Thursday, August 29, 2013

Climbing Jacob's Ladder in WTF Country.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Whew! This has to be one of the most memorable weeks in a very long time. Every time I get to some semblance of still water, another geyser or whirlpool shows up. We are in 24/7 WTF Country. Now several offers have come in for me (tentative but) and they dovetail right into the time sequence seemingly laid out for me over the next five months.

For those of you following the brouhaha over at Petri Dish comments, I just discovered that 'Sauder' is a Tribe name; no guarantee that that applies in this case but... heavy evidence if it does. It explains the contemptuous, dismissive and venomous reaction to my book. I mean... that was a far reach from the previous conversations taking place. Of course, the book deals intensively with Tribe affairs and meanwhile, some dozens of people have read the book, or most of it and have raved about it. His is the 'only' negative review and it happened in such a short span of time that he would have had to be reading it in 'not put down' mode to get back to me so quickly.

There are some that are amazed that I have discovered that I was being monitored by intelligence personnel, thinking that I should have known that all along. What this means is that many people do not fully grasp how my mind works. I see everything in terms of God's action in my life. It's how I'm wired. So I have spent more than the last several years, totally perplexed by inexplicable happenings for which I had no answers. I'll admit that I am a bit Pollyanna. I haven't considered myself important enough to pay attention to, with so many personalities out there, with much higher profiles. I can see now that that was misguided on my part. It sure explains a lot. Factoring this in, everything else makes perfect sense. It all falls together.

I don't know what this bodes for me. The people I write about are unconscionable psychopaths but, one thing I do know is that my fate is in the hands of my invisible friends and I am fine with that and whatever decisions they make concerning me. By this time, some number of my visitors KNOW that I do have these friends and their appearance can be disconcerting and alarming. Some freak out. Some take it in stride. For me it is business as usual and doesn't give me any unease because I know they are benevolent.

I've tried to explain to people a certain feature of it all so that they might better understand what's what. Most would know that deities are powerful and can be unsettling. Fewer people know that angels and devas are not the sweet characters you see on greeting cards and at New Age Shit Shops. They are imposing and impressively powerful entities that can seriously shake a person up. Angels kill and restrain demons and demons can be quite powerful so... do the math.

I have tried to explain to people that whether you see an angel or a demon, is the result of your own makeup. Everyone should see the movie, “Jacob's Ladder”. It is a teaching in metaphysics that when you see the devil, if you are not freaked and overwhelmed, you notice that there is a corona of light around his form. This is the angel that is hidden behind the fearsome aspect or appearance and the false image is a construction of your fears. It's what 'the dweller on the threshold' is all about. For those who have mastered this detail, life is decidedly different than it is for most other people and fear no longer has any place in your life. You're just not afraid anymore. You know what's going on. You know that everything is for the purpose of demonstration and that appearances are a lie. You know there is an all powerful director, against which no other force can prevail. If you are aligned with it's intent, you are an embodiment of the scriptural phrases, “that which is within you, is greater than that which is in the world” and 'if God is for me, who can be against me?” Another bit of scripture of great power, for the understanding heart and mind is, “Even the devil is turned into an angel of light at the given moment, be not deceived.” This is one of those Biblical sayings that has been under regular rephrasing, so much so that it is not easy to find it in this form anymore. It's been turned all around, just like the world we live in.

This is the Time of Mr. Apocalypse and, as I have discovered, he is as busy in my life as he is in anyone elses. Things that were once possible for the psychos among us are no longer and getting more difficult by the moment. Witness what is taking place in the UK at the moment and the hourly increasing number of congressional members, who are insisting on proof, even though they are, no doubt, under immense pressure from Israel. Netanyahu, by the way, is saying that Israel has no interest in getting into the conflict. They just want to protect themselves. That means, lay off all the responsibility, for a situation they created, on to the shoulders of those nations they are holding hostage by vice of usury, control of the currency, blackmail and threats.

Mr Apocalypse is intensifying his activities and his presence with every passing day. He's exposing all manner of things. Those doing good and those doing ill, must needs all pay careful attention to this because the force of it is going exponential and you definitely want to swim with the current and not against it.

I know there are a lot of people who believe that the bad guys can harm and eliminate anyone they please but... this is not the case at all. Every human destiny is sacrosanct in terms of direction and result, with the exception of personal actions taking one out of that groove. Certainly, some are marked to be examples and warnings and what not. Some are meant to prosper and survive. We may not know, ourselves, which of these pertains to us ...but we must proceed in faith as we go, certain of what lies beyond. What happens here is of less consequence than where one might wind up. Of course, in that sense, it is all highly consequential but... regardless of appearances, material life is of short duration by comparison with what lies beyond. This is not strictly true across the board. In some cases, you're right back in with no more than a short breather. That's usually not a good thing. There's a lot of that going around these days, given the way animals are being treated and given the general focus of most people in their particular attractions and obsessions. Mind this doesn't happen to you. It doesn't have to.

We all have to remember that we are in a kind of ocean, just like the ones that surround so many land masses. We are swimming in an atmosphere and there are all kinds of fish bobbing around and many of them are swimming in schools, locked in to a group mind. This also implies a common destiny, which also can be not a good sign; 'usually' isn't. There are also the usual assortment of simu-sharks and other rapacious creatures.

I have to return to my state of mind at this time. I am truly stunned. Of course, I haven't shared a great deal of what has come together into portrait or landscape view. I'd rather not get swallowed up in the minutiae and I certainly don't want to sit around analyzing all of the implications. You can get bogged down in all of that but for me, things tend to surface all on their own, over the course of time ...because I have been working on my subconscious for decades through The Tarot and other mediums. One might say, it has a mind of its own (grin).

It never rains but it pours and to have so many, many things start to ping of of each other and to have a variety of situations all contain so many similar features, well, this puts paid to the idea of coincidence because there is a point where coincidence no longer applies. It just becomes too uncanny for coincidence to bear the weight. Things begin to ring and incidents, events and personnel, all begin to sing their own tune, they all start to vibrate off of one another and through this they serve to identify each other. We remember things that are close to each other in time. We remember things that are like unto each other and there are also other ways that different components have of coming to our attention.

There's a kind of magnetism and interactive resonance that pulls on details and draws them into relation with each other. One might consider how the mind of a detective works; how the mind of a truthseeker works and how scientists come to startling discoveries and inventions; “it just came to me.” Sometimes these things appear in dreams and this is why certain creative people always know to sleep on things because problems and questions tend to resolve themselves overnight, as the subconscious makes order out of what was seemingly disparate and unrelated components or sequences.

I'm guessing we all need to pay more attention and me, certainly, not least of all. It's shocking to suddenly be in in totally unfamiliar waters, with totally new life forms, in a world where little is what it had appeared to be. It's a real life Discovery Channel and the kicker is that one can't argue with the evidence coming up in front of one. One might want to. One might seeks to put it to the side, or whatever it is that one does in these situations but none of these are to any avail. It just keeps coming up until you address it. That's the reason it keeps coming up.

And a fine day to all of you!

End Transmission.......


Modern Day Metal Making Alchemist at Work said...

Judge Viz,

Mastery here is to be aware of the fact you are being monitored in a special category but do not feed it with any emotions thus giving it a life it would not have.


Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The invisible friends! They may be benevolent, but they sure can be slave drivers some times, eh? You know, when you suddenly find yourself compelled to write something, and it comes out so eloquently, and effortlessly. . .rather like it's being more or less dictated; though on a telepathic level?

Also some of us do KNOW whether or not we're going to be taken out. I know for a FACT that I'm going out with the system, though I must admit I don't know how. Every once in a while I feel like I could just walk out of myself here and now, if only I wasn't in the circumstances I was in. I mean, getting that feeling driving home from picking up cat supplies just doesn't cut it, you know?

Visible said...

Duly noted on both account; trust me in that regard. Meanwhile, I play this game Boulle and people are starting to notice e at the courts where I go to play god cause I have no opponents. Until Sim won one game I had won 56 games in a row from physical opponents. Today, I had a gaggle of teenagers watching and I was putting the balls within inches of the marker ball. I'll tell you. It makes you feel good.

As for all that other shit, I am not going out with the collective. I am meant to hang around and they know that too.

mike m said...

Been having an epidemic of employees stealing in my little spot on the marble.
These are all people that are somehow connected to my place of employment.
It is blatant and almost like they were hoping to be caught.
Could Mr.A be lifting skirts everywhere, no matter how insignificant?

It sure seems that way as things are being revealed at a maddening pace.

Visible said...

Hey, Mike... it's all being exposed and people are going with their values or lack of thereof. I used to wonder about a lot of things. I'm not wondering anymore. I like the idea that no man can call me a thief, an opportunist, a gladhander, or anything other than an occasional dumbass. I owe no one any money. I have no debts. I've sent myself into real hardship on occasion just to pay them off. You can say a lot of things about me but my integrity is rock solid. I don't fuck around on that level

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the Tribe: the army major Hasan, the Ft. Hood shooter, was sentenced to execution. The Tribe wants this; if it didn't it wouldn't have been given. There will be years of appeals and the Tribe media will play it to increase friction and the "need" for more "security". At the same time it will import more muslims to the U.S. and pass more laws protecting their "rights". The TRibe will AA these muslims into jobs and displace more Americans of the old stock.

This will create a martyrdom for Hasan over the world, and amongst muslims here in the U.S. This is calculated to amp hostility between so-called Christian-patriots especially, and the rest of us who knew long before 9-11 that muslims in the West are trouble.

At the same time the Tribe is amping friction between blacks and whites–vide the Trayvon-Zimmerman affaire.

I read one internet commentator who says Major Hasan should be given an award because he smoked 13 Zio-thugs in the U.S. Army and wounded more.

Visible said...

At the end that could have been me. What a spoof and done with the Italians. Don't tell me righteousness has gone looking and seeking. If you never had a sense of humor you need one now. Pay attention pilgrims. This was courtesy of Al Cabal; a fantastic reader that only shows up on Facebook.

Visible said...

Here it is-

Farmer said...

Its supposed to be very cold this winter, make sure the fluids on the saucer pod are full, and all is in working order.

I hear that radiator belt has been replaced, and the heads are getting cleaned as well.

Considering the mileage, I would say that investment turned out ok.

Old reader said...

The mjr hasan incident, the zimmerman incident, the aurora shooter incident, and the boston dzokar (pronounced JOKER!). Are all non-events. And probably a whole many more. Distractions. Just stories. Made up. Scripted. Acted. To distract you. Most were actually various agencies playing real time drill practices known as live action role play. A valuable training tool. Other factions pick it up and try to make a moneymaker from twisting the drill into a fake real event. Hence, the reason all of the "killers". Seem to follow a script, and often do not resemble their own selves from month to month.......

Do not be distracted. Shit is going down, but those are not the things. Watch the banks. The strident bellowing of the bulls at your pasture gate, as they push the fence down to come and tske over your grazing spot. Watch the development of the cymothoa exigua parasite thpe of way the moneygrubbeds are even eating you up and replacing your own tongues with their bodies, forever serving as your tongue while they live off of your blood and mucus until u die. U cannot even dislodge them anymore because you no longer even have working hands with which to dislodge them, and if you did, so what? They ate your tongue out. Wtf will you do now?

Dont be distracted. Shit is coming out all over. Stay focused. Very focused. Stay clear and calm. The syria thing? Dih, all about banking. And oil. Worse than that, is the syrian guv, the iranian guv, the israel guv, usa, uk, france, and more are all collaborating in creating the illusion of war with syria. Yes, all of them. They all stand to make good money off of this. They agree with each other, scripted their own parts and willingly collaborate to frighten and kill their own peoples just for money profit. That is why such a reality show blow by blow of every fuking step. So much has been fuking faked right up our noses for so many years lately, i feel just ready for a damn good sneeze. The stuff no longer gets me high, just clogs my fuking neural trailz.

The Cymothoa exigua dont even try to hide their actions, dont even try anymore to pretend. They are your tongue. They made you all dependent in one form or another. Our arms are but shortened flippers now, good for nothing but navigating the sewer water within which we live. Shit has to happen, no other way we can go. But dont be distracted. Stay focused. Stay clear. It will get worse, and you need to bob on the surface as much as you all can, not swim in the murky stench of the neon slick that once was oxygen rich waters. Mr A can handle the raw sewage for you. Its his job.

Old reader said...

Putin .........illegitmate son of aristocracy?

Anonymous said...

the door is open [but]
we each have a key

we're the ones
who lock it

we're the ones
set free

but only if we
turn it

when it finds
it's home

we step through
in wonderment

and find us
in a poem

Old reader. Damned old reader. said...

And you know they will be turning the syrian desert into glass within the week when you start seeing gayborhood headlining news pasted on top of Important Shit, all over the mainstream news. Instead of the Important Shit.

Here, we have hitler youth getting their gay on and making lots of new money doing it. Now which church did he attend as a boy....?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Hmmm. I always thought it went "if God is for me, who can't be against me?”

I reckon that's the Kali yuga version. It's a quick read!

Micky said...

Vis I left this on smoking mirrors as well because it's George Galloway in the UK at his best and is worth a watch right to the end as for you being monitored by the empire of course you are, because unlike many you are not controlled opposition

Anonymous said...

Old Reader, sometimes you spel okay and sometimes you don't. Old Reader, is tomorrow payday? Friday is Federal payday.

Rob in WI said...

There's definitely something going on. I feel it viscerally, in dreams, sleep patterns, spontaneous visions, etc. My reinforcement is the rejection of Syrian intervention. While the horrible tragedy of Libya was sold to the vulgars quickly and effectively; Syrian agenda has stalled. Please, may it continue to be stalled.
Putin?; another politico?; No, I believe it to be the work of one we call Mr. A.
Be well, all, Rob

Mo Raf said...

Mr. V - this was the purpose of my note the other day about the O.T.O. being the intelligence arm of the U.N. At the time that Geoffrey Basil Smith wrote his expose the organisation was the second largest occult group in the world, with about 1 million members. Although the occult method has lost quite a bit of its luster other entities like Common Purpose serve the same function.

It is quite serious that many folks are actually unpaid Sayyanim but believe they are working for an entirely different group on a different agenda.

On the paradigm shift: Although Mr. A is toughing out a lot of the exposure issues, please don't forget that his nemesis, for want of a better expression, is also trying to ramp up his game. When Mr N. makes his move there will be an involuntary kundalini tsunami and the dreams of SZ will explode everywhere. Mr. N is the real deal announced through the millenia and whom the Zoharites serve. He will demand abandonment of Torah and Talmud and New Testament and Quraan. All else occurring right now is illusion especially Zionism. Even the darkest invisibles are in awe of Mr. N and a couple of them are keepers of the key to the 10th sephiroth, which is written in a similar elven script to the Voinich manuscript. This is deadly stuff and don't let curiosity kill the cat.

Finally, don't worry about the interference of the tribe's intelligence arms, they have just been given their marching orders across the board. It's going to get complicated from here though (ha ha).

Timothy1954 said...

Okay, but. Paul was talking about bad people posing as good people.

Before AND after the line about Satan disguising himself as an angel of light.

To fool people.

Visible said...

Right Timothy; I suppose Paul told you that? I'm sure we would all like to know where you got that information. If 'Paul' was talking about people, why didn't he say people? Sounds like bullshit to me. Sounds like fundie bullshit to me.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Crank up that New and Improved, Old False Flag.

bobertp said...

FYI Richard Sauder, I sent him a small amount of money to cover his medical expenses 30 days ago, he has not responded or picked up his money. Maybe someone hacked his email.

Visible said...

That sounds like a possibility but... it also sounds like him what I got and the followup of course but then, they would be able to mimic him.Thank you for giving me another option to consider. I have also not heard back from another source in Ecuador either.

the amount of penetration into my life is awesome when seen in it's full scope.

Timothy1954 said...

You WERE quoting Paul, and if doing THAT is "fundie BS," then it is YOUR fundie BS.

2nd Corinthians, chapter 11, verses 13 through 15:

13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.

14 And no marvel, for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.

15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.

I don't see any way to misinterpret line 13, given the context.

Visible said...

Jesus you fundie moron. It says right in what you posted that even Satan is turned into an angel of light. There is only separate reference to the others. Do you really think I am that stupid that I can't distinguish? Look at what you yourself put up. Argue out of that why don't you? Anxious readers are all waiting to see how you spin this.

Timothy1954 said...

You're thrown by the word "transformed." Other translations--which jibe with the context---say "disguises himself as," or "masquerades as."

The end of line 15 is a condemnation of people who misrepresent themselves, as line 14 says that Satan does.

"...whose end shall be according to their works."

If you don't LIKE Paul, I'd suggest not quoting him.

If you don't like for me to point out that you are misrepresenting what he plainly wrote, I'd suggest don't do it.

Visible said...

You are so full of shit and you didn't address what I said, did you? Look, I work for, directly for the forces that brought Jesus Christ here. All I can think is that you don't know who you're playing with. God! you guys are fucking up right and left.

Old reader whomjust found out they get paid every friday...gasp! said...

Anonymous at 12:31 ......
Ah, you are a crafty soul! Ok, you got me. Friday is payday. And only feds get paid on friday. ;).....hell, only feds get paid. Amiright?

Anonymous said...

Second try..

Anonymous said...

Third try..

Anonymous said...

Fourth tries - a and b

(can i be as stupid as i look?)

When the West Loved India by Devamrita Swami

Timothy1954 said...

Paul was under the impression that he worked for those forces. He had invisible friends, too. He didn't believe what you believe. What can we conclude from that?

Yes, I did respond directly to both instances of your deflection.

But not the way you intended. I'm not that easy to manipulate.

Anonymous said...

I was waiting for someone to bring up the angel of light thing. Of course the devil is transformed into an angel of light. That's who or what he is/was, from the beginning. Hence the name Lucifer. Of course the angels are not the sweet little cherubs on greeting cards; they are beings of fearsome and enormous power. And the demons are, after all, fallen angels. Or so I was told.

What I'm wondering about is when you state that angels kill and restrain demons; then, in the next paragraph you seem to say that the only difference between the two is how you see or perceive them. If that's what you meant to say, it's unsettling.

I'm reminded of the Frank Peretti books, "This Present Darkness" and others. He writes, matter-of-factly, about angels and demons duking it out on a daily basis, about people walking down the street in broad daylight, blissfully unaware that multiple hissing, spitting demons are attached to them. He writes that the angels are ready and willing to do battle, but they must be asked or tasked through prayer.

I've been reading your stuff for over a dozen years. The main thing I've appreciated is your consistently linking physical events with the reality of spiritual forces behind them. Maybe the reason you've been in for "Special High Intensity Treatment" has been, not just your exposure of tribe activity, but exposure of the activities of their father and his minions.

This same feature has been what piqued my interest in Icke's material. So few websites and blogs do this. I know he gets off the deep end about things like reality being just a shared illusion (with which I disagree: a rock or a star or a tree falling in the forest really exists, independent of any human taking note of it), but he too goes into great detail about demonic activity in high places. Just change the term "reptilians from the lower 4th dimension" to "demons" or "fallen angels who have been with us for thousands of years" and you get the picture.

On a slight tangent, have you heard of or read anything by Joseph Chiappalone? If so, I'd be interested in your take on him. He has his own website,, or you can find his stuff at Rense.

David V (DV)

Visible said...

There's no conflict in the angels and demons thing. That all goes on for the purpose of drama. The Hindus explain it very well so that it makes sense.

Timothy? Boy you take yourself seriously. Why would I have the slightest interest in manipulating you? It so happens that your argument is plain wrong and your very responses show that you are the one trying to do the manipulating. that's always the case with manipulators. They accuse others of it to deflect that attention from them.

The scripture that you yourself posted, quite clearly isolates the part about the devil being transformed into an angel of light. You don't have a leg to stand on and I doubt there is anyone here that hasn't seen the truth of it.

Like all fundies, you are contentious and hair splitting, simply for the sake of it. You like to argue, you are completely certain you are right but... you are not. Those who are right do not spend all their time arguing.

Your self importance is clearly on display and you're only making yourself look foolish. Have at it though if you are of a mind. You won't get anywhere except deeper into your own contradictions

Anyway, I've got a post to write. I think this will be a good one and please don't miss the first link going in. It's a doozy.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

The Impossible, the Improbably, the Real and the Unreal.

Zoner said...

OK fundie types, riddle me this;

If God (as you understand the concept) is indeed "all", everything, all-powerful, all-knowing etc, how can ANYTHING be outside of this? You need to understand what "all" encompasses, unless there is a flaw in the plan somehow.

Don't be so afraid. Or so hateful of other's paths. You obviously don't get the teachings yet and may have to stay after school or repeat this grade again.........

Anonymous said...

'jacobs ladder'
almost didn't watch it
the third time,glad i did
lots in there, to digest

some of you are perhaps
unfamiliar with the 'the
tibetean book of the dead'
lots in there, about the

peaceful and the wrathful deities

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Even Indra, King of the heavenly planets spends(wastes) too much of his valuable time worrying, stewing about the demons and their ongoing robust dharma. What? Who believes heaven is safe from the demons?!
Archangel Michael is the General of the heavenly army and Archangel Gabriel blows his trumpet (conch) sounding the charge!

Heaven is a really big place(s) with really top notch real estate and even there 1+1=2.

Hey, the Mahabharata (the history of greater Vedic India) has more than 100,000 versus(slokas).

Old reader said...

The thunderbolts project had a thing about jacobs was some kind of apparition shape that had to do with how the electric plasma field looked for a long time during some interesting events with venus and mars, when saturn was our better sun, our second sun. The documentsry called the electric comet or the one called symbols of an alien sky, i think?

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Demons assault heaven



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