Thursday, November 15, 2018

The Ultimate Escape of the Inner Path and Unbearable Compassion.

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The war of lifestyles is coming to Washington and war abroad is being mapped out by the strategists who are employed by the banks and industries for their venal profit. Everywhere you see signs of war promotion; coaches and sideline personnel are all wearing olive drab jackets with flags in the NFL. The commercials feature full on military assaults with heavy weapons and ask if you have what it takes to be a warrior. Massive efforts to glorify the canon fodder are underway across the country.

The Democrats have taken over the house and that is where wars are usually initially fomented; then the Republicans usually end it down the road. Evidence abounds to this effect. Meanwhile the intention is to initiate impeachment efforts that will not go anywhere and it motivates the presidency to support and favor war as a distraction from negative focus on the president.

Fires are raging in Kalifornia; Caitlin Jenner's house has burned down and the Kardashians are fleeing. I do not mention this for any particular reason except that I saw it on the news. The fires are getting worse and claiming more and more victims. Around 300 people are presently unaccounted for.

Crazy and dysfunctional sexual perversity is alive and unwell. The stormtrooper social justice warriors are alive and unwell on the college campuses. They are also moving in the direction of the Jacobins and Madame La Guillotine. These ski-masked thugs are supported financially by George Soros through multiple shell organizations, seeking to create Fear and Disorder, which is the hallmark of Satanic entities.

Those who are still capable of an objective perspective and aware of the nature and direction of present trends KNOW that it is by a progression of events that seemingly, suddenly, terrible conflagrations of violence appear in various parts of the world. The unconscious and those hypnotized by materialism may well ask themselves at this point, “How did this happen?” Anyone paying attention has seen it coming for some time. We are moving toward a perfect storm of social upheaval, natural disaster and mass possession of the minds of those who surrendered the control of their minds to the agencies of darkness. One only becomes a slave when they cease to be their own masters. Hollywood vipers and zombies raised 60 million dollars for the Israeli army. Please direct your attention to the comments that follow the article. People are definitely waking up; even though they are in a minority.

Nothing serves, as an unassailable public relations masterpiece, as does perpetual victimhood, under the flag of which these victims, with impunity, perpetuate terrible outrages against the defenseless. There is an ancient statement which says something like, “they cry out in pain as they strike you.”

It looks like more and more of the same vicious agenda that has plagued humanity through the centuries but... we are in an apocalypse and unlike any other time, the nature and source of evil works are being revealed to everyone who cares to see it. The almighty ineffable is the source of all power in the universe. Anyone else who seems to wield any degree of power at any time and in any place, is using 'borrowed power'. It is a simple matter for the divine to cut off the flow of it at any time which pleases him through her. It is also a simple matter for the divine to control the result of anything for its own cosmic purposes. As Lao Tzu said a long time ago; “weapons often turn upon those who wield them.”

Justice is ALWAYS done, either here on the manifest plane, or later on the invisible plane. Align yourself with the true master of all things and nothing inimical can touch you. “Ye though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.” Believe it! “According to your faith be it unto you.”

The essential secret of moving through this plane of temporary and constantly changing appearances is to “be in the world but not of it.” Your destiny and fate rely entirely upon what you choose to identify with and rely on. If you are relying on your uninformed self, your existence is in the hands of 'seemingly' random chance, underlain by the mathematical summation of the totality of your words and acts as demonstrated in your Karma. If you are reliant upon the ruler of all things, Karma can be neutralized by divine fiat. This has been emphatically stated by a number of self realized individuals.

One is either mesmerized by world chatter or the entirety of the cacophony has been silenced by a focused awareness that bars the intrusion of anything that is pedestrian and transitory. The masses of this world are aflame with desire for a never ending carousel of chimera, whose sole purpose is distraction and fascination and whose end is perpetual bondage. The senses are like glueboards. Desire forms attachment to the object of desire. To be desireless is to be free. The more physical the desire the greater the adhesion. Death is the liberator that comes around when one is so ensnared that they can't move in any positive direction. It's what happens when life dead ends and it's what happens when Karma demands a particular exit, or an earlier exit than one might wish. None of what occurs to the majority or the souls on the treadmill need happen to you. Turn your attention to the master of all things and to the degree that you can surrender, to that degree will you be led through liberation's gates; once again; “success is speedy for the energetic.”

I do not expect everyone to agree with what I say. What matters to me is if I am in genuine agreement with what I say and everything I say either comes from what I have learned through my study of the words of great souls or what comes to me through the intuition. Sometimes there may be objections to the way I say things. Certain personalities are in a greater accord with one another than others. For those not in accord, there is many another source where a harmony of thought might occur.

My journey led me to direct contact with a particular consciousness and by this time I am convinced of its veracity and timeless awareness, concerning all the temporary changes that come and go on the movie screen of perpetual illusion and the impermanence of characters and environments, as well as its timeless awareness of those enduring archetypes, which hold the world's infrastructure together, until new infrastructures are called for and the archetypes then change their vibration to suit the needs of the next age. Everything is formed out of vibrations held at a specific pitch which determines whatever anything may be.

For some reason, many people find the pursuit of spiritual truth to be tedious and imagine it to be censorious of all the fun they prefer to engage in, hoping this fun will distract them from the suffering that composes their lives. The truth is that you can have all kinds of fun at all manner of things while including the author of all things and allowing that author to live its life through your own. I have found this to be a remarkable relationship of cosmic symbiosis who object is a bliss infused eternity of which I catch the occasional glimpse. My personal sufferings have been solely for the purpose of bringing me into alignment with my own best interests. Once that has been effected, the suffering goes to the back of the room until it is called for again, which might be never.

My heart aches for the preferences of the masses in times of material darkness. This is the 'unbearable compassion' of which certain Buddhist refer to, when you see others in awful, self engineered, torment and realize that there is nothing you can do. Life is a movie. We all play our parts and at a certain level of awareness we can choose and script our own parts. We can determine and design our destiny according to any number of divine templates, or we can wallow in the murk.

To understand what is coming, one only needs to observe what is taking place in the moment. There are logical progressions to life and certain behaviors lead to specific results and certain mindsets generate the thought patterns that create particular environments; all of it is for the purpose of demonstration. One can be a life lesson, one can learn a life lesson, or many. I consider it preferable to take my direction from one who has passed through it all and knows the ways and means of arriving at the blessed shores.

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

In Search of the Matchless Splendor of Love Eternal.

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It is hard to know what to believe any more. Sometimes it is fairly easy to intuit what actually happened however, when it has all the earmarks of an inside job. There are people who are determined to never let a good tragedy go to waste however; whether it happened or didn't happen. A sane person knows that whatever is real or unreal is always taking place inside their minds first. A sane person also knows that they are surrounded by mental patients. I've often thought that I should be walking around in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck. The irony is that most sane people, of which there are all too few, must go mad according to the standards of the world in order to be considered sane by the liberators who walk among us, unseen or in camouflage.

A sane person who is able to maintain their sanity, as it progresses through stages of ever intensifying reality, with higher and higher HD resolution, knows that maintaining their sanity is often like riding a mechanical bull, while giving the impression of being motionless to the eyes of The Herky Jerky World.

The Satanically infused, unreality, internet news tabloid, TMZ gives a sane individual real insight into, what is required of and what happens to, those in search of attention and Short Bus Worship from the zombie potato head people, who are becoming more and more representative of the general population.

A little more than a hundred years ago, the pioneer culture met in time and space with the industrial culture. The Pioneer Culture built things to last and lived in at a level of simplicity because survival was a definite concern, especially for those who lived in the West. Literature that lasted was intelligent and often contained moral lessons, whether it was Dostoevsky, Hugo, Dickens, Poe, Twain and others. There was plenty of yellow journalism and pulp garbage as well. Though there were scoundrels about, as is generally the case, there was a great deal of common decency and heroism as well. There are still enclaves of common decency around but you seldom hear about it. News has little meaning these days unless it is sensational, or agenda driven, as various interests compete against each other for supremacy. These days, the media, entertainment and political news is all in the hands of a small minority of craven and grasping sociopaths.

I wandered in a fog over the space of some years. I was, more or less, aware of what was going on around me but I did not realize that everything I saw was being transmitted to me through certain filters that colored the impressions I got. Stepping outside of these filters has been truly startling for me and the speed of transition that followed has been breathtaking. Sometimes I find myself grabbing the back of a chair or the end of a table so that I am not carried away as if I were body surfing. The waves are invisible but no less real in their influence.

I have discovered an interior sanctuary that connects to this manifest world through a cloister of light. There appears to be something like connective tissue that links one plane to the other and through which one passes to travel between them. I had previously experienced traversing planes of being in the process of meditation but this is a whole new experience. I see now where one can literally walk right out of this particular plane that we all 'seem' to commonly share. We are not all sharing a common reality however. The larger portion of the population is mentally and emotionally engaged in a resonance with the particular worlds that are generated out of the first three cosmic chakras. Even within each of these there are a multitude of divisions. These divisions are mirrored by realms on the astral plane that souls transmigrate to upon leaving here (wherever here may be for them.)

These chakras are like the different floors in a department store. The minds of the residents and the bandwidth in which their vision operates is confined to the particular environment and it appears as real as real can be to them, everything they think they are experiencing seems as real as real can be but it is an illusion and a painful one at that. In the various worlds of appetite, suffering is to be expected. It is part and parcel of the world they are in.

In order to operate on the higher floors one has only to put their attention upon it and maintain it to a greater degree than is given to anything else. One must be motivated and this is why one shouldn't employ themselves at anything they don't love doing because true success at anything comes from one loving what they do. Of course there are many types and degrees of elevation when one attempts to measure the quality of love. Depending on the level of any person's awareness, as it relates to the essential nature of love, their love is defined according to that. It can be said that there are many things that are confused with love that are not love.

Love has a divine intelligence within it. One could say that love is a living thing. It is certainly given animation and existence in every heart where it is experienced. Whether it is love in actuality or not, something is being experienced and given life to and sometimes life is being given to the one experiencing it.

The essential and eternal profundity of love exceeds every description that can be given to it and a soul that makes love its sole focus and concern will be transformed in ways beyond their imagining. The primary truth of love is that it gives itself away and increases its volume and power by every act of the kind. It's nature is a contradiction and puzzle to physics and any other science that might seek to define or interpret it. Love is a resolute and perfect guide through anything and everything. It is the most trustworthy force that has ever been and the true gateway to immortality and divine luminous wisdom. It can and does fill ones entire being with light once the force of it has expelled all darkness from the entity where it is in residence.

These poor words are like an ignorant fumbling in the dark as far as articulating the importance, power and infinitude of love. The imagination is beggared in its efforts to comprehend this force. One can only sit in silent contemplation. At the mere passing touch of real love one is rendered into its servant forever. One is overwhelmed and humbled beyond the capacity to ever take themselves seriously again. This can be seen in the eyes of every true saint and master, whose sense of self has been hollowed out and neutralized from within. Each of them immediately recognizes others of their kind without the need for speech. Love at its higher levels of expression is the voice of God speaking in the human heart. The aura of one in its possession of it extends to the corner of every room no matter how large it might be and it touches the heart of everyone in that room or drives them from its presence. True love in a single heart encircles the entire world while it illuminates the universe within.

One in the possession of this love is richer than anyone who has ever lived. It turns a hovel into a palace and it informs the heart of everyone without it of their absolute penury. It exposes every vanity and presumption as a pointless exercise in personal embarrassment. One sees the real value of all their delusions of importance by comparison with the matchless splendor of love.

While there is time, seek love. By the exercise of love one increases their love. The selfless acts of service performed on behalf of love acts like a bellows upon the flame of love and can turn it into a conflagration that consumes the fantasy of a personal self completely while conferring an individuality that was unknown until them.

Seek love! Serve love! Let love course through your being with complete abandon. Let love guide and protect you as it takes you to the heart of its being and anoints you with the wisdom and immortality that it is loves greatest pleasure to grant to every sincere soul. Become that sincere soul. Leave behind you all the mortal fears and concerns that have confined you until now. I promise on my soul that all I have said here is true. Love will take you beyond all tears and disappointment, beyond all sense of separation and loss.

Speak directly to the ineffable. I guarantee you will be heard. Affirm that you seek to become a residence where love can dwell and express itself through you. The need for true servants is great in these uncertain and perilous times. Don't miss out on the greatest opportunity that exists in any place and at any time. You will be born again out of the suffocating confinements of mortal darkness and into the light that will never depart. You have the words and the teachings of every great soul who has traversed this plane in search of an open heart. This truth rings down through the ages and its echo will not be silenced. One has only to empty themselves of the mindless chatter of this world to hear the voice of truth in the quietude of your soul.

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Thursday, November 01, 2018

Only God Exists, Nothing Else is Real.

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The love of the divine surpasses every drive, desire and appetite. Let me rephrase that; the love of the divine should surpass every drive, desire and appetite. If one, through the mirror of the mind, or through the singular passion of the heart can accomplish this, there is no ancillary concern that can be seen or experienced in all the universe that has any importance at all in relation to it.

This is a time of extreme material darkness. The war between the supernal and infernal realms is at a very high pitch for the control of the harvesting of the soul, which is the primary concern of both kingdoms. This is why the size of the population is as great as it is. One might theorize that the presence of the billions, presently incarnate, is the sum total of all the souls that have ever incarnated on this planet since the beginning.

The degree of intensity, manifesting in this singular apocalypse, is extreme; ergo, the potential for exponential soul advancement at this time is extreme to the same degree. One can, with determined focus, disappear the world... as we have stated here numerous time; when the truth takes off its clothes, the world disappears.

Yoga is a medium for the union of the human with the divine. When it is accomplished the human becomes divine. It shares in the awareness of the ineffable. It is the vehicle for the achievement of Godhead. In the beginning there were (as far as I know and remember) 7 main types of yoga; Raja Yoga, Karma Yoga, Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Mantra Yoga, Tantra Yoga and Hatha Yoga. There are now six and possibly more types of Yoga that have been added to the list. There is Kriya Yoga that came out of the lineage of Babaji. There is Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Iyengar Yoga and Bikram Yoga.

You have a lot of choices in the Hindu Tradition and then there are any number of paths that are present in the other religious traditions. According to me (grin) there is only one choice in this time of extreme material darkness and that is Bhakti Yoga. No doubt there are unique souls in this time who can find their way to liberation and self realization in one of the other choices. I do not recommend this unless you know you are one of those unique individuals.

Love is the most powerful force in this universe. At this time, the forces of chaos, confusion, the variations of material desire and appetite are very powerful. One has only to take a walk through most environments to see the truth of this. Direct and aware experience of life, as well as television, movies, media and sundry are replete with examples of this. Manifest existence is a wheel of fire, which is the burning desire of appetite run wild. Perhaps you possess the strength and virtue to take any one of the other paths and arrive victorious. I cannot.

One of the secret keys to union with the divine is that the ineffable is a slave to Love. The ineffable cannot refuse to come when exposed to the true love of a devotee because God's essential nature is Love. When the love for the divine overwhelms every other drive, you may be sure that the divine will arrive. It is a certainty and that is why Faith, Determination and Certitude are of the most critical qualities that one can possess. Love is unifying. Chaos, Confusion, Disorder and the like are all divisive. The power of material darkness is made manifest in dividing one against themselves and others and most importantly sets one at odds with the divine, whose nature is love and which is THE UNIFYING FORCE.

The attraction for material objects, sexual attraction, the lust for power and position and the like all generate fear; the fear that one will not acquire the object of desire, the fear of the loss of the object of desire and the continuous disappointment in everything that is not the ineffable and which turns the wheel of ones coming and going from one lifetime to the next, until such time as one becomes aware or is made aware of the glorious and eternal splendor of the indwelling deity.

Fear is the whip hand of the enemy. Fear is the atavistic inheritance of those in separation from the divine and its hidden purpose is to drive us in search of the divine (that is the meaning of the pitchfork to goad us), once we have suffered the heartbreak of the impostors. The love of the divine awakens a divine love, which creates a magnetic attraction between the seeker and the creator. The promise of union and the procuration of union then becomes a fait accompli. Genuine love displaces fear and transforms the life into something that defies description. One can experience it but one cannot describe it in the common parlance and that is why the wise are silent on the matter, or seem to speak in riddles. To gain this state is to exist in a priceless rapture of being and it awaits every soul that is inspired to seek it. The single requirement is that the desire to acquire is greater than the attraction for anything else. This is where the value of disappointment comes in. Once the blessing of weltschmerz has occurred you 'can be' on your way, if you have managed to evade the Scylla and Charybdis of Sartre and Derrida.

I could come here for the next thousand years, which is possible because, “we shall not all die but we shall all be changed.” I'm not suggesting anything like that, simply stating that it is certainly possible and there are those moving about on this plane that are older than that. This is not the point of the statement. The point is that I would be saying the same thing and still be incapable of describing what I am trying say. Either one already understands the value of union with the divine or... one is an inmate in the prison of their own confusions. This is materialized by the ego in defense of itself. The ego is incapable of recognizing any authority beyond itself. People will argue about the death of the ego; the need to kill the ego. I don't think you can kill the ego. I think you can master it. I've used the image of a stained glass window, where the true light shines through the personality. I could go into greater detail but it is better for each of us to come to our own conclusions on the matter. I've no interest in contending with advaitists and dualists, both are true from their particular perspectives. Generally, people arguing either one have missed the point.

If I could shake the ground beneath the feet of those whose lives and values are determined by appetite, I would. If I could hammer on the walls of sleep, the cocoon of a self projected world, fighting for survival on Fantasy Island, I would. There is a part of me that understands suffering beyond what this world has provided for me in this life and I know, fundamentally, that there is no joy outside of union with the divine. I also know there is nothing I can say that would transmit how serious a concern this is. Despite the futility of my efforts I cannot cease and desist. It is my nature to do this. Why do birds sing? Why does the predator hunt? Why does the sun shine? Every one of us has an essential nature and a way in which we express or ignore it. For many the very existence of such a thing does not even come to mind.

If something is true it will ring within the consciousness of the one experiencing it. It may be an immediate thing, or it may be a depth charge, or time release ...but ring it will. That is the hope of everyone who has been touched by the author of all things. One thing I have learned that is of great value to me is ones manner of presentation. In this respect I rely on Aesop. I did not start out with this awareness. I had to temper my inner Savonarola.

The truth is that God is real and nothing else is. The whole of manifest existence is a veil. Beyond the darkness of the collective delusion is the light too bright to see and there are intensifying degrees of splendor. Each of them are beyond the reach of words. We have to find the presence of it within ourselves and we surely will if we are determined. I shudder sometimes at the thought of what awaits those who have given no thought to this. I pray that we shall be inspired to this quest. The rewards are past telling. There is nothing in all the worlds of time and outside of time that can compare with the unspeakable bliss that comes to the one who attains to the presence of the lord and no sincere aspirant will fail who does not cease in their pursuit of the elusive one, who hides in plain sight all around and within us.

The ineffable is waiting.

End Transmission.......

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