Friday, December 31, 2010

On New Year's Eve, 2010

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Well, here I sit at the closing of the year. The past is behind me and the future is ahead and neither of them exists in real time, because there is only the present. One could say that the past put us where we are and that what we are likely to do with what lies ahead, is pretty much the result of what the present has made of us, with a whole lot of assistance and obstruction on our part in the past.

I don’t have much use for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. This is one of two holidays when I stay around the home environs. The other holiday is The Fourth of July. Since no one celebrates the fourth where I am these days, I don’t have to concern myself with that period of bumper car mentality. There’s only this amateur night on the highway to contend with. A new year starts every day. People like the symbolism of New Years though. They like the idea of a fresh beginning, despite their certain tendency to repeat themselves according to the patterns of the past.

For some reason, New Years is an excuse to get really drunk and celebrate. I’ve looked into this, trying to discover what it is that they are celebrating and I must admit that it isn’t readily apparent. Neither is the justification to drink yourself into a state of embarrassing behavior and a glazed eyed frenzy that has no payoff but regret. I’ll admit to extended bouts of partying in the past because of a general excess of enthusiasm but I generally didn’t need a holiday to provide a reason.

Are they celebrating the fact that they are still around? Are they celebrating what they hope against hope will come to pass for them? I think they’re looking for meaning. They want what they have and do and pursue to mean something. The fact is that none of it does and the surest proof of that can be found by looking back a few hundred years and transposing what they see, from where they are looking into where they are (or were), while someone else is looking into them later on. That’s one of those sentences that maybe shouldn’t have gotten written (grin) but I hope you catch my drift.

The essential truth of life can be seen in a very simple way. Something is real and it endures. Everything else passes and the closer it is to the surface, the more quickly it passes. This indicates that what is real is deeper than everything else. Based on this, one could say that a successful life is one that is connected to something deeper and that unsuccessful lives are connected to the surface end of the equation. Of course, the inhabitants of the surface will argue otherwise but they’ll pretty much be arguing with each other because the deep doesn’t argue or even speak much at all.

On the surface, everything is an argument because everything is in conflict and competition with everything else. When you’re drunk and excited about something vague and unformed (and likely to stay that way, until you look back at it further on and define it your way) this is not what you will be thinking about. You’ll probably be overdosing on bonhomie, whose reason for existence will be much less clear the following day, or, you’ll be quietly or not so quietly angry. You won’t know the real reason and that will aggravate the anger more, because your resident truth awareness that’s locked out of sight will be agitating from the unseen location.

People think they know why they’re angry but usually they don’t. Something shows up to take the rap, of course, but that’s just a matter of convenience. People are angry because life doesn’t automatically adjust to their desires and they feel cheated when they find that the choices they made were bad ones. They looked much better at the time they were making them.

I’m trying to think what people should be celebrating this New Year’s Eve and, ironically, one of the reasons could well be that they are still here. At the same time, ironically, that could be no reason to celebrate. Time will tell.

I’m somewhere in the seeming wild, where you do not run into people while walking down the street. I don’t think I’ve ever had it happen in five years, day or night. I’ve had people come into my yard and I have neighbors a few hundred yards away and other neighbors that don’t live here but come around to work on their property, still, I can go for days without speaking to or even seeing another person. Interestingly, two medium sized towns are equidistantly about four k from me so I’ll be able to hear the explosions and maybe even occasional snatches of music this evening. People like blowing shit up on New Year’s Eve. I don’t grok that either. I’ve never been one for fireworks, even the spectacular displays but, of course, I take psychedelics and there are no fireworks on Earth to match that. In fact, there’s not much in ordinary existence, unless lived in extraordinary fashion, which does match it.

I know there are lots of people who have never taken them and are therefore authorities on the subject. Anyway, they’ve got alcohol and how could esoteric chemicals improve on that?

When I look at society I see a prison of conformity that takes its marching orders from a hierarchy of an oppressive minority that sets the standards for their behavior, without it applying to them. I see people willingly going to war for institutions that make war on them. I see madness, barely contained by threat of official response and... that’s not going to work for much longer. That is definitely not going to work for much longer because the veils are lifting by the day and no amount of Assange like distraction is going to be enough to convince hungry and homeless people that a luminous bridge will soon appear, along with the keys to the gates of a shining city on the hill.

Everyone knows that there is a lot of room for improvement in their lives. Hardly anyone wants to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it. The reason is that it means sacrificing some of the things that they have convinced themselves makes their lives worth living. That’s why life cycles through its stages, toward a final period of confusions and regret. Senility and rigid, uncontrollable compulsion are the result of fighting against your own best interests for the sum of your life. Fewer and fewer people can even recognize what their own best interests are but it won’t stop them celebrating it tonight and hoping for the appearance of meaning in this bright and shiny new year.

Most people die in January and I suspect February is right up there. The fewest people die in August. It’s something to think about. People will argue this is all about the weather. My suspicion is that just about everything people base their beliefs on is false when considered in the light of how they understand them, compared with what they actually mean in the deep end; the unspeaking end, the quiet zone of eternal being, which is not friendly to the dreams of butterflies and debutantes. I’d like to see Pollyanna and Cassandra spend New Year’s Eve together so that I could eavesdrop.

Here I am at the end of this piece and you would have thought I would have accented on the positive throughout. You would think I would want to be encouraging and passing along some celebratory words... telling you that not only is it going to be great but that it’s going to be better than it’s ever been. Actually, it’s going to be a lot more like what it has been but with added dynamics and special effects.

It really is going to be great and better than fine if you are. We’re in a place where something is coming alive and it’s going to be pinging off of whatever housing contains it. If the housing has integrity then it’s going to ring when it pings. If it doesn’t then the structure of the housing will be experiencing a lack of structural integrity. That’s what happens when one age transposes into the next. What is authentic and true in respect of the needs of the new age, will find itself written into the institutions that come to represent the new way of things. What is not will be recycled. It’s a natural progression.

You have my good wishes that this year will grant you opportunity to make the changes that need to be made and then grant you the freedom that comes with it. You have my good wishes period. It’s going to be an interesting year.

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

On Christmas Day, 2010

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Now comes the year of transition. We approach whatever personal myth we may be anticipating or in apprehension of with the coming of 2012. It stands to reason that 2011 is going to prove to be as life changing as anyone might expect, being the year of entry into the year of prophecy, spoken of by so many cultures and predicted and defined by such precise and arcane mathematics.

One of the reasons, possibly the main reason that massive transformation is assured, is that so many people are expecting it and the conditions of life reflect the state of the human mind. The world reflects the state of the human mind as it is shaped and misshapen by the particular generations of a particular age. The human mind is just a particularization of the one mind, or rather, a point at which the personal accesses the cosmic mind. Another reason that assures massive transformation is the state of the world.

The cosmic mind is influenced by the generational perceptions of the aggregate personal mind, which is how you get pervasive decadence and religious insanity. The cosmic mind reacts to the mass movements of the personal mind at different points and that’s how you get periods of awakening, cultural rejuvenation and widespread catastrophe. Nature is the manifest representation of the ruling and invisible, all encompassing consciousness and that explains why Nature erupts in different ways, at different times, when the mass of humanity has moved far enough afield from the golden mean, to begin injuring and pissing her off. It’s as much of a mathematical pissoff as it is a personal reaction from something with perceptions and makeup of a greater order than the human and therefore not comprehensible to the human. Of course, just because you are human, doesn’t mean you have to stay that way. It’s just a stage you’re going through.

Back in the days of Mithras, where they celebrated and understood The Sun King, before he became Louis of France and lost his head dying for his own sins instead of proving his immortality by dying for yours, there were cultures to support the deeper truths, without having to understand them. Back when civilization meant being civilized, instead of pretending to be realized, by virtue of the possession of complex technologies, destined to destroy it, life was somewhat easier, if no less fatal.

Certain historians make much of the brutality of earlier times, without much seeing the brutality of the one in which they are penning their vain epistles to how little they know. In these times, historians base their speculations on what is most likely to allow them to be published. A casual scan of who controls the publishing world and academia should give a clue to which version of history is permitted and which is not; whether it even happened or not.

Historians and other academics of these times are an interesting breed. They shape minds according to the demands and requirements of the marketplace, which is a sure sign that they are pawns of the industries and corporations, which air the music they dance to. It goes without saying that their minds were as easily shaped by the same process. Maybe they know what they are and maybe they don’t. It doesn’t change it.

You’ll note a pervasive similarity between all of the religions, with the exception of the Hindu/Buddhist schematic, as it is understood by the wiser minds within it; the less wise make Hinduism and Buddhism just as rigid as their competitors. Every one of these religions insists that their founder spoke the only truth and symbolized the only way. It doesn’t matter that everything they believe was grafted upon its predecessor, which had the same tenets outlined according to the needs of their particular time.

This oppressive and limiting insistence upon being the only way is the clearest evidence that they have lost their way and that’s why new founders appear at regular intervals to show the way yet one more time. Each time, the new founders are met with the resistance of the institutions that they are destined to recycle and each time the institutions fall and get remade for their own period of mind gaming the populations, shortly after the founder has done his curtain call. From that point on, its just folly mating with ignorance until what should be seen as an embarrassment, is celebrated as genius by those controlling and interpreting it for their own profit and the profit of those they actually serve. You know all of this and, if you don’t, you don’t know much.

People live troubled lives because they do not question authority. That means every kind of authority; political, religious, economic and cultural. If I left anyone out they are included too. Accept nothing you have been told until you have proven it to be true. You can ‘incline’ toward what you cannot prove and believe it may be true but you’re more and more a fool every time you take something on someone else’s say so. I can’t tell you how many times someone assured me of something and I found it wasn’t so. Now, when I hear someone speak I say, “Oh, so that’s how it looks to him/her. Then I study what it is they believe so that the motive for it will present itself and... it always does. I can measure a person’s fear and reactive potential to real truth, according to their willingness to accept what others tell them.

It doesn’t matter that we are in a dark age, as far as how you can authoritatively live your life. The darkness of the age is only an indication of the darkness of the human mind. If your mind is not dark then the world you live in isn’t either. A real power accrues to you to the degree that you opt to live in timeless space, instead of the time and place of the contemporary hallucination. Technologies and bad sciences have come and gone for stretches of time beyond your counting. Religions have been around for as long as the unknown. How long has the unknown been around? It’s been around forever. Religion is a human construct, an attempt to put confining dimensions on the unknown. It can’t be done. It only turns into a travesty of limitation, as twisted and messed up as our present day understandings of psychology and medicine. The medical practice of today is anything but a healing modality. It is geared toward maximum profit generated by those for whom disease is a growth industry.

They poison the environment and encourage you to eat bad food, simply because they are invested in your becoming sick. The pharmaceutical industry is composed of real life vampires, engaged in things far darker than you might suspect. You don’t need any of their crap and the only things that really work are illegal or suppressed and the one’s behind making them illegal and suppressing them is the pharmaceutical industry and the other tentacles of the octopus monster that is the global corporate, temporal authority. One individual who has freed their mind is more powerful than this entire entity. The power latent within every human being is greater than all the darkness that can be arrayed against it. There are people walking the Earth right now who make remarkable changes in the world at every point where they are moving through it and it takes place without anyone seeing it happen. Those who have freed their mind have freed it from those forces which are the source of all bondage; vanity, glamour, ambition, greed, fear, unbridled appetite and the host of other longstanding enemies of humanity in it’s recurrent confinements of the past, the present and what is certain to come in the future.

The road starts where you are standing and it leads where you are headed. The geography and direction do not matter. It is the intention and aspiration which determine the events you encounter. The scenery of the illusionary world grows more and more transparent as its power to influence your thought and perception diminishes. This is an ancient condition that exists forever within the cycling state of ages, cultures and lives. It is hidden in the midst. It is calling out the way but cannot be heard because the voices imploring you to go in the wrong direction have a greater amplification, having been listened to more and being more pronounced in power due to the nature of these times.

A new year is coming and it is headed directly toward 2012. There is no way that it arrives anywhere else. It is up to you how you travel this year, in the consistency of your daily thoughts, words and actions. From here you can go anywhere. It’s up to you if you do. No matter what, ‘somewhere’ will be the result.

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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Someone's Tossing Ice Cubes into the Devil's Coffee.

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When you go to the major alternative news sites these days, you can see the atmosphere of the planet is all turmoil, chaos and confusion. When you travel through the mainstream media, you get a soporific hum of everything getting better for the Teletubbies and Schmoos who believe that sort of thing.

Every single day there were announcements about ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ being repealed. This is one of the engines of the Zionist empire, in its efforts to destroy the United States. Concern about 2% of the population being allowed to camp it up in uniform, translates into another 2-3% percent of specially abled world rulers, gussied up and camping it up in victim suits.

We’re in the final days of frantic insanity, as those causing all the problems migrate into the role of problem solvers. They’re going to sacrifice some number of their fellows, while deploring the need for it and then seek to become prominent in emergent movements and slots opening up in political; economic, media, entertainment and religious spheres. They’re being groomed and having their past waxed or created at this moment.

It’s a difficult place for us to be in, given the helplessness of our state. That’s only because we think we’re supposed to do something. We’re supposed to do what’s in front of us and have faith and confidence in the absolute power of that force which is going to handle even the smallest detail, in this real time summing up. It’s happening right now. Enormous pressures are being badly handled, by all of the agencies whose reason for being is to retard, seek to pervert and generally suppress the truth at all times. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse for them and the payback is going to increase relative to the resistance.

Iceland is a fine example of what every country should do now and you may be sure this is occurring to those in Ireland and other places, who are not in the pay of the ones seeking to enslave their country. Iceland is also a sanctuary for anyone being pursued by temporal forces for practicing journalistic integrity. It’s also not as cold there as it is in England, where they turned off the heat in the terminals because people wouldn’t leave when they commanded them to, even thought there was no mass transit or taxis operating to take them away. This is a big news story and we’ll have to see how that plays out and who ordered it. London is a main capital of the international satanic cabal. Iceland is not. Someone is tossing ice-cubes into the devil’s coffee.

Slowly but surely and immediately in some cases, the power is being turned down or off and rerouted to those who are supposed to have it now. There’s no reprieve or appeal for this transfer of power. If you’ve abused it, you will lose it. We are coming into an age of brotherhood around the world. It’s a mini Golden Age, before the lights go off again. It’s also a fabulous opportunity for those who can spot and interpret the opportunity.

The major dramas are going to be played out in the highly populated cities; some more than others. It’s going to look Biblical to those so inclined and also match up with whatever corresponding lens might otherwise be in use. Most of the time when things transform, people do not interpret what is happening correctly, because their value system is all messed up and their desire bodies are firing like mad off the top of dead adrenals. That’s a good way to burn out the starter.

The worth of a large TV screen is only as great as what is being watched. You can have a small picture of a huge load of garbage or a big picture of a huge load of garbage. It’s still a huge load of garbage.

We have reached a significant nadir in human development and in the state of our civilizations. We are drowning in experts and glib prevaricators, who get paid a lot more to lie than they ever will to tell the truth. It’s a common event now for most professionals to sacrifice their comrades and the linchpins of their character, for self advancement and personal profit. They don’t figure they’ll need their character once they get where they want to go. At that point they can fake the virtues and who will care? Certainly not any of the other people who did the same and now compose their associates.

We see this happening right in front of us. We see the most egregious offenses of the bankers, day after day. We see the politicians bending over, in whatever position those paying them for the privilege, want them in. We see the Pope watching oiled down, young male gymnasts and Billy Graham – so called friend of God- talking about his great friendship with the Bushes. Exactly which Jesus Christ does this guy work for?

The degree of off the charts absurdity should be all the evidence anyone needs but most people believe its all real and justifiable, because they are being told it is. Even while being mercilessly reamed out by those who are supposed to be serving them, they still go along with the program. They fully believe Muslims are the danger and support the real monsters behind it all. They send their children to die in wars for profit, engineered by bankers.

You would think, that with so much power and such a level of routine and epidemic corruption in the human state, that there is no possibility of freedom or salvation up ahead. This is all meant to test you and the results are not good in the wider sense. This is why catastrophe and tragedy must be introduced, in order that awakening can occur. Slowly but surely it is. Ten years ago there were no large groups of professionals declaring 9/11 to be an inside job and the official explanation to be all lies. Ten years ago there were no large groups of people rioting, because the banks are doing what banks always do.

Critical mass is a funny thing. A huge infrastructure can be held in place by a few strategic nuts and bolts. An immense complexity of dominoes can tremble and remain static until, that long waited turn of a particular wrench, or the last, unrightable tremble occurs and that’s it. That’s it. Suddenly everything is in hyper drive. A moment ago it was all kinda, sorta normal and then normality is running for its life along with everyone else.

Well, if you know the source of your life to begin with and what it depends on, you don’t have to run. There’s plenty of historical precedence for that too. You’re going to be given the opportunity to depend on what you are used to depending on. You’re going to be able to see how strong and how real, what you thought was real, actually is. You’re going to be able to see how everything stacks up against everything else. You’ve been given a lot of time up to this point. Things have moved in a certain direction and you’ve been able to watch it happen. You’ve adjusted to and embraced each new outrage, or you’ve stepped further and further away. You’ve looked at things and said, “Well, it must be true if they say so” or “That has got to be a lie”. Step by step and day by day, the claims of what must be real have become increasingly outrageous, as the history and excuses used to defend them have become more fragile, ridiculous and indefensible.

Everything that has been happening has been happening to bring you to a place, where you can more clearly see what is happening and understand why. You can only see and understand to the degree that you can personally detach from it. Just as it has always been, most people attach more securely to the framework of illusion, because that’s all they know and all they want to know, which is why some people can say, “I don’t care if 9/11 was an inside job, I’m not going to believe it anyway”. Unfortunately for most people, appetite and material desires are not lifesaving applications.

My heart goes out to everyone, while it also stays in my chest. In the end, people make their choices and they live or cease to live with or because of the results. Merry Christmas to you all in this season and may you receive some truly valuable gifts, instead of the usual crap people feel compelled to buy, so that they can feel good about themselves for a short time.

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weaving Like Drunks into the Event Horizon

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Everyone wants to know what to do. As a wise Chinese sage once said, “The way to do is to be”. Of course, that same Chinese sage left town when he couldn’t take the state of the culture anymore.

I want to point out something that I think is of critical importance and I can’t really give you any details on why I think it’s critical because that would compel me to presume I had information I don’t possess. I don’t have any specific information but I do have a strong sense of how very, very transformative it is all going to be. Speculation is unwise but one can present one’s take on the degree of intensity and I’m going to do that, without actually telling you much except to say that ‘woo woo’ should be capitalized like this; WOO WOO.

Let’s look at a few things and create a context and then let’s leave it to you to be the judge. We are presently in a state of epidemic corruption of the natural state. We don’t even know what the natural state is anymore. Our world is being gang banged by the most vicious and predatory among us, with the conscious and unconscious assistance of the majority of the population. Imbalance is the direct intent of those who are twisting and morphing living conditions into untenable extremes. Whether they are aware of the effect and wish it so or whether they are just doing their jobs isn’t as important as the fact that it is happening.

As some of you may know, I am putting out 3 books shortly and here are some excepts from one of them, in draft form, that relates to what we are discussing today. I’m hamstrung without an editor and some necessary start up financing at this point and don’t want to publish without them, so we’ll just have to take it as it comes for the moment. Irrespective of my shortcomings and lacks, we can still bring you things like this in the interim and do our best, which is the best we can do (grin).

Okay then; we are at the turning of the age. This comes around every 2,000+ years and causes significant changes in everything. It brings an entirely new outfit in appearance and alterations in every single area of manifest existence. Sometimes it brings an end to cultures and history and we are sent back to the wandering tribes’ format. That is how dramatic it ‘can be’. However, that isn’t even the big news. The big news is that we are also completing a cycle of ages; a complete cycle of ages. When this happens, an aperture opens for a dimensional shift in consciousness. Don’t even try to imagine what this means. Look at it this way. It is many times more transformative and matter, mind and spirit shaking than a mere passing of a single age.

Some of us are going to be given the opportunity to walk right out of the wheel of sorrowful return and into something so powerful and impressive that there are no words to describe it. It’s one of those serendipitous and undeserved gifts that the cosmos comes up with to make up for (grin) all the unknowing and confusion that generally attends the established routines of the official dreamscape, which gets piped through the filtration units of the hallucination machine, which makes you think you are here and it is real.

We like to think that we possess the objective reasoning necessary to consider what may exist beyond and unseen within the parameters of the web of appearances that surround us. We’re thankful that we even know that there’s more and that we’re not as deeply immersed as those we have to constantly step around in our movements through this shadowland. We are grateful that we have enough wit and imagination to suss out that the fundamental and traditional views of what lies beyond are most likely as erroneous as a television advert. I’m one of those, like you, or you wouldn’t still be reading this or have ever found your way here.

What is coming is immense and the opportunities are off the charts. I can’t find any way at all to structure, in words, an idea of what that means. There’s nothing to measure it against by comparison. It’s going to come on like a wind whipped brush fire. It’s going to alter reality to the point that one cannot remember what it was altered from and you must remember that that wasn’t reality at all. I could compare it to waking from a dream but it is much more dramatic than that.

If I could find the hyperbole needed, I would use it. To say that it might compare to the appearance of a hundred massive starships in the evening sky, or the simultaneous appearance of the face of the deity of every denomination to everyone in every denomination, attended by the silence that sweeps the atmosphere of all sound as the prelude to earthquake, it might be some indication but it is no more than misdirection in terms of the thing itself. Keep in mind that the predators are busy developing machines of projection to give these very appearances to serve their dark purpose. This will prove as pointless and useless as anything else they get up to.

The individual has to drive within for the singularity. Everything external is a projection of what is within. Everyone is going to see an expression of what they are serving and that’s good news and bad news. Ancient myths are going to come to life. There’s going to be a jamboree of a jambalaya, compressing and distilling, while separating and coming together according to metaphysical magnetics based upon the lodestone of your being.

During the transition, elements of your being, which are not essential to your being, are going to be stripped away by one set of magnets and the rest is going to be pulled by another set. This can be indescribably painful or as unspeakably exhilarating as that long sought freedom from every care and woe. A good way to put it is to say that the very fire some burn in will be the radiant vibration in which others dance. It’s a relationship of very simple dimension and is determined by the values of the heart. You will resist the loss of your chains and ballast or you will not. There’s no more to it than that. Resistance is futile but we all know how desperately we have held on to harmful and useless things without ever understanding why.

You hear that you must strive and struggle with all your might for that great prize and you hear that you must not struggle but simply surrender. You hear that you should be proactive and inactive and maybe at some perfect balance between the two. All of them work, I suppose, if you are singularly fixed on it with the proper intention.

What have you gained in this life? What do you hold dear? Are your priceless possessions and object of desire within or without? Are you defined by what you have or what you are? Is your treasure composed of money and possessions or is it something unseen which possesses you? Whether you may have money and possessions is unimportant. It’s your relationship to them that counts and your capacity to render relative valuation to everything in relation to what is truly important.

Everything you have read and learned... experienced and presumed to be true are limitations upon the actual. Books, teachings, traditions, they take you to a place from which none of what you learned applies because you are now dealing with new dynamics and the rules of one order of being do not transfer to another. Moralities and restraints on behavior are useful in their time. Many things are useful for the period in which they are needed but all the things that made you stable will not provide you with the ability to fly. I can’t say anymore about that.

For several years, in advance of what is on the horizon, I’ve made certain efforts to create a community and now find that I am mostly alone, except in the virtual, and surrounded by only the unseen. I don’t think that was my intention (grin) but... maybe it was. Everything I thought I should be doing remains to be seen. I don’t know any more than you do. What I do know is that something else, besides appearances is real because I am in contact with it. My relationship to it has provoked me to say what I have had to say today and I hope it proves useful and might serve as a reduction in the potential for fear. Fear and awe are similar in many ways and the difference can prove important.

I cannot improve upon what that timeless Chinese sage had to say. Being is. I can say that it is possible to leave almost anywhere without appearing to move at all and that the best efforts in departing from a place can often only result in your taking it with you; so much for all of this for the moment.

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Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Testing of Chaos before the Opening of the Portal.

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The times they are compressing. They are densifying, if I can say that. They are pressing down, grinding in, vibrating wrath upon the centers of resistance within. In my case it is approaching the comical and absurd and we’ll get to that. In other cases it has entered the realm of the tragic and incomprehensible. In this latter case I am speaking of our good friend Bholanath who has had his closest associate taken from him by one of the numberless security teams that work for the insecurity network, which seeks dominion upon the globe. The original post is gone so I’ve nothing to link to. I hope all is well.

I do not know the details of this misadventure but I do know its appearance is serious from the tone of the words that treat with the situation. It has the ominous seeming of being extremely long term; the sort of thing these world security, terror rings get up to when they want to kill the human spirit. The reason that TPTB keep harping on terror as some ultimate threat against all that is decent is because their policies are designed to drive humanity into resistance against the state. This is why they have to set up the whole scenario as being something generated by an anarchist madness against all that is good and decent. They are neither good nor decent and to paint themselves so, they have to paint someone else as the bad guy.

Janet Napolitano, like her precursor, Skull Chertoff and the international ring of Satanists to which they belong, are stoking the boiler of the demon ship, which they seek to sail through the heart of humanity in the hopes that it will be divided and convinced that its other half is its enemy.

There are only two states of mind in which we can exist. One is that everything is uncertain and independent of an overarching authority. The other state is that everything is certain, whether we can see this or not and completely under the control of an overarching, interpenetrating authority. You can argue that there are other positions that one can hold but I maintain those are only degrees within either state of mind. Think about it.

Two weeks ago, my car and house keys went missing. I had no spare car key because that was hidden, not my me, so that it could be found again which, so far it has not. An acquaintance here, offered to drive me to Volkswagen to sort it out. She took me to a car dealership. I pointed out that it did not say Volkswagen on the storefront and it had no Volkswagen's in the showroom. She insisted this was it and we went in and one of those cardsharp Italians, the sales manager, immediately assured us that, “this is the place”. He was all smiles and hearty bonhomie. Half an hour later we were across town at a garage where he arranged for a mechanic to come up to my house and open my car so that he could free the steering wheel so that it could be loaded on to a lorry and driven down into town.

This Neanderthal broke into the car and also busted up the ignition making it impossible for me to simply pay 40 Euro to get a replacement key from Volkswagen. He must have realized he had done something wrong because he said he would be back that afternoon and never returned. A couple of days later, this acquaintance called to say that a lorry was coming and she would be bringing it up. The lorry arrived and we followed it into town where it took us to the actual Volkswagen repair shop up around the corner from the car dealer. We were confused and went to the car dealer who was very much on the phone when he saw us coming and kept waving his arms and saying that we should go back to the new site.  The new site was one of those contemporary Volkswagen repair sites that look like an operating theater to justify the fees of allopathic physicians. They had me sign all sorts of things agreeing to estimates and so forth. I knew we were looking at some expense and got a little wack. My acquaintance didn’t care for my state of mind. She felt, regardless of screwups and the certainty of everyone but me being perfectly right that I should bend over and take it.

A couple of days later I got the estimate of 300 Euro to replace the locks. This later had the cost of a new ignition switch added in. It was a week after when we finally arrived yesterday to retrieve the car. I was so glad to get it. I had been shopping for food just once in nearly two weeks because no one had the time to assist me in such matters and I don’t really have any friends down here, just acquaintances. It was all very friendly until I checked the trunk and it wouldn’t open and the tech said they didn’t replace it because it was on a different system. I cracked up with laughter, crying out “Jesus Christ”, over and over. Then I checked the passenger door and that hadn’t been replaced either. It clearly says on the estimate that these locks would be replaced. My acquaintance was quietly furious with me for not bending over and went driving away.

My computer went down several days before and I had no communication with the world. I managed to get this Nokia E-90 Commander on to the internet through my wireless connection. That was a feat I am still impressed by. I had my computer in her car and transferred it into mine before she rode off in a constant state of adjusting to the whip of the overlords. I took the computer to the computer store and then went to get my post. There was a new sign saying I had to come after ten and when I tried to get in they told me so. I came back after ten and they told me I still could not get my mail but if I came back today at ten I could. I am recounting only a very small amount of recent events that were epic examples of potential frustration and ever growing financial expense that advertised, ‘no end in sight’.

I tried to get a new, ‘local’ SIM card for the phone. I nearly had to give blood for DNA and still did not get the card because the home office never called back. I am on my way in today to see about that again and, of course, the post at ten (grin).

Today the internet is gone (for how long?). It’s been gone all night; possibly the main tower was affected by the winds. I’ve had months of bizarre circumstance and this recent spate has been remarkable. I built a warm and enduring fire in the Franklin stove and spent my days in the lamia with books and meditation. God told me all was well and that he wanted certain things from me which I am not going to itemize because they are too strange. He said, “You’ve found me and I’ve found you. Forget everything you know about right and wrong and anything else. None of these rules apply anymore. Once you find me, everything changes and there are no rules whatsoever except what I determine according to my whim. Interesting.

I’m watching all of this with amusement and occasional outbursts of confrontation with the invisible which leads to more amusement. I can’t do anything I’m not allowed to do and I can do everything I am allowed to do. Nothing, absolutely nothing is in my hands. Ganesha takes walks with me and Poncho. He’s wearing a tuxedo and a top hat and doing acrobatics and soft shoe, all down the dirt roads that wind in uncharitable confusions around this rural expanse of olive and almond trees. He tells me everything is better than fine and I hear that from all of my not so invisible friends. I’m told that everything I waited for is now happening. Yesterday I was told over Voice of the Theater speakers that ‘it’ has officially begun; whatever it is.

I think about Bholanath and his rage, frustration and sorrow of loss and I don’t know what to say except what I have been saying all along. Perhaps Lord Ayahuasca will show up today (nope) and I will have some answers and you will hear about that. I think about all of you in circumstances like Bholanath’s, but adjusted to your personal destinies. I can only say what I have been saying, “It’s all under control and we can only acknowledge this or refuse to do so.

The Duke and Duchess of Excess got pelted with paint and detritus on their way to one of the privileged zones and the terror teams of official security hammered the so called anarchists into bloody heaps at the temerity of assaulting these pompous asses, as a prelude to revolution, that may soon find them swinging from lampposts along with a surfeit of bankers and political hacks and those attending.

I’ve no idea about where it’s going and no idea of when they will all be stopped dead in their tracks for that moment of frightening awe, when they see what they have led themselves to. If ever we should be mindful of the absolute control of the greater authority that is in control of all of it, despite appearances, that time is now.

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Saturday, December 04, 2010

The Tunnel of Light in the Spider's Web.

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Need I repeat myself in yet one more way to present the same thing? Well, this time, let’s put it this way, these are strange times to be living in. The degree of ubiquitous criminality, coupled with deified ignorance, multiplied against the carnal face of materialism, has given birth to expressions of twisted and mocking countenances beyond count, with no point in counting them.

Those of us who are operating outside of these time zones are getting hit by mega-waves of negativity, generated from dark inner plane locations, which are actually the ruling and generating coordinates for all of the crime, ignorance and materialism already spoken of. As one adjusts, the assault is altered. It mutates like some form of cosmic HIV. It’s alive but, undead, might be a better term. It appears to feed on the life force, while what it generates is fear. Where fear doesn’t apply, confusion will do. Where confusion isn’t effective, appetite will serve.

These locations are like the housing, or the webs of massive spiders, which spread them as if they were they were the largest mono-filament nets of all time. They spread them across the ocean of humanity and between humanity and all of the finer things that are the birthright and inheritance of the awakened being. They separate aggregate humanity from the singular attainments of the exceptional. This exceptional status is not prohibitive to the genus ordinarius. We are all made of dirt animated by spirit. It is the determination and one pointed, unrelenting, unswerving press to the goal that makes anyone exceptional and genius and idiot have the same opportunities across the board. Genius often is defeated by its own sense of greater awareness and knowledge, where an idiot possesses neither of these terrible limitations.

The labyrinthine corridors of the realm of knowledge have been walked by no living being, in anything approaching completeness. The very possession of a large body of knowledge pushes back the parameters of what is contained therein and widens the possibilities of what can be known. Knowledge always generates more from the possibilities of the unknown, born from the impress of the known. That’s just how it is baby.

In an age of darkness, present time not excepted, the path of knowledge should be avoided at all costs and as a result, winds up as the road most taken. The twin handmaidens of Vanity and Presumption attend knowledge as it expounds upon the ears of those waiting for their turn to speak. No one is listening and no one hears. Certainly no one understands because, if they did, they would be somewhere else, where the important things are taking place.

The cruel highway of the initiate in an age of darkness is something to see. They are near exclusively free of companions. They are tried in hotter and darker fires, against the possibilities of the redemption of the rest of humanity in their times. They suffer without rhyme or reason just because it pleases the divine to see how far he can push it. Think I’m kidding? I’m not.

I feel I must once again add that great quote by HPB;

“There is a road, steep and thorny, beset with perils of every kind, but yet a road, and it leads to the very heart of the Universe: I can tell you how to find those who will show you the secret gateway that opens inward only, and closes fast behind the neophyte for evermore. There is no danger that dauntless courage cannot conquer; there is no trial that spotless purity cannot pass through; there is no difficulty that strong intellect cannot surmount. For those who win onwards there is reward past all telling—the power to bless and save humanity; for those who fail, there are other lives in which success may come.”

It is exceedingly tiresome to hear the uninformed make so many judgments upon her while they praise Crowley to the rooftops. Crowley considered all of these types to be fools and obscured what wisdom and insight he possessed in the times when that applied. He had precious little of either in the latter part of his life. The attraction of Crowley is like the attraction of Rajneesh. They cater to particular areas of attraction that are resident in the wider body of humanity. On the one hand you have the promise of power to ascend and rule from a personal sphere of enlightened self-interest. On the other hand you have the promise of unrestricted freedom in everything without cost or censure. Figure it out.

The population figures of those known for attainment, compared with those who are anonymous in their achievements, tends to indicate that anonymous far exceeds those whose names are known to us. In those cases where names are made to be known it is often a burden taken up for the purpose of demonstration and something given to those most in need of making it real. Those known find the blessed anonymity in their surrender of all that their times and history seek to confer on them. Those who are anonymous have their names set in lights for generations beyond count. I direct your attention to the stars of Heaven.

The tragedy of all great masters- and The Christ would be a particularly strong example- is that their message is so seldom understood by their followers and more likely abused and defiled in the act of worship and testimony. The thundering hypocrisy of the rank and file, along with those who herd them toward the lands in which they seek to rule, must cause the tears of the liberated to fall and feed the secret womb of sorrow that demands yet one more sacrifice of birth again and again.

Earth and its mysteries and obvious states, are eternal. It moves from light to darkness and back again ...but it is generally a land of the temporary and the mortal. It is filled with wonders that are ignored and treated like refuse. It is reduced to servitude and prostitution, as if somehow, everlasting virtue could ever be corrupted or compromised. Those who attempt it only profane themselves.

The Earth sees and feels everything that happens upon her resplendent and reclining form and she is the certain and unavoidable source of punishment and reward in her kingdom. Failure to recognize and revere her cannot be overcome by anything else that you might imagine you could perform. She can be conversed with and grants intimacy to those proven to be of the worth of her company. She is the bower of understanding and all magic of the higher arc in natural exposition, without the need of any stand alone performance. She is protection absolute and the relentless Hell Bitch of all time in the pursuit of those who defame her being, her children, her friends and lovers and her gifts. Mark my words.

The divine is the active potentiator of every lasting state and every sincere request. It is on the footstool of Earth that the human heart can unite the two and seat them equally within the vast and only ever partially explored reaches of its potential. The appearance of imbalance between two states of equal importance is the cause of much mischief and travail. Not knowing who to see about what can be a real problem. There are many statements and declarations about what is the single most important thing that can be realized in the pursuit of the divine; immortality in the blessed spheres, liberation for all time and the cessation of all personal suffering forever and what I have long believed the most important... the presence of the divine conferred through persistent request. I now believe that to be chosen as a friend of the divine is the greatest accomplishment to be had.

I have seen some small portion of what is contained in this unspeakably great gift and I would not compare it with anything. I would add that all the rest comes as a reflex addition, to an ever widening whole that cannot be fully explored by the recipient, through all the vastness of the ages. The divine routinely walks in many locations and selects his or her companions for these outings. Those who are so named and known as a friend can attend at any time without invitation. It takes certain particular qualities to be chosen as a friend of the divine and each heart must inquire after the means. Certainly seeking that condition above all others would be the primary step. Certainly loving the divine more than anything and everything else put together would also serve.

Dark times offer tremendous potential. We weep and bemoan our state and the relentless persistence of our persecutions and difficulties, while failing to acknowledge what is possible and certain for those who combine all of this into a tribute to and a celebration of the divine. We fail consistently by not recognizing what is freely given and by not wanting it enough. This is a time of remarkable potential for those seeking to awaken to their capacity to succeed at the greatest work of all. Take it for what it’s worth.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

This is our Greatest Crime against Ourselves

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We’ve been waiting and watching for some time. We’ve been traveling through a period of fits and starts that has gone on longer than anyone expected; those of us paying any attention anyway. For the rest of us it’s just been an extended period of ever increasing, restless sleep.

It’s the time of The Apocalypse. I know I say this a lot but it is the most impressive feature of the times in which we live. Here’s an example of what I’m talking about and this is but a portion of the things that are about to be revealed and which are meant to serve as roadmarks and impetus for the awakening of humanity. This is the reason that certain powerful temporal entities are seeking to gain control of the past in order to continue the myth of their assumed status in the present based on a fabricated and fictitious past. At the moment, corrupt politicians are seeking to make it a crime in Canada to even criticize Israel.

I hear quite often from people who want me to condemn Jews wholesale for the crimes of a particular collection of groups of bad pennies, which in elder times were called Pharisees (as well as other names) and there were and are other groups who contribute to the evil of these times and are blatantly identifiable in their works by which you can know what they are. Jews are not a race and I’m not sure about it being a religion either, if you include things like The Talmud. They are a collection of many tribes who may define themselves as such but are occasionally as unlike each other as any two groups can be.

Because I do not believe that all who call themselves Jews are evil, I am not going to go down that road. I’m not sure I can define evil but I know it when I see it. It is because of my ambivalence in this regard that I have put a Jew in a major role in my new novel and it will, no doubt, piss some people off. So don’t purchase it when it comes out for sale around Christmas if you’re that narrow and inflexible. It’s not what you think but... what is?

I will never be able to acquit myself in certain circles simply because of the intensity of what I have stated in these blogs and what I am going to state in my musical album devoted to these malefactors at some time in the near present. My views on certain historical fictions and the leverage gained, as well as the plague of Jewish bankers and various, financially and politically connected control freaks of the same stripe, who see all other life forms as sub human, is certain to arouse a judgment against me but I am comfortable with that as I know what I believe and upon what it is based and can argue and prove my points and positions so that they cannot be refuted in any way known to us.

I’ve had to think about the position my position might put me in. I could easily have sidestepped it but it would not have been honest. I would have then been like everyone else who makes noisome apologies for demonic wretches of whom they are afraid. I’m not afraid of them and if I were it would be an offense against the divine. I am not always comfortable with the role I have chosen and been chosen to play. I have had to think about the possible repercussions upon friends and associates and, once again, I am less willing to take the road of a coward out of unnecessary fears that would stand as evidence that I did not, in fact, believe in what I say I do and would also be proof that I am easily compromised, when it comes to the safety of my person. My safety is not in their hands but fearing them might put it there.

I’m aware that 94% of Israelis support the horror that Israel is and the horrors that it engages in. I do not know if the remaining 6% do not support them or are merely silent. That is something that might deserve scrutiny. It is a matter of no small irony to me that they are all gathered in one spot and another irony that their number approaches a figure they have been seeking to make real for some time. Perhaps that is what it is all about. It is certainly a remarkable juxtaposition of several compelling points.

I’ve been told that Zionist Jews are a recent thing and so is Israel. I’ve been told that when I reference times prior to the existence of either that I am talking about Jews period and that I should just acknowledge it. The fact is that whatever they may have been calling themselves, they still fall under the behavior definition of more recent terms and I am not going to condemn an entire group of people, even if those who are not connected to the terrible behaviors of recent and present times is small in respect of their mass. I’m not stupid. It’s not like I can’t see the tremendous weight of evidence against these people, since they have been identified as running around in these environs. BUT... I have seen... met... and know of exceptions and I am not going to play into the hands of the real enemy by making wholesale judgments. In many cases, it is possible that many of these people are deluded and will wake up shortly, just as we hope the Luddite, fundie Christians will awaken from their dreams of vengeance, blood and reflexive damnation of everyone who doesn’t meet the criteria for their Mr. Potato Head religion.

Let me get to the point of which this is all preface anyway. What do you think is the greatest crime that all of us or any of us perpetrate upon ourselves and others? What is the greatest sin that should concern all of us far more than the sins of others or the possibility that an entire group of people is evil to the bone (they’ve got plenty of company)?

Our greatest crime is that we do not let the beauty of our internal animating force shine through us. We block its presence with our diseased personality and all of its obnoxious vanities and presumptions of worth. We set ourselves up as the thing itself and confine and imprison our real self, while we parade around in a chronic blasphemy against everything of meaning and value within us. Because of our reluctance or inability to let our inner light shine forth, we shed darkness upon our world with our every breath and our every movement. We steal the motive power of that which animates us and claim it as our own.

We prance and ponce around like obnoxious, cosmeticized imitations of something we have neither the wit nor the depth to comprehend. We are bad actors who brutally misplay our parts and then leap to the center of the stage to collect the accolades of fools no better informed than ourselves. We deceive each other with every word and act. We scheme and plot for our own advantage, while presenting ourselves as generous and gracious creatures but who wouldn’t know real sacrifice or humility if it bit us on the ass. We’re an embarrassment to life and a perfect expression of why those who truly are evil can manipulate us so well.

It’s a simple thing that is asked of us and that is to let what we really are express itself through us; to truly and consistently live what we say we believe. Because we are too cowardly to do so, due to our attachment to the nauseating spectacle of shameless posturing and assorted shortcomings, which we glorify as virtues, we have committed the worst offenses against ourselves, each other and the one who gave us the opportunity to shine and be greater than we possess the imagination to comprehend. We are a project of remorseless and persistent failure as human beings and a much greater failure at that promised potential that is our birthright and destiny, had we the awareness to see it. We haven’t even got enough presence of mind to be ashamed of ourselves.

I know my failures because I can see them in the moment of their occurrence or very soon after. I’m looking for them. I can only be sorry and strive harder. I can’t do anything on my own. I am lucky I can tie my shoes. I can’t achieve anything nor can I free myself of what holds me back, no matter how hard I might struggle or try. That lies in the merciful hands of the one who leads me on. I try to remind myself each day, just how helpless I am and just how perpetually deceived by the machinations of my mind which, like all minds, is engaged in a ceaseless battle to survive as what it is ...and which is impossible it is. The mind is your greatest enemy and your most powerful friend, depending on a few key understandings. Until that is sorted, it doesn’t matter what else you get up to. It will fall short and it will compromise, confine and kill you.

I am extremely optimistic. I feel good and have increasingly greater moments of real joy. I cannot possibly convey what it is like for me to have my invisible friends to guide and protect me (from myself... grin). I only wish everyone had such friends as I ...and you do if you would take the trouble to seek them out and pay the price of their company. We are missing the point. We are the problem. All other problems are solved once the primary problem is taken care of. “Physician, heal thyself”. Take this for what it’s worth.

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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Separation and the Worlds of Differences and Unity

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It seems that the things we notice are the things that hold importance for us. Because something is important to us does not make it important, unless we know the purpose of our life and are living according to it. Then the relative importance that we notice, attaches itself to the cosmic importance upon which it rests, for the purpose of attracting us to the awareness of that which it rests on. Everything that the senses report, rests upon that which makes it perceptible, therefore anything of relative importance can be cosmically important, when the connection is made in the consciousness of the person to the relationship.

This is why no religion is more important or truer than any other. It is there to give evidence of what it rests on. If that is understood then its purpose has been fulfilled. Otherwise it is just a well of confusion and mischief. This is how so-called ministers of the faith are seduced by wealth, power and the attraction for carnal enterprise. They have not seen the connection between the evidence and what it gives evidence of. Having done that, none of the temporal attractions can compete with the beauty and completeness of that which rescues them from and sustains them against the duplicity of the world. It’s not the fault of the world. The world is what it is.

I noticed some years ago that when I ate fast food I was hungry again shortly after. This was not the case when I ate real food. It did not matter how much fast food I ate, I was always hungry again a short time later. It did not contain the special nutrition of real food. Similarly, trivial entertainments, superficial books that advertise deeper understandings and all of the attractions that purport to be of the deeper ocean of infinite being, are nothing more than shallow pools that lead to greater dissatisfaction and an empty existence. Everyone learns this but most do not register the import that it is evidence of. Everything is evidence of something so, wiser minds can associate everything they contact with the deeper ocean, because all water is common to itself. Otherwise, nothing of lasting meaning can be found no matter where it is being looked for.

This present world is one of complexity and differences. It is the usual state, for the mind of ordinary thinkers, to be engaged in a constant weighing of differences against each other, while learning nothing. Value is given to things of no value because of the competitive pressure of association, with those who value one chosen difference against another. There is no real difference because everything rests on the thing that gives life to temporary phenomena. Every religion and philosophy has made an intricate hell, of differences, weighed against each other, in support of the personality that weighs them. It is all a ploy to feed the importance of one personality over another.

It is such a simple thing but it eludes nearly everyone because everyone defines themselves according to the arguments they have constructed to make themselves more important than the thing they rest on. One can look right at this and not see it because it is a mortal threat to the existence of the separated beings who have devised the argument that defends their separated state. Everyone who is remembered for the possession of great wisdom has proclaimed the similarity in all traditions and teachings. Ramakrishna entered into every religion in the world and experienced enlightenment in each one. The test of whether one possesses the true hunger can be found in the delight taken to keep reading the sayings until there is no more to read of these sayings. The mastery of anything relies on the love of the medium one masters, for the expression of a unity of being. It is not the instrument that makes the music but the music the instrument makes. There are many competent musicians and very few who channel what the music is made to carry, as evidence of the reason for music in the first place. It is all about the kind and quality of the hunger and passion.

We see this in many ways, if we see it at all. One vehicle makes the message ring, while many vehicles may be stating the same message, even with the same words and has little or no impact. It is a matter of the integrity of the vehicle. Some see the differences as evidence of differences and some see them as evidence of the thing upon which they rest. This is why some make war and some make peace and often are unaware of which it is. It is why most waste their time in the pursuit of pointless gain and why some gain that which renders all of the others pointless by comparison. You know it when you find it and, not having found it, you know that you lack it, no matter how you may lie to yourself, you know there is a lack or fullness.

One who is sincere in their search will succeed in the possession of the thing that is sought. This is an unalterable law. One who is not sincere will have this revealed to them by the lack of that which they profess to obtain. We want to have the thing itself and we want to become important in the possession of it. That can’t happen. Either we or everything else is important and the thing itself is obscured or we and nothing else is important and the thing itself is revealed. The greater and more sincere the hunger, the quicker the possession of what is hungered after. It’s a no brainer but the mind and heart rebel because they are not capable of the price which is required. They prefer to pay a much greater price instead. The usual reply to anything like this is, “Yeah, but...”

This is a remarkable time. It is a time of indescribable grace for those who would take advantage of it. It is also a time of tremendous loss for those who must look upon it in the aftermath. My saying this means nothing. Each must see whether this is so or not and despite the truth of the singularity of this momentous time, a sane mind will operate as if it is always a remarkable time to be in search of the remarkable. My mind cannot think or reason except in this way because it has recognized the single thing of incomparable value and makes all of its arguments in the defense of the acquisition. This has also rendered everything else of little or no importance. Most would consider that unfortunate but that is because they are not in possession of the understanding of the real value of the thing itself. As children we possess the thing itself. When we cease to be children, we lose it, in most cases. One’s primary life drive should be the reacquisition of it, for most, senility is the result instead of regenerated innocence.

None of the differences are important. All the political systems and religious and philosophical systems are just comparative differences of something seen from one angle as opposed to another. None of the angles defines the thing itself because it is at a right angle to everything else. This might be metaphorical and it might be literal. That it is is the important thing and it is best appreciated on its own terms and not on the terms of the personal separated mind defining it, which is only defining its own separation.

Some may think that I am meandering on at length here, without saying anything but there is a critical and serious point to it. Following Jesus, or Mohammed, Buddha or Krishna is pointless, unless you are actually following them or simply a construct that has been provided by those whose purpose is to distort the actual teachings of the one you are following. Taking selective scripture, which makes your god more important than the other gods, simply leads you into a not so exclusive wasteland of the separated mind. This is the purpose of those who put divisive meaning into an original message of unity.

Terms like liberal and conservative are meaningless. They perpetuate the frustration and confusion that perceived differences are intended for, by those who divide and conquer. Terms like being and not being, Advaita and Dvaitha or Sankhya are pointless when one is mired in differences, regardless of claims to the contrary and eternal truth can be found in either. Divisions of the one into aspects necessary for the performance of universal tasks- and then opposed to the same in other faiths, are meaningless because they are all expressions of the one in their particular performance of the duty that attends it. Father, Mother and Son, as well as Brother, Sister and Friend, or what have you, are simply relationships of the one to itself and a gift of what works for you and which only works if you get that.

Now is coming a time of trial or expeditious redemption for those who cannot get past the differences being manipulated by the deceiver, with your permission and those who can. Redemption is there for those who can put aside the differences, in respect of the completeness being embodied, by the avatar who is here for that purpose ...and whom you will see distorted or in true form, dependent on your capacity for the surrender of your need for differences. Otherwise it is only to express your importance in the understanding of something you don’t get and aren’t likely to, until you surrender to the vision of the one who has returned for your great benefit and who will be obscured by your conflict in the need for definition, until you release it. It’s all as clear as mud, isn’t it?

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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween is a Many Fractured Thing

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It’s Halloween but is it hallowing. Do we have hallowed halls? Is it hallowed or hollow and filled with hungry ghosts? Present day religions have been grafted upon the ones which preceded them and because we are in an age of darkness it is possible we have left our enlightenment behind.

I feel like the richest man in the world today. All of my life I was beset by seemingly insurmountable troubles with a few small windows of beautiful being and possibility. It is only in recent days that I have been granted a wider field and a deeper field of vision; inwardly and outwardly. I think of finding a place in the Andes. I often thought of Australia and then New Zealand. I dream about the Himalayas but so much, practically everything, is ruled by karma. So it is for me and you, most of the time, but the apocalypse is making things possible that were not possible before. We have such an opportunity now that I could not begin to imagine the possibility of the words needed to describe it.

We have created our virtual New Shangri-La but we don’t even interact there, most of us. I left it there for a year and came back and try to check in when I can. The membership is increasing at a rapid rate but not much interplay. It’s as if we are all ready, but waiting. My invisible friends have been an enormous help to me. If I were to give any real advice that I thought was useful I would say that it is good to have invisible friends. It’s good to have friends, period.

In the hallowed halls of Congress the only friends that you have are hungry ghosts and negatively charged electric eels that suit the waters and shock into submission anyone and everyone. Most of the people looking to hang out there aren’t very good swimmers anyway. They think they are but if they were good swimmers the things that happen in the country wouldn’t be happening.

Halloween is happening in Congress all year long. Maybe on Halloween it actually reverses itself. I’m thinking today will be an unusual day (lately they all are) but I must say it is unusually good for me.  Woodmen bring me buckets of fresh pressed cider to go with my Robert Gray Holistic Horizons colon cleanses. I didn’t link it because I don’t do advertising, or maybe I do but I’m not walking through the halls of congress. I used to dress like I usually do on Halloween.  People would ask me why I didn’t have a costume and I would just be dressed normal and I said that I am coming as a serial killer who looks like everyone else.

I don’t know if you should follow my lead but I prefer to be away from staged events of cartoonist’s and clown’s performances when I can have glistening leaves in the glooming of October night. Nature is my lover and I like to think about that when my friend and lover is not well then maybe it’s not time to pony up at the well of false beliefs. There’s never a good time for that. It’s just shades of gray.

There is so much beauty but still the sectarianism. The times that I used the name of Jesus Christ in one of my songs it had more to do with the way people use it as an expletive or a reaction where you might say the most common of four letter words. Two of them come to mind, take you pick because it is all a matter of degrees.

I have only been doing these blogs for six years and it started with this one. This was my intent. The other came in the hope of widening the circulation and leading people here. Now I find that this blog which was intended for the metaphysical exchange has about one tenth of smoking mirrors which came later and reflections in a Petri dish has flown past it also and came much later.

I look at the music and some of the musicians from the times of my youthful inspirations and the purposes to which it is turned and I understand why I haven’t recorded much in several years. I have five or six albums waiting to be recorded and I can’t seem to get around to it.

I have learned more in the last few years than in the rest of my life before when I was struggling with abusive fate and my own ignorance while my substance was being spent in the lower halls of torment pushing to provoke the genii to inspire me. I don’t know what name you call your angels or demons; djinns, rakshashas, angel, devils or those forces that are defined by their actions and which can be controlled or not controlled depending on who is in the position to do either.

Well, as I am writing this it looks like they are going to pin the blame for a new terror attack on the Kurds who are Zio-bots but what do I know? I probably don’t know much but since I am near where they all stash the money I don’t expect the followup to be around here.  The reason I am pretty sure of what I am saying is that msnbc and cnn have this headlined but there is nothing on Fox which is the Zio-orge as are they all more or less by degrees.

This is Visible Origami. I guess I want to say keep your powder dry, not so that you can blow things up but so that you can snort it. I’m a little perplexed and I am on my own except for my invisible friends. Maybe its The Matrix Brothers that no one has an angle on and who is coming through.  It is Halloween in America. Somehow it all comes around to some bad serpents though.

I am drinking fresh pressed apples of Gaul cider and doing my colon cleansing thing. I don’t know about tricked out stunts using talents for the devils tool. There must be a reason that people do what they do. They want to be spooky and scare and surprise and celebrate and get trucked out in fantastic costumes. When I was in Hawaii I used to hear about locals punching out people dressed up in Halloween costumes and you can’t defend yourself that way. I didn’t have a problem cause I came as myself because I don’t want to be somebody else, especially on that day.

I’m sorry if I have misled anyone. It’s a Strider kind of thing and that is how I do Halloween, looking out for those riders and whatever it is that Sauron dishes up. It’s a game or a movie call it what you like. There are labels and names and how are we supposed to communicate? They say that the devil is in the details. I suppose that is correct and every one of those details is everyone of you dressed up in fields and halls, whether hallowed or unhallowed that is just how it goes. It’s still going to get a lesson on itself and that is what the apocalypse is all about. I wonder if those Tibetan monks can see me. I can see them. When I was a baby I saw a row of them chanting on the rafters in my room in Kyoto. They were little tiny guys in brown or ocher robes. I still don’t understand most of these things and there is so much that I don’t know.  What I do know is that Halloween is an American thing and that might be why they have their elections right afterwards. They don’t have Halloween over here, they have Fasching. There are other things in other countries and that is what gets used to trick us and we celebrate it.

I don’t know what I’m doing here (grin). Looking at the moon which I know is something else and people who celebrate Halloween by making themselves vulnerable to things that already are not what they seem to be. I guess I’ll go on doing this for as long as I do and I hope that it all goes well with you. I’m glad I have the opportunity to get my mind right while I’m “still shakin it here Boss”.

We are here now and we’ll see what we see or think we see and be handled accordingly because it is in an apocalypse that the masks come off and then we will see what we shall see and like it or not. I’ll be talking to you later on this evening. I hope you have some fresh pressed apple cider for yourself and some kind of internal cleansing going on because that’s going to be an important feature right around now.

End Transmission.......

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

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Monday, October 18, 2010

The Wobble Factor in the Inferior Realms

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I’d like to talk about something today that has plagued me throughout my life and which, I suspect, has been a concern for a great many of you as well; consistency. I’m the kind of guy who is capable of intense focus for periods of time but who can go off the rails now and again because of misleading signals concerning the destination or object of endeavor.

Sometimes I’ve maintained consistency for a period of years, only to find that some unfortunate event or some inexplicable pressure has tossed me into the soup; not the sort of soup you’d be inclined to serve your guests unless you didn’t want them staying around afterwards.

A few weeks ago I had a series of events that catapulted me beyond anywhere I’d been before and stripped away a parasite darkness that had attached itself to me at some point in the past. It might not even have been in this lifetime. The removal of this entity granted me a clarity I hadn’t been able to lock on to with any ‘consistency’ for quite some time. I made a decision at that point to do away with some number of things that I had previously allowed into my life. All of these things seemed to be a fair tradeoff in the face of relentless pressures, which would increase to a near unbearable state every time I decided to make deeper changes in myself.

You could think of these tradeoffs as release valves that bled away the pressure but still allowed me to limp along in the direction I was headed. I knew I would succeed, maybe not at the speed I was capable of, but sooner or later and without spectacular highway incidents that tended to occur when I got that ‘all or nothing at all’ thing into my heart and my head.

So... there I was in this state of clarity and I said to myself that I just didn’t want any more escape valves but that I would allow myself whatever I thought I needed if it were something I could command and direct in the direction I was going. That’s been consistent since the event. What have also been consistent are the reactions of the external world, both internally and externally, at this outrage of non-conformity on my part. I decided it just wasn’t in my interest or consistent with my true nature to ‘go along to get along’ any longer. It had always been some kind of misty concept in my imagined future that I would walk away from the familiar into the unknown,  in as real a sense as it gets. I’d been doing this more or less through my life but always retaining a foothold in the shit loop of the manifest.

I realize now that every life on this planet is justified or compromised by its degree of consistency. Time is engaged dependent on the degree of consistency. At the basest level are the lives that are purely automatic and elevated only by the force of evolution. At the most rarified level is the most assisted evolution, free of any and all attachment to the surroundings through which it passes.

I was talking with Guru Bawa once and expressing the desire to achieve at the most rapid rate. He told me not to polish the pot so hard that I break it. I got the point. There’s also the danger of extreme self-righteousness and sanctimony where there isn’t enough virtue to sustain an extraordinary state. It seemed sensible to me not to press too hard because I was already moving with speed through relationships and environments so that there was no life except for constant motion in the direction of what lay beyond.

There is a point to the triumph of trivia in the world of the present. There is a motive to the dominance of the superficial over the profound. It has to do with dispersing the ability to concentrate. Along with the will, concentration is one of the keys to the magical art of transformation by self-realization. When the forces of darkness are employing their wiles upon the common mind, it is a necessary element to destroy the capacity for adequate defense in those being preyed upon. Due to the psychopaths engaged in control of the entertainment and media industries, all focus is upon the lower chakras in order to bleed the strength of the people into cisterns that empty into Hell. These fluids and excrescences are turned upon those providing them to the tune of their enslavement.

Take a look at the content and character of any film or TV series. Counterpoint it with the basic attraction utilized in every commercial from the side of a bus to halftime at the Super Bowl. It’s all about sex and the promise of your receipt of it, which results in you being bent over a rail for perpetuity. The promise of being in charge of all available pleasure, results in you becoming the plaything of demons. One’s objective reasoning and higher facilities of reason and intuition are blinded by the smoke of desires focused upon sounds and images constructed by those who intend to enslave you.

One can pass harmoniously through this, if one has the consistency to be unwavering in the passage. Few possess this capacity. One can pass with a great deal of conflict with everything one encounters and eventually win through by the force of assisted will. One can just walk away from it entirely, keeping in mind that you carry some portion of it with you wherever you go. Not even a cave in the Himalayas is safe, if the internal mechanism has not been stilled to the point that the voice of the silence can be heard.

There’s no flexibility in me now, concerning my turning to the rest stops and off ramps of possibility, on this highway out of the shadowland. This has provoked a relentless response on the part of many things external, whether they are conscious of it or not. The saving grace for me is that I’m not fighting with it. It’s just going to happen until the lack of attention to the temporary relief mechanisms causes it to starve to death. There seems to be no other way around it except through it. The inspiration for continuance is fed by the reduced capacity and strength of the force opposing liberation.

One should keep in mind that if one can imagine the victory, it is possible. However the conditions may be at the inception, they can only improve from that moment, because the opposition can never be stronger than it is at that time. Appearances may tell a different tale but appearances are a lie; not only because they are a temporary concealment of the eternal upon which they rest and flower but because our perception of their meaning is subjective. This is the key reason to not knowing. This is the freedom road out of the bondage of false knowledge; I don’t know.

My favorite phrase from the Bhagavad-Gita is, “success is speedy for the energetic”. I’ve seen the truth of that recently in a way that impressively blew my mind. I now believe that it is possible to achieve as much in a single day as one might achieve in any number of lifetimes. One has to come to an understanding of the meaning of this, on ones own terms, in ones own mind and being. The force which accomplishes liberation is not our own, though the two are engaged with each other. The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus talks about ‘the operation of the sun’. The principal point of it all is that it is an operation preformed by the sun which you ‘allow’ to take place.

You can think of a guardian angel who stands behind and above you and who tempers and adjusts everything to the degree that you permit it. The general reaction of most everyone is to resist because the perception is that it is inimical rather than friendly; that is opposes what we think we desire, instead of being directed toward what we truly desire. The truth concerning what we think we desire can be read in the tears and sorrow of the lives that surround us and which go on in a state of endless wanting, counterpointed by regret.

Krishna stands behind Arjuna, the same way as the angel I mentioned. Every single moment of our lives and every event, no matter how insignificant it may seem, has a special connection to our relationship with the divine. Nothing else is taking place except this, although we see it differently than it is, which accounts for the extent and duration of our suffering, which can be transformed at any time, once we ‘allow’ it to take place. The whole experience can be conducted in Nature apart from the artificial constructs of the world of time. It can also take place within our own nature in the midst of the constructs.

In times of darkness... and this surely qualifies as one, devotion, or the path of Bhakti is the only sure and certain way. Everything else ties you up in the machinations of the monkey mind. I’m done with my own efforts. They have failed me. The only effort worthy of us is the effort to permit the presence of the divine, which should involve no effort at all. There is a jewel concealed within the darkness of this mystery that will reward an earnest search. I hope this proves useful and an inspiration toward consistency.

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Suspended Waterfalls and Constipated Clouds,

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I went out to start my car this morning, so that I could get it over to the mechanic, in order for all of the things that have to happen to happen. The battery was dead. It’s been sitting for more than two months (I should have detached the cables but I didn’t). I connected it to the Touran to recharge it. After twenty minutes, I went out to start it and got no sound whatsoever; nothing. It’s a new battery from spring. This didn’t make much sense to me, so it’s in the hands of the mechanic, whenever he gets here.

I owe a reader the four CD set of my early musical works which are probably best described as a combination of Frank Zappa and Warren Zevon by way of Bill Hicks. They’ve been on my computer for as long as I’ve had one but they’re not there now. My copies of them are all in Italy. I’m already a month late on sending the CDs out.

Something important that I was hoping to get yesterday has gone into hiding on two fronts. If I were the kind of person to succumb to frustration and annoyance it would have happened by now because these examples are only a few of what’s been going on.

I’m heading south shortly, or intend to and all of my former plans for the location are back on the drawing board but I won’t be going anywhere without something to go there in. There was over a month of uncertainty leading up to the recent freedom to relocate to la bella Italia. I’d be there now if not for that …but one thing follows another, except in my case where one doesn’t follow another unless it’s not related to it.

I keep getting things like this in the mail. My house in Italy isn’t anything like this but we’ve wound up paying more for it than this, even if there is more land and olive trees. It happened because I’d come to believe that Germans are the most honest people I’ve met, until I met an unscrupulous con artist named Christophe Emschermann, who finessed us like the rubes we turned out to be.

I published my first novel through a Crowleyite publisher named Moog Morgan who owns Mandrake of Oxford Press and who spelled the title of the book on the spine, the cover and every page of the book three different ways AND left out the final edit. It took a year to get that fixed with this guy treating me like shit every step of the way. He tells me he owes me no money because he only sold so many books. I find many more used copies for sale on the internet than he says he sold.

I signed with CBS/Sony through Bernard Stollman of ESP Disk and he let his wife ignore the DAT masters and copy the material from a warped old cassette and then process it in such a way that the majority is incomprehensible and then released it into every Tower Records outlet around the world where it sank like a stone. My contract with them expired a long time ago but Bernard continues to offer my work for sale on his ESP Disk website. I complain for him to remove it and he might do so for a week but then puts it back up again. I’ve heard from the heirs to a lot of black jazz artists from the sixties and before that talk about how Bernard has stolen so much of whatever there was to take from the income generated by the sale of these icons.

I’ve got other stories like this that lay like broken paving stones, to demarcate the upward surge of my illustrious career. It’s been one long passageway to humiliating failure without cease and I guess I should be proud of that. I’ve got stories that run the gamut from the Grand Guignol to the merely tragi-comic. I can’t remember them all but I’ve sat back a time or two in contemplation of the chronic ironic and surprised myself at the things I have forgotten.

Then there are the ordinary, inexplicable, every day things such as I have already mentioned. These are counterpointed by the predictions of various astrologers who wanted to do my chart or wound up doing my chart, which talk about an abondanza of ships, coming into port, laden with blessings for me that are too numerous to count. One of them shows up every few months to tell me something but then disappears again before telling me anything and I shake my head and grin as I gaze off into the invisible with a look of profound understanding in my eyes that signifies nothing.

I live in a world where this sort of thing is debated in this kind of a manner. That is to say that it defies everything true about the subject that thousands of years of tradition in pristine systems states to be otherwise. I live in a world where things that would embarrass me, more than the worst moments in my life ever have, are heralded as great works of art and a prevailing measurement of the greatness of our culture. I live in a world where the worst motivations and appetites from the darkest moments of former times are bundled together like bad software in the hearts and minds of our leaders in every theater of operation.

I’m not complaining. I have no reason to complain. I found the only thing worth finding and it’s integrated with my life in a way that answers every important prayer and fulfills every real need that might ever arise. This is a true and sincere statement and it makes my tedious progress through a world of absurdity and obstruction a laughable affair. It’s the reason I’m writing this today.

We need to remember, when opposition is as great as what I have only superficially outlined today, we must be doing something useful, because everything else is not only useless but malefic or else… you’re cruising on the Titanic and the iceberg is still enroute. We need to remember that periods of unexplainable opposition are an indication that something extremely promising waits just beyond the trial period of our testing. If we fall victim to the pressures of the moment, we wind up back in the Greyhound bus station waiting area and the promise of another long and uncomfortable ride.

I remember being enraged at the unfairness of my life and the many times that a rock and a hard place faced an unyielding wall. I remember the alternative choices that weren’t acceptable alternatives. Only the wild unknown, of burning bridges into one more ‘make it up as you go’, seemed acceptable but I will never know now. The ‘might have gone that way’ highways disappear once another choice is made. We can look back with regret on what never happened but that’s about as useful as succeeding in the world of the moment, which is not going to be with us for that much longer.

I’m writing this because I suspect I am not alone in this regard. For most of us it is just a matter of degree. The pressure is all about our being forced into compliance with the thing opposing us. This pressure is universal in its intent to compel us into the seeming safe but suffocating blanket of the familiar; the treadmill, whetstone, grinding wheels of what wears away everything valuable that we possess.

Conversely, there waits the ever present unknown, brimming with possibility and uncertainty. There lies mystery and the suggestion of all the dangers that come with risk, in the face of what we know nothing about. We’ve never learned anything important without some travel in those zones. We’re prohibited by our survival mechanisms from chancing the opportunities that grow our faith, which is the universal passport in the wilderness of our hidden self and what lies behind the appearances of the world.

I never had a choice about this. I guess I will have it say it was my destiny. The result has been that I have discovered the unknown to be far safer than the known, that all of us assume we are informed about and have done no more than misidentify. We are in the unknown no matter where we think we are and that is a key piece of information that seems to elude nearly all of us.

I’ve found my invisible friends to be far more reliable and helpful than any of the friends I could see. I’ve found the unknown kingdoms of our being to be safer and more predictable than anything out here. No one can ever effectively communicate the truth of this to another. It remains for each of us to discover whether it is true or not.

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