Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Seeking Sustenance on Hungry Wednesday.

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May your noses always be cold and wet.

Origami is a little late today because I watched “My Week with Marilyn”. It is a very well directed, acted and written snippet from the life of an enduring icon. It's true that a tragic end, enhances the continuance of one's legend status. We have some amount of these. In some cases, they are entertainers gifted with particular features and abilities. In other cases, they are sacrifices to ideals which, for some cosmic reason, the bearers are often called upon to die for. Later they get to be diminished by small men who need a level playing field for their mediocrity; the snipe hunter as sniper.

Sometimes I am reminded that I really admired Marilyn Monroe through the earlier part of my life. I remember being given coffee table books about her but, strangely, I can't remember being terribly fond of her. I am still fond of her but she doesn't cross my mind very often. She was one of those people who didn't know who she was so she had to fall in love often. Somehow, for however briefly the condition would last, she would find that sense of being that her existence so often was missing. It is why she was alone so much and why she died alone, unless you believe those tales that she was intentionally removed. We know that happens. I tend to believe nothing happens without the permission of the divine. Of course, a lot of that is influenced by whether or not you come up on God's television set.

This is one of the most difficult things for many people to get a handle on. They can't accept the operations of Heaven, within the context and constructs, of the mortal and human mind. This works against the presence of the divine mind, which is resident in the human mind. One of the arguments you hear a lot of the time is, “There can't be a God because he would never permit that to happen”. “That” covers all of the terrible things we have become accustomed to hearing about. All of those terrible things are the payback for the same things taking place earlier at the hands of the people it is presently happening to in a different body. This is Kali Yuga and payback is a bitch. That's literally true and it is the time and environment where a lot of the heavy things from all kinds of long ago gets taken care of. Like I've mentioned at other times, it's a continuous exposition of cosmic laundry day.

That's what this planet is all about. The major features of life on this planet, are all based around education and the resistance to it and the requirements that are in place to deal with that resistance and to insure that education. This process takes a long, long time because it is all about the word being made into flesh, as the animal nature is spiritualized. There are at least 3 main courses that are easily identified and labeled. ♫this much is true♫ Number one is the 'normal' course of evolution. This is where you finally come to understanding, simply through the knocks and shoves of endless repetition of the same things. The other course is when one consciously hothouses their evolution. This can and does accelerate it to a near unbelievable degree (success is speedy for the energetic). The other course is when the divine takes a particular interest in you, for his/her own mysterious reasons. You might say the second is actually the result of the third anyway ...but... I suspect a more complex dimension to it.

There is a reason that self inquiry is the recommended course of study; “know thyself”. “The proper study of mankind is man”. Everything that comes up in your mind has a relationship to your past. All of your fears are related to previous events. If you have feelings for a certain country, opinions about certain people, predispositions for certain things, certain tastes, certain desires, these are connected to your past. We glide over these things. We continually look outward, so we wind up with knowledge instead of wisdom. We fill our heads up with information and turn ourselves into a walking, talking social network. Instead of one mirror we are surrounded by many mirrors... illusion. In many cases and especially in certain time zones, like Kali Yuga, the mirrors begin to act like fun-house mirrors, except that they are not much fun.

Several things happened to me instantaneously during my kundalini experience. One of them was that I felt myself, the self that I had presumed I was, sucked out of me into nothingness. There was no me. Oddly enough, this didn't trouble me at all. Consonant with that, I entered the awareness of the one shared mind. I was instantly telepathic and could read thoughts with the same clarity as hearing a voice. I discovered in following days that I no longer felt any familial ties. I felt no connection to my mother or father and it has stayed that way. Curiously, it seems to have worked that way for them too. Everyone else in the family stays in touch with each other. They get together and do what families do. No one gets in touch with me. There is the sense that I am gone, though it never gets said and there is no acrimony or bad feeling, no series of events that led to an estrangement. On the rare occasions that I might see them we get on beautifully. It's just that something fundamentally changed. I also remember looking at the carpet at my feet and seeing little red cartoon devils appear who had their backs bent before me and I understood it to mean that the power activated in me had all of the passions under control. This led to some pretty interesting demonstrations further up the road.

At a certain point I went upstairs and looked in the mirror and watched my face shift through many different personalities that I took to be previous lifetimes. When I closed my eyes, at another point, I was in an ancient Egyptian temple, which I surmised (for some reason) was beneath the Sphinx and there was an initiation taking place. Our initiations remain with us from life to life and the recognition and remembrance of them can surface at whatever point it is caused to. I've learned that everything is connected to remembrance and memory. I know I mentioned various of these things at other times here but they tend to return and come up, when they are relevant to what's being said, even if I don't know what that is and that is more often the case than you might think. I was communicating with someone the other day and I mentioned to her that my mind is usually empty. She thought that was funny and said something to the effect that that hardly seemed likely given what I do and all that attends it. I said that is precisely why any of it is able to happen. As long as we know, God doesn't know- symbolically speaking- when we don't know then God can know. We are no longer preempting and prohibiting it by substituting our awareness and recognition of anything and everything in place of God's awareness and recognition.

I was talking with my angel yesterday and saying that I didn't see why I should be singled out and told the outrageous things I am told about what is coming up for me. I said that when I look back on my life I only see a whole lot of mistakes and no indication that I should be favored in any way and that I really ought to be frightened about whatever might be coming (I'm not). I was told that I know very little about myself and that I should let go of all presumptions, based on my very little knowledge, especially things concerned with other lifetimes and, as far as my negative view of things in this lifetime, they were unavoidable and intentionally caused by the divine for his own reasons which, of course, are very good reasons and I don't know what they are. I guess the message here is that we have to let go of our own ideas of good and evil and our interpretations of things, which are no more than a particular shifting perspective, that can only be true in a limited sense, if they are true at all. It's no easy task and all of it is solved by, 'rely on me', 'rely on me completely in even the smallest details'. This opens all sorts of interesting parallels to 'everything is under control'.

I look at the things people do to others and I cannot imagine myself acting that way. I look around me at all the things in the world and I have very little attraction to any of it, except for my recurrent dream about my 'walled' garden', which is my closed private vale, that is suitable to all the potentials I would like to express. Some might think it just means a house that is secluded and concealed and it is certainly that. I am given to believe that that is going to be conferred on me but I keep thinking about that line, “I have no home in this world”. Why I am mentioning all of this is because there are basically two kinds of people on this planet; those who are working to get their hands on more of it and those who are working to get out of it. The former can expect any number of temporary satisfactions, ending in a collective disappointment and the latter can expect any number of temporary disappointments, ending in a collective sigh of relief and release. When things don't seem fair, it is when we are basing our judgments and findings on limited perceptions and solely on our existing state, on one side of the equation. There is ever so much more to it than that.

What I have found, as a seeker, is that certain guaranteed states of awareness arrive over the course of the search. One of these things is being absolutely convinced of the presence and operation of a supreme being. It's something different from faith and belief. It's certitude. Faith, certitude and discrimination are a tripod and more valuable than the collective riches of the Earth. I've found, as a seeker, that one becomes convinced of this. It ceases to be some amorphous platitude and it becomes a living reality. There is no doubt that these things are so. One is fundamentally assured concerning their treasures and where their heart is also. We have such a rough time here because we are in doubt and we believe the evidence of appearances, just like we believe in fixed periods of time, as if they were the whole continuum. Our attachment to the things we fear to lose is a major source of our discomfort. We don't have these things to begin with and our interpretation of what they are isn't even what they are, so we are attached to a myth, concerning something that doesn't exist. Realizing this makes it easier to let everything go. Realizing that you can't lose what is yours and that all partings are temporary, also makes it easier, unless that is just an intellectual apprehension, as opposed to a visceral possession.

As a seeker, I have learned certain things that prove out consistently. One can bank on them and one also discovers the contents and location of one's bank. As a seeker, I have discovered that there are things we fundamentally grasp and things that we speculate and theorize about but which will, in their time, also be something fundamentally grasped. It is important to keep in mind and remember that one cannot grasp certain things, without fundamentally letting go of other things and that as soon as the latter is accomplished, the former automatically appears; food for thought on this hungry Wednesday.

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There will be a radio show tomorrow (I think). I don't know when but I'm going to head off and record it now. Check this space or tomorrows Smoking Mirrors for an update. In the meantime, last week's show is still available for download.


Anonymous said...

"Our attachment to the things we fear to lose is a major source of our discomfort. We don't have these things to begin with and our interpretation of what they are isn't even what they are, so we are attached to a myth, concerning something that doesn't exist."

you wrote this origami for each of us. effortless, beautiful words clearly dictated from the place of all understanding. everyone who reads this will be struck by how deeply these words resonate. a true gift to all seekers.

liz in l.a.

imron said...

thank you Visible. Just what i needed.



looking forward to seeing you soon.

Visible said...

I have noticed a lot of things about this coming period of May 20th to June 1st. I'm not going into detail about upcoming world events and the configuration of the planets during that time. I probably don't know enough to talk about it anyway but some of our listeners and readers might.

I'm going to go put this in the Origami comments section right now and see if we can get a Bholanath or Robert Hitt hit, or someone else. As I said, I've been getting some strong signals about this ten day excursion.

This is one of those notes I make for myself when I do the radio show. I draw from them and then can get extemporaneous when it happens... sometimes I broadcast without a net but this time I have specific things I want to say. Anyway, there it is; open to thoughts and speculations, especially from those of you informed about such matters.

Visible said...

Imron! I booked us lodgings at my favorite waterside town where cool things always happen. We'll have a couple of days just to sit in sidewalk cafes and wander around.

Anonymous said...

I've pretty much given up on this world.
I feel as though I'm surrounded by emotionless automatons and it exhausts me.
Lonely, lonely, lonely.
Maybe I've dropped off God's television set, if I was ever on there to begin with.

Useless Eater - U.K

Visible said...

Oh c'mon brother... endure. It's very hard right now, trust me, its' been hammering me and actually it hasn't let up for over 3 years but I know it soon will. Hang in there and if there's anything I can do, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Vis,
I appreciate everything you do..


Useless Eater -(hungry for some genuine love)

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

There's that NATO crap in Chicago on the 20th and 21st. Sounds like that ought to be real interesting, with how that's being set up due to the tremendous fear of the powers that think they are. Or should I say, the powers that be, as long as everybody cooperates?

What you said about the negatives in life. . .I have come to realise I was very driven, and accomplished a lot and have a history than I can remember fondly for the sake of constructive revenge that never ends just so I can say "Neener-neener" to the world, which I must admit I would like to leave as soon as legally possible according to the rules of all that is.

Shouldn't be too long. Can't think of what else the gods have in store for me that I've absolutely got to do. And considering where I'm living? I can see Frisco. Now if only San Onofre does a Fukushima. . .

Or better yet, Diablo Canyon. That's a bit closer to us.

Rob in WI said...

This Origami is indeed a treasure, perhaps the best yet, for me anyway. So much of it resonates with personal experience, it is uncanny.
Thanks, and be well, Rob

Richard said...

Mas and Mas Visible
Your Keyboard Tango, almost without fail, produces spontaneous impulse of gratitude. Today it comes with bags of nutrition for the gratitude plant as well.
Indeed when those of the blood family seem to forget about one's existence, a particular freedom, gained by the K experience, whatever its source or catalyst, is gained - which allows one to work ever more consciously at feeding the plant of freedom.
Glad to see Imran will be visiting with you, good company is a rare event in lives of many in this biggest city in the world, so i am told and also experience,.Makes the Heart warm for you both. Trusting that the Superior Forces will be in a playful mood.
Definitely something is up in the next two weeks. Too many roads are closed, too many previously closed doors are cracking open. Deserving people have been receiving some harvest, all around. Plans are being changed, even the best laid plans of mice and men.
The adventurous soul bursts with joy at an unknown but brilliant, palpable, near future. The only guarantee seems to be lack of boredom.
Shiva/Shakti tango is on, some toes will get stepped on, blame it on clumsiness due to rusty ankle joints.
May the Rose Garden of your Heart always be in Bloom.
Richard ( Unuk )

brokenbeat said...


Encouraging words for the pilgrims on the path... I suppose we may have been on the path long before we were aware that we are seekers as per your first main course, hard knocks. And when we actively start searching, we engage in the second main course, self-discovery, doing 'The Work'. And as you said, the third main course, should we be so fortunate to have special attention, could be in play all along.

So all of this has been going on over many lifetimes with fits and starts of progress with some accumulation and carry-over and now we find ourselves here again, but at an auspicious time, or so it appears. The seekers among us -- in this world of illusion but working on not identifying with same -- are racing against the clock, or again, so it would seem. I have long thought that reincarnation may not occur sequentially chronologically and it's possible that we may have become liberated and ascended in previous lifetimes and are incarnating now at a less advanced stage of our evolution, not as boddhisatvas per se, but in the course of our development.

I know that goes against traditional theories and I don't presume to know this, and in some ways it matters not to my striving now. In some timeless realm, I am there or I am not, but here and now I am striving as if this is my only chance and perhaps I've done that every lifetime... who knows? I'm not terribly interested in knowing my past lifetimes or my future ones or my probable near future. While it might be entertaining, I think it would detract from my work here and know.

As I learn more about the Fourth Way, I realize how deluded we all are presuming to know ourselves, be concious, have free will, know good from evil, truths from falsehoods. It is humbling and daunting if accurate. One of the most discouraging aspects is that it is said that one must work with a teacher just a step or two ahead of you and teach another just behind you and progress can only be made in this fashion. I am not opposed to this in principle, but finding that teacher and pupil that you can trust and trust you respectively in a system that has no structure is challenging. Perhaps this is where the special help from the Divine comes into play and our paths are helped to cross.

I don't know if you're following the Fourth Way per se, but it seems that in essence you are based on what I know so far. My question to you is whether you feel that there is an absolute need for the teacher and pupil, in direct contact. I can appreciate the benefit as simply being in the presence of a Master has a palpable effect, and I would so welcome such a relationship, but besides the difficulty in meeting one, there is the chance of working with a false teacher, deceitful or not. Is this simply a matter of trust and that when I am ready, the teacher will find me? If I lack the perspicacity to tell the difference, am I not setting myself up to be diverted from the way especially as I am publically asking this question here?

Thanks for any guidance you see fit to provide,

John V.

Love To Push Those Buttons said...

I forgot something. Stocks have been steadily dribbling downward for a week and a half so far. Maybe next week the 'CRASH' will hit full force?
Federal extension unemployment benefits just got cut for tons of people including over a million in my state of californication. High density, spoiled, stupid, divided, powder keg. I figure in the next 6 weeks we're gonna see some National Guard action. Man, I am sooooooo glad I'm not in Los Angeles, but I'm in a pretty volatile location myself. Bay Area is not Tristan da Cunha.

On the other hand, I personally don't really have to worry about much. All I need is a ten minute running start, and I've got it made. Of course all the life forms dependent on me would be screwed, but then it's not gonna matter whether I'm here or there, so hey! I'm enjoying myself with my 'bring it on' attitude. After all, the sooner I'm transferred outta here, the better.


Ben said...

Vis, All,

Wow, tremendous resonance, particularly the following:

"What I have found, as a seeker, is that certain guaranteed states of awareness arrive over the course of the search. One of these things is being absolutely convinced of the presence and operation of a supreme being. It's something different from faith and belief. It's certitude. Faith, certitude and discrimination are a tripod and more valuable than the collective riches of the Earth."

Regarding the Supreme Being, I am more certain of that existence than I often am of my own... words are inadequate to articulate this but you came very close, Vis.

I don't know enough about the upcoming May 20 and onward dates to offer an opinion. I will submit a link to an individual whose blogs I frequent on a daily basis... some of his stuff is pretty far out, but I keep an open mind. Link as follows:

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
the gardener said...

Brother Visible-let me share this neat site about Venus and its cycles that I've been immersed in the past few days.

And Robert Phoenix has done a fine analysis on the New Moon with Sun/Moon at 1 Gemini with a very big powerful eclipse too on 5/21/2012

I would like to know how much it costs the citizens of this country and the people of Chicago and other cities where the freaks meet in elitist meetings absent those who pay for their privilege. BWAK! will be at some fundraiser near Stanford and the communities surrounding that area are going into a lock down situation too.

How much harm do we have to go through just for the power game of it all? How many losses due any citizens have to go through just for the gain and power of some wax mannequins to get off in their getting overs?

Very strange discordant energies coming and going. I suppose Gemini energies-the Twins---Mutable Air at its finest.

I know too many people who are really putting their hearts and souls into sustaining their faith as they endure. And endure with lots of literal homeless scenarios playing out all around them knowing they can be next on the chopping block having done nothing wrong at all. Except to be the portals to which everyone else can show who and what they really are.

I'm really somebody who loves to sleep on nice warm beaches in the company of funny heavy people who all 'think too much'. hahahaha

the gardener

Terrance said...

Hello Visible....thanks for helping us remember...who knew it would be this challenging on this plane of existance! time to take prisoners...time to let go and let god!

gurnygob said...

Useless Eater - U.K

It might sound like a stupid idea, but when I feel like 'giving in' I watch "Lord of the Rings" I think about Frodo and Sam and all they had to endure on their journey to Mount Doom in the land of Mordor. I see this place (earth) as a sort of Mordor with all its hardships and evil and darkness. The one thing that keeps me going is the thoughts of returning home. (The Shire, Heaven, the other side, call it what you will.) However, the "ring" must be destroyed first, or there will be no beautiful Shire to return to. The battles will be fierce and sometimes relenting. People you trusted may turn on you and betray you. There will be high mountains to climb and wide rivers to swim and dry deserts to cross, but for those who endeavour to persevere, running the race to the end, there will be a reward so great that the memory of Mordor will fade in comparison. Never give up my friend. You are part of a fellowship, whether you know it or not and we all have a part to play, as Gandalf said, "It's what we do with the time that is given to us," that is what counts in the end. I don't know what I would do without Christ first and then Frodo and Sam from lord of the rings. Inspiration is in short supply these days, sometimes it is to be found in the most unsuspecting places. Peace be upon you.


Visible said...

Brokenbeat, questioning so much in this manner is the chief problem as I see it. The whole purpose of life and its demonstrations is to take us to the point where we rely on the ineffable. If this is so then?

I've some connection with Gurdjieff but his doctrine and system are far two left brain for me.

Gardener; I would have mentioned Robert Phoenix but I'm not all that sure he reads around here that much. I don't know why I think that, maybe because I seldom if ever see any comments but... that might not mean anything at all. I'll give a looksee at all of what's been offered here. The NATO meeting is only one of a whole lot of things going on in this period and that includes the Israel Iran debacle in the making. Should they act in ignorance it will be the biggest mistake Israel ever made. Still, they're overdue, long overdue.

MiaBellezza said...

Vis, you always seem to eventually broach on so many questions I've had.

"The other course is when one consciously hothouses their evolution. This can and does accelerate it to a near unbelievable degree (success is speedy for the energetic)."

This pretty much describes what I believe I did. It started out slowly many years ago, but as I gained more knowledge and realized the time was near, I went into an acceleration of knowledge gathering, guided perhaps by something which presented me with uncanny synchronicities all the time feeling that it was part of "my mission", which I felt was to gather info re File 13. Last year was the acceleration part and it took its toll, but once you go through it, one's perceptions are permanently altered. So it was a conscious decision perhaps guided by something or someone, I don't know. Who knows, maybe I'm an alien ~ (grin) But then, perhaps we all are.

When I was going to school I was just an average student and quite dreamy, but as an adult something changed and as I got older I got smarter. In fact I never was very good in math but now I'm an ace. On the job I created a complex macro formula to compute hundreds of salary increases (which were usually done by a percentage, ie. 2%). Once completed the computation was done with one keystroke. This introduced me to the circular cell reference issue wherein the resulting computation must go onto another section or layer of the spreadsheet.

I think evolution is like that ... will we get a new layer on our brains and dna one day ... again ...?

Regarding kundalini, I didn't know much about it at the time, however, I think my "first experience" of it was during sleep in the Spring or Summer of 2010. I dreamt I was sitting up in bed and a white light circled my lower abdomen and then shot up my spine and through my head like a blast of information upload??? and it was fast and quite startling and I woke up immediately. I've mentionned this earlier, I think.

"The other course is when the divine takes a particular interest in you, for his/her own mysterious reasons. You might say the second is actually the result of the third anyway ...but... I suspect a more complex dimension to it."

This is still a big question for me. Other than synchronicity, serendipity and occasional prescient knowledge and intuition, that's been it for me and that's good enough too.

Vis, I found your remarks about the Sphinx rather fascinating. Perhaps you know why.

brokenbeat said...


Thanks for the feedback. I'll cop to over-intellectualizing -- that's where I'm coming from and am endeavoring to develop my emtional and body centers to bring it into balance. The questioning stems from that, and I'll grant that it indicates less than total reliance on the ineffable. I'm not there yet and haven't even made serious headway. But I do see the need and am addressing it.

I appreciate all that you've shared in your posts and comments and know that you've had a well-rounded exposure and exploration and this included many encounters with all manner of conciousness. Perhaps I needn't have asked about your take on the need for in-person guidance -- it is just an expression of my yearning to not miss anything essential in my urgent quest.

Taking your reply to heart, I accept that all is being taken care of and events will transpire and resources will be available. I retain a sense of responsibilty to do my part in preparation, and discernment remains an essential tool in my seeking. I do not actually pose questions often, except rhetorically, but I ceaselessly question authority. In this case, I was sincerely seeking your wisdom on the need for a Master. You have provided the answer -- the ineffable is the Master and teachers will be available as required.


John V.

MiaBellezza said...

Here is Richard Nolle's AstroPro May, 2012 forecast:

Looks like things are heating up.

Visible said...

John, tomorrow's radio show will be extremely pertinent to your concerns. Yes, the radio show is now on Fridays

MiaBellezza said...

Okay synchronicity occuring immediately again. Ref Ben's comment at 7:56 re:

wherein DNA is discussed. I read this after my second post today of 10:26:00 (see what I said about DNA).

I'm a Taurus and just had my birthday and my biorhythm Triple (58.2 years) is coming in July 2012. Wish me a non-crash landing; no not from the spaceship. And no I do not think I'm a goddess; well maybe sometimes ....

So my birthday occurs shortly before May 17th ~ "The Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, just outside of Mexico city, was built nearly 2000 years ago is also facing northwest. It was built facing the rising of the Pleiades constellation that happens May 17. ... The Pyramids around the world represents life's spiritual journey back to the Godhead humans becoming fully aware of their divine nature."

Now the Orion alignment with the astrological clock of Giza and Sphinx occurs in July 2012 (shortly before Olympics time frame) ~

and right into my biorhythm triple. So this perhaps accounts for my interest in the pyramids, or could there be more? (grin) ah, just kidding.

Thomas said...

wow, Vis... words fail me... Solid pointers, I try to weave them into my path, in the mesh of the Maya. Discrimination, how very important it is, like you say.

also, that petri dish from yesterday was utterly bad-ass, hahaha! You mention having fun in the comments. I think you are very well advised to do so. Long faces look so lugubrious in a hall of mirrors. Pearly laugther and a certain wickedness (of the reckless kind right between madness and genius) suits many occasions well, and probably the Court Jesters turned the courts into somewhat tolerable affairs, instead of vain and presumptous funeral feasts.

I've come to the tentative conclusion that the main node of deceit and "evil" are the talmudic rabbis, in collusion with Satanists hiding in the Jewish ranks. But what the Devil do I know anyways? How much different are they, really, from the legion of heartless and self-serving creeps that presently litter the planet like so many bloated and poisonous toads? Their superficial intelligence might differ, but what is intelligence without wisdom?

Here, in my humble opinion, is something that seems to have coalesed in me in the past days, somehow. The inside and the outside are reflections of each other, ya? Contemplation of the Divine, either in its infinity going inside, or outside numbs the mind, and allows for the state of (imperfect) union with It. But here it is, we are not disconnected from any of It. The toads are inside me when I think of them, and I can find their motivations in myself, if I am honest with myself. When I then try to integrate those parts of me, into myself, healing the split in myself (it works, and I can breathe somewhat lighter), I come to look at them with compassion rather than contempt. And not a small bit of humour, I have to add. The object seems to be to integrate All things into Myself (I am without boundaries, just the point/plane where "in" and "out" mirror each other). I hope this is not some sort of twisted arrogance on my part, or things someone wise have said, and I seem to have copied? I don't understand any of this, and I might not even be right, haha! The Divine guides, or the Devil tricks. Is it really that different? My heart feels fine, and my spirit hums. I notice myself going in trance over nature. Really, for those things, only ourselves we have to count on. Trust in the Divine is the foundation of any and all manouvers. That It is Perfection, I do not doubt, even when I don't see it.

To heal the split in the world, and the Universe, I think (oh, quite an experiment Earth has been, I believe) Light must be shined on the dark ones. Contemplation only of the Light, like in some New Age circles, whose main tenet seems to be that of willful self-deceit, lalalaing with their fingers in their ears, strengthens the distance between the polarities, and thus prolongs the re-integration of All into the Divine.

This is not in any way to try to deflect you from your path (as if I could! ;D), rather just to share a glimmer of a little instant. Your howl is beautiful, and perhaps also part of the healing. I think yes. as for Knowing... now how would that be possible?

Thanks Vis &
To Everyone, may all your actions be from the calm center of your spirit, and a balanced heart. I will say to Visibles "All is under control"; Amen!

Praise this Beautiful Universe. For all the darkness, not a single star will shine less.

MiaBellezza said...

Here is the Clock of Giza & Sphinx alignment date to Orion rising - July 14, 2012:

Doug Pearson said...

It's truly amazing how we can isolate ourselves merely by stating facts and refusing to go along with the bullshit. Oh well, better to die lonely than go against our sense of what's right and be surrounded by valueless robots. lalalalala

MiaBellezza said...

Viz, also ~ Olympic Torch relay ~ 19 May – 27 July.

It is lit from the sun's rays at the Temple of Hera in Olympia.,_Olympia

est said...

"We travelled far and wide
over desert wastes,

and journeyed
toward the horizon.

We never met anyone
coming from other direction.

When once they set out
on that path,

no one ever returned."

Translated by Juan Cole
from Omar Khayyam’s Rubaiyat, [pdf] Whinfield 129

Anonymous said...

Certitude vs certainty--

Certitude indicates both a state of mind and a quality of a proposition. Certainty describes the condition of evidence of a proposition. Certitude is the assent to the truth of a propsition to the exclusion of doubt.

Just ruminating.


the gardener said...

Happy Birthday MiaBellezza! your second Saturn return aussi.

A friend of mine told me almost two decades ago now-that the 'fastest way to quicken your vibrations was to spin and spin and spin'...

Maybe all this Gemini action with Venus in Gemini retrograde is indicative of us splitting into twins-identical twins split off of the same soul egg. heh! wouldn't that be fun to be able to straddle two dimensions at once consciously?

I've been having a string of extravaganza dreams lately-usually repeats with additions to make it interesting. Lucid enough in the dreams to know I've already been here and done that.

In a hospital scene the other morning and they were serving us up dinner-weird multi color pitas with some kind of delicious veggie filling. My child was a toddler in the dream and I had lost him-also had a few pups in the hospital with us-like it was sanctuary.

I've got to check out what my progressed Venus has gotten up to-it's somewhere mid Gemini in my 12th house. I know I'm starting to get bored with the dummies who 'never thought of that before!' hyuck hyuck

the gardener

PS that first link I posted in my first message explains how this Venus eclipsing the Sun event on June 6 is the SECOND part of this particular cycle-the first one was on June 8, 2004. Also eclipsed the Sun and for whatever reasons I can not place that memory of that happening. Going back in time can be fun with all that hindsighted rewrite going on.

Kevenj said...

Wow. That was good. Thanks for humbling me.

Stella Blue said...
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Richie (Dana) said...

The plane we inhabit is an extremely high tech hologram. It is better than any CGI or 3D flick you ever saw.

I look around here today and find that everyone has traversed a level of awareness.
That, my friends is a job well done.

Visible, my gratitude. I finally got to your radio show which was excellent.

A dispassionate view of the mass amounts of information we are currently processing can be very beneficial in reaching our goal.
A very important factor would be the attempt to remember who we are.

Think of yourself as a Spiritual/Biological transmutation device implanted by God himself.
A breath of corruption in, and breath out that which is only Love.
There is no cure for the results of Love which is the eradication of evil. These two will never co-exist apart from this plane which is being rapidly diminished.
That would be the intent of “Love will Prevail”.

God lives in us all, and our mission is to find him.
I see the REAL world coming into view and soon this reality will fade from our eyes.


Rat Bastard Motherfucker said...

Comrade L did you remote view the glorious socialist utopia that will commence when the capitalist pig exploitation swindle is overturned? Yes the most selfish people on earth are going to rally around the collective while the pigs at the top live like kings and the rest of us live an austere existence. You didn't see that? That's because it ain't ever gonna happen.

small little man (minum wage existence) said...

Check out this great page about the joo world order and Kali Yuga L:

Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors-

The Meaningless Lives of Endless Compromise.

tmcfall said...

Wonderful sustenance, wonderful comments. Thank You Visible, Thank you all
Tom in Tempe Arizona

ElvisSweet said...

Wow, double wow and wow again. Such staggering things are revealed not only in the lines but between the lines also. He that has a ear let him hear what the Spirit is saying to the church!
especially -
"What I have found, as a seeker, is that certain guaranteed states of awareness arrive over the course of the search. One of these things is being absolutely convinced of the presence and operation of a supreme being. It's something different from faith and belief. It's certitude. Faith, certitude and discrimination are a tripod and more valuable than the collective riches of the Earth. I've found, as a seeker, that one becomes convinced of this. It ceases to be some amorphous platitude and it becomes a living reality. There is no doubt that these things are so. One is fundamentally assured concerning their treasures and where their heart is also."
Blessings upon you Les V x

In the Book of Certitude is says-

I swear by God! Were he that treadeth the path of guidance and seeketh to scale the heights of righteousness to attain unto this glorious and supreme station, he would inhale at a distance of a thousand leagues the fragrance of God, and would perceive the resplendent morn of a divine Guidance rising above the dayspring of all things. Each and every thing, however small, would be to him a revelation, leading him to his Beloved, the Object of his quest. So great shall be the discernment of this seeker that he will discriminate between truth and falsehood even as he doth distinguish the sun from shadow. If in the uttermost corners of the East the sweet savours of God be wafted, he will assuredly recognize and inhale their fragrance, even though he be dwelling in the uttermost ends of the West. He will likewise clearly distinguish all the signs of God—His wondrous utterances, His great works, and mighty deeds—from the doings, words and ways of men, even as the jeweller who knoweth the gem from the stone, or the man who distinguisheth the spring from autumn and heat from cold. When the channel of the human soul is cleansed of all worldly and impeding attachments, it will unfailingly perceive the breath of the Beloved across immeasurable distances, and will, led by its perfume, attain and enter the City of Certitude. Therein he will discern the wonders of His ancient wisdom, and will perceive all the hidden teachings from the rustling leaves of the Tree—which flourisheth in that City. With both his inner and his outer ear he will hear from its dust the hymns of glory and praise ascending unto the Lord of Lords, and with his inner eye will he discover the mysteries of "return" and "revival." How unspeakably glorious are the signs, the tokens, the revelations, and splendours which He Who is the King of names and attributes hath destined for that City! The attainment of this City quencheth thirst without water, and kindleth the love of God without fire. Within every blade of grass are enshrined the mysteries of an inscrutable wisdom, and upon every rose-bush a myriad nightingales pour out, in blissful rapture, their melody. Its wondrous tulips unfold the mystery of the undying Fire in the Burning Bush, and its sweet savours of holiness breathe the perfume of the Messianic Spirit. It bestoweth wealth without gold, and conferreth immortality without death. In every leaf ineffable delights are treasured, and within every chamber unnumbered mysteries lie hidden.

Anonymous said...

via Homer..

One person's "austere existence" is another person's shrug of the shoulders.

There are (believe it or not) actually people who don't even care, or (gasp) notice the difference!!

Imagine that..

Stella Blue said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MiaBellezza said...

Interesting find: see top 3 vids

Visible said...

A new Petri Dish is up-

The Big Bass Drums of War are Booming.

ElvisSweet said...

Hi Stella Blue. Yes this is from the book of Certitude (The Kitab-i-Iqan) by Bahaullah. I recommend The Seven Valleys And the Four Valleys. It's availble on line

Ray B. said...

Love To Push Those Buttons, Wednesday, May 16, 2012 7:53:00 PM

"Federal extension unemployment benefits just got cut for tons of people including over a million in my state..."

I worked for a year as a newbie at a State (un)Employment Department over a year ago. One of the big future tidal waves I saw at the time was the people who had gone on unemployment as the economy crashed, had about used up their unemployment benefits, and were about to be sent out on the ice flows to 'die' (no jobs available). Well, it is now here. It should be 'interesting' as more and more people are cast into desperate circumstances. Did you know that if people 'give up' and stop seeking (unavailable) jobs, they are not counted as unemployed in the government's figures? (I notice that the banks and OPEC are doing just fine...)

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

Ray B. said...

brokenbeat / John V., Wednesday, May 16, 2012 11:02:00 PM

"...the ineffable is the Master and teachers will be available as required."

(I am only about halfway down the Comments, but felt drawn to post...)

I had a trip to India long ago, where we got 'lost' and ended up in this small village asking for instructions. Villagers came out and started saying that we should stop in and see this local Master, who had stayed the same age as long as the oldest of them could remember. Intrigued, I went to see him.

When he came out, he seemed about thirty. He brought out some fruit, and was very pleasant. We visited, and somewhere along the way I stated that I didn't just want to follow a Master, I wanted to become one - and how could I do that? (I was very young and naive at this point...)

He responded that in order to do that, I had to travel and seek out many Masters, learn from each, and incorporate whatever parts of them into me that I was drawn into doing. (This was long ago; I don't remember the exact words.) Then, I left and haven't seen him since.

In a certain way, I have followed his 'advice'. It has been kind of a 'random walk'; being drawn to one, learning from him/her, feeling completed there, and moving on with new insights/talents. Perhaps, I am somewhere between Vis' second and third categories.

Take heart; as long as you are both 'interested' (intent) and 'interesting' (to higher folks), you will progress...

Best Wishes,
Ray B.

onething said...

I am very lucky in that the Holy Spirit paid me a surprise visit many years ago, and has been my teacher ever since. Nearly any wisdom or understanding I have was taught to me this way, so the guru question never arises although I am free to learn from anyone, or admire and love anyone I like. Unconditional love and nonjudgmentalism are freedoms, too.

Jesus is supposed to have said that the Holy Spirit would set us free, but yet the Holy Spirit is almost entirely unknown in Christianity. It is in fact the key to the religion. Whether or not I am a Christian is quite unimportant. Getting the Holy Spirit is the goal. After that, you're free.

Jesus was free like this. When someone said to him, "Good Rabbi..." he interrupted and said, "Why do you call me good? There is only one who is good, the Father in Heaven."
And with this we are free of all self aggrandizement or merit for our efforts. Which is really an awful burden.

Well, perhaps if I had sat in meditation for years and become enlightened that way, I would deserve some praise, but in my case I received gratuitous grace, and it has always been clear that all praise is deserved only by the lovely spirit of God, leaving nothing but Gratitude in its wake.

Anonymous said...

"I know I mentioned various of these things at other times here but they tend to return and come up, when they are relevant to what's being said, even if I don't know what that is and that is more often the case than you might think." Les, so much of what you've said, and continue to say, has been incredibly relevant to me in a deeply personal way. Only the Divine could put you up to this. :} Love and Thanks, -Sam

brokenbeat said...


That's great; I'm very happy for you. You are blessed and no doubt you're grateful for that.

I remain in gratitude, and although I don't presume to have certain expectations, I am seeking gnosis which comes with Christ conciousness, which is how I understand the Holy Spirit to be. I have intent, try to not anticipate and am endeavoring to do my part, but recognize that grace is involved.

May we all come to conciously experience our Divine
nature while in this temporal world, God willing.


John V.



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