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The Witchburners from Troll Central

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

A couple of weeks ago, one of an increasing number of a bizarre personality type showed up here. Of course he was anonymous; not for any of the useful reasons we sometimes get around here but simply because of the troll factor, that can attend anonymity and which often does. His premeditated intention was to catch me out about being a Rosicrucian. I had said I was one, meaning in spirit; “may the roses bloom on your cross”. I'm also a Hindu and a Buddhist in spirit and a Sufi as well. I believe all 'legitimate' religions emerge from the same source and I like to celebrate that feature because most people celebrate the differences and exclusiveness that makes dogma and cant such attractive bookends for ignorance and intolerance.

After a short interplay of fatuous gaming, this anonymous troll went off to another web site, where he proclaimed that I was a member of that Satanic organization (implied) known as The Rosicrucians and ergo, I am working for the dark side and probably have several small children duct taped in my basement, for the occasional ritual and recreation period.

I didn't begin this posting today, simply to call attention to the nits and mosquitoes that come around now and then but to address a serious misconception that has taken firm root in the minds of those resident in the alternative culture. There is one fellow who considers himself an expert on women and what's good for them. I won't mention his name but I do know that he sends some of his minions around occasionally, or so I've been told. This fellow is one of the principle individuals slandering any and every esoteric organization that exists or ever has existed. How he manages to tie in The Rosicrucians with his usual nonsense is beyond me. I have studied The Rosicrucians in some depth; meaning I have read just about any book one can find on the matter and also inquired within, where most of my answers come from. When there is corroboration between the inner and outer, I tend to take that as a sort of verification, although, there is little that is certain in this world is there?

I'm going to state something that I have stated before in various ways and which has been misinterpreted in several ways and that is because, people hear what they want to hear and adjust their data and findings to support their preconceived conclusions, instead of the other way around. This is what turns people into witchburners and what also makes social reformers the biggest mass murderers the world has ever seen. We are going to explore the warp and woof of this matter here today. It won't mean anything to the self deluded and those who match their research (whatever there may be of it) to suit their conclusions. This is of no great concern to me. People can and will believe what they like. So long as that matches up with the truth, they will be okay. When it does not meet up with the truth, the truth will, at some point, meet up with them, in some degree of severity, depending on the point that needs to be made and how lasting the impact needs to be.

First, a little background on me. Many of you may be familiar with some of the elements and maybe this will be new to you but it needs to be said. I have studied in the area of the Hermetic and Occult Sciences, as well in the area of spiritual inquiry for over 45 years and certainly in preceding lifetimes. This has been no casual practice. It has been, in some permutation, a part of my every day. I have also been the beneficiary of certain events and revelations that are the natural outgrowth of this sort of engagement. Anyone who devotes themselves to anything, finds that it will eventually speak to them in ways different to what they find on paper or in a classroom. Of course we are in a classroom the whole of our lives. Many of us don't learn very much and there are reasons for that.

Democracy is a system. If it is properly set up, it will function well for some time before the usual corruptions come into play. Yoga is a system. Esoteric fellowships are a system. They are neutral in composition and given a good or evil state of operation, DEPENDING on who is administrating the system. We very clearly can see, in these days, what has become of a former democracy and we can see why and how it happened. It is so clear and apparent that I don't even have to delineate it. If you don't already know this, you're not reading this anyway.

I will use Tantric Yoga as a template. There is no yoga more complicated and that is why you've got all these people running around teaching it, when it takes decades under the tutelage of a bonafide master to make any significant progress. In Tantra there is the right and left hand path. They are both considered legitimate, within the boundaries of their performance. Some things go beyond good and evil. The people so engaged on either side have explained it all to themselves, sufficiently enough to satisfy them.

The Rosicrucians, the real ones, don't wear any kind of an outfit. You can't tell them from anyone else. They have one predominant power; the power to heal. If these things make them evil then many of us considered good are also evil. Paul Foster Case and Arthur Edward Waite both have books out on The Rosicrucians; no doubt both of these men are evil, according to Troll Central. Those already mentioned but not named, say that The Order of the Golden Dawn was evil. Paul Foster Case was a member as was, William Butler Yeats. These same people consider Alice Bailey evil, Annie Besant evil, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky evil and George Gurdjieff evil. As a point of fact they consider all such people evil. They are witchburners and inquisitors.

I am not saying that any or all of these people are evil, or good. I don't think it can be made that cut and dried. I'm of the order of, “By their works ye shall know them”. That's my yardstick, that's my litmus test.

I have a truly extensive, virtual library of Hermetic and Occult treatises and teachings, as well as many spiritual books. Occult history (quite different from our general revisionist history) is one of my passions.

Here is the jist of the matter. This is Kali Yuga. This is Kali Yuga. It stands to reason that esoteric fellowships and organizations, would tend toward corruption in these times because that is the observable drive of humanity in these times. It also stands to reason that, within these fellowships and organizations there are some very good people as well. These witchburners and divine feminine oppressors think Manly Palmer Hall was evil; what a load of horseshit. I'm not buying this crap. It's noted that, toward the end, the Tibetan traditions were somewhat corrupted and if you look into their treatment of lesser fellows there is an argument to be made but this does not discount the ageless wisdom and deep, deep awareness of so many who were exponents of this tradition and all things will be renewed at some point.

We got witchburners tilting at windmills. We got social reformers stoking up new inquisitions. I don't buy into these things because my life's studies, inquiries and research tell a different tale. I figure if God wants me to know something, he will tell me and he has done this, or he has pointed me to areas of comparative interest that somehow lights up the original. There are a lot of things I can't say because I don't know how to say them but I can tell you that things are not what they seem because APPEARANCES ARE DECEIVING. What you see is not what there is, as it is. This is the work of Maya. This is the explanation of the dreamscape. This is a main key to bondage, on the wheel of death and rebirth; the wheel of fire, the wheel of desire.

There are visible and invisible orders that do magnificent work. They operate below and above the radar. We don't usually hear about them because they are not resident in the usual courses of this world of darkness, of useless and harmful informations and products, all the tinsel and tragedy of this temporary world. The sacrifices and consistent efforts of individuals in these groups, is a reflection of their integrity and sincerity. Those who are fixated on the Cliff Notes versions, or agenda bent versions of things, not as they actually are, have no difficulty stating what actually isn't and indicting and slandering what they do not comprehend and have no real and valid information concerning. This never stops any of them because their intent is not about the truth but more about spreading dissension, confusion, which is all to the end result of self promotion and varieties of personal acquisition and this should be immediately clear to anyone who is not shanghaied by these motivations and clear as mud to everyone who is.

It's one thing to read a few articles here and there about one group or another, written from a vested perspective. It is quite another to study the tenets and teachings of a group in depth and to consider where advancement can lead and in how many directions. One should always keep in mind the tenor and times of the age in which things are extant and operative and always remember that something pure on one hand can be perverted on the other. This is the case concerning the Kabala and how we come to have a reverse Kabala. This is the case with The Kundalini and why we have a reversed Kundalini. Our culture is corrupt, our institutions are corrupt, the people are corrupt, in general, it stands to reason that organizations and teachings have been corrupted but they are also not corrupted for people who are not corrupting them.

I don't belong to any organizations. I did once belong to The Builders of the Adytum but I never took any of the tests for advancement or sought to rise in the order. All I wanted to do was learn. I have been informed that I belong to an invisible brotherhood but I don't know what it is. I suppose one day I will. I serve nothing and no one besides that which receives my prayers and private conversations and those whom I serve as a matter of course according to the will of the one who receives my prayers. That's it. That's all there is.

End Transmission.......

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niijii said...

Thank you, well said.

Flecker's Magic said...

Those are some mighty fine Bona Fide(s), Bro.

And it's good to be frank.

Been through all of your writings over the last several years and my senses say this testament squares. You certainly seem to be who you say you are. Straight up, as the brothers used to say in Roppongi. Had to give that up since. However i am reminded by it to say that, having been there, i am not be surprised to find that your old man was very living turbulently during that time spent over there.

Should turn this testament into a permanent link into which the latest, greatest schmoles can be promptly sent off for a-dousing down of lime.

Me thinks henry just can't get over ole' Maya making him love her so much. 'Tis true that there's something a bit broad about his brushes at times. He was, however, on the right side of the original disagreement with Rense. Nothing to worry about either which way, though.

Go well all.

Anonymous said...

gnats with agendas

the tone of these comments are always tinged with a slight stink -- a little too ingratiating yet still aggressive. you are always patient with them which is to your credit. but they take your patience to mean weakness or guilt or whatever they have already established in their mind. i see the comments and always think 'how boring' or 'i know what you are doing'...but i suppose on some level these comments are necessary to keep the consciousness ship afloat as we sail on....they let in 'the world' which is a component of where we all are. for now.

liz in l.a.

Anonymous said...

Odd. It appears Clif has mentioned you, seemingly inadvertantly, in his posting today: Ancient history...meets 'now'. OK. Not so odd.


Anonymous said...

People like to put people in boxes and throw stones,,
I suppose it helps them pass the time,,Filling the world up with nonsense and confusion,,,
Ridiculous really!!
It shows lack of spirit,,,

Nice post lord vis,,,,respects neil

the gardener said...

The nits and the gnats, whether they're conscious or not, serve as diversions to the flow---of topic or energies.

Always good to notice what info or interest is pulling their chains to the degree for need of involvement.

That's where the 'sniffing/snorting out of left nostril' exercise comes in handy. So many easy nifty little practices in our special toolboxes it is easy to forget about them.

That tiny little technique does work to keep those little dingleberries from sticking to your mind or other parts of you.

Writing this caused me to remember the other good technique-probably learned from Vis or his good commentators is the 'breathing in and running it through your own heart-then exhaling as gold dust'... works with the dark words and thoughts of self or others-transmuting through our own heart. :)

the gardener

Clarity said...

Interesting and informative, Vis. Unfortunately, the ones to whom this most applies will continue to disregard or twist and manipulate to fit their agendas.

liz in l.a. - well said!

A thank you to those who comment from the heart with pure intentions, and those who share valuable information and links.

That's it for me. I'm in learning mode today.



Rob in WI said...

I see that you list Paul Drockton's site on the VO sidebar. To the best of my understanding,he's a devout Latter Day Saint, but much of what he posts (have read quite a few) describe the corruption within the church organization.
It's been my experience with LDS (have a cousin who is member), is that they are generally ruthless and clanish when it comes to financial dealing. They have moved into areas of Idaho, Wyoming, and Montana, and have taken over most businesses, school boards, etc.
When they achieve this influence, many non LDS members are resentful, and demonize all church members. I know quite a few people who live in that area, so have experienced it personally.
Perhaps it is this type of direct experience with esoteric groups that leads to witch hunts. Be well, all, Rob

missingarib said...

Vis,seems the world is more and more staged (less the worlds a stage of shakespeare verse)- ,construction crew,makeup,costume ,funds,the directors and finally the actors vetted or rather auditioned -observers and observed therein is the telling and the help we receive -your application to the message --

Those who are devoted to the Dhamma made known by the Noble Ones
are unsurpassed in speech, thought and action.
They are established in peace, gentleness and concentration,
and have reached the essence of learning and wisdom.
Sutta Nipāta 3.332

live long

Anonymous said...

Bhagavad-gītā As It Is 3.27


The spirit soul bewildered by the influence of false ego thinks himself the doer of activities that are in actuality carried out by the three modes of material nature.


The person in material consciousness is convinced by false ego that he is the doer of everything. He does not know that the mechanism of the body is produced by material nature, which works under the supervision of the Supreme Lord. The materialistic person has no knowledge that ultimately he is under the control of Kṛṣṇa(God). The person in false ego takes all credit for doing everything independently, and that is the symptom of his nescience.

He is factually bewildered by the false ego, which makes him forget his eternal relationship with Kṛṣṇa(God)

Visible said...

Diane; do you have a link for that? I'd like to see it, being all self involved and like that.

flying cossack said...

anyone that demands association before giving you the truth, is putting association above the truth

vanity is the favorite jewish mode of manipulation ... if i wanted to troll you into believing that the world is ruled by white supremacists ... or ruled by the west (vs the east?) ... i would call you lord visible and give you my respects

if i wanted to give you the truth, i would just blurt it out like a five year old child

Al Cabal said...

Good work, Les! You might want to lay off Michael Aquino, he's actually a very nice guy.

"Those who are fixated on the Cliff Notes versions, or agenda bent versions of things, not as they actually are, have no difficulty stating what actually isn't and indicting and slandering what they do not comprehend and have no real and valid information concerning."

The Temple Of Set is a fine organization as organizations go.

sand snowman said...

Superb piece.
In a world of illusion, where what we see isn't necessarily what we get, we still tend to "see" what we wish to. I have no doubt that many to most of these Witchburners of whom you speak are consciously forwarding their own little agenda(s). However a certain amount are possibly rendered wretched by the mass of inversions, deceptions and corruption that they are wont to "throw the baby out with the bathwater", as it were, seeing only (another apparent form of)mendacity, manning the barricades or burrowing in bunkers and failing to discriminate between the fruits of infinite Love & those of fear/hate/poison. That they themselves are operating from a place of fear doesn't, in itself, position them with the Satanic, just in a pitiful place.


Anonymous said...

The article can be found at:

Anonymous said...

Vis -
Here's Clif's latest piece (http://www.halfpasthuman.com/ancienthistory.html), along w/ the specific reference:
Universe is engineering change in humanity through change in the context of life here on earth. Change, and chance, do NOT favor rigidity of thought, which is why fascism and dictatorships always fade, their point of view limits their understanding of the changing nature of universal context, and thus denies to them, opportunities that are plainly visible to the less inhibited mind.

Please keep on, keepin' on.

Take care -

Anonymous said...

Hey flying cossack
No agenda here,,,
Other than pull the system down,,
Im not of any one religion
But i look at them all,,also i have traveled a few different places and seen how people are,,
I am sorry Im not living up to your expectations,,


Visible said...

So I am reading along at the link and thinking, "Well, nothing here". and then I see it (heh heh). Thanks Clif. He's pretty spot on about that yoga stuff. Good to see that resonating in his head. It should resonate more in all of our heads.

Anonymous said...

"The Goys Are Back in Town"

(A musical parody, based on the song, "The Boys Are Back in Town", by Phil Lynott, made popular by Thin Lizzy.)

Look who just got back today
Them wild eyed goys that had been away
They got ripped-off at loan shark rates
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They was askin' if you was around
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Told them you were shylockin' downtown
Man, that drove those fuckers crazy...

The goys are back in town
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Man when I tell you he was a snake, he was a robot
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Remember that time over at Vito's place
Well, this pawnbroker got up and he slapped Vito's face
Yeah, we just fell about the place
If that shylock don't want to "owe" - forget him...

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The line is getting longer, it won't be long
It won't be long till payback comes
Now that the goys are here again...

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Yeah, they hangin' down at Vito's
The goys are back in town again
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The goys are back in town again...

Anonymous said...

Of course. Copy; paste; oh well.


This article uses Vis's name in bold within the info given.

Scroll toward the end, but do read the info, too.


Rob in WI said...

Anon, generator of pop song parodies; Just want to thank you for sharing them. Parodies are fun, and music adds to the humor. I met and talked for a bit with Al Yankovic, back in '85. I think "Like a Surgeon" had been released shortly before. The amusement park set an attendance record when he was there; (I was electrician there). Anyhow, thanks again; hope the goys are back in town. Be well, Rob

Rob in WI said...

Al Cabal,
Micheal Aquino, mister nice guy? There is so much smoke tying him to the Presidio and Franklin child sex scandals, that there must be some fire. Nice guys don't pimp kids, IMHO. These allegations preceded the internet, so I'm not just "learning", via the net.
Is the Temple of Set still active? If so, guess we're still welcome at the hotel Kalifornia. Be well, Rob

Pantagruel said...

All that needs to be said about the Rosicrucian phenomenon is in The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart, by Francis Bacon. Either due to negligence or deliberate obfuscation, no writers on the subject have mentioned that book; not Waite, Frances Yates, Manly Hall, none of them. And we can also say that any writer on alchemy or hermeticism, who doesn't mention cannabis, knows nothing of the subject.

Rabbit said...

Hi Les. Usually one of the more verbose posters, and usually with plenty to say, I always find myself struck dumb whenever I come here. At most I drop a few lines about some insignificant matter, a sort of calling card meant is all. The reason is simply that there is nothing you ever write which is contrary to my own outlook or understanding. Not that we're similar, I doubt very much this is the case, I'm a five decades old Aussie Rabbit Aries and I think the only thing we share there would be similar age. I can see there are others who feel the same as far as being in tune with your musings and I'm sure we're all over the map in all respects, save the understanding which you articulate so well. This brotherhood albeit unspoken on this level exists I know it too and others of those who know you know it too. For most of us these ideas and understandings vanish as we attempt to raise them from our souls, like the cosmic joke or the universal understanding which comes to one in a trip sometimes and can never be recalled again afterwards. You allow the ideas to take shape before us, and it is impossible to overstate the importance of this to many.

I've also moved through a few different spiritual paths on the way to where I am now. Like you I identify with many, if not most religions, for at their core they all are aiming for the same things and seem to have a similar level of divine inspiration. I considered myself a Gnostic most recently and in the same sense I did then I still do, but like you no formal involvment with orders and clubs. I'm presently enjoying the exotic and beautiful Islam and am married to a young lady from the East who is my shining star in what is I guess the third life I will have led within the one I am now in. For me God has always stayed the same, opnly my understanding of Him has grown and been added to. I feel perfectly safe and always just a little titilated with the expectations of adventure which existence in these dimensions really is. No fear because the only things which can really hurt us, are self inflicted and I have the worst of that behind me. I'm happy to take this ride for all it's worth, not cowering down in the swoopy bits and closing my eyes when it looks too scary.

I know that there's some seriously negative ET involvment with our planet and species which is probably going back hundreds of thousands if not millions of years on this rock and I have a bad feeling that the worst of it may extend into what we term spiritual realms or planes. I also think religions, virtually all of them, stem somehow from this fact and when full understanding arrives it will somehow bring the two together for us. Intuitively I think the answer is grim and we're not going to like it. I do not fear this thing either but it tends to hang like a sword of Damacles over my religion always. I am ready for the re-interpretation but I am not sure many of those who do follow their religions are. I realise these things are not necessarily part of your viewpoint, and I offer them only as things I am inclined towards in what is otherwise still an open question for me. I don't feel obligated to form an opinion always and often qualify things I offer as such, and this is one such occasion. Obviously most of these things I have read or decuded from reading as many others will have also, but there is a resonance for me in this interpreation and it corresponds to a couple of glimpses of past lives I have; or so I interpret them.

Anyway, I just felt like opening up a little for once. Your efforts could be the difference between one of the aware ones doing themselves in or living on. It can be very lonely to have come as far as we are in the understandings often discussed here, and knowing one is not alone, not unique or crazy means a lot.


Anonymous said...

via Homer..

"flying cossack said...
anyone that demands association before giving you the truth, is putting association above the truth"

That is a very important and truthful statement.
I suggest we all do owe it to ourselves to NOT do this.

"Better to be killed by Rama than Ravana."

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis, good read today. I too assume way too much from time to time. The thing that gets me is that many condemners of the esoteric is that THEY support the very evil they think they're being vigilant against. The Jewish bankers, and every other human instrument of life-extraction, love nothing more than unthinking types who love books and flags more than people, plants, and animals.

Anyways, if anyone has some hours to kill, I highly recommend the writings of a guy I just came across called Wayne Herschel. Dude's South African and really knows how to connect the dots, so to speak:

PS: Love that "the goys are back in town" reworking. Literally laughed out loud, and that ain't too common.

Abe in East LA.

Anonymous said...

Does your list of books on the invisible fraternity of the rosy cross include historical and academic 'The Rosicrucian Enlightenment'?

A fantastic book on what might have been.


Visible said...

Well, Rabbit that is the beauty of being a useful tool. So say we one and all? D'accord! ...or something.

Onward and upward

Erica said...

Thanks Vis-Yes,the eternal message underlies all religion,but has been obscured,intentionally?,by so much bullshit that it's easy to throw out the baby with the bathwater.
Rabbit-agree with your view on aliens and their continued involvement in the 'spirit' dimensions.Hence my aversion to the word 'God',with it's anthropomorphic,control based connotations.
Have no problem with the concept of the 'Divine',as the underlying reality that unites the whole of creation,and of which we are each a small component.

Anonymous said...

we've got 'em surrounded...

and even tho' they've lost that oven feeling...

it's coming down anyhow

{lay the proud usurpers low}
on account of all the lies..


administered by minions with brown noses...literally

allegorical language won't change good christian bitches who serve a
dung god...who offers easy credit terms even at negative interest

just sayin'...[unbonjuif]

the paradox concerning the nature of objective validity is by design and degree instinctual...

interestingly the fogbank seems to materialize around the formation of the letter J...

see the footnote to the word babylon in mackeys' 1924 encyclopedia...


if 90% of the narrative is faux/contrived nonsense of no discernable value...


who won the debate....?


One was speaking simple truths...

the other just repeating craftily manufactured lies...

[give us this day our daily bread]

religion defined is a belief system,
Knowing Truth is not a belief system...

or why the first democracy had a [PAID} mob in the street screaming CRUCIFY HIM !!

cui bono...



Anonymous said...

Off topic, but I gotta say: after watching the U.S. presidential debate last night, Romney looks trashier than Obama. What a rude MF.

Visible said...

I seldom watch those things.

Skepticfrog said...

Anon @ 4:59

I cannot reconcile how can you read this (Vis) and also listen to those two whores' diatribe (or is it diarrhea). To me they are mutually exclusive.
Just sayin'...

Neko Kinoshita said...

I once tried to be Frank.

I decided I'd rather be a cat.

♪Everybody wants to be a cat♫


Visible said...

Skeptifrog; please do not annoy me like this and not even give me context.

Anonymous said...

Hey Vis
relishing your chastising of the zealots. Manly P. Hall, evil? Nah and pretty subjective, given that the other side of the coin, namely his holiness the beast Mr Crowley, watered a lot of Arschwasser on the chosen path to his enlightenment with all his selfcentered patriarchical Thelema disorder. The blending and subsequent imbibing of every imaginable body fluids to initiate a grade is pretty much disgusting and evil, at least sanitation-wise and certainly not something that my path implies. Also, reversed Kundalini is a product of anally retentive leanings and can therefor declared an evil circumstance. How does the pig toilet come into play here ?
p.s. By the way, A.H. was gay.
see Lothar Machtan´s 'Hidden Hitler'

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up-

The Chia Plant Heads at the Smorgasbordaterria.

Anonymous said...

pierre said..

butting in, but I think Skepticfrog was saying that anon 4:59 shouldnt be watching crappy massdurbating wannabe sock puppets, "Vis" refereed to this blog post.

anon of the paradies (give yourself a typed in nick so we can put nickle in your nickelodeon), I've refrained from a Bravo (trying to avoid metooism's) but they are excellent, even to the tempo, syncopation and all, and some of those good 'ol tunes get into my head for days and go round and round. such is the soils we have been soiled in. (and yes I diss too freely, but it comes with intuition without the tuition).

This from the half past link.
"The prepared (educated) mind will constantly examine its own thinking as an integral part of the process of decision making in an attempt to seek out, and eliminate barriers to effective 'viewing' of the context in which the decisions must be made"

if I have a sole virtue, this has to be it, comes with the territory called "just me", though I call intuition "lazy thinking". let's call it awareness whatever your bent.

and not to forget that even if we need "them" to mark against, they need "us" to be despoiled, disheartened, and dissed generally, at least at the grade level.

Rob in WI said...

Cats, among domestic pets, are probably more frank than others, except for birds. My grandson Owen (11), and I would like to enjoy a life as a domestic house cat. Good to hear your virtual voice.
Be well, Rob

Ray B. said...


That was very well said. Thanks.

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Dark Narcotic Wonderland of The Dis-Enfranchised States of America.



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