Sunday, October 28, 2012

In No Man's Land, Seeking the Doors of Deliverance

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

These blogs may be silent through the coming week. I will be abroad in some never before seen places, which will include several geographical icons, steeped in myth and legend. It has taken me until nearly now to realize that I have had very little to say about what happens in my life. I wasn't entirely sure of that, or maybe I hadn't given it all that much thought. I should have. At the same time I was being told this internally but it just wasn't registering and I am coming to believe that we only grasp the meaning of something, when we are supposed to and not before, no matter how hard we try but... I could be wrong about that (grin). So, as a result of this dawning on me the other day, I sat back and reflected on my life, paying special attention to those points of significant change, in terms of environment and personal transformation and I found myself quite surprised to discover that nearly none of these things were initiated by me. They just happened to me. Now I'm getting the point, I think. I am getting the point of 'rely on me'. If I am not the one at the helm, in terms of situations and circumstances, then I should more completely defer to the one who is (“everything is under control”).

All of this plays into a type of difficulty that I have been experiencing for some time, where I am confronted by bizarre obstacles and resistances, which sometimes come in serious multiples. This has perplexed me for awhile now and I have been at serious pains to solve this dilemma. Then, just a day or so ago, I saw what the point of it was. Whenever one of these conditions would come up, I would look for a solution to it, or I would react in frustration but I seldom just stepped back and looked at it and said, “Your move, Lord”. These things were being thrown at me to engineer exactly that response from me but I wasn't getting it. A few days ago, I caught something and passed a test that I had been routinely failing for some time. This opened the door to my getting a clue about what is presently under discussion. Yes, every thing is connected.

I have to say that the timing of changes and events is amazing. Everything seems to come together when it needs to and happens the way it should happen, when you don't interfere with the process, which should be the operative awareness.

For months now, I have been harassed by concerns about getting my passport. I was pretty sure I was on all kinds of lists. I had even been told that I was. I had toyed with the idea of giving up my citizenship and embracing a new nationality. I discovered it wasn't possible to do this within the time frame remaining to me. After all, I was off to India a week before my passport expired and I had to get it together before that. Initial forays put me up against bad vibes, civil servants. I thought, “Hmmm, this is going to be difficult, if not impossible” The voice that lives inside me and which is much more vocal and present than ever before said, “Look, just go do it and I will take care of the details”. Okay.... So, that led to the first Frankfart excursion and I had told them that I was leaving for somewhere on the 30th of this month. I was told it usually took two weeks ...and that was cutting it close in terms of timing. What happened was that I was then notified, only a week later, that it was available. I found this hard to accept, given my previous experiences trying to work with bureaucracies. I told them I would be in at the end of the week to pick it up. They said come ahead. Everyone was very polite and helpful to me. At the beginning, no one was. That caused me to write a deep and passionate letter, outlining what I thought America was all about and how sad it made me that this is what it had come to. That led to a wonderful letter, saying that all was good, they now knew where I was coming from. Heh heh.

I went in and there was my passport and I walked out. I temporarily bankrupted myself going through all of those changes and had to span over a distance of a thousand K in the process but it was worth it and it did all get worked out, just as I was told that it would and now I'm good to go for another ten years, God willing.

So many things are surfacing and coming together that I hardly know what to think. Should I return from India, which looks maybe, maybe not at this point, for reasons I won't go into, I've got an invite to the UK, to spend some serious time in a recording studio and do my songs over the way they should have been done in the first place. I'm thinking about that. New books are coming up that I didn't anticipate. Maybe that means the one hanging in the ethers will finally bypass whatever psychic constipation is keeping it in mid-air.

This week's radio show is now up and Patrick W. has got a new one up with some interesting, attendant video. He's a serious maestro.

As has been stated many, many times here, I bring up events and conditions in my life because it is my keen suspicion that these things dovetail with the lives of the readers. We are all in some version of No Man's Land, Searching for the Doors of Deliverance. For some reason we still maintain that we can accomplish this under our own power; some more than others. My experience to this point is that this is impossible and the sooner I get with the program, the sooner I will stop being put in situations that conclusively prove this to me. It's a strange affair. We know that we have to utterly rely on the will of The Divine but it hasn't penetrated into that area of our selves that controls the degree of our surrender, so we get banged from pillar to post, until the truth of this is imprinted upon us and is allowed to make the necessary internal changes, that permit what needs to follow.

There are some number of people who react to the concept of total surrender to the cosmic will. They feel incapable of giving up that amount of autonomy and they have bad memories of all the orthodox factions, who have wrung so many bloody nickels out of the whole affair. They distrust the idea that The Cosmic Will has their best interests at heart. The truth is that there is only one will and one source of all power. All power proceeds from one source and also returns to it. All our power is borrowed power and the majority expression of it is in resistance. “Bend and you need not break”. “Though Heaven prefers no man, the wise man prefers Heaven”. The lives and teachings of all of the masters of the east and many elsewhere, all echo the same truths concerning the means to realization, liberation and enlightenment. Another problem surfaces when people mistake partial enlightenment for full enlightenment. There is a big difference and a strong impetus to take yourself seriously, which is why every bonafide master is as humble as dirt, though in no way are they a doormat. They are a doorway. Sitting outside the person who possesses the goods is sitting outside the door. Sitting within the resonance of the one who has the goods is the key.

All of these things are a matter of varying perspectives. Seen from the wrong angle, all of the right things look other than what they are. It's not my job to convince anyone of anything, no more than it is my job to prove these things beyond doubt, because it is not my doubt that is under consideration. Each person must prove the truth and value of what they hear, by the time honored process of testing and experiencing what they encounter. The proof is in the 'putting'. It either is or it is not and that will be revealed in the transits of inquiry. All inquiry is some version of self inquiry because we contain everything within us. Once again these are words and once again, people nod their heads and say, “Yes, I believe this is so” and once again they go back to doing what they were doing before they heard it the last time.

This is another kind of hamster wheel, going round and round eternal verities and trying to shoehorn them into a personal schematic. This will never happen, though any number of people are able to convince themselves that it can. The personal schematic, is a personal construct and has no relevance beyond the life span of the personality in possession of it. In order to share in the schematic of the divine, one must become divine and that can only be accomplished once the personal schematic is surrendered and it is possible for The Presence to be acquired. Once The Presence is acquired, there is no further need for entrepreneurial side trips to nowhere.

Those seeking a greater awareness of this particular consideration can profit from making a search for 'awareness watching awareness', by reading Brother Lawrence's treatment of “The Practice of the Presence of God”, or by reading, “The Impersonal Life”. I always have to throw in “The Bhagavad-Gita” and what I consider one of the better translations. Gandhi used to read his version every morning while he was brushing his teeth (grin).

Alright my friends, I may be in or out and about for a week or so. You might hear from me and you might not. We'll have a Smoking Mirrors for you tomorrow and after that, who knows?

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In No Man's Land, Seeking the Doors of Deliverance

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Visible said...

Jeff, I've left a couple of messages here and there thanking you for your gift and the Morning Thunder. It was all much appreciated. One of these times you will come across one of these(grin). thank you!


People, look what I just discovered about the cost of living in India. and I've been to a few sites. I had no idea it was so cheap. This could be seriously affordable and et al. Of course, India has its problems but my interests are of a certain kind.

Visible said...

Oh right, I forgot. The reason I've been trying to communicate this way is that your email went missing. This happens more often than any kind of normal would present.

mayaseri said...

The syncronicity is amazing there really is only one mind-the Divine mind.I have been grappling with this for the longest while fighting to surrender to the one will I have done everything in 'my' power except of course surrender to the Divine will today's posting confirms for me that Iam on course I SURRENDER ALL TO THE DIVINE WILL.
I want to thank you for all you do Visible and may all your requests be granted.

WarmZephyr said...

Dear Visible,

Thank you for sharing your insights with us so freely and regularly. It will be a colder world without your regular musings to look forward to. :-/

CONGRATULATIONS on recording studio invite. FINALLY!

"They distrust the idea that The Cosmic Will has their best interests at heart" (LV)

Re: this quote and surrender to the divine in general - I often distrust that it's the "cosmic will" at all that I've heard - but an evil interloper. A few ill-begotten experiences like this has left me gun shy and I don't think I'm alone on that score.

~YOUR WRITINGS HAVE HELPED RESTORE A LEVEL OF SPIRITUAL TRUST AGAIN~ for that I say, (cue Natalie Merchant) thank you thank you...thank you thank you, thank you thank you, thank you thank you...(repeat). xo

~Happy Trails Les Visible Avatar~

lightandlongshadows said...


Richard said...

Mas Nad Mas Visible
Hallelujah !!! Hallelujah !!!
Surrender to the Divine Will and Consciously choose to participate in its execution, what a message !!!
Be well, Love

Richard said...

Hey lightandlongshadows
One of my favorites, gave away dozens of dvd's for edification of beings i care for. Well worth watching and hearing various times, the one's each and everyone chooses for themselves.
Besides seeing how my birth is in a country that has the chess-board on its standards and now on the national flag, felt there was not much choice in the matter.
Thanks again Mas and Mas Visible.
Be well, Love

Anonymous said...

yes, there's no personal doer, no 'me' on a path, no 'me' at all.that's the dream of separation.
experiences but no experiencer.

timothy conway has an interesting page here on the types of teachers.

tim himself was awakened at at 16 and has never charged for satsangs.

thom j

mayaseri said...

Another all time first for me I was the first comment after you-coincidence-no it is the Divine will.

Thank you,

Erik said...

Heh Vis,

I hear you, and many thanks for the amazing journey thusfar ...;)

I recently had to have the "shit kicked out a me' (again) to hammer that point home ...

Oh well, glad it happened (grins)



the gardener said...

I awoke this morning singing this song

and thinking of you... "I am not your rolling wheel-I am the highway..."

pure tingles man... I am thrilled with you and your works and am happy to put it all out for you and everyone else working to keep their integrity though that doesn't seem to be too hard for those like us to do.

lol at your civil servant expectations-don't know why but I always have it easy with those folks-the cycle has changed-don't know why I seek and need that validation for my self but I am totally convinced that this is truth. Loved hearing your correspondences with them. :)

Be well and happy which does not come as often if expected as we'd like to experience.

We must have had another solar blast/wind as I've been really drained and unconnected from source which is always very disconcerting to me until I get into that flow too and take a little respite. Know the gardener has an endless well for all who need strength and help... an endless replenishing well from the Source. Nice little divine sips.

My bro and ma are reading your book I gave him/them for Libra birthdays... they say it is really good... I've kept your 'spiritual survival' here for those who come round. Beautiful cover. Thanks for all you do, have done and put out for the rest of us... love you man.

"I am the sky iiiii ..."


your friend,

the gardener

Em (M. Rocknest) said...

Of course, TPTB wanted you to have a new passport, Vis. With that RFID chip they can keep better track of you. FATCA still stalks Americans, homelanders and outlanders alike, so you may come to regret not renouncing your US citizenship but for the moment all is well-ish (delayed until 2014 at least) and you can lay that trouble aside (temporarily). Enjoy your journey to India and wherever the beyond might be after that. I can never thank you enough for all your insights and songs. I'll keep you in my heart and let the source of your inner voice sweat the details of your safety and well being. You are in good hands.

For Americans who are still unaware of FATCA you need to do some reading. I'd suggest you start here ... ... forewarned is forearmed.

Visible said...

Hurricane Sandy is massive Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Vis, sorry to be so slow on the uptake. You're most welcome for the tea. Sent you a note and wish you well on the journey!

Anonymous said...

Roam if you want to
Roam around the world
Roam if you want to
Without wings, without wheels
Roam if you want to
Roam around the world
Roam if you want to
Without anything but the love we feel...

I hear a wind
Whistling air
Whispering in my ear

UselessEater U.K (-___-)

Visible said...

Hey Jeff!

Fantastic! I want you to know I really appreciated that and most times thought of you and thanked you while having a cup, which has accompanied me alongside most of my posts.

Visible said...

This week's radio transmission is now up.

Rob in WI said...

Before your hiatus, just want to wish you well in your travels and endeavors. Your blogs have been a friend to me, and for that I offer my serious gratitude. Keep on truckin', as Mr. Natural says.
Blessings and be well, Rob

Anonymous said...

Safe travels Les Visible!

thought food...

"...the antecedents of information may have been furrows in evaporating puddles, mud in suspension, gas in gradients, serendipitous sieves; their successors now incorporate astounding amounts of lossless data compression in manifold algebras of bit flow. They recruit and transmogrify molecules from gross disturbances of gases and liquids into slim computers (or trillions of cybernetic devices procreating, source-coding, and executing themselves through soil, air, and seas). Godd Morning!!! These apparatuses are the repositories of so much intelligent jibber-jabber that we have come to think of them as transcenent of ordinary matter. Even the single wayward beetle on a log is more complex than an iPad, for it is self-organizing, needs no programming, and was never programmed. A swarm of insects is a swarm of entropy-defying computers.

Science's final "best guess" explanation for the emergence of consciousness out of life is (more or less) that bound molecular clusters assembled themselves under natural selection, closed entropy, took on agency, fed off each other's energy, and evolved into ever more efficient machines. Inside the uncertainty states kindled by their neurons, heat dispersal was converted into binary flows that became informational templates and ultimately got run up the ladder as synapses into relat stations aggregating to receive them. Axions and dendrites conducted those streams of cumulative data-flow into an emerging central ganglion, which then gave off the hallucination of a weightless, antientropic interior: the apparition of thought as a chemical mirage. Its hallucination bred better trackers, killers,evaders, - winners if natural selection's "Survival of the Fittest" Xbox. But again and even so, there is no explanation for why this grid should have become cognizant of its own being.

Entropy into data is a game that we will let rest for now, but it underlies the consciousness enigma. After all, to get from a barren universe to existentiality, you need a sturdy bridge across matter (chaos) to information (design), and another from design to first-person portals. There are no short cuts or alternate boulevards; the road trip is: matter to mind along a series of hypothetical bridges.

From Maxwell's day, science has tried to ordain the validity of spans across unspannable gaps, those of information and self-organization under Darwinian selection. Though clever and serviceable, they are suspended from sky-hooks, grounded in thin air. Creatures crawling from equations based on jerry-rigged assumptions are less plausible by far than anything conceived by Rube Goldberg..."
R. Grossinger, Dark Pool of Light

Anonymous said...

pierre said...

kind of makes "controlled opposition" a redundancy.

this href="
guy (got it thru WRH) made his break. (integrity plus but Alex Jones content library alert, just the pan handellers sideshow bob aspect?). Bill Means Indian " we are all reservationists [palestinians] now". some lovely positives in there, despite everything over the centuries.

and, sorry folks, I was going to drag up a poem I wrote when I was only 14, titled "lost in a no man's land" but I couldn't find it... I though it might annoy some anon's (Agent Smiths's of the world, page down challenged). sorry, sorry, sorry.

new litmus test" for divine or devil aspect. when you submit to the autonomous others, do you pay up front or "pay later". ( redemption or Faustian bargain). do you receive interest or pay interest? is this interest earned by you or stolen from you? is it a lifetime comitment or a "one off"?

definition of mother of all perfect storms. typical trilateral perfect storm takes control over the HAARP facility, It's an ill doctor that blows no good monsters.

Anonymous said...

Wow. ...


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

Ha!Ha! It feels like ten seconds!

I may need a favor..

Meantime - Hari bol prabhu!

If there is one mantra for the likes of us, it's surely and sorely this..

(sri-krishna-chaitanya prabhu nityananda sri-adwaita gadadhara shrivasadi-gaura-bhakta-vrinda)

Hare Krishna, friend!

Anonymous said...

First things first,

Enjoy the travels Vis.

Anybody ran across this site?
It has been showing this intensification of haarping for the last few days.

On Friday, after the relentless chemtrailing by these bastards here in Michigan, I had the experience that others have described of having one of these strings fall on my face while stepping out for a smoke. I have never seen it at so many altitudes. It seemed that those that they sprayed way out west were dropping before they reached their target.

Laura said...


My brothers and I are spread across the states but are never far apart. We have often found your entries to parallel many experiences in our own lives...from macaroni and cheese to the love and how to reach it; but I want to thank you particularly for this last entry. Recently I have been struggling with exactly what you have described in your blog. With each new obstacle, I have found myself holding tighter to that wheel of 'control...' and steering the vehicle of the 'self' all the time is exhausting. It's time to let go and let omnipresence of the Divine drive. So, thank you. Your words are as comforting to the soul as tea on a rainy day (and for me, that is really comforting :)). Much love and well wishes for your journey...

Anonymous said...

Proving he was both a sexual pervert and an apartheid idiot.

Anonymous said...

Whilst listening to the radio show about fake masters and stuff,,thought I might add my little bit of my understanding of the subject,,,the master is love,the master is not a person,,the master may appear when that person is in the divine state,,,but I don't think there are many people who can hold that state for a long time,,,it would be nice if everybody was in that state all the time as then we would be living in paradise,,,
I don't subscribe to masters only to love which has a certain presence about it,
Lots of us here flicker in and out of this state of conscience,but to take the position of master is wrong,,,


Anonymous said...

The master could be a small child an old man a beautiful girl,, or any variant of these things,,,
The master can appear in all form or none..
Better to let the master be the master,,
Sit back be a pupil and learn,,,
When the master is teaching there will be a strong feeling of love,,,,,
The master is everywhere and nowhere
He/she is you and I...

I love the master,always have and always will


Anonymous said...

Now let's hope that storm,chases out all those Paedofiles greed possessed seriously disturbed people hanging out at wall street,,leaving them flying around in the sky in their underwear with all those documents and pictures of the sick stuff they have been up too,,the storm only dying down when these perverted people have decided to come clean about the filth they have been up to,,,,
And promised they will never do that again,,,,,,


Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

Joe Six-Pack and Janet Eye-Shadow in Anywhere-Land.

Unknown said...

Monday morning there was a little thing involving my friend and a not very serious little accident with something of mine. I wasn't concerned and was calmly seeing how to fix it.
She asked me how I seem so cool and collected about things.
After I told her I really wasn't that way but probably just high, I explained how I considered life a movie that I watch and participate in.
The next morning I read page seventy two.

Made a first poster out of me.

Thanks and have a nice trip Les.

Visible said...

A new Reflections in a Petri Dish-

Shit on a Shingle from Bankerscum Nation.



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