Sunday, December 27, 2009

Burn away the Veils & May Roses Bloom on your Cross

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The sun is reborn for one more round. That means we will see about a minute more of it with each passing day. That’s pretty much what Jesus Christ is; “the light of the world”. If you look at the Tree of Life, Jesus is assigned to Tippereth, the sixth sephiroth. Kether is the first sephiroth and that is ‘The Father’ as scripture calls him. The line of force comes directly down to Tippereth, via the High Priestess, on the straight path… which explains how, “I and my father are one” and also how he did nothing but that it was the father who did the works in him. It also points up the action of the feminine intuition in the process.

There’s another path that heads to Chokmah, which is ‘wisdom’ and also one into Binah which is ‘understanding’; this is why it is said, “Get wisdom and understanding”. The Old Testament is a work of Gematria. It is written in a code of letters and numbers which transpose from one to the other. A literal reading is oft-times absurd and that makes it perfect for fundamentalists. The Book of Daniel s loaded with this. The early Hebrews took all this information from the Egyptians and the Chaldeans and Sumerians before that. It didn’t originate with them. They are not who they say they are and there is/are not chosen people, except for those who love God and that could be anyone who does.

This chosen people thing, just like royalty and class systems, which you see in different cultures, are all about arrogating privilege and excusing behavior on the part of those who have set themselves up as being better than their fellows. On the downside you have only to look at the Reverend Hagee who is the Tweedledum to Rush Limbaugh’s Tweedledee to see the type and nature of the men and women who set the tone for the stupid of this world. When you are dumber than dirt, you could be led to slaughter by a subway tunnel alcoholic and you wouldn’t think twice about it.

This isn’t just a time of unveiling and revelation. It is also a time of judgment and recompense. If people are so self-enamored as to march into the spotlight with a target painted on their chest or their ass, well that is just one of life’s little ironies.

These days you’ve got information about everything coming from a hundred thousand directions and everyone is an expert. Though I don’t watch TV, I do see the occasional Youtube clip and it is routine to see someone introduced as an expert, just as it is routine to find that they are wrong or not comprehensive most of the time.

The two major player gods represented in all major religions are personifications of the sun and moon. The rest are those archetypes that exist in the human psyche and manifest as qualities or conditions in human life. You might say, “What about the trinity, visible?” You might point to the Hindu triumvirate. That’s all explained in volume two which you can get today for 99.99… I realize that volume one was free but so was your first hit of Mexican brown.

I’d call Pythagoras in to explain that if I could locate him but I can’t. He would probably use the Egyptian model of Osiris, Isis and Horus and he might show you that triangle of his. Suffice to say that progeny of opposites might be a clue. God propagates just like you do only God does it with himself or herself as you prefer.

You can find complexity if you like and Kali is often personified as devouring time, much as Chronos once was. Some say she is the backdrop of eternal darkness out of which the gods were spawned but this does not address the mechanism of manifestation and delivery or the possibility of self generation. It could well be that there is no generation out of the darkness but rather an enduring being sometimes you see ‘em and some times you don’t. That is all the more likely when there is no one to see ‘em.

I’m sure there are people who have put more time into analyzing and seeking the truth of this than I but they haven’t come up with anything contradictory from what I’ve seen. There are different personifications and different routes up the mountain but the mountain is ‘the mountain’ in all cases. Trying to learn as much as you can about the divine; trying to comprehend the divine entire is similar to cataloguing every grain of sand on every beach and in every body of water in the world. It can’t be done. You are welcome to also count every raindrop and snowflake that ever fell and catalogue those as well. I suspect the point would be made in any case.

So there are those who take the path of knowledge and good luck to them. They get to have long beards and be experts. I’m not an expert. There are some things I am good at; staying away from people, cultivating succulents, a number of different sports and games, as well as spending time doing nothing at all. This last is connected to the first. Of course, it’s impossible to do nothing at all, so I search for god but… that’s gotten to be a blind of sorts because god is right here and getting more so. I don’t have to look too far these days. God only knows what will happen when I take that mother lode of mushrooms come this summer solstice.

Many of you have written in to tell me how you have been uninvited to parties; rejected by friends and families, have to spend more and more time alone and variations on this theme. Most of you are perplexed about this. I’m not. If people can’t see something, it’s not there. It might be there still but not as far as they are concerned. In the Hindu tradition they have a term, Samskara... it is a veil. A Samskara can be very dense or light as gossamer. We are in a dark age. Get that through your head. We are in a very dense and dark age. Very few people are light on Samskaras to the degree that they can see the shadows on the wall of Plato’s cave in the side mirrors of their sunglasses.

You want people to see and understand as you do. Not only are we the beneficiary of a generation of vipers at this time but we are also surrounded by those who cannot see anything unless it is lit with a false light. I mean this as no condemnation. I pass no judgment on this. I am grateful I can see the little I do. But you have to face the facts.

There was a time when people would argue with me about the things I said. It might have been due to the fact that I was inclined to argue back. About five years ago I noticed that no one argued with me any more. I’m talking about in person-wise. I do have to attend public events now and then and people talk to me and I talk to them and I make sure that they hear about what is really going on in the world. Two things happen now… people readily agree with me or they move off quickly. There are no arguments. There are a few reasons for this. I’m not arguing with myself anymore. I am more like them at their core than I was. I am not trying to win a fencing engagement. The world is changing at a faster and faster rate and... there’s a lot more love in the encounters than there ever was before.

I know I talk a lot of shit about the world and certain of the movers and shakers but I find myself breaking into tears with no warning at the unendurable beauty of it all. Lat night I went out in the pouring rain across a dark and treacherous landscape to put this dog into his house. I could not leave him outside and I knew he was. There was a time in my life I was not capable of such a thing. There were always excuses and justifications. Half the time I would answer the call and half the time I would not.

I couldn’t find the dog at first. Then I found him sheltered under a large dwarf palm. He was somewhat shielded but it was coming down. It took me some bit of maneuvering to get him into his house face forward. Then I made my way home soaked to the skin. Back when people used to argue with me, I probably wouldn’t have done that and that is to my shame, although I will say that half the time I did do what I should do and that is probably because I was drunk as a lord or high and driven by the need to do what others would not.

This morning when I went over he was right back under that palm tree. I am hoping he waited until it stopped raining and it did look like he did. How he got out of that narrow dog house when he can hardly walk and was faced the wrong way still mystifies me but I have come to accept this sort of thing because, due to the times, the Samskaras are burning away at a remarkable rate and ‘burning’ is the operative word.Don’t worry about what other people do or say. Consider your own speech and actions. Don’t quibble about what god is or looks like or what sex god might be. Seek. I could say seek or be damned but that is more likely what I would have said when people used to argue with me.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Christmas Presence under My Olive Trees

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Tomorrow is Christmas; the day they decided to celebrate the birth of the Sun King. Louis might object to being preceded but he was as much the Sun King as any of today’s leaders are possessed of kingly virtues. Most leaders aren’t, nor most kings. Present day royalty... many of whom purchased or expropriated their titles are a pretentious lot. Some earned them in bed and some earned them by carrying out loathsome tasks that were too dicey for the regent to engage in. I’ll admit that Baron Visible has a nice ring to it but I’ve already got a title, it just isn’t operative here.

I’ll be spending Christmas alone except for the dogs. That is not uncommon for me. The same goes for birthdays. I can remember one birthday party in my life. It was attended by eight beautiful women, who were all friends of mine and one guy. That was nice. Otherwise it turns out to be a day like any other. I’ve no idea why this happens to me. I guess it comes with the territory...

A lady who lives across the way from me and who is very wealthy asked me to feed her dog while she was gone. It’s a German Shepherd who is about 15 years old. He can’t walk very well anymore and she mentioned that to me but what she didn’t mention was what I have been discovering in taking care of him. He falls down and can’t get up and sometimes it rains here and sometimes it can get cold. It’s been warm the last day or two- 70 Fahrenheit in the day. Before that it was cold and raining and the dog would just fall down somewhere and have to lay there until I arrived.

His water bowl was black with some sort of accretion that comes when water sits for a long time. Didn’t it occur to her to clean his bowl? I found him laying in his own wastes today. I lift him to his feet and try to care for him. He stumbles about the way someone really intoxicated might do and sometimes he falls down and I have to pick him up again. She feeds him this dry food which he seems to like. My dogs get hamburger or chicken and rice which I fix for them. It doesn’t seem fair, so I bring chicken dogs over to mix with his food.

He’s a wonderful dog. I took care of him last year around this time and he could get around pretty good. He’s a very big dog. He must have been something in his prime. When I come over to the house now, (which is surrounded by high stone walls with a chain link fence on the side that faces my property across the field that I walk to get there) I can hear him lifting his voice in a plaintive bark. There is no question he is crying out for help. I’ve gotten to where I’m checking on him now and again in the day but what can I do really? I can’t get him into his dog house and what about getting him out when he has to go?

I have to suppress my resentment against this woman who insisted on giving me a bottle of cheap champagne and some pastry for 3 weeks of attending to her dog. I don’t expect payment for doing the right thing but this is difficult for me. This noble champion dog is just left there after all those years of service, to lay in the rain and his own excrement because he can’t get up. He’s probably lying there right now. If I go over and lift him up he will just fall down soon enough again.

I can’t bring him back to my house which is what I want to do because my dog Poncho doesn’t play well with others and I’ve got a little German Shepherd puppy that I pulled out of an olive grove a couple of weeks ago and he’s real fragile and I have enough trouble getting Poncho to be indulgent of him. This big, crippled Shepard would be a problem.

This woman is a millionaire several times over. She could have hired someone to stay at her house and give the dog full time attention. It is little enough to ask after all those years of love and protection that this dog gave her and I just don’t understand people. I don’t understand people at all. They do this to their pets and they do this to their farm animals and they do this to each other. They are clear sailing in their minds and it just doesn’t seem to bother them.

Susanne has a sister named Tatina Lieberman (she married another Roger Nietzsche to get the Swiss citizenship; I’m referring to Bagwan Rajneesh... later called Osho) and lives in Basel in an apartment she purchased with money borrowed from their joint inheritance and never paid back. The reason we live with Susanne’s mother is because I found out, while we were living in Munich, that Tatina was trying to get her mother’s driver’s license revoked and put her in a home. I told Susanne we had to move down there.

Because we did this, Tatina stole nearly seven hundred thousand Swiss francs from her mother’s account and cleaned out her safety deposit box of certain valuables including Krugerrands and a kilo of gold. She also took items from the house. She’s a despicable character and she has no shame whatsoever. Every now and again she used to call and say that she had a terminal brain tumor but she never seemed to die from it. Now she doesn’t call anymore at all. She’s wired into the Osho fellowship and she’s got all kinds of pictures of Buddhas and goddesses and spiritual books.

Susanne and her mother and I, including the dogs, get by one way or another. I don’t miss what Tatina stole because it was never mine in the first place. Besides, I am one of the richest men on Earth, I hardly lack for anything important.

Susanne and I have taken care of her mother for the last ten years and I must say that it has been one of the most rewarding things that ever happened in my life. Her mother is just about as sweet a person as you will ever find. She is immensely grateful for every small attention and always has a smile on her face. She seldom complains and she’s also very sharp. So is that dog, whose name is “Black”. He’s deaf and he can hardly walk but he knew Poncho was outside of the solid metal gate even though Poncho made no sound and he unerringly found his way to the low rock wall where I had laid the chicken dogs for no more than a minute. Even though they were gone, he knew they’d been there.

Why am I talking about this dog and this Vampire Sister from The New Age on Christmas Eve? I’m alone this Christmas and I don’t miss people much anyway but I am alone and I will be alone through the holidays and until I head north, whenever it is that I do but... I’m not sitting outside like Black tonight (thankfully it is mild at the moment) and I’m not Tatina. Black is far more human than Tatina will ever be and right now he’s laying out in the grass (I hope he’s laying in the grass) and he can’t walk and his mistress went off on a trip and left him and I know just how fine a creature he is because I’ve been watching him for several years and I know a good dog when I see one. Meanwhile Tatina is living it up on her stolen dime ripped from her mother’s savings for her old age. Tatina’s defense of her theft was that it was for her old age. She glides through life, air kissing the empty space between her lips and the cheeks of the people she pretends to care about. She should be in Hollywood. There are plenty like her there.

The real reason I am writing this is out of gratitude that I am not like Tatina and that I am not in Black’s situation. I don’t know what to do about Black. The logistics are che non consentono. There are a lot of dogs worse off than Black tonight and there are more people like Tatina than we care to admit. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard variations on this same theme happening to some old lady or old man. I watched a football game tonight that was played in San Diego last weekend and I watched the crowd and they were howling and shaking their fists and jumping up and down and I thought, there are so many more of them than there is of us.

I’m glad to be who I am even if it means I am alone a lot of the time. I am truly glad that I never stole my parent’s money when they were unable to care for themselves and I would never leave my dog in a situation like I find Black in. I just could not do such a thing, so I consider myself a very lucky man. I’ve made my share of mistakes but they have been mostly crimes against myself, or reckless blows against the empire. People who knew the facts would say that I’ve had a hard life until recently but I wouldn’t trade any of it for what it has taught me. In the spirit of that I wish all of you a wonderful day tomorrow and I hope you know how to count your blessings because most of you are as rich as I am.

Something for Jesus Christ and Tatina too

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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Out of the Darkness and into the Light.

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Tonight is the radio show, at around 7:00 Central and I think I’ll travel around through some of the concepts that will be coming up in the show. It will be available for download in a day or two for those who may miss it tonight.

Let us all assume that there is only one force that expresses itself as ‘what we call’ good and evil and also as much of what we cannot define or understand. Let us assume that the purpose of life is to lead us through experience to Self Realization, when we know ourselves to be God as we have come to a shared awareness of the divine. The greater portion of the divine, which never comes into manifestation, is not something that any of us will ever be but like the stars shining in the sky (which are seats of consciousness) and like the myriad Buddhas, we all may come to a state of realized existence and become the central light for an entire world or even more.

There is one regent; one great omnipresent ruler and many personalized extensions of it. These extensions exist in the highest and lowest realms, in benevolent and wrathful aspect. Each of them has authority over a particular world and each of them draws their authority from the one. We all serve the same living divine and we all draw our ability to think and feel and move about from it. Regardless of what our separated mind tells us, we are part and parcel of something far greater than we shall ever fully comprehend. It is not possible to be a part of it and to comprehend the whole at the same time. There are individuals that seek to dissolve into it completely. If successful at this we can say with certainty that they are no longer individualized... or are they? I don’t know. They were very serious about merging with the one and ceasing to be apart from it in anyway, even as a personalized projection but... maybe there is something eternal about each of our unique beings. It is something to think about.

Massive and major changes are upon us and the force that is bringing all of it is the same force already under discussion. This force is an extension of the will of God who takes the image and shape of a particular being in accordance with a particular ray. Think of white light passing through a spectrum and consider that each colored ray is a different faith or religion.

People can and will argue till doomsday’s break about all of the minutiae and complexities of what expresses itself from any particular ray but that’s just mindless chatter that comes to nothing. It is not important to know all the ins and outs of the rules and sequences that have materialized out of our quest to understand and define. Some might profit from reading Thomas Aquinas but all I had to do was see the size of the book to know there was nothing in it for me. People of an intellectual disposition will get something from Mann’s “Magic Mountain” or by filling their heads with the unbelievable weight of intricacies contained in Buddhist texts. This does not work for me.

What is more important, enormous amounts of acquired knowledge, which would still be only a drop in the ocean or... actual experience of the entity in question? People who fill their heads with all of this information are actually using it to insulate themselves from contact with the divine. They’ve set themselves up as little gods dispensing some small and pitiful portion of something vast beyond any scale of measurement. Good luck.

There is only one true teacher and only one true guru. At any time he is seated in only a handful of people in manifest physical existence. Others may be well meaning and bring real help into the lives of those they encounter but they serve best when they realize how truly limited they are. The litmus test for any teacher in terms of authenticity is in their ability to say, “I don’t know.”

So it is with what is coming. Do not trouble your pretty little heads with feverish imaginings about what’s coming. That is far less important than what you have anchored yourself upon. It is far less important what the conditions may be than in whose company you encounter them in. Even a truly ordinary person can become extraordinary by association with their well spring at the source. We are all at different distances from it because of the state of our consciousness. In fact, there is no distance at all but there is the appearance of distance and that has an impact.

Let us assume that what we are talking about here actually exists. If that is the case then you have all the faith and intensity necessary to reach and realize it. It is only doubt and uncertainty that retards our progress and there is no need for doubt or uncertainty. Another problem is our divided will. Our will is set against The Will and this hampers us more than we might think. The trick is to surrender your will to the greater will which is right there inside you and witnessing everything that concerns you, from that vantage point, at all times.

The purpose of what is coming is to drive you in the direction of your greatest freedom. Of course, if you are among those who refuse to take advantage of this and, especially if your reason for this is because you are preying upon your fellows, then this force is going to drive you in the direction of bondage. You choose the direction and the force carries you there. This is why you can be assured of perfect justice and why it should not be a concern of yours. It is all being taken care of and it is all in capable hands and it is all under control. Let go of your apprehension about what may or may not happen. Leave off with the belief that you are in a position to protect yourself. Why should you even need to do that if you are in direct association with the greatest power of all and the only power there is? Sure... you might be called to express in one way or another but it won’t be you doing it.

I’m trying to hone in on a key concern that is at the root of so many of our problems. This is the idea that we have to make all the decisions and take all the actions and look in all directions at once. Even inimical forces, that might do you or anyone injury, are also under the control of this force at all times. You have to get this through your head. It is more important than anything else. This is why you really can become as a little child and why you can surrender to what controls not only you but everything. In reality it is not the divine that you don’t trust, it’s yourself.

Whatever is coming, you chose to be here and so did so many other people... more people than this planet has seen in a long time. Ergo... there must be a very good and positive reason for this, even if you can’t see it at the moment. The very fact that you and so many other people chose to be here should be powerful evidence. Try embracing this and all the other indications that seem to be saying some great promotion is at hand if you can only bring yourself into line and see it.

Now is the time to get right with yourself and not concern yourself with what is going on in the wider world. You are an extension of that which controls everything. The more you can come into alignment with this, the more possibilities exist for you. Sink into the core and let it carry you. Leave off with worry and apprehension... these are projections of the dark side and the very means they hook you with. Fear is an amazing tool with which to force compliance, with acts and conditions that are in opposition to our best interest.

If I haven’t said enough by now I doubt that going on and on like the sea is going to make any further difference. Contact the one and let it know you are on the team and live each moment as if you were representative of that. You do this and I think you will find that much of what is not clear will become clear and much which seems difficult and even impossible will cease to be so; more to come... further up the road.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Surviving the Storm or Missing the Boat?

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Perhaps as a result of recent spiritual practices and a more determined focus, I am experiencing periods of serenity. Maybe it’s some sort of emotional or mental climate change. Whatever the cause or source, it’s welcome. The distance between now, and the last time I felt this sort of deep equilibrium, is probably wider that the distance between Sidney and Broome because I could have walked there and back in that period of time.

Yesterday I listened to the latest interview with Cliff High which I linked in the comments section of all the consistently active blogs. I didn’t do this because I share this man’s premonitions of the future. So far I haven’t run across anyone who sees it the way I do. I don’t actually see it but I can feel it. I linked it because it’s thought provoking and disturbing. I did not send out the other spiritual PDF to the readers because I buy the party line. I sent it out because various portions of it are inspired and inarguable in the cosmic sense, regardless of what name tags or masks you attach to the single prevailing deity. The Sun is a seat of divine consciousness; a regent who rules for around four hundred million years. However, he is, in reality, simply an extension of the single controlling and all pervading ONE.

What makes Cliff’s interview so riveting is his obvious high (pun intended) intelligence and tremendous grasp of his subject matter and many ancillary areas of inquiry. The man is extremely informed. He’s also- and you can tell by his manner of speech- a humble man, with an atmosphere of humanity. He’s not a religious person. I could classify him as a visionary scientist. He’s extremely articulate and that can only come from years of disciplined application to his field of study as well as being comfortable in his skin. That requires an amount of honesty. There are any numbers of glib types around but often that facility is not seated in the virtues and, these days, occasionally a sign of psychopathy.

As I listened to Cliff, I couldn’t help but get frequent images from the recent film, “2012”. It all seems pretty fantastic. Then I looked at my own life and the supernatural experiences I have had along the course of it and all the inter-dimensional and other inexplicable visitations and I am left not knowing what to think or what to say.

My visceral brain tells me that this “Shape of Things to Come” phenomenon is overly dramatic. Cliff has indicated that his modality does tend to amplify possibilities so that’s a disclaimer as to intensity. Still... I consider myself a reasonable man in possession of some amount of objective capacity. I’m looking for the truth. I’m not looking to prove something I want to be true or to disprove something I don’t want to accept. I want to see more clearly so that I can adapt more completely. I want to give myself over to a greater awareness and be absorbed into it. That’s my goal. I have a certain amount of work that has been assigned to me in relation to the outer world but that’s not my deepest and most compelling concern. I’m after the continuous presence of the ineffable, nothing else and nothing less.

Toward the end of the interview there were people calling in and talking about where they had put themselves and wanting to know from Cliff where he thought a safe place to be might be. This part of the program gave me a rueful smile and a sense of that particular blindness and desire to live that is a characteristic of all life. We want to feed and copulate and entertain our minds. We want to live forever as what we are and the actual reality of living forever entails constant change. Death and change are interchangeable.

Perhaps you can imagine the terror that comes to those who have spent their life in the acquisition of material things and are seated behind their locked doors and often unaware that Death has a skeleton key. All that is familiar to them is represented to them in the reports of their senses. They have spent little time exploring the regions beyond the senses and therefore it is the terrifying unknown. It is really just another country. One should make it a point of studying the bandwidths of the different rays and how they relate to each other. There’s a lot to be gained there.

There is a reason why the television and radio is always on in the homes of the elderly. It is the necessary and incessant distraction that is used to turn the mind away from the contemplation of what awaits and what lies beyond the constricted parameters of their daily routines and repetitions of the same old same old. Death is a liberator but we seldom see it as such. Yama can have more than one face but you are advised to give him a friendly visage.

Yes, there is a great harvesting on the horizon. It is also an aperture for departure to many further locations. We aren’t all going to the same place and I don’t mean that in any context of Heaven or Hell. The universe is a very big place and it has a lot of locations. Each of us has a destiny that involves Self Realization as the completion of our state but we also have particular areas of employment in which we demonstrate what we are individually. As a result we go to different places to learn more about how to do what we do better.

I have come to realize that everything that happens to me, every small event in every day, is geared toward my improvement and ultimate liberation. Since I don’t know the end result of each following condition, there is a natural impulse to rebel against circumstances, instead of cooperating with them and exponentially easing my passage through them. Just the other day I was told this and so I’m watching it now and I can see that it’s so. I don’t want to fight against the force that is leading me out of the brambles of this tangled realm. Sometimes I feel like a child being given a bath. Instead of enjoying the warmth of the water and the loving hands I am resisting the experience and turning it into something it’s not.

Where would one go to live in order to be one of those who survive? I’m laughing. It’s not funny in a lot of ways but I am laughing. Several years ago I got the message that I should look for somewhere other than where I was living. Where I was living (and still am half the time) is a pretty secure and pastoral place. Where I am now is even more so. It’s not in a mountainous area surrounded by even greater mountains like the first place but it is definitely out of the way. It’s also not on the way to anything but more of the same. There’s water in several directions and I suspect a kilometer high tidal wave might reach here, depending on how much force was in it. A tidal wave can only go in one direction. Am I in that direction? I don’t know.

For some reason, thoughts of survival do not enter my head. I will survive in any case. I am eternal. I will change and in time I may well be very different than I am today but it will still be me and I will still be somewhere. I know that the shit is going to hit the fan. I’ve been very conscious of that for at least ten years. I’ve seen it coming and I’ve seen it verify the shapes I expected it to take so I am pretty secure (poor choice of words?) in the reality of it imminence. There’s going to be a whole lotta shakin going on. If my presence is required I will remain here. If it is required elsewhere I will go. I’m not going to hoard weapons and ammunition and large supplies of food. I have no real material wealth and that doesn’t trouble me. I’m just going to continue to reach within and serve without in whatever small way I am able to.

My gut tells me that what is coming is going to be a surprise to everyone and not the same as what anyone is predicting. It’s going to be different and it is going to have a definite spiritual element. My gut tells me that promotions and demotions are on the horizon in a very big way. My inner sense tells me it’s all under control right down to the smallest particle. I look at the night sky and I see the order and symmetry of it all and it tells me that this applies in every case. I recognize there’s some wiggle room in the dynamics given free will but I think that’s a bit of a misnomer somehow too.

My advice to myself is to work on myself and seek to improve as a human being and to be mindful of the indwelling presence as much as I am able and to consistently seek to be more mindful. I do believe the rest will take care of itself.

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Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Coat of Many Colors and the Body Beneath

For some reason, Visible Origami postings often show up on a Sunday. Today is the day of the radio show again and you can go to the menu at the right and click on Feet to the Fire to listen to it live tonight at 7:00 Central or just click on Visible’s Radio Shows in a day or two following...

So what have we for this day? I just finished compiling the outline that I will use for the radio show and now I have to think about it. Perhaps I will go and feed the dogs first. They will appreciate that and it will give me time to consider things.

I’ve been sending out an obscure book on Christian mysticism which will profit the attention of anyone seeking realization, regardless of your faith. Any true revelation from any faith can be of help to the members of any other faith. The great Indian saint, Ramakrishna, entered into every one of the world’s major religions and experienced enlightenment in each one and proclaimed them all the same. This is in accord with the words of Jesus the Christ (Christ meaning the anointed one and a station available to any sincere and persistent seeker) where he said, “In my father’s house are many mansions. If it were not true I would not have told you so.”

This is a powerful and profound book and I have received some degree of illumination from it myself. I memorized the meditations at the back of the book and used to recite them every day, along with The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus and The Pattern on the Trestleboard. You can find the Emerald Tablet from a link to the right on this same page. These litanies are part of the Western Mystery Tradition. I studied in this tradition for a long time but it is not my core methodology. I am not drawn to the path of knowledge. I prefer the path of love. My feeling is that if you follow the path of knowledge you will have to come back and discover the path of love. This knowledge has no positive meaning without an awareness of love. However, if you follow the path of love, all pertinent knowledge will come with it.

Once again today, I heard from a reader that I was making the illuminati hand-sign in one of my photos. I provided a graphic of Ramakrishna doing the same thing in another post some time ago and I have explained this in detail before. Here is yet another one. If you are sincere about seeing behind the veils, it behooves you to accept, or somehow discover, that there is only ONE source of power. It would help to understand that God is a serpent and that God is embodied in the human form through the activation of the serpent power or Kundalini. Force is force. It can be applied many ways. It can be applied positively and negatively.

The serpent who spoke to Eve in the garden was also God. This serpent power is the sex force, the life force. Some learn to sublimate this force and draw it up the spinal column and experience the presence and power of God and some take it into a nightclub to get laid. It’s the same force.

You will also see a link for a Gematria widget on the same page as the Trestleboard text. Then you will see Hebrew letters. These letters did not originate with the Jews. They come from the Chaldean flame alphabet. The history of the Jews in the Old Testament is taken from earlier stories about Egyptians and Sumerians as well as others. The Jews involved in the Old Testament, appropriated these tales and made themselves appear in them. David Icke’s book, “Tales from the Time Loop” goes into this and provides other references as well. You can also find these things out from the works of many scholars.

It should also be said that the present day Jews are primarily Ashkenazi and have no connection to the ‘so-called’ Holy Land. Many slick additions and subtractions were made to the Bible for the purpose of a certain group of so-called Jews to co-opt the heads of fundamentalist Christians and get them to fight their wars for them while they steal their money. I am sorry to put it so plainly but you can see it without too much effort. They have arranged to make themselves believed to be chosen by God. They are, in fact, of the Synagogue of Satan whom they serve.

I am saying these things so that I don’t have to hear from someone about linking to a site that uses Jewish letters or to indicate in anyway that anything I am connected to is connected to Judaism. It’s not and neither is a lot which Judaism has connected to itself. There’s also no proof that Jesus was a Jew and actually no proof of Jesus period, except in the hearts of the believing. Even if he were a Jew, there is no relationship between what he was and what today’s psychopathic Zionist entity is. It’s important to realize this as fools like John Hagee and others go about preaching about Jewish supremacy and how they are God’s chosen people. They are not.

Things are not what they seem and that is the first thing any seeker should realize. One should also realize that there comes a time when one must step outside of the chalk lines of organized religion and find that which is true in all religions. One needs to get the point that it is within. Some people can hear this for their entire lives and not get it. You don’t need intermediaries in robes either. It is good to have a teacher and everyone does but sometimes you are a few lifetimes away from the sought after contact because the seeking is just occasional and not more important than anything else. It has to be more important than anything else. Eventually it will be because eventually, EVERYTHING else disappoints.

It is a sad feature of the spiritual life that we do not come upon it except through trauma and loss. Much of the time, life has to beat the shit out of us to wake us up and that is especially true of times like this when materialism is so powerful. This is the major reason that certain people are so powerful at the moment because of their alliance with it. Somehow I just can’t match up having the awareness and presence of God with having your heart and your interests immersed in the material plane.

Nothing I am saying here is an indictment of any individual. There are spiritually aware people of every race, color, creed and religion. Let’s leave it at that.

In this book which I have been sending out you will note the occasional fundamentalist line. You have to remember that the book is almost a hundred years old but... more importantly... there will always be things that set off our antenna. We are right to question things. We should certainly trust but verify. We should as the book says, “Be wise as serpents and harmless as doves". Many people reject things because they didn’t like the sound of one thing or another and then they threw the baby out with the bathwater. Take what is useful and leave the rest. It’s also good to remember that what we may not believe to be true at the moment could well prove to be true later on.

I do not promote any book as the suma qua non. I do not promote any religion. I do not espouse any particular way or have any particular name for the divine. What I do promote and possess is the understanding that I do not know. I do promote and espouse this.

I try always, when I offer something or send it out, to be clear about what it contains and what interests it will appeal to. Hopefully you don’t come to me for a book on quantum mechanics and I send you something on Turkish cuisine. I often hear from people, “I don’t agree with you on everything but...” That’s fine. That’s how it should be. Discover it on your own with the help provided by the known and unknown and you will be much more comfortable and secure with it than if you just bought it off the shelf.

I, like everyone else employed at this effort, am an indicator. I doubt that I have seen what others have pointed out to me when I went that way and I don’t think you will either. Some things are common to all but not all things are common. Some are personal.

Anyone who says that their religion is the only way is wrong... flat out wrong and they should be tolerated until you can excuse yourself for some pressing engagement. Anyone who says they know does not. Anyone who says, “This is the way it is”, does not know the way it is. We should be most careful about not deceiving people because we will find that we have deceived ourselves in the process.

We are soon going to find ourselves in the position of being tested on what we believe and on what we thought was real. As a point in fact, that is always going on but sometimes it takes a dramatic turn. I cannot stress enough, the need to go within and seek the guidance that awaits you there. All that you need is there and very little of it is to be found outside of yourself. Some of us find certain kinds of clothes more comfortable and suitable for us. The body beneath the clothes is of a type similar to all of us and what lies within is the same for everyone. It might look different but it is the same.

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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Dumber than Dirt in a World of Hurt

Dog Poet Transmitting.......

Here where I am, life goes on as it has for generations. I am surrounded by olive growers, fruit & vegetable truck farmers, as well as the usual operations of the towns. The modern world has intruded to a degree and you can see that in the youth but... the people are still in charge of their lives as opposed to the corporate and governmental control that is preeminent in so many other locations. The stores open at eight... or nine... or whenever they feel like it. They close for lunch at around one or one thirty (or whenever they feel like it) and reopen at 4:30 or 5:00 and close between seven and nine at night. Everything shuts down at around 1:30 on Saturday and doesn’t reopen until Monday morning.

There are no late night stores. The restaurants and bars are open on the weekends and some stay open pretty late but that’s it. France and Germany are a little different. They only get two hours for lunch and on the weekends you can find a gas station that will sell you basic necessities as well as junk food and alcohol. Most everything closes at one on Wednesday afternoon (it’s Thursday afternoons in Italy). The weekends are also time-off for most people... except around Christmas and holidays when stores will stay open later. They’ve got many different holidays in Europe and they close for those too.

In America, they think they’re smarter than that and places are open at all hours to chase the dying dollar (the funeral will be held in a few months). The American dollar is lying on its back with tubes in its nose but... there are state of the art pain killers. The bad news is that they may soon cost thousands of dollars a bottle when you have to shop with your currency in a wheel barrow.

Pure and simple, what happened is that a group of people with no loyalty to anything but themselves, raped and looted their own country. They had the money to hire the lawyers and PR flacks to turn their crimes into seeming acts of savvy and virtue. They’ll be moving on (have already moved on in some cases) to new fields of plunder or the grave.

Why am I talking about these things at Visible Origami? We’ll get to that.

The places that are most likely to survive are the places where certain lifestyles are present and in a greater touch with the earth and its eternal cycles. The places least likely to survive are the big urban centers; the suburbs that rely on them and those places that are geared toward tourism and especially Satanic pleasure domes, not decreed by Kubla Khan (and where Alph the sacred river is not running), like Las Vegas; artificially set into the desert and stealing all the water from hundreds of miles around and being run as one of the world-controlling Zionist, money laundries whose object is dead Arabs and global slavery of the general population. These places may not all meet with sweeping destruction but they will surely lose the wherewithal to continue because not enough people will be going there.

The world is about to turn upside down and sensitive souls are feeling this. Even the insensitive know that something is up but, for the moment, it’s not going to interfere with the NFL, tits and ass and conspicuous consumption; debt be hanged. I took a half a ton of olives in to the market today so I will be oiled and ready.

Yes, we’re all feeling the heat and some of us are testy and frustrated. As the external dynamic shifts, the internal world is finding its long term anchors have been cut or are in hiding. They are being refurbished is what is happening. The force that gave them to you to begin with, is re-engineering the archetypes; what they mean and how they function. This is a good thing but difficult to contend with because, deep inside, most of us don’t trust life and don’t possess unshakeable faith in the cosmic will to good. Yes, good and bad are just terms to describe what most of us prefer and dislike and sometimes they are masquerading as the one when they are the other.

What we have known as religion is soon to be utterly changed. What we have known as government and the marketplace are also going to be transformed. For a period of time it is likely that nothing will seem familiar and that means fear and confusion for those who have been too reliant on the way things looked. You have absolutely got to have faith that there is an architect employed in all of this. If you do not have this faith you are going to find that you are lost in a mined maze without a guidance system.

We are being brought to this point so that we can be shown something. It doesn’t matter if you don’t want to see it or not. You are going to see it. Those whose focus has been on the material world and the employment of self-interest are going to be in a world of hurt. This force which is behind everything that is happening is ubiquitous and conscious of minutiae beyond anything the human mind can comprehend. It knows where everything is; where it’s been and what it’s up to. This force is a living thing. It is the life inside you and you would not be alive or conscious otherwise. Trust it and if need be, change... change your ways now. You are dealing with a benevolent being. Accept this and enjoy the ride as opposed to being terrified of the journey. What choice do you have? None.

The arrogant fools among us are less frightened than those who should have no fear. This is because they are dumber than dirt, no matter how smart they think they are. They’ll be getting informed about it all very shortly but... you who have been seeking the high road and who have made the effort to live correctly and in a respectful awareness of your fellows should not be afraid. You should be gladdened. Some of you may not survive in a corporeal sense but that could happen at any time when your cassette runs out of tape. We’re all temporary here. The important thing is what your ticket says about where you are headed.

Regardless of the sense of dread and awe that permeates at this time, this is a very momentous time in which to be present. What you do now will have far greater impact than at any other time; except for other times like this (grin). Carpe Diem is on high neon and flashing from the highest point of the awareness. Make the leap of faith. Drop down inside yourself and rest at the core of your being. All sorts of abilities are going to be activated for those who are true to themselves and compassionate of others. Quite the reverse is going to happen to everyone else. It’s not a matter of vindictive punishment. It is part of the process of awakening.

Awakening is coming on all levels to the degree that you can rise to it and/or bear it. This is the reality of The Apocalypse; revelation, awakening, unveiling and awareness. Look at the pure absurdity and madness of the times. This should cue you to the fact that something very big is on deck. This should also cue you to the understanding that the divine is going to make an appearance in a variety of ways. We are the vehicle that is used by the consciousness of God... to the degree that we aspire to and allow it. We are the hands and hearts and minds that are the conveyance of God. We are the investment bank of God as he is our bank as well.

Cast out uncertainty. If you are doing the right thing and seeking the clarity to serve as you go, there is no need to be uncertain. Take it as it comes and treat with it as it is. There is no need for fear or anger. There is no need to go into an insane survival mode if you are reliant upon what is in command of the entire spectrum from top to bottom and at all points in between. Contact it... seek it... call out from within relentlessly. Give it all you’ve got.

This is the ground zero consideration, either the divine being is real or it is not. If it is then it is all of what you have heard (in the highest sense) about it AND much, much more... incomprehensibly more. Meet it and greet it in everything you do. Make it the chief consideration of your every moment and you will get that in return. What do you value above everything else? This is the determinant of your destiny, just as character truly is fate. Rise to the occasion or be crushed by it. It is correct to fear to displease the divine but otherwise; why should you fear the one who loves you more than you can possibly realize? The time is now because there is no other time and never will be.

End Transmission.......

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Saturday, December 05, 2009

What's this Button here For? Oops.

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I must be pretty careful and... watched out for because I seldom have difficulties or do stupid things resulting in unfortunate consequences, still... this time the jury may be out for a few days. I had been getting a near constant series of email requests from people to be their friend on Facebook. Some of them I could identify and some I hadn’t heard of or didn’t connect with their screen names. It got to where there were several hundred of these names. Yesterday, I decided to catch up on my emails, which I had let slide over several weeks. In the course of this effort, I thought I would take care of this Facebook situation.

I had registered at Facebook a couple or few years ago; I can’t remember how long ago it was now. I couldn’t remember why I had done it and then it came to me last night in bed. A fellow I had known years ago had sent me a message through Facebook. The only way to get the message was to register in order to read it. So, I did this and answered him and then promptly and not so promptly (grin) never heard back from him. I forgot about it and went on with whatever it is that I do and... the other invitations started coming in because I was on Facebook now. It was just my name and a few bits of information such as my being 99 years old and living on Malta; which I am not and where I have never been.

I know that Facebook is some part of the Sump Pump Murdoch Empire. That doesn’t concern me overly because every one of us, every day; purchases, ingests, sits on, walks on, travels in (and so on and so on) something that came from some company that is owned by some international corporation. We can lie to ourselves about this feature and tell ourselves that we live independent of the products of the beast but a lie is what it would be. Besides this sort of thing, I occasionally hear from people who tell me what I should think, who I should worship, how I should conduct my life and what I should be saying. It’s a small minority contingent but it’s there and inescapable. This applies to all of you in the same way as it does to me and you get more or less of it depending on how much of the public you are in contact with.

I may live in an unusual mind set, engage with invisible beings and normally operate in a hermetic manner but... I connect with the world on a lot of levels and in various ways just like all of you do. Some of my olive oil finds its way into bottles bound for areas well beyond my neighborhood, even if most of it comes to me. The price of having my olives processed is a percentage of the oil for the cooperativio pool. People of all political stripes and religious persuasions hear my songs and read at these blogs even if it’s only by accident and even if it is only once (grin). We are connected to everything.

With all of this in mind, I thought it would be fine to just go ahead and let these people who wanted to call themselves my friends, call themselves my friends. In any case, I don’t have to answer to anyone but myself and my maker. People can expect things from me but my first duty is to my conscience and if I can live with it that is my business.

So I went to Facebook and attempted to bulk process the requests I had received and save myself some time. What happened was- and I find Facebook to be difficult to operate at the moment- it sent out permissions AND invitations to everyone in my Inbox which turned out to be over seven hundred people. My immediate reaction was, “Oh shit.” Most of the people in my Inbox are good people but... some of them are not people I want to communicate with; the publisher who treated me and my novel in such a shabby and demonic way, the woman who called Interpol on me because I got tired of her hallucinating ravings at Smoking Mirrors, people from the past who had become important in the world (in their minds) and wanted me to make them important (in the same way) to me also, people who were soliciting me about something and whatever the case might be.

My first reaction was, “this is a nightmare’. All evening, I had to put aside my recording project and attend to confirmations and... while I was at Facebook, people were opening chat boxes so that I had a dozen conversations going on at once. I also had to explain over and over at Gmail that it was an accident; for people who could not understand why I had invited them to Facebook and even more; what I was doing there in the first place.

Then I noticed something very strange for which I have no answer. In the process of attending to all of this, I discovered that I had been contacted by about a dozen people from the long past. Some of these people I hadn’t heard from in more than 20 years. I didn’t even know if they were still alive. In some cases I wasn’t even Les Visible then. How did this happen? They weren’t in my Inbox. Suddenly... there they were; a woman from the body-working college that I attended, a fellow I had met when I was 21, a woman I had been enamored of years ago, someone I had met during the short time I lived in Palm Springs. I’m almost afraid to go back there now because who knows who has shown up in the last ten hours? Maybe I will start hearing from some of the people I met in prison and the mental institutions (grin). “Hey Les, this is Feet’s Robinson, remember me? I’m the guy that raped and killed all those nurses? We met in the max-ward at The John Howard Pavilion at St. Elizabeth’s Hospital.”

Well... the point is... you never know what’s going to happen because you push the wrong button. I’m glad to be back in touch with some of these people. They remind me of who I was in ways I hadn’t thought about in years. I can’t see myself spending any great time at Facebook but this is certainly interesting. My daughter, Allison, got in touch with me this way. We haven’t had all that much contact, although we remain close in an invisible way. We’ve always been friends but life has placed us at great distances for years. She’s in graduate school now. Presently I’ve had a lot more contact with her than has been the case in awhile.

I’m thinking this was no accident. I don’t generally believe in accidents anyway. It’s human nature to consider things mistakes before we even know what they mean. Sometimes something happens and we identify it as a problem and it turns out to be a blessing in disguise. I even gained rapprochement with a couple of people, where there had been some kind of a misunderstanding. What this tells me is to not define or label anything on initial appearance but to watch it and see what it does. We are guided all the time but we don’t take that into consideration. Our limited faith doesn’t allow for us to accept that something greater than ourselves could love us so much and be constantly engaged in bringing us closer.

I’ve been engaging in certain spiritual practices lately. It’s a different image and a different intensity level than what I was doing before. I’ve been noticing things happening that weren’t happening before and I’ve noticed that I am much more anchored in myself and better at what I do; this may not be for me to determine but it feels like it is so.

I watch and study people when I am around them and I’ve found certain characteristics in most of them; fear of the unknown, attributing false meaning to events, atavistic superstitions and hard wired presumptions about God, Nature and the world. It seems that the hardest thing for people is to admit that they don’t know. They do not realize how ‘knowing’ traps them in the conclusions they arrive at. Children don’t know and it gives them a flexibility and learning capacity that no adult can match unless... they have returned to being like a child in this respect. When we assume command of our lives we take the reins out of the hands of God. We can hold the reins but there must be an awareness of something within and above ourselves. This is the source of conscious guidance and intuition.

The presence of the divine permeates and surrounds us at all times. We have to move with this awareness, even if we can feel nothing at all in the beginning. Surrender is an incremental thing. It can also be terrifying and exciting, like surfing or skydiving. You do have a parachute.

What I am trying to do is to live what I have been shown is true for some time now. I want to approach everything as if it was put before me to make greater understanding possible. I want to look at every highway I enter upon as some tributary to the Halls of Wisdom. I want to see it as the greatest adventure possible for us and to soar away beyond my formerly drab perceptions of this world and see it as that beautiful blue-green planet spinning in illuminated space. I want to rediscover the profound mysteries of the Sun and Moon and remind myself that they are the seats of conscious beings. I want to make them my friends but maybe not on Facebook.

I want to walk through Nature, as I do, and regard her as my wise and benevolent friend and remind myself that she is alive and conscious of me as I go. I want to remember that she is showing me things all of the time if I will only take the trouble to look and put aside my presumptions. If only I will sink into the reality of not knowing... what wonders might be revealed? This is where I find myself today and hope I find myself tomorrow.

End Transmission.......

I’ll be on the radio tomorrow night with a Visible Origami flavored broadcast. My apologies to any and all of you disturbed by the Facebook mailings; don’t take it personally because it happened without my knowing it was taking place. That will be sorted as everything is sorted... in the proper time and place.

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Wednesday, December 02, 2009

She's so Heavy, She's your Mother.

It started a couple of months before this time last year. I was in a good mood and looking forward to a number of projects that I had in mind for the period running up to now and beyond. There were things I wanted to accomplish and a number of things that I wanted to add and discard from my makeup. It started off well. I drove down here with a friend and had a good few days and then... the heaviness arrived and pressed down on me, making it difficult to do more than write blog entries and take care of the daily chores.

It’s been like that since, with a couple of periods where I was forced off the rails for a short time that felt longer than it was. I’ve written about them. One of them was awhile ago now and one of them was about a month ago. My sense of time isn’t that great because it’s always right now. I don’t have the luxury of living in a projected future or a zone of reminiscing. Those two things are big items in most lives and tend to make the matters of the moment less stressful. It’s a kind of global escapism that operates around the planet. People color the past and they put a smiley face on the future (cue Dusty Springfield, “Wishin’ and Hopin’”).

People talk about God the Father and God the Mother. You get a lot of the former in the west and the latter in the east. It’s really interplay between the two personalities of a single being (hopefully I’m not gravitating toward impersonality here. I’ve never had to watch my doctrinal ass before.). Some say it’s a three-fold composition. The Hindus have it defined best; creator, preserver and destroyer. Christianity is kind of confusing with that Father, Son and Holy Ghost thing. Mostly it’s the Holy Ghost as replacement for the feminine principle that throws me. The Buddhists have ‘hungry ghosts’ but there wouldn’t be any parallel there.

Whatever religion you study, you find the same basic principles at work and most of them have a dying sun/son God who has got the immortality/resurrection thing going on, on some level. The waters have gotten a lot muddier these days with all the talk about enduring bloodlines and elites; bio-engineered humanity, aliens and secret societies and lots more. These things tend to make my eyes glaze over. I don’t know what to do with them.

In my journeys to this point I have seen some ‘bipedal reptiles’. This was a very recent thing. I’ve seen flying saucers but mostly interdimensional examples. There were a couple of times that I might have seen a craft or two that were from this dimension but I’m not sure what they were. I’m very sure about the other. Interdimensional beings and saucers are real according to my experience. I don’t know about the other. I don’t know about secret societies but there’s a great deal of evidence for them. I belong to an order- if my various initiations mean anything- but I don’t know what it is or even what it’s called. I never got a name for my teacher and know nothing about his provenance.

I try to separate my experiences from my speculations and the things I have read. I’ve never experienced some of the things I have read and I don’t agree with the concept that a certain small group of elite beings has ruled the affairs of Earth for thousands of years. I know there are people that believe this but I can’t get my head around it. What I get is that there are a number of groups active at this sort of thing and they are at war with each other for primacy which none of them ever achieves. I don’t know about their lines of continuity. Maybe they’ve existed in unbroken lines and maybe they just fade and reform as certain principles and practices are rediscovered and then come and go in their own time... lasting for as long as they last.

In the Hindu tradition, the feminine principle is associated with action and force; prakriti and, of course, the writhing Kali mounted upon the prone Shiva. They tend to see a lot of the interaction of the divine in a sexual way and I tend to see it like that too. In all of my sojourns into the invisible and the unknown, I have never seen anything Christian or Islamic. I always see Buddhas and Hindu deities. I’ve had some experiences with Egypt where I was underground in chambers that had hieroglyphics written on sandstone walls, with amber lighting coming from somewhere. I’ve seen holographic serpents moving in and out of the Earth and I have felt the serpent power within, attended by all sorts of peculiarities of behavior.

I don’t know how important these bloodlines and societies are to me. I tend to believe that the dark cabals are set off against orders of light and that everything that takes place here is the result of magical wars. I don’t get the feeling that the dark side has any power over me unless I engage it or involve myself in activities that are in the area of its control. There might be a gambling casino or a brothel around the corner but I have to go there to partake of the action.

These days it seems that evil is attributed to every organization that ever was. There doesn’t seem to be any good guys. That can’t be right. Maybe everything you try to do down here comes up against the temporal authority and maybe, eventually, every good effort is corrupted down the line; just to show us that nothing here is permanent or perfect. I notice that everything fades, including me, in the corporate sense. Apparently gold doesn’t tarnish. Much of what I see has a symbolic meaning to me and for everything physical there is a spiritual counterpart.

A few readers have been at me about my mention of an arriving avatar. Some have said that’s foolish and there’s no such thing. However, we’ve got ample record of something fitting that description coming and going at regular intervals. Every age seems to possess at least one and sometimes more. All of them might not be avatars but they’ve had an impact. I’m certain about the avatar. People can believe as they choose. It doesn’t change what it true for me. I don’t know when he’s coming or any salient details but I’m sure it’s scheduled.

We are in the midst of enormous transformations. We can’t see it as it is because much of the usual day to day remains for the moment. This is causing a lot of pressure and that accounts for the heaviness I mentioned earlier. I suspect many people are feeling this and wondering what happened to the occasional joy and moments of happiness that used to pass in and out on their way to someone else. Pressure has to find an outlet at some point, the same way that suppressed hungers will eventually surface to the dismay of the ones involved. Sublimation is a seriously important tool that is much overlooked by most people.

I’m left with the impression that I just have to keep on keeping on. I have to endure whatever this is and drive toward the goal as if all of this heaviness and gray landscape were a motivating force. I have to use it to impel me inward and onward. I can’t engage it or confront it. That leads to unfortunate moments which I would rather avoid. It’s almost as if something is hiding from me and I have to keep looking even though it’s a lot harder than it used to be. Spiritual practices are more difficult to accomplish than they were, which gives me the idea that they might be much more important than they were.

I’m writing about this because I suspect others are feeling similar things and I thought it might be good to bring it up. I haven’t been able to answer my emails for over two weeks now and that’s part of all of this. I’m working toward that but... but... there’s that heaviness. I see no way out except through. So, I keep on choodlin’ and keep it in mind that Proud Mary keeps on burning. Things don’t stay the same. Sometimes it feels like nothing is ever going to change but somehow it always does. Too often it changes into more of the same; a cosmetic makeover but it’s still you fooling yourself that you’re different. You just changed the wrong things. The idea was sound but it was the wrong procedure.

I’m anchored pretty good compared to other times. It just doesn’t feel all that good because something has gone missing out of the general course of things. Everyone is dealing with this in their own way and many are attributing it to this or that. Lots of people aren’t talking about it for fear of appearing strange to the other people who are playing the same game of pretending nothing is happening; just flash that automatic smile and say, “I’m good, could be better. How about you?”

Whatever it is, I can’t see it taking too much longer but ...what do I know? I am thinking there are times that you just have to apply yourself to the end result, no matter what things may look like. You have to ignore appearances and press on. I’m thinking this is one of those times.

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Les Visible, Heretic at Large

What would you think if the representative of a particular spiritual path (not specifically your own spiritual path) who was an occasional visitor to your site, suddenly and out of the blue, sent you a letter of condemnation for departing from principles that you don’t necessarily subscribe to and who also appended a life style criticism based on zero information concerning your lifestyle?

My feeling was similar to what I would have experienced if someone from the Catholic Church sent me a ‘cease and desist’ letter (when I was not a Catholic) because I was at odds with certain protocols hammered out at The Council of Nicaea. It sounded to me that I was being named as a modern day Arius, with a recommendation that I also stop beating my wife.

This individual had made a comment, not long ago, that people who de-personalized what they consider to be the ultimate and absolute expression of God were going to Hell for the crime. What I immediately thought when I read this was that it doesn’t look good for the world’s millions of Buddhists and many other folk if he happens to be right. What I also thought is that this is just the sort of thing which ‘by the book Christians’ anticipate for everyone but themselves. It’s an odd condition that the proponents of most religions believe; those who do not believe as they do are going somewhere hot and uncomfortable for an extended stay.

To be perfectly honest, I didn’t read more than a quarter of the letter. It wasn’t the implication of heresy and the departure from tenants carved in stone that got to me. It wasn’t that I wasn’t a member of the organization to begin with that got to me. It was the little ‘dagger-edged’ lifestyle reference that was based on zero evidence of what, where and why. I should probably go back and read the letter in its entirety but I just can’t bring myself to.

People who presume to have a relationship with the divine and who have placed themselves in a position of interpreting the message in a particular tradition have an obligation to approach their work with wisdom and restraint. I have always felt that before one makes sweeping assumptions on something outside their presence and experience, it is always best to ask first and judge later. It’s also the height of arrogance to censure someone for a mere question of speech when that someone isn’t even a member of your organization.

The irony here is that, in most cases, I agree with the teachings and traditions of the one who sent me this letter. Most of my writings over the course of several years reflect this. It was this very thing that drew this person and some of his associates here in the first place. That hasn’t changed. If this person had had the courtesy to ask me, I could have explained the reason for the temporary appearance of this conundrum which they misunderstood.

My essays here are always within the area of 1500 words. I have no idea why this is. At some point, near the beginning of my work here, I decided to keep these things within the parameters of 2.5 pages in MS Word and that’s how it’s been. If I had to add disclaimers and explanations for everything said and not said, I might still be writing some of them. The intent is to leave a great deal of what is not said or explained to the mind of the readers to sort out on their own. I’m not here to present a party line or to encourage the reader to believe as I do. I’m here to provoke thought and reflection and to inspire whenever I can be successful at that through the grace of what inspires me.

The letter writer wondered if I had noticed that they hadn’t been around. This made me laugh and shake my head; people really do take themselves far too seriously. Interestingly, I note that this is often accompanied by certain cosmetic props which are a ‘tell’ for those paying attention. It’s that rock star virus. I notice it in most fields of enterprise. You might be doing almost anything but... you’re a rock star nonetheless. The protective humility that is de rigueur for anyone traveling on this road has been shut off so that the extra power can be transferred to the amplifiers and lights.

It would be remiss of me to write this thing and not clarify what- I can only imagine at this point- seems to be the point of contention for this person. Like I said, I can’t explain myself at each point along the way. However, the reader is always free to ask me (which should have been the case here) and I will explain. I might not know what I meant off-hand but I can always go back and look at it and see if I can get what I meant (grin).

Occasionally when I am talking about God, I am not talking about God the being but rather about the ‘force of God’ or some aspect in expression. I realize it’s probably a shortcoming of mine not to clearly illustrate or mention this at the time but I have great faith in the reader to ‘divine’ what I am about. Here is where I apparently opened a schism or a fissure in the formerly seamless Earth of scripture; scripture which, by the way, I did not take a blood oath to defend in its literal sense. We are more important than scripture (no doubt another heresy in the making). We are the reason for scripture in the first place.

When I think of God, I sometimes think of God the Father; sometimes as The Mother, sometimes as my lover but... most often as my friend. That is what it usually comes to because that is what it usually feels like. Jesus said something about this when he said that his disciples should not call him ‘master’ because a servant does not know what the master is about so is better to call him, ‘friend’... or words to that effect. It’s pretty clear that I see God (even though no man can see God) as a living personality and I’ve never been successful as an impersonalist anyway. However, I do see certain functions, aspects and potencies of God as impersonal. This means they are applied across the board in an equal and impersonal manner to all; be you good or evil. The effect might vary depending on whether you are good or evil but the intent does not.

If... because of limitations on my part, I am less clear that you want me to be, just ask me. You will find I am inclined to explain myself, except on those occasions when I don’t know what I’m doing in the first place ...and I will likely express that if it is the case as well. This won’t apply to the tendency to be ‘all seeing and all knowing’ on your part, should that be the situation... but you won’t ask under those circumstances anyway; will you?

I’ve never once been arrested on the highway for anything. I’ve never been arrested for engaging in or possessing any substance, though I have been arrested for other permutations of the same, when the circumstances were engineered by the PTB. Either I am supernaturally lucky; supernaturally careful or not the person particular people assume me to be. This should put the lie to the impression that some might have where I occasionally wake up in my own excrement or am being hauled away from some outrageous public performance in which I lost control of my faculties.

Except for the presence of very few people, I have been alone for at least ten years now and am often completely alone for months at a time (such as now); though I’m never alone. I never see the friends I used to have and I hardly see anyone else either. On some rare occasions a reader may visit me. People here only know me through what I tell them and I promised myself when I started this that I would share information about my activities and state of mind because it was the honest thing to do, as opposed to wrapping myself in a cloak of personal obscurity and cultivating a fabricated image of legend and myth.

I don’t go on speaking tours or surround myself with people whose job it is to agree with me. The former has been offered more than once and the latter is available to anyone with a certain degree of showmanship and charisma. I mentioned the length of these pieces today for another reason because it is my intention to exceed that limitation today, even though I have to write twice this much, following this, for tomorrow’s radio show.

I try not to disparage the paths people have chosen for themselves. On occasions when I am critical of features connected to some paths, it is usually because of literalist or fundamentalist attitudes. In other lives, I have suffered from these things and many others have too. Sometimes, I am critical because the path might be admittedly satanic or Satanism camouflaged, such as Scientology, or certain occult organizations. I am not enamored of traditional religious practices but I can see where they are a comfort to people and can provide a framework for people on their way to encountering the inexplicable and unpredictable reality of God.

I know there are people who read here who object to my use of psychedelic substances on the infrequent occasions when I engage in them. I have given real consideration to whether it is desirable or useful for me to talk about it. What keeps coming back to me is that it would be dishonest not to. An enormous percentage of people who present or assume to represent spiritual and religious teachings, conceal aspects of their being and behavior because of what it might cost them in terms of reputation and economic gain. Sometimes it is something minor like a hairpiece or wearing dark sunglasses indoors. Sometimes it is not minor at all and we’ve heard about these things when they invariably come to light... sooner or later. Some pretty highly ranked teachers have slept with their followers and sometimes milked them dry of their resources and I don’t mean just their money.

I am, like ‘all’ of you, in possession of personal limitations and shortcomings. In certain instances, God intentionally gave me certain limitations. I’m aware of a couple of these such as playing my musical instruments; technical facility with any number of things etc. This has the effect of forcing me to rely on others though, for some time there have been no others to rely on (grin). He has made speaking foreign languages difficult while being able to understand them much better than I can speak them. He has kept me on a financial margin. He has also deliberately encouraged me to take certain substances on occasions, which I vividly remember. Anyone who thinks they understand God or think that God acts the same way all the time is fooling themselves. Anyone who believes they understand the deeper meanings of certain commandments; rules of behavior and what have you, is fooling themselves. Anyone who thinks they are wise is not. Anyone who reflexively assumes they are right is not. We just don’t know. We may do our best and intend our best but we don’t know. I know I don’t know and that is how I know you don’t either. When you are honest with yourself, some amount of things becomes far more apparent about yourself and others than it would have been if you were not.

My advice to all who read here is to take what is useful and leave go of the rest. I am partially realized. I am, by no means, fully realized. Sometimes we find the truth of something within what we say to each other. Sometimes what is missing in both of us is completed by our interaction in respect of the matter; whatever that might be.

I have been moving, through time, away from the use of certain chemicals. It is much rarer in my life than it has been in the past and the time will come when it is gone altogether. I never recommend that others do what I do in this regard, in fact, I have counseled against it more than once. Some of us have a shamanic gene. We suffer the negative side of being high far less than others and our intention for doing it is very often diametrically the opposite of the common motives.

What is the point of people, on different paths to the same goal, struggling against one another? What is the point of people, whose practices differ, demanding that the practices conform? God is not as much concerned with your rituals and routines nearly as much as he is concerned with the state of your heart. There’s a great deal to that idea of becoming as a little child. We should support each other in our efforts to find the divine, not demean, criticize or attempt to retard that effort. There is no question that I am in error on occasion in the way I go about what I do but... there is no error in my intention and I have no question about my sincerity in the matter.

If I disappoint or offend you at times, I have also disappointed and offended myself and I make it a point to correct that error the moment I see it. That is the best I can do. In some cases what may seem an error to others does not seem so to me due to whatever personal understanding I might have about some particular thing but... I am always open to change and constantly seeking the opportunity to do so. This isn’t something I get around to on a certain hour of a certain day. It’s going on all the time. It is my life. I don’t have anything else. I can hardly forget about it even for a little while. I am not allowed to.

I don’t know what else to say so, I will hope I have said enough. I will try harder but, for the moment, this is what you get because this is as far as I have come.

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God in Country by Les Visible

The New Shangri-La.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Dog Poet transmitting.......

I’ve been getting some interesting emails. You might call them strange even. Mostly it has to do with people’s perception of me from a distance and my perception of me up close (grin). Over the last year, I have occasionally hung my life on a clothesline so that people could get some idea of the things I sometimes go through on my way out of here. I do it intentionally and maybe I shouldn’t. I’m aware that a certain segment of the people who read here get put off by some of the comments directed at me and I sympathize with that. I really do. As a result I’ve tried to illustrate flaws in my nature with the idea of humanizing a personality that is only experienced at a distance except for the random visits I get from readers.

I find these times through which we are passing to be difficult to navigate here and there. Most people have natural defenses in their psyche which protect them from invasion. I blew the doors off early on and it gave me access to many things on the other side. It also made it imperative that I guard the borders because all kinds of things can go in and out otherwise. Taking risks can pay off in a big way and it can also get you into trouble. I don’t want to feel like I didn’t make every effort to comprehend and understand as much as it is possible for me to and... I find myself thinking often these days that maybe I should have gone the recommended route; don’t take chemicals, follow certain disciplines, be moderate in all things and whatever it says on the blackboard for the course on Correct Spiritual Procedures 101. It didn’t work out that way.

This is a time of intense materialism. That means that the amount of dust that collects on the mirror is much greater than at other times. The physical pollution is matched by mental and emotional pollutions, compounded by all kinds of waves and pulses moving through the atmosphere. Right or wrong, I have felt it desirable to burn the carbon off of my jets on occasion. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn’t. My perception is that the divine favors any effort to reach it. If you are just flat out intending to scratch and claw your way up the mountain, you are going to get points for effort, even if you land on your ass a lot of the time. Those who love much are forgiven much.

So I will find myself having a week of continuous chanting and visualizing along with whatever else I am doing. I get into a fine rhythm and find myself chugging along like a freight train across big open spaces toward a destination which I can’t see but can sometimes vividly imagine. There are periods in this process where I think it’s just what I should be doing and everything is orderly and slow moving. It reminds me of the times I would be heading up the Haleakala Highway toward one of the towns on the volcano. This is on the island of Maui. It’s such a gradual rise in the beginning that you might not even realize you are going uphill but when you look in the rear view mirror you can see the landscape receding far below. Deliberate spiritual practice results in something like this and it’s worked fine for all manner of seekers over the centuries.

Some of us are in a little more of a hurry. I know that doesn’t make any sense, speed-balling into a place of eternal rest, or whatever it results in. The idea is really to slow down I suspect but... sincerely looking for the divine means that you will go mad at some point. I don’t think there’s any way around that. Actually seeking to engage the divine... not just Sunday morning hymns and prayers but a dedicated all out endeavor is going to make you insane as far as the world is concerned because the world is insane and when you get really sane then you appear to be nuts.

So I get thrown from the horse now and again and I put it up here for wider viewing. I really do it so that the people who get put off by the kinds of comments I get will feel a little better for having seen it. I know that sounds odd or stupid but it’s what I do. You please one side and you offend the other. I’m thinking about learning to play both sides against the middle but I don’t even know what that means exactly and that might be a good thing. One reader (of whom I am quite fond) went off on me recently and accused me of playing to the crowd and compromising my message in order to be better liked. I didn’t know what he was talking about because I couldn’t see any difference in what I do. I hoped I might be improving but... whatever.

Being me, I have some idea of what I think when I am composing these things and my take on it is that I don’t think about it at all. I don’t think period. I sit down and start writing and then it ends. I check the text for errors, always missing at least one, which a certain reader is kind enough to point out to me pretty soon after I post it. I’ve acquired some helpful elves on the way through this period. We’re coming up on a thousand blog entries. That’s over a million and a half words; almost a Minchner novel. I guess I could go on doing this for decades, as long as I’m here. There are the radio shows now and there’s going to be video whenever I decide to plug in the camera that reader donations bought and start doing it. The musical recording end has suffered as has the novel writing end. I don’t know what to do about that. It seems like I should focus on increasing my income but it just doesn’t seem to motivate me, it’s not rational I know.

I try to provide a service here and I hope I’m doing that. Because I really do believe in the divine, I think it only fair to trust it to provide for all of my needs and... miraculously it does all of that and I have no complaints. I believe that you can do things for free, just give yourself away, as long as there is any kind of demand for that sort of thing and the rest of it will take care of itself. I tried to have a musical career and Bernard Stollman of ESP and his mad hatter of a wife screwed, blued and tattooed me and continue to. I tried to publish a novel and Mogg Morgan of Mandrake of Oxford Press released the book with the name misspelled on the spine and every header on every page. He also ignored the final draft and printed a rough copy. This ruined it for me and it took a year for him to put out the better version. I never got a dime. He told me he only sold so many books and I can find more than that amount for sale, used, on the internet.

The stories are more complicated and much more devious and dirty than I have the time or inclination to get into here. My disappointments were huge. I’ve stopped trying after that. It seemed like I wasn’t supposed to. I figure if anything is going to happen for me, that is in the hands of the divine as well and I am more and more disposed to trust that with every single detail in my life. I put so much work into my songs and my novel and they were both deliberately trashed and I can’t understand why and perhaps I never will. Now I’ve got half a dozen novels in various stages of completion and no enthusiasm to finish them. What I do is just sit down and write these things without knowing why and run them up the flagpole. I’ve met a lot of fantastic people this way and I consider that an honor and payment in full. In the end, it’s the enduring relationships that you made and enjoyed and not much of anything else. I feel like I’ve made some real friends here, though I may never meet most of them and that’s something that Bernard, Flavia and Moog can’t ruin for me.

There aren’t many other people who can be fully employed (and I am fully employed) at their occupation without any of the things that usually go with it. I suppose that’s an accomplishment of some sort. I wish I was recording all of these new songs I’ve written but it just doesn’t seem to happen. I’ve got tangerines all over my desk here, along with the can of American Spirit and a cup of green tea with Tamari. Poncho’s out in the yard guarding the car which is the great love of his life. The computer is humming and it’s getting dark now. I’ll probably go get Poncho shortly and watch a movie or something.

I’ve had some really good moments here and I’ve got you to thank for that. You’ve made this worthwhile for me. It wouldn’t have meant very much otherwise and I want to sincrely thank you. I don’t thank you often enough for having given me this opportunity to talk about the things I love and which maybe some of you have grown fond of too. We’re sailing on a big ship somewhere on the heart’s ocean or maybe the tossing waves of the mind or maybe both. I don’t know if we will get where we are headed or exactly where that is but it has been a fine ride because of the quality of the company. Thank you one and all.

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The Sacred and The Profane by Les Visible

The New Shangri-La.