Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Great Work and Building the Body of Light.

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Origami shouldn't be having links to the temporal, unless they juxtapose with the metaphysical (I think) but I do it anyway (grin). It's ten years since the U.S murdered Pat Tillman. I don't know why they killed him. They kill a lot of people. I guess it's like Howdy Doody said; “I'm real good at killing people”. He made this comment in relation to the drone program (I think).

Mr. Very Occasionally Prescient; my inner Nostildamus, tells me that war between ZATO= Zionist Atlantic Terror Organization and Russia will begin soon on the killing fields of The Ukraine. The most ominous sign is that neither Hagel nor Kerry can get Lavrov on the phone anymore. When the Russians come to realize that talk is nothing more than talk, or lies wrapped up in the garment of words, it tells me they've come to a certain conclusion about conditions and regardless of how they might wish otherwise, there is no other course of action. It really comes down to the money as it always does and I suspect the real motivation for the Zio-bankers, who are behind it all, is BRICS. I don't know how important it is for me to have said any of this. For whatever the reason, I did. Now let's return to our regularly scheduled Visible Origami, already in progress.

There have been good days; days of warmth and sunlight, here in the woodland surrounded complex where I now live. Today is not one of them. It's gray and chill. I'm going to go do some planting after this. That should warm me up and then a radio broadcast; given that I've missed the last two.

Something very strange happened to me yesterday. I mention it because there have been some number of odd events for which I have been given no insights from my invisible friends. Some things get explained to me and some don't. I don't know if this means I am supposed to figure them out on my own or... I don't know.

I broke a fifty Euro note a few days ago and put the 3 tens, one five and coin in my pocket. The following day, I reached into my pocket for the money and it wasn't there. I searched all my pockets carefully. At one point I took everything out of my pockets but the money was gone. I couldn't figure it out, so... I must have checked several times after that. I simply found it hard to believe that it was gone but I came up with nothing. Yesterday I was at a plant nursery and I had purchased some tomato plants, seeds and a few other things. I paid for it out of my belly pack and there were only a few coins in change. On the way out of the store I put my hand into my pocket and the money that was gone had returned. Man! That's strange. This is not the only event of its kind. Several items that I am certain I placed in particular locations were not there when I went to look for them. Some have returned and some have not. They showed up in other locations and I am 100% sure that I didn't put them there.

I've had this kind of thing happen before. Some years ago we were living in the apartment under the main house in my former location. Susanne was away. I had gone out to the pub that evening and returned with a couple of people who wanted to hear some of my music. We went directly downstairs and I had my keys, or else I could not have opened the apartment. I didn't go upstairs. The guests left and I looked around for my keys and couldn't find them. I went upstairs thinking that maybe the door had been left unlocked. It wasn't so... I couldn't get in until the next morning when Susanne's mother opened the door. I was unable to find my keys over following days and came to think one of the people who visited me must have taken them (for whatever the perverse reason).

Months later I was sitting on the couch in the upstairs living room and for no particular reason, I slipped my hand behind the seat cushion of the couch I was seated on. I felt something and pulled it up. It was my keys. There's no way they could have gotten there by natural means. I hadn't been able to open the door to get in there that night. This kind of action has really picked up lately. I have an established connection to the Devic Realm and generally this is a positive asset in many ways. However... I do know there are entities from that location who are trickster types that snatch items. There are many folktales about such creatures. I know that nothing happens in my life that has not been authored or permitted by the divine so... there's some kind of a reason for this happening. My life doesn't have random events of the sort that many people may attribute to their own existence. Everything in my life passes through certain filters and has a reason for taking place. How I know this; one of the few things I do know, is unimportant. I only have to convince myself (as I have often said). Whether others are convinced and... especially since they are at a far remove in nearly every case is... irrelevant.

I am possessed of a constant and near relentless curiosity. I twist and turn things and concepts in every direction, seeking to get every available perspective under every available light. I question and I investigate. Under no circumstances am I content to process the facts and theories of my inquiries into any predisposed direction, or to any preferred explanation or definition. That would defeat the whole purpose of seeking the truth. Sometimes my suspicion about something has gotten to where it amounts to more than suspicion. Even then, I always remind myself that... without hard cold ...and substantial, factual corroborations, it's still a suspicion. Essentially and ultimately, you have to be honest with yourself. Even if it may be very difficult to always be honest with others, you must be honest with yourself because... once you start to pull the wool over your own eyes, you will inevitably go off the path and into whatever there is and that's not a desirable or profitable result; it hasn't proven to be in my experience.

There is no question in my mind that I am supposed to be where I am. Even though my present residence is a cluttered construction site, it is where I am supposed to be. When I first saw it, it looked like one of those dark attics in a horror film. There were massive cobwebs everywhere and furniture and indeterminate objects all draped under green canvas covers, which were, themselves, covered with dust. It looked like one of those projects that would be my version of cleaning the Augean Stables. Some amount of clutter clearing and construction went on last fall when I did not arrive as planned. When I got here a couple of weeks ago there was still major work to be done. Insulation is going in and the ceiling is five meters up. Then is has to be Sheetrocked and painted. The floor is concrete and heavy with granular dust. That has to be taken up and the floor painted and the floor area is about 110 square meters. The roof and walls are, of course, considerably more than that. All the objects and boxes stored randomly about are the former property of one deceased. Much of it is from another time but mostly quite serviceable. I won't have to be concerned about furniture, rugs, bedding, towels, dishes, small kitchen appliances and whatnot.

There is no kitchen, bathroom, water. There is some electricity. What there is is a lot of work. Still... it is amazing to see what can get done when one is daily applied to the effort. All of what is needed will come. By the time the leaves are falling, later this year; provided civilization has not fallen in the meantime, it should be very nearly a completed work.

Once I was living with a friend who was dying of AIDS. He had a beautiful home in Woodstock. He had rich parents. He had a five acre plot that his house was on and about half of that was lawn and there were some number of large deciduous trees at random points; some dozens of them. The previous fall (when I was still in Hawaii) the leaves had fallen all over the lawn and of course, the winter snows had fallen on that and now it was Spring and the leaves were stuck in the grass that was starting to come up and my friend was in no position to do anything about it and he asked me if I could take care of it. We are talking about at least a couple of acres of lawn. I said I would and set out upon the project. It would have been a seriously daunting task if I had looked out over the course of what I had to do at the beginning and thought about what it was going to take to accomplish this. I didn't do that. I put my focus on only that portion of the ground that I was attending to and went at it all day long for somewhere around two weeks. It wasn't easy getting those leaves to come up and... it all had to be bundled into giant plastic bags and then gone somewhere. One day though, without being aware of it, I came to that final patch of ground and the job was done. I've had any number of jobs like that and they always get done because I only put my attention on what I'm engaged in and push out of my thoughts whatever must follow after and after and after.

Once I heard Guru Bawa talk about how he had cleared near 30 acres of jungle by himself and he was not young either. I don't know how familiar you may be with what that implies. I've been in the jungle and I have some idea. We are all capable of a great deal more than we may believe ourselves to be but we hamstring our capacity, being intimidated by our own minds, in the constant reflection upon how much has to be done. We are hammered by our impatience. Our thoughts run wild because they are unrestrained. This alone will make us very tired. I am seldom tired at the end of the day because I am, usually, not at war with myself. This state of consciousness is available to anyone who will employ it. It's not like a tool you take out of a box, plug it in, press the button and you're good to go. It's a tool of awareness that is developed according to the time and consistency of the investment made. We are the children of God. We can do so very much more than we do, should we choose to.

Yeah.. some things have gone missing and then showed up again and I have no idea why they killed Pat Tillman; I've heard theories. I don't know what's around the corner so what's the point of speculating? It will get sorted. Everything does. We are the ground in need of preparation. We are the project and that is why it is called The Great Work; that process by which we build our body of light. This is also known as The Operation of the Sun. No matter what we might find ourselves working on, whatever it is, it is incidental to what should be our enduring concern. May we all, each of us, succeed at that singular endeavor which has no equal here or anywhere else.

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I'm guessing I might get a radio show up this evening. We'll see how it goes.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Equinox of the Defining Year of Change.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

First, let me say, Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it in that form and Happy Whatever to those who have alternative practices. I believe in Jesus Christ and so I have no problem celebrating his resurrection, even though I am not a Christian. I don’t actually know what I am. It changes at different times. I've been told that it doesn't matter what form I choose or don’t choose; or for anyone else who has located the essence before form and though the absolute has form and is also formless, as it pertains to this particular area; form is a blind.

I've been going round and round with the ineffable lately about my life and what the point of it is. I fail to understand why I get messed with, given the level of pursuit I engage in, which, from my own experience, exceeds that of anyone I'm in a close enough association to make a judgement from. Certainly there are those making a greater effort, I just don’t know them. The ineffable has cleared that up for me and I've been told; “just because it sometimes seems like it is going on forever, in fact, this is not the case.

I can’t complain, despite any number of things that immediately leap to mind when I say this. I have only to compare my life with so many others to see that, whatever the limitations and shortcomings of my existence appear to be, it could be far, far worse. The headlines of the day are filled with examples and there are locations I am not in, that given my temperament, would be dicey indeed. There are also all kinds of levels of unaware that I could be occupying and don’t.

Easter is a time of new beginnings, just like the birth of the season with which it is associated and which this year comes later than I can remember it coming, though it probably has been later at other times before. I don’t know if this is a sign of things coming later in this year than one might expect.

Speaking of things going right; I have found a good friend in the man who has invited me to come here and I was having Easter breakfast with him this morning and I was talking about signs and portents (I think; something like that) and he mentioned that there was a lot of sunspot activity and it occurred to me as he was speaking that this was a sign in and of itself because… the sun… the physical sun is the living proof, material expression of the divine on this plane. There is no life on this planet whatsoever without the sun. There is also a spiritual sun; Swedenborg talks about it and the physical sun is an extension of that. I know the sun regent as Lord Vivasvan. I'm sure he’s called by other names, other places, by other people.

It leapt into my mind that when there is physical activity coming from the sun, it is evidence of the ineffable interceding in human affairs. In other words, the ineffable is telegraphing his involvement in these perilous moments of human transition. “Help is on the way.”

I have this apartment… I guess the best way to describe it is a cobwebbed attic with zero facilities or amenities, except a wood stove has been put in and a small part of it has been insulated. It’s a big place. I will have a lot of room but it is an awesome amount of work. At present I am working at a head level of five meters up, insulating the place and it’s a bear. It’s going to take me a lot of time and I've got that. I should have it ticking like a Swiss watch come fall. It’s going to take every dime I have but I don’t have that much so I expect it will take more but… once it is together, all I have to do is cover the utilities. The location is fabulous and the fellow who is providing it is a prince and a scholar. He definitely walks the talk and there is no question whatsoever that the ineffable crossed our paths. He’s almost the spitting image of my younger brother Bob, which is a little scary (grin).

I've been hearing it from the ineffable lately; all morning I been hearing from the ineffable. This is the kind of place you might expect an auditory uptick from the ineffable. It’s one of those far off places where nothing happens, which means other things happen. I can hear better here. I'm used to a more concentrated back chatter on the telepathic plane. There’s a lot less of that here. I'm sure there are some marginal types around but my nature is to slip past them like a wraith because we have no mutual business. There are marginal characters everywhere these days, as the infrastructure of the Piscean Age implodes and that means personal infrastructure also... and that explains all the marginal types. That explains people going crazy and nations doing the same.

There is a point you get to if you are going the wrong way and… it is inescapable; it is inevitable. It is certain; you will go crazy because you have gone beyond the margins of what is correct, in the cosmic sense. This happens individually and this happens collectively and it will happen to anyone not already rooted in something more enduring; house of straw, house of brick, you get the picture eh? Sunspots cause crazy behaviour. You knew that, right? The wisdom of the ineffable is madness to those not in sync with it and vice versa; “those whom the god’s would destroy, they first drive mad.”

My whole life has changed and I’d have to say it’s a good thing. I let myself go a bit physically in recent time; stopped working out; spent all my time working the internet or writing books or recording. You can’t get away with that later in the game like you can earlier on. I've been here a week and in that week I had to put in some heavy physical labor. A couple of days ago I was despairing of my condition. Then the next day I was much better and today, today I feel great. It comes back… if… it was there in the first place. I'm hanging a heavy bag in the middle of this place I'm retooling and I'm going to go at it every day; for all kinds of reasons… all good. I am very lucky in having the affirmative and positive support of the man who owns this place. He’s working alongside me to get this together here. It would be seriously intimidating otherwise. Furthermore, he is savvy well past me. He can build or fix just about anything. I have some background in the construction trades but nothing like him. He’s a serious maestro. I've met a few like him in my time but... very few. Harry Ballantine, now in Arizona, (nickname) comes to mind but I can’t recall anyone else. Of course, Harry’s a tool and die man and you can’t get more savvy than that; left brain at its purest applied distillation.

This is Easter and I would feel remiss if I did not chime in on this, my favourite holiday; simply for its symbolic intent. As all that is good rises again, I am rising again too, into the sort of shoulder to the wheel thing that I am most comfortable with. Somehow the universe will deliver unto my needs and I’ll have a fine place for those of you who choose to visit in. It’s amazing what you can get done in a single day, if you’re industrious and focused.

Life isn't easy running into the wind but those who do, do it on the possibility and promise that the wind will change and then, not only will it carry them but they will have been made strong, in the former times, by the resistance factor of their sustained faith. Easter is all about faith. I’ll close with my Easter Poem and you can hear Patrick Willis render it if that is your preference:

Patrick Willis reads Visible's "I do Believe"

...Or you can catch it with Erin Parsley and The Level Shift:

Erin Parsley and The Level Shift

I Do Believe

In that essential stillness

that quiet endless hour...
preceding every dawn
of every day...

God breathes into the world of sleep
whatever power might be taken
to reach
that waking moment
in the warm falling rain of his grace...

In every year
whenever the wheel has turned
into the place where it must turn again

or stop

for want of hope
or lack of dreams...

God breathes once again
into the greater whole...
this soft malleable whiteness
this stone...

he blesses
this unformed essence of extraordinary love
not yet fashioned with object
or desire...

it awaits our cleansed and contrite heart

awaits our innocence returned

awaits our renewing hope and certain will

that we might approach closer to the mark...

We have fallen back
upon the dying leaves

upon the sidewalks of shouting cities

into the guttering run
where flows the secret mind of our hidden deeds

more times than we can
through mercy

Every breath
every morsel of food
every chance of redemption
every possibility of hope
rests upon the bleeding power
that has bought and paid for every coming minute of the age...

Every twisted ugly thing

Every kindness unseen

every gentle thought

every whip hand falling
or whatever we may have turned it to...

all paid for by the living vision
of the one who dies

who is crucified
in the simultaneous instant of every act....

everything is permitted and fed
that we might, through the gift
of this unspeakably great thing
come to see how we might be....

and the certain possibility of that
for everyone of us

no matter how dark the way

how far afield...

is the 'ceaseless' intent
of the one left bleeding....

what freedom is
what love is
what peace is
we have no clue

only the yearning
and the road that leads us there...

Many have filled this void with words

Many heroes come
and seeming villains to meet them in their time

all sleeping now
in places deep and waiting...

but this one does not sleep

Is born anew in every breath

shines from each shining eye

cannot and will not forget

carries us past the trouble and regret.

In tongues forgotten he has come
to every race
in every time

dressed as everyone

always unknown and alone
and waiting...

this immeasurable gift


not understood


lays on the common ground

is tossed aside as worthless

is unseen among the items in the cart

it feeds us

grants us life where there would be none...

endless granted, giving life...

full and safe and perfect

I do believe...

Have a wonderful Easter and in following times.

End Transmission.......

I don’t think I can get a radio show together tonight; still not set up for it but we’ll see.

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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Noah and the Hard Rock Transformers meet The Village People.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

"Noah" is playing along side this post; what an incoherent load of shit. Sometimes I think they get paid so much money because of the degree of embarrassment that comes with the job. They should have called the film, "Noah and The Hard Rock Transformers meet the Village People". I know that title makes no sense but neither does the movie; pomposity and grandiosity war with flat out disbelief, all wrapped up in the tinsel town scriptures of Hollywood. It's the Tribe Pederast Kingdom of Tranny Christianity.

There's a selfie today by some atonal Bieber clone, milking the Instagram, Instant Celebrity Cow. Apparently he's 'chillin' with his homies at the hospital. I never use that word, or 'wassup'. I definitely don't use gentile, genuflecting, pink plastic flamingo on a drinking glass, bondage terms like, "go figure", "who knew" and "meh". I don't do fist bumps, tongue lolls or twerks. I'm out of the loop culturally and headed, hopefully, where that loop is some distance below the horizon line behind me, or, more likely, parked where the sun will never shine again.

It is the rarest of things to see a film that does not feature Tribe phrases, gratuitous Tribe characters and either a Tribe wedding or one of those Mitzvahs. I'm amazed at the frequency of them these days. I have hardly seen anything lately that is lacking in an excess of irrelevant cameos of the type and that includes films 20 and 10 years old. I'm experiencing a run of bad luck in that regard.

For the last ten days, my soon to be former Mother in Law has been at the pflegeheim fur de alten altern leute. So... I go there each day with the newspaper and some ice cream so that she doesn't feel abandoned. In the process I get to see how people end up at the pending departure zone of their lives. A lot of them are in wheelchairs because they can no longer walk. Some number of those have dolls under their arms, or in their laps and some number of them are drooling on the dolls. Some of them spend all day rubbing their foreheads and cawing or quacking like some forest or farmyard creature. Some of them still have their wits but most do not. My former mother in law does but she's also a trifle dingy at times. I'm more than a trifle dingy but that's purely for effect.

This last half hour of "Noah" is exruciating, it's just one long wail (picture a thousand blue rinse dowagers screaming, "I vant to go to Miami!") and a whole lot of violent overacting. Emma Watson is wailing so hard that Arthur Janov has come back from the dead to adopt her. I couldn't imagine going to the theater to see it. It cost 125,000,000 dollars to pass through the Hollywood intestinal system. The fact that it actually did pass through is an unfortunate thing because if ever there was a reason to be responsible for an impacted colon, this is it. Of course, it's possible that did happen and that led to a kind of breach birth, granting us the lumbering, shit gollum this film became. Avert your eyes! Close your ears! Run! Run far away!

Here's what the most recent IMDB review said about it "I'm not religious, putting aside that fact and any relation to the old testament. The movie, acting, directing and script were all just awful. People walked out of the theater 10 minutes in to it. I can only liken this to a low budget Peter Jackson fan adaptation of a fable. A movie of this cast and budget should be able to entertain anyone, instead it was a caricature of Christian propaganda movies. I've seen better paliwood movies." What's a paliwood movie?

Now the little witch, Emma Watson is singing to her baby before Noah tosses it into the drink (grin). This is so very, very bad. It's got CIA zombie, Jennifer Connolly in it. Oh wait, Noah's going to stab the baby, not drown it. Now, that, is the most overhyped non stabbing ever seen in a film and they even smeared some ketchup on Russell's cheek to make it look like he had been In Search of a Shishkabob that the lord told him he needed as an energy drink. Anthony Hopkins is no doubt saying to himself at this point, "Thank god I died earlier on!" Hmmm... well, they definitely didn't land on top of Mt. Ararat. Now it looks like Russell Crowe is getting potted. This is what you do after God performs one of his great miracles, right? Ordinarily, one usually goes out and hits a couple of clubs after but... there are no clubs, just the ones people bash each others heads in with and The Hard Rock Transformers have those.

The movie was directed and written by one Daniel Aronofsky, who I assume is a member of The Seventh Day Adventists, from the sound of his last name. Now, Noah is crying. I know why he's crying. It's just dawned on him what a gigantic bowel movement this film is and that he's probably lost all credibility from now on. Oh... Thank god! It just ended and I have already forgotten that I ever saw it. That's a new record.

"Divergent" is on now. That's got to be better, right? Right? I'll find out. It's not looking better. Already there have been too many things that make no damn sense and were put there for effect in lieu of a plot. So, she's divergent cause she wouldn't have sex with the German Shepherd? Oh wait, here's a GQ boy. (I only kiss chicks on camera). He hasn't kissed her yet but he will.

Boy, this is a really stupid movie. It's kind of like a flash mob, meets Matrix meets Point Break. It looks like whoever was responsible for putting this together said; "get me someone who looks like Jennifer Lawrence, 'before' the nose job". Oops, she just jumped off a roof thru holes in two ceilings into a net and here's the next Broke Back Mountain, Calvin Klein underwear model. He's doing his Marine drill sergeant thing.

I was talking about old people but I got distracted. This is an interesting thing. Across the street from my new home is a phlegeheim. My place is mostly hidden from the road but you see the place when you come out of the driveway. Also, the first mental hospital I was confined in, I had 'grounds privileges', meaning I could come and go and so I used to wander through all of the wards on the complex and check out the types of residents. The geriatric wards were something else. My god, my god. I've never forgotten it. I have some kind of a connection to the elderly. I've often hung out with people much older; looked out for them, lived with them. It varied but then, so did I.

In no way am I trying to make light of their condition. I described it exactly as is, and they look. They are very lucky to live in this country. The staff is highly compassionate and the treatment is world class. You wouldn't get this in the U.S. except for a whole lot of money and even then, they'd probably be faking it. The people in this country are the largest collection of decent and good human beings that I have ever seen, as part of a nation, that I have encountered in various locations within it. You can leave your wallet somewhere and quite often get it back with the money still in it. I've seen direct evidence of this.

People have a real cognitive disconnect about old people. I observe the smirking, the disrespect and the contempt of the young toward the old. I thank God I never had that perspective. They don't get that that's where they are headed? No... they don't. This is why I have often suggested that every reader take the time to wander through an old folk's home. You can say that you're scouting it for your grandfather. Walk around the grounds and check the people out. Understand what you see and what it implies. Then walk around some playgrounds, kindergartens, elementary schools, teen hangouts and watch and listen. Be sure you have a reason to do this cause the thought police are everywhere. Go into the workplaces, factories and also the watering holes of the rich. You can find all of this in a relative sense, not far from where you are. If you are truly, objectively watching, with Broad Daylight Awareness you will see so much. Surf through the singles sites; Christian singles sites, seeking sex sites, alternative seeking sex sites, seeking romance sites. Look at what people think they want.

In New York City they have these sex personals newspapers that can be seriously amusing, if they weren't so terribly sad. When I went to body working school in the city, I scanned through one of these once, It was a hundred pages long at least and there were all these 'stress relief management' ads. It turns out that that is a euphemism for showing up for a body working appointment to work on one particular area of the body, with orgasm being the result of your ministrations. That's the stress release factor. I later heard students at the school talking about this; apparently a lot of graduates form the school, matriculate into this kind of work. I can see why. I was there for nearly a year and besides myself, I encountered maybe 3 people who became at all competent at the various forms, including Shiatsu. It's a simple thing really but there is a most definite intuitive side to it and most people are not intuitive. Because I have had some credible success on the application side of these forms, I feel competent to comment on them. All you have to do is love what you do. It makes it possible for you to care and that makes it possible for you to feel and there's nothing like being an empath in these fields of endeavor.

Anyone can become an empath, all you have to do is care and allow your care to be nurtured by the secret sun and watered by the secret springs.

Boy! This is a really dumb movie. Either I am getting much more selective, or the material is getting much worse; probably a combination, I suspect. Increasingly I am finding that less and less of anything interests me, except anything having to do with the ineffable. I can't tell you how much this pleases me. Things don't bug me like they used to. I find this is because I just don't care about any of it enough for it to have that effect anymore. What this leads to is greater periods of sustained serenity.

Oh... this is a bad movie and I was right about The Matrix thing. Yeeck! This is soooo bad. It's the next day now and it still looks bad. Sorry about the cynicism of this post but now you can see what it was Mr. Visible used to get up to in his stand up days. I've got all these videos that are slowly gravitating to decrepitude because I just can't seem to transfer them to DVD (yuck, there's the Big Brother House kissing scene). I guess it's to be expected that a lot of one's work ceases to be at some point. I just never found the right tech to do it and couldn't afford to send it out to get it done. Now I'm carrying them to my next location. Anyway, about the cynicism... how else is one supposed to view all of this? I'm looking for options and I don't see any. Ah well, at least it's a little different. Time for me to move on to something else; past time probably. God! What a stupid film. It keeps getting worse and it makes NO sense.

End Transmission.......

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Monday, April 07, 2014

Cliff Note Junkies with the Integrity of Pleather.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Ah... the wonder of Spring, that perennial metaphor for rebirth and fresh starts. The rising Christ will soon be in the windshield again and offering that annual opportunity to rise with him. Some travel to The Holy Land and experience the festivities on the etheric plane (as so described in The Way to the Kingdom). Those aspiring with the proper intensity can find themselves with an RSVP should they persist. That is what is possible in these times. The gates of both kingdoms; supernal and infernal, are open to different degrees for different levels of personalities.

Today the film attending the writing is, "My Favorite Year" with Peter O'Toole. Though its quality is significantly reduced by blatant Tribe pandering to its predictable neurotic personas, injected into the film with no real reason for having done so, it's still very charming and funny (in places) when that other garbage isn't happening, which, unfortunately, is far too often. Why I object to this sort of thing is not because it is cloying and nauseating, to the extent that one feels they are being slowly smothered by monstrous tits in a Miami nursing home. The reason I object to it is because this is the real face of these people; this is what they are, both in the actions taken and the control of public awareness, following such brutal and callous cold blooded murder.

Behind all the comedy and vaudevillian, harmless seeming entertainments, lies an insensitivity of intrinsic nature unrivaled in the more or less human estate. This too is being monitored and manipulated by Mr. Apocalypse. The worse it seems to be, the more immanent is the denouement. The joint is jumping, the camel's are humping and the cosmic drummers are thumping on their timpani drums. Moment by moment the moment approaches, in which the curtain will rise and the malefactor rockettes will be exposed before the world in their underwear, it is to be hoped that they soil it immediately following.

Yes, Spring is most definitely on the scene in these environs. It's been here since the beginning of February, should those of you elsewhere be wondering why it wasn't where you are. Spring is being celebrated differently, of course, in other places. Have we not see some amount of this surfacing at turns of late? Yes we have and it is the same unbridled energy that is manifesting in situations like this and at a further reach, things like this. Yes, there are all kinds of energetic efforts afoot in various places, besides the efforts usually associated with these places.

Why are these things happening? It is Mr. Apocalypse tapping into the ubiquitous lack of self control that is endemic of these times. It is an example of negative Spring. Energy that is not consciously directed will be unconsciously directed, or directed by those with certain agendas that bode no good for those under that direction. One can be forgiven, which is not the same as excused, for being incapable of seeing the intent of the choreography or... shall we say, the directed resolution of it. Of course, the result is not entirely fixed at this time, so perhaps one can be excused to an extent. What one cannot be excused for, is having a lack of genuine curiosity about the invisible as it moves through and around the penny antics of comatose humanity. Lacking curiosity is an unfortunate handicap. Oh, it's not that they are entirely incurious, they are curious about all the wrong things; leaving them with a superficial knowledge of the superficial; a generation of Cliff Note Junkies who still have to cheat on their exams.

The sad but marvelous humor of the situation is that they will bring the same Pleather-like integrity to the workplace, where they will spend their time doing this, as opposed to whatever they were hired for. It's pretty epidemic in every government agency and in the private sector as well. America has become the land of ten million masturbators. Why is porn so easy to find? Sure there's a lot of money in it but there's more. The fact is that there is a particular power in the sexual force of the people and in exceptional cases it is routed to a place where that power can be given positive expression. Otherwise, when it is channeled into the sin of Onan, it weakens every noble trait in the people so performing and results in increasingly more restrictive states of bondage. For those who are too attached to this practice and have found a way to rationalize it as good clean fun, it is probably not welcome for me to say these things. At the same time it is a personal choice whether one remains vital and charged, or weak and infirm at that point in their life, where this is the least desirable state to be in.

In other words, the vast international porn empire, mostly controlled by the usual Tribe suspects, is dual purpose and the less seen or understood side of it is polluting the human mind and generating various forms of impotence.

Yes, Origami is about the metaphysical but the metaphysical is irrelevant without the physical to counterpoint it and we are talking about the efforts of those who seek to feed the beast and reduce us all to something less than human.

In last night's Visible's Radio Showradio broadcast we tried to outline the simplicity of existence as it relates to our present state of being. What it is all about is self deception. We lie to ourselves to advance the desires and demands of self interest. We do not trust the higher kingdoms to work in our behalf, so we become the prey of the agents of the lower kingdoms. If you possess Broad Daylight Awareness, you can easily see this in action and lack of action all around you. Most people close their eyes to this because seeing it forces them to become responsible for the knowledge of it. There can be no freedom or liberation, while self deception is in operation.

Seated alongside the agency of self deception, is some attending amount of wrath and rage. This is generated because ones false self is in conflict with their real self. An antagonism is naturally generated out of this tension and it will express itself outwardly upon others, or it will be turned inward upon one's self. It's what it is for as long as you are not what you are. It has been the case for generations beyond count that people do not want to hear this kind of thing. It goes contrary to conformity and makes you look strange to others. It can lead to pariah status and to being terminally marginalized. As you can see, it comes at a cost but... that cost is nothing like the cost of the alternative routes. Of course, those notes often don't come due as immediately, as the change in conditions, generated by the other, singular, choice.

It should be obvious to anyone paying attention that there is a reason why sincere seekers and those possessed of the requisite wisdom, seek out more cloistered environs to go about their business, which is remarkably unlike what usually goes by the term, 'business'.

The gentle snorting technique and Broad Daylight Awareness are both offered for the purpose of putting an end to self deception. The former leads naturally to the latter. It is like coming, by degrees out of a fog. One is able to see things that were previously indistinct and because they were indistinct, are often seen as something else and can even take on a frightening aspect which is not representative of what is real. This is why we start at shadows and that tension spoken of earlier, is the source of the nervous apprehension which leads to an enduring climate of fear that causes one to jump and be startled.

We are being watched at all times. We have things within us that are very similar to Black Boxes, GPS software and other homing and identifying devices. In the ethereal realms, angels pass over us at regular intervals. They are always searching for awakening souls and souls in search of awakening. In the practice of these things, one begins to generate some amount of light and this light is noticed by those looking for it. These angels are duty bound to assist everyone who generates light by striving for the light. You have a one hundred percent assurance that powerful forces will come to your side and exercise their wonderful abilities on your behalf.

There are very few of us here who are not involved in some amount of self deception. That is because, at this time, there are agents of the darkness working to involve us in this, just as the angels are seeking to free us from it. It is a full time occupation to work contrary to this state of possession, which is being generated world wide and which expresses itself in all the negative ways we read about each day. Carpe Diem!

End Transmission.......

Last night's radio broadcast is available for streaming.

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

To Shake, to Rattle and to Roll away The Stone.

Join the good fight against Talmudic Anti-Gentilism, Russian Holocaust Denial and all those others that were done by the same people. Experience true Political Correctness.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

I do not want to be an alarmist so I will simply post this link and you can read between the lines just as you can read between the lines of this blatant absurdity meanwhile- and it's going on every day; people from every walk of life are going mad. Some walks of life are already mad and we have multiple examples of that by the day. It just goes on and on. This is no longer a gradual descent into madness.

Boy... you can just feel the tension in the air these days. I find my watchfulness function has gone up a couple of notches. One thing that happens when tension goes up is that the propensity toward the very actions that stir the shit go up as well. This is why those who are capable of it back away from the circus for a period. Subsequently, when things get sorted, one is not among them, having already sorted themselves.

"You mess with that boy again and I'll tear off your pecker like a piece of French bread." I just heard that on the series that's playing alongside these postings for the next few days.

Another Fort Hood shooting; they say it came out of an argument; like I said- the tension is there. It's all over the place. Not a day goes by without several examples and that is going to increase and increase, until even the perpetually sleepwalking dead, rise up from their dreaming slumber beds and the first word out of their mouths might well not be, "duh." Yea though I walk through the valley of the Zio-Ogre, I shall fear no evil other than my own fears and appetites (upon which they prey), which are controllable. One of those anonymous readers who like to prick and probe for weakness and who feel they can slip the censor by including false praise with the attendant intention for injury, sans actuality of occurrence, said something like, for someone who criticizes and puts down desire, you sure have plenty; referencing my admiration for and desire to be more like Guru Bawa. Any number of times I have said that, desire is the agent of God's will. There is certainly nothing wrong with desire rightly directed. Wrongly directed it leads to bondage, rightly directed it leads to freedom.

One of the things I have noticed in criticism of myself is that, more often than not, the criticism is fabricated out of behavior and characteristics that don't exist. This is not to say there is no call for criticism in my case; that could hardly be true but... both liars and those seeing their own distorted reflection in others, are more attracted to what is not so than what is so. That is a mystery, because the truth would not only be correct but have impact as well. I once said to Bawa, something like, "How can I be more like you more quickly." He said, "You must not polish the pot so hard that it breaks." What was I to make of that? Here's a classic example of statements from source being capable of several interpretations. What I finally came up with is that one cannot get there under their own power. It's something like "all thy righteousness is as filthy rags." It's also pretty clear on The Emerald Tablet as well; although somewhat concealed.

You can fight the good fight and struggle all your life to be free of personal demons, failings and shortcomings and feel like you've been walking into a sirocco, or the Santa Anna Winds. Every little bit of progress is hard won and you might feel you've hardly gotten anywhere with all your efforts. We are what we are, until we are not, if we are not who we are in the process.

When we are "ourselves again, with yesterday's seven thousand years", everything is relevant and everything makes sense in the context because you are in context. You reflect an accurate picture, meaning you can see yourself as you are. Automatic with this (and not as often mentioned) is that you can see others and other things as they actually are. It has been likened to awakening from a dream.

The author of a best selling book on a predicted future is in the news today. At one point he says, "The short-term goal is to create a 'brain pacemaker' for Alzheimer's patients, so they can push a button and they'll know who they are and where they live." He also says a lot of things that are either totally misinformed or he is consciously misinforming. For instance, he says, "I have something called the caveman principle, or the cavewoman principle, that determines whether certain inventions will be rejected or accepted by the population." He says nothing about the suppression of inventions or the grooving of history for the profit of the few; not to mention the rewriting of history in order to control the present and the future. In this case, the self styled elite are racing against time because of the increasing impact of the works of Mr. Apocalypse upon the public mind. Big lies are on the verge of being exposed and... once they are, the liars will lose considerable power. Of course, in the worst ways, they are also exposing themselves and there's going to be a lot more of that.

I won't go into what I believe to be glaring errors in this authors perspective on various things, except to say a lot of it does not match up with ageless wisdom.

Last night, as I lay in my bed in this empty house; everyone else is away at the moment, I was thinking about the coming West Coast Earthquake and other possibilities such as Yellowstone. It got very visual and I could see a tsunami many hundreds of feet high rolling toward the coast. It felt like one of those dreams when you are falling from a height and there was a roaring sound like the mother of all trains. I could see the waves pass over the Hollywood Hills and into The Valley, or whatever is on the other side. I could see the headlines and listing of people who were gone and the real list was impossible to make because there were so many. I could see San Francisco through some kind of a shimmer. Perhaps that was the result of all of the buildings swaying and then most of them crumbled and a huge crevasse opened right through the city all the way down to Daly City. All kinds of people and things were in freefall down into it. It looked like the people in The Tower card of the Tarot...

The Tower, Rider Deck
The Tower, Rider Deck

...I could feel the indescribable shock of the nation and the world. There were many serious associated effects that played into Mr. Apocalypse's goals.

I fell asleep but did not stay asleep for more than a couple of hours. Then I lay there, probing the darkness in my mind until some light and imagery arrived. I do this kind of thing quite often, probing at the 'incoming'. The reason we see through a glass darkly, as opposed to seeing into an ass darkly, in search of an iPhone5, is because much of the future is not fixed. Of course, a lot of it is fixed for one reason; people are resistant to change. If one were to fully embrace change there is the distinct possibility that they would pass by or through death. This is why 'change' is associated with The Death card.

The Death Card, BOTA Deck
The Death Card, BOTA Deck

Unlike The Rider Waite, which only deals with more superficial aspects; the surface definition of death, The BOTA deck (shown) has a skeleton which is twisted at two important junctures of the spine. You also see a river taking a sudden bend toward the sun, which is the source of all light. The twists occur at the waist and the neck. This is to indicate locations, from one to the other, for the passage of the light force toward the secret kingdom of immortality. This is to say that when the force is directed outward and becomes established in that manner of expression, death will be the result. Should one through keen and penetrating in-sight and the favor of the ineffable, reverse this course, the result is very different and so beautiful and filled with wonder that one beggars the description by seeking to put it into words.

The strides possible for one to make in their youth are not as available in middle age, due to a great deal of added inertia, due to established mindsets; fixed patterns and all the operational magnetics that were put into place over the course of life experiences. Most people can't pack it up and head off... somewhere, inside or out ...because life associations act like anchors on this consideration. This is not to say that one can't get everything they seek wherever they may be. Lahiri Mahasaya comes to mind. Of course, he had association with Babaji so, there you are, or there he is anyway. The effect of the serpent force is clearly evident upon his face.

You can 'rise' to the occasion, or you can sink under the weight of predictable circumstance. The very force that is the cause of our bondage is the force that sets us free. In times of material darkness, the low end energies of materialism pull upon this force. It is literally sucked out of you and all of that is defined as exercising your rights of free expression (which is not free). Those in cooperative depravity see each other as kinsmen and the occasional exceptions as fools, dreamers or mad. It's the price of admission, or better stated, departure.

I have no idea if the dramatic Earth changes I was watching are going to come to pass, or not. I believe a lot of that depends on human actions and choices made. Just as there is great tension among us at this time, there is great tension in the Earth. Earth mirrors the human state. We'll see.

End Transmission.......

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