Tuesday, November 30, 2021

"For Those Whose Hearts are Open to The Sun King, It Will Be Like Bathing in Luminous Ecstasy."

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In some ways (many ways) Life imitates Nature. Consider the epidemic of snowflake personalities. I am talking about those who get TRIGGERED by just about anything; the kind of people who insist on Jazz-Hands instead of applause. In Nature, a bird with a broken wing, an animal with a broken leg... they USUALLY don't last long. What do you think the odds are for these snowflake personalities? Because of the madness of the times, they are tolerated and even encouraged, by those using them to create social disorder; the Usual Suspects, as usual. It's part of their long-term Communist agenda, which is the best template for them being able to rule without competition, just as they did in The Soviet Union. Tens of millions died due to the psychopathy of The Usual Suspects.

These snowflakes are going to last about as long as a real snowflake does... but in Human Time. The transgender monstrosities, the bizarre sexual spin-offs from pedestrian perversions, the Jacobin executioners, for whom Cancel Culture is only the first step. Remember public shaming that occurred in all those places where Communism found a weakness in the mix; a weakness created by them?

None of these oddities that are the fruit of a declining culture are going to last too long. You might want to read about what happened prior to The Fall of Rome; Tacitus is good, and there are others. Suicide and sexual perversity were rampant then, and people stopped reproducing. These days we have people every bit as insane as Caligula was, without the horse and incest show... or maybe that's also true. I haven't looked into it.

A massive change is soon to sweep The World. It will come, seemingly, out of nowhere and transform life as we know it. It WILL NOT be what so many others are expecting or actively working to bring about. Certainly... some part of what is expected or labored for is going to occur in particular locations, but it will all be location-centric. I would think one might be more concerned about dynamic changes in Nature. I am not talking about Climate Change, which none of us can do anything about.

I do not know the details of this change. I do know that it is spiritual, and... because of what is to be required in the human heart, Humanity will have different reactions to it. For those who believe in nothing but what they can see and possess, it will burn like fire. For those whose hearts are open to The Sun King, it will be like bathing in ecstasy. There are certain conditions that bring a remarkable sense of well-being with them. One of them is... Unity. When you are in Unity, the harmony of your existence manifests in a kind of music. It is a music one can dance to. It possesses ancient rhythms that resonate from The Drums of God. One gets a better understanding of this when they know that EVERYTHING is composed of vibration in adaptation. Everything is already dancing.

Because, in Times of Material Darkness, the hive mind is tuned to the sounds of the fabricated world, whose elements of construction were torn from The Natural World, the world of the devas-angels and their assistants is seldom heard. HOWEVER... through spiritual austerities, one can come to hear the spirit(s) of Higher Nature speaking. One can both hear and read Nature... if they are determined to do so. Atop every material sense there sits a spiritual sense, and this can be activated by direct focus on it (which is not the best approach) or by meditation on certain symbols, and sigils, yantras, and mandalas, even pictograms (as was the case with me). Prayer and mantras are also employed by some. Some even listen to The Divine Sound Current.

When one sincerely meditates upon a symbol, yantra, picture... whatever it might be, the essence of it vibrates into the subconscious, like a kind of homing device. It makes contact with that portion of our being that is represented. Eventually, with determined repetition, that which the symbol, yantra, the picture is representative of, will begin to resonate within and come forward to the surface mind. I call it, Activating The Archetypes. This is also the case with the spiritual senses. Each of them has some symbolic representation in Ageless Wisdom, AND... when the time is right, they WILL come online.

I mentioned previously that... focusing directly on the spiritual sense is not the best approach. It can be awakened prematurely; before one has reached a level of self-control. Then the mind can be assaulted by horrific images... bad nightmare stuff. Inadvertent clairvoyance CAN lead to this. Many people are institutionalized for it, BUT... contemporary medicine knows almost nothing about the causes. Those who choose to travel the path of knowledge are responsible for what they come to know.

It is said that one's greatest asset is Purity. All adversaries fall away before Purity. What does one do if their contact with The World has made them impure? This is the condition with all of us at some point, though there are a few exceptions. That is where the spiritual austerities come in. I'm not talking about body mortification and the flagellation they practiced in medieval times, or the fakirs lying on beds of nails... or being buried alive. That is another kind of forcing and EVERYTHING has its price. It is far, far better to have these Powers and Abilities conferred on you once you have reached a level where you can safely engage them.

Think about what might happen if you gave a miniaturized race car to an 8-year-old or a machine gun or a laser. Some of these spiritual senses have a great deal more power than any of these toys by comparison. People are often destroyed when they get their hands on something they cannot control because that part of them is not yet under control. Self-Mastery MUST precede the acquisition of these abilities.

I'm not predicting anything when I speak about this massive change sweeping over The World. As I said, I don't know what shape it will take. I do know that we are in a time of Prophecy, a time that has been spoken of in scripture. Now... there are dime-store atheists and Annunaki exploiters (basically fearmongering, and faith-killing) and prison planet inmates who discount all things spiritual. They live inside of a world they have created in their heads. They read books by certain people who spun them some version of a Scientology-Urantia Land. They have no direct experience. They are living and believing according to what some science fiction writer told them. You can't argue with these people. You shouldn't argue with anyone. The point is lost as soon as the argument begins... unless that was the point... to argue, as is OFTEN the case.

I admit I could be wrong, relying on these writings from thousands of years ago, but I have already seen them proven right... here in my own time of this go around. If you are concerned about what might happen to you or to others, why... simply mind how you go, and seek help from Heaven. That is where The Grace is located, and Grace can have a great deal to do with what happens to you as well. Down at this level, where the people who only believe in what they can see and touch resides, Grace is in short supply, so is Faith and Universal Brotherhood, but... these are coming. That I can predict.

Those of a scientific mind, with the need to prove these things out, might want to try what I use. It's called Trust but Verify. My spirituality is also scientific in that it contains metaphysics, which contains most of what the physicists have yet to put together. Then there is that greater portion that neither physics nor metaphysics will ever understand or communicate. Some portions of that are known to The Silent Wise, BUT... much is, and ever will be... known only to God. A certain humility is required if one seeks to pass beyond certain barriers of Understanding. There are invisible guardians at all access points to Higher Wisdom. Parting the veil is an internal affair.

Sometimes I am trying to talk about subjects that can't really... effectively... be communicated in words, so one talks about other things in parallel, or by association... 'a little like this, a little like' that or... conversely, 'not this, not that'. However you manage it in your own hearts and minds, you will surely know when it comes together there. A synthesis occurs. A gestalt appears. A quiet ecstasy begins to hum in your heart. This is evidence of the presence of Higher Love.

As you know, and as I know, there will always be naysayers, and doom and gloomers. There will be dissatisfied customers, disappointed adults who are not being treated by The World the way their helicopter parents treated them. There are people with a grievance who just have to tell The World about it. There will be whiners and snowflakes, whose numbers will grow as Materialism intensifies. What can anyone do about any of that? EVERYTHING is resolved when the time comes. Greater sources of strength and power will appear, most especially in the human heart. A World Savior is coming, but... that does not mean that the whole world will be saved. 

Each of us has a destiny we had a hand in weaving. Eventually, everything is reabsorbed into The One, but... some of the cells of The Body of God are self-conscious in residence, though also in harmony with the whole. Not everyone goes to sleep or forgets who they are. Some are more memorable and I recommend striving to that end; make yourself memorable to God.

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