Sunday, October 28, 2012

In No Man's Land, Seeking the Doors of Deliverance

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These blogs may be silent through the coming week. I will be abroad in some never before seen places, which will include several geographical icons, steeped in myth and legend. It has taken me until nearly now to realize that I have had very little to say about what happens in my life. I wasn't entirely sure of that, or maybe I hadn't given it all that much thought. I should have. At the same time I was being told this internally but it just wasn't registering and I am coming to believe that we only grasp the meaning of something, when we are supposed to and not before, no matter how hard we try but... I could be wrong about that (grin). So, as a result of this dawning on me the other day, I sat back and reflected on my life, paying special attention to those points of significant change, in terms of environment and personal transformation and I found myself quite surprised to discover that nearly none of these things were initiated by me. They just happened to me. Now I'm getting the point, I think. I am getting the point of 'rely on me'. If I am not the one at the helm, in terms of situations and circumstances, then I should more completely defer to the one who is (“everything is under control”).

All of this plays into a type of difficulty that I have been experiencing for some time, where I am confronted by bizarre obstacles and resistances, which sometimes come in serious multiples. This has perplexed me for awhile now and I have been at serious pains to solve this dilemma. Then, just a day or so ago, I saw what the point of it was. Whenever one of these conditions would come up, I would look for a solution to it, or I would react in frustration but I seldom just stepped back and looked at it and said, “Your move, Lord”. These things were being thrown at me to engineer exactly that response from me but I wasn't getting it. A few days ago, I caught something and passed a test that I had been routinely failing for some time. This opened the door to my getting a clue about what is presently under discussion. Yes, every thing is connected.

I have to say that the timing of changes and events is amazing. Everything seems to come together when it needs to and happens the way it should happen, when you don't interfere with the process, which should be the operative awareness.

For months now, I have been harassed by concerns about getting my passport. I was pretty sure I was on all kinds of lists. I had even been told that I was. I had toyed with the idea of giving up my citizenship and embracing a new nationality. I discovered it wasn't possible to do this within the time frame remaining to me. After all, I was off to India a week before my passport expired and I had to get it together before that. Initial forays put me up against bad vibes, civil servants. I thought, “Hmmm, this is going to be difficult, if not impossible” The voice that lives inside me and which is much more vocal and present than ever before said, “Look, just go do it and I will take care of the details”. Okay.... So, that led to the first Frankfart excursion and I had told them that I was leaving for somewhere on the 30th of this month. I was told it usually took two weeks ...and that was cutting it close in terms of timing. What happened was that I was then notified, only a week later, that it was available. I found this hard to accept, given my previous experiences trying to work with bureaucracies. I told them I would be in at the end of the week to pick it up. They said come ahead. Everyone was very polite and helpful to me. At the beginning, no one was. That caused me to write a deep and passionate letter, outlining what I thought America was all about and how sad it made me that this is what it had come to. That led to a wonderful letter, saying that all was good, they now knew where I was coming from. Heh heh.

I went in and there was my passport and I walked out. I temporarily bankrupted myself going through all of those changes and had to span over a distance of a thousand K in the process but it was worth it and it did all get worked out, just as I was told that it would and now I'm good to go for another ten years, God willing.

So many things are surfacing and coming together that I hardly know what to think. Should I return from India, which looks maybe, maybe not at this point, for reasons I won't go into, I've got an invite to the UK, to spend some serious time in a recording studio and do my songs over the way they should have been done in the first place. I'm thinking about that. New books are coming up that I didn't anticipate. Maybe that means the one hanging in the ethers will finally bypass whatever psychic constipation is keeping it in mid-air.

This week's radio show is now up and Patrick W. has got a new one up with some interesting, attendant video. He's a serious maestro.

As has been stated many, many times here, I bring up events and conditions in my life because it is my keen suspicion that these things dovetail with the lives of the readers. We are all in some version of No Man's Land, Searching for the Doors of Deliverance. For some reason we still maintain that we can accomplish this under our own power; some more than others. My experience to this point is that this is impossible and the sooner I get with the program, the sooner I will stop being put in situations that conclusively prove this to me. It's a strange affair. We know that we have to utterly rely on the will of The Divine but it hasn't penetrated into that area of our selves that controls the degree of our surrender, so we get banged from pillar to post, until the truth of this is imprinted upon us and is allowed to make the necessary internal changes, that permit what needs to follow.

There are some number of people who react to the concept of total surrender to the cosmic will. They feel incapable of giving up that amount of autonomy and they have bad memories of all the orthodox factions, who have wrung so many bloody nickels out of the whole affair. They distrust the idea that The Cosmic Will has their best interests at heart. The truth is that there is only one will and one source of all power. All power proceeds from one source and also returns to it. All our power is borrowed power and the majority expression of it is in resistance. “Bend and you need not break”. “Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven”. The lives and teachings of all of the masters of the east and many elsewhere, all echo the same truths concerning the means to realization, liberation and enlightenment. Another problem surfaces when people mistake partial enlightenment for full enlightenment. There is a big difference and a strong impetus to take yourself seriously, which is why every bonafide master is as humble as dirt, though in no way are they a doormat. They are a doorway. Sitting outside the person who possesses the goods is sitting outside the door. Sitting within the resonance of the one who has the goods is the key.

All of these things are a matter of varying perspectives. Seen from the wrong angle, all of the right things look other than what they are. It's not my job to convince anyone of anything, no more than it is my job to prove these things beyond doubt, because it is not my doubt that is under consideration. Each person must prove the truth and value of what they hear, by the time honored process of testing and experiencing what they encounter. The proof is in the 'putting'. It either is or it is not and that will be revealed in the transits of inquiry. All inquiry is some version of self inquiry because we contain everything within us. Once again these are words and once again, people nod their heads and say, “Yes, I believe this is so” and once again they go back to doing what they were doing before they heard it the last time.

This is another kind of hamster wheel, going round and round eternal verities and trying to shoehorn them into a personal schematic. This will never happen, though any number of people are able to convince themselves that it can. The personal schematic, is a personal construct and has no relevance beyond the life span of the personality in possession of it. In order to share in the schematic of the divine, one must become divine and that can only be accomplished once the personal schematic is surrendered and it is possible for The Presence to be acquired. Once The Presence is acquired, there is no further need for entrepreneurial side trips to nowhere.

Those seeking a greater awareness of this particular consideration can profit from making a search for 'awareness watching awareness', by reading Brother Lawrence's treatment of “The Practice of the Presence of God”, or by reading, “The Impersonal Life”. I always have to throw in “The Bhagavad-Gita” and what I consider one of the better translations. Gandhi used to read his version every morning while he was brushing his teeth (grin).

Alright my friends, I may be in or out and about for a week or so. You might hear from me and you might not. We'll have a Smoking Mirrors for you tomorrow and after that, who knows?

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Patrick Willis narrates:
In No Man's Land, Seeking the Doors of Deliverance

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God in Country by Les Visible

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fat City and the Rat Scratch Fever

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Tick... Tick... Tick... Tock... The cosmic clock counts off the seconds, minutes and hours of our passage through the mix of monstrous lies and murder most foul. We are inundated with smiling psychopaths in office and another smiling psychopath who wants that office and whose company owns a whole lot of voting machines. We're two weeks away from the decisive day of vote manipulation. Whose manipulation will be most effective? Did you ever imagine that presidential campaigns would amass over a billion dollars? The modern day operations of the American ruling class, are starting to look more and more like the court of Louis the 14th.

Patronizing smug and snarky humor pays in a big way and those wondering about the silence and endless charity mills of celebrities, need to keep in mind what they get and don't want to lose. This is the burden of money, juxtaposed with the burden of conscience. This is that invisible, generally unspoken bind, that hamstrings the heart and tunnel blinds the mind. This is the surrounding countryside, of endless rationalizations and confirmation logics, whose only purpose is confirmation of rationalization. Ah... the conversations that go on inside our heads, seeking harmonious union, with the conversations and conditions outside our heads; the deals we cut as we slip slide by, the dragonflies hovering over the infinity pools, with their teal wings and turquoise eyes.

Fat City has a zip code for gated communities and walled estates. Money flows like a river into the banking wells, of temporary periods of fortunate karma. Every day is a feast day and a trip to the high towers. Hypnotized eyes stare out of floor to ceiling windows 60 stories in the air. Tiny proles march by on the dusty fire-hewn streets below. There are stratified levels of progressive pain. Somewhere it hurts everywhere and somewhere it hurts only in certain places. Somewhere the pain is at a distance and the source of it is hard to place. Perhaps it is someone else's pain, sensed in telepathic or vibrationary resonance.

People seldom make the connection between the movement of a fountain pen and the motionless state of blasted bodies on a foreign landscape. The hypnotized eyes in the high rise don't make the connection between their station and status and the suffering in the streets below and at a further distance, in punished and pacified lands. Legions of Judas Goats, march forward on the television, on the movie screen, across the radio airwaves; beckoning from the iPods, whispering up out of the sewer grates, booming from the billboards, bunny hopping in the boardrooms. They are glittering and cosmeticized, with their goodie bags in their hands, standing in front of the corporate logos, simpering in the flashing reflection, of the paparazzi vampire fangs. Moguls with trademark fever, hobnob with presidents and dream of launching clothing lines because money is still tight somehow, or more likely there is never enough. Mammon is rampant on a field of blood. Saturday nights, the cries of “Hail Satan”! Ring out in the basement rooms of estates. Posters of missing children are everywhere and they might run out of milk cartons eventually.

Turns out that Warren Buffet is not simply that sweet, avuncular old man, who looks like he should be hosting a nostalgia, radio show on PBS. Lake Woebegone is moving inexorably toward Lake Woeisme. I don't know how true some of the things I come across are. Usually I measure credibility in relation to the level of hysteria. Still, just because you are barely this side of Nutjob, does not mean all your references are without some degree of truth. I don't mean to be disparaging, flaming fundie speak tends to militate against my desire to believe. Still... one wonders.

There are no cockroaches or rats where I live and I have not seen them in 13 years in these locales; an occasional mouse will surface. Sightings are as rare as seeing a police car. I was several years here before I saw one in town. Festivals happen here a few times a year. Thousands of people show up from surrounding towns and you will see an emergency ambulance, parked discreetly to the side of the affair and very rarely will you see a single policeman walking through. People drink wine and beer all day and there is never an altercation.

I remember apartments in NYC and Philadelphia; late night you walk into the kitchen and turn on the lights. Oh yeah! Baltimore used to have seven rats for every inhabitant. It might be more now. Rat population and cockroach populations, increase in direct proportion to the level of corruption in the culture. Culture pundits and economic pundits, are generally paid shills for certain interests that employ them to advance their agenda. This is why they are usually full of it and why things keep going on the way they do, because fixing things is not on the program. Fixing things requires maintaining a system that serves the needs of everyone it contains and that is most definitely not the objective.

The rich want to get richer and because of the nature of this pathological illness, they will go to any lengths to achieve the greatest possible economic disparity, between their fellows and themselves. The poor want to be less poor but they are far less organized and motivated. The Middle Class is the glue that holds society together and is the barometer for the health of that society. The rich war on both of these segments of the culture and create an unfortunate balance in the necessary give and take that allows for a culture to be uniformly prosperous and balanced. For some reason, when the rich get too rich, the poor get too poor and the middle class begins to disappear, things go to Hell. Everything functions well, when the needs of everyone are taken into consideration. The poor can't get too poor and the rich can't get too rich. It upsets the balance. It just doesn't work and you can see that. It also leads inevitably to tyranny. When you base a free market system on the concept of individual liberty, it will eventually turn into its polar opposite. Serial killers and cannibals are the logical outcome, as is a burgeoning trend toward Satanism, because Satanism is the applied worship of material culture ...and the pursuit of one's success, by any means, in the acquisition of it. Rules are for the weak, who are best exemplified by a t shirt I once saw; "New York, where the weak are killed and eaten".

When things go out of balance, it is only a matter of time. When the natural balance and order of things is upset, due to the ugly activities of the most seriously deluded of the Earth, it is only a matter of time. Repression and oppression intensify. Endless war becomes a feature of the day to day unreality. License replaces liberty and people compete to see who can be more outrageously embarrassing, even though they themselves cannot see it. Notoriety replaces fame. When politicians and entertainers get into discussions about the relative merits of Snooki and Honey Boo Boo, you can ♫turn out the lights, the parties over♫

Bought and sold whores trumpet the wonder and beauty of the decadence. Talking heads talk up the lies that appear on their teleprompter. Sleazy comics make jokes about it. It goes on and on and down and down; down to the bottom. Balance is a law. When balance goes missing, certain forces are automatically put into action to address the condition. Lady Nature steps in but she is not unattended. She has retainers and associates. The worse things get, the thicker the shield of ignorance becomes. Were you to be able to project yourself into the future, so as to look back upon what presently holds most people in subjective thrall, you would look back in horror, not comprehending how conditions could be what they are and continue as they do.

Things apparently have to run their course; rocking the cradle or driving the hearse, the rituals and routines of existence follow one another in a dreadful spectacle of ominous portent. It's a Danse Macabre. Are we to be buried in The Cask of Amontillado, or with a Cask of Amontillado? Are some of us going down and some of us going up? That's a good question. Is someone going to disappear from a field and someone remain? Where is the essential truth that lies concealed within the words? When you see the lies that appear within a single day and turn into another lie the next day, you have to wonder about what likely might have taken place over hundreds and thousands of years.

I believe in enduring truth. I seek it at all costs because the cost otherwise is too great to bear. I proceed with great curiosity, concerning all of those who do not recognize this cost, even though they pay it out in full every day, even though it is often unseen, beneath the surface of all the things distracting from the perception of it. I reflect and think upon this every single day and cannot fathom how it continues across the generations, through the mud and blood of history. I do fathom it. I can see it in the vacant and often glazed eyes of the passersby, who look out upon a world that I do not see because the values and price tags are all different in my world. We all live in a world of our own creation and the similarity of common desires, appetites and aspirations, causes people to think they live in a common zone. Perhaps this accounts for them sharing a common, as opposed to, an uncommon fate.

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Jews from Outer Space by Les Visible and The Critical List

The radio show is up now.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Fractured Fairy Tale Land of Visible Origami

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The inimitable Patrick has done another.

Here we are again, in The Fractured Fairy Tale Land of Visible Origami. Here we are with little more than 2 months before the end of this signature year and just about that, before the significant date that winks on and off, like one of those flashing light, sawhorses, at a highway construction site. It's off to the side there, winking in and out of focus and view but peripherally present nearly all of the time; hypnotic, narcotic, sometimes inducing forms of neurotic and psychotic. One has only to look around them, to see the effect of the building pressures of denial and intransigence, along with operative evil for evil's sake “The evil that men do lives after them, the good is oft interred with their bones”. I suppose that accounts for the lust for fame and fortune at any price.

The degree to which some people are compromised is stunning. I look at people like David Cameron, Hilarious Clinton, Bwak! Obama, Mittchief Romney and practically everyone in the quick-limelight, laying in the shallow graves of their future, already buried in the basement of some unnamed serial killer. Some of the noteworthy reptiles just go on and on, like Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller, Little Georgie Sorrows and George Herbert (Johnny Stroll Walker Black) Bush. They're presently on 'any day now' status. A huge sigh of relief, a burst of cool cleansing wind, shall attend their departure. A noxious amalgam of toxic fumes, will waft in temporary flight, as The Bill Gates of Hell opens and swiftly closes. You can hear the door hit them in the ass, as it makes it's way to closure. Laughter and maniacal chortling, will follow in the waft, until an immediate silence follows. There's nothing like The Voice of the Silence, especially when you can actually hear it.

This voice becomes singularly prominent, once the chatter of the world recedes, due to a personal lack of interest in it. Too many people think they're going to miss something and, as a result, they most certainly do. They most certainly do.

It's an interesting phenomena, to watch people go through their whole lives, dancing around the main point of the exercise, because, they think they're going to miss something and they do.

You hear people say, “Well, if I had all that money, I wouldn't mess it up. I would do good things and make the world a better place”. People underestimate the power and ancient awareness of money, as it contemplates itself. People underestimate the force and influence of power and position. Once they get there, the all consuming concern is that they might lose it and so they go to any unnecessary lengths to make sure that they don't lose it and, of course they do, sooner or later, attended by ignominy and historical censure, even though they take great pains to rewrite it. There is an interesting thing that happens, after people pass onward, or downward, or upward, as the case may be. The public perception of their lives and works, suddenly takes on a whole new appearance. Sometimes their end is accompanied by a trenchant irony, like the welcome passing of Nelson Rockefeller, expiring between Megan Marshack's legs, while she was spread-eagled on his desk. Sometime earlier, the beloved Nelson had had a steel rod placed in his penis so that he could get it up. One only hopes some exceedingly humorous circumstances go along with the demise of the earlier aforementioned. I'm suspecting something dramatic, given the ingenious sense of humor possessed by The Cosmos. They burn and learn, as we all do, or they don't.

Most people, when they come into a lot of money don't do anything the way they imagined they would. Many of them lose it quicker than they imagined they would. There's an old saying that, “If all the money in the world were equally redistributed, it would be back in the same hands again in 60 days”. That's one I've never forgotten. Then there's that old saw about, “Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Position is another one of those imponderables. It paints a gigantic target on your back and you find you can't maintain it without endless compromise. Lao Tzu talks a lot about this sort of thing but I think the reader needs to get themselves a copy of the book. It's a must have for anyone contemplating the challenges, dangers and pitfalls of 'upwardly mobile'.

Most people don't know the difference between notoriety and fame, or the difference between famous and legendary. Then again, they don't see the relative value between mortal and immortal, nor even consider the possibilities of the latter. As has been mentioned, the power and capacity of imagination is limitless. The mortal mind places limits, the immortal mind does not. There's a reason that those entities, depicted by the Asian figurines all have pronounced foreheads; unusual skull shapes. Strange things can happen in The Pineal Gland. Course, that's just Wikipedia and Wikipedia don't know shit and mostly they make it up anyway. It's just one more Zio-revisionist vehicle, courtesy of Zio-Ogre 'Smoking Jimmy Wales'. The degree of penetration and infernal manipulation going on is truly impressive.

The main problem for everyone, is the granting of power to the external; “greater is that which is in you than that which is in the world”. We imbue shadows with a greater power than that which makes shadows possible. Everyone should study the dynamics of shadows and how they come about and can appear larger than they really are. This is an ancient form of deception and it keeps humanity enthralled and chained to the wheel, which is the ongoing intent of the slave masters. One of the things they do is to get rid of- and/or pervert, every human quality within themselves. This is the objective of Satanism. These qualities are considered weaknesses and hindrances. They have to be burned out, in order for whatever peculiar demonic force they are looking to have take up residence in them. They are courting a presence, just as those of us on the opposite end are doing the same. It's all about temporary gain as opposed to lasting gain. ♫C'mon without, C'mon within. You've not seen nothing like the Mighty Quinn♫

So, the atmosphere is filled with The Winds of Change but that transitioning force is not all that easy to see. It's that 'thief in the night' thing. These sorts of things can come upon you all of a sudden. The same old same old, continues to come up in the windshield and the same old same old continues to recede in the rear view mirror and then, suddenly it's not 'the same old same old' anymore. It happens so quick you don't even see it take place and that is why you need to be in position in advance, or else. Or else what? Well, that varies. Getting into position requires rooting, otherwise, when the strong winds blow; you get the picture.

The most important thing to remember is that 'evil destroys itself'. People have heard this statement, ad infinitum and ad nauseum. They know the phrase well but if you ask them to explain how it is that this happens without exception, they would be hard pressed to tell you. The principle is imbedded in the genetic code of Evil. It's inevitable. Let's look at it as a system. Some systems come out of cosmic schematics and they are populated with archetypes and eternally repeating. Some systems are essentially flawed and what happens is that the flaw destroys it. The seeds of it's destruction are resident in the system, like a blocked heart value, like a brain tumor. It's just a matter of time. Everything false comes up against The Truth, sooner or later, no exceptions, no exceptions. There are more intricate features to all of this but the reality of any and all of it, is right there in the objective mind, in those persona who possess one. In these days, the subjective mind has become preeminent and it is manipulated in all sorts of sophisticated ways, by those who have their reasons for doing so.

We could go on and on about these things but... what's the point? There is no point in saying something over and over unless the point is taken. Otherwise it's just redundancy and handballs bouncing off the walls.

The Roulette Wheel of life is in spin, black and red but no white; Rajas and Tamas but no Sattva and that would be the key and why a gamble is just that; soon enough you lose. Luck? WTF is that? It's like The Brass Ring in the bottom of the bottle, ♫Message in the bottle♫ Oh yeah. See you over at Smoking Mirrors in the following days, hoping for more mirror and less smoke.

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Songwriter by Les Visible

Working on the radio show. Hoping to have it up later today or tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Witchburners from Troll Central

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

A couple of weeks ago, one of an increasing number of a bizarre personality type showed up here. Of course he was anonymous; not for any of the useful reasons we sometimes get around here but simply because of the troll factor, that can attend anonymity and which often does. His premeditated intention was to catch me out about being a Rosicrucian. I had said I was one, meaning in spirit; “may the roses bloom on your cross”. I'm also a Hindu and a Buddhist in spirit and a Sufi as well. I believe all 'legitimate' religions emerge from the same source and I like to celebrate that feature because most people celebrate the differences and exclusiveness that makes dogma and cant such attractive bookends for ignorance and intolerance.

After a short interplay of fatuous gaming, this anonymous troll went off to another web site, where he proclaimed that I was a member of that Satanic organization (implied) known as The Rosicrucians and ergo, I am working for the dark side and probably have several small children duct taped in my basement, for the occasional ritual and recreation period.

I didn't begin this posting today, simply to call attention to the nits and mosquitoes that come around now and then but to address a serious misconception that has taken firm root in the minds of those resident in the alternative culture. There is one fellow who considers himself an expert on women and what's good for them. I won't mention his name but I do know that he sends some of his minions around occasionally, or so I've been told. This fellow is one of the principle individuals slandering any and every esoteric organization that exists or ever has existed. How he manages to tie in The Rosicrucians with his usual nonsense is beyond me. I have studied The Rosicrucians in some depth; meaning I have read just about any book one can find on the matter and also inquired within, where most of my answers come from. When there is corroboration between the inner and outer, I tend to take that as a sort of verification, although, there is little that is certain in this world is there?

I'm going to state something that I have stated before in various ways and which has been misinterpreted in several ways and that is because, people hear what they want to hear and adjust their data and findings to support their preconceived conclusions, instead of the other way around. This is what turns people into witchburners and what also makes social reformers the biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen. We are going to explore the warp and woof of this matter here today. It won't mean anything to the self deluded and those who match their research (whatever there may be of it) to suit their conclusions. This is of no great concern to me. People can and will believe what they like. So long as that matches up with the truth, they will be okay. When it does not meet up with the truth, the truth will, at some point, meet up with them, in some degree of severity, depending on the point that needs to be made and how lasting the impact needs to be.

First, a little background on me. Many of you may be familiar with some of the elements and maybe this will be new to you but it needs to be said. I have studied in the area of the Hermetic and Occult Sciences, as well in the area of spiritual inquiry for over 45 years and certainly in preceding lifetimes. This has been no casual practice. It has been, in some permutation, a part of my every day. I have also been the beneficiary of certain events and revelations that are the natural outgrowth of this sort of engagement. Anyone who devotes themselves to anything, finds that it will eventually speak to them in ways different to what they find on paper or in a classroom. Of course we are in a classroom the whole of our lives. Many of us don't learn very much and there are reasons for that.

Democracy is a system. If it is properly set up, it will function well for some time before the usual corruptions come into play. Yoga is a system. Esoteric fellowships are a system. They are neutral in composition and given a good or evil state of operation, DEPENDING on who is administrating the system. We very clearly can see, in these days, what has become of a former democracy and we can see why and how it happened. It is so clear and apparent that I don't even have to delineate it. If you don't already know this, you're not reading this anyway.

I will use Tantric Yoga as a template. There is no yoga more complicated and that is why you've got all these people running around teaching it, when it takes decades under the tutelage of a bonafide master to make any significant progress. In Tantra there is the right and left hand path. They are both considered legitimate, within the boundaries of their performance. Some things go beyond good and evil. The people so engaged on either side have explained it all to themselves, sufficiently enough to satisfy them.

The Rosicrucians, the real ones, don't wear any kind of an outfit. You can't tell them from anyone else. They have one predominant power; the power to heal. If these things make them evil then many of us considered good are also evil. Paul Foster Case and Arthur Edward Waite both have books out on The Rosicrucians; no doubt both of these men are evil, according to Troll Central. Those already mentioned but not named, say that The Order of the Golden Dawn was evil. Paul Foster Case was a member as was, William Butler Yeats. These same people consider Alice Bailey evil, Annie Besant evil, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky evil and George Gurdjieff evil. As a point of fact they consider all such people evil. They are witchburners and inquisitors.

I am not saying that any or all of these people are evil, or good. I don't think it can be made that cut and dried. I'm of the order of, “By their works ye shall know them”. That's my yardstick, that's my litmus test.

I have a truly extensive, virtual library of Hermetic and Occult treatises and teachings, as well as many spiritual books. Occult history (quite different from our general revisionist history) is one of my passions.

Here is the jist of the matter. This is Kali Yuga. This is Kali Yuga. It stands to reason that esoteric fellowships and organizations, would tend toward corruption in these times because that is the observable drive of humanity in these times. It also stands to reason that, within these fellowships and organizations there are some very good people as well. These witchburners and divine feminine oppressors think Manly Palmer Hall was evil; what a load of horseshit. I'm not buying this crap. It's noted that, toward the end, the Tibetan traditions were somewhat corrupted and if you look into their treatment of lesser fellows there is an argument to be made but this does not discount the ageless wisdom and deep, deep awareness of so many who were exponents of this tradition and all things will be renewed at some point.

We got witchburners tilting at windmills. We got social reformers stoking up new inquisitions. I don't buy into these things because my life's studies, inquiries and research tell a different tale. I figure if God wants me to know something, he will tell me and he has done this, or he has pointed me to areas of comparative interest that somehow lights up the original. There are a lot of things I can't say because I don't know how to say them but I can tell you that things are not what they seem because APPEARANCES ARE DECEIVING. What you see is not what there is, as it is. This is the work of Maya. This is the explanation of the dreamscape. This is a main key to bondage, on the wheel of death and rebirth; the wheel of fire, the wheel of desire.

There are visible and invisible orders that do magnificent work. They operate below and above the radar. We don't usually hear about them because they are not resident in the usual courses of this world of darkness, of useless and harmful informations and products, all the tinsel and tragedy of this temporary world. The sacrifices and consistent efforts of individuals in these groups, is a reflection of their integrity and sincerity. Those who are fixated on the Cliff Notes versions, or agenda bent versions of things, not as they actually are, have no difficulty stating what actually isn't and indicting and slandering what they do not comprehend and have no real and valid information concerning. This never stops any of them because their intent is not about the truth but more about spreading dissension, confusion, which is all to the end result of self promotion and varieties of personal acquisition and this should be immediately clear to anyone who is not shanghaied by these motivations and clear as mud to everyone who is.

It's one thing to read a few articles here and there about one group or another, written from a vested perspective. It is quite another to study the tenets and teachings of a group in depth and to consider where advancement can lead and in how many directions. One should always keep in mind the tenor and times of the age in which things are extant and operative and always remember that something pure on one hand can be perverted on the other. This is the case concerning the Kabala and how we come to have a reverse Kabala. This is the case with The Kundalini and why we have a reversed Kundalini. Our culture is corrupt, our institutions are corrupt, the people are corrupt, in general, it stands to reason that organizations and teachings have been corrupted but they are also not corrupted for people who are not corrupting them.

I don't belong to any organizations. I did once belong to The Builders of the Adytum but I never took any of the tests for advancement or sought to rise in the order. All I wanted to do was learn. I have been informed that I belong to an invisible brotherhood but I don't know what it is. I suppose one day I will. I serve nothing and no one besides that which receives my prayers and private conversations and those whom I serve as a matter of course according to the will of the one who receives my prayers. That's it. That's all there is.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Into and Beyond the Infernal Reaches of Frankfart

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

I have just returned from a 2 day excursion, into the infernal regions; one of it's locations that I call Frankfart, a German city of resemblance to Chicago, which included a visit to the consulate. Visible's ability to keep on keeping on, in the face of whatever adversity is thrown in his face, continues to amaze him. Well, he certainly amazed himself this time. He didn't know he had it in him. Despite the absurd, over the top spectacle, of government in inaction, The Vis managed to come away with his old documents in his hand (just usually doesn't happen) and the promise of his new ones for pickup (yes, another trip into Frankfart) in time for his upcoming trip, into one of the hearts of darkness, where the Black Nobility resides. He's working on getting there a little early, so that he might see some old friends, heretofore not yet met. You'll be posted on that; got to see Old Boy, if possible and get the rerecording of all the music, as it should have been done in the first place; professional studio-wise with professional people. This may necessitate residing there for a month or so at some point; plenty of time to see everyone.

I am astonished at Visible's ability to finesse the situation and details of the difficulties of Frankfart and to come away with a trifecta of results. Any doubts I may have ever had about The Divine's capacity to work on my behalf have been dispelled. I slept not at all the night I was there, before the action took place. How was I able to come away with my official papers and have them when I needed them and then be able to go back and get the new ones when I need them, is supernatural. It just doesn't happen. I was told it couldn't happen and then it did happen. I feel like I could walk through walls at this time. There are no walls. There are only mental barriers and these are walls of doubt and uncertainty, made solid by the movement of time, in opposition to the dissolution properties of faith. It's all science in reality. Though it may be metaphysical in its processes, it is no less real for that.

I've met some surprising people in recent times. Some of them seem like angelic agencies. I've met St. Michael, who seems capable of anything. I've met The Pope, who may well be the real pope in the seclusion of disguise and exile. I've met Scott, who has to be one of the most talented musicians and singers on the planet. I am bound to meet more. I am going to the land of myths and legends shortly, where wolves and bears, walk alongside you and where easy travel to other planets is a guaranteed certainty and finally to the land of the ancients, to walk in the footsteps of the missing years, where those who have held the traditions fast, in the mountains of mist, reside. There is the pathway, imprinted with the footprints that lead to the gates of Shambala, which is more real than this, which is not real but which our belief in, renders that as a greater and more permanent reality, unseen amidst the illusion of what we have taken to be real. I recognize now that adversity is a necessity, in order that we might gain the capacity to move beyond it. If you lack the strength and determination to go through it, you cannot pass beyond it.

All these systems and figures of authority that we have set in positions of rule over ourselves, do not exist, except as paper tigers. We have given them teeth and claws, made of paper and rendered into bone, by the deceptions of imagination. When the truth is known, the fire of awareness does to paper what awareness does to everything real and unreal, according to its composition. Awareness is the key and awareness, is the substance of realization. You want something? Truly imagine it. The powers of imagination, are beyond anything we presently accept as possible. We are limited or set free by what we consider possible and impossible. What we tell ourselves on the surface are one thing but what we actually believe is another. This is the difference between superficial and visceral. It takes a lot of personal pounding, to make the visceral imprint. You have to want it. You have to want it a great deal. You have to want it more than the wrongly imprinted parts of yourself don't want it. The world programs us one way and we have to put ourselves in the hands of the ultimate programmer, because we have been in the hands of the bad programmer and that is why we have the world we have and the view of it that we have but that is not the real world, that is the world of false impressions.

It's all becoming very clear to me, in ways I did not suspect, by means and manners that I did not suspect. I understand the power and significance of suffering now and it's a beautiful thing. Suffering has value now, although it has negative value, in many instances, unless the outcome is positive. The outcome can and does go in two directions, according to our dispositions. We make it all happen and not happen. We are the architects, who accept the principles of the drawing board. We are the one's who read the schematic, correctly or incorrectly, according to the advice we accept, from the sources we get it from.

Bad advice is easy to get, good advice is difficult to find and in order to get good advice, your values and principles have to be correct, in this world that puts you in the mass or on a solitary road. Most people don't want the solitary road, because it seems solitary but it is not. It is only solitary in the testing period. If you are not equal to the testing period, then you are bumped back, on to the large highway. Then you have to decide whether or not to take the future exit that appears, periodically along the route. Do we have the stones to take the future exit, until the future by design, becomes the desirable present. It can be achieved. It has been achieved, we have seen the footprints of those who have walked it. We have read their words and their stories. We have done this and believed them and not believed them. We have not believed them, because they are not presently real for us and that is the proof of it. That it the proof of it. The proof is in the putting and that is what puts the proof in the pudding. Is it the high pudding, that ambrosia of the gods, or is it the bad blood, pudding of the monster world, where the monsters are disguised as you and I? Are we fed on the crumbs that drop from the tables of the monsters of this world, or are we fed on the crumbs that drop from the tables of the Gods?

Who are we and what are we? That is the question. Do we know the world or do we know ourselves? We cannot know the world, until we know ourselves. That is the only way it works, because the real world is within us and the false world is outside of us. The world outside of us is the world of appearances, made real by the deceptions of the eyes. We either see the world as the world tells us it is, or we see the world as the internal witness tells us it is. This is the difference between presence in The Garden, in the bower of The Lady and presence in the garden of good and evil. There is no good and evil ...but only thinking makes it so. Not thinking makes the world present itself as it truly is. Thinking makes it what everyone else believes it to be and we become like everyone else. We comprehend the language of confusion, instead of the language of clarity. Get off the wheel of fire and get with the program. Either the fire burns you, with your incomprehension, or the fire burns away the dross and the gold appears, radiant before the new eyes of new and true perception. The same thing that imprisons you, will free you. How it works is how it works and how it doesn't work, is how it doesn't work. We're on the road to nowhere, or we are on the road to somewhere. It's what it is, or it is what it is not. It can't be what it's not because that isn't possible. That puts you in the land of wraiths and hungry ghosts.

There is another city buried within and and beyond the city of Frankfart. The vapor trails of the Frankenstein Fart, intoxicate us and we are spellbound in noxious confinement. Poisonous scents hold us in the realm of bad perfumes. We smell wrong and that makes smelling out the truth impossible, until we can inhale the scent within the scents. Once the truth appears, the lies disappear. One displaces the other and the other cannot exist where the truth resides.

This can go on for a million years, or it can end today. “Success is speedy for the energetic”. We exist in a world of endless loops. These loops don't lead anywhere. This is why they are called loops, because they return back upon themselves. We have to get off the loop and that is what the future exits are for. Do we see the future exits? We see them only if we can see the future, the real future of possibility and not the false future of the world, the devil ...and the deep blue sea. The deep blue sea is not called the 'deep' blue sea for no reason. Must we continue to float among the flotsam and jetsam, or do we swim with the mysteries solved, in the deeps, where the ancient wait, for those with the curiosity and confidence necessary, to command revelation in accordance with the effort and faith, placed in the action. These things are not for the timid or uncommitted. Half measures avail nothing but mixed results.

Ah yes, we have come to the end of another transmission and we will see you in the next one, if there is one. That one should prove informative and amusing by equal turns. Some people are getting very creative, in relation to what was said earlier on about The Divine having a sense of humor and getting ingeniously, creatively amusing, about the jokers and fools who have played for so long, in the seasons of our discontent and been responsible for it too, with our willing acquisition, because of our small greeds, in resonance with their larger greeds, in respect of our weaknesses, in resonance with their greater darkness. The time is at hand and it's carpe diem all round, unless it's not. We'll see.

End Transmission.......

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Radio show coming sometime soon this weekend.

Monday, October 08, 2012

The Devil and the Deep Blue Apocalypse.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Welcome to Origami Country. We do not form paper into interesting shapes. We seek to shape the words into interesting forms. I have always been a between the lines guy. Long ago, I learned that that is where meaning lurks and if you adjust yourself appropriately, revelation can follow. In earlier years, I used to drop acid and then read “The Way of Life” (Witter Bynner edition) by Lao Tzu for hours, seeking to imprint the contents upon my mind. I did this quite a few times. I tried to do this with The Tarot once and it closed up on me. I went, “Ah hah, what do you know”? My reply, since I talk to myself and consider it a healthy practice, was, “Not very much”.

I've been looking for God for a long time (like I say to people sometimes, “I didn't know he was lost”). Part of the reason for that, was my not understanding the things that had happened to me, from the moment I stepped out on this “sweet, swinging sphere”. Part of the reason was my fascination with all things metaphysical. Part of the reason was the things going on in my heart and another part of the reason, was that God wouldn't have it any other way. Of special note and of extreme importance, is what Paramahansa Yogananda once said, “If you don't look for God in the springtime of your life, he won't be there in the winter”. I remember that putting the fear of God into me when I read it. Then I recollected that I had indeed done that and I was good to go, or continue, as the case may be. It is a wonderful thing, to come across a quote by someone you highly admire and find that it applies to you. That doesn't happen a whole lot around here.

Lately, when in rarefied state, I have had the peculiar experience of God coming into my being, speaking, acting out, talking to me with my voice, while I am right there and thrilling me no end. It is unmistakeable who it is but... you would expect that. God doesn't come across as all soft and gentle, neither as harsh and insistent. It's one of those, beyond good and evil things. God has a wicked sense of humor. I don't mean 'wicked' bad but rather wicked good. He's also got this confidence and certitude thing that is way past anything I possess, or probably ever will but... God IS part of us, just as are the less savory forces, resident in those who work for the other side.

I've mentioned before, a certain irony concerning those who serve the infernal prince. From what I can gather, Satanists get certain promises, of particular results and states of being, should they carry out those portions of the program that are specified by His Lowness. The idea is to rise up in the ranks by vice of certain acts of horrific performance and general fealty; in other words, “I will do anything to anyone at any time, in order to get what I want”. Engaging in external destructions, corruptions and ritual abuses, effects the same internally, within the practitioner. In other words, you do things outside to bring about states inside, while preparing the ground for the practice of the presence of Satan, or one of his minions.

As with anything of this nature, either positive or negative, it comes with it's own atmosphere. It's as if you were in a self contained bubble. The result of this, is that you are denied other perspectives of states you have rejected, in order to reside in states you have accepted. As you move up the ranks of the infernal hierarchy, your awareness of the indwelling potency increases and this works the same in both hierarchies. So, Satan is with you every step of the way, advising, encouraging, suggesting and so forth. There is the promise of a cushy position in the realm of Hell, once one has departed from this realm; shuffled off that mortal coil and so on and so forth. They fully believe this, even though Satan is called, 'the father of lies'. They buy into the idea of, “Better to rule in Hell than to serve in Heaven”. The thing is, as has been stated here many times, 'the devil works for God'. The Devil functions as instigator and District Attorney. What he really does, is gather evidence, all along the course of the existence of those who have delivered themselves into his service for personal gain. They do acquire these gains in the course of their tenure. That goes with the territory. Satanists suffer from a form of terminal myopia. Everything really does look a certain way and... for the purpose of demon-stration, it is that way, until it is not.

In the times of Mr. Apocalypse, which we happen to be resident in these days, one of the features of that period is Judgment; that quick and the dead thing. Court convenes, in mid air or somewhere and The Devil arrives, in his three piece suit, with briefcase in hand. Imagine the surprise of the defendants, when their mentor and protector turns out to be The Prosecutor. “But, but, you said...”. “Yeah, well, I lied”. Usually The Devil will laugh at this juncture, experiencing the fiendish amusement, that no doubt occurs in moments like this.

Now, it may act out in a slightly different manner than what I have presented here but I've got it on good authority that it, more or less, goes down this way. We need to get the awareness that it is all scripted. This is the purpose of surrender and “rely on me”. As the director, God knows exactly where the story is going. God knows all of the twists and turns and is resident in everyone in the movie, in some fashion or another. Having made the necessary surrender and having embraced the necessary reliance, you are now in a position to directly relate to the God in everyone. The suggestion by many teachers, is to converse and interact with the God in everyone you meet. You invoke or call forth the deity in others and that is who you treat with. It's a much better situation than to be dealing with their temporary, fabricated self.

This is what one notices in those ashrams, where a bonafide master is resident. He/she, addresses the God in everyone he/she meets and greets, individually and collectively. This creates an atmosphere of harmony and unity. It is a real pleasure to be present under these circumstances. I had that distinct pleasure in Philadelphia a long time ago, when I was in the company of a living saint. The power and serenity that came off of him was remarkably palpable. He didn't have a line on his face, even though he was over a hundred years old. He had been discovered some fifty years previously, already with white hair, sitting in a tree in Ceylon. I say, Ceylon, since it was called that then. When I used to hear him speak in the main room of the fellowship, the room would fill with light. He ate about a tablespoon of food a day and this never changed.

The problem with the whole scenario was the other followers. Everyone agreed on Guru Bawa but many people did not agree with each other. Some good number of the resident there were serious ingenues, both spiritually and life experience wise. This made them experts on what others should be and do. After Bawa passed away, Carolyn Secretary ( she was his secretary) and Dick Tambi ( I think he was called), along with a few other high mucky mucks, paved over the beautiful lawn in front of the fellowship, had parking lines painted on the asphalt and then gave themselves assigned parking places with their titles inscribed thereupon. There was some number of seriously, self important people there and that kind of thing irks me no end. Of course most of them really did not care for me. In all honesty, I can say that my behavior was a tad outrageous during that period, embroiled as I was in a questionable relationship, having recently abandoned a much finer relationship, due to my being in a certain amount of turmoil about who and what I was and what I thought I wanted to do. Here I made one of those critical decisions that affected the course of my life. I remember saying to myself, “Well, I've got to rock and roll". I was the only person Bawa ever told that it was okay to do this (“Okay, you go and do it and then you come back”.) and that caused a furor because there were a lot of musicians there. It led to Bawa having to devote an entire discourse to the matter. Another time, so the tale was related to me. Bawa was sitting in his window, looking down upon the area in front of the fellowship. I happened to be standing there talking to someone and Bawa said, "What waste of such a brilliant mind (grin)". In any case, he signed off on me later, saying to my friend, Michael Green, when he went to him about my being in jail on Maui, “He'll be okay, he's just chosen another path”.

I've never had much serendipity at ashrams and that is a pity because I can't think of any other living situation that I covet more. That's the motive force behind my drive for a community. I love living with other people and sharing in common goals. I love the experience of that kind of personality fusion and the terrific energy that is possible when people can put aside the separated personal and achieve 'group consciousness'. I don't know how it all turns out yet, maybe a virtual community is all I am going to get but, maybe that's not so bad. There's always that community of kindred spirits in the heavenly realm of The Impersonal Life, awaiting the possibility of residence later on.

So we come to the end of another Origami, here in Origami Land and we hope we shaped the words and thoughts into an enjoyable interlude for those who have found their way here. May the encircling light encircle and permeate you. May you find tranquility in the midst of confusion and discover the secret wellsprings of that mysterious oasis from which divine intoxication flows.

End Transmission.......

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The radio show should be up, as James told me he was putting it together last night but so far I don't see it. I do think it will be up soon.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Marvelous and Meaningful Things

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Right off the bat. As most of you know, my dog Poncho has been suffering from seizures for some time. I got an email from the people from Natural Awakenings, which is one of the free advertisements on my blogs; speaking of doing the right thing on occasion and... they told me that the pure coconut oil might help. Since I have been giving it to him, there have been no seizures. Now, he never gets these seizures outside and rarely in the daytime but, a couple of weeks ago, we were coming back from a local store, when he started acting funny in the parking lot, looking disoriented and snapping at the air. He frothed a bit and then, in a few moments, shook it off and friskily walked home with me. It happened again, a few days later at the house, same thing, one of the lightest seizures I have ever seen, both of them. They were different in category and type than ever seen before. I cannot help but draw certain conclusions. I highly recommend this to anyone who has similar problems. I am stoked beyond all measure of description, should it prove that this is so.

These last days have been among the most exciting I have ever known. A number of people from different locales, some I had never met before, descended upon Casa Visible and the home of a nearby friend for dinner and greets. There was the new folk, Scott and Michaela, then Stuart and Michael, along with the various others already about and song and dance filled the air. Scott is one of the most amazing musicians and singers I have encountered and you have already seen a portion of our impromptu collaborations. I'm hoping we meet again. India seems to be on the menu for that and I go to the UK and Romania shortly. This includes Glastonbury, with a conversation about the festival there so, it's all woo woo at this point. I don't know what to make of it. My recent sessions with the divine have been off the charts, into territories I have never seen before. It defies all expectation and belief. I am stunned but in the best possible of all ways. It doesn't get much better than this but I am told it does. Stunned, very stunned.

Today is October the 5th. I was told it was all going to get much easier and lighter after today. We shall see. I haven't been steered wrong yet, except according to my own perceptions being flawed and faulty as they sometimes are, given that I live in Fawlty Towers. I have been waiting and waiting and striving toward some unknown end. As ever, some kind of end, some new beginning, some form of change awaits.

These are strange and eerie and marvelous times. Given what you see in the news and in the world around us, there is an ominous and deadening appearance, joined with apathy and indifference, as well as callous and self serving behavior. This is juxtaposed by heroics, seen and unseen, by the usual minority players. It's always a minority of players but it won't always be that way, if that makes any sense. The change is coming and it won't be long.

I'll tell you and I probably already have, I've never seen anything like recent days and if I have, it was a long time ago, time out of memory. I've seen things recently that promise a world I've never seen before nor imagined, with amazing clarity. The serendipity and convergence of events, in these visions. The way they circle around and then return and define themselves, from apparent horrors into blessings, well, it's a bunch to take in, in such a short space of time. The things I have seen and I can't say a word about them but I have tried, in my way, like some kind of bird on a high tension wire (grin).

All these trips to everywhere that now beckon and indicate a permanent change in address and application, are of supernatural origin to say the least, so I have no choice but to go with the flow and no inclination to do otherwise either. I observe that it is the nature of the human mind to mistrust things that operate and appear beyond the usual scope of ordinary events. I am clearly seeing that it is the general tendency of the human mind, to disbelieve what seems to be too good to be true. Even in the face of indisputable evidence the mind rejects what is in front of it. I'm seeing these things up close and personal. Of course, all of this is for a very good reason. I wouldn't be going through this, except for a very good reason and it is all in order to erase all doubt from my mind and heart, for all time. Everything in life, is being caused to occur in our lives for this reason. There are levels to all of this and you don't get to the more amazing levels of life, without getting through the mundane first, or without having grown tired of the mundane, to the point that you are permitted to move beyond it.

It is funny how so much that has appeared to me in a certain way, no longer appears in that way anymore. Things that were hardwired, as being true, are no longer true. Things that seemed to certainly be a certain way and what most people believe to be true, have been shown to me as not being true at all. I can't put most of this into words and that is something I am fairly competent at but these things and especially recent things, go beyond what words will do, no matter whose words they are.

It is one of the most difficult things to move beyond our entrenched doubt and the false faith we have in false things. As hard as we try, we find it near impossible to move beyond these things. We cannot move beyond these things on our own, we have to have assistance from one who has moved beyond these things, because we cannot find our way on our own. We simply go round in circles, the same way we would in the woods, without some kind of guide, guidance or knowledge and we always get these things from somewhere else. The knowledge we have within, is not revealed to us, unless someone reveals it to us, or allows it to be revealed to us. That's just how it goes and most people doubt that this is so but I am unconcerned with that; with what most people believe, or what most people think because what most people believe and think is only going to drag you down, into the hole that they are in, just like the teachings of the false prophets and teachers who operate all around us. They proliferate these days. They're always around but in these days they proliferate. These are those days.

Those days and these days come about every now and again and this is the time they come around in. They come around in the days of Mr. Apocalypse. These are the days of Mr. Apocalypse. You can tell people about it. They will nod their heads, as if they believe you but they don't, not really. The fundies believe that the days of Mr. Apocalypse will come. Some of them believe these are the days of Mr. Apocalypse. Not a century goes by, when they don't think that that is the time of Mr. Apocalypse but they have not been right so far. Maybe I'm wrong too but the ones who tell me what they tell me haven't been wrong so far so, we'll see.

It's very, very odd how things look to me at these times and how they have looked for a long, long time. I know they don't look this way to other people and I've stopped wondering why that is. I know we all see variations on a theme but even the theme is not the same. The theme changes as we change. There is no constant theme, except beneath all of the themes. In that place, out of which all the themes are woven, that place all the patterns come out of. That is the place we want to get to and we can't get there until we get past the themes. Each person is operating from a theme. Each theme is temporary, so each person operating out of any of the themes, is mortal, within the parameters of the theme. It is only when you get to the place beneath, or above (if you prefer), all of the themes, that you become immortal because you are then resonant with that place, where all themes proceed from. You go even beyond the archetypes. That is your destiny and it may take many lifetimes for this to happen, or it may happen very quickly, if you are energetic and motivated. That is a personal decision.

How real is real? How unreal is unreal? How far is far and how far is too far? These are questions we need answers to and those answers are within us. Sometimes they are revealed. Sometimes they are revealed to us and sometimes, by some spontaneous and unknown means, we discover them. Sometimes we can read between the lines of the great books, where revelation exists and revelation will occur from. Until then, scripture has only so much meaning, according to the pattern you are operating out of. It doesn't actually speak outside of the pattern, even when you think it does and that is where all the misconceptions and prejudices, all the inquisitions and intolerances, along with all the brutalities and other things emerge out of. It's why we have them, along with all the other unpleasant conditions and circumstances that temporary life is heir to.

Ah well, we've run out of the appointed space and we will see you again, in another theme on another day. Much love to you and many greetings. Many, many greetings.

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The spontaneous radio show will go up in the next day or so. Scott and I just winged it. We'll see if you like it.