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Beware the Schadenfreude my Son.

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I don’t have much and... for whatever the reasons, I haven’t achieved much in the ordinary sense on this plane. People’s success is usually measured in position and wealth. Of course, I know this is not always so and my gratitude for what I do have can not be expressed in words; nor can my gratitude for being saved from the things that would only have detained me here longer than I sincerely wish to be.

I note a great deal of glee in certain circles about the pedophile scandals and the general exposure of immoral behavior in those entrusted with serving humanity in all of the faiths. I haven’t seen any Buddhists tagged yet but I’ve seen multiples from all of the rest.

The atheists are crowing, as if this proves the non-existence of the God they don’t believe in. All it actually proves is the frailty of man and the power of the darkness of the times. Actually, these times are not so different from many another time. The only difference is that things long concealed are coming to light in this time of The Apocalypse.

We may think ourselves above the weaknesses of those who have fallen in the public eye but we are not. Any one of us could, through circumstance and fortune, be standing where they are now. One should never over estimate the degree of their own personal strength or assume that we are above certain behaviors. Each of us contains within us the potential for anything and you are a fool if you think otherwise.

It is a dangerous and unprofitable game to take satisfaction from the misfortune of others; however richly deserved it may be. None of us knows the whole of the story in any of these cases. It is also a stupid misuse of logic to presume that any example or collection of examples proves anything about the reality and nature of the divine.

What is happening now is happening for a reason. The institutions of the past are bankrupt of all virtue and sanity. Necessarily, they must pass. They must fall and the reasons for this are being revealed to us each day. This is not a proof that the divine is not present. It is proof that the divine is very much present for that is who is behind the revelations and exposures. One might say, inasmuch as that were possible, that one of the definitions of the divine is, truth. It is what is truer than anything else. This is why I like to occasionally say that when the truth takes off her clothes, the world disappears.

It is also easy to see that a certain culture is being shown as a major element in the troubles of the day and for a long time before. History shows us that this culture has been expelled from nearly every country in the world and for good reason. Those reasons are always the same. This culture has a deep and serious relationship with the material side of existence and therefore, they are often to be seen tinkering with and seeking control over it. Some would say they are the children of The Devil and in many cases this is so. As a result, some want to declare that everyone who is a part of this culture is evil.

I do not know what evil is exactly, except to say that it is to be outside what is real and true and to behave in a manner that is opposed to the greater good. I might identify it as selfishness from which proceed all of the other ills. I might identify it as ignorance in the sense that, “they know not what they do”. I might identify it any number of ways but in all cases it would imply a departure from ones central self into a false identity which indicates a willing embrace of mortality. One could say in that respect, “verily they have their reward”.

I’m amused when people throw the Bible at me as if I might suddenly be illuminated by something I missed or as if I had never taken the trouble to read it at all. I am extraordinarily familiar with the contents of that book. Let this not seem a presumption on my part that I comprehend it entirely. That is not possible at this time but the generosity of the divine is without measure and I rely on that for whatever it is I am meant to become; whatever I am meant to know.

Taking pleasure in the downfall of others is not smart. Lower your head and give thanks that you were spared and pray that it may continue. Seek the favor of the divine and pay no mind to the attentions of any other. Our secret heart is well known. Everything about us is known. Things we do not know about ourselves are very well known. We are known and hopefully some day we “shall know, even as we are known”.

Writing at Smoking Mirrors is not often an enjoyable task and pointing the finger is not an enjoyable position. If the truth were more widely known and if more of us were engaged in making the truth more widely known then that task might be put aside. Until it is, one has to do what one is inspired and motivated to do but... I take no pleasure in it.

People should not presume that they are saved from the troubles to come simply because they are behaving correctly. This is not the criterion that is employed to that end. It is far more likely that one will be encircled by protection if one is actively seeking the company of the divine for no other reason that to enjoy it; because nothing else is important and... in this particular regard I can say with some authority that that is true.

We really should feel a sincere compassion for these priests and so many others who have been betrayed by their weaknesses. Even more so we should have a large sympathy for those who have relied upon the presence of the church for the exercise and evidence of their faith. Much good has come to many through the generosity of various institutions. It is a hard place to be, to have something so integral to your being be exposed as a den of corruption.

Most of us do not possess the wisdom to exist apart from religion. Many of us are in an earlier stage of understanding. This does not make them any less important or dear to the divine and so, the same should be true of us. Pride and arrogance are terrible things. It is a serious mistake to set ourselves up in our own minds as being wiser than the rest. In an instant, one formerly considered ignorant and crude, could awaken to a state far beyond our own. We have no idea what is what and assuming we do guarantees a lesson to that effect, sooner or later.

Anyone who has been in the presence of a realized master has noted how deeply humble they are. There is good reason for that. It is part of an understanding they have come to and it is impressed upon them at all times and I imagine they are truly grateful that it is. One can rise to considerable heights and then fall. It has happened. No one is safe from such a tragedy that does not place their destiny and faith completely in the hands of the divine. No one is safe who does not actively seek instruction at all times so that they may be a more fitting servant. One of the greatest wisdoms is to seek the criticism of the divine. We’re blind and naked and stumbling in the dark and it is not prudent to forget it.

It may well be true that all of those being exposed and ruined are deserving of their fate but that is not our concern. Our concern should be upon ourselves; watchful and earnestly seeking guidance and counsel. Our heart and our hand should be extended so that the master might take it into his own. Fortune is a fickle lady. She will walk into the club on the arm of one man and walk out on the arm of another and there’s no such thing as luck.

One might say that what appears to be luck is connected to a certain processing of events and that too, departs quickly and cannot be implored to return. Often it is conferred to cause ruin. Always remember that good fortune can be as unfortunate as bad fortune. It just hasn’t happened yet.

Everything we think and say and do paves the road on which we walk. Even our best efforts and intentions are not enough. We must have a guide and the most important work you will ever engage in is to sincerely seek the favor of such a one who represents the mind and the will of the divine. I’ve said enough.

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Anonymous said...

Les, you do us all a divine blessing. Take no pleasure in others misfortune for that could be out own; humbleness and humility. What wise sage could present it more clearly. You have said this multiple times now: good deeds are not enough. Seek the divine-nothing else is more important. It seems your most cogent writings occur at this late hour. I wonder why? ;-) Thank you! Mark aus Züri

Anonymous said...



"People should not presume that they are saved from the troubles to come simply because they are behaving correctly."

Yep Im seeing ya, and Im saying as you would too(?), troubles if viewed with an open heart and mind, are really blessing? The behaving part that could help save ya is being thankful for the trouble!

Les youre a brave and wise soul and Im sure your finger pointing wont cause you much hang-ups but still wondering why you think its your job to point out where others fail to see the "truth?" If truth is the light love and lord it will be seen by and by?

"No one is safe who does not actively seek instruction at all times so that they may be a more fitting servant."

Ie speak with the divine? Yes tell the world this Les, frickin point to it!!!
Question, does the divine point fingers? (Well no, as the divine has no fingers silly!) If so wouldnt it have to start by pointing at itself? So if we are pointing at others misunderstanding, or we not pointing out our own at the same time? The old you are what you hate idea?
Thanks man, someone has to do it?

The Fool

m_astera said...

My working definition of evil:

Causing or allowing harm to come to others in order to benefit one's self.

Visible said...

ergo, selfishness which could also be called self interest to the disregard of the welfare of others.

Anonymous said...

Is this possibly an influence on this post[just wondering, grin]
"The Great Happy Vatican Death Spiral" by Mark Morford
"You could call it one of the greatest ironies of man: Only when our supposedly "holy" dogmas, institutions and leaders fail, can the human soul ever truly be free."
Ah, ok, maybe not.

More to the point though...I was imagining how native elders and wise ones might be somewhat aware of developments, and how they might take it in. Peoples all over the world have been doing sacred practices to disempower their monotheistic oppressors for centuries. (Applies to other big religious powers, like Hindusim, in the past and today, too.)
But The Church, and monotheism in general, has spent its entire existence trying to erase the surviving traditional, natural, indigenous cultures and people everywhere (especially the "wise ones"). One method has always been to point the finger and declare "evil" any Other. I'm not ready to write this off as a collective and/or individual "karma".
Nevertheless, the process has brought many humans to a state of insanity which is: being hell-bent on gaia-cide. (Maybe it's all the divine design to force recognition that the "holy" is right in front of our faces, "closer than breath"?) A great retardation of our spiritual evolution seems to have taken place for the last ?0,000 years.
I think when you obtain a human birth, you accept the responsibility to remain vigilant and discriminating in your words and actions. What happens when you renounce that vow?

I have lately been getting my 1000th lesson on trusting Allah, but tying up my camel....


gurnygob said...

Great post Les. I was wondering how to respond and all that’s coming to me is
“There but for the grace of God go I.”
It never ceases to amaze me how people can justify their own failings with an excuse like, “well at least I never did that”. The sad truth is, as you have pointed out, we are all capable of things we never thought possible.
I recently took advantage of the lovely sunny weather we have been experiencing over here this past week. I sat outdoors in the garden just to listen(to Jesus). There I was without thinking anything in particular, or mulling things over in my mind, when something odd came flooding in. It went something like this.

(What is the future? The future is only a memory that has yet to be realised. Don’t worry so much for the future because you don’t even know what lies around the corner, rather prepare for you’re past.)

What I took from it was this. My future will one day be my past and it would be good to look back and see that with the help of God I took the right turns and made the right decisions. We can plan all we want for the future. We can dream dreams and make great boasts about what will be, but it’s only in hindsight that we can look back and say thank God I didn’t have to take that road.
I/we need to think more in the present moment and recognise that we walk this planet only by the grace of God and none of us know where we will be tomorrow. It is only when we get to tomorrow that we will be able to look back and thank God that we got there in one piece and with our dignity intact, if that be the case.
“There but for the grace of God go I.”
There are a number of things this lesson could be applied too and I could go on, but I think you get the meaning.

Some people get too much satisfaction from watching the down-fall of others. What will they do when their turn comes around? Of course the truth still needs to be spoken and someone has to do it. And what is hidden in the darkness will be exposed by the LIGHT, but we should think twice about the judgments we make and remember who it is that brings these things to light and why. Surely it’s not just for our amusement.
I hope I can remember this lesson.

psychegram said...

Wow. Hit the nail on the head there. There have been moments when I've been positively glorying in the ongoing humiliation of the Vatican, for instance. Once again you hold up a mirror and I see my reflection from angles I don't always prefer to be look, and I don't always like what I see.

It's a fine line, balancing personal reflection with calculated mockery of the powers that be. They must be exposed, and they will, and part of that will be us for if it is divine will that they be exposed and ultimately divine will is ours well then it is we that must do it (in part). At the same time to do so while baring them no ill will (for their dark will springs from the same Source after all), that's the trick.

A crocodile has every bit as much a right to be as anything else, and the same is logically true of the psychopath and the demonic hyperdimensional predator. It would be wrong to try and kill the crocodile simply so that it would not be ... but at the same time I'm not going to stick my head in it's mouth.

Zellie said...

Edgar Cayce said, "the only sin is selfishness" - all other faults arise from it. (I'm paraphrasing a bit.)

Anonymous said...


This post hit home and below the belt for me. Simply because I do take much joy in the fact that they are being exposed.

In truth, like you state, I should be thanking the divine for not being born into one of those satanist families full of abuse, or being led down a path of seeking wealth.

Like a friend of mine once reminded me...."that could just as well be you or me in their place", when we were talking about a wide range of topics, from the homeless to the satanists.

Still it is hard not to take satisfaction in all this exposure, simply because from a worldly time frame it appears to have taken far to long to come about.

I do give thanks quite a bit that, that is not me, but I do admit I should not take as much joy as I do in their downfall.

Thank you for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les, unfortunately this is exactly what scares me sh@tless!

I do take pleasure in the misfortune of others... if they happen to belong to the elite club then it's a real treat. In my case it's not because their downfall partucularly proves or disproves anything. Probably more like a sense of they got what they deserved tinged with a liberal dose of jealosy.

I also know that if I had been subjected to the same pressures, temptations and opportunities that they have, I would probably have taken the path of least resistance and fallen on my ass.

In my case it's probably just dumb luck that I am where I am and not completely spiritually and morally compromised. But I prefer to think that somewhere out/in there someone or something knows how much I can take and dishes up my fate accrodingly...


simon said...

"Each of us contains within us the potential for anything and you are a fool if you think otherwise."

thank you.

Anonymous said...

They are insane, most might even be demon ridden.

The perfect symbol of modern day insanity in America would be George Bush I, trying to hold back his tears, the son of the very man who helped fund the nazi party, was trying to give a speech on how he felt his son is a wonderful President and invaded other lands and killed for the great lie. The nutbar actually broke down!

This is why America is the most dangerous pyschopathic killer in world history.

I don't think America (as a whole) doesn't realize the mafia members connections to the same corpo-cultists (Clintons/Gore/Bush) are very powerful , for now.

More and more people everyday are realizing they should not hate or fear the truth.

Billy G.

Astraea said...

Thank you Les, and everybody here today. I have so enjoyed reading you all on this Spring morning!

Also thought you might be interested in an article I found on yesterday.

Also, in case any one who reads this would be interested to know a truly noble and holy teacher you could look into and see how you find Tai Situ Rinpoche.

Chiron said...

Everything in the world is the creation of our own soul. What we experience here mirrors our own karmic obstructions within. So if we judge somebody, then we are judging ourselves, because we have done exactly the same thing before.

If we were Saints, then there would be no evil in the world at all. So, if we want the world to change we should change ourselves.

Some things are good to repeat again and again, huh?

Thank you for that lesson Les, Chiron felt chastised while reading it.

Anonymous said...

Dog poet, your post is very humbling as it points out that we are all human and have human frailties. Yet we forget we are more than human as we dis-associate ourselves from the divine source.

You're charity to those who have stumbled from the path is a reminder of our divinity.

The priests and other celibates acting in the name of the divine have been placed in this position not for any spiritual doctrine (although Pope benedict says otherwise) but because it's a franchise to God. Having been declared celibate those offspring of the priest have no claim on the church. So it's a logical, financial decision made when the church was going broke. In 325AD the Council of Nicea decreed that after ordination a priest could not marry. Proclaimed the Nicene Creed.

Pope Pelagius II had a policy not to bother married priests as long as they did not hand over church property to wives or children.

The truth is that innocent children have been paying the price of celibacy while the church hierarchy rakes in the cash.

I think that the raising of consciousness in these times also has its price, that none can hide, including our own delusions of self-righteousness.

great post mate.

Unknown said...

evil the "belief" in a self hood apart from God.
God is All... therefore
evil is a human mind construct . a belief onnly and not real .
Much ado about nothing , shakespear

Anonymous said...

I like your writings.
But for heavens sake, this recent Witch Hunt against the Vatican is simply a prelude to another J*E*W war.

They did it right before Iraq, they discredit any potential opposition and voice in their run ups. The Church has now been marginalized and cut off at the knees who will have no voice once the bombs start.

The reality is that there were 6 reported Cases nationally in the Catholic Church, with over 40,000 priests.
There were 260 sexual incidents in the Protest-ant Churches according to the 3 largest insurers.

And there were 40 Jewish children molested by Rabbis in one tiny Brooklyn village alone last year.

US Public schools have as many cases annually as the Catholic Church has had in the last 70 years, about 10,000. Lets not let facts get in the way of a story though. And this story has legs, just ask Larry King, Gerry Rivers, or Wolf Blitzer. The media never lie, we all know this, right?

Another Khazar Kosher smear job, nothing more.

Neko Kinoshita said...


Thanks Dog. It is nice to know that my frustration is misplaced.

I continue to struggle and get closer, and there you are again six steps (or 10? or 100?) ahead of me.

I see you beckoning me onward.
I'm coming, I just need to raise my eyes a bit and shake a little more of this dust off of my paws (and eyes too I suspect).

I will try to find some more time to spend on contemplating the beauty of the divine, and my insignificant place in it.
"Fear is the mind-killer"


gurnygob said...

Dear Linda. you said...
evil is a human mind construct . a belief only and not real .Much ado about nothing , shakespear.

I have to disagree. Evil is very real. Jesus spent much of His time casting out demons. He did not cast out thoughts or feelings, but then you have to believe in order to believe. BTW, I have heard of Jesus and Paul and Peter, but shakespear, who is he??????

Anonymous said...

Les and others-

Some profoundly interesting thoughts passing thru this part of cyberspace... I for one whole heartily agree with those who understand that we are all capable of being tyrants, and that circumstance and luck are why we're posting opinions here rather than on the Dancing with the Stars webpage.

I've told some of my prissier, holier than thou friends that it only takes three days to turn a human who thinks he/she has it all into a raving lunatic begging it's master to preform whatever trick the master desires. They think I'm crazy, but I've seen what happens... it ain't pretty.

Yeah, we like to believe that individually our 'self' is invincible and that changing that self is difficult to impossible because we find it hard to change ourselves. But given the 'right' motivations a person can be broken and rebuilt however the builder desires. Isn't this a pleasant thought?

I guess I'm using too many weird ideas to convey what simply writing 'thank you' does... So thank you for reminding me not to take pleasure in other's suffering, no matter how richly deserved. Better still to wish those who've fallen godspeed in returning to being humans and that one day we will be better able to stomach reaching down to lend even the slimiest monster a hand back up. One day.


gurnygob said...

schadenfreude. It just occurred to me that I haven’t a notion what the word means. So I Googled it and here is only one of many things I found out.

The Book of Proverbs mentions an emotion similar to that now described by the word schadenfreude: "Rejoice not when thine enemy falleth, and let not thine heart be glad when he stumbleth: Lest the LORD see it, and it displease him, and he turn away his wrath from him." (Proverbs 24:17–18,

Where do you get these words from Les?

brian boru said...

I've been reading the history of the Albigensian Crusade in the 13th century. It seems that the Cathars followed an outlook similar to the one you espouse. Possibly, that is why they were so savagely attacked and virtually exterminated. That crusade was the most cruel of all and was against fellow Christians, although the Cathars' beliefs were quite at odds with those of the powers in Rome, certainly far less worldly. The monsters who misrule our world hate free peoples with an insane passion.

ZenHG said...

The world is a ticking time bomb and things are going to get really hairy.
All we will have, in the end, is what we have and whether or not we can truly reach that place inside to the presence of the Divine.

The house of cards is already revealed as a house of cards, but does that make it evil?
A lot of people sling that word around, but what is evil? What is its' source? What about Good in contrast? For Good cannot exist without evil and vice versa.
Perceptions, limitations, these are the things we place upon ourselves, or we willingly allow to be placed on us, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Are we not also to blame for perceived evils in the world? Why must blame be placed? Is not the trial a time for learning and growing?
Does that not mean that facing hardship is the path to the divine? Therefor what we perceive as evil has purpose, some will see it, some will not.

I think we are meant to feel hate and anger because it keeps us in check, thinking that the various curtains are real.
Impulse is easy to control, it is easy to manipulate.
It is not our job to judge, it is our job to be mindful and learn the lessons as they are presented.

Good post Les.

Anonymous said...

“All it actually proves is the frailty of man and the power of the darkness of the times.. Actually, these times are not so different from many another time…..Each of us contains within us the potential for anything and you are a fool if you think otherwise.”

Individual lives have been shattered by the behaviour of priests, yes. But more important to whole populations are the revelations and criticisms of a particular country.
I am glad that the truth is being aired about this country. Its influence, through the carrot of funds and power and the stick of blackmail and threats, on politicians in several countries, has led to vast stretches of the earth being laid waste.
“"None of these would complete their normal life. None of us will. This entire region will be depopulated which is what the PTBs have in mind and they have set in motion processes that can't be stopped. No way,"”
The perpetrators are to be pitied, as their victims are to be helped and comforted..

I see a continuum - like a rheostat - from unity, goodness, truth, beauty etc to lesser and lesser degrees of those, to an almost complete absence of those features. But these are mental, human constructs, so ultimately these are only our scribbled maps.

Selfishness, to benefit from harming others maybe one face of what we call Evil. This is the active side. But there is also a passive side. Not acting because of indifference, not caring, out of fear, discomfort, laziness, satisfaction with our condition. And also because of ignorance. This inaction can also harm others, (ie be Evil) without necessarily bringing personal benefits.

Since ignorance is a significant variable here, it is necessary for ignorance to be removed. That’s where Smoking Mirrors plays a part – to bring to light mundane matters on which there is obfuscation and deliberate misinformation.

And Visible Origami sheds light on supra-mundane matters.

Your post today is a beautiful piece, full of understanding, humility, and compassion, but unflinching as a search-light laying bare what needs to be shown up - our excuses, vanities, and complacencies - to focus on eternal verities.
Though in Donne’s context this, below, might have had different connotations, his meditation hold truths which you are giving voice to, recognizing the continent, the main, the Single Ground of all.

“No man is an island entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main; if a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well as if a promontory were, as well as any manner of thy friends or of thine own were; any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind. And therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” John Donne

Barney said...

Thanks Les. I needed that. Like most, I do enjoy what appears as a much needed downfall or the prospect thereof. Thanks for reminding me that I should become a better person.

Where wrongdoers are concerned, I've often wondered how this fits in with Karma, whether one person has to perform evil in this plane in order to inflict a punishment on somebody who offended last time he (or she) was here.

It's a difficult one, and should not be used to say "he deserved it" of a seemingly innocent victime because we can never be sure. It may be Karmic punishment, but it may not.

All we can do is follow our consciences, try to avoid doing what we know to be wrong and protect those who appear to be innocent from those who would harm them.

We don't know why we're here, and we're not allowed to know too much of what it's all about, so all we can do is whatever seems like the right thing and act as if we really believe that this world is all there is, even though it couldn't possibly be true.

Life, the universe and everything would mean nothing if this brief visit really was all there is.

Unknown said...

gurnygob said...
you misunderstand the role ofjesus .
from the human level sure we think we see evil.

jesua said i of my self can do nothing the father witin he doeth the works

jesus highest healing was not healing but seeing the real , He would refuse to acknoweldge the evil.. unto the pure all things are pure but to those deflied (human) is nothing pure

a closer study of the teaching of jesus will show that he grew from grace to grace .

and at the highest level of conscesness the master saw no evil,

he walked among them being the father within those who entered into his atmosphere were healed ,, or to be precise they were never sick . but finally were in a position to see them selves as they really were .

we misunderstand the message of jesus as it has been profoundly corrupted

HIs message was to go within .. their find the godhood.. and the seeming of earths dream would melt like the morning dew . \
much ado about nothing lol

pick up your bed of earthly beliefs and walk.

i know perfectly well the scriptures of the earthly church chapter and verse

your lifes work is to find what jesus really was teaching . and do not depend on the local preacher

read what is presented here on visible .. read between the lines .. he is saying precisely this

Visible said...

"if thine eye be single"

sandcat said...

Yes, Les, we are all inseperably part of the same evolving consciousness - they are learning their karmic lessons publicly, so that we, (by observing the Great Rebalancing being played out), can learn too, and be spared the possibility of falling into such a vile pit of darkness in this life or any other.
Looked at in that light, gratitude and compassion is in order.

Anonymous said...

Lets all step back and get a grip on ourselves. To a certain extent we are meant to judge. You need to display a certain sense of discrimination. Should you drink a glass of grape juice or a glass of human blood from a ceremony. Do you sprinkle salt on your salads or depleted uranium.

The molestation in the church results more from homosexuality than celibacy, that is a proven fact. the same boy in Brooklyn that was tearing the skins of newborns with his teeth is well represented in the higher echelons of the vatican also, undercover of course.

I would advise not to buy a used car from someone who takes the Kol Nidre oath every year or pay much attention to their advice.

It is my own personal opinion that some are not human or have a soul, they must be from some demonic spiritual kingdom of entities.(lucifer's legions) but I digress. It will be up to higher authority than me to dish out what they have coming and yeah I am looking forward to it.

Let's not get so carried away and sheepish that we lay our own heads on the chopping block for the guillotine. That is why they call some people sheeple I guess. It is also the exact frame of mind the council of Nicea was set up to embellish.

I don't need organ stealing, demonic sacrifice and wholesale wars of slaughter to help me see evil. I think I know good from bad without all the help.

I can't agree that the roman church has been anything but a smoke and mirror operation cooked up at Nicea to cover the killing of the Rishis there and misguide the people.

What Jesus said anyway is far different than what has been presented as ancient texts coming to light now demonstrate. Busting up temples with a bull whip is not exactly turning the other cheek and it was a form of judging and displayed a warrior type mentality. Advice to sell your cloak and buy a sword is more of the same and for some reason that particular advice was not deleted. Even the best make a mistake here and there.

Going on the stump under threat of duress and crucifixion was also. It is just too hard a road to travel for most of us.

Lucifer may turn into an angel of light at the last minute but he is still going to pay the piper. There are no free lunches.

gurnygob said...

"if thine eye be single"

Linda, you did not answer my question. Who is shakespear?


Visible said...


Krishna clearly explains to Arjuna the why and the wherefore of having to go to battle against his relatives and sundry. The state of mind is clear. So... (grin) what I mean (and speaking only for myself) is that one who is fixed in the infinite, while moving, may bless and slay with every step but... it's just business, nothing personal. It's personalizing it that can take a toll.

It's personalizing otherness; those parts of ourselves performing in the role of the despised that can lead to our suiting up for the same in wardrobe... etc.

Anonymous said...

Blind stumbling and naked in the dark'
I've been there and am still there.
But as you so profoundly illustrate anything is possible and possible for any of us.
Take the *TRUTH* to em Les.
And may the Great God above below and always present guide and inspire you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Les -

I will go back to something my grandfather told me when I was going through catechism; "Two things boy - two things about your inner spirit to think on. One is that Jesus spent no time in church except to toss out the money lenders. Two - you want to be happy, then make a serious practive of forgiveness each day. Start with yourself, and then let it spread to everyone who irritated you or wronged you, because they are you."

He died in 1980 - at ripe age of 92. He rarely spoke ill of anyone, and he was missed dearly by many people I never even met when he passed.

To materialism - find me a headstone with an epitaph of "Here lies John Doe - He had Lots of Money and Stuff". Let me know when you find one of those - I have yet to discover one.

So what is important...hmmmm....

Keep the Faith

Jim in Houston

Joseph Alexander said...

Should we condemn a child because he is crawling instead of walking or demean a student who only understands arithmetic and not calculus. Should we gloat over the failure of the churches tragic situation. Who knows how the cards will be dealt in the future to reward each unconscious act. Maybe those who decimate others will become the decimated experiencing the results of their actions. Are the American pilots that dropped DU weapons being born into Iraq families with monstrous cancers worse than a distorted Halloween mask. Could the Jewish soldier become the Palestine child to be innocently killed with the same ferocity that was developed in his mind before ? What if those scientist and politicians , soldiers involved in the Manhattan project , that dropped “Little Boy “ on Hiroshima resulting in eventually 200,000 dead are now trapped in their own mind game of power and death until they understand that all such destructive actions . Every mind pattern has strings attached that pull us into situations to become totally aware of the truth and consequences Like some cosmic violin we are be played in harmony and in discordance by unseen universal players unable to hear the music of the karmic spheres.

But really all I know is very simple , whatever you give out comes back to you , If you want love you give love , If you want a fight give out anger , If you desire money give it away , You will be judged with the same insight that you judge others, so be careful The conscious universe will simply multiply your desires and return them tenfold ,especially now . Especially instantly.

Scissortale said...

Christ said to pray for your enemies, which is a very hard thing for most to do. And we should pray that they be enlightened, not electrocuted.

Christ also said that to hate was to murder. Again, it's terribly hard not to hate those who purposely offend or act to harm or destroy the innocent, but for us to obtain a more perfect spirit our anger must be put away. Vengeance in thought or deed only serves to hurt one's self.

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

Talking About MagogkeNazi Nation.

Unknown said...

gurnygob said

who was shakespear ?

does it matter lol

eye be single ... the father and I are one , not the father and jesus,, but the I of the father and the I of the christ ,

I am the way ,, not jesus but the inner truth ,

inner truth and unner truth are one... 5 is 5 .. how ever you slice it,

be ye perfect.. as the father and the I are perfect

the I is perfect and the I is perfect 5=5 .

God the I is all..

because the I is all as God is all.. then what else is their .

but a dream. a no thing ..

the purpose of life ,, is to find the "I" all other things are distractions and the evil one ,, even the good if it does not take us to the "I"

the devil is the mind dreaming up stuff we think is real ..

jusge not that you be not judge. if you judge another to be human you also will be human .

Unknown said...


and if you want to be judged a human judge others as human .

judge not that thou not be judged .

love your neighbor as your self .. as your very "I" your neighber sans the judgement of human is your very self / my neighbor and I are one .

their is only the ONE ,,

see how we are fooled into thinking and seeing many ,

we are judging what we see as real and it comes back to us . Look up look up the kingdom of God is within .. take off your shoes of judgement ,, the ground you stand on is heaven

m_astera said...

In my comment on evil, I was not trying to define selfishness, sin, or judgment, nor quoting anyone.

Les wrote "I do not know what evil is exactly" and then gave some interpretations, his perceptions. This is my perception of evil:

"causing or allowing harm to come to another in order to benefit one's self"

I omitted an important first word in my late-night post, though: "knowingly".

By that definition, standing by and not helping when someone is in need is not evil if there is no benefit, no gain for me in doing nothing. Perhaps I would avoid hassle or expense of energy, but is that the same as knowingly causing or allowing harm to come to another in order to benefit myself? No.

Allowing someone to be robbed because I will get a share of the spoils does fit the definition, therefore it applies to many politicians, bankers, and businesses, small and large. It also applies to citizens who vote to approve oppressive taxes and levies from which they stand to benefit. I would say it applies to most government employees and almost all police, judges, and lawyers.

It applies to anyone who takes a paycheck from an arms manufacturer that sells weapons of war.

Investing in the stock of a corporation that offshores my neighbors' jobs, putting them into poverty and homelessness, so that I can gain from the increased profits and stock prices, that fits the definition.

Knowingly buying or selling sweatshop products produced by slave and prison labor because they are cheap and leave more money for me, that fits the definition too.

So-called "Israel" fits the definition perfectly and has from its inception.

Simply doing nothing to change things does not, unless I personally stand to benefit by doing nothing.

I am quite a selfish person; I put my own satisfaction in my life first. As long as I am not causing or allowing harm to come to another and benefiting thereby, that is not evil by my definition.

There must be a personal benefit to be gained, that comes at the price of harm to another, and one must do or allow that knowingly; that is evil.

Perhaps it could be refined a bit, but it's what I have for now.

ZenHG said...

I can understand that point of view myself...
It is only obvious we must descriminate, but to get a handle on such things and lead them, not be lead by them.
Judgements are neither good nor bad, they are how we seem to navigate.

What do you do when you see a homeless man on the side of the road?
Do you tell him to get a job by instinct? How do you know he hasn't already been looking for a job? Have you walked a mile in his shoes?
I have, and most places will not even bother.

Judgements should be informed, in that instance they are mindful, they are no longer ignorant.

Unknown said...

friend as long as you see a poor man on the rode .. you have judged ,

the higher consciousness does not see the poor man . who doth he see ,, thou art the christ ,, the son of the living god .

and the poor man saw\was his real nature and being . and the judge (you) provided a new view of the screen of reality called a miricle to the discerning as the man was never poor .

it was the judger who was poor in thought... or spirit

my thoughts are not your thoughts or my way your way . lift your silence to heaven. hear the voice within . take up your human dream look through it .. see truth ,,

all these equvocations either the father is One or he is not .

McKenna Fan said...


I was all like- This whole "beware the schadenfreude" thing totally doesn`t apply to me...

But then I saw the trouble Steven Seagal is in, and I was almost beside myself with glee!!!


I guess you were right after all.


Anonymous said...

From my own observations over the years I have noticed there is a tendency for some equate calling a spade a spade as somehow being equated with one consumed with hate and judgement. It is a perception that almost seems cultivated.

Taken to the extreme it gives the impression there are some who would be willing to stick their face into a buzz saw to demonstrate they are one with the buzz saw and all creation. This idea of judging someone or something should be separated from clear minded discernment.

The confusion seems to be well sown into psyche of the greater body of religionists at least from where I stand.

There are many opinions but I have noticed a predominant one which seems to be that since the creator is light and the finite world of matter is an extension of it, we automatically escape all delusion upon death and merge with the infinite. Yes we all return to the spirit world but remember (my father's house has many mansions.)

Some say there is no Lucifer and to believe such you pretty much have to believe there is no Michael, Gabriel, Rafael, Uriel or other angelic beings. Taken further maybe no lord of the universe, only matter and spirit. I beg to differ with this concept and most every religion on this planet does also as these spiritual beings exist in all of them. From Buddhism, Islam, Sufi, Christianity, Zorostrianism and many more.

It is believed by the Hindus they constantly reincarnate among them and that is why there is such a confusing mix of Hindu Gods so to speak.

The native Americans alos believe something similar. When Sitting bull performed the sun ceremony he cut 49 slashes on his arm to represent the 49 sons of the thunder God when he was asking for a vision to see exactly where the calvary was located. He received a correct vision also I might add.

When the clash with Custer was imminent and Crazy Horse indicated "today is a good day to die" he also said he was one of the 49 sons of the Thunder God and he would go to meet him. It is interesting that the Sumerian texts also mention the lord of the universe came to earth with 49 sons and 49 daughters. Make of it what you will.

They also believed in inherently evil spirits and wished to avoid them. A concept of the evil eye so to speak and their jewelry is even designed to protect them from it.

So yes I do believe there is a spiritual being called Lucifer and George Bush does also. When he was sworn in he repeated the phrase, "the angel still rides in the whirl-a-wind.

I will have to agree with him it sure as hell does.

Anonymous said...

Salam Les,

Men are made for women and women are made for men. If we are trying to be too smart and go against Nature (God’s Law – having sex with the opposite sex is natural) we are only being unfair to ourselves.

However The Almighty is also known as Al-Ghafur – Most Forgiving, At-Tawwab – The Accepter of Repentance. Anytime we take a step towards Him, He would run to us. The main point is being true to ourselves. It is not easy, but it is also not difficult.

“that one of the definitions of the divine is, truth” – Agreed very very much Les. One of Almighty’ s characteristic is AL-HAQQ – THE TRUTH! When TRUTH appears, Falsity evaporates. Look at all the lies upon lies of the mainstream media trying their best to fry us in their sh.t. TRUTH STANDS TALL ETERNALLY, LIES CRUMBLE EVENTUALLY. Sadly, there are still some who refuse to face the Truth. To them Truth is bright blinking light that would blind them, afraid to even take a peep. Poor thing.

“One of the greatest wisdoms is to seek the criticism of the divine.” When we are true to ourselves, The Divine would always be there to pinpoint our mistakes. He is full of Love and Mercy. We should not judge others because we are not Almighty who is Al-Aleem – All Knowing. We could never know what is the end story of a person. As long he or she is still breathing and sane, he or she has the chance to return to the Embrace of the Almighty.

Salam (Peace)
Nur Ilahi (Light of My God)
South East Asia.

ali said...

This sermon should be preached from every pulpit of every church in America. Les, you do more each essay to express true Christianity than most "christian" writers of late.
It's not often that I see someone drawn to the Divine as you are. It's humbling and heartening. You may poo-poo it, but the facts stand. God is calling you.
The only "realized master" is the man, Jesus Christ. It's only a matter of God's timing as to when you will realise that He is the Master, the One you write so eloquently about, the One full of mercy and truth.
Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the light." Read your own essay, Les. Keep reading the Book, avoid science so called and for goodness sake, stay out of "churches".
God bless you, Les, for all that God is doing thru you.

Anonymous said...

Im sure Willie Nelson made a lot of new friends in the Teabagger movement, being on the Larry King show Friday night. He says he smoked marijuana before coming on the show and then later he says he doesn't believe the "official story" about 9-11 and believes all three buildings were imploded from within, but wouldn't go into 'who dunnit' on the show.
WV: Quentin

m_astera said...

Calling a thief a thief, or a liar a liar, is no more a judgment than calling a carpenter a carpenter.

To say (or think) that a thief or a liar or a carpenter is a bad thing to be, that is a judgment.

Anonymous said...

Logic 101
I think some of the misunderstanding here was sown by Constantine. I suppose you could call it the turn the other cheek mentality. If we abandon all judgement, in effect our personalities turn to mush and we can no longer make decisions.

Of course it is always best to concentrate on getting our own house in order. Nobody would disagree with this I don't think.

What would we call the bulldozer driver who ran over Rachel Corrie? Would you step out in front of his bulldozer? If not you have probably made a judgement that he is a murdering psychopath, and quite aptly I might add.

If you don't like things like that then you might want to make a judgement call and decide maybe you won't vote for politicians who condone this type activity. Use judgement.

Judgement is somewhat like an opinion. Everyone has an opinion. Some are true and some are not. For instance a group of people may gather and one person has an opinion that two and two equal five. Another person may decide that three plus one equals five. These are opinions. Another person may decide that three and two equals five. This is not an opinion, it is a fact, it is the truth. It is a correct judgement at least as far as our number system can corroborate.

I wouldn't get so carried away over a phrase cooked up by Constantine at the council of Nicea attributes to Jesus, which we don't know if it is true or not and allow my brain to turn to mush.

There are already too many people working towards that end anyway, why help them?

Visible said...

Greetings all;

I've been getting a number of emails about where am I because I haven't posted anything for a couple of days. I had to take care of something and I should be back shortly; not to worry.

I'll put this at all the blogs in case I miss anyone.

Visible said...

There's a new Smoking Mirrors up now-

Whatever may Happen, Everything's Under Control.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Les.

As often is the case upon reading your thoughts my heart soars like an eagle, to use an American Indian saying.

Your last sentence concerns me.

"We must have a guide and the most important work you will ever engage in is to sincerely seek the favor of such a one who represents the mind and the will of the divine."

How does one know who represents the mind and the will of the divine?

Why not seek to understand and listen to God directly by internal quieting, prayer/meditation, and sincere desire?

Why the need for a middle man? Or did I misunderstand?

Many thanks for your great writings.


Visible said...

There is a new Reflections in a Petri Dish entry up now-

Blood and Semen; The Movie.

Burnie said...

I’ve said enough.

You said it well. Just stopped by to say I read your posts, don't comment much. I just had a conversation about this. That german word rears its head in my life on occasion I must say.

I have a thought about the concept of loving those who destroy. It occured to me that by loving them I am really killing them. By this I mean that the hubris and hate they engender in me is killed and I evict them from my rental unit of mind. Their power is taken away, and that space is filled with something far more beautiful.
I am human after all and subject to backsliding, but this shit really works. Thanks for the writing you say so many things I identify with we might be brothers, as in fact we are.

Visible said...

The Buddha once said something like; "show compassion to your enemies, it heaps coals of fire upon their heads."

So you are correct; not that that is the intent, merely the result.

What resonates implies kinship so, yes. we are brothers.

Anonymous said...

I am somewhat the outcast over here.

"Saints must do what they do by a special grace, the rest of us heathen must wield the sword of justice.........Sir Lancelot"

Just kidding Les trying to keep it light.

Visible said...

After tonight's radio at feet to the fire at 7:00 I will be back 45 minutes later at 8:00 for an interview that James has been wanting to set up for awhile. See you there.

Shubhi Singh said...

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