Sunday, November 04, 2018

In Search of the Matchless Splendor of Love Eternal.

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It is hard to know what to believe any more. Sometimes it is fairly easy to intuit what actually happened however, when it has all the earmarks of an inside job. There are people who are determined to never let a good tragedy go to waste however; whether it happened or didn't happen. A sane person knows that whatever is real or unreal is always taking place inside their minds first. A sane person also knows that they are surrounded by mental patients. I've often thought that I should be walking around in a white lab coat with a stethoscope around my neck. The irony is that most sane people, of which there are all too few, must go mad according to the standards of the world in order to be considered sane by the liberators who walk among us, unseen or in camouflage.

A sane person who is able to maintain their sanity, as it progresses through stages of ever intensifying reality, with higher and higher HD resolution, knows that maintaining their sanity is often like riding a mechanical bull, while giving the impression of being motionless to the eyes of The Herky Jerky World.

The Satanically infused, unreality, internet news tabloid, TMZ gives a sane individual real insight into, what is required of and what happens to, those in search of attention and Short Bus Worship from the zombie potato head people, who are becoming more and more representative of the general population.

A little more than a hundred years ago, the pioneer culture met in time and space with the industrial culture. The Pioneer Culture built things to last and lived in at a level of simplicity because survival was a definite concern, especially for those who lived in the West. Literature that lasted was intelligent and often contained moral lessons, whether it was Dostoevsky, Hugo, Dickens, Poe, Twain and others. There was plenty of yellow journalism and pulp garbage as well. Though there were scoundrels about, as is generally the case, there was a great deal of common decency and heroism as well. There are still enclaves of common decency around but you seldom hear about it. News has little meaning these days unless it is sensational, or agenda driven, as various interests compete against each other for supremacy. These days, the media, entertainment and political news is all in the hands of a small minority of craven and grasping sociopaths.

I wandered in a fog over the space of some years. I was, more or less, aware of what was going on around me but I did not realize that everything I saw was being transmitted to me through certain filters that colored the impressions I got. Stepping outside of these filters has been truly startling for me and the speed of transition that followed has been breathtaking. Sometimes I find myself grabbing the back of a chair or the end of a table so that I am not carried away as if I were body surfing. The waves are invisible but no less real in their influence.

I have discovered an interior sanctuary that connects to this manifest world through a cloister of light. There appears to be something like connective tissue that links one plane to the other and through which one passes to travel between them. I had previously experienced traversing planes of being in the process of meditation but this is a whole new experience. I see now where one can literally walk right out of this particular plane that we all 'seem' to commonly share. We are not all sharing a common reality however. The larger portion of the population is mentally and emotionally engaged in a resonance with the particular worlds that are generated out of the first three cosmic chakras. Even within each of these there are a multitude of divisions. These divisions are mirrored by realms on the astral plane that souls transmigrate to upon leaving here (wherever here may be for them.)

These chakras are like the different floors in a department store. The minds of the residents and the bandwidth in which their vision operates is confined to the particular environment and it appears as real as real can be to them, everything they think they are experiencing seems as real as real can be but it is an illusion and a painful one at that. In the various worlds of appetite, suffering is to be expected. It is part and parcel of the world they are in.

In order to operate on the higher floors one has only to put their attention upon it and maintain it to a greater degree than is given to anything else. One must be motivated and this is why one shouldn't employ themselves at anything they don't love doing because true success at anything comes from one loving what they do. Of course there are many types and degrees of elevation when one attempts to measure the quality of love. Depending on the level of any person's awareness, as it relates to the essential nature of love, their love is defined according to that. It can be said that there are many things that are confused with love that are not love.

Love has a divine intelligence within it. One could say that love is a living thing. It is certainly given animation and existence in every heart where it is experienced. Whether it is love in actuality or not, something is being experienced and given life to and sometimes life is being given to the one experiencing it.

The essential and eternal profundity of love exceeds every description that can be given to it and a soul that makes love its sole focus and concern will be transformed in ways beyond their imagining. The primary truth of love is that it gives itself away and increases its volume and power by every act of the kind. It's nature is a contradiction and puzzle to physics and any other science that might seek to define or interpret it. Love is a resolute and perfect guide through anything and everything. It is the most trustworthy force that has ever been and the true gateway to immortality and divine luminous wisdom. It can and does fill ones entire being with light once the force of it has expelled all darkness from the entity where it is in residence.

These poor words are like an ignorant fumbling in the dark as far as articulating the importance, power and infinitude of love. The imagination is beggared in its efforts to comprehend this force. One can only sit in silent contemplation. At the mere passing touch of real love one is rendered into its servant forever. One is overwhelmed and humbled beyond the capacity to ever take themselves seriously again. This can be seen in the eyes of every true saint and master, whose sense of self has been hollowed out and neutralized from within. Each of them immediately recognizes others of their kind without the need for speech. Love at its higher levels of expression is the voice of God speaking in the human heart. The aura of one in its possession of it extends to the corner of every room no matter how large it might be and it touches the heart of everyone in that room or drives them from its presence. True love in a single heart encircles the entire world while it illuminates the universe within.

One in the possession of this love is richer than anyone who has ever lived. It turns a hovel into a palace and it informs the heart of everyone without it of their absolute penury. It exposes every vanity and presumption as a pointless exercise in personal embarrassment. One sees the real value of all their delusions of importance by comparison with the matchless splendor of love.

While there is time, seek love. By the exercise of love one increases their love. The selfless acts of service performed on behalf of love acts like a bellows upon the flame of love and can turn it into a conflagration that consumes the fantasy of a personal self completely while conferring an individuality that was unknown until them.

Seek love! Serve love! Let love course through your being with complete abandon. Let love guide and protect you as it takes you to the heart of its being and anoints you with the wisdom and immortality that it is loves greatest pleasure to grant to every sincere soul. Become that sincere soul. Leave behind you all the mortal fears and concerns that have confined you until now. I promise on my soul that all I have said here is true. Love will take you beyond all tears and disappointment, beyond all sense of separation and loss.

Speak directly to the ineffable. I guarantee you will be heard. Affirm that you seek to become a residence where love can dwell and express itself through you. The need for true servants is great in these uncertain and perilous times. Don't miss out on the greatest opportunity that exists in any place and at any time. You will be born again out of the suffocating confinements of mortal darkness and into the light that will never depart. You have the words and the teachings of every great soul who has traversed this plane in search of an open heart. This truth rings down through the ages and its echo will not be silenced. One has only to empty themselves of the mindless chatter of this world to hear the voice of truth in the quietude of your soul.

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Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now-

The Dancing Fata Morgana Girls, Spinning and Whirling like Demented Rockettes.

David Fiske said...

Dear Vis,

"Love has a divine intelligence within it. "
So true.

"True love in a single heart encircles the entire world while it illuminates the universe within."

I thought of you when I read the following:

"This very Highest Divinity, the self-manifest Light of Consciousness, is always already my very own Being- when that is the case, what could any method of practice achieve? Not the attainment of my true nature, because that is eternally present; not making that nature apparent, because it is constantly illuminating itself; nor the removal of veils, because no "veil" whatsoever exists; nor the penetration into That, because nothing other than It exists to enter It. What method can there be here, when there is an impossibility of anything separate from That?

Therefore, this whole existence is One reality: Consciousness alone - unbroken by time, uncircumscribed by space, unclouded by attributes, unconfined by forms, unexpressed by words and unaccounted for by the ordinary means of knowledge. For it is the cause, through its own Will alone, by which all these sources of limitation - from time to the ordinary means of knowledge - attain their own natures. This Reality is free and independent, a mass of bliss, and that alone am I; thus the entire universe is held as a reflection within me."
in Tantra Illuminated by Christopher D Wallis quoting and translating Abhinava Gupta.
Who lived 1000 years ago.

Ray B. said...

Vis, inspiring column. Thanks!

Vis: "The irony is that most sane people, of which there are all too few, must go mad according to the standards of the world in order to be considered sane by the liberators who walk among us, unseen or in camouflage."

Occasionally, I 'see' hints of those liberators. Once, while working at a helping agency, I was behind a counter distributing bus-pass tokens to disadvantaged folks. A young lady came through the door, and her aura immediately out-shined everyone else in the room, combined. I desperately wanted to lean over the counter and ask, "Who are You!?!" But, I 'got' that that would be Inappropriate. So, I gave her the asked-for bus-pass (!) and watched her leave. Extremely frustrating...

Another time, I was walking through a large Craft Fair. A lady at an exhibit had an aura around twenty feet in diameter and white! I told her what I 'saw', and asked her what meditational or other practices she was doing. She looked embarrassed, like she had been 'caught out', and mumbled "Nothing." So, I went on. Later, looking at her from a distance, she had pulled her aura 'in' and appeared normal...

Just a year ago, I was walking through a healing center. A shaman-type (a lady) was touring-through from Central or South America. When I came into the room to see this healer, her aura filled the room completely, and was charged! Great power. I asked her about that, and she just calmly said "Yes." I wanted to 'grill' her, but she was on the way to some meeting. Also frustrating...

So, there are 'liberators' walking amongst us, in addition to the Unseen Folks popping in and out...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

Thank you both for those last two comments.

David... the fact that that was written over a thousand years ago is proof of the timeless existence of truth. The quote also takes a great deal of stress and toil out of the search for a hook to hang your awareness on,

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Post duped from Petri Dish 11/3. Thought you'd wanna ken.

Visible said...

I have no idea what that means.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

You have the same post. . .(this one) on Petri Dish, too. Thought you might want to know, though by now I assume you do. I/we in this household use mixed dialect a lot. Scottish/Irish/UK English/u.s. English.

Guy Reid-Brown said...

Will always Big You Up, Les - have read your stuff for years and it has always rung true - you rarely assume an orthodox conservative Visionary Christian Voice a la G K Chesterton, Hilaire Belloc, T S Eliot etc ,and why should you? (something about the 1930s?)but just as an Exercise in Style that betrays an unpretentious yet widely-referenced and truly civilised eruditeness , the following is a WorldBeater - 'Literature that lasted was intelligent and often contained moral lessons, whether it was Dostoevsky, Hugo, Dickens, Poe, Twain and others. There was plenty of yellow journalism and pulp garbage as well. Though there were scoundrels about, as is generally the case, there was a great deal of common decency and heroism as well. There are still enclaves of common decency around but you seldom hear about it.'

Every single surname there a truly BIG Character and Writer, well worth getting familiar with.

May your God Bless you and keep you

Visible said...

LTPTB; Those things are happening without any effort on my part. Also, posts that go newly up are not present on occasion and I have to go and deal with it. I don't know who is messing with me but it comes with the territory. Thanks for letting me know!

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

Yisser fáilte. ('You're welcome' in English. Sorta.) ;O)

Anonymous said...

Bravo Les -

Much better camera angle in your new videos

When you speak from the heart you are spot on.

Quite a few solid, knowledgable teachers out there putting
out excellent, clear and truthful information and yet have very
few readers.

You are in my heart, mind and my rss feed.

Dog Bless Les



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