Sunday, April 27, 2014

The Great Work and Building the Body of Light.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

May your noses always be cold and wet.

Origami shouldn't be having links to the temporal, unless they juxtapose with the metaphysical (I think) but I do it anyway (grin). It's ten years since the U.S murdered Pat Tillman. I don't know why they killed him. They kill a lot of people. I guess it's like Howdy Doody said; “I'm real good at killing people”. He made this comment in relation to the drone program (I think).

Mr. Very Occasionally Prescient; my inner Nostildamus, tells me that war between ZATO= Zionist Atlantic Terror Organization and Russia will begin soon on the killing fields of The Ukraine. The most ominous sign is that neither Hagel nor Kerry can get Lavrov on the phone anymore. When the Russians come to realize that talk is nothing more than talk, or lies wrapped up in the garment of words, it tells me they've come to a certain conclusion about conditions and regardless of how they might wish otherwise, there is no other course of action. It really comes down to the money as it always does and I suspect the real motivation for the Zio-bankers, who are behind it all, is BRICS. I don't know how important it is for me to have said any of this. For whatever the reason, I did. Now let's return to our regularly scheduled Visible Origami, already in progress.

There have been good days; days of warmth and sunlight, here in the woodland surrounded complex where I now live. Today is not one of them. It's gray and chill. I'm going to go do some planting after this. That should warm me up and then a radio broadcast; given that I've missed the last two.

Something very strange happened to me yesterday. I mention it because there have been some number of odd events for which I have been given no insights from my invisible friends. Some things get explained to me and some don't. I don't know if this means I am supposed to figure them out on my own or... I don't know.

I broke a fifty Euro note a few days ago and put the 3 tens, one five and coin in my pocket. The following day, I reached into my pocket for the money and it wasn't there. I searched all my pockets carefully. At one point I took everything out of my pockets but the money was gone. I couldn't figure it out, so... I must have checked several times after that. I simply found it hard to believe that it was gone but I came up with nothing. Yesterday I was at a plant nursery and I had purchased some tomato plants, seeds and a few other things. I paid for it out of my belly pack and there were only a few coins in change. On the way out of the store I put my hand into my pocket and the money that was gone had returned. Man! That's strange. This is not the only event of its kind. Several items that I am certain I placed in particular locations were not there when I went to look for them. Some have returned and some have not. They showed up in other locations and I am 100% sure that I didn't put them there.

I've had this kind of thing happen before. Some years ago we were living in the apartment under the main house in my former location. Susanne was away. I had gone out to the pub that evening and returned with a couple of people who wanted to hear some of my music. We went directly downstairs and I had my keys, or else I could not have opened the apartment. I didn't go upstairs. The guests left and I looked around for my keys and couldn't find them. I went upstairs thinking that maybe the door had been left unlocked. It wasn't so... I couldn't get in until the next morning when Susanne's mother opened the door. I was unable to find my keys over following days and came to think one of the people who visited me must have taken them (for whatever the perverse reason).

Months later I was sitting on the couch in the upstairs living room and for no particular reason, I slipped my hand behind the seat cushion of the couch I was seated on. I felt something and pulled it up. It was my keys. There's no way they could have gotten there by natural means. I hadn't been able to open the door to get in there that night. This kind of action has really picked up lately. I have an established connection to the Devic Realm and generally this is a positive asset in many ways. However... I do know there are entities from that location who are trickster types that snatch items. There are many folktales about such creatures. I know that nothing happens in my life that has not been authored or permitted by the divine so... there's some kind of a reason for this happening. My life doesn't have random events of the sort that many people may attribute to their own existence. Everything in my life passes through certain filters and has a reason for taking place. How I know this; one of the few things I do know, is unimportant. I only have to convince myself (as I have often said). Whether others are convinced and... especially since they are at a far remove in nearly every case is... irrelevant.

I am possessed of a constant and near relentless curiosity. I twist and turn things and concepts in every direction, seeking to get every available perspective under every available light. I question and I investigate. Under no circumstances am I content to process the facts and theories of my inquiries into any predisposed direction, or to any preferred explanation or definition. That would defeat the whole purpose of seeking the truth. Sometimes my suspicion about something has gotten to where it amounts to more than suspicion. Even then, I always remind myself that... without hard cold ...and substantial, factual corroborations, it's still a suspicion. Essentially and ultimately, you have to be honest with yourself. Even if it may be very difficult to always be honest with others, you must be honest with yourself because... once you start to pull the wool over your own eyes, you will inevitably go off the path and into whatever there is and that's not a desirable or profitable result; it hasn't proven to be in my experience.

There is no question in my mind that I am supposed to be where I am. Even though my present residence is a cluttered construction site, it is where I am supposed to be. When I first saw it, it looked like one of those dark attics in a horror film. There were massive cobwebs everywhere and furniture and indeterminate objects all draped under green canvas covers, which were, themselves, covered with dust. It looked like one of those projects that would be my version of cleaning the Augean Stables. Some amount of clutter clearing and construction went on last fall when I did not arrive as planned. When I got here a couple of weeks ago there was still major work to be done. Insulation is going in and the ceiling is five meters up. Then is has to be Sheetrocked and painted. The floor is concrete and heavy with granular dust. That has to be taken up and the floor painted and the floor area is about 110 square meters. The roof and walls are, of course, considerably more than that. All the objects and boxes stored randomly about are the former property of one deceased. Much of it is from another time but mostly quite serviceable. I won't have to be concerned about furniture, rugs, bedding, towels, dishes, small kitchen appliances and whatnot.

There is no kitchen, bathroom, water. There is some electricity. What there is is a lot of work. Still... it is amazing to see what can get done when one is daily applied to the effort. All of what is needed will come. By the time the leaves are falling, later this year; provided civilization has not fallen in the meantime, it should be very nearly a completed work.

Once I was living with a friend who was dying of AIDS. He had a beautiful home in Woodstock. He had rich parents. He had a five acre plot that his house was on and about half of that was lawn and there were some number of large deciduous trees at random points; some dozens of them. The previous fall (when I was still in Hawaii) the leaves had fallen all over the lawn and of course, the winter snows had fallen on that and now it was Spring and the leaves were stuck in the grass that was starting to come up and my friend was in no position to do anything about it and he asked me if I could take care of it. We are talking about at least a couple of acres of lawn. I said I would and set out upon the project. It would have been a seriously daunting task if I had looked out over the course of what I had to do at the beginning and thought about what it was going to take to accomplish this. I didn't do that. I put my focus on only that portion of the ground that I was attending to and went at it all day long for somewhere around two weeks. It wasn't easy getting those leaves to come up and... it all had to be bundled into giant plastic bags and then gone somewhere. One day though, without being aware of it, I came to that final patch of ground and the job was done. I've had any number of jobs like that and they always get done because I only put my attention on what I'm engaged in and push out of my thoughts whatever must follow after and after and after.

Once I heard Guru Bawa talk about how he had cleared near 30 acres of jungle by himself and he was not young either. I don't know how familiar you may be with what that implies. I've been in the jungle and I have some idea. We are all capable of a great deal more than we may believe ourselves to be but we hamstring our capacity, being intimidated by our own minds, in the constant reflection upon how much has to be done. We are hammered by our impatience. Our thoughts run wild because they are unrestrained. This alone will make us very tired. I am seldom tired at the end of the day because I am, usually, not at war with myself. This state of consciousness is available to anyone who will employ it. It's not like a tool you take out of a box, plug it in, press the button and you're good to go. It's a tool of awareness that is developed according to the time and consistency of the investment made. We are the children of God. We can do so very much more than we do, should we choose to.

Yeah.. some things have gone missing and then showed up again and I have no idea why they killed Pat Tillman; I've heard theories. I don't know what's around the corner so what's the point of speculating? It will get sorted. Everything does. We are the ground in need of preparation. We are the project and that is why it is called The Great Work; that process by which we build our body of light. This is also known as The Operation of the Sun. No matter what we might find ourselves working on, whatever it is, it is incidental to what should be our enduring concern. May we all, each of us, succeed at that singular endeavor which has no equal here or anywhere else.

End Transmission.......

I'm guessing I might get a radio show up this evening. We'll see how it goes.


Bob Morrison said...

welcome to your new abode, sounds like a perfect place for me...if only...

I could create a long list of strange things happening but will mention only one or two...

Some months back my wife and I had three kitchen paring knives disappear. They were in the drawer with others and now their gone. No one else here to ask except the small dog and he can't reach the drawer.

One more briefly...out dog is now three years old and for some months after bring him home he slept in a crate since he was crate trained and the crate was his home. Every night he went to the crate and fell asleep and we closed and latched the door.

One morning we got up and Miken the Dog was still in the crate but outside the crate door, lined up in a neat row along the front of the crate was what appeared to be dry dog food.
Our dog ate dry dog food but it was not his food as this was large chunks a much larger dog would be fed.
I just stared at the neat long row of dog food, just out of reach so our little puppy could not reach it.
I picked one up and smelled it and it sure smelled like dog food but who put it there, I asked myself?

I compared it to our dogs little dog food chunks and it was sure not his...this kind of freaked my wife out but I just smiled...just one more strange thing in a long list.

DAD said...

wish I could give a little man u ell labor for your project.But it sounds like it is going at the speed it is supposed to. peace David

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Columns like this make me wonder if you aren't another aspect of 'our' direct 'oversoul', and fellow 'Monad' dweller, for lack of a better word. Sooooo many parallel thoughts again, and again, and again, though of course I am a gazzilion times MORE OBNOXIOUS!

zepheri said...

Put a nice layer of manure on top of 3 years of vigorous compostings yesterday and I'm still not sure what to plant.

wiggins said...

LOL seem to be having poltergeist activity vis-a-vis the money situation. I have experienced several similar events with house keys, my wallet and other strange phenomenon.....tort I was going nuts.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you know I just got finished typing a rather lengthy entertaining post and ..... yup, it disappeared.

Now that's funny.....

Laura temporarily in NC

Anonymous said...

Part zwei: My comments that disappeared were partly about how my dad frequently leaves me a dime and penny (11) to let me know he's there.

When I just posted about how my previously written lengthy comments just disappeared right as I was about to click on "post comment" guess what I had to type to post it?

Yup, eleven.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

How do they do these things and think that they aren't damned?

"Scientists have bred a controversial featherless chicken which they say is faster growing.
The birds, created at the Hebrew University in Israel, will not need to be plucked, saving money in processing plants."

Eudoxia said...

Good going Vis, moving is difficult at best particularly into a challenging place that requires work. We are finally getting on top of our move and like many others here I'm in the process of preparing a garden for winter herbs and veggies. Plenty of rain and cow shit here to make it grow well. The energy in this place is amazing, many sacred aboriginal sites surround and are in the valley. The animals all love it, the people all love it and everybody who comes here doesn't want to leave, now we know the reason for the delays last year, here is where we are supposed to be. Onward and upward................................

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Here's some very very old work which might need some 'hidden history of the human race' refiguring..

(maybe even a Jai Rama!)

Paleo-Sanskrit Subtitles Adorn the Murals of Lascaux Cave

Visible said...

If you're wondering where your comment is it disappeared down the LOL hole

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

Kali Yuga and the Long Bataan Style March into the Dark Backwards.

Anonymous said...

For a lengthy post, first compose it in Word, save it then post it. If it gets zapped, just copy, paste and re-post.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, Mendocello, for the advice, but then I would have missed the opportunity of having a very clever joke played on me.

Oh, Visible, it came to me last night; if possible use epoxy on the concrete floor. Paint just doesn't adhere well onto concrete and will chip easily. I know this from personal experience. Ugh.

Happy trails.

Laura in .... hell, I don't know where I am anymore!

Anonymous said...


I thought of you in ruralish Germany and remembered Tacitus writing about the Roman soldiers & Emperor there and eating cherries for the first time. May the Lord bless you and keep you.



Visible said...

technology has come a long way, epoxy paints and all sorts of primers, sealers and what have you

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Yeah, but will that high tech wonder epoxy last 20,000 years like those cave paintings?

Those cave painting with the Sanskrit symbols.
Wow! Pretty smart neanderthals, eh?

Wait a second..

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up now-

Going to Disneyland to do the Horizontal Hula.



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