Friday, December 31, 2010

On New Year's Eve, 2010

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Well, here I sit at the closing of the year. The past is behind me and the future is ahead and neither of them exists in real time, because there is only the present. One could say that the past put us where we are and that what we are likely to do with what lies ahead, is pretty much the result of what the present has made of us, with a whole lot of assistance and obstruction on our part in the past.

I don’t have much use for New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day. This is one of two holidays when I stay around the home environs. The other holiday is The Fourth of July. Since no one celebrates the fourth where I am these days, I don’t have to concern myself with that period of bumper car mentality. There’s only this amateur night on the highway to contend with. A new year starts every day. People like the symbolism of New Years though. They like the idea of a fresh beginning, despite their certain tendency to repeat themselves according to the patterns of the past.

For some reason, New Years is an excuse to get really drunk and celebrate. I’ve looked into this, trying to discover what it is that they are celebrating and I must admit that it isn’t readily apparent. Neither is the justification to drink yourself into a state of embarrassing behavior and a glazed eyed frenzy that has no payoff but regret. I’ll admit to extended bouts of partying in the past because of a general excess of enthusiasm but I generally didn’t need a holiday to provide a reason.

Are they celebrating the fact that they are still around? Are they celebrating what they hope against hope will come to pass for them? I think they’re looking for meaning. They want what they have and do and pursue to mean something. The fact is that none of it does and the surest proof of that can be found by looking back a few hundred years and transposing what they see, from where they are looking into where they are (or were), while someone else is looking into them later on. That’s one of those sentences that maybe shouldn’t have gotten written (grin) but I hope you catch my drift.

The essential truth of life can be seen in a very simple way. Something is real and it endures. Everything else passes and the closer it is to the surface, the more quickly it passes. This indicates that what is real is deeper than everything else. Based on this, one could say that a successful life is one that is connected to something deeper and that unsuccessful lives are connected to the surface end of the equation. Of course, the inhabitants of the surface will argue otherwise but they’ll pretty much be arguing with each other because the deep doesn’t argue or even speak much at all.

On the surface, everything is an argument because everything is in conflict and competition with everything else. When you’re drunk and excited about something vague and unformed (and likely to stay that way, until you look back at it further on and define it your way) this is not what you will be thinking about. You’ll probably be overdosing on bonhomie, whose reason for existence will be much less clear the following day, or, you’ll be quietly or not so quietly angry. You won’t know the real reason and that will aggravate the anger more, because your resident truth awareness that’s locked out of sight will be agitating from the unseen location.

People think they know why they’re angry but usually they don’t. Something shows up to take the rap, of course, but that’s just a matter of convenience. People are angry because life doesn’t automatically adjust to their desires and they feel cheated when they find that the choices they made were bad ones. They looked much better at the time they were making them.

I’m trying to think what people should be celebrating this New Year’s Eve and, ironically, one of the reasons could well be that they are still here. At the same time, ironically, that could be no reason to celebrate. Time will tell.

I’m somewhere in the seeming wild, where you do not run into people while walking down the street. I don’t think I’ve ever had it happen in five years, day or night. I’ve had people come into my yard and I have neighbors a few hundred yards away and other neighbors that don’t live here but come around to work on their property, still, I can go for days without speaking to or even seeing another person. Interestingly, two medium sized towns are equidistantly about four k from me so I’ll be able to hear the explosions and maybe even occasional snatches of music this evening. People like blowing shit up on New Year’s Eve. I don’t grok that either. I’ve never been one for fireworks, even the spectacular displays but, of course, I take psychedelics and there are no fireworks on Earth to match that. In fact, there’s not much in ordinary existence, unless lived in extraordinary fashion, which does match it.

I know there are lots of people who have never taken them and are therefore authorities on the subject. Anyway, they’ve got alcohol and how could esoteric chemicals improve on that?

When I look at society I see a prison of conformity that takes its marching orders from a hierarchy of an oppressive minority that sets the standards for their behavior, without it applying to them. I see people willingly going to war for institutions that make war on them. I see madness, barely contained by threat of official response and... that’s not going to work for much longer. That is definitely not going to work for much longer because the veils are lifting by the day and no amount of Assange like distraction is going to be enough to convince hungry and homeless people that a luminous bridge will soon appear, along with the keys to the gates of a shining city on the hill.

Everyone knows that there is a lot of room for improvement in their lives. Hardly anyone wants to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve it. The reason is that it means sacrificing some of the things that they have convinced themselves makes their lives worth living. That’s why life cycles through its stages, toward a final period of confusions and regret. Senility and rigid, uncontrollable compulsion are the result of fighting against your own best interests for the sum of your life. Fewer and fewer people can even recognize what their own best interests are but it won’t stop them celebrating it tonight and hoping for the appearance of meaning in this bright and shiny new year.

Most people die in January and I suspect February is right up there. The fewest people die in August. It’s something to think about. People will argue this is all about the weather. My suspicion is that just about everything people base their beliefs on is false when considered in the light of how they understand them, compared with what they actually mean in the deep end; the unspeaking end, the quiet zone of eternal being, which is not friendly to the dreams of butterflies and debutantes. I’d like to see Pollyanna and Cassandra spend New Year’s Eve together so that I could eavesdrop.

Here I am at the end of this piece and you would have thought I would have accented on the positive throughout. You would think I would want to be encouraging and passing along some celebratory words... telling you that not only is it going to be great but that it’s going to be better than it’s ever been. Actually, it’s going to be a lot more like what it has been but with added dynamics and special effects.

It really is going to be great and better than fine if you are. We’re in a place where something is coming alive and it’s going to be pinging off of whatever housing contains it. If the housing has integrity then it’s going to ring when it pings. If it doesn’t then the structure of the housing will be experiencing a lack of structural integrity. That’s what happens when one age transposes into the next. What is authentic and true in respect of the needs of the new age, will find itself written into the institutions that come to represent the new way of things. What is not will be recycled. It’s a natural progression.

You have my good wishes that this year will grant you opportunity to make the changes that need to be made and then grant you the freedom that comes with it. You have my good wishes period. It’s going to be an interesting year.

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Frog said...

Stay well Les, thank you as always for sharing your thoughts with us.

I wish everyone who reads this a profitable new year.

Thomas said...

Thank you Les! Outshining even the most vulgar displays of fireworks.

I just finished a quiet meal alone, later going to the city (Copenhagen/Denmark; together with Sweden #1 in superficiality - both being social laboratories for the study of corrupting influences (pr0n, any1?) and herd mentality) to watch the zoo run amuck, and try to spread some light, heartfelt smiles competing with much too much fireworks. Gluttonous material wealth, far too much alcohol and zero soul creating a bitter, yet colourful and entertaining, cocktail... Or hollow streets populated by howling and slobbering monkey-people, here and there a small light of reason and grace...

2011 will be mad and glorious, no doubt...

Wishing everyone a peaceful and prosperous new year - may we all shine a little brighter :) - & please be well.

Mark said...

My departure date of 12/27/11 was, for a number of unexpected reasons, changed to tomorrow morning, 1/1/11. It’s also my official move-in date.

I’m one of those who had a run-in with 11:11 showing up on the digital clock whenever I looked at one, or, whenever it happened to be 11:11 am or pm, I involuntarily had to look, even if I was asleep. This happened in late 1993 and lasted for about three weeks.

Soon thereafter, many things changed in my life. For one thing, a good platonic friend became my wife. It was also a time when I finally stood up to my old nuclear family…and was excommunicated to the land of Nod…at least in their eyes. My eyes were filled with a shining light, because, for the first time in my life, I was fully alive.

On 11/11/7, we were about to drive off from a thrift store in Mohave Valley, AZ, when a pickup rolled in with a cage filled with Jack Russell puppies in the bed. They had paid their way from their dog mill back in Oklahoma by selling puppies as they made their way west. Renee spotted the one she wanted, and we forked over some dough. I got the best of that deal, and Jackariah is still with me.

I am content that circumstances aligned themselves in such a way that a new life for my family will commence tomorrow as we head north. I know it’s going to get even more interesting from here, and I am filled with anticipation.

Happy new year to all of you

Visible said...

Mark; let me know when you're settled in and I'll send the reading material


I didn't realize that Copenhagen was like that. I always had a thought to go there for Christmas but I never did.

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you Les hope you have a good new year. All your readers too. Not many of the bad guys will read this, so all the best everyone. ian

Anonymous said...

Hi Visible!
Wishes for more and more blessings and more blessings and more blessings.
Thank you for your radio show from last week. Mua Mua Mua Mua.
Love to you and all!

JoyceP said...

Pollyanna and Cassandra? I wouldn't mind eavesdropping on that conversation myself. Happy New Year to you! I enjoy reading your blogs.

Anonymous said...

I havent got much time for the regular new year celebrations either mr visibles,messy stuff where I tonight am going to write a poem for you over here,as I couldnt think of a better way to celebrate anyway...neil

Anonymous said...

for the duty's of a living heart
a turning of the will
learning of the dutys
a bow and axe and sheild
for the flowers on the meadow
the life in formed of must
touch the living higher
bound in peace and trust
on a wing tip of a humming bird
mighty river free
lifting of the inner
a rush of living breathe
brush the cosmic patterns
multicolored light
ascension of within
the wind of eagles flight
ascending of within
alligning of the height.


Anonymous said...

chanting chasing river
breeze of seven sea's
weaving inner union
a charging tip of free
the power of a thunderbolt
arising liberation
revitalising union
rise up through the nations
revolve around division
lift the life of one
on multicolored lightning trails
shinning rays of sun
that make the meadow glisten
a living heart arose
flowing inner union
through the conscious flows.


Neko Kinoshita said...

Listening to the explosions all around, and reading another Origami.

I need to let it sink in a while but wishing all enjoyment and delight with the ifalong.


wv: tellin - I'm tellin you, it just ain't worth thinkin' 'bout.

Groundhog New Year said...

"When I look at society I see a prison of conformity that takes its marching orders from a hierarchy of an oppressive minority that sets the standards for their behavior, without it applying to them. I see people willingly going to war for institutions that make war on them. I see madness, barely contained by threat of official response and… that’s not going to work for much longer."

Spot on, as they say over here.

Anonymous said...

My philosophy regarding most holidays pretty much mirrors yours Les, particularly with regards to New Year. To me it symbolizes yet another year I have to get through, not a pleasant prospect. I do however look forward to your posts on in the future.

vv said...

I hear ya Les. So happy to see a post from you here on NYE. Happy New Year my friend. And to all here. We do live in interesting times.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Les,
For the last couple years of your works that I've been able to read & see .
feel & know. I thank You.

For bringing together the good people of like mind to share and learn. I thank you.

Hey All,
If we are all parts of the Tree of Life,
it seems like The One started cutin' off the dead branches (pruning) to grow a healthier Tree in 2011. See it?
Feels Good!

Thanks to All.

Walking Hawk.

Origen the heretic said...

Well, I would like to wish Les and everyone here a very spiritually prosperous new year, regardless of the material degradation that will no doubt occur.

I've been staying at home on holidays for years. Tonight it's nicotine and tea for me, and maybe some popcorn. Besides, it'll be ~ -20˚ F outside and even my dog doesn't want to go out. May God bless you all in the new year.

Rev. John

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you Les.

Thankyou for your writings in 2010 and I very much look forward to more of the same this year.

@Mark. In the old days I used to have a clock radio next to the bed and my time was 5.37. This lasted for years. I thought nothing of it other than coincidence. I no longer live by mans clock having discarded all but natures clock, the rising and setting of the sun.

I just assumed that when you're looking hard enough for something you are more than likely going to find it.

Yes, 5.37 could be interpreted as L.ES (Visible) inverted and back to front. Coincidence me thinks but somewhat interesting.

My blessings to all who comment here.


siamsam said...

4 or 5 years ago I spent Xmas in the town of Hammerfest, Norway, the farthest northern town on the planet in the Arctic Circle. I was quite disappointed as it turned out to be pretty much the same as any other place - commercial drink fest.

Back in the Uk I was always very conscious of - in the days of the pub - how people who hadn't given so much as a kind look all year would wish 'all the best mate' on new years day. They seemed genuine in their wishes and it was as if the time of year had allowed them to some how show their suppressed warmth.

Why did they celebrate? After consideration I would guess it was purely because they could. I mean in the simplest terms. Birthdays. Weddings, christenings, anniversaries, Xmas and new-year. No questions asked.

Personally I tend to opt out for reasons already mentioned. It is really nice to just stay at home. It is amazing to observe time speeding up and much easier to gauge, for me, whilst staying home!

Let’s hope it is a good one without many tears. (Think I feel as song coming on :)

siamsam said...

Hi Les, re. duplicate posts:

This happens when i click 'publish your comment' - then I get explorer can not display this page. maybe my old PC.

If this comes through without screen shot then it didnt happen!

siamsam said...

well there is sods law last when went straigth through.

Please jus delete if you so wish. sorry if i am a pest :)

Anonymous said...

Well, I spent New Year's Eve lighting tea lights and setting them up on the stupa and then reciting prayers for the light of the Buddhas to shine for all sentient beings. Many people participated including several children. It was very cold, at least minus 8 Celsius and the stars were shining in the cold, cold night sky. After the lighting ceremony we had tea and snacks. All in all, a blessed evening and so different from other New Year's Eves where the prime concern was to get drunk and ultimately end up sick and drunk. It took me a long time to figure it out but I thank whatever gods there may be for pointing me in the direction that I am now heading. May all beings be happy and may all beings be free from suffering.

siamsam-regular posting man:) said...

another reason to stay at home........

.........and this is just the warm up to the Thai new year in April which acts as a violent cull

Anonymous said...

Great post Les, peace be with you!

Visible said...

I found this on the net. Scotch neat. I'm visiting the Signs of the Times people with Susanne in southern France, Laura Knight-Jadczyk et al.

My appearance is not what it usually is due to a rather large intake of Scotch during the event which is all they had, sigh... heh heh. Don't think I criticize alcohol without a reason. I think I'll pop this up over at mirrors too.

Chipster said...

Here alone New Years watching free previews on Dish net. TV has been scant since we unsubscribed to cut costs. Mixed feelings re film called MISSING with Tommy Lee and Kate Blanchett. Plot involved Blanchett trying to recover kidnapped daughter from renegade Apaches led by brujo shaman and evil slavetrader. It's all complicated by Tommy Lee joining the hunt as Father who deserted Kate to live with Chiracahua. Great acting in this rather thinly plotted but thought provoking flick. Movie in general likes to set off positive and negative material and instigate bloody climax of revenge while offering tidbits of multicultural relativism and lesson teaching about universal ability to do bad things to each other. In the end nothing but futility is learned. It's seven am here in the mountains of Idaho where I wont see anyone most likely. The movie fare is pure Hollywood schlock. Jaws marathon, episodes of Wagon Train...maybe I will go back to bed..

Anonymous said...


Change you can count on?

Nope. Just more humbug.

The Geldman, Sucks dudes really need to get going on trading carbon credits. I'm freezing my butt off.


Tom FRUM tropical Estonia

PS: Found some AMT in my medicine cabinet behind a 25 year old tube of Dr. S. Wong's Skin Disease Ointment. Things get interesting after 20mg.... just like that foxy lady said.

DaveS said...

I’ll admit to extended bouts of partying in the past because of a general excess of enthusiasm but I generally didn’t need a holiday to provide a reason.

Yep, that about sums it up for me too. New Years is amateur night for drunks... I drove a cab a couple of seasons and New Years was always crazy – stuffing wads of cash in my pockets, in my bag, everywhere. Those days are done for me and for most of the hacks in the ski area. Time marches on.

Ten below zero (f) outside, but the sun has come-up and a new day has begun.

Just remember the tighter they squeeze, the more will be pushed out from between their greedy fingers. The higher powers will let you own the world if you own nothing, the minute you start fencing-off sections of land, thought, anything, you lose more than you gain.

When I was bumming around, hopping trains, the world was my oyster and the gods truly provided me with everything I needed. Now that I own a bunch of stuff, I've become a slave to my things. Such is life :)

I wish everyone a wonderful and comic new year. Laugh all the time, there is nothing jackbooted thugs hate more than to hear people laughing. It reminds them too much of times in bed and in the locker room.


Visible said...

I went to bed at 11:00 PM last night.

Anonymous said...

I believe New Years has to do with the masses giving consent to be ruled in the existing paradigm by the entities who control the PTW (Power That Were) that most have not acknowledged or aren't aware of.

On the way to our annual gathering about 7 miles from home (with three gentlemen who went to college together in the late 60's, and have been gathering this way since college - I joined them around 1983) I saw two fire trucks by a fool who hit a pole. On the way home, there was a fire truck by a gas station (about 1/2 mile from the first incident) where someone hit something there. And then there were two fire trucks about 1/2 mile from there at a house, although there didn't appear to be a collision there. My thoughts were WTF is going on? And this is only Milwaukee.

Get out the popcorn. It's going to be a real show.


Side Note: I've found that when I first go to your comment pages, the word verification doesn't appear, but if I arrow back and then arrow forward, it appears.

wv: doginglo

Anonymous said...

I also stay away from celebrating ALL holidays. A careful research in any encyclopedia will give you the origins of the holidays. ALL of them have pagan origins. Christmas is actually the pagan celebration of the Saturnalia festival which begins December 17th and ends December 24th when gifts are exchanged. Streets and homes were noisy with banqueting, heavy drinking, and riotous behavior. Followed by New Years which is a celebration to the God Janus.
Most people don't care what they believe in as long as they are having a good time and escape their own hum drum lives!!! I hear it all the time "I'm bored, I'm bored." WOW too much time on some peoples hands I guess!

Visible said...

I made some comments over at Smoking Mirrors, I hope you will journey over there and hear some of what is coming and as usually expressed very clearly in the past that brought us here.

bholanath said...

Yo, bro -
You're not lookin too shabby, even with the vast quantities of scotch. Those folks must've loved having your always-festive presence around and providing a bit of tunes to boot.
I imagine quite good conversation too.

Despite the -10 chill many showed up for alternative to the 'glitz & glam' party, with friend's world-traveler photo exhibit, along with much drumming and behind-the-studio bonfire. So many long-lost friends showed up, it was freaky and lovely.

Driving home, listened to coast radio and their public 'predictions'. So many wackos totally pumped for the arma-gideon scenario plus geeezuz coming with his ships. LOL. Must be gazillions prayin now for 'total destruction'. They're in for some big surprises.

A couple links I found valuable and relevant:
Extremely well written article looking at the psychopath issue in the context of the native american shamanic concept of "wetiko"/"windigo" - the diabolical soul/spirit virus.
The Greatest Epidemic Sickness Known to Humanity

And Paul Hawken at this years' Bioneers Conference - 6 min.

All blessings for the new year to everyone here at Les' digs. It's been a great year, and big magic is afoot.

Visible said...

Those who don't get it would be advised to look into the aspects and character of the archetype Janus. It says it all but it is counterpointed by the resistance of the people most likely to profit from this awareness simply closing their eyes and their minds to the truth of their situation. I'm going to be standing up in the roller coaster and doing flamenco timing with my hands. Hey, 12/8 shouldn't be a problem. Look ma! no hands.

I'm trying to tell you to be confident. Don't lose after almost wining. Like Lao Tzu says, you should have known the end from the beginning.

Visible said...

My dear brother Bholanath. I am glad to see you in good spirits and in perfect consort with what I have been putting out here and at mirrors comments for the last 20 minutes.

"We be of one blood, you and I"

from the Jungle Book (Kipling)

bholanath said...

OK, I'll do the 'off'-claps to your 12/8 (3,3,2,2,2) compass.

Visible said...

This says where I am at more than anything Bholanath and you don't have to clap but try not to if it's loud-

bholanath said...

I'm feelin' it. What a joyful thing goin on today. Most excellent, first class, sir.
Gonna send yours and 'chimes' lyrics to my 'unlucky hero' friend.
BTW - chinese link won't stream 'unless you are in china'. Oh well.

Visible said...

I'm not in China and they stream well here. Might be that the soft gut world is stopping all beauty from intruding upon the appetites of those whose heads are bowed for something other than what lifts heads up to begin with. I'd hate to have to explain that.

Visible said...

There is a new Smoking Mirrors up-

You are Invited to the Wedding of Stupidity and Vanity.

Vanguard said...

I'm posting any of my off-topic comments here:

Happy New Year!

Visible said...

There's a new Reflections in a Petri Dish up-

The Endless Tragedy of the Clueless and Manipulated.

Visible said...

I find this unbelievable. and had to keep going and checking to see if I actually said any of it.

I suppose my faith in God is real.

Anonymous said...


Great photo on the get go!

Those white boys sure know how to assimilate, don't they?



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