Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Easter Equinox of the Defining Year of Change.

Dog Poet Transmitting......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

First, let me say, Happy Easter, for those who celebrate it in that form and Happy Whatever to those who have alternative practices. I believe in Jesus Christ and so I have no problem celebrating his resurrection, even though I am not a Christian. I don’t actually know what I am. It changes at different times. I've been told that it doesn't matter what form I choose or don’t choose; or for anyone else who has located the essence before form and though the absolute has form and is also formless, as it pertains to this particular area; form is a blind.

I've been going round and round with the ineffable lately about my life and what the point of it is. I fail to understand why I get messed with, given the level of pursuit I engage in, which, from my own experience, exceeds that of anyone I'm in a close enough association to make a judgement from. Certainly there are those making a greater effort, I just don’t know them. The ineffable has cleared that up for me and I've been told; “just because it sometimes seems like it is going on forever, in fact, this is not the case.

I can’t complain, despite any number of things that immediately leap to mind when I say this. I have only to compare my life with so many others to see that, whatever the limitations and shortcomings of my existence appear to be, it could be far, far worse. The headlines of the day are filled with examples and there are locations I am not in, that given my temperament, would be dicey indeed. There are also all kinds of levels of unaware that I could be occupying and don’t.

Easter is a time of new beginnings, just like the birth of the season with which it is associated and which this year comes later than I can remember it coming, though it probably has been later at other times before. I don’t know if this is a sign of things coming later in this year than one might expect.

Speaking of things going right; I have found a good friend in the man who has invited me to come here and I was having Easter breakfast with him this morning and I was talking about signs and portents (I think; something like that) and he mentioned that there was a lot of sunspot activity and it occurred to me as he was speaking that this was a sign in and of itself because… the sun… the physical sun is the living proof, material expression of the divine on this plane. There is no life on this planet whatsoever without the sun. There is also a spiritual sun; Swedenborg talks about it and the physical sun is an extension of that. I know the sun regent as Lord Vivasvan. I'm sure he’s called by other names, other places, by other people.

It leapt into my mind that when there is physical activity coming from the sun, it is evidence of the ineffable interceding in human affairs. In other words, the ineffable is telegraphing his involvement in these perilous moments of human transition. “Help is on the way.”

I have this apartment… I guess the best way to describe it is a cobwebbed attic with zero facilities or amenities, except a wood stove has been put in and a small part of it has been insulated. It’s a big place. I will have a lot of room but it is an awesome amount of work. At present I am working at a head level of five meters up, insulating the place and it’s a bear. It’s going to take me a lot of time and I've got that. I should have it ticking like a Swiss watch come fall. It’s going to take every dime I have but I don’t have that much so I expect it will take more but… once it is together, all I have to do is cover the utilities. The location is fabulous and the fellow who is providing it is a prince and a scholar. He definitely walks the talk and there is no question whatsoever that the ineffable crossed our paths. He’s almost the spitting image of my younger brother Bob, which is a little scary (grin).

I've been hearing it from the ineffable lately; all morning I been hearing from the ineffable. This is the kind of place you might expect an auditory uptick from the ineffable. It’s one of those far off places where nothing happens, which means other things happen. I can hear better here. I'm used to a more concentrated back chatter on the telepathic plane. There’s a lot less of that here. I'm sure there are some marginal types around but my nature is to slip past them like a wraith because we have no mutual business. There are marginal characters everywhere these days, as the infrastructure of the Piscean Age implodes and that means personal infrastructure also... and that explains all the marginal types. That explains people going crazy and nations doing the same.

There is a point you get to if you are going the wrong way and… it is inescapable; it is inevitable. It is certain; you will go crazy because you have gone beyond the margins of what is correct, in the cosmic sense. This happens individually and this happens collectively and it will happen to anyone not already rooted in something more enduring; house of straw, house of brick, you get the picture eh? Sunspots cause crazy behaviour. You knew that, right? The wisdom of the ineffable is madness to those not in sync with it and vice versa; “those whom the god’s would destroy, they first drive mad.”

My whole life has changed and I’d have to say it’s a good thing. I let myself go a bit physically in recent time; stopped working out; spent all my time working the internet or writing books or recording. You can’t get away with that later in the game like you can earlier on. I've been here a week and in that week I had to put in some heavy physical labor. A couple of days ago I was despairing of my condition. Then the next day I was much better and today, today I feel great. It comes back… if… it was there in the first place. I'm hanging a heavy bag in the middle of this place I'm retooling and I'm going to go at it every day; for all kinds of reasons… all good. I am very lucky in having the affirmative and positive support of the man who owns this place. He’s working alongside me to get this together here. It would be seriously intimidating otherwise. Furthermore, he is savvy well past me. He can build or fix just about anything. I have some background in the construction trades but nothing like him. He’s a serious maestro. I've met a few like him in my time but... very few. Harry Ballantine, now in Arizona, (nickname) comes to mind but I can’t recall anyone else. Of course, Harry’s a tool and die man and you can’t get more savvy than that; left brain at its purest applied distillation.

This is Easter and I would feel remiss if I did not chime in on this, my favourite holiday; simply for its symbolic intent. As all that is good rises again, I am rising again too, into the sort of shoulder to the wheel thing that I am most comfortable with. Somehow the universe will deliver unto my needs and I’ll have a fine place for those of you who choose to visit in. It’s amazing what you can get done in a single day, if you’re industrious and focused.

Life isn't easy running into the wind but those who do, do it on the possibility and promise that the wind will change and then, not only will it carry them but they will have been made strong, in the former times, by the resistance factor of their sustained faith. Easter is all about faith. I’ll close with my Easter Poem and you can hear Patrick Willis render it if that is your preference:

Patrick Willis reads Visible's "I do Believe"

...Or you can catch it with Erin Parsley and The Level Shift:

Erin Parsley and The Level Shift

I Do Believe

In that essential stillness

that quiet endless hour...
preceding every dawn
of every day...

God breathes into the world of sleep
whatever power might be taken
to reach
that waking moment
in the warm falling rain of his grace...

In every year
whenever the wheel has turned
into the place where it must turn again

or stop

for want of hope
or lack of dreams...

God breathes once again
into the greater whole...
this soft malleable whiteness
this stone...

he blesses
this unformed essence of extraordinary love
not yet fashioned with object
or desire...

it awaits our cleansed and contrite heart

awaits our innocence returned

awaits our renewing hope and certain will

that we might approach closer to the mark...

We have fallen back
upon the dying leaves

upon the sidewalks of shouting cities

into the guttering run
where flows the secret mind of our hidden deeds

more times than we can
through mercy

Every breath
every morsel of food
every chance of redemption
every possibility of hope
rests upon the bleeding power
that has bought and paid for every coming minute of the age...

Every twisted ugly thing

Every kindness unseen

every gentle thought

every whip hand falling
or whatever we may have turned it to...

all paid for by the living vision
of the one who dies

who is crucified
in the simultaneous instant of every act....

everything is permitted and fed
that we might, through the gift
of this unspeakably great thing
come to see how we might be....

and the certain possibility of that
for everyone of us

no matter how dark the way

how far afield...

is the 'ceaseless' intent
of the one left bleeding....

what freedom is
what love is
what peace is
we have no clue

only the yearning
and the road that leads us there...

Many have filled this void with words

Many heroes come
and seeming villains to meet them in their time

all sleeping now
in places deep and waiting...

but this one does not sleep

Is born anew in every breath

shines from each shining eye

cannot and will not forget

carries us past the trouble and regret.

In tongues forgotten he has come
to every race
in every time

dressed as everyone

always unknown and alone
and waiting...

this immeasurable gift


not understood


lays on the common ground

is tossed aside as worthless

is unseen among the items in the cart

it feeds us

grants us life where there would be none...

endless granted, giving life...

full and safe and perfect

I do believe...

Have a wonderful Easter and in following times.

End Transmission.......

I don’t think I can get a radio show together tonight; still not set up for it but we’ll see.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Easter Les-big heartfelt hugs for you...missed your posts so much and kept you in my prayers for protection, peace, and wellbeing.
Have a wonderful Easter day and continued excellent results on your new home...can't wait to see what lovely things come from your thoughtful mind a la your new digs.
provisions ntsmilys
(code @ bottom of page)

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, Vis!!!

Glad to hear you're starting to settle in. Moving is hard enough let alone fixing the place up when you get there. Ugh!

Thanks for the poem! Perfect fit for this day. And thank you for posting that link a little while back with all of those videos of Earnest Holmes work. Fascinating stuff! I feel as if I am being reborn anew when I listen to it. Perfect timing! :)

Enjoy this day!! You've earned it!!


Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, sound very positive. McCob

Anonymous said...

i had a hunch you would rise today and post. and here you are. your new abode sounds perfect. empty 'unfinished' space! ahh. lovely.

have you any opinion on robert anton wilson's work?
i can see where you meet and where you divide when i read his books. just wondering.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your ceaseless encouragement.
Fröhliche Ostern!


Roman said...

Glad to read you again!

Laura said...

Divine blessings in your new home, dear Vis! May it all unfold with deep grace and ease as you create anew.

est said...

'work is love
made visible'

stenciled on a brick ally wall
i walk through, to get a coffee

sort of like - 'magic theater,
price of admission, your mind'

a very peaceful and reflective
easter to you, our very fine friend

galen said...

The poem has rolled away the stone: a "Get Out Of Jail, Free" card for the masses. No one's not invited.

the gardener said...

Glad to hear that you're working your body and new surrounds getting situated. Happy Easter friend.

the gardener

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter and Best wishes for your New Beginnings, Vis!

Thank you for the post.

I've a query for anyone who can answer. Aangirfan shows no postings after 2 April 2014. Does anyone know what has happened to the owner of the site or to the website?

This properly belongs in one of the other blogs, so excuse the intrusion here. The idea that Putin is part of the controlled op is disturbing. I hope Makow is mistaken, though what he asys about the banks in Russia
is correct. All the BRICS countries are in the Rothschild system.

Thank you.

Anaughty Mouser said...

I believe in you Les Visible.

Peace and love

P.s. I am coming to help you refurbish your current digs.

Anonymous said...

here is a link to Aangirfan's site--maybe he has a new url?

kenny said...

A page turns. Here's wishing you an exciting and hopefully peaceful transition.

@ blue-patch,

Aangirfan says they were locked out of the blog. Possibly hacked, google help didn't help.

The resurrected aang is here...

Peaches said...

Vis I'm so happy to see you back.

Happy Renewal

Love, Peaches

Anonymous said...

Peace and love upon all
Great to see that you are back. Was wondering about you when I decided to check the blogs. Happy new begginings to you. Hope this turn of corner takes you to where its best for you. For surely the inneffable takes care of his own.
Have fun while you can and hope you find some great furry companions for your new adventures in a new locale. Pray you have great health and help in your life.

Anonymous said...

Christ the Lord is risen today. Allelujah.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like your new landlord has some toys in the attic...

BCii said...

Wonderful to hear about your new place, Visible. I hope it means new creative and collaborative possibilities opening up for you, new levels of autonomy and ease of passage forward.

I'm taking your advice regarding the "fake it till you make it" strategy to heart. I am resolving to bring as much levity and optimism as I can to every situation, because, after all, why not? It costs nothing but a thought and smoothes and brightens the way for myself and everyone I touch. More and more I see the futility, the counterproductivity of giving in to fear and despair. Particularly the darkest moments need that extra infusion of light and love. It pays to be positive!

Thank you for posting your poem, along with the videos. I watched Erin's presentation with my wife last night. It was a perfect dose of harmony, truth and beauty to end our Easter Sunday.

As for the BRICS faction, I take it for granted that, until proven otherwise, governments, leaders and authorities in this Kali Yuga serve an 'overlord' presence that seeks to use humanity for its own purposes, feeding off of our misdirected energies and deceiving us into giving up our free will. As dark and scary as the ostensible 'NWO' prognostications are, I am prepared to see it as a setup for a new agenda to be rolled out in the form of promises of a utopian program of offworlder-led salvation. As always, time will tell. I'm not going to call anything until I see it, so whatever measures are taken by individuals, groups, and governments in a positive, life-affirming direction I will accept and approve whilst keeping my nose cold and wet, the better to smell any hidden motives and traps for the well-intentioned.

Keep on keeping on, with that light in your eyes and a secret smile in every step,
All my love,

Brian Crossland said...

All the very best Vis.
God bless you in your new locale

Anonymous said...

Les, I was wondering whether you managed to catch this wonderful 4 part documentary Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

imdb link


Visible said...

Glenn; thank you for thinking of me. Sorry I couldn't reply this morning, I'm quick out and at it. I'll talk to you in the email.

I did not see the documentary.

Lots of toys in the attic.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Without even a little fear of being seen as mean and negative, a downer and a bummer..

Perhaps this will be the year, but I'm not gonna hold my breath.

“Since When Have You Westerners Accepted the Teachings of Christ?”

BCii said...

TonyMac, thank you for the Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds link. Wow!!!

DumbGoyNot said...

Hey Les,

I'm glad you didn't 'pull an Ambrose Bierce.' In other words, I'm glad you're back. You're the only person I know of on the internet who has a truly open forum. Most of the so-called 'pundits' who have alternative news websites aren't confident enough in their world view to allow for any such open debate kind of thing. They throw out their rants and run and hide behind being unreachable. Chickenshit assholes IMHO.

Anyway, I'm glad you're back.

Jenny said...

Great to hear you are moving that body- so good for you! Spring is singing with the bees - now that your settled I can send you some honey my friend!-jen

est said...

here's what i wrote for east-star
sadness yes
but not despair

sorrow yes
with no repair


i was nothing
without you there

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Holy Smoking Cowpies and the Typhoid Mary's of Material Excess.

bigloner said...

Hi Vis -

Have you visited suspiciousobservers?

He's mostly secular but not anti spiritual. Great scientific stuff.

Greetings fellow star gazers....tonite we're going to study ur anus!

Jack from the Miami planetarium...

Anonymous said...

Dude. Your domains for your websites are not working. You linked to your newest Smoking Mirrors, and the link doesn't work. I read something about you changing your web addresses for your blogs a while back. Wanted to give you a heads-up, brother.

Visible said...

All of this has been explained. Webmaster is making some changes; should be back to (what passes for) normal here in a week or so.

marilyn said...

finally, les visible...was missing you and your writings...glad your new home has put a smile on your face.
yes, move your body...that old saying, use it or lose it, is true.
love and hugs.



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