Friday, June 10, 2016

Fireworks... Fandangos and Inevitable Departures

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ah... what to talk about. I suppose I could quote Bonnie Rait and say, “Let's talk about love”. There are all sorts of statements one could make but should one make them? There have been hundreds of thousands of pages written about what to do and how to live. Some of them, most of them, are comprised of the work of the kinds of people you see on The Today Show or Oprah and for me they are the rendered toilet paper made from recycled petrified forests.

I want to bring back something today that the indefatigable Patrick Willis and I collaborated on a few years ago. I think it says everything I know and don't know. People get on my case for not writing with the poetic fire that I was using in earlier times, which were not that long ago anyway. I adapt what I do to the needs of the moment. Though the moment is eternal, it changes in ticking increments in all the separated minds and sometimes inspired faith is a greater contribution than fireworks and fandangos.

One has to keep in mind that life can kick the shit out of you if you don't conform, especially when conformity is all about celebrating deformity. It can also do it if you do conform, when the atmosphere of normal has been turned into poison gas... it is your ass if you do conform and your life if you are outside the norm but... just as existence goes on forever, so do those who comprehend what the ineffable seeks out in the hearts and minds of everyone. You either go with the program appointed to you or... you are done.

Life comes in sections and segments and there is a plot that extends beyond the imaginative projections of any mind seeking to counterpoint with the mind of god. All your dexterity and diligence will be left in the dust if you can't let go. Eternity is in the surrender to the flow of the one behind and maintaining in all the changes that come and go. Nothing is more temporary, or ridiculous than fashion and nowhere is perversion more clearly demonstrated than in fashion as it buggers itself into absurdity until madness chews off its own foot and states that only one shoe is necessary now.

There's a twisted little freak called Jimmy Choo, who makes shoes that can't be worn by people with normal feet, so that women with the money to do it, given to them by men who think dead pussy is a statement of total control, go to plastic surgeons to have their toes lopped off and shaped, in order to fit into these shoes. The clothes they wear are designed by men who hate them because they can't be them and I suspect that dead pussy and cold revenge are waiting in some cabaret zone for the last rites of Indiana Jones. As I look into the future, wherever the hell that might be, I see Harrison Ford in some John Denver ultra light (♫Pacific Ocean High!!!♫) where he forgets that he didn't fill the other gas tank, or someone didn't ♫and then... and then? And then along came Harrison♫ who crashes in Monterrey Bay and Baron Samedi comes out of the surf on a Jetski...rigidly erect like a Marine at attention in the color guard, where some poor excuse of a commander in chief (like we got now) walks out onto a football field and waves at the crowds of stupid like the Pope, dressed like... if anyone needs a gender neutral bathroom, he does and then crashes on the beach but... he's already dead so it doesn't matter and he does that zombie thing, which most modern actors have perfected ...and then and then and then? Heh heh. Right.

One can only do what the times necessitate and it changes like the way a snake does its sinuous thing in the grass or the sand or in your spine. Sort of makes you think of the Caduceus doesn't it? First do no harm. Thinking... thinking... Hipocritic oath? Speaking for myself, even when life hasn't been very kind over all, if you can extract the necessary knowledge from industry or experience, you'll be okay.

Well... this is as far as I got with this quasi Origami posting before I found that a dear friend of mine had passed and that was definitely over a week ago. I wasn't sad about it. She had been suffering for some while and then decided to let go and there she went. However, it put me in a mood of reflection and attendant with that, certain other things happened that I hadn't seen before and they put me in fear of my own mortality, which is not precisely true as I do not fear mortality. If anything I anticipate it or the serendipitous conference of the alternative, which is always a possibility until it has been passed by on the route of the other alternative in the seemingly crapshoot manner of that crossing pattern of Caduceus but... it's not a crapshoot. It may seem random and unpredictable and it could well be the latter but the former is never the case. It just appears that way and as has been oft stated here; appearances are a lie.

Most of the time, most of us, carry on blithely unknowing or uncaring that we are only passing through. Enough time will pass and none of us that are now here will be here in our present form; keeping in mind that our form is shifting and Plasticine at the best of times. We might well be back again in some other form and that could go on and on but the present state is guaranteed to change or depart and the former is a rare bird indeed.

We apologize for not being attentive to the postings and emails but sometimes that happens. It doesn't happen often and that is to the good, maybe. Sometimes the world becomes too present when it points out the unending process of continuous change and we realize what we are up against, until we are not up against anything anymore.

As has been pointed out here more than once, our beings are a battlefield. The elements of our composition are at war with each other and that should be the main concern of our minds and not whatever mythic battles we imagine are taking place outside of us. Unless we are victorious in the war within, we will have no victory over the forces that appear to be outside of us. Take command of the oppositional forces within and there will be no opposition without.

When we lose people that we imagine are separate from us and everyone seems to be, outside of moments of extreme oneness and intimacy, which even then, only seem to be or they would never end; when we lose people with whom we were close, we lose a piece of ourselves and piece by piece we will lose them all... or at least it may well look that way. The whole point is to realize we are not separate from anyone and all our judgments and definitions of others that occur, in order to push away what appears to be undesirable, is just us not understanding ourselves. AND... the whole essence of this life is to achieve that. You wouldn't think so by looking at the world around you but those who will not learn by industry, will learn by experience.

I seldom feel much sense of loss because I have at least learned that life does not end when it looks like it does. It just moves out of the bandwidth of the senses; the physical senses. There are other senses available to us but they have to be awakened, conferred or acquired. Whatever the price that is paid by chemically or experientially hothousing one's evolution in this respect, I believe it is worth it, if it brings you to a wider and deeper understanding of yourself and others. I look at the costs that people pay to come into the possession of goods and positions and other people and I consider that these things are not even in the same dimension as the costs paid to gain more priceless and timeless things.

Give yourself the needed time for reflection as to what is and is not worth having. Life will give all of us whatever has been earned or come due ...but it may not necessarily give us the higher lights on the road to the celestial realms and those lights are as important as streetlamps on a moonless night.

My friend went into the ground today; a part of her did but... the part that counts is in another place altogether. It's like throwing out old clothes, or even shedding them for bed. We die in a certain way every night and we awaken each morning, if you can call that waking. We come out of one dream and walk into the next one. To awaken must be the greatest experience there is and some aspects of it are the most painful, depending on how that awakening is conferred. To die or to seem to die after having lived well is a fine accomplishment. To die after having not lived well at all is no fine achievement.

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