Tuesday, July 09, 2024

"Because They Believe It is Better to be The Person with The Stick... than to be The Person Being Beaten by The Stick."

 God Poet Transmitting.......

My... My... let things go a little ways South and those of little faith... the surface-dwelling alarmists... start caterwauling about how The Bad Guys are going to eat our lunch and then serve us breakfast... with milk made from maggots and fly larva; courtesy of the mad scientist without a science degree, Bill Gates.

Others are seeing the signs of the times to come being written large in the election theft in France. It looks like the dirty trick players... snatched another temporary victory... from the jaws of defeat. In The UK and all Crown Colonies... especially London; one of the citadels of darkness in this world... sold out clowns in 3-piece mufti... keep coming to the helms with their consorts drawn from the gene pool of The Usual Suspects.

Did the people who tell us what's happening... regardless of their not being in possession of the information... not get the memo? This is The Changing of The Age. This is not the run-up to the last two world wars. This is not the next iteration of the rest of us being shackled literally or metaphorically... by those who cannot even control themselves. For anything to happen to you, you have to accept being led to the event.

You have to show up for it. You have to buy a ticket. You need to get the outfit. You have to... buy into it. All these are requirements for your being part of The Action.

Yes... awful things are going to happen. Apparently... a great many people signed on for them. When you cannot rule yourself, it is possible... that others... whose sole interest is in ruling others... will be your rulers until they self-destruct BECAUSE... Evil always destroys itself.

Did you get vaccinated? Did you get vaccinated more than once? Are you in the habit of going to incompetent... robotic... medical practitioners, and letting them carry out the orders of The AMA-Pharmaceutical Combine on you? I'm sure that... despite being remarkably stupid, and... being played by atavistic fear and defense systems... you are probably a nice person. Did you know that Shepherd's Pie is not made out of shepherds?

Do you make ridiculous accommodations... that make no real sense... just to keep your job? Are you committed to having The Good Things of Life? Can you tell me what they are?

Do you live in a certain place because you find it necessary to be around people you've been around since you got here? Do you live there because that is where the work you are trained for is located? Why do you do any of the things you do... every day? Do you know? What waits ahead for you at that place you imagine you are headed toward? Will it still be there when you get there? Is it possible that The Unexpected might happen while you are on your way?

I wonder how many people ask themselves questions like this?

It is a typical feature of life... on this plane... that some collection of predators will join together... in mutual pursuits... to accomplish a common objective. The more Material Culture holds sway over The Hive Mind... the more certain it is that The World will be transformed into a concentration camp in various locations.

Certain psychopathic individuals have gathered together in government agencies... NGOs... international organizations... and... really... there are a great many of these diverse operations... that have to do with regulating life... along mysterious guidelines... that are known only to the people instituting and enforcing them. A not insignificant number of people are drawn to these pursuits... career choices... because they believe it is better to be the person holding the stick... than to be the person being beaten by the stick.

It is better to be the prison guard than the inmate. It is better to be the rich man instead of the poor man. It is better to be in charge than to be the one following orders. It is better to be of a higher rank... than to have many higher ranks of people above you. This is the mindset that attends a fixation on Material Culture. It makes your decisions for you and it comes at the expense of your humanity.

When you desperately want something... when you eagerly desire something... whoever possesses this has power over you. When you have things that you fear to lose... those who can take them from you have power over you... even if it is only in your mind.

Existence is operated and controlled... according to progressions of force... from subtler planes to the grosser plane... from The Invisible into The Visible. This force is differentiated according to whatever it is directed toward. All force is commanded by The Power of Will. All force comes from a central location and is the possession of Divine Will. Humanity is an aggregate of individual wills... all borrowed or granted by The Divine Will... For The Purpose of Demonstration.

You might think that the seats of Temporal Power are The Power in this world because they are the visible agencies of power. They are not the real power in this world or any other world. Those who command temporal power or... are employed by temporal power... might imagine that they are making and enforcing the laws on this plane, BUT... they are not. They are... knowingly or unknowingly... taking their marching orders from The Supernal Realm or... The Infernal Realm.

Both The Supernal Realm and The Infernal Realm are under the command of that which cannot be named. One is the right hand... the other is the left hand... of that which cannot be named. They both do the will of that which cannot be named... For The Purpose of Demonstration.

Existence is the playground of The Silent Witness for whom it is entertainment. The Divine separated itself into everything you see... for the purpose of a sense of belonging, and... to no longer be alone. Everything is made out of the body of that which cannot be named, and every sentient being that comes and goes... does so by the grace of the one who cannot be named, and that one is ALWAYS obeyed... no matter what appearances might suggest, and it is all ordered and processed through The Law of Cause and Effect.

Nothing comes to your door... literally or metaphorically... that you did not order up by direct request or... as the reaction to some specific action... committed by you... in thought... word... or deed. Nothing is going to happen to you that you have not already made arrangements for. There is no such thing as collateral damage or innocent bystanders.

This is not a popular point of view. It is... however... the truth. It is so because there are laws that control EVERY ASPECT OF HUMAN ENGAGEMENT, and everything that happens is a result of these laws in action.

The record of your past activities has written the script for your present conditions, and the actions you take in the present... will set the course for the creation of conditions... yet to materialize. Everything is thought born. We think everything into being.

Would you like an example of certain control features on The Big Board behind The Veil of Appearances? Here you go; why is it so hard for people to give away their money when they have far more than they will ever need? Why... when they do give away some of their money... do they need a brass band playing, and why do they still need to be in control of it... no matter what appearances are manipulated... to indicate otherwise; like Bill Gates.

Why do so many people live such selfish lives? Why are so many people so certain that they are right about everything when they don't know shit? Let me rephrase that; when shit is all they know?

This is one side of the equation which... in Times of Material Darkness has the greater preponderance of human life; more of them on the one side than the other. Material Culture breeds the me-first-you-later... maybe... mindset. It celebrates success at all costs. It fosters Greed and employs the whip hand of Fear. As long as you got something to lose, it's going to be on... your... mind.

To Hell with all that noise, and it is Hell where all that noise is being generated. It's dog-eat-dog and tooth-and-claw... for those caught up in the games of acquisition and control. The terrible irony is that if you could only control yourself... you would... automatically... be in control of the whole world.

So... I don't let The Chicken Little's... The Doomsayers... The Fearmongers... The Clueless, and The Confused... determine the course of my mind; how I think... how I feel... or what I do. Those are the dogs that bark forever at the caravan passing, and the dogs don't know why they bark. They bark because that is what they do. It is in their nature. It is also in our nature to be one thing or the other... depending on which of our two natures is running the show; our lower nature or... our higher nature.

The World DOES NOT DETERMINE what happens to you. You do. I don't care if all the powers of The World were arrayed against you... if you were aligned with the source of all power... including the power being wielded by the powers of The World, they could do nothing, BUT... it's not about that, in the first place. If you are aligned with The Source of All Power, it never comes up to begin with...

and... if it does, it's For The Purpose of Demonstration because The Divine intends to make a point. Don't pay attention to those running around and screaming that we're all screwed. Perhaps they are. I don't know. I haven't seen their file. I have other things to do. The Avatar is not only coming to set The World back into order, he is... if you wish it so... going to rise in your heart and set you in order too.

End Transmission.......

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Here are two excerpts from The Way to The Kingdom. I'm reading it again for the nth time, and I bookmarked these for when the moment has arrived and the moment has arrived (grin)

It happens that we are not only at the end of

a smaller cycle of about 2100 years, but of a large

one of 25,000 years, thus bringing to a culmination

mighty forces that have been in evidence for vast

periods of time. But their day is done and they are

now being superseded by higher forces, which is

causing the breaking up of all conditions created

by the old forces. You see evidence of this every-

where. Even the earth itself and all nature is re-

acting to this conflict of forces, indicated by the

earthquakes, volcanoes, floods, tornadoes and other

seismic disturbances now manifesting almost daily

in some part of the earth. Those who have

eyes to see need only to look about and observe

evidences of such changes taking place.


(This excerpt is about The Sons of God who are presently engaged in redeeming humanity from crimes they were connected to a very long time ago.)

For way back many world periods before the earth

was They were part of the humanity of another

planet, the same as we are part of the humanity

of earth. And They in the ignorance of Their then

human nature, in Their countless lives on that

planet, committed many sins and crimes against

God and Their fellow men, for everyone of which

They were held responsible by Their Father God,

and every one of which some day They would be

required to redeem—even as we are responsible for

and must redeem all that we have committed in this

and our many past lives.

In the course of innumerable eons the souls of

the humanity of this ancient planet evolved in

consciousness into oneness with Their Higher Selves,

then into oneness with the Ruler of Their planet,

and finally into oneness with the Ruler of the

Solar Universe, Their Father God.

In the meantime, They were gaining vast experience in the

building of forms for the use of the consciousness

and in the directing of its unfoldment while ex-

pressing in the multiplicity of mediums in the va-

rious realms under Their charge, and in all their

different stages of development, from the elemental

and etheric up through the mineral, vegetable and

animal kingdoms.

During such experience, They earned and attained

many high degrees in the spiritual and celestial

Hierarchies, including that of the Elohim, even-

tually reaching the exalted state of "Sons of God."

Finally through the knowledge, power, and under-

standing gained, the time came when They were

prepared and ready to take full charge of Their own

former miscreations of that long-ago world period,

which in mercy had been lifted away and deposited

in the outermost reaches of consciousness in a realm

known as the "eighth sphere," confined there in

densest darkness where they would do as little harm

as possible, and where they formed the nucleus of

what some day would be a new planet.

Imagine a great compost heap of vegetable and

animal refuse lying decaying and putrid under the

sun, rain, and snow, season after season—what a

vast amount of energy is being generated, which,

when this refuse matter is deposited in a barren

field and plowed into the soil, will sweeten, enrich

and renew it, giving it new life and enabling it to

bring forth rich and bounteous harvests.

In much the same way was this great compost

heap of the foul sins and crimes of that ancient

humanity lying rotting and offensive, generating

new life forces in the darkest realm of consciousness,

awaiting the time when they could be used in build-

ing a new field of evolution and in providing the

energy and substance for the new humanity that

later would be grown by and harvested from it.

In fact this cosmic compost heap you can now

gather was what originally constituted our planet

Earth, and those Great Beings Who were responsible

for it and all that compose it are the Sons of God

Who are actually the Higher Selves of every soul

on earth. They naturally are responsible not only

for our consciousness but for that of every living

thing on the planet, as well as for the earth itself.

For is not all of such consciousness what was originally 

that of Their miscreations of the dim past,

which They are redeeming out of the darkness of

ignorance in which they were given birth and are

lifting back up into the light of the Father's




Love To Push Those Buttons said...

The good things in life:

Personal sovereignty
Peace of mind
REAL knowledge (Does it exist here?)
Unconditional love (DON'T YOU DARE TELL ANYBODY I SAID THAT!!!!!!!)
It (life) has an expiration date
Lack of imposed obligation
Ahmad and Twinings fruit teas with heavy cream

I live in the Bay Area because I'm trapped here be circumstances. But it's allegedly a high nuke target risk, and that's a very lucrative benefit, so even if I weren't trapped here. . .



Visible said...

A new Smoking Mirrors is up now=

"You are The Mirror, and... The Mind Projects The Image... If Everything You See is Crazy... The Mind Replicates It."

0 said...

""Because They Believe It is Better to be The Person with The Stick... than to be The Person Being Beaten by The Stick."" ... and are to dumb to recognize the two trade places ceaselessly. :P

Why play at being in either role?




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