Monday, April 26, 2010

How we Weave our Spider's Web

We’ve talked a little about sexual force and its applications in recent days. All the force in the universe is a modification of the sex force, from the magnetism of the planets in their passage to the programmed operations of ants as they go about their business. It’s one force in our world that can express itself both as freedom and bondage and produce clarity or confusion. It can propagate a species and is a medium for both mortality and immortality. It can make you stupid and weak or it can make you wise and powerful. It’s all in the intentions and what it gets turned to.

Everything we have in this dream world is a representation of what we have in the real world; our parents, our family, our lovers and our friends all exist there. What we are here, we will be there. No one goes anywhere and suddenly becomes enlightened and free of all concerns. You go as you are when you leave and you go to the place that best represents what you are in environment and company. If you don’t get it done here you won’t be getting it done there. It’s the sex force that can elevate you into the real world or thicken the density of your dream.

The major problem with nearly every major religion is that they present God as something apart from you; above you, beyond you and not possible to be understood by you. This puts the priest class into the position of being required to interpret it all for you to the financial benefit of the church and its representatives. As a result, scripture has been rewritten in such a way that it conceals instead of reveals and renders the most important and telling truths into forbidden zones and corridors of evil. Number one on the deliberately misinterpreted list is the sexual force.

I have to get a little autobiographical again because it is from personal experience that we are best positioned to speak on something. I’ve read a lot of books and I’ve found things in my life that reflect what I have read in books but personal experience has proven to be something more than I got from books.

On the night when my kundalini awakened at a cabin in the Virginia woods, I had no idea of what was happening to me. I thought it was witchcraft at the time; not that I knew anything about witchcraft either. I could fill a book with what happened that night so I’m going to stay within the parameters of the sexual side of the equation.

The first thing I noticed was that the force was female. I also noticed that my entire body was silhouetted by a green electric aura. Was this just the color of Nature manifesting or was it the visible evidence of my particular ray? I don’t know. The power of this energy was astounding. I could tell some fantastic tales in this regard and there were witnesses there but I don’t think that serves a purpose in respect of our subject matter, except to say that we generally have no idea of the amount of force that is contained in the kundalini.

For the next three years my body was clenched in a state of dynamic tension in order to contain this wild energy. It made me very strong and it made me very strange. This female energy is raw Shakti; the energetic side of the Shiva/Shakti interplay. It is a devouring force. It is a consuming force and you can think of the serpent swallowing its tale in this regard. It is the source of the power exercised in certain forms of magical practice. It is the fire of immortality. It is a Hell bitch if you can’t ride it, which is why it has to be performed under the control of a master.

On the manifest plane, if it is not properly channeled it will look to express itself sexually and there’s not much it won’t do, given the opportunity. It will certainly drive you mad and that is a necessary feature. It will consume your former identity and everything you were and knew will be gone. There wasn’t any me after this happened and... there never had been. After this I noticed that whoever I was around, it was their features that I felt in my face. Telepathy came as an automatic accessory.

One either learns to control this force or one is in a whole lot of trouble. Individual destinies are just that so there is no predicting what will happen to anyone in such a situation. You might say that one of the most identifying features of this force is its unpredictability.

This force can go in two directions and each direction is composed of levels. Expressed outward it manifests as progeny and also as the forms of magic that create and manipulate the illusion side of existence. It often goes in both directions and that accounts for people with power from one direction employing it in another. This is what you see in operation with world leaders and powerful public figures but more potently so in those who are controlling them.

When we are sexually attracted to someone on the manifest plane we are actually being attracted to the divine. There is a Hindu teaching which has to do with the inability to see Rama because Sita is walking between the observer and the god. One cannot see Krishna because Radha is walking between. One of the biggest dangers of the world is glamour and it is in a defense against this that causes certain elements of Islam to carry things too far; Christianity as well. Balance is always the key. Passion is of critical importance in gaining the attention of the lover but passion is also the key problem in maintaining balance. It’s confusing and this essay may not be helping (grin).

Basically it comes down to this. Everything- absolutely everything- is composed of the divine and therefore everything has divine qualities but they cannot be seen unless one has the power of the eye of the eagle. Otherwise the scorpion will simply sting itself to death. Every living being is an expression of the divine. Everything that is and is not is composed of the divine who also interpenetrates it and is apart from it but still connected to it.

Everything that is manifest or which can be perceived as something apart from something else is a lie and a form of bondage and all of this is engineered by the sexual force. Liberation is achieved when one can focus their attention only upon the divine as everything and concealed in everything. You must think of god as your lover because what else will you do with your physical passion? All your energies have to be drawn up. The world will surely draw them out and that is why one should marry if you can’t send the whole thing top side and why you must see and celebrate the presence of the divine in every one; even in the seemingly most evil among us. The point of this is that you are then contacting the divine within them and their power to perform evil upon you is removed. The idea that you must love everyone has connotations to it which are other than what is generally implied and usually misunderstood. It’s actually a form of spiritual self defense.

Sexual fluid can be considered as having the same composition as a spider’s web and with the same efficacy. Things like prayer, chanting and various austerities are mechanisms by which the energy is drawn up to illuminate the higher centers. The material world is the alternative magnet for this force and in certain times (like now) of omnipresent materialism is can be a rough go to swim against the prevailing tide.

One thing I notice whenever I am eating around other people is that I never see anyone saying Grace. I always say Grace and not just because I am grateful. The reasons that we do things and the reasons we have been lead to believe are the reasons that we do things can often be something different than we think they are. Especially in these times, we are not motivated or inclined to look deeper. We’re more likely to be engaged in a masturbation extension with our cellphones. It’s all sex.

Look at the practice of sex in the insect and animal kingdoms. Observe it in the human kingdom and notice that the sex force refined expresses itself in more and more articulate forms of love. Art is a good example. Service to ones fellows is another. Take it to the next step and imagine what this means in the higher realms above this one.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Beware the Schadenfreude my Son.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

I don’t have much and... for whatever the reasons, I haven’t achieved much in the ordinary sense on this plane. People’s success is usually measured in position and wealth. Of course, I know this is not always so and my gratitude for what I do have can not be expressed in words; nor can my gratitude for being saved from the things that would only have detained me here longer than I sincerely wish to be.

I note a great deal of glee in certain circles about the pedophile scandals and the general exposure of immoral behavior in those entrusted with serving humanity in all of the faiths. I haven’t seen any Buddhists tagged yet but I’ve seen multiples from all of the rest.

The atheists are crowing, as if this proves the non-existence of the God they don’t believe in. All it actually proves is the frailty of man and the power of the darkness of the times. Actually, these times are not so different from many another time. The only difference is that things long concealed are coming to light in this time of The Apocalypse.

We may think ourselves above the weaknesses of those who have fallen in the public eye but we are not. Any one of us could, through circumstance and fortune, be standing where they are now. One should never over estimate the degree of their own personal strength or assume that we are above certain behaviors. Each of us contains within us the potential for anything and you are a fool if you think otherwise.

It is a dangerous and unprofitable game to take satisfaction from the misfortune of others; however richly deserved it may be. None of us knows the whole of the story in any of these cases. It is also a stupid misuse of logic to presume that any example or collection of examples proves anything about the reality and nature of the divine.

What is happening now is happening for a reason. The institutions of the past are bankrupt of all virtue and sanity. Necessarily, they must pass. They must fall and the reasons for this are being revealed to us each day. This is not a proof that the divine is not present. It is proof that the divine is very much present for that is who is behind the revelations and exposures. One might say, inasmuch as that were possible, that one of the definitions of the divine is, truth. It is what is truer than anything else. This is why I like to occasionally say that when the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

It is also easy to see that a certain culture is being shown as a major element in the troubles of the day and for a long time before. History shows us that this culture has been expelled from nearly every country in the world and for good reason. Those reasons are always the same. This culture has a deep and serious relationship with the material side of existence and therefore, they are often to be seen tinkering with and seeking control over it. Some would say they are the children of The Devil and in many cases this is so. As a result, some want to declare that everyone who is a part of this culture is evil.

I do not know what evil is exactly, except to say that it is to be outside what is real and true and to behave in a manner that is opposed to the greater good. I might identify it as selfishness from which proceed all of the other ills. I might identify it as ignorance in the sense that, “they know not what they do”. I might identify it any number of ways but in all cases it would imply a departure from ones central self into a false identity which indicates a willing embrace of mortality. One could say in that respect, “verily they have their reward”.

I’m amused when people throw the Bible at me as if I might suddenly be illuminated by something I missed or as if I had never taken the trouble to read it at all. I am extraordinarily familiar with the contents of that book. Let this not seem a presumption on my part that I comprehend it entirely. That is not possible at this time but the generosity of the divine is without measure and I rely on that for whatever it is I am meant to become; whatever I am meant to know.

Taking pleasure in the downfall of others is not smart. Lower your head and give thanks that you were spared and pray that it may continue. Seek the favor of the divine and pay no mind to the attentions of any other. Our secret heart is well known. Everything about us is known. Things we do not know about ourselves are very well known. We are known and hopefully some day we “shall know, even as we are known”.

Writing at Smoking Mirrors is not often an enjoyable task and pointing the finger is not an enjoyable position. If the truth were more widely known and if more of us were engaged in making the truth more widely known then that task might be put aside. Until it is, one has to do what one is inspired and motivated to do but... I take no pleasure in it.

People should not presume that they are saved from the troubles to come simply because they are behaving correctly. This is not the criterion that is employed to that end. It is far more likely that one will be encircled by protection if one is actively seeking the company of the divine for no other reason that to enjoy it; because nothing else is important and... in this particular regard I can say with some authority that that is true.

We really should feel a sincere compassion for these priests and so many others who have been betrayed by their weaknesses. Even more so we should have a large sympathy for those who have relied upon the presence of the church for the exercise and evidence of their faith. Much good has come to many through the generosity of various institutions. It is a hard place to be, to have something so integral to your being be exposed as a den of corruption.

Most of us do not possess the wisdom to exist apart from religion. Many of us are in an earlier stage of understanding. This does not make them any less important or dear to the divine and so, the same should be true of us. Pride and arrogance are terrible things. It is a serious mistake to set ourselves up in our own minds as being wiser than the rest. In an instant, one formerly considered ignorant and crude, could awaken to a state far beyond our own. We have no idea what is what and assuming we do guarantees a lesson to that effect, sooner or later.

Anyone who has been in the presence of a realized master has noted how deeply humble they are. There is good reason for that. It is part of an understanding they have come to and it is impressed upon them at all times and I imagine they are truly grateful that it is. One can rise to considerable heights and then fall. It has happened. No one is safe from such a tragedy that does not place their destiny and faith completely in the hands of the divine. No one is safe who does not actively seek instruction at all times so that they may be a more fitting servant. One of the greatest wisdoms is to seek the criticism of the divine. We’re blind and naked and stumbling in the dark and it is not prudent to forget it.

It may well be true that all of those being exposed and ruined are deserving of their fate but that is not our concern. Our concern should be upon ourselves; watchful and earnestly seeking guidance and counsel. Our heart and our hand should be extended so that the master might take it into his own. Fortune is a fickle lady. She will walk into the club on the arm of one man and walk out on the arm of another and there’s no such thing as luck.

One might say that what appears to be luck is connected to a certain processing of events and that too, departs quickly and cannot be implored to return. Often it is conferred to cause ruin. Always remember that good fortune can be as unfortunate as bad fortune. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Everything we think and say and do paves the road on which we walk. Even our best efforts and intentions are not enough. We must have a guide and the most important work you will ever engage in is to sincerely seek the favor of such a one who represents the mind and the will of the divine. I’ve said enough.

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Friday, April 09, 2010

Riding in the Back of the Universe's Long Black Limousine.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The relentless hammering has backed off a tad and I thought I would share some of the circumstances and- for the moment- solutions. I had tried various chants and other practices, hoping they would counteract the powerful crosswinds that have appeared in my mind. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s been unsettling and even scary at times. I finally had to back off on all chants as they appeared to be stirring up the sediment at the bottom of the pool.

I decided not to do anything for awhile and that’s been working... heh heh. It’s the reverse of what would happen in the past. In the past, practicing certain spiritual disciplines actually provided a vibrational shield. Now, it seems that the only thing that works is a constant emptying out of anything that comes in, combined with a sinking down into being and simply being aware.

As you can see from the course of world events, there are major cracks appearing in the egg of manufactured and enclosed hallucination. The dime store magicians that have been herding humanity into greater fear and uncertainty are losing their power and their grip. Their reaction has been to turn up the force of the chatter and the visuals. In the meantime people are coming awake in their cocoons and some of them are even crawling out of these mummy bags and walking around; albeit a little unsteadily.

Some time ago I was made aware that the Apocalypse is a very real and natural condition that repeats in human affairs at intervals of necessity. I began to mention this phenomenon and now... it’s possible to see it at work in nearly every following day. The awakening is real. What is also real is an opposing current that seems to want to suck the consciousness down into any available drain for the purpose of further encapsulation. Someone is trying to put the sleeping cat back in the bag. It’s not so easy with the cat awake. The cat does not want to stay in the bag.

Speaking for myself, it appears that this opposing current is tailored to find weak spots in the individual psyche. In my own case, it hits on garbage states from the past without trying to attempt anything new. There’s nothing new in the trapdoors and blind alleys. It’s all things I’ve seen and been impaired by before. At the moment, there’s stabilization in place and one hopes that will continue as well as to anchor more firmly.

Very strange things are happening with visitors to these sites as well. People who appeared to be greatly opposed to this writer have done one eighties. Authors from other blogs that are far more virulent and xenophobic have been screeching at me for not operating within parameters more like their own. Smoking Mirrors and, possibly, Petri Dish have been made unavailable for access from certain locations because, allegedly, the blogs violate certain standards. I’m comforted to know this and hope I can continue to violate these standards at every opportunity.

Operating the blogs has become an exercise in patience and ingenuity even to get the information published. You have no idea and there’s no point in listing the workarounds that present themselves every day.

A contributor from the Hare Krishna organization had been posting some wonderful comments at stream-of-consciousness blog at the Hare Krishna poem. I was really enjoying the vignettes and other contributions. Then, last week, he went off on me for publishing a negative comment and said he was leaving and that was that. I’m unaware of what comment he was talking about and I just don’t have the time to monitor and track everything down. I can’t get other important things (well... I think they’re important) done as it is.

This is the second time I’ve had problems with these people. It’s not like I’m a member or we had some kind of understanding. I print negative things about myself too. I can’t make exceptions like this. It looks like people are feeling jumped and getting jazzed at the least provocation. There’s got to be a lot of tension in the air. I’m in the wilderness so I can only speculate what it must be like in more crowded zones.

People, all I can think is that this is meant to toughen- or soften- us. We’re being tempered or tenderized and I don’t know which it is. It seems that the best defense is an increasing objectivity and a willingness not to let the reactive mind run the show. Our reactiveness is what is making us vulnerable to lower emotions and we need to rise above or sink below this. It appears we might be involved in a Space Invaders scenario in our minds. Incoming! (grin) We can’t afford to lose our good nature and our sense of humor.

For myself, I am trying to see these situations as people lashing out due to internal distress. They don’t mean to but the pain and discomfort activates the reactive mind. If there is one consideration I would like to convey here, it is to observe the reactive mind and think of it as a nervous horse; a skittish horse who starts at the slightest sound or appearance. The reins have to be firmly in hand and there has to be a conscious witness who can transmit a soothing temper to the horse.

We see where people and groups are combusting due to intolerable pressure; be it psychic, financial, environmental or any other cause. Whole nations are rising up in a collective anger and rejection at what they have endured for so long and which has been intensifying as well. The white water has increased which means the currents have ramped up and it also makes the rocks harder to see. Time has been speeding up and that makes things looks like they are happening faster too. However, ‘we’ don’t have to happen faster. We can actually slow down if we can get control of the reactive mind.

I see this as the major impairment and difficulty; the reactive mind. The only control we have over the outer world is the control we can exercise on our inner world. That inner world is contained in our minds. In a curious way, the outer world is too. Everything is made out of mind stuff and those who can control the mindstuff can control their situation whatever it may be. Those who are manipulating the mindstuff are some pretty negative beings and they are about to be rendered into the cosmic version of processed cheese. They don’t have to be but they just can’t help themselves. Their acquisitive and controlling nature has got the best of them so they are going to have to ‘be acquired’ and controlled.

It’s not like the cosmos wants to make flaming rat shit out of people. They insist upon it. They insist on their right to screw you over and, following that, themselves as well. They have got it into their heads that they can damn well do anything they want to do because they have the uniforms and the guns and then there are the ones who are too frightened to fight and who have found safety in controlling those with the uniforms and guns.

These people are going increasingly mad and suicidal. Your job is to stay out of their company and their way, until they succeed in destroying themselves, to the benefit of the planet and all life upon it. They’ve tortured, terrorized, imprisoned and murdered for such a long time now that it’s not different than getting up and going to work in the morning. Of course their workplace has been changing without their notice and eventually it’s going to reflect the sort of things they get up to with only them, their associates and a few special guests present.

We have to see them and not see them. We have to have compassion for the state they have put themselves into and what is to become their destiny, courtesy of the cosmic reactive mind known as Karma. I know it’s tough to watch them pave the roads to Hell with bad intentions but it will probably be better for you to spend more time with your Bonsais or tropical fish; whathaveyou. It’s always been going on like this. It just gets more routine or more unpredictable at times. Pull your head back into your shell and just wait by the side of the road until the funeral procession has gone by.

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Friday, April 02, 2010

God's not Dead, he's merely Hiding

Dog Poet Deliquescing.......

Easter is coming; one of the more recent celebrations of the rising of the sun and the promise of light for some time continuing, at least until next Easter (grin). Someone took exception to my mention of the Sun as a demi-god but, (as he is manifest in a specific power as opposed to other powers), he would qualify as an important one; keeping in mind that our sun is just one of many. The great hero, Lord Rama is purportedly an offspring of Surya, the sun god and a sibling of that dynasty. Others will tell you it is all Krishna besporting himself in the various roles and I tend to be in agreement with that. It’s important to remember that there is only one god who is worshiped in all religions and who appears in all differentiations and specificities according to the task he has allotted himself.

Of course, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus the Christ, also a sun god, just like Ra and so many others, differentiated for the benefit of varying cultures and times. We hear that Jesus died for our sins. This cosmic role play; this recurrent theme, is carried out into the unreachable distance of ancient antiquities... ♫it’s the real thing, in the back of your mind♫ Our major problem as self-perceived individuals is that we argue about seeming differences and this makes us presumptuous fools. We don’t know anything but we think we do. So, how come, I, who also know nothing, am disporting myself in this way? It’s my job, I think.

Think of God as a body with all of its parts (leaving out Osiris for the moment, grin) and think of each of the parts as being ruled by a particular deity and you are close to the truth. You can think of Buddha as the mind of god and Jesus Christ as the heart. There’s a lot more to it all and we’ll never get it all, which is nice, because we have eternity to play with it.

Some of us are attracted to God in the masculine and some to God as the feminine and some to God as the impersonal. They are all true. You have to locate the one you are happy with. They are all there.

All manifest life on Earth is made possible by The Sun. Without the sun, this world would be a cold, dead planet. Everything we eat is a product of the sun so... all of our food is frozen sunlight. Consider, “eat this for it is my body” and “drink this for it is my blood”... that would be sunlight. It is our minds that make the darkness and which cause us to dwell in darkness. We hide from the light and refuse to expose ourselves as we truly are. We adopt camouflage to blend in with the rest of us. When we were children we were what we are but we had to hide that when we grew up.

If I were to just drop everything I am doing and walk out of my door and announce that I am the son of God, I would be telling the truth and... ‘They’ would lock me up. I don’t care about that part of it; been there, done that; not the claiming to be the son of God thing but appearing as the same dangerous item. However, I am the son of God and so are any and all who claim their birthright and live accordingly. Then, accordingly each would receive the power commensurate with their station. We aren’t all equal. Don’t kid yourself. Those who say we are would be the people looking to make money from the confusion and chaos they would cause.

It’s a nice idea that we are all equal and we are all equal in the ultimate sense but... life is a spiral, not a circle. Think of life as a spiral staircase- I have said this many times before- with some below you in understanding and some above- and no matter how high you climb that will still apply. The golden rule of the spiral stairway is not to piss over the railing; as above, so below? (Grin)

Every year when Easter comes, certain aspiring souls who have reached the right level are invited to travel into that portion of the upper planes where the resurrection occurs once again. It happens every year.

I love Easter because it is the fulfillment of a promise. Easter and Diwali are my favorite moments in the coursing.

The Christed, the anointed one, is a station. It is a place of being and a state of relationship with the divine. In this particular condition, different from the many similar conditions, Jesus was the first of the fruits. This tree can and will bear many fruits and each will express the power of the divine into manifest life; “greater works than I have done, you will do because I go now unto my father”. Word! Well, he was the word the truth and the light wasn’t he? ...or was that ‘way’? He got the usual treatment too. However, there are quite some astonishing mysteries about actual suffering and the like which we won’t be elaborating on. The Divine looks after its own. You couldn’t have a better friend so... don’t you mind the booga booga that the world threatens you with. In my own small way I have seen the truth of this many times.

I love Jesus Christ, one of the greatest heroes who ever trod on this “sweet, swinging sphere”. Christianity though, has really messed up our view of sex. I happen to like sex in many of its permutations, so I go with a tradition that provides a more understanding latitude. This is not to say that I am engaged in common sexual practices at this juncture. I’m more arcane these days but... since I know that God is a serpent and that the snake in the grass is the very force that is raised up the spinal column to Godhood and the sheltering Cobrahood, I am inclined to view things differently than those who apportion off good and evil into separate spaces and..; the dictating of that is unfortunately under the control, most times, of those who routinely violate every moral stricture whenever they feel like it.

How can you obey rules that are constantly violated by those enforcing them? You can’t explain this to people. They must come to the place where they can see it for themselves and then they will know what real freedom is. Most of the time, real freedom is not the best thing for most people. They can’t handle it. They would either die of shock or excess. Right this moment, most people have no idea of how truly free they are, if they were to choose but... ah... that’s the scary part.

I can understand Horus looking for his father’s missing penis. I can understand the Saivite priests oiling up the Shiva lingam with butter. It’s about finding the power. In our physical bodies that is the instrument of the unrefined power and it’s got two ways to go; out and in. This brings up the humorous thought of ‘the old in and out’. It’s just so, actually.

Jesus on the cross is a sex act. It is the spirit informing matter of its presence. The piercing of the physical envelope joins the inner with the outer light. Some will cringe now and think that sounds like gay incest. These people have not studied the ancient ‘myths’ I suspect. It is an unfortunate feature of the uninspired mind that it can’t interpret analogy and metaphor. This is one of the reasons that you have to go mad to see truth and I speak from experience in this regard.

Some of us are haunted by what we have seen and this life can be a dreadful passage once the fascinations of the world are gone. It is the laboring against returning into the murk that is so tiring and oppressive; “do not return into that dark splendor”. The Christ is a true salvation from the bondage of the world but it was never easy... “do not go gentle into that dark night, rage, rage against the dying of the light”.

Poets and mystics know something that science will never teach, yet they meet at that point where the gulf of belief yawns; at that place where the leap of faith is required. That gulf could be so wide that it has no other side... or it could only be as wide as your fear. Happy Easter and I reprint my Easter poem for the occasion.

I Do Believe

In that essential stillness...
that quiet endless hour
preceding every dawn
of every day...

God breathes into the world of sleep
whatever power might be taken
to reach
that waking moment
in the warm falling rain of his grace...

In every year,
whenever the wheel has turned
into the place where it must turn again
or stop...
for want of hope

or lack of faith...

God breathes once again
into the greater whole...
this soft malleable whiteness
this stone...
he blesses
this unformed essence of extraordinary love,
not yet fashioned with object

or desire...

it awaits our cleansed and contrite heart.

awaits our innocence returned
awaits our renewing hope and certain will and impetus
that we might approach closer to the mark...

We have fallen back
upon the dying leaves...
upon the sidewalks of shouting cities
into the guttering run;
where flows the secret mind of our hidden deeds,
more times than we can
through mercy

Every breath
every morsel of food
every chance of redemption
every possibility of hope;
rests upon the bleeding power
that has bought and paid for every coming minute of the age...

Every twisted ugly thing
Every kindness unseen
every gentle thought
every whip hand falling
or whatever we may have turned it to...

all paid for by the living vision
of the one who dies
who is crucified
in the simultaneous instant of every act....

everything is permitted and fed
that we might, through the gift
of this unspeakably great thing
come to see how we might be....

and the certain possibility of that...
for every one of us
no matter how dark the way
how far afield...

is the 'ceaseless' intent
of the one left bleeding....
what freedom is
what love is
what peace is

we have no clue
only the yearning
and the road that leads us there...

Many have filled this void with words
Many heroes come
and seeming villains to meet them in their time

all sleeping now
in places deep and waiting...
but this one does not sleep

Is born anew in every breath
shines from each shining eye
cannot and will not forget
carries us past the trouble and regret.

In tongues forgotten he has come
to every race
in every time

dressed as everyone
always unknown and alone
and waiting...

this immeasurable gift
not understood


lays on the common ground

is tossed aside as worthless

is unseen among the items in the cart

feeds us

grants us life where there would be none...

endless granted, giving life...

full and safe and perfect

I do believe....

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God in Country by Les Visible

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