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God's not Dead, he's merely Hiding

Dog Poet Deliquescing.......

Easter is coming; one of the more recent celebrations of the rising of the sun and the promise of light for some time continuing, at least until next Easter (grin). Someone took exception to my mention of the Sun as a demi-god but, (as he is manifest in a specific power as opposed to other powers), he would qualify as an important one; keeping in mind that our sun is just one of many. The great hero, Lord Rama is purportedly an offspring of Surya, the sun god and a sibling of that dynasty. Others will tell you it is all Krishna besporting himself in the various roles and I tend to be in agreement with that. It’s important to remember that there is only one god who is worshiped in all religions and who appears in all differentiations and specificities according to the task he has allotted himself.

Of course, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus the Christ, also a sun god, just like Ra and so many others, differentiated for the benefit of varying cultures and times. We hear that Jesus died for our sins. This cosmic role play; this recurrent theme, is carried out into the unreachable distance of ancient antiquities... ♫it’s the real thing, in the back of your mind♫ Our major problem as self-perceived individuals is that we argue about seeming differences and this makes us presumptuous fools. We don’t know anything but we think we do. So, how come, I, who also know nothing, am disporting myself in this way? It’s my job, I think.

Think of God as a body with all of its parts (leaving out Osiris for the moment, grin) and think of each of the parts as being ruled by a particular deity and you are close to the truth. You can think of Buddha as the mind of god and Jesus Christ as the heart. There’s a lot more to it all and we’ll never get it all, which is nice, because we have eternity to play with it.

Some of us are attracted to God in the masculine and some to God as the feminine and some to God as the impersonal. They are all true. You have to locate the one you are happy with. They are all there.

All manifest life on Earth is made possible by The Sun. Without the sun, this world would be a cold, dead planet. Everything we eat is a product of the sun so... all of our food is frozen sunlight. Consider, “eat this for it is my body” and “drink this for it is my blood”... that would be sunlight. It is our minds that make the darkness and which cause us to dwell in darkness. We hide from the light and refuse to expose ourselves as we truly are. We adopt camouflage to blend in with the rest of us. When we were children we were what we are but we had to hide that when we grew up.

If I were to just drop everything I am doing and walk out of my door and announce that I am the son of God, I would be telling the truth and... ‘They’ would lock me up. I don’t care about that part of it; been there, done that; not the claiming to be the son of God thing but appearing as the same dangerous item. However, I am the son of God and so are any and all who claim their birthright and live accordingly. Then, accordingly each would receive the power commensurate with their station. We aren’t all equal. Don’t kid yourself. Those who say we are would be the people looking to make money from the confusion and chaos they would cause.

It’s a nice idea that we are all equal and we are all equal in the ultimate sense but... life is a spiral, not a circle. Think of life as a spiral staircase- I have said this many times before- with some below you in understanding and some above- and no matter how high you climb that will still apply. The golden rule of the spiral stairway is not to piss over the railing; as above, so below? (Grin)

Every year when Easter comes, certain aspiring souls who have reached the right level are invited to travel into that portion of the upper planes where the resurrection occurs once again. It happens every year.

I love Easter because it is the fulfillment of a promise. Easter and Diwali are my favorite moments in the coursing.

The Christed, the anointed one, is a station. It is a place of being and a state of relationship with the divine. In this particular condition, different from the many similar conditions, Jesus was the first of the fruits. This tree can and will bear many fruits and each will express the power of the divine into manifest life; “greater works than I have done, you will do because I go now unto my father”. Word! Well, he was the word the truth and the light wasn’t he? ...or was that ‘way’? He got the usual treatment too. However, there are quite some astonishing mysteries about actual suffering and the like which we won’t be elaborating on. The Divine looks after its own. You couldn’t have a better friend so... don’t you mind the booga booga that the world threatens you with. In my own small way I have seen the truth of this many times.

I love Jesus Christ, one of the greatest heroes who ever trod on this “sweet, swinging sphere”. Christianity though, has really messed up our view of sex. I happen to like sex in many of its permutations, so I go with a tradition that provides a more understanding latitude. This is not to say that I am engaged in common sexual practices at this juncture. I’m more arcane these days but... since I know that God is a serpent and that the snake in the grass is the very force that is raised up the spinal column to Godhood and the sheltering Cobrahood, I am inclined to view things differently than those who apportion off good and evil into separate spaces and..; the dictating of that is unfortunately under the control, most times, of those who routinely violate every moral stricture whenever they feel like it.

How can you obey rules that are constantly violated by those enforcing them? You can’t explain this to people. They must come to the place where they can see it for themselves and then they will know what real freedom is. Most of the time, real freedom is not the best thing for most people. They can’t handle it. They would either die of shock or excess. Right this moment, most people have no idea of how truly free they are, if they were to choose but... ah... that’s the scary part.

I can understand Horus looking for his father’s missing penis. I can understand the Saivite priests oiling up the Shiva lingam with butter. It’s about finding the power. In our physical bodies that is the instrument of the unrefined power and it’s got two ways to go; out and in. This brings up the humorous thought of ‘the old in and out’. It’s just so, actually.

Jesus on the cross is a sex act. It is the spirit informing matter of its presence. The piercing of the physical envelope joins the inner with the outer light. Some will cringe now and think that sounds like gay incest. These people have not studied the ancient ‘myths’ I suspect. It is an unfortunate feature of the uninspired mind that it can’t interpret analogy and metaphor. This is one of the reasons that you have to go mad to see truth and I speak from experience in this regard.

Some of us are haunted by what we have seen and this life can be a dreadful passage once the fascinations of the world are gone. It is the laboring against returning into the murk that is so tiring and oppressive; “do not return into that dark splendor”. The Christ is a true salvation from the bondage of the world but it was never easy... “do not go gentle into that dark night, rage, rage against the dying of the light”.

Poets and mystics know something that science will never teach, yet they meet at that point where the gulf of belief yawns; at that place where the leap of faith is required. That gulf could be so wide that it has no other side... or it could only be as wide as your fear. Happy Easter and I reprint my Easter poem for the occasion.

I Do Believe

In that essential stillness...
that quiet endless hour
preceding every dawn
of every day...

God breathes into the world of sleep
whatever power might be taken
to reach
that waking moment
in the warm falling rain of his grace...

In every year,
whenever the wheel has turned
into the place where it must turn again
or stop...
for want of hope

or lack of faith...

God breathes once again
into the greater whole...
this soft malleable whiteness
this stone...
he blesses
this unformed essence of extraordinary love,
not yet fashioned with object

or desire...

it awaits our cleansed and contrite heart.

awaits our innocence returned
awaits our renewing hope and certain will and impetus
that we might approach closer to the mark...

We have fallen back
upon the dying leaves...
upon the sidewalks of shouting cities
into the guttering run;
where flows the secret mind of our hidden deeds,
more times than we can
through mercy

Every breath
every morsel of food
every chance of redemption
every possibility of hope;
rests upon the bleeding power
that has bought and paid for every coming minute of the age...

Every twisted ugly thing
Every kindness unseen
every gentle thought
every whip hand falling
or whatever we may have turned it to...

all paid for by the living vision
of the one who dies
who is crucified
in the simultaneous instant of every act....

everything is permitted and fed
that we might, through the gift
of this unspeakably great thing
come to see how we might be....

and the certain possibility of that...
for every one of us
no matter how dark the way
how far afield...

is the 'ceaseless' intent
of the one left bleeding....
what freedom is
what love is
what peace is

we have no clue
only the yearning
and the road that leads us there...

Many have filled this void with words
Many heroes come
and seeming villains to meet them in their time

all sleeping now
in places deep and waiting...
but this one does not sleep

Is born anew in every breath
shines from each shining eye
cannot and will not forget
carries us past the trouble and regret.

In tongues forgotten he has come
to every race
in every time

dressed as everyone
always unknown and alone
and waiting...

this immeasurable gift
not understood


lays on the common ground

is tossed aside as worthless

is unseen among the items in the cart

feeds us

grants us life where there would be none...

endless granted, giving life...

full and safe and perfect

I do believe....

Visible sings: God in Country by Les Visible♫ God's Not Dead ♫
'God's Not Dead' is track no. 3 of 11 on Visible's 2001 album 'God in Country'
Lyrics (pops up)

God in Country by Les Visible

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Neko Kinoshita said...


Happy Easter

Suzanne. said...

Just what I needed, thank you. It is hard being unattached to the material world and even more difficult loving those who cannot seem to prevent their anger and fears from driving their bus.


MAV616 said...

Les, if that is your name or if you are even real. I've been reading your articles for several years, since I started reading thetruthseeker. Sometimes you have some interesting points in your articles and sometimes they are pretty damn ridiculous and I just wish I could meet you so I could break your jaw. It is common knowledge that all the organized religions have pagan origins, as you alluded to in your Osiris comment. Islam is based on the 72 demons of demonology and they believe that their god resides in a concrete cube in the desert. Judaism emulated and incorporated ancient Babylonian beliefs and practices. Christianity also is based on pagan origins. Of the 3 main faiths, Christianity in it's pure form is the most reasonable because it emphasizes the good qualities of mankind, civilization and life. Islam emphasizes death and martyrdom, Judaism emphasizes themselves. In the end, religion is basically a way people are able to maintain their faith in life and that shouldn't be messed with or crapped on by you. Unless they are forcing their ways or beliefs on others, people should be free to believe what they want, regardless if they are Christians, Jews, Satanists, Luciferians, Muslims, etc. The only religion I truly disagree with is Islam. Even Satanism preaches more kindness and humanity then Islam. If you want criticize any religion, you should start with that. I see a lot of your articles talking about atrocities committed against the Muslim world. Have you forgotten the atrocities Muslims have inflicted to others during the 1400 years that have passed since it's inception? Most Muslims were not even Muslims by choice, they forced to become muslims by the sword. From the East to the West, Islam was spread via death and destruction, and till this day, this is exactly what this faith is causing. Know what your talking about before you smoke crack and stare at the mirror and philosophize on life "Les Visible".

Visible said...

heh heh... I just had to put this up, mostly because it has nothing to do with the post. It's like that guy Bhagarit (can't actually remember how he spelled it) taunting me.

I love it when people threaten me long distance. What is it that makes some people think they can kick anyone's as without even having ever met the person?

Of course that's my name and everything about me is intentionally public but... more to the point, this is intentional disinfo mind messing gov or other tactics and don't work anymore; thank god.

Anonymous said...

Les, many people take the Bible stories as actual fact. When I see it as a symbolic language that hides a greater thruth. Eg: Jesus having to carry the cross with a crown of thorns is astro-theological. Because the same crown of thorns adorns the Statue of Liberty and are the rays of the sun. The carrying of the cross is the sun's path across the sky as the four stations of the equinox and solstice. Many fail to be aware that the sun travels southwards and on the 21st December stops still near the Southern Cross for 3 days (dies on the cross) and begins its travel north again (reborn) on the 25th December. A Pagan festival 1000 yrs older than Christianity.
So Jesus is not the son of God he is the Sun God. As is Jesus also Osiris and as we are also Osiris. That St Nicholas - is the Green man and Santa claus (and his coca-cola red suit) is the green man and Osiris the original Green man.

Osiris was tricked into climbing into a box made to his measure by Set witnessed by 72 conspirators. This means as a God he died and became mortal to tread the Precessional cycle (Solar Cross) as 72 x 360 = 25920yrs. I believe the Precessional cycle is completed in 2012 as we move into Aquarius, hence we are on the verge of momentous change. At the end of the cycle time speeds up and don't we all know it!

Erik said...

Hi Les,

It is your choice, but I wish you didn't have at this time.

To me it feels like someone spoiled the beautiful and tasty dish you served to all of us by 'crapping' on the plate.

To mav616:

'Confusion says; break head with wood'

With this quote from Django Edwards I wish you all a Happy Easter.


WV: damickt (Grin)

kikz said...

great post, wonderful poem.

hail & hale, the return of the light:)

happy bunny day!

and mav616...
wanna bite of my chocolate jesus :)?

Sile said...

Great Post, Les.

I love that song, by the way. The problem is - at the end, I'm always waiting for the sound of clashing swords......

Happy Easter

Sile said...

Speaking of the Sun.....

abe said...

Beautiful thoughts Les, but I would argue that certain "cryptos" put alot of the sexual repression and other "burdens" into the faith, just as the "converted" "Babylonians" of the Abbasid dynasty(outside usurpers) added alot of wierd shit to the words and deeds of Prophet Muhammad. The Catholic priesthood, was invented by crypto-jew popes for the specific purpose of permanently removing the most learned, virtuous, and Go-conscious members of Western society from the gene pool. Can't say it hasn't succeeded though. For me, it's Orthodoxy or nothing as far as "main stream" Christianity goes. Want proof that this sexual bullshit didn't start with Christ:

Mark 10

5And Jesus answered and said unto them, For the hardness of your heart he wrote you this precept.

6But from the beginning of the creation God made them male and female.

7For this cause shall a man leave his father and mother, and cleave to his wife;

8And they twain shall be one flesh: so then they are no more twain, but one flesh.

9What therefore God hath joined together, let not man put asunder.

Pstonie said...

The spiral you mentioned is the other shoe that dropped after the "god is a serpent" comment.

Here's what I saw once after taking too many shrooms:
In our head is a polarity, which can be really well defined by the name "devil's advocate", which makes me think it's the origin of the term. Its perpetuation is based on fear of not knowing or being wrong. Really, it only goes around in circles, which is probably the origin of the Ouroboros in myth. It's based on an attractor at its center, which creates a spiral of knowing. The spiral is never ending and self-creating, and you can follow it like a moth around a flame. Consumed with a puzzle we can't solve.

It strikes me that the Ouroboros construct or the information spiral, as I've taken to calling it, is meant to keep us occupied or consumed with our own consumption or fear. It may even be a generator of some kind, that some soulless entity with questionable morals is essentially mining.

The spiral also creates a hierarchy of master and learner. I can assume that you are further along this spiral than I am, and thus need to listen to what you have to say, yet the position we each occupy on the spiral is irrelevant since it's infinite and unending. We can assign coordinates to our positions on the spiral but they're useless, since the only coordinate you need to know is "not there" since "there" is unattainable. I know you've not attained this godly state of knowing that we're all chasing, because I'm replying to a blog post you just wrote, if that makes any sense. You're still here, wrestling with your own demons just like the rest of us. Someone once said that if you exist on earth, you exist in polarity.

Now, I'm not trying to attack you. I'm really only looking to be proved wrong here. But how do you know the thing with the forked tongue that's whispering in your ear "I am God" isn't what I'm describing? What I really want to know is why it would want to be worshipped? I feel that if we created something and demanded that it worship us as a god, we'd rightfully be locked up in a padded cell and observed through a small window. It's a broken consciousness, trapped in its own insecurity that seeks to be worshipped. I know from personal experience that those that create these god entities seeks to stop us from questioning its nature through fear, because we're told that doing so is punishable by the worst things imaginable.

You can look out the window to see the effect of the Ouroboros, since we've all been chasing it since time immemorial. We all create a belief system in our heads and then fear tells us to defend it with our lives, because we're led to believe that it's all we have, our only hope of understanding why we're here. It creates division and war, and I think that the so-called end times may be when this internal struggle reaches critical mass and we're all led to fighting amongst each other, which is essentially self destruction.

Visible said...

Abe; yes but they are not celebrating Easter.

Pstonie.I didn't until God told me so personally.

Some might argue whether it was God that I met but they wouldn't had they been there.

Anonymous said...

"Go-conscious members of Western society"

Abe, could you elaborate a bit on this, please?

Django said...

I think of Easter as a spiritual new years eve. It's always great to be reminded that one can experience
a rebirth . Also, acknowledging a much longer tradition and practice of observation links us to our long past-add as many zeroes as you want to 2000.
I'll not be in church but, all the same, happy Easter everybody.

Liz said...

A beautiful poem, Les, touched my heart. Thought for the (holi)day, Awaken your dormant Kundalini power and perceive-through the activities of mind, senses, breathing and emotions-that the power of God is within you at all times and is constantly doing all the work using you as a mere instrument. Happy Easter...

abe said...

To anonymous:
That was a mis-spelling of "God-conscious" sorry for the typo.

Anonymous said...

A thoughtful dissertation on Easter. Thank you.

The ONE, as you say, IS, indeed, everything. To me a plant, a grain of sand, a cloud, a bird, cat, human (however unpleasant), is an expression of the essence of the ONE, filtered in various ways (some filters seem to make the essence almost disappear, but it is never totally gone, as the parable of the Prodigal Son is meant to illustrate), for purposes we cannot know in ordinary states of consciousness. And polarity exists on this plane, for reasons most can only surmise, but some know.

Worship seems also to be modulated by personal needs and constitutions. Some need ritual, pomp, and circumstance, others don't.

As long as we're on this plane, we are enjoined to behave as the Good Samaritan did, abandoning group identities like caste, ethnicity, religion, race, - and species, I would add.

Though most religions do teach that one should not harm or be unkind to another ( or positively, that we should help and be kind to everyone ), some religions, because all religions are cultural constructs, do set up certain texts as religious authorities.
Some of these religious texts are unethical - advocating killing those of another faith, excluding some groups within their own society as inferior (caste hierarchies) etc. And the deities constructed by these religions, which ask their followers to kill and offer sacrifices, are hardly admirable or worthy of following.

Considering only the authorised texts, and purported teachings of the figures considered as deities or as god-incarnate in the major religions, it seems as if the purported sayings of Jesus the Christ are the most inclusive, humanitarian, and ethical, in terms of treating one's fellow-beings, and one's obligations as a human. His teachings, as reported, are just two: "love God", "love your neighbour".

This does not refer to the followers of the religions. Some practitioners who claim to follow what Jesus taught are totally unethical in their actions, and do not follow his teachings.

On the other hand, some followers of religions which advise followers to kill others or to kill and sacrifice animals, do not follow those teachings, and are ethical in their actions.

It's regrettable that Jesus is not reported to have said anything about being kind to animals, and I think the reported cursing and destruction of the vine, just to illustrate his prowess, was not necessary, if it did take place.

The Buddha's teaching in this respect, as reported, is not as clear-cut or explicit. The Buddha of Compassion, though wonderful in Mahayana (the Greater Vessel) Buddhism, does not seem to be as important in Hinayana (the Lesser Vessel) Buddhism (followed in SE Asia and Sri Lanka). The Buddha himself avoided discussing Godhead.

I'm not a follower of any religion, after having examined many of them, so have no axe to grind. I have my own beliefs, and relate to, and acknowledge the ONE Source and Ground of ALL - which is both Personal and Impersonal, and the other two non-Aristotelian logical possibilities - in my own way.

Happy Easter, and may all humanity come to acknowledge the Undivided Divine and behave in accordance with it!

Anonymous said...


"There’s a lot more to it all and we’ll never get it all, which is nice, because we have eternity to play with it." How true!

Man Im hopin you get more support than hate on this one, Les?

It feels like Im looking into a pond and seeing someone smiling, Word Up! We are all sons of God, or as I like, the sons of the serpent (read Michael Tsarions stuff PLEASE). The sun and moon are the "major" body parts but there are still many more that can be seen and felt. I go, the old zodiac is the body or parts of God but moreover any other person and myself too, there is no way to delink the three (can we say trinity?)

Im happy and thankful youve help me see Jesus in a new light. I never really cared for that image, too many differnt ideas put into a rockstar lifestyle , if you ask me or Clapton? I see Buddha or Christ as titles and not people. Both men had a name, Jesus and Siddhartha, the station they created and showed others was the title? I think this event or happening has acured countless time and many before use push these stations vibes right now (Les, you being one of those!) I go so far as to say neither men really lived here on earth and the stories we tell about them are analogies and metaphors for states we can be or create within the self?

Ok Les, you really help me on the sex front, and I hope more people take the time to see what youre saying here and laugh too! Ive felt the "in and out" in breathing and in night and day, but not in my actions with others so much, thanks for a new place to play and learn!

Thank you Les. An idea to leave with. Jesus on the cross or the Hanging Man on the Tree of Life?

The Fool

Dammerung said...

Excellent post, Les. I wonder about what I perceive to be your inconsistent quality. Still, I enjoyed reading it. The mutability of God is very fascinating to me.

I have my own preferences and it seems like our gods (whether good or evil) tend to be reflections of who we want to become ourselves. I worship a divinity who is brash, a bit of a troublemaker, a lover of toys and technologies and sensual pleasure. I have my doubts about people who worship a primarily vengeful god, but I guess they'll beat it out of themselves before I could beat it out of them.

still, if there aren't arcades and coffee kiosks and bars in the New World, I'll be tremendously disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Les,
I am so sorry that you have to put up with idiots threatening you just because they can't follow the symbolic way you express your thoughts. What a psychopat one must be to be able to follow your blog for years and then threaten you. I am deeply thankful for your thoughts, which have been like one of few stars in this dark sky. Beutiful poem. I am glad that bastards' stupid empty don't touch you much. All the best. nebs

Visible said...

Zio-blogger has shut down my dashboard so that I can't post comments so, I don't know how long that will last... just so you know in case your comments don't go up.

Dammerung said...

It's true that it could be an error in my perception but if that were true ipso facto I would not be aware of it. I am confident enough in my own judgments and proud enough to allow myself to be wrong. After all, there's no one else to judge for me.

I think you think I'm a degenerate because I like to go to the expensive malls in San Jose and gawk at the giant screens and and the giant foyers and the perfumes and the girls wearing California clothes. Is it true what I heard, that when the New World comes we'll all live in mountaintop monestaries and the primary form of entertainment will be watching rivers run?

So, where do you and your Celestial Economic Planning Administration advisors stand on my New World?

Anonymous said...

Please, anyone, describe to me ONE original thought, original idea contributing to the advancement of life, original moral or spiritual concept, original new mystical revelation added to the body of "pagan" knowledge of our indigenous ancestors - by "jesus", christianity, abrahamic religion, or monotheism.
Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

I enjoyed this and happy easter to everyone.

I have a few things I believe I could add that might seem worthwhile to some anyway. In my travels over the years I have met a few people with what I refer to as cosmic consciousness. They are around although they don't walk up to people and announce it. There are people out there who like to kill these type entities.

I have many times thought to myself what I would give for this type consciousness. They are capable of sitting in meditation and speaking with each other across continents like it were a cell phone. They can tell you all of your past lives or what you had for breakfast that morning.

I know we all tend to read the great books and decide wow I understand, this is the way it is and I do the same at times but I will tell you how it was explained to me. Entities on this planet come here from different levels of the heavens so to speak. All can obtain a transcendental consciousness but only as far reaching as to what ever level they cam from. Someone from the fourth dimension cannot see past this.

Krishna, Buddha, Jesus was the entity who comes from beyond the twelfth heaven and can see all. He comes in every age and he is not a pacifist he is the destroyer, Jesus attacking the money changers or Krishna in this role.

"Krishna explains that the knowledge he imparts is ancient, just as he told it millions of years ago. Arjuna asks, “How can I accept this? It appears that you were born in this world only recently.” Krishna explains, birth too is an illusion, as men are born countless times. But in Krishna’s case, he comes into every age: “Whenever righteousness (dharma) becomes lax, O Arjuna, and injustice (adharma) arises, then I send myself forth to protect the good and bring evildoers to destruction. For the secure establishment of dharma, I come into being age after age. ... I was born to destroy the destroyers.”

Since arcane sexual practice was mentioned I will say a few things about it. The disciple Thomas the Gnostic whose passages were hidden away touched upon this by saying that a man must be born again. Now people have been lead to believe this is some sprinkling of holy water over the head. I have been led to believe it is a reference to tantra. You are born again by going back into the birth canal and experiencing the feminine.

The distortions surrounding Mary Magdelene are legendary, throwing rocks at her for lax morals/or practicing tantra with the disciples? I will leave it at that.

I will say this however most of the masters you will find live in China Or India and they all practice Tao/Yoga or tantric sex. This is not an accident.

In India the banyon tree where Sidjartja tje Biddja [ractoced tamtroc sex with his consort and achieved enlightenment (or at least announced it) are considered holy ground and a leaf from that tree today is considered precious.

We live in the natural world but there has been an attempt to portray nature as something sinful or offensive. It is possible to convince man of this maybe but here even the animal kingdom would never buy such a concept.

Rasputin (a monk from Siberia) perhaps Russia's most famous son commented in so far as the physical world, our soul belongs to God but our bodies belong to us. The well known exploits (which caused him enormous problems) with the belles of Russian society in which he practiced the arcane sex Les speaks of allowed him to accrue the energy required to see the future of Russia and to heal those around him by projecting it.

Les I do enjoy watching you deal with trolls at times also. It is one of the entertaining aspects of this blog to me anyway. I realize you can spot one a mile away. The discourse here by the majority of posters is of such a level that it is almost troll proof. They try however they try.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Abe for the Go clarification.
For a moment there I thought you might have been referring to Goswamis.
You know, those worshippers of the Cowherd Boy.
Gopala Krishna.
Go = cow.

Anonymous said...

I tried to post that last one about five times. Maybe zioblog thought I had finally stumbled onto something worthwhile.

It is interesting Dammerung was here at about this time. You fellow are a constant source of humor keep it up.

You wouldn't last long over at twelfthbough. One of your clones was just there lately and Peasant's last words were "Doug you can fuck off now"

Visible said...

It appears to have been a momentary harassment.

Dublin Mick; Great commentary. Is your keyboard acting up? All the multiple posts and emails had the same disparity.

Dammerung, I haven't the slightest idea of what you do in your life and this all comes as news to me. As for the rest, I'll do what I always do and have no organization.

Pstonie said...


If there are arcades, coffee kiosks and bars in the new world, I'd be very disappointed. :D

Dammerung said...

Being treated with contempt by a fool is a fine compliment Mick, so be careful about holding others in contempt.

As for you Les, I am telling you because while I think you are wrong about many things, I value your opinions. Unlike most people, you represent a unique viewpoint so I can ask you for an opinion on a matter and perhaps not hear a verbatim repetition of something I have heard from a hundred other people.

I worry about the New World, you see. There are so many extraordinarily fine things in this world which I appreciate a great deal. I hate the idea of trading the fine things about this life in return for total consciousness or whatever. I'd like to see things just get better and better, to bring the human world into divinity instead of replacing it with divinity. So, I look to your opinion on this matter.

Anonymous said...

Yes Les I have never had that much trouble posting, the last post the keyboard was did go haywire and distorted part of it. I did not make those typing mistakes as I put the comment in a file and copied the file which did not have those errors.

If I post something that pisses them off that bad I consider it a compliment.

Visible said...

Dublin Mick; that's what I thought. The way the language was screwed up looked like a viral script was at work.

Dammerung; Once the divine is achieved all the things of the world are given too and meanwhile, this world is a pale copy of other places that will soon make you forget malls. It's not the lame heaven that is spoken of by those who have never been there. God likes to party. You have my word on that.

Joe Bloggs said...

Eggsalent Easterethoric post as purr unusual usual , Les.

Pstonie: WAYword!
What a balm to find some calm words concerning: ? What kind, er... of god would claim to be one, let alone be happy to have a bunch of small fry worshipping it - not to mention demanding it.

Soul mining puzzle box indeed. And deafeningly yeah to; everyanybody here is in a frenzysplit - or - incompletely fucked, to put it politely.

Perhaps "God" is infinitely lonely and stonked out on every corner of the uneedverse asking all the passer-bys, "Oi, you godda light, mate - spare any change, guv?"

Dammerung said...


what would you say, then, are the best earthly representations of Heavenly things?

Anonymous said...

Les I have a constant viral script on my computer. Most times a block even pops up and says you have a script installed that is slowing your computer down would you like to continue, yes or no etc.

Apple computers actually show this where is I doubt a computer using a microsoft program would. You can't do anything about it either way but at least with apple you know.

I can reprogram or change computers but it is still there. Of course I guess I could buy a good anti-viral from some of the companies based in Haifa and be "safe." LOL They would take care of it for me I am sure.

Abe you have a lot to offer, always good to hear from you and Scarlet also. As far as I am concerned both of you are deep into the heart of the Christos.

Visible said...


Constant access to certain inner states of being.

These make even the most ordinary situations incandescent with vitality and joy.

Anonymous said...

Great easter post, thanks Two things. The destroyer is but one form and why do you think youre not one of the "cosmic consciousness?"
Oops one more thing, youre right Buddha didnt talk about the Godhead, have any good reasons why?

The Fool

Anonymous said...

I love you dog, in a straight up kind of way of course!

Dammerung said...


That sounds eminently compatible with pride and pleasure in the commerce and industry of men.

Here's my assessment of what the New Age needs-

infinite energy
duplication of any item without consuming anything
being able to create or dissolve bodies without the whole birth-death biological nonsense

indeed - if only Earth could be transferred into a digital world; we already see a template for this kind of existence in video games....

how does this relate to your idea of what a New Age should entail?

Pstonie said...

Joe Bloggs:
Thanks for the kind words, mate. The fractal universe is a tricky one to be sure, but I get the impression now that we're getting exactly what we signed up for.

I can't imagine how the "anything and everything here now" universe you speak of would be at all satisfying. It's exactly chasing this "get something for nothing" wish we're all guilty of that has brought us here in the first place. You can get a taste for it right now in some of the more evolved games, and from my experience it gets old very quickly.

It's very impersonal and you tend to go numb to it very quickly. Our old friend acclimation sees to that. One thing I've learned is that when you get something without effort it feels very empty. You didn't have to do anything to get it other than to get the impulse to have it, and then once you do... it's just there. There's no experience that goes with it, the thing just materialises. More often than not, I've found that the struggle to attain something we think we want serves to teach us why we really didn't want it to begin with. It's kind of difficult to explain, but some old sayings sum it up quite nicely, such as; "life's a journey, not a destination" and "wherever you go, there you are." The problem with old wisdom is that we've been acclimated to it. :)

If I can imagine what a better new world would look like, it'd probably be something like being able to visit a world like this but not being limited to staying in it, which I believe is what Les also said.

Anonymous said...

Since you ask it is very plain to me I don't have this type consciousness. Mine is very limited.

I however was told mother earth will heal herself with a cleansing almost never before seen, The 12th planet will enter our plane as prophesied in Issiah, there will be two suns in the sky and the earth will change polarity. It will expand to five times the present size and there will not be even a bacteria left alive from the previous age.

The nuclear reactors and other abominations will be sucked into the planet's core and after a 1000 years of peace on earth, (no human life forms) the nefilim will come again and seed life in human form on the planet. The golden age. Earthlings have a right to evolve without demons attempting to destroy them.

The Nefilim/Annunaki which have technology beyond our wildest dreams, who can hop skip and jump from one solar system to another and thus avoid inevitable planetary catastrophic events that we experience will bring the seeds, grains and higher learning we read about.

The Nefilim do recognize the Lord of the Universe as their king, they do not kill him, they assist him and consider it an honor to do so.

After the final sorting of the sheaves on this planet the rebellious arkangel Lucifer who thought he was greater than God will be abolished to a planet worse than this one where the only food source will be themselves, mostly a dinosaur planet. It will be very dark and many of them will never have a human body again. After a thousand years he will escape and it will begin again and he will lose again.

There are twelve layers of heaven 12 positive and 12 negative. Lucifer is at the twelfth layer of negative. There is no where for him to go but up. But his journey is very long and hazardous. It is a question of how long he wishes to torture himself and everyone he is in contact with.

All can let let go and seek the glory of the divine or continue with their own egotistical madness. The earth has been painful for many us. There will come a time however when many of us will rise above it, embrace each other on the physical plane and laugh at the cosmic insanity we experienced on this earth. It is a learning experience. For now we must love each other when possible.

I was told the great artist Leonardo DiVinci was a reincarnation of Jesus and the subject of one of his paintings he used to portray Jesus was Judas and he paid him in the end with 30 pieces of silver.

I am also told that Nebuchadnezzar was also the the reincarnation of Jesus who came to fulfill the prophecy he made to those who rejected him and leave no stone unturned in Israel and free Jeremiah from prison who had predicted it all.

This is what I was told.

Joseph Alexander said...

The earth becomes green again and Easter is here. .All that slept through the winter is reborn. Just as our own awareness rises each spring .The gods have resurrected. The spiral of life begins anew All the myths are true on a energetic level also.During Christmas ,winter solstice, the life force of the planet recedes into itself only to resurrect at Easter time.
Christ and Krishna are more than just sun gods . These archetypes that were used as teaching mediums and stories by the priests and rulers to teach the commoner a moral life . The yogis and enlightened masters represented their beliefs in this form because the visual aspect of our minds receives it so readily .Behind all the religions is the FACT the our
physical brain and nervous system can be altered to reach a higher state of awareness that some call , cosmic consciousness . enlightenment , or samadhi.
What has happened over the last two thousand years is that in taking these religious views as literally true , whether its Christianity , Muslim , or Judiac beliefs we have lost our connection not only to the rhythms of the cosmos but also to our own consciousness.The sun or son can also be interpreted to mean the light a person sees in samadhi . It was the inner sun the priests knew about and which modern religion has forgotten.Those who study comparative religions without experiencing mystical states of awareness will always be somewhat off in their interpretations.
Christ had twelve disciples for the same reason Hercules had twelve labors .The oldest mystery drama taught that only through reincarnating through the zodiac can one become Christed or the hero Each sign has a particular lesson for our soul to learn .
Why did St.George fight the dragon
and Hercules the gorgon .In this instant the snake represents Kundalini as it moves downward . If the neophyte cannot overcome the increased emotional and intellectual content of his enlarged consciousness and use his/her skills for the betterment of mankind then they not only fail in reaching cosmic consciousness but also fall below in the normal morality.Conquering the dragon or snake means to overcome lower forces that seek to prevent our entrance into the kingdom . There is just so much to be said on this subject.
Be that as it may ,I loved the poem .Les

Anonymous said...

So He became one of them.

Lord Buddha's Secret Mission

Prabhupada: His propaganda was to cheat the atheist class of men. Atheist class of men, they did not recognize existence of God, so He became one of them.
This atheist class, they were killing animals in the name of yajna like anything. So yada yada hi dharmasya glanir bhavati... [Bhagavad-gita 4.7], so He came as Buddha to stop this animal killing. His real business was stop the animal killing, that these rascals are going to hell in the name of religion, so at least stop their activities of animal killing. So therefore he started the mission, ahimsa paramo dharma: "Don't kill animals."

He deluded the atheists because such atheists who followed his principles did not believe in God, but they kept their absolute faith in Lord Buddha, who himself was the incarnation of God. Thus the faithless people were made to believe in God in the form of Lord Buddha. That was the mercy of Lord Buddha: he made the faithless faithful to him.

Anonymous said...

Joe Bloggs, does anyone need to comment, Pick up a copy of US at the supermarket, absorb it, You will find people you don't know who have somehow become something or somebody. They use the best fashions, cosmetics. display their adopted children from around the globe, wear Brad Pitt type leather hats that look something out of the Ghetto in Eastern Germany. (Bears add to the pizzaz)

They have just kicked their crack problem or they are getting ready to send the latest donation to borders without doctors, (probably to steal some more organs)

I am about to throw up

ZenHG said...

Thank you for sharing this. It was a great post.
As for the teachings of Siddhartha and the Godhead... I think maybe the need is to look beyond reason into the madness of Bodhicitta. ;)

m_astera said...

Had to smile at this one:

"Here's my assessment of what the New Age needs-

infinite energy
duplication of any item without consuming anything
being able to create or dissolve bodies without the whole birth-death biological nonsense"

Ever had a lucid dream, where you can change things by thinking about them, fly, walk on air? Those are different realities, not this one. This is slow, 3D, hard stuff. Its own special place, with its own rules, pains, and pleasures. If this were that, it wouldn't be this.

Have no fear, there will still be bars and coffee shops in the new world. There will still be hard work, sweat, blood and pain. Babies will be born and old folks will die, just as they do now.

Here is one thing that won't be in the new world: Government, not any sort of government that we have ever experienced. No socio-psychopath control freaks convinced they will only be secure through power over others. Those like that who still exist will be carefully monitored and kept from any position of power or control. Eventually they will be eliminated as in no longer incarnated here.

Imagine the bureaucracies, courts, cops, legislators; all of the tyrants, petty and major, gone. Just gone. There never has been any use for them in a world of decent human beings; they have simply made up their positions and then gone about convincing the weak-minded that there is some benefit in being controlled.

Enough on that. I've been wanting to jump in on one of Les's blogs for a few days to explain what I "see" happening. As was mentioned and discussed, last year was the year of dispensation and forgiveness. The door was wide open for anyone to take advantage of that, to decide to straighten up their act, wake up, and change their path. Did any "players" for the dark side take the given opportunity to change? I imagine some must have taken advantage of it, though I don't know any personally.

This time of opportunity opened around October of 2008 and closed in January/February of this year, 2010. Whatever path was chosen during that time has now been given impetus, a sort of positive inertia like a gyroscope, tending to stay on course.

Now comes the unveiling. What has been hidden will not be hidden any longer. Many are now gloating that the Catholic church is being exposed, but know what? Everything and everyone is going to be exposed, ready or not. It will be entertaining to see the reactions of some who are presently gloating when their own sacred ox is gored, and I'm sure that each and every sacred ox will be.

"Cheaters never prosper" hasn't really been true before this; now it will be true. It's show and tell time, so play your part well. None will be spared the limelight.

Here's a quote I've liked since I first came across it a dozen years ago:

"There are entities who have woven their future existence with Terra-Earth and are destined to demonstrate the truth of Source equality among all entities at all levels of expression. It will become the fundamental purpose of the Hierarchy to slowly remove these barriers to equality in such a way that the Hierarchy appears to be the savior of consciousness rather than the guard of consciousness. There are those present that will ensure the curtain falls swiftly for those who are ready to be equal with their Source, are willing to skirt the Hierarchy's tangled pathways, and embrace their divinity as sovereign expressions of Source Reality."

Assuming there's some truth to this, do you look forward to it with anticipation or dread?

abe said...

Dear Anonymous:

Go conscious is GOD conscious, just ask Hiawatha. Different cultural expressions. The translation is not as important as the sentiment conveyed. The cow mother of the Hindus, Theotokos of 1st centruy Palestine, Book of the Cow in ancient Egypt, and the Lakota's own White Buffalo Woman are different ways of expressing (The Manifest) creative aspect. The male is (The Hidden) creative aspect. Although I must admit that this a bit different from the Eastern concept of Yin and Yang as most Native and Meso American systems of belief consider duality to be an end in and of itself, in stead of a stepping stone to the unity of the Zen-like state of "no-mind". All things are known and understood in relation to what they are not.

Anonymous said...

If I may, I would offer a not so humble and a well informed opinion. We are not to be "fans" of one another or to look without for comfort or reassurance. Reality is nuance, no one gets it right every time nor are they {is they?] always wrong. Actually nothing and no one ever really is unless they split and dissociate into two. Frank Jones was correct to point out that not two is peace. When someone critiques my delivery I chalk it up to styles. Every pontiff must search within ya self for the grace to understand the loving helpful role and therefore what if anything to say or write and how or if to criticize an "other". That said, and notwithstanding the gratitude and esteem I have of Les Visible is enormous. This world needs you just like you are warts and all. Being the guru aint easy eh my Man? IMO it has a lot o do with just that...with idiosyncratic self knowledge that "not two is peace" and with allowing the wind to blow "where it may". Aside for MAV. Am I correct you did not mean to literally "break" Les' jaw but that it was a blunt critique of some of his opinions? Fine by me. At least you gave him some credit. Did you ever have a not so great go at something? Put foot in mouth so to speak? Looked back with regret for a mis phrasing? I"d give Les a kiss on the cheek not a sock on the the jaw. In fraternity to all. Ralph

Anonymous said...

We are told that no document in Christianity is more upsetting and radical than the doctrine of Thomas. It was banned by the church and kept out of the orthodox bible. It contains a collection of sayings by Jesus and recorded by Thomas. What was so threatening about it?

Thomas may as well have been explaining the Tao or Eastern Yoga.

When you make the two one then you will become the sons of man. You will find heaven, will not taste death.

If thine eye be single thy whole body will be filled with light.

Jesus said, "The pharisees and the scribes have taken the keys of knowledge (gnosis) and hidden them. They themselves have not entered, nor have they allowed to enter those who wish to. You, however, be as wise as serpents and as innocent as doves."

So how does one become as wise as a serpent? The serpents coil together male and female and remain motionless, exchanging ying and yang energy for long periods of time. Are serpents immoral?

Jesus says: 
 "If those who lead you say to you: ‘Look, the kingdom is in the sky!’ 
then the birds of the sky will precede you. 
 If they say to you: ‘It is in the sea,’ then the fishes will precede you. 
Rather, the kingdom is inside of you, and outside of you." 
When you come to know yourselves, then you will be known, "

The Gnostics called Thomas the Twin Brother of Jesus. Since the Gnostic movement was started about 100 years or so after the death of Christ, the oral history had obviously been distorted by then on this particular detail.

And he said, "Whoever discovers the interpretation of these sayings will not taste death."

Thomas went on to record the light of the body is the eye. If therefore thine eye be single, they whole body shall be full of light. Now anyone who has read a couple of yoga books will agree he is speaking of the pineal gland or third eye.

The good news here is nobody has to give up Christianity, you simply have to understand what the Christians were trying to convey. Jeepers now we find it is a lot like Buddism, Tao, Yoga and the spiritual disciplines of the Native American Indians. We have been killing each other for nothing.

As we know Thomas went on to India and there is a church in India today known as the church of Thomas.

Ben There said...

Muchas gracias Mr. Visible. How you keep churning these out is beyond me. I'm glad you do.

Dublin Mick -

Just would like to say that I thouroughly enjoy reading your comments here. Always interesting and informative.

Anonymous said...

Joseph you could almost write a book on the number 12. It is the basis of the Sumerian number system. There were supposedly 12 planets, 12 hours in a day, 12 tribes created.

The Sumerian number system or sexagesimal is also based on 60 which can be divided by 12. We are told that the rotation of the planet at one time was 360 days which can also be divided by 12. It take it to mean the earth is out of balance at the present time. There are of course 360 degrees within a circle.

The ultimate number was called the Shar or the royal number of 3600 years the time it takes for Niburu take make one orbit around the sun. 3600 is the square of 60. It seems quite logical our number system was lowered from heaven to earth as the Sumerians say.

The pantheon of Sumerians lists the supreme leader as number 60 which can also be divided by 12 once again.

The image of Enki was entwined serpents the double helix structure of the DNA and the emblem was made of copper. Tests now show that radionucleide copper-62 is a positron emitter valuable in imaging blood and that copper carries pharmaceuticals to living cells including brain cells, hence I always recommend picking up that copper cooking pot.

Which culture has maintained more of the ancient knowledge and benefited through it? Once again I have to say China and India, they love those copper teapots than you can shake a stick at.

What is the moral of this story? It may be better to read up on the ancients than listen to Jack Van Impe.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous --

The original idea with Jesus was to show how to lead a moral life without any need of following the laws set down by by SinaChurcianity...

Christ castigates the Pharisees for creating so many laws nothing was clear... and was even moral...

Jesus was clear. Even if ya' can't read -- feel and do as I do -- and you will most assuredly enter the Kingdom of Heaven


Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up.

Shades of Gray and the Abattoir Stench.

long john said...

To Anonymous 2:24 AM:

I do not at all agree with Prabhupada's take on the mission of Sakyamuni Buddha that you posted, nor with your attached interpretation either. It is misguided and wrong imo.

Buddha had no such intention or "propaganda to cheat the atheist class of men".

So what if atheists did not "recognize existence of God"? Who says that they should belkueve in God? Certainly not Buddha, nor did he have any reason or need to "became one of them". Buddha was neither an atheist nor a theist. Buddha was/is the awakened. Your Prabhupada is full of nonsense.

There is far more killing of animals today than there ever was thousands of years ago. and Buddha was not on any "mission" to stop animal killing.

Buddha did not "delude" anyone for any purpose... and to say that "Lord Buddha [...] was the incarnation of God", is nothing more than a lame attempt by vaishnavas to co-opt Buddha's teaching in support of their own religious dogma.

Buddha's message and teaching was not at all for or about "faithless people were made to believe in God in the form of Lord Buddha". That is absolute rubbish.

Buddha did not teach anyone to worhip himself. That is a gross distortion and a bogus and mudane misrepresentation of Buddha's real teaching.

Bhaktivedanta Swami Prahbhupad tries to re-interpret and co-opt just about everything into supporting and bolstering his particular narrow brand of Bhakti, specifically the 'achintya bheda abheda' philosophy of the cult of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

Chaitanya and the Gaudiya Vaishnava movements that came from him follow the dvaita (dualistic) or tattvavada conception that was propounded by Sri Madhvacharya.

To say that Buddha's teaching and mission was merely to trick atheists into wordhipping Buddha, is totally erroneous and faulty. You (and Bhaktivedanta Swami) obviously have no comprehension of the Buddha's life and teachings.

Jalid said...

♫ Palestine sounds as ♫ pretty as roses ♫

Israel sounds like dead rats

Anonymous said...

Long John
I could not possibly have phrased that better than you did. It is simply picking out a few verses and cleverly trying to deceive.

It believe it has been said those who have been deceived will be forgiven but those who know the truth and try to deceive will never be forgiven.

Anonymous said...

long john

nice reality check
thank you

Anonymous said...

long john,

After reading your pronouncements, I offer thanks to you.
Your words have helped me today to keep my mind engaged upon Krishna/Buddha.

Isn't this what it's all about?

long john said...

To: Anonymous at 7:10 PM

You are welcome to keep your "mind engaged upon Krishna/Buddha" if you like. Thats your own choice.

I prefer to keep my 'mind' in the ever-fresh ever-present reality, the tao of the here & now, 'the presence'... not absorbed in some abstract mental constructs or some imaginary deity or supposed historical savior. But thats just me. Other folks will each find their own way. You know, to each his own.

You said: "Isn't this what it's all about?"

Well I don't know if keeping one's mind "engaged upon Krishna/Buddha" is really "what its all about".

Imo, what its all about is simply and merely what IS, not some sort of contrived idea or image... like "Krishna/Buddha".

I personally don't need to think about Krishna or Buddha. They don't exist in this realm anymore. On the other hand, I am alive and here, so I dwell on what is real in this present life, both within and without.

I don't see any purpose in thinking about what may have been a long time ago. The face of the Living God is right here and now, not in some memory of what was but is now long gone. There is no point in doing that imo.

Life is in and for the Living. Awareness or consciousness is the presence and living reality, not some mere image of a long dead historical figure.

The Divine is always right here and now, so why look elsewhere?

It will all become clear, sooner or later. Until then, simply abide in Peace & Love.

A Happy Easter from me to all the good folks here. Ever in the Truth.

Aum Tat Sat -- Tat Tvam Asi

Anonymous said...

Check out the Easter-time "blasphemous un-sermon" at: Church of the Churchless

long john said...

Thanks Mick, i just tells it like i sees it. i don't mean to offend anyone, or their beliefs.

You post a lot of real good comments as well. Btw, i think i remember you said that you reside in Florida? I spent several years (about 1977 to 1982) living (and sailing) in Key West. It was rather nice back then.

Anyway, important thing is that some of us may have different opinions and spiritual/religious beliefs, but we don't have to get into any conflict about it.

Also, some people like to do more than just offer their opinions - they like preach to others. thats not real cool in my book, but i have found my own unique path and communion with the presence of the divine, so i don't let those folks bother me. i think they just get hung up in parroting dogma and 'talking the talk', instead of 'walking the walk'.

I learned to step into the vast unknown and 'walk the walk' from very early on in my strange life [thanks in part to Les]... and then i learned about all the details of esoteric philosophy and mysticism later on down the line.

Anonymous said...

That is good philosophy Long John. A wise man once told me you can't live in the past and you can't live in the future, all you can do is be here now.

I don't always take that advice however. I have in the past probably spent too much time reading about the past. But if you know some of the mistakes of the past you might not make them in the here and now.

A friend of mine awhile back that I know well said out of the blue, you don't have a strong belief in God do you? I said I most certainly do and pointed out a sunflower. I said the one I believe in is making that sunflower grow and making that stream flow west. I believe in this God with all my heart.

I guess everyone has their own Gods but the one I
believe in is actually holding the universe together and making the sun rise and the moon set.

Anonymous said...

LV this was received through Bholanath and it is the some of the best I have seen on the internet. It explains why "God is hiding but she can be found.

Kundalini and the Alien Force

Gnostic and Tantric Practices of Sacred Sexuality

The exploration of Gnosticism may be one of the more revealing pursuits of our time, and it is certainly one of the more difficult. Since Gnostics were suppressed in the 4th Century, disinformation about them has run amok. There is no clear and consistent presentation of Gnostic views, either in the slim surviving materials or in modern scholarship. To add to the confusion, Gnostics were initiates in the Mystery schools, and initiates were bound by a vow of silence about many things they experienced — although not, fortunately, about all things.

For it is by a kiss that the perfected hearts, the adepts, conceive and give birth. For this reason we also kiss one another. We receive a conception of our humanity from the grace found in each other....

Spiritual love is all wine and fragrance." (The Gospel of Philip)

In the Gnostic version of the Fall from Paradise, there is no sin on the part of our ancestral parents. It is not humanity who falls, but Sophia, the Wisdom Goddess. The Serpent in Eden is Kundalini, a sublime ally to humanity, not a tempter. In some Gnostic texts, the serpent power is called "the instructor." Eve, the ancestral representative of the human species, acquires from the serpent ally the secret knowledge for the Mysteries.

“It was the Serpent who, by tempting Eve, brought Gnosis to our parents.”

Anonymous said...

Also received from Bholonath. Here are a few excerpts from it.

On the Origin of the Annunaki Script

This is an expanded version of the article of the same title by John Lash, published on

In a Collector's Edition entitled "Secrets of the Da Vinci Code," published by US News and World Report, there is a brief interview with James Robinson, general editor of the Nag Hammadi Library. In response to Dan Brown’s reference to the Nag Hammadi texts as scrolls, Robinson points out: “They are codices – books with individual pages. They are actually the oldest example we have of leather-bound books.”

Amazingly, whatever the significance of their content (and we have just barely begun to comprehend what that might be), the Nag Hammadi Codices (NHC) are rare original artifacts, the earliest surviving examples of bound books. A close reading of these arcane materials shows that Gnostics, as teachers in the ancient Mysteries were called, were deeply concerned with alien intrusion into human affairs.

The Archons came to Adam. When they saw Eve talking to him they said to each other, ‘What sort of creature is this luminous woman?’ … Now come, let us lay hold of her and cast our seed into her, that she may become soiled and unable to access her inner light.

According to the Gnostics, the serpent in the Garden of Eden was a benefactor because it advised them to eat the forbidden fruit that opened their eyes to heightened or paranormal perception. NHC II, 4, 89.30 says that "the female spiritual principle came through the snake, the instructor." This serpent power is known in Asian mystical practices as Kundalini, the Serpent Power.

VR, virtual reality (HAL). It will be impossible to sort out the truth of this situation unless we recognize the wisdom that comes down to us from the genuine adepts of the Mysteries, men and women who mastered the Serpent Power, Kundalini, and distinguish our ancient benefactors from the alien Reptilians and their human cohorts."

Anonymous said...

Is there any wonder why the gospel of Thomas disappeared and very little can be found concerning it today? It was in a Greek monastery and if the vatican had come upon it, would be in the basement today.

This thing is becoming easier all the time.

I think it is time to take up a collection and have Bholonath and I speak before the vatican, crystal cathedral and appear on the Jack Van Impe Show and announce the good news. (Graciella we are putting armageddon on hold) wipe that troubled look off your face.

It could be announced to the flock, there has been a change in strategy and the dogma has been changed. You are now hence forth advised to bite that apple, employ tantra and raise the serpent power. He was not such a bad guy after all. You no longer have to fear the human body. You have to however help us root out the molesters who are still trying to defile the luminous woman.

We no longer have to root out and isolate the heretic countries, China, India, Siberia or groups like the Native Americans, they had it right all along. We can now work to iron out all our problems and cancel the wars. We however have to undertake a major re-education campaign in the western nations because the Native Americans were right when they referred to the European as little brother, these little grasshoppers have far to go.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info and view. I agree with your understanding of dna and the 12 system thing, wow!

Where I dont agree with ya is on the outcome and nature of the so called "Nefilim/Annunaki." Much could be discussed here and we must read about acounts of them, not the best way to get any info?

I seem to see them as gone(dont know why), and whats left over is, the dna they have given us and its still affecting things, but the race itself has left this earth for one reason of another?

Ok Im going to put this out there, do what you well. As long john has suggested, the here and now are key, I too say what youre thinking and moving with is far larger and direct than anything or any force outside the self. Its about the inner light that Joseph was saying. Stay there, in that inner light, and the "Nefilim/Annunaki" thing means nothing. If you choose to affect the divine will then cool but youre acting as the "Nefilim/Annunaki" did or do? They my have been good and wise at it but this will to create as the divine will, creates a struggle much like Dub was saying about the 12 layers of hell and what not?
So Buddha leaves all that debate out, for good reason?

The Fool

Joseph Alexander said...

Dublin said
"The Serpent in Eden is Kundalini," You are right on.
This is the hidden secret behind the snake and dragon worship. All my research of over forty years leads to this . Kundalini is the evolutionary force behind humanities development of consciousness and is still actively pushing us into the next state of higher awareness .And if the world does not cooperate and reform its behavior there will be disastrous consequences . Which is of course occurring right now world wide due to this disregard of the moral teaching of all great religions. According to the enlightened individual I studied with , from Kashmir India , Kundalini can rewire your brain so completely that Samadhi becomes a permanent state of awareness , which he achieved through twelve years of physical and mental suffering.
As for the twelve apostles being the archetypes for zodiac, Look at DaVinci’ s mural of the last supper. There are four groups of apostles, each in a set of three . This could represent the four
Elements , with Earth , Fire ,Wind ,and Air. Each with three signs or qualities . Next to Christ are the three earth signs staring with Virgo , Taurus , Capricorn. The apostle next to Christ is not Mary but a representation of Virgo . Judas was the betrayer a Scorpio , Peter the most aggressive and impulsive was Aries . Gemini the brothers . This is only an rough analogy which I need to research
thoroughly. Of course there are a great number of authors believing in Astrotheology. My whole point being that the religious imagery of DaVinci Mural implies an occult explanation for Christ story .
In the early eighties I remember reading Barbara Marchinack’s books about the Pleadians, long before David Icke. Her books, though it was channeled material it struck me as true in a spiritual way. It was only in later years as I started to remembered some repressed memories that put the puzzle together for me ,of an alien intervention into earths history and shredding of ten strands of humanities DNA. In in one abduction experience the being actually ,told me that I had the original Dna of the race , that’s the reason the grays and reptilian races are here , They are stuck in a evolutionary dead end and are dieing out due to the misuse of the intellect and over dependence on technology . These other world astral beings live off our negative emotions of hate ,and anger
Blood sacrifice , Just as angels live off our love and positive emotions .These lower forces need this destruction to feed on , Its up to us to be aware enough to realize the one way to advance is to become as conscious as possible of all our thoughts through meditation and other spiritual insights.
My distinct impression is that around 2012 the alignment with the galactic center will reboot our
Dna back to the original twelve strands it was I destined to be.

Anonymous said...

Joseph if you knew someone like this you are very fortunate.

It is my understanding also that DNA is a receptor of light and can be boosted beyond 12 with increasing frequencies of light.

Of course our "House of Usher" type societies in the west are designed to negate such a process. In our society sex is the original sin and not the gateway to enlightenment. We do not use the precious metals for the rewiring of the brain but only in our computers, copper, silver and gold.

In the human brain the non-receptors are used, aluminum, nickel steel, teflon and nano particle which they say can change DNA for the worst. Do we use aluminum and mercury in vaccines out of stupidity or does someone have a plan? Autism will definitely slow down the enlightenment process.

I good idea for the next horror flick might be kundalini meets prion in the human brain.

They now want to patent the genes of various people all for the good of course, showing all the classic signs of a vampire. All your genes belong to us. It will be all for the good of course.

The energy field of the planet is picking up but the spreading of DU and nano particles will help to thwart it. There are those among us who are definitely anti-life and if humans don't figure this out they are headed for extinction.

The food supply is poisoned and microwave is everywhere even in your cellphone. You don't have to worry about Kundalini reaching a scorched brain that is bursting out with neat tumors.We may soon have drones picking up our hard drives and reading our water meters all in the name of progress and security as well as a cellphone and wifi tower on every corner. You need that extra burst of microwave even when you walk in the door of Walmart.

I thought the quote in the link was noteworthy "let us plant our seeds in the luminous lady so they cannot see light." It still seems to be an ongoing process.

TheEasterRabbit said...

Happy (belated) Easter Les and all!


word veri: whicine

Anonymous said...

I have no idea what you are talking about half the time you sound so much like Le Mat but I do wonder why someone recommending the best way to get information would refer to himself as the fool.

Yeah some I suppose do go into an alpha state and stay there 24/7. If we all did that there wouldn't be a forum here and there would be no comments on it.

If everyone did this there would have been no Rishis, no yogis, no Mahabbarati, no Vedas and everyone would be wondering why all the seekers were curled up inside a tree trunk or cave and exactly what was going on wouldn't they?

Anonymous said...

"God likes to party."

That my friend is an understatement! :)


Anonymous said...

If anyone has never read it this is a very worthwhile book by Barbara Hand Clow entitled Liquid Light of Sex.

"Liquid Light of Sex is a life-changing book for understanding the major growth transitions we all experience. With specific emphasis on mid-life crisis, Clow explores how kundalini energy--the "liquid light of sex" that rises in the spine--can be intentionally channeled for successful navigation through periods of change in life. She notes, "We form at age 30, we transform at age 40-44, and we transmute at age 50." She explores in depth how at age 30 we make great structural changes in our lives, such as having a child, getting married, choosing a career, or making a big move. Then as we approach 40, most of us are literally driven to mature emotionally, which often ends marriages and stresses families. Clow shows that this mid-life crisis is calling for each person to become more spiritual, not simply change partners. Approaching age 50, people struggle for meaning in life, and there has to be more to life than getting and spending. It is time to surrender to the greater spiritual forces. These three key transitions are the great turning points in our lives, and this book offers wonderful support, advice, and techniques for intentionally managing them."

word ver balilys

Visible said...

There's a new Petri Dish up-

The Money and the Mango Vase.

Unknown said...

Interesting quote

You didn't hot link this, you know.



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