen angel. Makes sense to me.


Anonymous said...

Most of so-called civilized, modern mentality is formed by endless zio-beast psy-ops via its global info-entertainment organs -controlled by 6 US headquartered corporations, headed by 6 members of global crime tribe and control of almost all other information. This is what makes the whole thing boring for me. Once one can see, hear the zio-beast's activities - understanding grows exponentially, all becomes clear, to the point of predictability. The latest embassy psy-op is 100% zio-orge and is also directed at Obama as punishment for not fulfilling the beast's orders to destroy Syria. Similar to what the Snowden thing has been turned into. Snowden is genuine, innocent, which is always the perfect victim,patsy for the zio-beast

Poor Snowden indeed - the guy is a duped, like most, by the zio-beast propaganda. He should have known about this before re-settling

FSB and SORM-2

but he missed it. Russia remains unchanged in many ways from her days as total slave of the zio-beast.

And didn't anyone catch the blatant, in-your-face-you-cattles zio-orge psy-op reference with the name Dzhokhar - that is pronounced Joker in 'Merikan.

What is it with the Bat Man thing?

Excellent as always work Visible!

Respects to all souls

Visible said...

Dave McGowan is too much. That Boston bombing scene is so phoney and he nails it. Unreal that all of the people there could buy into it. Everybody there couldn't have been an actor. Lots of people should have seen this but we/re not hearing from them. McGowan should be all alone at the Pulitzer Prize this year but, they give them out to the Tribe stooges.

Unknown said...

We always hear about evil possession. Is there such a thing as holy possession?

Visible said...

Of course, "as above so below" works in all directions and circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Definitely. The Pew-litzer Prize - always smells to high heaven. You gotta be a greasy stooge to get one of those.

If any of you gets a chance, check out McGowan's book, "Programmed to Kill". It will blow your mind. You can read most of it (or all of it) on ScribD.

I mentioned it before in another thread, but it's so good, I thought I'd mention it again.

Speaking of stooges...Speck, Bundy, Gacy, the Night Stalker, et al - many serial killers are indeed stooges. Used as fall guys on behalf of something much bigger.

And, of course, when you follow the trail, it leads to the inevitable doorstep of the rich and well-protected, as well as the police, spooks, various governmental bodies and the military.

McGowan makes a stellar case for many "serial killings" being organized crime hits, to wipe out competition in the drug business. After the killings happen, they are pinned on various mind-controlled patsies. Always, the patsies' legal defense is non-existent - their own lawyers "botch the case" and help convict them (with the aid of the judge and prosecutors). They are always tried and convicted in the media long before the actual trial.

There is a great deal of evidence that this sort of thing has been going on for centuries. Charles Guiteau, who shot James A. Garfield, was a member of the Oneida Community, a weird religious cult that encouraged free love and used advanced brainwashing methods of group control on its members. It had ties to the military industrial complex.

Guiteau's father, Luther, was tight with the founder of the community, John Humphrey Noyes. The Oneida Community was an early version of the more familiar Jonestown Cult.

The circus-like trial of Guiteau, and his "insane behavior" during the trial, fits right in with the antics of drugged-out, mind-controlled patsies of today.

And that was 132 years ago...

Anonymous said...

With regard to Obummer and others turning against The Tribe, try going to Veterans Today and check out the multi-part series by Preston James, something about war in space; also scout around the comments section of various articles and look for stuff from someone using the name "Shacalnur". Both say that the jewish or Israeli capstone of the global pyramid is a cutout that is now being removed to make way for the final earth ruler and his minions, namely Old Scratch himself. (or the return of Marduk and the Anunaki, if you're into that) Mr. Shacalnur says he is jewish and claims to have decoded something whereby he is privy to moves by the Rothschild dynasty to shitcan Israel, the latter having served its purpose and outlived its usefulness. Israel, he says, knows this and is currently aligning itself with the BRICS nations. Hence the Snowden revelations and similar counter-exposures by Obummer admin and the EU. Regardless of what you think of VT (they DO indulge in some tinfoil-hat stuff at times), you will find this info enlightening, or at least something to chew on.

David v

Anonymous said...

they will get their's
and the device will be
of their own doing

oddly enough, they don't
realize the forces that are
arrayed against them

i believe the word is hubris
they will take one step too far and
their house will fall,around them

Anonymous said...

In the last article that I read by Mike Adams, he started out defending Alex Jones. I don't know how the article ended or what Mike has had to say since that day. (grin)

Anonymous said...

Hi Vis!

What is your sixth-sense telling you about this, is this more BS?:

(pole shift between now and november, carrington event...?)

kikz said...

up in smoke... glad ta hear it. be sure to watch your caffeine intake. nicotine has a very very supressive effect on caffeine. once that is gone, you can OD on caffeine very easily. i hadn't known this until i quit smokin' jan12, '12. i had some quite harrowing digestive problems and didn't understand until i read about quitters and their probs on an IrritableBowelSyndrome site. that clenched punctuation you spoke of.. may be caffeine intoxication. as a caffeine user for all my life, i'd never known or experienced intoxication from it until i quit smokin. good luck lv*

Smyrna said...

Jackie didn't shoot JFK, FFS!

Watch the Zapruder film. The fatal shot was delivered from out of a storm drain at road level.

The Tribe have always muddied the conspiracy waters with JFK, saying it was the Mafia or Cubans etc

Tyler Vincent said...

I've been experiencing a lot of similar situations Vis... I am retraining my ego response to all kinds of situations and it has been very helpful in reducing the stress in my life.

Did you catch this one Visible? Roger Waters offended some audience members at a concert last week when he raised a pig-shaped balloon emblazoned with the iconic Jewish symbol the Star of David and a variety of fascist symbols.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Hypocrites, Disinfo Agents, Halfwits and the Big One.

Copernicus Kidd said...

Wow, Roger Waters is the Man! Too bad Gilmour and the other guy couldn't muster the courage to follow suit. And yes it is sad that poor poor Snowden has fallen into the grips of the Ass-Angel. Again! You think with all his data clearance and NSA training he would know about the one and only ViS ... surely there is an entire subbasement in Maryland devoted to your work. PS if you want to see some really boring shit golems, check out Peter King and Dutch Ruppsberger. I caught them both on Disney Nooze Sunday night during the tewwah alert and boy oh boy (goy oh goy?) they both look like cartoon caricatures of Colonel Klink's henchman. King has the eyebrows of a pro wrestling promoter and "Dutch" has the Pinnochio chin lines expertly carved into his face. What wonderful revelation the Divine has provided for those with the eyes to see!

PS King is running for the Wide House in 2016 so be alert ... God Glaive the KING!

the gardener said...

Anaughty Mouser and Smyrna... just read the sites... like McGowan does...once it is pointed out, spelled and WHY to you, you'll be forever NOT be able to see it.

Plenty of players for everyone with the JFK ritual sacrifice.

Between the three sites it spells it all out. And most importantly...the WHY. Something for everybody in these sites all relevant to 9/11 and all the rest of the staged death players.

I have a real regret that I never interviewed Gore Vidal before he died. HE KNEW!

the gardener

(totally believable if you get it that these '13 families' are bloodlines who are totally black magicians born to play their parts!)

the gardener said...

RE: Anaughty Mouser...agreed! They needed an up close and personal head shot for their memento projectors like how funnyman Bill Hicks describes the initiation rituals of the newly inaugurated president...the frame by frame by frame learning tool.

And with the '13 families' (including Kennedys and Onassis) these people are bred for their world stage roles.

I've often deduced that the women are the handlers of the men in politics especially but in the other fields as well.

Again, a wealth of info of the connections of Jackie and her mother ("her name is really LEVY-not Lee" Gore Vidal) with
George de Mohrenschildt ... you know the man whose wife took in Marina Oswald to live with her...

This isn't a butt pluck off the wall hypothesis... if you know about the families, their special breeding, mkultra etc it will all make a lot of sense to use her as the trigger man to make sure the way of death necessary to them is accomplished.

I always wondered about the big stars who 'majored in theatrics at YALE etc' they really are really into the theatrics...the acting.

Caroline recently had some documents 'sealed for a hundred years' opened where her mother is revealed as saying "LBJ did it"... maybe some of those other sealed records will get opened prior to their hundred years sealed dates.
the gardener

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

The Kali yuga 'Hindus' try to project a civilized face..

"India Declares Dolphins "Non-Human Persons" With Rights"

So let us now await a new definition for 'Dalit'
But don't hold your breath.
Well, unless of course you're a dolphin..

I very much enjoy dolphins. Birth star of 23rd Nakshatra (Dhanistha-Delphinus)

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., August 07, 2013 6:42:00 PM

"India Declares Dolphins "Non-Human Persons" With Rights"

I, for one, am very happy to see this. Perhaps it will spread, and 'shame' other cultures (say, Japan) into protecting them.

I saw it as a very interesting 'return of Karma' when the Japanese fishing town that was infamous for herding-up dolphins into their harbor and then slaughtering them by the hundreds (because the dolphins were interfering with the fishermen's 'monopoly' on fish) was the town most wiped by the tsunami. Karma's a bitch, huh?

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

I'd guess karma is bi-sexual, and then some.

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., August 07, 2013 11:28:00 PM

Clever... (grin)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

Disciple: In college I was studying nuclear energy and thinking it would save the world—that by nuclear energy our leaders could give us bigger corn, bigger tomatoes, and …

Srila Prabhupada: Bigger deaths. The ultimate result of these rascals’ work is bigger deaths. Everything must be big. Formerly, during some conflict, only a few men were dying: now, many hundreds of thousands will die. Bigger deaths. During your college days, you did not consider that these big leaders were bringing bigger deaths?


"Karma has jurisdiction only in material affairs. Karma cannot interfere with spiritual pursuits."

"When the living being is in the mode of goodness, in sanity, and understands what sort of activities he should adopt, then all the actions and reactions of his past activities can be changed. Consequently, karma is not eternal. Therefore we state that of the five items (isvara, jiva, prakrti, time and karma) four are eternal, whereas karma is not eternal."

- Bhagavad-gita As It Is, Introduction

Ray B. said...

Anonymous, August 08, 2013 8:53:00 PM

"Disciple: In college I was studying nuclear energy and thinking it would save the world..."

Fusion (not fission) energy is always twenty years out. Advanced energy (zero point, etc.) will not see the light of day until the oil-economy monopoly is toppled. Coal, coal-tar, oil-shale, and frakking are bad news for the planet. Solar and wind are valuable, but may never make up more than a small fraction of the total. Hydro is cool, but few more dams will be built in the developed world.

Like it or not, nuclear energy is indeed the best chance for a liveable world, fear-mongering aside. It has simply been led down the wrong path...

Long ago, I knew something was wrong when only ultra-large nuclear reactors were considered, ostensibly for economies of scale. In a world with possible nuclear war, sabotage, terrorism, etc., I knew instinctively that many, many tiny reactors would give the kind of redundancy needed for society survival. It would be like the redundancy in the Internet, where many independent root servers nearly guarantee that no hacker exploit will take most of them down at one time.

Ironically, many small reactors would be safer than a few large ones, because a small one could be shut down without much impact on the system (and thus more likely would be, at the first hint of trouble) while a huge one would be held online for fear of repercussions.

Churn them out like a car assembly line, rather than building the "Titanic" each time, and you will see the cost per kilowatt-hour plummet almost beyond belief. Siting will also be much easier. Etc, etc.

I know that this is not a popular stance to take. However, barring miracles, I really do feel that many tiny-reactors are the realistically least-harmful solution for a beyond bronze-age planet.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Most people don't realize there are right now at this very moment not ONE but THREE simultaneous reactor meltdowns at Daiichi. The potential for Japan to pollute the entire northern hemisphere(and then some) is not only real but at hand. Japan has 50 such reactors.

Daiichi has been pouring nuclear death into the land, ocean and air nonstop since day 1, more than two years ago, despite what the demons say and what people want(need) to believe.

I'll endure the collective Bronze Age over the Iron Age Kali yuga/Iron age is human devolution, not evolution.
Spiritually and materially.

Us earthlings comprise 1% who rule the material waves and 1% (or less) who ride the spiritual waves.

Bronze age children playing with fire is by far preferable to Iron age children playing with nuclear fire.

The self delusion that the gods of material science will sustain and deliver us is the epitome of Kali yuga.
It's delivering us all right..

Kali yuga humanity is such a psychotically collective driven ego/delusion that prophets, sages and and Avatars are murdered as a matter of rote. So what of each other and of course the innocent animals who have the exact same right to life as we humans do?

Being unable/unwilling to accept and take hold of delivering hands held out with love and best interest is the rule/karma of earth's suffering entities.

The point of course being that this Supreme hand and heart maintains its absolute shelter and deliverance through every age and time.

Free for the asking.
Ad infinitum..

Ray B. said...

via Homer.., August 09, 2013 6:45:00 PM

"I'll endure the collective Bronze Age over the Iron Age Kali yuga... Bronze age children playing with fire is by far preferable to Iron age children playing with nuclear fire."

I threw in the Bronze Age comment not because I believe the Iron Age (etc.) is any better, but because of the seven billion humans now on the planet. If 'civilization' crashes because of the stresses in supplying energy, there is probably no recovery possible. All the easy energy is gone; only a technologically-mature civilization will be able to harvest the rest. So, if we as a civilization are forced to revert to the Bronze Age, well over 90 percent of all currently-living humans will die from various causes. You will ultimately get the 'peace' of a Bronze Age, but global humanity will probably be under a half million within a generation. 'That' was the point I was trying to make...

As long-term readers know, my primary emphasis has been (and is) on 'making inevitable' a step-change in human Consciousness. The "many mini-reactors" comment was only meant to address what IMHO must occur if that change does not happen.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ray, I understand your sensibility and compassion.
Nonetheless, 100% will die. Whether today, tomorrow, in fifty years or in fifty million years, on and in every planet in every universe, 100% will die.

One of (four) 100% iron clad guarantees of material existence. (all 4 are bad)

Attempts at making material life easier in order to 'enjoy' at a higher level are ultimately self defeating attempts resulting in nothing more than greasing the slide to embrace samsara over and over and over.
(chewing the chewed)

Srila Prabhupada:

”Materialistic life means chewing the chewed – again and again.

The central point of material life is sense gratification. In different types of bodies, the living entity enjoys various senses, and through creating various types of facilities, he chews the chewed. Whether we squeeze sugar out of the sugarcane with our teeth or a machine, the result is the same — sugarcane juice. We may discover many ways to squeeze the juice out of the sugarcane, but the result is the same.”

Ray, Best of health to you and good fortune in your endeavours!

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