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Riding in the Back of the Universe's Long Black Limousine.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

The relentless hammering has backed off a tad and I thought I would share some of the circumstances and- for the moment- solutions. I had tried various chants and other practices, hoping they would counteract the powerful crosswinds that have appeared in my mind. I’ve never seen anything like this before and it’s been unsettling and even scary at times. I finally had to back off on all chants as they appeared to be stirring up the sediment at the bottom of the pool.

I decided not to do anything for awhile and that’s been working... heh heh. It’s the reverse of what would happen in the past. In the past, practicing certain spiritual disciplines actually provided a vibrational shield. Now, it seems that the only thing that works is a constant emptying out of anything that comes in, combined with a sinking down into being and simply being aware.

As you can see from the course of world events, there are major cracks appearing in the egg of manufactured and enclosed hallucination. The dime store magicians that have been herding humanity into greater fear and uncertainty are losing their power and their grip. Their reaction has been to turn up the force of the chatter and the visuals. In the meantime people are coming awake in their cocoons and some of them are even crawling out of these mummy bags and walking around; albeit a little unsteadily.

Some time ago I was made aware that the Apocalypse is a very real and natural condition that repeats in human affairs at intervals of necessity. I began to mention this phenomenon and now... it’s possible to see it at work in nearly every following day. The awakening is real. What is also real is an opposing current that seems to want to suck the consciousness down into any available drain for the purpose of further encapsulation. Someone is trying to put the sleeping cat back in the bag. It’s not so easy with the cat awake. The cat does not want to stay in the bag.

Speaking for myself, it appears that this opposing current is tailored to find weak spots in the individual psyche. In my own case, it hits on garbage states from the past without trying to attempt anything new. There’s nothing new in the trapdoors and blind alleys. It’s all things I’ve seen and been impaired by before. At the moment, there’s stabilization in place and one hopes that will continue as well as to anchor more firmly.

Very strange things are happening with visitors to these sites as well. People who appeared to be greatly opposed to this writer have done one eighties. Authors from other blogs that are far more virulent and xenophobic have been screeching at me for not operating within parameters more like their own. Smoking Mirrors and, possibly, Petri Dish have been made unavailable for access from certain locations because, allegedly, the blogs violate certain standards. I’m comforted to know this and hope I can continue to violate these standards at every opportunity.

Operating the blogs has become an exercise in patience and ingenuity even to get the information published. You have no idea and there’s no point in listing the workarounds that present themselves every day.

A contributor from the Hare Krishna organization had been posting some wonderful comments at stream-of-consciousness blog at the Hare Krishna poem. I was really enjoying the vignettes and other contributions. Then, last week, he went off on me for publishing a negative comment and said he was leaving and that was that. I’m unaware of what comment he was talking about and I just don’t have the time to monitor and track everything down. I can’t get other important things (well... I think they’re important) done as it is.

This is the second time I’ve had problems with these people. It’s not like I’m a member or we had some kind of understanding. I print negative things about myself too. I can’t make exceptions like this. It looks like people are feeling jumped and getting jazzed at the least provocation. There’s got to be a lot of tension in the air. I’m in the wilderness so I can only speculate what it must be like in more crowded zones.

People, all I can think is that this is meant to toughen- or soften- us. We’re being tempered or tenderized and I don’t know which it is. It seems that the best defense is an increasing objectivity and a willingness not to let the reactive mind run the show. Our reactiveness is what is making us vulnerable to lower emotions and we need to rise above or sink below this. It appears we might be involved in a Space Invaders scenario in our minds. Incoming! (grin) We can’t afford to lose our good nature and our sense of humor.

For myself, I am trying to see these situations as people lashing out due to internal distress. They don’t mean to but the pain and discomfort activates the reactive mind. If there is one consideration I would like to convey here, it is to observe the reactive mind and think of it as a nervous horse; a skittish horse who starts at the slightest sound or appearance. The reins have to be firmly in hand and there has to be a conscious witness who can transmit a soothing temper to the horse.

We see where people and groups are combusting due to intolerable pressure; be it psychic, financial, environmental or any other cause. Whole nations are rising up in a collective anger and rejection at what they have endured for so long and which has been intensifying as well. The white water has increased which means the currents have ramped up and it also makes the rocks harder to see. Time has been speeding up and that makes things looks like they are happening faster too. However, ‘we’ don’t have to happen faster. We can actually slow down if we can get control of the reactive mind.

I see this as the major impairment and difficulty; the reactive mind. The only control we have over the outer world is the control we can exercise on our inner world. That inner world is contained in our minds. In a curious way, the outer world is too. Everything is made out of mind stuff and those who can control the mindstuff can control their situation whatever it may be. Those who are manipulating the mindstuff are some pretty negative beings and they are about to be rendered into the cosmic version of processed cheese. They don’t have to be but they just can’t help themselves. Their acquisitive and controlling nature has got the best of them so they are going to have to ‘be acquired’ and controlled.

It’s not like the cosmos wants to make flaming rat shit out of people. They insist upon it. They insist on their right to screw you over and, following that, themselves as well. They have got it into their heads that they can damn well do anything they want to do because they have the uniforms and the guns and then there are the ones who are too frightened to fight and who have found safety in controlling those with the uniforms and guns.

These people are going increasingly mad and suicidal. Your job is to stay out of their company and their way, until they succeed in destroying themselves, to the benefit of the planet and all life upon it. They’ve tortured, terrorized, imprisoned and murdered for such a long time now that it’s not different than getting up and going to work in the morning. Of course their workplace has been changing without their notice and eventually it’s going to reflect the sort of things they get up to with only them, their associates and a few special guests present.

We have to see them and not see them. We have to have compassion for the state they have put themselves into and what is to become their destiny, courtesy of the cosmic reactive mind known as Karma. I know it’s tough to watch them pave the roads to Hell with bad intentions but it will probably be better for you to spend more time with your Bonsais or tropical fish; whathaveyou. It’s always been going on like this. It just gets more routine or more unpredictable at times. Pull your head back into your shell and just wait by the side of the road until the funeral procession has gone by.

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Visible said...

I got a Facebook message today from a lady who works at the Australian embassy. She says that Smoking Mirrors is prohibited there now because of 'insert meaningless jabber here'. I'm guessing it's been my comments on Zionism and psychopathic Rothschildlandian behavior; like it could be anything else.

Pstonie said...

And I believe this is what was referred to as "the path" or "the way" in some of the earlier halfpasthuman reports. To enjoy the mist of the tumultuous passing river without being taken down the waterfall by its current. Or, if you will, to play Frogger with reality. Its a lot easier to attempt to understand the flow of the river and exploit it than it would be to try and manipulate it.

People are trying to change each other, but I think we can only change ourselves. I have no doubt that there are more difficult times ahead for all of us and for me personally, but for the time being I think it's important to sit back and enjoy the mist and the sound of this metaphorical passing river.

paolocaruso said...

Yes Les, Tenderized and tempered.

The only reason I even watch FOX News is out of bizarre curiosity. A group of geeky looking guys mimmicked by their whory looking female cohosts.

The other day, I turned on to this dweeb reporting that 23 Arabs were moving through Mexico on their way to attack a small Texas town. Fox has listed all 23 Moslem names.

Not quite an Orson Welles War of the world scare, but I'm sure FOX had a few retirees crapping in their depends.

How is it Fox gets such information?? Wouldn't the CIA, FBI and whoever keep this confidential? Wouldnt any of these 23 "terrorists" be watching Fox news and be tipped off.
This was the most outragious reporting I have seen in a awhile.

Anonymous said...

It is good to hear your head aches are better. When I was very young I read a book by Gopi Krishna and the raising of Kundalini. He described head aches, thought he was going insane and so forth. The process was much like what you describe, a virtual rewiring of the brain.

When I was young and involved in Divine Light Mission , nobody spoke very highly of the Hare Krishnas. Not to be negative but I view them as an easter version of Oral Roberts or something similar. I hate to be negative but that is the way I see it. So I wouldn't worry too much about what they think. They have about as much credibility with me as Sun Moon.

I agree with you the shake ups here are a recurring cosmic event. It is inevitable. The royal planet makes an appearance every 3600 years like clock work and things begin again. The demons of control-R-Us have usually managed to to make life pretty cheap by then anyway.

I don't think the experiment here was designed to reach other planets and branch into the solar system. Could you imagine this mad hatter show being taken into space? I think that was why the tower of babel was stopped. They wanted to make a shem, fiery rocket, and branch out into space.

You have already performed a great service to people here who have read it for awhile. If the blog is blocked tomorrow at least people know what to expect when things grow more bizarre and they will, this we can count on.

As we look around we can see the frequency of great earthquakes are increasing and moving into places where this activity is unusual.

Keep your integrity and keep the faith.

Anonymous said...

'They' could control our livelihood, they could destriy our countries, they could bomb our land, they could kill our people, they could murder our pregnant women, they could rape our sisters, they could torture our men, sniped our children, but they could not and would never ever subdue our faith in The Almighty.

Anything physical they could take away, but not our faith, our trust, our Love of God. As long as we nurture this feeling of loved and being loved by God, InshaAllah - God Willing, we will stay strong spiritually. After all, this world had been present many many times more than us. If they want this world to themselves, by all means, take it.

This world is Paradise for the Unbelievers, but hell for the Believers.

May the Force be with You and Us.

CarissaC. said...

Hi Les,

My unsolicited two cents: People pop their tops and lash out at others when the forces that operate the fabric of reality know that it's going to get a reaction and have some sort of effect on the target. When you lose the reaction, and you stop caring about people's bruised egos, then amazingly it seems to stop. "Stuff" knows their schtick won't work anymore, and they have to give it up and find somebody else to lay the guilt trips and verbal/written beatings and emotional manipulation on.

I've been reading back through all the old Visible Origamis and so many times I see where you mention somebody lashing out at you, and then your bewildered reaction, and I find myself wanting to say "No! Don't do it! Don't give it the time of day! When you respond like that it shows 'stuff' that you can be a target, that their provocations will have a reaction!" But alas, those blog entries are from awhile ago, so it's too late for my input. :D

I have my own website and I used to post extensively on messageboards, so I know how it can be with people and their bruised egos and the idea of "You can't please everybody, and somebody somewhere is always going to be unhappy with something you say." My reaction has been, Tough Cookies if you don't like what I have to say. :D Seriously, if you don't like my website, change the channel. If you don't like my posts, don't read them. And if you find yourself getting miffed and offended by something I said.....then take responsibility for your reactions. Because the only person who can "make" us feel something is us. We're all responsibible for our own reactions and behaviors.

Needless to say, this doesn't usually go over too well with people. People tend to still have a pretty infantile mindset, one that not only does not like to take personal responsibility, but also expects the whole world to conform to them. They don't want to change themselves, they want everybody to work around them and accomodate their ego's needs.

I agree though that these times are inflaming the situation. Pressure is on for a lot of people, and so maybe we're seeing an even bigger degree of immature reactions and people lashing out.

Anyway, I really dig your blogs. I wish people would grow up though and understand that everybody is allowed to be on their own path and to have their own points of view. This goes for those who would criticize you discussing the use of mind altering substances, or your views on various religious beliefs and your political opinions. Everybody's entitled to their views, opinions, beliefs and personal path. Wish more people could grow up and understand that. I take a more radical viewpoint from many in that I do seriously wonder how "real" many of these immature, antagonistic naysayers actually are though. I think I saw you mention in an older posting that only about 30% of people are actual human souls. The rest being comprised of animal and alien souls. This meshes with what my own research has revealed (in fact I was once given that specific percentage figure of "30% real humans" back in 2001, so I really sat up and took notice of you saying the same thing...) so it's something to keep in mind when dealing with loopy, unreasonable antagonists. Are they really what we think they are? Probably not. So wave them off and keep going. :)

And yes, anybody who dares discuss Israel and Zionism will be banned. Henry Makow's site, which delves heavily into the NWO, the feminism agenda and Zionism/Israel/the Rothschilds is banned on "Websense" with the label "Racism and Hate."

SUZANNE said...


The above is a message from my cat. I think her keyboard wanderings make more sense than all the stuff that comes out of government offices.

For no reason this week, two of my neighbours have become clearly unbalanced and behaved towards me like four year olds having a serious temper trantrum. Unbelievable and bizarre to witness.
Serious madness popping up everywhere.
Thanks for another marvellous blog.

Anonymous said...

Les - think you are right about the tenderizing. I think that it's part of forcing peoples cat out of their coccooning bag. The tide of non-MSM and non-Rothschildian voices is rising - both in amplitude and frequency. Many people are so bound up in this stuff - it's almost like the movie 'The Matrix', where you have to force people to wake up and truly see the world around them as it is.

I think this is all part of the circle - and you are right about the whole Apocalypse thing. This is like pressing the 'reset' button, and then hoping we can buuild on what is left and what the elder of us have learned during this chaos.

I think for me, since this has been going on since well before the Millenium change, it is sometimes harder to be patient and let time catch up. I think the new reality is starting to coalesce in many, and they are not liking the look over their shoulder at where they were. They are angry at themselves, and they have yet to realize this. Initially there will be blaming others for leading them down a path - but they allowed themselves to be led. In the end this will fall out of their consciousness and they will have to deal with it.

I think you having to go to emptiness is not abnormal - it is part of waiting for unfolding. And this is the hard part - you know it is coming, but not the details... and patience to allow the change is hard to come by! Just be careful of what you allow to fill in the emptiness.

Keep the Faith...

Jim in Houston

abe said...

Your words hit me hard Les. But it's all true, we cannot let our opposition to these inhumane people dehumanize us in the process, then we willingly give them a win-win scenario. Had my Native and Meso American forefathers not been so busy sowing violence and competition amongst themselves- I feel they might have stood up better to the competition and violence of those who came to displace them. It's a lesson that is easy to learn, but very hard to accept.

"That inner world is contained in our minds. In a curious way, the outer world is too. Everything is made out of mind stuff and those who can control the mindstuff can control their situation whatever it may be."

I never want to come off as one who seems to know it all or have it all figured out- so I just wanted to let you and the commenters know just how much I learn from this community. Thanks.

ZenHG said...

These are interesting times, as time itself often goes.
I can't think of anyone who did not think the times in which they lived were interesting.

Some things have been happening with me as of late as well.
Some would equate them with negative, but I honestly think they are more trials.
We all have our trial periods in preparation for the main event.

Anonymous said...

Les thanks youre on it!

"We’re being tempered or tenderized and I don’t know which it is. It seems that the best defense is an increasing objectivity and a willingness not to let the reactive mind run the show" Yes

"I see this as the major impairment and difficulty; the reactive mind. The only control we have over the outer world is the control we can exercise on our inner world." Yes

I have to agree and thank you for your time and will on this blog and the rest. Its wonderful to see circles and you have come full circle many times, but youve nailed it today! Im happy for you and all that really care about your work! Say the chant thing is of some interest to me? I say chanting is to create a certain engery or vibe, not to counter stuff? Its like making a kinda doorway for different feelings and forces? Its acting not reacting?

Its one thing to see events but a whole nother to react to them, and thats where the shit hits the road. I say its far better to just look then push along crapy ideas and lifestyles. At some point youll have to get a no before a yes out of people and thats not all healthy? I can say no but shouldnt give others any reason to say no too, thats there deal.
Like I been saying for a year now, what the powers that be want, they have to say, to you, and you have to say yes Ill do that or what not. Its not them affecting the world, it you willing asking for it? Great point today Les.

Youve got my vote!

The Fool

Jamo said...

A sure sign of crazy energies inhabiting our world, a buddy of mine who grew up with hippies who now refers to them as "ayureveda freaks" is feeling the change in energy and coming paradigm shift. Holy fuck the unbelievers believing! One day many people who read these posts will be united so we can talk about the stagnant bad old days haha

Joe Bloggs said...

Ankh on in there, Les - &wheel givya a deal you can re fuse

long john said...

I would like to share a few things about the hare krsna poster that Les mentioned, and the krsna devotees in general.

I feel entitled to comment upon them because, as it so happens, I have had a great deal of contact and association with them and that was over many decades and many locations. I have known many of their long-time adherents, some of whom were leaders in the Iskcon org hierarchy. I am speaking here mainly abpout Iskcon devotees (who follow in the line of Prabhupada) but also some of the other but similar branches.

I have a few brief initial comments to post here, but I will also post another follow-up comment in a day or so. Thats because I haven't actually read the comments that Les has referred to over at his Stream of Consciousness blog under the Hare Krishna poem. I will do that tonite and then add a few more things here afterwards.

So for now, let me say that imo(and in my over-all experience) 'most' Hare Krsna devotees are typically very narrow-minded and quite dogmatic. Some are more rigid and fanatical than others, and some are easy-going. But almost all of them get weird and reactive if one does not completely accept and agree with their authoritarian belief system.

Typically, they will usually say something to the effect that, anyone who makes any (even a slight or intelligent0 criticism of either the Iskcon org, or Prahbhupada, or even any lowly devotee... as being "Gita haters", or "Krishna envy", or "nonsense slurs against Srila Prabhupada the pure devotee", etc etc etc.

This is one of the marks symptoms of extreme cultism and dogma. In their holier-than-thou mentality and authoritarianism, no one can question the guru or the shastra. Anyone who thinks for themselves is denounced as a heretic, an agent of maya, a 'karmi" (a fruitive worker), or a fallen and degraded soul.

So you see that is how such a closed belief system is maintained and re-inforced, and how the cults authoritarian leaders maintain power and control over lesser devotees. It is a very insidious and demeaning situation.

They (the formal Krsna devotees) are unable to tolerate anyone who questions any aspect of their belief system or their guru, especially Prabhupada.

There are also many good aspects of bhakti yoga and vaishnavism. But in way too many cases, the negative aspects (only a few of which I have mentioned so far) outweigh the postive. That is why Iskcon (and also some Krsna devotees) have been involved in physical and sexual abuses, money & material corruption, drug & alcohol abuse, and even outright murder. Chanting the name of Krsna apparently did not prevent such sick behavior.

They evade this fact by saying: "I simply will not expose myself to any vileness directed towards Lord Krishna and His devotees if I can avoid it".

Anyway, I will post a bit more later after I read all of the comments in question that Les referred to over on his other blog (Stream of Consc.)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about your blog being blocked in work places such as embassies. People who want to, will seek out your site when they go home, so no worries.

They are self destructing, as evidenced by a story of how psychologists have determined anger is a mental disease. Well if that's the case I can from my own blog, link that story with numerous youtube links showing police and politicians acting angry.

They are definately in self detstruct mode when things like that can be thrown right back at them with little effort.

There has been a definate increase in TPTB torpedoing themselves, wether it be politics, bankers, religion, corporations.

Like you say...stay out of the way, sit back, and watch the show.

That's what I am doing.

McKenna Fan said...

Things are going really well, here.

People have moved away from me lately on a few occasions- trains, restaurants, workplace -and I now see that it`s a good thing. Out demons! Begone! :)

People I like are growing closer to me.

The ignorant are effortlessly ignored.

As they say- "And a good time was had by all."

Ben There said...

"It's not like the cosmos wants to make flaming ratshit out of people."

Yet another bad ass, genius, hilarious, and poignant line from Mr. Visible.

nina said...

How much of this is a result, if any, of chemical disbursement over huge bodies of land, day and night relentlessly for at least a two decades or more?
What is in those chemtrails anyway? Word is Barium and Aluminum, Aluminum is a proven cause of Alzheimers, and we all ate food from almuninum cookware as children, and Barium ... used for medical testing because it lights up your insides so the physicians can have a front row seat on your disorder. Barium could make us glow in the dark, or perhaps, worse, show up on a monitor in a drone with instantaneous imaging transfer to some gamer in camis joystickin' in Nevada. Got that? Crazy things happening globally as we show up in world of warcraft? Forget traffic light cameras, this kind of watchlisting is the real eye in the sky.
Whatever weird things you hear of or experience, ask yourself why they are so intent on inciting crazy/violent behavior? Calm, rational people behave calmly and rationally. You cannot pull of martial law with reasonable, calm people that exhibit no threatening behaviors towards anyone or anything. But as we all know, these are not rational times. It quite similar to having abusive parents who would spray paint you in day glow and lock you in a cage at night because they are so afraid of you they must keep you in their sight at all times. Likely not coincidentally, there is no other plan for remedy coming from these parents who make up lots of reforms, none addressing even the most basic welfare of their prisoner-offspring.

Unknown said...

Well said.... Here is link to a website Les that you and your readers might find useful.

Brickhurst Blog said...

Hi Les, nice post. I finally learned to get to that silent place at will about 5 years ago and I spend most of my time there now even while I work.

People need to learn to grow food. I've set up a blog to document the process of becoming self sufficient in detail at

I wish you well.


kikz said...


due to circumstances beyond my control, i've been forced to 'call it', this morning.

i'll leave here in a short while to put our family cat of 10yrs down. he's been suffering w/terminal bone cancer of the jaw for some time now.

for months i've dealt w/his worsening condition, and against my own judgment acquiesced to my family's desire - to do nothing other than palliative care. they've been told and are saying their goodbye's. his resting place is ready.

today... i am the angel of death.

Visible said...


You have my sympathies. It's the oddest thing. I occasionally think about how this happens to all of us but I can never get a fix on it. There's something in life that doesn't allow us to stare our own mortality in the face unless it is right there.

Visible said...

I'd rework your title to 'angel of mercy' however, given the cat's condition.

kikz said...

thanks les, it's done.

surprising how many times i've been tested taday, on all fronts.

small favors... grace under pressure.

Anonymous said...

Long John I throughly agree with you. That is pretty close to my feelings on the matter. I have talked to a lot of them in airports and discussed this movement with people in ashrams.

Prabhupadac speaking in the masonic lodge in Mexico city. What else do you need to know?

Now they will try and tell you he is the guy the masons don't want you to hear blah blah because he has been accused of being linked to them. I have seen some good links on this I am not going to try and dig up.

Organizations with an eastern facade can be very alluring to people who are not familiar with it. Hinduism never mandated a strict party line like Hare Krishna. Even Ghandhi stated an atheist could be a Hindu for he to is embarked upon a search for truth.

I recall sayings attributed to Jesus employing people to pray alone in silence not chant hare Krishna in airports and espouse a doctrinaire party line.

I think you would be much better off to employ what Les always says and Jesus too I might add. Look inside, the kingdom is inside you not the airport. Yes I know I am a sarcastic sort.

m_astera said...

If I were to guess, I would guess that it was Long John's dissing of Prabhupada's version of the Buddha's mission that set the devotee off.

Now he's gone and made it worse.

As I commented in that same thread, it's time for everyone's sacred ox to be gored. Catholicism and Judaism are getting it right now but all of the religions (including science and politics) are coming around the bend like those little floating ducks at the old-time carnival booths. None will be spared, not Hinduism, Islam, Tao, Shamanism, Wicca, Physics, Democracy or Socialism. They are all just impressions from inside the prison, as seen by present and former inmates. We don't know what's outside the prison walls because no one has been there and returned to tell us. The afterlife and the various planes of existence? All within the prison walls as well.

I'm pretty sure that I don't have any sacred oxen left, but I'm paying special attention to see if I'm wrong about that.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish is up-

Lady Apocalypse is Coming into Bloom.

nina said...


And what a beautiful thing Visible said to you. We forget what it really is when its happening because we put the me in it when its not about us.
Another hug. Rest in peace Kitty.

Anonymous said...

Les -
First, a deep, sincere thank you! Thank you for putting your voice out there for the rest of us to feast upon, and a special thanks for serving "family style" and allowing such an open, free conversation at the table. Such an awesome place to come get my spiritual meal every day you post something, and these amazing like-minded souls come bearing such incredible side-dishes.

I tried a few times to post something via blogger (I even have an account), but it won't let me, so going the email route. Anyway, after Thursday's post, I went home and the first thing that I read, when I opened it at random, was Saying 57 from the Book of Thomas:
Jesus said, "The kingdom of the Father is like a person who had good seed. An enemy came at night and sowed weeds among the good seed. The farmer did not let the workers pull up the weeds, but said to them, 'I fear that you will go to pull up the weeds but will pull up the wheat along with them.' For at harvest time the weeds will be conspicuous, and will be pulled up and burned."

Seems like harvest time is fast approaching... ;)

Oh, and I haven't seen anyone else mention it yet, but your voice and writing style remind me so much of another great ex-pat, Henry Miller (for those that haven't read Colossus of Maroussi, can't think of a better book for the times).

Two brief quotes:
For a second, so it seemed, the curtain had been lifted on a world which had never really perished but which had rolled away like a cloud and was preserving itself intact, inviolate, until the day when, restored to his senses, man would summon it back to life again. In the few seconds it took him to pronounce the words I had a long glimpse down the broad avenue of man’s folly and, seeing no end to the vista, experienced a poignant feeling of distress and of sadness which was in no way connected with my own fate but with that of the species to which by accident I happen to belong. I recalled other oracular utterances I had heard in Paris, in which the present war, horrible as it is, was represented as but an item in the long catalogue of impending disasters and reversals, and I remembered the skeptical way in which these utterances were received. The world which passed away with Delphi passed away as in a sleep. It is the same now. Victory and defeat are meaningless in the light of the wheel which relentlessly revolves. We are moving into a new latitude of the soul, and a thousand years hence men will wonder at our blindness, our torpor, our supine acquiescence to an order which was doomed.

Money has been the one thing I have never had, and yet I have led a rich life and in the main a happy one. Why should I need money now – or later? When I have been desperately in need I have always found a friend. I go on the assumption that I have friends everywhere. I shall have more and more as time goes on. If I were to have money I might become careless and negligent, believing in a security which does not exist, stressing those values which are illusory and empty. I have no misgivings about the future. In the dark days to come money will be less than ever a protection against evil and suffering.

Thanks again for sharing with all of us!


kikz said...

thanks nina. and y, i appreciate les's, comments. he knows.

if only the inclusion of the 'I' would've been the other singular consideration..

the only way i got thru the day w/o literally killing multiple human 'looking' entities..... was to remb what was ultimately important, my duty to him and seeing that his exit was as calm and painless as possible.

'murphy' fought me, in open combat ystrdy.......

5 other people involved, their emotional issues, their schedules... financial constraints, lying- robber vet/assist changing the already agreed to fee while procedure in progress, obnoxious neighbor and his obnoxious dogs interrupting the burial - not once but twice, clay soil, pre-burial of squirrel parts something had half eaten and left in the yard, a pissed snake........ the general public foning/texting while driving - i had to navigate thru to get it done and get home...

and of course.. wooki.

i've looked for him a thousand times since i've been up today...

Hank said...


Your comment brings back memories of my first cat Smokey. We got her when I was 4 and she lived to be 21. I shared most of my innermost thoughts and feelings with her, and she knew me better than any human. My love of animals exceeds my ability to understand, but I love them more than people. They are always pure and true to their nature, and when you earn their love it is always without condition. My heart still breaks remembering the day we had to take Smokey. It is never easy to say goodbye to friends, but I don't think we could consider ourselves as such if we allowed our friends to suffer day after day. I feel your pain, and my heart is with you.

Les, I don't know how it is for you, but I seem to have periods of 'relative' inactivity, and then all of a sudden thoughts and feelings come in waves. I am in one of the latter periods now.

As always I keep trying to see the bigger picture. Looking for indicators and sign posts to help me handle the next big wave of life. So many things though. Natural disasters, political unrest, corporate floundering. Sometimes I get the feeling that the engine is at full throttle, but someone just stepped on the clutch.

I watched this show called 'dirty jobs', and there was this guy who collected worms for a living. He would use this vibrator on the ground to unsettle the worms who would then instinctively poke their heads out of the ground. The worms had no idea what was going on, they just knew they had to surface.

Planet earth is vibrating. Some unseen force is causing a feeling that is causing people to act in some instinctive manner. They are acting and in many cases have no idea that there is a vibration. It causes things like the tea party, where people instinctively know something is wrong, and action is needed, but they have no clue what to do. So they listen to their favorite talking head on TV, completely unaware that the talking head is also being affected by the vibration. The blind leading the blind.

Having studied human history the best I can, and from seeing the reaction to what is happening in the world by most people, I can only conclude that the human experiment has gone through periods of diminished mental capacity and is doing so now.

The periodic downfalls of human society, and it's later resurgence to an even higher level, might lead one to believe that we are being updated from time to time. There may be inherent degradation in genetic engineering, and the viability of the engineered species may require periodic tweaks.

For whatever reason, I would like to believe that some are not affected by this degradation, and I would hold up people like yourself as example, but I fear that we may be affected as well, if only to a lesser degree.

In any case, it's all just speculation on my part, and I'm not going to get fitted for a slobber cup just yet. But if the human animal is degrading, how long will it be before we are watching our blank TV screens, while gathered around the fire. Peace to all.

kikz said...

thanks so much hank...

i know.. you'll always hav smokey in your heart... and possibly that same energy/love will or has come back to you in the guise of another :)

today, i'm waiting for a return call frm my reg vet, i will tell him, and he'll care.

busy writing local reviews, and i've already found out this other vet has one closed case of 'bad' stuck on her w/in the last 36mos - w/this practice - on BBBn site. i will file a complaint shortly, w/BBB and local vet associations.

Anonymous said...

I thank George and Cliff for directing me to you. Bang on Bro. Thoroughly enjoy all you write.

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Holocaustianity and the Rape of Palestine.

Limited said...

Long John,

Unfortunately I have to agree with your observations of the so called "Devotee's" of the ISKON org. I spent a bit of time living with some of them in Australia and after about 6 months, that was it. I have never stepped foot inside an ISKON temple since. That was a good 8 or 9 years ago now. I still get a lot from Bhagavad Gita, a lot. An amazing piece of work, I especially like the Prabhupada version, although I find I do need to sift through it, as there is a bit of >>>>.

There is a quote from Bhaktivinoda Thakura who was Prabhupada's "grand master" if you like, which I feel is relevant to this situation.

"No book is without it's errors. God's revelation is absolute truth, but it is scarcely received and preserved in it's natural purity. We have been advised in the 14th chapter of the 11th Skandha of the Bhagavata to believe that truth when revealed is absolute, but it gets the tincture of the nature of the receiver in coarse of time and is converted into error by continual exchange of hands from age to age. New revelations , therefore are continually necessary in order to keep truth in it's original purity. We are thus warned to be careful in our studies of old authors, however wise they are reputed to be."

The majority of devotees are scared shitless of this extent of freedom or are just plain old to lazy to think for themselves, and hence, turn the whole mission (which is to become God conscious) on its head. Anyone with any balls brains and or integrity come along, and see the narrow mindedness, fanatisism and the rest of it, going on within ISKON and run a mile. And so they should (imo). But I'm not throwing the baby out with the bath water on this one, as there is a lot of good information within this movement.

More from Thakura,

"Here we have full liberty to reject the wrong idea that is not sanctioned by the peace of conscience. Vyasa was not satisfied with what he collected in the Vedas, arranged in the Puranas and composed in the Mahabharata. The peace of his conscience did not sanction his labors. It told him from within, "No Vyasa! You cannot rest contented with the erroneous picture of truth which was necessarily presented to you by the sages f bygone days. You must yourself knock at the door of the inexhaustible store of truth from which the former Sages drew there wealth. Go up to the fountain head of truth, where no pilgrim meets with disappointment of any kind."

We all need to make this pilgrimage, few will though and I think that's important to remember as most prefer to "rest contented with the erroneous picture of truth which was necessarily presented to them by the sages of bygone days." It's a long way to the top if you want to rock and roll.

Dublin Mick,

That Masonic thing holds no water with me. The majority of Masons that I know of, appear to have no idea of the levels there org goes to and genuinely believe they are doing good within society. Why not preach to them?
It appears to me that you should read some Hare Krishna books yourself if you are going to comment on them, and not just go by a few fanatics you meet within airports, or a couple of links that you happened across. Otherwise, stay with your strengths of researching breaking news, your good at that.


Would like to here your take on this (although I already have within many of your writings) as this is why the Hare Krishna fella left. S/He feels you are being silent and It appears to him you are not defending the Bhagavta, It wasn't something you said, It's what you didn't say, that was the reason s/he left. Your call though. I don't see why s/he didn't just say something? I guess he is shy or finds it hard to say what his feeling?


Visible said...

Limited, I was not silent at all and my comment remains at stream of consciousness. I apologized for his distress and asked him please to remain because I was enjoying his stories.

Visible said...

I also complimented and thanked him earlier in the same thread for his contributions.

Anonymous said...

The gita is one of the greatest books I have ever read. It is just some of the interpretations of it I disagree with. Of course like anything else everyone who reads it will have their own interpretation as it should be.

I am just not a big fan of Prabhupada and I will leave it at that.

Brickhurst Blog said...

According to Knight and Butler there's a message from God in the structure of the solar system.

The equation and how it was derived is interesting. Looks pretty convincing

Hlf.π is the specification of the SETI Communications frequency for extraterrestrial messages based on a galactic aspect of the hydrogen atom. This shouts, "Pay attention - this is a message".

Ω are the numerals of the base ten counting system. This states; "ten-fingered humans I am talking to you".

The left-hand side of the equation equal's the right-hand side, which is the speed of light in a vacuum measured in Thoms per second (Earth/Moon/Sun harmonic units). This says, "the message is from the creator" (because the speed of light is the most significant physical reality in the universe).

kikz said...

kripez w/the crap att ntwrk traffic today....,.:/

@brick... fantastic link..

thanks so much, i'd miss'd that one over on GH..

just to the weights/measures section..


Limited said...

Hi Les,

Sorry it's late, been off line. I think what I was referring to on the silence thing was the post m_astera referred to by Long John where he ditz Prubhupada and nothing was said. I just want to make it clear that, I don't have a problem with the way you handled it, you have an enormous work load which I think you handle very well. But I do think that this is why he left. Thank you for all you do around here.

Dublin Mick,

The only problem I have with your comments was,
"When I was young and involved in Divine Light Mission , nobody spoke very highly of the Hare Krishnas. Not to be negative but I view them as an easter version of Oral Roberts or something similar. I hate to be negative but that is the way I see it. So I wouldn't worry too much about what they think. They have about as much credibility with me as Sun Moon."
That sounds like the pot calling the kettle black to me, and stinks of arrogance.
Fair enough on your last comment though. "I am just not a big fan of Prabhupada and I will leave it at that."



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