Monday, May 21, 2012

Rambling Around, Here and There

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May your noses always be cold and wet, Siriusly.

Well, we're finally here, from what I can see; standing on the high mesa, or whatever precipice is metaphorically and literally, in some cases, looming up or down. I guess you would call these specific times of these specific days, an aggregation of hot button moments. I have returned from my idyl in the revelation bathhouse my... my..., while I was there, all of a sudden, I could see right into the lives of those present. It is Saturday and ALL that Saturday implies. It's a funny thing about opening your eyes. It's quick. It's slower arriving and then... you're in the brimmer and it is doing it's thing. People were TOTALLY naked and it was a real trip.

I must say that I saw fragilitee ( I make up words when I have to). Anyone have any idea how complicated it is to be on the border of serenity, while the hot tub burbles in its mineral insinuations into your corporate form? It's slundereous and I see the bodies behind the bodies; the appetites, inclinations and accommodations. Kali Yuga. I dislike the human race less. I am also less hopeful for them. They seem unmoved and unmovable.

I had been expecting something coming up for the last ten days of May and the first week of June. I was just looking at all the things on the world's schedule. Then I get an email from Bholanath that is a series of astrological insights, about some big thing going on with the Pleiades. My saucer pod was fueled for the weekend, so I thought I would go and take a look. The first one is a little superficial but then it looks interesting. You be the judge and the rest of you can be the jury. I may or may not be the prosecutor or defense counsel, it depends on my state of mind. I could be the bailiff but I don't have a pot belly.

Anyway, my running lights were fully lit on the saucer but I got pretty much nada. I did notice something very sinister, when I got into direct contact with the phenomena and thought, “oops, they don't mean us well” Then, it occurred to me in the process, that it might not be the Pleiadians, however there was something covering the Earth, like a giant web weaving spider. It didn't trouble me too much because apparently it can't touch me to the point of effectiveness, cue M.C. Hammer.

I want to thank the recent flurry of cards and letter, metaphorically speaking about the book, “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”. For some reason people are raving about it lately. This brings me to the very necessary need to mention Amarynth and also Erik. They made it what it is and Amarynth especially nailed it, with the design and graphics. I think some others helped and you may shout yourselves out if I missed anyone.

We'll go a little personal here with this blog. I never do this sort of thing so it should be a little interesting. We have a certain off the charts 'lady' (Stella Blue) who comes around here, that showed up while I was in that frantic zone (still continuing), where I can hardly answer my emails so I can (hopefully) be forgiven. She has a rather masculine mind (boy I hope that doesn't dump me in the shit), which I consider a tremendous asset and which is a reflection of what the Aquarian Age is supposed to bring Given the hoopla that has been running around, about my perceived anti-Gay posture I wasn't able to run the kind of 'feelers' I can do. I did think she was a she to begin with. I remember that but then... I don't know, something happened and then I thought, “Oh, this person is gay”. That, of course, would have been okay. Then I thought, “No, it's just a guy with an active feminine aspect”. I'm probably breaking all kinds of PC limiters here but that is something I generally look forward to. If the people who sometimes think I am anti-Gay knew anything about my 'behind the scenes' associations with gay people, they would laugh about that. Several of my gay friends still think it's funny. It's like imagining I don't like Jews. This also makes my Jewish friends laugh. Shortly my new website will be up (thank you Martin!) and you will be able to buy the album “Jews from Outer Space”. Maybe that will clear it up. My problem is with the psychopaths, hiding in the protective camouflage of their fellows and nothing more. Now the people who really are anti-Gay will hate me (grin) but that's okay. You either love me or hate me anyway. As my good friend, Peter 'Blum', once said, “ Wow Les (visible now, thank you), People either really, really like you or they really really don't like you”. When he pressed them on whether they had ever met me, most of them replied that they had not. When he asked them why they had that opinion, they said it had to do with the things I said. Truth is an orphan, no one wants to claim the chile and homeless too, most of the time, in the bargain.

Anyway, that anti-Gay thing stings somewhat, in terms of the disenfranchisement construct. Stickman doesn't come around anymore and I think that applies in other cases too. Even then, it was about semantics, which I never will get. It's like when you call a woman a girl. I don't mind if someone calls me a boy. I'm a classic case of arrested development anyway. We shouldn't be so prickly about small change. I'm not criticizing Stickman, whom I love. As in most case, it's probably my fault.. I am way too cavalier.

Stella Blue is one of a number of new people who have shown up here, like Clarity and others who have added a new anecdotal and entertaining feature to the comments section. I probably did meet Stella back in the day, since she knew an old friend of mine named Bruce Bartol. He was the guy I was with, when we smoked hash on that airplane and met those Argentinian stewardesses. All that's for another time (grin). There was a nice fellow from San Francisco who used to be a regular around here and came to visit me in Italy. Unfortunately, Lady K was visiting at the time and he didn't have the best experience and has left the nest. That happens here. People come and go and I wish them all the best.

After tomorrow's Smoking Mirrors, I'll be taking a break from the posting, for about a fortnight, so as to get the next novel out. I'll be sending out 5 free digital copies to the people who write me the most entertaining emails or comments about how I could be a better person; accent on entertaining.

Things on the home-front couldn't be better but the time comes when one must (if they are of the Eastern tradition) pack their few items and set off 'somewhere' to fully engage their end game. I have been told, very frequently lately, that someone would come for me, or give me a house. This is like when I knew I was going to Europe and a few months later, someone was sent to me and, boom! I was in Europe and have been. I'm a little excited about that and am getting my affairs in order. Since I’m not having an affair, that's pretty easy. I will probably still be posting so... no interruption there. The book does have to get done though so, bear with me. People who have read 'Spiritual Survival' and “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World” really should go to Amazon and post your thoughts. You owe me that. I would do it for you.

I am still trying to see Patrick's latest hi def of “The Big Bass Drum of War is Booming”. It appears to FINALLY be downloading now but is going to take awhile. You can see it here. GEMA won't let me see it. There must be some music in it that doesn't want to cross borders.

Ah, my friends, something big and loathsome is afoot and someone, magnificent and shiny, is striding into it with drawn sword. Darkness coils above Chicago, where dwells the Anti-Christ, Rahm Emmanuel. He's on the mayoral, stepping stone, in his putsch to become president. We're keeping a bad weather eye out for him. Iran is in the gunsight and the crosshairs are trembling.

I've not much else to say to you except for, 'stop, look and listen', because you are by the railroad tracks of the great train wreck. We're hopeful, you be hopeful too,

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeking Sustenance on Hungry Wednesday.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Origami is a little late today because I watched “My Week with Marilyn”. It is a very well directed, acted and written snippet from the life of an enduring icon. It's true that a tragic end, enhances the continuance of one's legend status. We have some amount of these. In some cases, they are entertainers gifted with particular features and abilities. In other cases, they are sacrifices to ideals which, for some cosmic reason, the bearers are often called upon to die for. Later they get to be diminished by small men who need a level playing field for their mediocrity; the snipe hunter as sniper.

Sometimes I am reminded that I really admired Marilyn Monroe through the earlier part of my life. I remember being given coffee table books about her but, strangely, I can't remember being terribly fond of her. I am still fond of her but she doesn't cross my mind very often. She was one of those people who didn't know who she was so she had to fall in love often. Somehow, for however briefly the condition would last, she would find that sense of being that her existence so often was missing. It is why she was alone so much and why she died alone, unless you believe those tales that she was intentionally removed. We know that happens. I tend to believe nothing happens without the permission of the divine. Of course, a lot of that is influenced by whether or not you come up on God's television set.

This is one of the most difficult things for many people to get a handle on. They can't accept the operations of Heaven, within the context and constructs, of the mortal and human mind. This works against the presence of the divine mind, which is resident in the human mind. One of the arguments you hear a lot of the time is, “There can't be a God because he would never permit that to happen”. “That” covers all of the terrible things we have become accustomed to hearing about. All of those terrible things are the payback for the same things taking place earlier at the hands of the people it is presently happening to in a different body. This is Kali Yuga and payback is a bitch. That's literally true and it is the time and environment where a lot of the heavy things from all kinds of long ago gets taken care of. Like I've mentioned at other times, it's a continuous exposition of cosmic laundry day.

That's what this planet is all about. The major features of life on this planet, are all based around education and the resistance to it and the requirements that are in place to deal with that resistance and to insure that education. This process takes a long, long time because it is all about the word being made into flesh, as the animal nature is spiritualized. There are at least 3 main courses that are easily identified and labeled. ♫this much is true♫ Number one is the 'normal' course of evolution. This is where you finally come to understanding, simply through the knocks and shoves of endless repetition of the same things. The other course is when one consciously hothouses their evolution. This can and does accelerate it to a near unbelievable degree (success is speedy for the energetic). The other course is when the divine takes a particular interest in you, for his/her own mysterious reasons. You might say the second is actually the result of the third anyway ...but... I suspect a more complex dimension to it.

There is a reason that self inquiry is the recommended course of study; “know thyself”. “The proper study of mankind is man”. Everything that comes up in your mind has a relationship to your past. All of your fears are related to previous events. If you have feelings for a certain country, opinions about certain people, predispositions for certain things, certain tastes, certain desires, these are connected to your past. We glide over these things. We continually look outward, so we wind up with knowledge instead of wisdom. We fill our heads up with information and turn ourselves into a walking, talking social network. Instead of one mirror we are surrounded by many mirrors... illusion. In many cases and especially in certain time zones, like Kali Yuga, the mirrors begin to act like fun-house mirrors, except that they are not much fun.

Several things happened to me instantaneously during my kundalini experience. One of them was that I felt myself, the self that I had presumed I was, sucked out of me into nothingness. There was no me. Oddly enough, this didn't trouble me at all. Consonant with that, I entered the awareness of the one shared mind. I was instantly telepathic and could read thoughts with the same clarity as hearing a voice. I discovered in following days that I no longer felt any familial ties. I felt no connection to my mother or father and it has stayed that way. Curiously, it seems to have worked that way for them too. Everyone else in the family stays in touch with each other. They get together and do what families do. No one gets in touch with me. There is the sense that I am gone, though it never gets said and there is no acrimony or bad feeling, no series of events that led to an estrangement. On the rare occasions that I might see them we get on beautifully. It's just that something fundamentally changed. I also remember looking at the carpet at my feet and seeing little red cartoon devils appear who had their backs bent before me and I understood it to mean that the power activated in me had all of the passions under control. This led to some pretty interesting demonstrations further up the road.

At a certain point I went upstairs and looked in the mirror and watched my face shift through many different personalities that I took to be previous lifetimes. When I closed my eyes, at another point, I was in an ancient Egyptian temple, which I surmised (for some reason) was beneath the Sphinx and there was an initiation taking place. Our initiations remain with us from life to life and the recognition and remembrance of them can surface at whatever point it is caused to. I've learned that everything is connected to remembrance and memory. I know I mentioned various of these things at other times here but they tend to return and come up, when they are relevant to what's being said, even if I don't know what that is and that is more often the case than you might think. I was communicating with someone the other day and I mentioned to her that my mind is usually empty. She thought that was funny and said something to the effect that that hardly seemed likely given what I do and all that attends it. I said that is precisely why any of it is able to happen. As long as we know, God doesn't know- symbolically speaking- when we don't know then God can know. We are no longer preempting and prohibiting it by substituting our awareness and recognition of anything and everything in place of God's awareness and recognition.

I was talking with my angel yesterday and saying that I didn't see why I should be singled out and told the outrageous things I am told about what is coming up for me. I said that when I look back on my life I only see a whole lot of mistakes and no indication that I should be favored in any way and that I really ought to be frightened about whatever might be coming (I'm not). I was told that I know very little about myself and that I should let go of all presumptions, based on my very little knowledge, especially things concerned with other lifetimes and, as far as my negative view of things in this lifetime, they were unavoidable and intentionally caused by the divine for his own reasons which, of course, are very good reasons and I don't know what they are. I guess the message here is that we have to let go of our own ideas of good and evil and our interpretations of things, which are no more than a particular shifting perspective, that can only be true in a limited sense, if they are true at all. It's no easy task and all of it is solved by, 'rely on me', 'rely on me completely in even the smallest details'. This opens all sorts of interesting parallels to 'everything is under control'.

I look at the things people do to others and I cannot imagine myself acting that way. I look around me at all the things in the world and I have very little attraction to any of it, except for my recurrent dream about my 'walled' garden', which is my closed private vale, that is suitable to all the potentials I would like to express. Some might think it just means a house that is secluded and concealed and it is certainly that. I am given to believe that that is going to be conferred on me but I keep thinking about that line, “I have no home in this world”. Why I am mentioning all of this is because there are basically two kinds of people on this planet; those who are working to get their hands on more of it and those who are working to get out of it. The former can expect any number of temporary satisfactions, ending in a collective disappointment and the latter can expect any number of temporary disappointments, ending in a collective sigh of relief and release. When things don't seem fair, it is when we are basing our judgments and findings on limited perceptions and solely on our existing state, on one side of the equation. There is ever so much more to it than that.

What I have found, as a seeker, is that certain guaranteed states of awareness arrive over the course of the search. One of these things is being absolutely convinced of the presence and operation of a supreme being. It's something different from faith and belief. It's certitude. Faith, certitude and discrimination are a tripod and more valuable than the collective riches of the Earth. I've found, as a seeker, that one becomes convinced of this. It ceases to be some amorphous platitude and it becomes a living reality. There is no doubt that these things are so. One is fundamentally assured concerning their treasures and where their heart is also. We have such a rough time here because we are in doubt and we believe the evidence of appearances, just like we believe in fixed periods of time, as if they were the whole continuum. Our attachment to the things we fear to lose is a major source of our discomfort. We don't have these things to begin with and our interpretation of what they are isn't even what they are, so we are attached to a myth, concerning something that doesn't exist. Realizing this makes it easier to let everything go. Realizing that you can't lose what is yours and that all partings are temporary, also makes it easier, unless that is just an intellectual apprehension, as opposed to a visceral possession.

As a seeker, I have learned certain things that prove out consistently. One can bank on them and one also discovers the contents and location of one's bank. As a seeker, I have discovered that there are things we fundamentally grasp and things that we speculate and theorize about but which will, in their time, also be something fundamentally grasped. It is important to keep in mind and remember that one cannot grasp certain things, without fundamentally letting go of other things and that as soon as the latter is accomplished, the former automatically appears; food for thought on this hungry Wednesday.

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There will be a radio show tomorrow (I think). I don't know when but I'm going to head off and record it now. Check this space or tomorrows Smoking Mirrors for an update. In the meantime, last week's show is still available for download.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

That Big Open Air Affair

Years ago, I remember Guru Bawa saying that the divine views us like action on a TV set. The divine views us like a TV camera and we can drop off on his field of vision. We want to stay in the vision field of the divine because many things are possible for us at that point. The alternative is that we fall away into darkness. This is a very real thing and explains a lot of questions about why things happen like they do. Certain spiritual practices keep us before the eyes of the divine. Certain material practices cause us to fall off the screen. I don't think it's an immediate thing. I think it happens by degrees, the same way that dust can collect on a mirror and the mirror is a good image in this case, just like the TV screen and the TV camera.

Guru Bawa, a Sufi master and saint, was the real article. His face was as smooth and unlined as a little boys. He was under 5 feet tall and weighed about 80 pounds. He might eat a tablespoon of food on a given day. His face was incandescent. Light spilled from his face. I've never seen his like. The man on the beach was something of a different order. I still think it was God that I met that day and he most certainly activated my kundalini, one night from thousands of miles away, though I don't think time and space and distance present any limitations for him.

I didn't fit in at that ashram. There were far too many self important ingenues there, who had all the answers and who did not care for rock and roll, or anything that contained what they perceived as a reckless enthusiasm for life. Bawa crossed them up a number of times in relation to me but I remained an outcast. Of course, my behavior was not what it should have been. Time and circumstance have modified that but there are still flares and outbursts on occasion as we have seen in recent times. I'm still dealing with people like those people at the ashram; people who can look right at conditions and events and not see what's taking place. It would be nice to have more command over circumstances and myself but... that's not permissible at the moment.

I've more carefully reread this transmission from one calling himself, SaLuSa. I've noted spelling and grammatical mistakes. I note the disheartening presence of this statement "It matters little whether you ascend or not, inasmuch that all souls will continue to make progress". I understand what I presume is meant here but I would have, under no circumstances, said it myself, because it does matter; unless you think everything you have gone through, are going through; your other lives and what you might go through, 'matters little'. Clarity sent this in for my consideration. I've only gotten so far into it, not nearly halfway but... it smacks of all those things that I am familiar with about channeling. It looks like a putup job and the name of the angel sounds like a character out of Marvel Comics. I'm not saying it isn't real, or real on some level somewhere. I'm saying that a lot of it rubs me the wrong way. It's not my preferred frottage (grin).

Let me say that I want to see and to understand, more than anything else, except for the presence itself. However, for me, rule number one is, “Don't lie to yourself”. Don't accept something as true just because you desperately want it to be.

I am not turning negative on this channeling (the SaluSa item), especially in light of misunderstandings, concerning my first reaction (grin). I already tend to believe some number of the things said here. As usual though, as has been the case with most channelings I have come across over the years, it's is all very general and vague. As I have mentioned before, here, there and somewhere, ...on any given day in New York City, you can come across a dozen people channeling Jesus Christ, Moses and others. I have directly seen this in new age classifieds, in some magazine or newspaper, whose name I no longer recall (The New Age Times). An intrepid and persistent researcher CAN locate such classified ads and if you do, I'd like a link put up so everyone can see it. It makes you wonder and it also implies a very busy switchboard, he said, as a humorous aside.

I have people take me to task about the manner in which I 'sometimes' respond to comments from the peanut gallery (attempt at humor). I don't want to ever have to delineate this again. Chances of that are? Slim to None. Those two are rap partners. If you've been in prison you know what that is; not talking about the big open air affair that we share time and circumstance in. Does it not occur to the reader that I can very easily present myself and my persona in any number of ways? Does it not occur to some of the readers that I have ample time 'before' responding, to consider what I might say and how I might say it? Does a certain segment of the readership believe that I lack a particular degree of restraint and self control, in respect of my side of the ping pong table? How is it that I can do all of the things I can do, if I lack such a basic skill?

As was mostly noticed by the most recent example, the result of this causes me to appear as a human being. Unfortunately the commentator indicated that it was a very regular affair and more frequent than all of my other types of responses. It's things like this that make me wonder what I'm doing here. The sole purpose of why I do this particular thing, is to defeat the possibility of being taken for a spiritual master. If it were a matter of degrees then, yes, I qualify to some degree but, I have seem people who all too willingly assume or accept that mantel and I do not want to be like them. Therefore I willingly deface myself and intentionally interplay, on occasion, with people that I know are fucking with me. I'm not in doubt about that end of the equation in certain cases. One of them sent me an anonymous kidney punch, yesterday- on the heels of all of this- and doesn't think I know immediately who it is. I do have certain minor siddhis that are associated with my trade. I've got some others that are much more significant but only show up when my master is in house. This alone shows me I am not that master that one would call 'Master'. A state like that may come and go- for the purpose of demonstration to me- but then it reverts to a place a few centimeters above the one I went into it with.

Certain forms of behavior automatically manifest in person to person encounters on occasion, often to my distress. It is only recently that I have found out the reason for that and it has to do with testing from another location, the temper of the metal of my surroundings, for the purpose or cessation of continuance. This would be patently obvious to anyone who actually spends any time around me in my usual states of being, in my usual environments. If the nature and type of the demonstration in one type of situation, is most definitely different than the nature and type in the other, it stands to the satisfaction of logic and reason that something else is going on, besides what might be assumed on the part of others. I'm not going to go into any greater detail. Use your heads in respect of it, or carry on as is your wont. What is, is and it will surely be revealed, in whatever its permutations are or were, at the given moment. Hooyah (cue Al Pacino in “Scent of a Blind Warrior”)! That's where I feel in love with Gabrielle Anwar but... it didn't last. It never does.

You and I, we are in this together and we shall surely meet up where or when, as the need and opportunity provides. As many of you are aware, we are already in resonant accord, so very, very often that it can no longer be mere accident or coincidence. Acknowledgment of it is a near daily affair. I know why this is and some of you may also. This should seriously bolster the faith of all in whom such recognition of it may occur.

We have had (despite any and all opinions to the contrary) a whole lot of evidence that we are not alone in this universe. We have heard about such things as ascension, rapture, being caught up, precession, illumination. Nearly all traditions make mention of such things. They may not be exactly as we think we understand them but something of them is so. I am convinced of it, having seen some small and greater evidences, along the course of my journey to wherever that may be. In a roundabout way I talk about this on tonight's radio show. We look illusion right in the face but don't see it. We read scriptures and testimonies, yet some part of our consciousness does not register the reality of them. We are in the midst of it yet... the force of illusion presents the separation factor, convincingly upon our minds and we are separate, 'it seems'. In the cosmic sense we are all an irreplaceable portion of the divine, part and parcel of the body of God. The ultimate love, breaks itself into pieces, scattered far and wide and then sets about collecting them and itself again, as today's song attempts to portray. We know these things in one part of our being and do not know these things in a significant other part. Comprehension is the desired outcome. Look about you and see what portion of your other pieces are so engaged in the pursuit of it.

Being vulnerable and “human, all too human” are voluntary conditions, assumed for the purpose of demonstration, awaiting 'the twinkling of an eye”. One hopes every area of curiosity and concern is covered here but I see Slim and None waving at me off camera and expect to see them in camera as well.

The actions of the tides are natural and they have parallels all up and down the ladder to the stars. The supernatural responds to similar incentives but most differently aspected and performed. We limp on the highway, whether from fatigue or injury, we do not know, but we mind how we go, as much as we are permitted to. Onward and upward to the vanishing point.

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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Frottage Fever and a Date with the Reaver

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

It becomes increasingly harder to know what to say; to find that there is anything to say. Obviously it has already been said and the same people not paying attention then are not paying attention now. It's not my alarm clock and it's not my world, that so many are attached to living in. I want the straightest route out of Dodge, too many people want a condo in the center of town. The town expands, intent on drowning the outskirts with its unbearable presence. Implosion looms. Empty rockers rock, in empty rooms.

The density of the spider's web, is conversely equivalent to the density of the web inside the victims heads. Shelob's and she hurls, inky darkness, to swallow the world in night and they're all curled up in their beds of doom, sleep tight. Sleep tight. Tight is the word, tightly wrapped and strapped down by the web. These are the things we dream about. These are the things we dread. It all seemed so nice in the Formica life, till the bombs went off in our heads.

So, it's like that, chattering on in unfortunate rhyme. It seems it amounts to no more than passing the time, while passing through. The same people keep assaulting their associates, like they think there's some light at the end of that tunnel, on that losing proposition. Where they think that is going to take them and what their payoff is, I can't guess. Seek and ye shall find it is the operative consideration but it appears simply finding what is already there, or fabricated to suit them will do. Diminishing returns doesn't seem to factor in. They just keep diminishing, until even the one they are returning to is gone. Maybe that's fitting in any case.

It just makes me tired to see it. Picayune wars, devoid of the conscience that would restrain them, seems to be the order of the day. If you can't come to terms with it or move past it, then you might as well kill it and off yourself in the bargain. I can't see the payoff, I really can't and my words fall on deaf ears, when seeking to reach the aggressive principals, no doubt making myself a target in the bargain. Any time I try to make the peacemaker I get a peacemaker stuck in my ribs, making anything but peace and accompanied by the sentiment that I rest in pieces.

I don't know what it is with people. All I can think is Kali Yuga, Kali Yuga. Words tumble like concrete blocks. Walls get built, hard separating walls. Words you can't take back. Words that stand there, set in stone, like the now meaningless words about truth, justice and the American way. It went this way and it went that way and it rode itself out of town on a rail. They did nothing. They knew nothing and it was all to no avail. It makes you sad but you know it's got to come to something, closely equated with nothing but empty words, trailing off into blasted landscapes, brought about by men and women worth less than the words they used to justify, the nothing and worse than nothing, that they accomplished. They tumble and turn and rest in the sad gutters of the culture they washed down the drain, like the dead leaves of their useless words and despicable acts.

What do you do when there is nothing you can do, when the purpose of demonstration is only to show this? It's cosmic laundry day. Suits and ties are marching from room to room. They look out of the floor to ceiling windows of their corner offices, that look down on the ravages and destruction of their telephone calls, their conferences and fountain pens, moving across documents, that authorize the horrors on the streets below. These horrors that they must believe will never reach these upper floors, that they must come down from to go anywhere and that will one day come up the elevators and stairways to get them and none to soon for the rest of us. The age of unreason sputters and flames. Madame la Guillotine cries out for their heads. It whispers in their dreams. It moans underneath their comfy beds. The day approaches. The days advances, boom, boom boom! Here come the footstep like the drums of Khazad-Dum. Boom, boom, boom! Flaming Balrogs are on the march.

Endless, endless Game of Thrones. There are nothing but bodies draped over couches, strewn about the floors, lying on cobblestoned streets, torn apart by angry mobs. The Bank of Karma is in a bull market with The Age of Torus, so many thousand years in the departed distance, looking through the two way mirror at Scorpio, stinging itself into terrible silence and no eagles seeing or seen, except in some Himalayan cave where the smart money got out of town; “where there is no vision the people perish”.

How can hope and promise find any purchase on such a slippery slope, drunk on cheap wine and ever cheaper dope? Yeah well, yeah well. The witch ain't dead and all ain't well. Heading in the wrong direction, does not lead to the road of good intentions. Jeremiah is howling in the wilderness, as usual, he's not drawing a crowd. Nothing has changed in the hearts of men, since the last time we were here again, boom, boom, boom and one of these days Alice, right to the moon. I remember that story about Jackie Gleason, sitting in a lawn chair, out on a golf course (I think). He had a shot glass of whiskey in his hand, when he tumbled backwards, down a slope and didn't spill any of it. What do you think about that? You can't swing a hat in that small crowded room inside your head, without hitting something that's dead.

It gets like this for me and I can only speak in rhyme. It just happens and probably will happen again soon enough. Turn your head and cough. You feel better now? Lord make these things go viral. Lord give me some boom, boom boom!

Fukushima, Iwo Jima, Louis Prima, come blow your horn, the cats in the cradle, with the children of the corn. The Boogie Man is going up and down the road in his brown panel van. His bat wings are sprouting. The closet door is opening and you're only eight years old. The curtains are rustling and the room is cold, cold as the breath of a vampire on an offered neck. We got plenty of those. Just take a walk down Hollywood Boulevard, or Constitution Avenue any night of the week, werewolves and vampires out on the street.

They say one of the signs you see at the end is rampant cannibalism, literal and figurative, if you count the amount of people, eating each other alive and themselves as a chaser. Drop an extra shot in your boilermaker. You're going to need it and I got to get out of here on a positive note. I'm sorry for all and every person I hurt, in my impatience to get here and not be slowed down, ripping away from the attachment and unable to explain. You can't explain not being attached to the people that are. You can't explain anything, to anyone, whose mind is already occupied by the subject under discussion. They got frottage fever and a date with the reaver, while Steve McQueen still thinks that laetrile is going to do him some good. I kind of miss the guy. No doubt he's already back and so are a lot of other people. John Travolta went into Scientology, to take care of his problem in the first place, as did Tom Cruise, It's a risky business, when you don't take care of business, cause there ain't no business like show business for the purpose of demonstration. Scientology and Satanism, part of the tripod that keeps the action going and why you can hardly find a decent film sometimes; world unchanging, beneath the coverslip of fear, magnificent metropolitan ruins, always in decay. I decry most the loss of generosity to strangers and after that, the bad intentions of strangers upon their hosts. It seems the greatest of loves must suffer the most. Somehow we reach our dreams, whatever they may be, world unchanging, wave upon the sea.

Somehow I got through this and you will too. You find yourself right here where the words are appearing, before your eyes and going by, as the times go by, while all of the already old but seemingly new things, keep appearing and what was over the mountain and in the town on the other side, will soon be in your town and on
your doorstep. The doorbell will ring and you'll have to sign for it. It's like clockwork, it is, till the clocks turn orange and Beethoven is listening, while he still can. Now he's gone and rolled over and Chuck Berry's still got that roll in his jeans. He used to insist on being paid in cash before he would go up on stage. I don't blame him but I still don't get his lying down under a glass table, while some lady squats on the top of it; Kali Yuga, Kali Yuga. You got warned and your train still got lost.

Alright my friends. Let's be good boys and girls. Santa is coming and he's got a list and that other guy is coming too and he's got a list. Yes, he's got a Mikado style little list and there's cold rage and there's outrage and there's what there is of what there is. We got new and improved underwear bombers and the people
responsible, are so filled up with hubris that they now admit it was all their operation. I want Janet Napolitano stripped naked and groped to the bending end on national TV. I want John Pistole's pistole jammed where the sun don't shine, which in his case could be anywhere. I want Hilarious Clinton to shut the fuck up.
Good luck with that one, Visible, good luck.

Time for these boot-heels to be rambling, while the bad guys are scrambling, to Patagonia and wherever they think it will be better for them to hide out, while they finally get those numbers they been missing and locking people up for mentioning, what no one can say and what that is I wouldn't know neither. Adiós, vaya con dios, away and away!

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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Eat Drink and be Wary.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

We've been coming across things like this that is also mirrored in other places and certainly more places than I have seen. I hear tell it's an internet hoax; one of those consummations devoutly to be wished but too good to be true. Still, 'something like that' has to happen. One thing for sure, they are jumping ship in free fall panic numbers. Something is up and if it’s not good for them it can only be very good for us. Anything that harms, retards or screws up the operations of bankers is good for us; with the exception of when their greed provokes them into serious mistakes and they take it out on us.

I don't want to talk about bankers today, that is more the province of the other blogs, which have increasingly bled over into this one and shouldn't. I feel more like talking about diets and disciplines; seeing as that has been being discussed in the comments section lately. I'm no expert at either one but I can talk about what I have experienced on my way, to the point where I find myself talking about it today. I'll simply mention what I have noticed, what's been effective and what kind of results I’ve gotten.

Americans have the most expensive piss in the world. They take the most do nothing vitamins that don’t assimilate, or they take them wrong, not with their food, often with their morning coffee and often enough with their morning coffee, while driving to their commitments, in some anonymous cubicle or corner office, overlooking the inevitable inferno to come and indifferent to the inferno within. Well, they are somewhat aware of that but it remains mostly background noise until it turns into significant pain.

People are mostly able to eat what they eat due to genetics and their well being is mostly reliant on youth. That was how it used to be, until modified foods from the satanic larder started showing up on the dinner table and then you also began to notice people snatching items from snack wagons and kiosks and eating whatever it is on the run. Then you add in the complications and deceptions that contemporary life forces upon the unknowing and provokes within the willing, who want to have their cake, your cake and pork it too, if they can get it to stand still, restrain it or deceive it into compliance. All of these things come to the dinner and breakfast table too. No doubt they show up for lunch as well. Toss in alcohol, the desire for which is fueled by depression and then toss in all those pills for depression and then toss in that stress is behind most disease and discomfort. Toss death into that equation again - in relation to stress and all kinds of other things I could mention and probably some I'm not aware of and diet takes on a whole new series of dimensions.

What I have found is that eating a healthy diet takes care of most people's needs comprehensively. It does for me. I've found that eating once a day is optimum. Of all the diets I have ever been involved with, the macrobiotic diet heads the list for most salutary and noticeably beneficent results. I've taken Blue Green Algae and spirulina and other things, now and then for a time, but the period fades and I just go on with what I've always done with some occasional enhancements. Dietary consistency is the consideration. You want to know what to eat, study the peasants, the common folk, in different countries. Look into which countries live the longest and stay the healthiest. You want to know what not to eat, visit fast food outlets, the processed foods section of the supermarket and uptown restaurants where the chefs are members of their own Murder Inc. You see the results in all the maladies that the rich get as a result of eating out every night, or ordering take-out all the rest of the time. This is the source of many contemporary problems coupled with a lack of regular exercise and no focus on anything besides what next to put in their bodies and what next to put in someone else's body, or have someone insert in their body or maybe just watch it happening, while manipulating the joystick. Of course, personal fantasies can take any shape and exist in a state of mild to severe possession of the faculties. Given this is Kali Yuga, the needle tends toward the severe. One of the primary offspring of fantasy is confusion. Then comes the twins, guilt and regret. Oh well, there's all kinds of things I could add here but for the most part you're already aware of what they are.

Of course, for me, the main ingredient is Love. If Love is invoked into the molecular structure of your food and if it motivates your thought and action it pre-empts dietary concerns, at least in terms of what is more important. Not having Love operative, in all the features of your life, reduces them to ordinary things. Love is what makes things extraordinary. Love is what really empowers food. If that weren't the case, then psychopathic rich people, who eat good diets, would be fine and dandy. You might argue that, according to the way things look at the moment that they are doing just fine and dandy. That's an imperfect perception, part of all the things designed to deceive us and depress us and kill our spirit.

All of the complexity of this world is a calculated effort to diminish the value of the few simple and truly important things that get lost in the shuffle, amidst all the plethora of useless and temporary things that surround us and on which the corporations depend on your routine and constant consumption of them for their existence and profit. I could have probably worded that better but I'm a little under the gun time wise.

The other thing that is all important is some form of meditation or similar spiritual practice. The consistent employment of this ritual, will insure your expedite devolution and transubstantiate the things you encounter; the things you produce, the things you ingest and add angelic ringtones to the things you profess. Nothing develops to its full potential without consistency of application. People fully engaged in these things and for whom these practices and principals are the centerpiece of their life do not have the problems that other people do and when they do encounter difficulty, they know it is going to be resolved in a positive and educative fashion. They acquire an ever deepening reliance and trust in the author of all things. They don't need to be shaken up and hammered with doubt and fear because faith and Love have come into residence and that is the point of the whole exercise.

I don't know about all of these specialty items that people seem to think are so necessary for their diet and their life. I can't say one way or the other. It may all be to the good and I approve of that on a case by case basis (grin).What I have come to find for myself is that the simpler the better, in all principles and practices. You can get simple and you can get highly complex in spiritual matters. I find simple works best for me. That said, let's just cut this short because I have other things on my plate. I'll be on Jeff Rense's Radio show, May 4th, 9 to 10 Pacific Time this Friday. Hope to see you there.

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