Tuesday, May 17, 2022

"It's a Casual Fuck and Forget Monotony of Anonymous Bodies, Tumbling Through an Ever-Deepening Darkness. "

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I don't like to have to put the mental cross-hair on anyone, but... there are forces in this world that target me. They target everyone within range, and out of range too. So... I am going to do some plain speaking today, such as was once routine here, until God showed me a better way. Today though... these words need to be said.

Rap is a celebration of the animal nature. It's a crotch-grabbing, insecurity dance of the developmentally arrested. It celebrates all that is brutish and carnal in us. It dances like an electric current between the horns of Mammon, these two poles being, booty and bling. It's Materialism of the adolescent sort. 

It's an incestuous tormenting of the language, without context or coherence, a mad spilling of childish rhymes of vile intent, filled with animosity and lust. It's the porcine sounds of copulation in a pig-wallow, AND... its main players are the hand puppets of the slave masters who owned the ships of transport to Charleston Bay that brought them here in chains.

Every time this fact starts to break in the minds of the mesmerized who chase The Carrot, (and fear The Whip) they are captivated by a new distraction. Usually, this involves the pitting of one race against another, creating shortages and phony plagues, starting wars...while they cheer from the sidelines. They've been doing this for a long time. It's no wonder they are good at it. 

Now they've gone and done a false flag in Buffalo. THEY HAVE TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT NOVEMBER COMING!!! It's something scripted from Hollywood. Oh, look! A white supremacist! They're about as numerous as Himalayan snow leopards. This has Tavistock written all over it.

When deceit and carnal attractions are the heart and expression of it, one does not need a guidebook to know who is behind it, or... what its destination is. The more Materialism intensifies, the hotter it gets, and the more Hell rises to the surface. It always ends badly for the ones celebrating it.

It matters not to me how anyone takes this... or what labels they place upon it or me. I am convinced of the truth of it, and I must call it out for all races, creeds, and colors to see. Some tiny cabal of Satanic practitioners are holding sway over the masses. They cannot see a profit beyond material gain. They see no higher life objective than sex. They live to satisfy physical appetites and to rule over us.

One can go backwards... and some do. The majority tread water and walk in circles. The few... climb the interior mountain. Many set off on this course, and many fall away. Only the resolute and persistently focused succeed.

It is not difficult to see who they are ♫in that number♫ They are the ones who did not stop until they had reached the goal. Turning aside was NEVER a consideration. Why are some of us so determined in our course? It is because of the bitterness of past efforts that led to failure. They know what it is that caused them to fail and... it shall not happen again.

Have you considered what happens when The Earth blocks the light of The Sun from hitting The Moon? Of course... all the rest of the time, it is hitting it while shining on one side of The World... or the other. There are various symbolic events taking place here, and one of them is of The Superconscious directly hitting The Self-Conscious. It most often... USUALLY... speaks directly to The Subconscious (The Moon) because that is the part of the mind that is always open to it. The Subconscious is like a child and thinks and understands in pictures. As Within so Without... As above, so below.

Then there is this condition called, “Falling in Love.” That doesn't sound good. Can't you hurt yourself falling? I certainly have. No... FALLING in Love does not sound good, but people do it!. They cast themselves recklessly into the roiling ocean of emotional abandon. IF... IF you are going to do that sort of thing, may I recommend, The Divine... as the focus of your affections? The Divine will catch you when you fall in love with him. The Divine will hold you in the sanctuary of his/her love.

God is ALSO the feminine aspect of The Father. Some would say... in terms of manifest creation, that she is more the go-to-God. She's closer to the day-to-day. She handles, hosts, and gives birth to everything. After all, She is Prakriti. She makes up everything that is here, including the part of the mind that perceives it. She is Nature and what the hands of humanity make out of her, under the guidance of God, which sometimes appears must be the hand of The Devil too. AND... I will say what I always say, The Devil, is God, the way The Wicked perceive him. There is ONLY ONE God with many faces. She, the Divine Feminine, is The Sophia who sits on the cube. The tears of Mary, when they dry, remain as salt

It is up to you what neighborhoods of The Mind you wander in. Your thoughts will surely take you there in person... just keep thinking about them. You are building your worlds to come by thinking them into creation, and you fuel the operation, and the speed of its manifestation... by the passion you invest in it. This is why you must NEVER invest your passion in hate or revenge, AND... you should love God, whose ceaseless meditation holds it all in place, through the power of his CONCENTRATED love and will.

There is a massive crisis in these times. It is not only through war that we are seeking to destroy ourselves. It is in our suicidal lifestyles. Variations of this have happened over and over. Your persecutors will not stop until we are all transgender or terminally confused. Transgender is the new IT something or other. Anyone who wants to be a girl or boy has only to put their attention on it and it will happen in the next go-round. The Lords of Karma are very accommodating in the ways they will let you work out your fantasies. That's not something you should smugly take for granted, it doesn't work out like you think it will. Some ONLY want to be freakish. Remember The Lizard Man?

None of this is about any authentic self bullshit. This is about psychopaths doing their clinical psyche thing with the rats, and the mazes, and the cheese, only... it's much worse than that. They are torturing you for their own amusement. That is the key attractor for them... and they want to kill out the idea of God so that their generations can rule supreme here as vampire overlords. They've been working on it for a while. They've been given a lot of rope, for the very purpose you can imagine, if you think about it. (hint... suspending themselves from the support structure of the nightmare they constructed.)

They engineered the whole rap culture so that they could mold specific personalities, with specific predispositions into a thug army to tear down The World and turn it into Mad Max-Land; then to frighten and terrify everyone so that they can milk the fear. The Neo-Nazis of Europe are their counterpart zombies. They get what the plundering hordes have gotten all through history; gold and women. It's not a matter of race-hatred... so much as it was the easiest avenue. How about a nice injection of atavistic apprehension?

Do-Wop, Soul Music, R&B, and what came after them, were remarkable expressions of vibrant living beauty, which got their genesis out of the psychedelic mindset. Jimi Hendrix did it with inspiration and pure fire. Richie Havens rose up from the heart of humanity... and Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder; so many others. The list is LONG. A great deal of wonderful Gospel music got recorded as well.

Now we have this abomination of doggie-style music about ego-grandstanding, dick-waving, money, murder, and bitches, and shiny things that catch the false light when you walk into a club; this they have alchemically infused into the feminine nature. They are now bitches. They have turned the mirrors they look into, into a roadside toilet reflection. 

They have given us twerking... as an act of worship in the emerging sex cult of zombie atheists. Who owned the record companies that opened the door for this? Who financed the proxy companies that fronted for the people already in charge? Who promotes all the acts and lifestyles that are embodied in the recordings? I can't call it music. It is not. Music is harmony, not this hammering dissonance.

“No!” says the avant-garde, who did the same thing to painting and literature and everything else. Sorry... that's not art. That's garbage. That's what you get when there is ZERO inspiration. Muses don't go anywhere near this sort of thing, BUT... there are denizens of your lower nature who are willing to provide an unreasonable facsimile.

Remember how you could remember the actual names of songs and how these songs gave a nice soundtrack accompaniment to certain moments in your life, and the memories that followed? Now... they have pulled this medium down to the lowest and most profane level... TO BE YOUR SOUNDTRACK! There's no romance in this. It's a casual fuck and forget monotony of anonymous bodies, tumbling through an ever-deepening darkness. Eventually, it catches on fire. No? Yes... really...

I can hear someone saying, “Who does he think he is to demean our culture?” Heh heh... I'm not the one who demeaned it, you are... AND... might I add... it is self-evident. I'm just enjoying (not really) the Spring Collection, at the Milan Fashion Expo, for The Emperor's new clothes. I refuse to be a part of your perversity. I WILL NOT be shaped by you. I WILL NOT bend the knee to depravity. I WILL NOT serve you. You are not in charge. The One I already serve IS IN CHARGE, and you will see this sooner than you might presently think. You've been allowed to come this far in order to be convicted in The Court of The World's Opinion, for The Purpose of Demonstration. BY YOUR WORKS! By your works, you have made yourself known!

They are coming for the language and the children. They are trying to kill off the old. They are coming for your privacy and rights of speech. They are running a long con that has your extermination OR enslavement as the punch line. They are orchestrating food and energy shortages to promote riots, and force compliance; “we're from the government. We're here to help.” They have all kinds of dark nasties planned because they cannot afford to lose in November.

How can we protect ourselves? They are too powerful. How can we get away from them? Their reach extends everywhere. What are we going to do? Uh... Yeah... about that. God is more powerful than all the armies of The Earth that ever were gathered together at the same time. If he came singly to the battleground, and they were arrayed before him... with a twitch of his little finger they would vanish away (AND... he lives in you). 

They are only shadows, to begin with. God is a living, conscious light. He is in everyone, so... how can you lose? Get yourself some everlasting victory of undying, eternal love, from his endless and overflowing fountain. Let it fill you up and flow through you. That's the best answer I can give you to those questions. (at the moment... grin) The answer for me is provided in the understanding of what all that means.

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